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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  May 28, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> right now, a chemical plant fire prompting home evacuations within a 2-mile raids radius and an emergency forcing passengers to escape on the runway at one of the world's busiest airports. i'm harris faulkner and this is the runway report. remembering the grandchild prosecutors say was murdered. >> you recognize it? >> yes, i do. >> what do you recognize it to be? >> she's dead. >> and what else cindy anthony reveals after her daughter, the
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accused killer, looks on. and new movement in the republican lineup of potential presidential candidates with big gop names now dropping hints they might run, too. in minutes, what they said that is fueling fresh speculation. plus a high-speed chase taking a terrifying turn after the suspect ditches a stolen s.u.v. and then looks for his next victim. >> never will drive around with my doors unlocked and nobody else should either. >> we begin with high drama at a florida courtroom. a murder case the nation has watched unfold with a young mother at the center of it all. court in session this saturday with emotions hitting the breaking point in the trial of casey anthony. her mother trying to keep herself composed, choking back tears as they and you veil a
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photograph taken on the day she disappeared of 2-year-old caylee. >> when was that taken? >> fifteenth of june, 2008. >> also today, jurors hearing from casey anthony's ex-boyfriend describing text messages he exchanged with casey. they were sent the morning after he found out his girlfriend's daughter was missing and that a police investigation was underway. casey anthony charged with first degree murder in the death of her child in 2008. >> day five of this murder trial, just like the previous four days, filled with blockbuster testimony, anger and, at times, a flood of tears. take a look at this photo submitted as evidence this saturday morning, a photograph of 2-year-old caylee anthony's bed and with her grandmother for the first time on the witness stand. clearly, time has not healed.
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>> can you see that? >> yes, ma'am. >> do you recognize it? >> yes, ma'am. >> what do you recognize it to be? >> caylee's bed. >> the emotion so overwhelming within the courtroom that minutes later during recess, casey anthony breaking down, having an absolute meltdown at the defense table. then we move on to july 18, 2008, a crucial date because that is the day we all learned that little caylee anthony was missing. the ex-boyfriend was on the stand and asked how he reacted to that and he told the jury that is when he realized very badly that his 6-week love affair imploded. >> when you called her, what did you say to her? >> where is caylee. >> is that the first question? >> yes, sir. >> what was her response?
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>> i don't know. >> what was your attitude? what was your demeanor? >> angry. >> why were you angry? >> lied to, betrayed. >> at a courtroom observation, after cindy anthony finished her testimony, each time she walked off the witness stand, she did not look one time at her daughter, casey anthony, who is now 25 years old and if found guilty of first degree murder for the death of her daughter, she is eligible for the death penalty. harris? >> phil, thanks very much. we will be indepth on the anthony murder trial. don't misjudge jenine, justice for caylee, tonight at 9:00 p.m. only on fox. a fox urgent now, a fire at a chemical plant forcing people out of their homes. this is happening in hudson, north carolina. people living within two miles
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of that building are told knew to -- now to leave their homes as they try to get water and retardant, whatever they can on that fire. one person was injured, taken to the hospital. no word as to the extent of their injuries. and that plant makes dyes, laquer and coatings for furniture and other products. and now a developing story in atlanta. at the busiest airport for passengers in the world, a delta airplane catching fire. crew members and passengers were evacuated and we're told no one was injured in this. you can see the smoke on the
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runway. fire crews used extinguishers to put it out. they will inspect exactly what caused it. 2011 now the busiest day for tornadoes. joplin officials saying they have 142 sets of remains. the storm a ef-5 storm, the deadliest in six decades, leaving some 500 people injured. destroying homes and buildings. survivors now left with the daunting task of cleaning up and dealing with the harsh reality that those who are missing may never come home. in our newsroom, we have been talking with the department of public safety and newsroom there in joplin and as of this hour, there are still 150 people unaccounted for. they are working to identify the victims as fast as they can but are told it is a very slow process and, as you imagine,
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tough for families. >> we found her laying in the bottom of her closet, praying, holding her bible. >> she was beat up pretty bad but she was in one piece and they identified her and took her. >> i understand the bodies they didn't know but the bodies that were picked up at the home, they were identified, they were there, they match. >> casey is now live in joplin. >> six days after this disaster and no shortage of stories to tell. i am standing in someone's backyard. it is littered with debris and the man and woman who actually lived in this home, we understand, took cover right here where the bathtub once was, where these pipes are sticking up out of the floor. when the twister hit, the house blew apart and dumped them right here in the backyard up against the house. they are okay and walked away from this but for every tale of
