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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 10, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EST

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not be a ninnyhammer when you go out into the world. again, thank you for watching tonight. i am bill o'reilly please remember the spin s right here because we are definitely because we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: it has been a chaotic week in washington in the wake of the president's tax cut compromise announcement. this evening democrats voted against the framework unless significant changes were made. today's meeting was marred by profanity-laced tirades. one was -- one said of the president, we can trust him. we've seen this crude rhetoric on tv in recent days.
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>> this isn't the dream act this is the republican wet dream act. they get the democrats to add to the deficit they get all the benefits for their wealthiest friends in america to pay them off for their huge contributions they made in the campaign. >> sean: this morning a desperate president took to the mike and resorted to scar tactics. >> this agreement would boost economic growth in the coming years and has potential to create millions of jobs. if this framework fail the reverse is true, americans would see it in smaller paychecks that would have the effect of fewer jobs. >> sean: we know the president's plea did not work. nancy pelosi is floating the possibility she won't schedule a vote on the bill. white house responded to that threat today as well. >> aren't you worried that this isn't going to happen and all the economic catastrophe
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that you guys are worrying about is going to happen? >> i think this will get done. >> you think she is bluffing? >> i think that this is a long and winding process. but i think at the end of the day, members are not gonna wanna be in their districts not going to want to be in their districts when their constituents find out their taxes have gone up. >> sean: what if democrats get wear -- their way? let me bring in senator jim demint. good see you. >> thank you, sean good to be back. >> sean: you are opposing this deal, why? >> this is a perfect example of how we 14 trillion in debt as a nation. republicans have something we know is good for the country, such as extending these tax rates. democrats are not gonna allow
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us to pass it unless we do more deficit spending on some program they think needed. we call that compromise. they say it is the best deal we can get this is bad fiscal policy because it increases debt. bad economic policy, temporary tax rates one in two years are not going to grow our economy, families cannot plan purchases if they don't know what their pay is gonna be out several years. we done want a temporary economy. temporary tax rates are gonna make it worse. >> sean: i'm an growing with you in terms of 200 billion dollars in new spending. i agree with you about a temporary economy. i guess the question is, in this lame duck session with the democratsin charge do you think you will accomplish -- with the democrats still in charge did you think you will accomplish what you want to accomplish? >> it wouldn't be the end of the world if we had to fix
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this in january with a republican majority in the house. obama knows when americans look at their paycheck in january and see their taxes go up they are going to the president and they should. republicans for years have tried to make these tax rates permanent and the democrats have blocked it. now they are trying to make a deal where they can get more deficit spending this is going to come back on the president and he knows it. i think he would be our biggest advocate january 1, after we swear in a new congress later that week. i would like to get this done now. but i would like to make the tax rates permanent and pay for any additional spending. >> sean: a lot of democrats upset with the president. cursing at him, saying they screwed and all comments made. joe biden is telling democrats this is a take it or leave it deal on this bill. i would assume on the other side, if it were to move in your direction at that point the white house would have to stand by and say that's our
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deal take it or leave it and they leave washington and tax rates go up in january, is that a possibility? >> it is a possibility. again, rather than support something that is a bad deal, i think i would put my bets on a republican house fixing this thing the second week in january, when we are back in session. i'd like to get the deal done now. it should, in my mind not increase the deficit. we should at least have a vote on making these rates permanent. if we do, i think it will help the economy the way it is structured now i think it could hurt the economy by expanding the deficit. i've heard countless times this is the best deal we can make with 14 trillion in debt, this is not what we need to do. we need to fight a little harder before we let this go. >> sean: i know you work with mike pence in the house, michelle bachmann she is
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opposed to the bill, you are opposed, there are a lot of conservatives that have come out it. are you convinced that the republicans have more power than they imagined? inasmuch as they are gonna say no, we are not going take the spending in this deal. we are only going to take the tax cuts and it is going to be for everybody if you whole firm, you think you can within this debate in january? >> -- you can win this debate in january? >> we could win the debate now. the president has more and more sense of urgency we need this done. he doesn't want paychecks in january to show his administration has caused these taxes to go up. we may have more leverage than we think. our leaders have worked hard and with good faith. i've heard enough that this is the best deal we can make over the years i've been here. we have to fight harder. we cannot vote for more deficit spending. i'm encouraging my colleagues
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let's see if we can fight a little harder. i think he may do better. if we lose now, we'll win in january. >> sean: interesting bloomberg poll that came out today. majority of americans think they are worse off since barack obama's been elected. that their well-being has declined in the two years he's been in office. it was interesting to watch the president make the case he said. he said every economist i've talked to agrees this agreement to extend the tax cuts is gonna boost economic growth over the next couple of years and has potential to great many jobs many robert reich refers to this as republicans have won the argument. have we turned the corner? supply side argument now won? >> this is a death bed conversion bay president obama that lower taxes help the economy and will increase revenue to the government. that's a big admission on his part. it is so obvious.