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survival, you have a tale of tragedy. like 18-year-old will norton. the teenager on his way home from his own high school graduation when the s.u.v. he was driving in with his father got caught up in the twister. his father tried holding on to him but the winds were too powerful and will was sucked out of the sunroof. his dad survived. will had been missing since sunday. his body was found last night in a nearby pond. >> he held on to him as long as he possibly could and then couldn't anymore and he feels really bad about that because as a dad, you never let go of your kids. you want to protect them forever. at least we know he did absolutely everything he possibly could but he is having a tough time with that. >> the president of the united states will be here tomorrow where he will be meeting with victims and storm survivors and will also get an up-close look
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at this damage firsthand. harris? >> no shortage of heart ache or stories to tell and i know this is difficult, too, casey. there has been some variance in the death toll, the human loss in all of this. you try to bring closure to families who are grieveing and the numbers are important so why are we getting such mixed reports? >> well, city and state leaders are apparently doing things different. names are only added to the list by state officials, the once that are dead after family members are notified. but the city leaders are adding them to the list as the remains are coming in so according to the state, the number of dead is a little more than 50. according to the joplin city manager and the joplin public information officer, the remains of 142 individuals have been found. >> all right, casey stegall, thank you so much. stopped at a traffic light, a
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sheriffs deputy killed in his own car at a traffic light and on duty. the manhunt underway. and a hotel the scene of a woman plunging to her death when fox reports continues. [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older
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we are following an intense manhunt underway this hour for a killer. the victim? a deputy sheriff in texas. a 25 veteran gunned down early this morning in his patrol car. investigators say he was waiting at a traffic light when the gunman pulled up beside him in his car and opened fire. by the time the other officers got there, he was dead. van leaves behind a wife and three children and investigators say they don't know why someone carried out this cold-blooded attack. a bizarre situation at a hotel in georgia. it happened at the w hotel in
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mid-town atlanta. shauna was celebrating her 30th birthday and she and her friend were play-wrestling when they crashed through a window and landed on the glass sealing of the patio. shauna died when she hit the glass concealing. her friend kept falling. at this point, no charges are filed and authorities are calling it an accident. well, talks return with a new round now this memorial day weekend about potential candidates in 2012. after months of persistent calls asking for him to make a bid for the white house, perry now says he will consider it. he is the longest-serving u.s. governor. and sarah palin announcing a
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campaign bus-style trip on the east coast. and giuliani now spurring speculation that he may jump into the mix as well. it gets more interesting every time i wake up, molly. what are palin and giuliani saying? >> don't we live for this? they are not saying much, just hints here and there. perry insists he is focused on this year's legislative session. still when asked if he would entertain a run for the white house, he said i will think about it but i think about a lot of things. rudy giuliani will be in new hampshire on monday where he will meet with good golly, miss molly leaders there. interestingly enough, it is the same day mitt romney will be in new hampshire to formalize his bid for the white house. >> this has journalists of fox
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news keeping their eyes pinned on those who have announced and those who haven't. >> a busy day being memorial day. tim pawlenty announcing last monday that he will run. sarah palin will speak at a motorcycle rally to o remember those tia and lost in the war. according to her political action committee's website, she wants to focus on integrity but will she jump in the race? it is not clear. and making plans next month
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where bachman was born in new hampshire. >> that's a big roundup, molly. glad you are on it. thanks very much. good to see you. >> thanks. >> wounded warriors with a need for speed getting a special treat. see how technology is giving our american heroes thrilling fun and a wild car chase caught on tape as the reporter in the chopper gives play-by-play right up until the driver, hmm, makes a very interesting change. >> on the wrong side of traffic here southbound. he has heavy traffic coming up, on the wrong side of the road, several near misses here.
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in the world of music tonight, a pioneer passes away.
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spoken word musician gil scott heron who helped lay the ground work for rap has died. he was known for mixing, percussion, political expression and spoken word poetry in words like "the revolution will not be televised" and home is where the hatred is. much of his life defined by his battle with crack cocaine unfortunately. he died yesterday after saint luke's hospital after becoming ill. he was 62. a hot pursuit on the busy streets of los angeles and this was a wild one. the suspect allegedly behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle, the guy dangerously weaving in and out of traffic. squad cars dead in the road, no match for him. the chopper amazed by the driver. >> oh, he just hit that car coming through the intersection there. >> that guy just kept on going, too. and when it looks like his
7:22 pm
s.u.v. is about to break down, he hopped out -- they always do that, don't they? they think they can get away. the car is still rolling. then the dude tried to car-jack somebody else. >> all of a sudden, my door opened and a guy jumped in my car and then right at that moment, they were on him. >> they, the lapd, handcuffing the suspect and hauling him away. he was booked on suspicion of attempted carjacking. and then the dash cam video showing police hot on the trail of an ohio teenager in a stolen dump truck taking out about everything in its path. now we learn of the 17-year-old's punishment. reports are he will serve two years in juvenile detention for the dangerous driving. he has abouts apologized claiming he was drunk at the time and doesn't remember much of it. well, in new jersey, a special
7:23 pm
salute to the memorial day and tribute to the warriors. a program to allow disabled veterans to get behind the wheel and experience the high engine racing speed. julie is here to tell us about it. >> newly disabled vets are leaving behind their beds and rehab centers and shifting gears to a more independent life in the fast lane. much like a video game, the simulator teaches them how to get behind the wheel and drive a car again. jerry was able to drive for the first time in seven years, fulfilling a life long dream of his, driving a race car around the track. >> i will never have this chance again and it is something i have always wanted to do.
7:24 pm
i am feeling a little nervous and scared but i am going to give it a try. >> the race cars are modified for wheelchair users and the car includes specialty features such as dual seats, low resistance steering, hand brakes and gas pedals. after a dry run, the driver is off to the races. >> maybe they are sitting in the hospital right now and see this video and say my god, i never thought i could do that, i want to try it. and then maybe they are down here on the next event and hopping in this car and getting out of that hospital bed and getting outside. one thing leads to another. >> this will be part of the vintage grand prix and family festival going on in new jersey and you want more information about accessible driving, you can visit their website. it is
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>> thank you. high officials meeting when a bomber moves in in afghanistan. >> and one official whob now is a free man, the story about that. and take a look at the crocodile. one government about to change their home and animal rights activists are biting mad. ♪
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i'm harris faulkner and we're live on fox reports. it is the bottom of the hour. now time for the top of the news. people forced from their homes because of a fire in north carolina in hudson. it is a fire in a chemical plant that makes dyes and coatings for furniture. and a delta airliner catching fire as soon as it lands in atlanta. nobody was hurt. the -- saying the fire likely caused by friction from the brakes. and president obama back in the white house after a 6-day trip in europe. landing at andrews air force base a short while ago. the final leg of the president's trip was in poland where he talked about promoting democracy across the globe. >> here in warsaw, the
7:30 pm
president's position cited as a model for the rest of the world to follow especially the arab spring and urged officials to promote the lessons they learned. in fact, it has been the theme of the trip the entire trip, in england and ireland and saying that democracy is the government to come. in poland, the president met with people of the solidarity movement in which he said ordinary people did great things. some people came so far so fast and other countries want to follow their lead. he sent emmisaries to libya. >> we know in the aftermath of
7:31 pm
the oppressive regime, emotions run high but new democratic governments have to show themselves to be able to channel that energy in constructive ways. >> the last stop on a 4-nation trip also focused on security. mr. o*eup saying the reset in u.s.-russian relations reduced some of the tensions in central europe but that the u.s. still plans to build a missile defense system although his aides admit it would take years to convince russia they are not threatened. the president back in his own country now to meet with the tornado victims. >> he will make remarks at a memorial service and we'll carry those remarks live at 3:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow here on fox. an american citizen detained in north korea since november, now tree
7:32 pm
free and back home. he was committed for "a serious crime". the north core koreans saying he expressed guilt but he has never provided details of his alleged crime. it is said the american businessman was accused of trying to spread christianity. >> and setting the stage for a diplomatic clash this fall. the palestinians will now seek full membership in the united nations in september. meanwhile, egypt is easing its blockade of gaza. and the move is sparking new concerns from israel about security. here is more from gaza city.