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i've never seen such bad economic policy as we've had over the last couple of years. this huge government stimulus spending program was a waste of money. financial reregulation, one thing after another, sean has tan our economy to edits -- has taken our economy to its knees and he's still trying to blame bush. i'm hoping we can do good rather than bad with this tax deal. i would like to see us fight a little harder. >> sean: interesting they have both houses of congress and now blaming republicans. the last two years they blamed george bush. they have all the power it is the republicans' fault. senator keep up the good fight, appreciate you being with us. >> thanks sean. >> sean: my debate with joe sestak is next. >> to add subtle to injury, they added estate tax. >> sean: liberals revolt against the president's tax
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>> sean: baltimore oral luke scott said while he was not
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president obama's closest allies are angry at the white house over the bush tax cut compromise. house speaker nancy pelosi is calling for major changes to be made to the framework. sources say vice president biden told members yesterday that no changes can be made to the deal. he said this was an up or down, take it or leave it proposition. congressman of texas responded this morning. >> we listened carefully yesterday to what the vice president had to say about it. he was very articulate and presented it in a very reasonable way. we've evaluated and said if it is take it or leave it, we'll leave it. >> sean: where do we go from here? what is the likelihood taxes go up the end of this month? joining me pennsylvania congressman joe sestak. good to see you. >> good to be back. >> sean: let me ask you this. let's start with class warfare. i resent this. i never a job congressman from
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a poor person. when you talk about the rich, you know that pay on average with state, local taxes and property taxes about 50% of their income. aren't they the job creators? aren't the ones that donate to charity? aren't these the people that pay the taxes? >> as you well know, small businesses create 80% of all new jobs. in fact, 98% of all small businesses earn less than $250,000 that's why if we had originally in the initial stimulus bill put in 100 billion dollars of tack credits that create jobs, -- of tax credits that create jobs, small businesses of less than 20 people, why didn't the republicans and democrats say you like business, we like business and focus. it is not about tax cuts it is tax cuts focused at the right job creation place. >> sean: back to my question.