7:33 pm
>> hi, harris. about 300 people are allowed to cross from gaza to egypt every day but the majority of them are in need of medical care. today 400 were able to pass from gaza to egypt. most of them excited to see loved ones. chaos descends. these gazans desperate to cross into egypt today. for the first time in four years, the border has been permanently opened. but men between the ages of 18-40 will have to get an egyptian sraoez is a. for years, they couldn't get out of the densely-populated strip but now with it open for the first time, they are free to travel wherever them. like this man who is trying to get to libya to rescue his family. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i hope this is a bright future for the palestinians and
7:34 pm
the peace process. >> it is a departure from egypt's rural. >> it will be a new relationship. to keep security and everything so that people will see that everything is working according to the rules and regulations and laws. >> israel worries militants will freely be able to get in and out of gaza. there is also no question that underground tunnels will continue the lucrative business of smuggling weapons and rockets. and it is not just weapons that are coming through these tunnels but luxury cars like mercedes benz, most of which are coming from libya. pounding a command and
7:35 pm
control center in tripoli, a rare day-time aerial attack. our own president reiterated that khadaffi must go. and russia, a one-time ally is offering a deal in which he can leave the country. dan is streaming with the latest. >> reporter: we just got confirmation today that russia will be sending a delegation here to libya sometime next week in hope of negotiating an exit for khadaffi and could have better success than other countries could because they have a relationship with him and they have been the most critical of the nato air strikes. by the way, air strikes continued today, very intense and at a different time of day, daylight hours, which is a switch. the bombs may be turning opinion
7:36 pm
as much as anything else. meanwhile, progress is slow, very little ground gained but rebel fighters leave the battlefield, they go back for more training but what they need more than anybody else is better weapons. >> we are in desperate need of weapons to face khadaffi's weapon machine so we can at least hold our own on the ground. >> britain and franz have promised eight attack helicopters, apaches and another brand from franz which will allow the pilots to fly lower and get engaged with the ground fighting with the pro-khadaffi forces. >> you didn't mention the americans but they have been
7:37 pm
there for two and a half months so i ask about the risk and danger for the nato pilots as they fly lower. >> well, they will certainly be at risk as they fly those helicopters. right now, the risk is 12,000 feet which is well away of the pro-khadaffi forces but getting closer will help them get engaged in land battles and helping out the opposition forces as they battle for ground. the nato pilots certainly will be in more danger but you look at the american pilots and they are in a support role, supplying fueling missions and drones so it will really be the nato pilots from other countries at more risk. >> thank you for that report. there are reports armed tribesmen and the president have agreed to a temporary ceasefire
7:38 pm
in yemen after 23 days of violence. protestors have been trying to push the president out of office the last three months. just last week, he refused to sign an agreement that would have forced him to step down in 30 days. and the taliban claiming responsibility for a bomb that injured one of nato's top commanders in afghanistan. the attack claiming the lives of two german nato soldiers and three afghans. three were wounded along with marcus knight. the explosive went off during a meeting between high-ranking afghan officials. the bomberser was disguised as a police officer. a bombing targeting tribal leaders in fax stan and the
7:39 pm
fight over a crocodile farm as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> a bomber blowing himself up and killing eight people a northern region. >> locals picking through the debris. the taliban claiming responsibility. local tribal leaders said to be the target. those leaders now cooperating with government security forces to find those involved. >> peru -- weeks of peaceful demonstrations turning violent. it is all over. plans to build a silver man. rioters attacking public buildings and setting offices on fire. they want the government to cancel its contract with the canadian-owned mining company. in italy, border police rescue hundreds of north africans off the coast. it is a destination for migrants
7:40 pm
fleeing ethiopia and libya. assisting them and turning back those not eligible for asylum. and the plans to move a crocodile farm due to money problems. now plans to slaughter them for their meat and hides. animal rights advocates protesting the move. and that is around the world in 80 seconds. >> some people let their finger do the talking -- well, one finger in particular. how one man found himself on the wrong side of the law for a rude gesture and how it played out. and a reporter searching high and low for years to find his biological parents and now is smiling at what he found. ♪
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♪ nobody knows... [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. a minor earthquake being blamed for a mysterious boom heard near pennsylvania. the magnitude 1.7 quake hit last night northeast of philadelphia. scientists say the quake was so small, it didn't do any damage and people in the area may have heard what sounded like a big truck going by. a quake generally has to be of a magnitude of 2 or 3 to be felt. in just a few hours from now, the space shuttle "endeavour" will begin their trip home. they are packing as they prepare to leave the international space station and nasa calling the job well done. nasa still has one more shuttle agenda, atlantis will blast you
7:45 pm
have in july marking the end of the 30-year shuttle program and that is mark kelly, the husband of congresswoman gabi gifford doing exercises there. a man charged for giving the middle finger to a state trooper but now they have dropped the case. he saw the officer writing up a traffic ticket for another driver and as he was driving along, flipped the officer off. the police later tracked him down charging him with criminal harassment. a spokesman from the civil liberties union says the gesture is free speech and it is not a crime to give the officer the bird. last friday, charges were dropped. and a local reporter learning he has a very big-named parents and the zombie train as fox trips across america. ♪ >> alaska, a plane crashing on to railroad tracks shortly after
7:46 pm
takeoff north of anchorage. we're told the cessna centennial engine stalled after it was airborne. the ntsb is investigating. south carolina preparing for a memorial day parade with special gifts -- senator lindsey graham and john mccain. john mccain saying he is honored to march in the presence of so many others who risked their lives for our country. >> and we will be remember those who won't be here because of their service and sacrifice. >> you will recall, senate mccain spent five years as a prisoner of war in north vietnam. in florida, a new anchor saying after 15 years of searching for his biological parents, he ran into stunning news after learning his mother served drinks at a nightclub and that
7:47 pm
his dad performed there. he says his biological italian was the crooner and trumpeter louie treatment. and a baby was not in his mother's plan. >> she sold me to the highest bidder. >> and he has just finished writing a book on his search. and a train overrun with colorful zombies. characters on their way to an annual convention of horror movie buffs. one passengers saying he thought he stepped into a horror house instead of a but the line. no wonder they are sleepless in seattle. hackers breaking into a company that makes the most advanced weapons in the u.s. arsenal. what is at risk next. plus the civil war giving up secrets 150 years after it began. we'll go live to a cemetery in marietta, georgia where thousands of soldiers from the
7:48 pm
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honoring the fallen on this memorial day weekend, thousands of soldiers from the civil war buried in unmarked graves in a georgia cemetery but the number of unknown names is about to be reduced by two. one historian making it his life's mission to identify the burial plots of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice from the nation. elizabeth is live at the marietta cemetery in georgia. elizabeth? >> hi, harris. that's right, we now know the identity of two soldiers from the civil war all thanks to one historian who spent his life dedicating himself to the history of the civil war and looking to identify these unnamed soldiers.
7:52 pm
here at the marietta cemetery, there are 18,000 headstones, 3000 belonging to union soldiers. brad has identified 45 of these soldiers unveiling two for today and here is why he waits for the holiday weekend. >> it is a day that we should remember these men and women who sacrificed their lives. i have lived an incredible life and it is because of these men and women and the sacrifice they made that i feel i have to earn my right to be called an american. >> families coming from near and far today. in fact, one family coming from utah. they had been working with brad and finally identified and located their great-great grandfather. here is what they said when they first visited the grave site. >> we take those freedoms for granted. there are so many men and women who served this country and gave their lives for us to be able to have those freedoms that we have every single day.
7:53 pm
>> now harris, it is unlikely there will be any changes to the headstones at marietta national cemetery. it is a very long process and these headstones are considered historical artifacts but the families say now that they know where their family members rest in peace, they can now come and pay their respects. >> isn't it amazing what one person can do? that historian making such a difference in so many people's lives. >> yes. >> what do they have planned on the memorial day holiday? >> well, they have a ceremony as they do every year but take a look at the headstone behind me. the flags placed here by the boy scouts, 18,000 of them. they came with their families and it took more than two and a half hours. it is so fascinating to see the traditions passed down to the younger generation. they really get a sense of pride
7:54 pm
and patriotism. >> elizabeth, thank you very much. the shops in amsterdam that sell marijuana are now a thing of the past for tourists. a new law announced and what some people fear could come from it. and after a brutal winter filled with record snowfall, some good. something you have never seen before. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables
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does that airline go out of it's way to reward you? it should. because loyalty is a two way street. and when one side gives, the other has to give back. dedicated redcoat customer service. more first class upgrades. miles that don't expire. this isn't benevolence this is our business. the next time an airline asks for yours: ask them first, what they've done to deserve it. this just crossing the reuters wires and fox news is working to confirm it as well. lockheed martin, the number one supplier of sales has been hit by an unspecified cyber incident. we told you just a few minutes ago we were learning this. this is according to sources inside the u.s. government and that is reuters reporting it but
7:58 pm
we're working to confirm it. hackers prompting them to step up their security to avoid loss of data. they make some of the most sophisticated u.s. military hardware and is a major supplier of military equipment to our pentagon. a notorious net herlands shp coming to an end. it is popular among tourists and visitors alike but the coalition government has run on a platform to curb the shop's effort to promote health and fight crime. beautiful waterfalls seen this weekend at yosemite national park after a record
7:59 pm
snow fall increased the volume to nearly 2400 gallons each second. enough to fill an olympic-size swimming pool over four minutes. look at the rainbow. awesome. now to recap our top stories, a chemical fire forcing people from their homes near hudson, north carolina. people within a 2-mile radius evacuated. the company makes furniture coatings and dyes. and a delta airliner evacuated as soon as it landed in georgia. four people had minor injuries. the rest evacuated safely. >> and on this day in 1957, national league baseball owners approved plans to move the dodgers out of the big apple. walter o'malley wanting a new stadium in brooklyn but the city said


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