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you ever get a job from a poor person? >> i'm not understanding the premise of your question? >> sean: if rich people spend money -- again they are paying on average about 50% of their income. if the rich people -- did you ever get a job in your life from a poor person? >> i was in the navy for 31 years. let me answer it this way, during the eight years of the bush administration, 53% of tax cuts did go to the top 1 1/2% of the wealthiest. now, we know and you know in those eight years the gross domestic product grew at the slowest rate since world war ii. during the clinton administration they raised the rate from 36 to 39 1/2%, yet we created 23 million jobs and had the highest growth in gdp in those eight years since -- and created 23 million jobs compared to zero in the eight
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years of the bush administration. i don't believe wealth trickles down. it doesn't moon you don't want tax cuts for the wealthy. that's not the issue. the democratic caucus doesn't speak for me. i have to represent 700,000 people. let's take the large township in upper darby in my district largest township in pennsylvania. they are going to have a tax increase of 6.8% in year because money hasn't been flowing because so many people have lost their jobs. >> sean: i want those people back to work. >> they want to work, make sure we are clear. they may be poor but they want to work. >> sean: bottom 50% pays 2.9% of the tax bill. here's my take on this. is all these people paying taxes and create jobs and donating money the job creators, wealth creators,
12:17 am
taxpayer, not only do they pay 50% of their income in taxes, seems like now you want to take a baseball bat and hit them over the head and tell them they are not doing enough. >> everybody takes the facts and looks to look at them through the prism they present in the last 20 years the wealth of the top 1% went up 281%. if you earned the exact middle of the middle class the middle fifth it up in 20 years, 25%. if the wealthy up almost 300% even if they were paying the same tax rate as that tax rate of course they are paying more. >> sean: if you pay 40% of your income in taxes, state, local, federal, property taxes is that too much? >> i think the clinton era, when we created -- >> sean: no, no. give me a percent. >> 39.6%. >> sean: in new york you pay
12:18 am
another 10%. in other states it is 6%. you pay property taxes, sales taxes. what percentage of people's income, total tax bill, do you say enough is enough? >> women, i don't though what the exact percentage is. i will say this, remember a lot of where the money come from is supposedly corporations. you know as well as i that you and i pay more in taxes than most fortune 500 companies, 66% of all corporations a zero u.s. taxes. exxon mobile doesn't pay a cent. the keith is, how do you create jobs -- the key is, how do you create jobs? >> sean: apparently in this meeting that took place yesterday, there was a referral to the president as the ing president. we ralph -- as the ifing president. we ralph nader referring to him as a con man meaning president obama.
12:19 am
president obama's reacting, calling republicans hostage-takers. what do you make of the rhetoric in washington? >> i did not hear that one comment the first one you said. i will say the hair up on the back of the vice president's neck and those who were there. i think both parties better look at themselves. why didn't they handle this issue prior to the election have courage of the conviction and not worry about electoral prospects. now they've been backed into a corner and we have a compromise, it is a little bit of a compromise, the principle we can hold a gun at the working family's head we to pass this before 1, january because it does help the economy our gdp will grow as much as 4%. you will help these people who are unemployed and those that create jobs. >> sean: you are critical of your leadership. you said instead of having my leadership worry about self-preservation we should have had the courage of our
12:20 am
convictions. >> correct. you remember, i stood up to my own party's establishment from the president down and ran against it for the primary specter. it isn't about party. john f. kennedy said it well. sometimes the party asks too much. maybe if both parties would start working together maybe we could do more principled compromise rather than compromise principles. if people stopped worrying about their own jobs and worry about americans jobs we would be much further than the road -- further down the road than we are today. >> sean: congressman, appreciate it. >> really embarrassed about the way you are behalfing. >> the las vegas focus group reacts to the president's hostage-taker remark. >> the dream act sails through the house. is this the next step towards amnesty? >> all of
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>> sean: party members have turned to disgusting rhetoric. >> you allowed yourself to be held hostage and get something done for the sake of getting something done when in fact it might be perverse in its ultimate results. almost like the question of do you negotiate with terrorists? >> sean: toxic language continues this time chairman of the california democratic party chimed in saying as we do not negotiate with international terrorists we must stand up to the political terrorism of the republicans in the u.s. senate. even though president obama was the man at the forefront
12:26 am
of this tax deal, he still was unable to resist joining the chorus. here's what the anointed one had to say. >> the president: i've said before that i felt that the middle class tax cuts were being held hostage to the high end tax cuts. i think it tempting not to negotiate with hostage takers. unless, the hostage gets harmed. then, people will question the wisdom of that strategy. in this case the hostage was the american people. and i was not willing to see them get harmed. >> sean: hostage-takers, pretty unbelieve able. frank luntz in vegas joins us with a focus group to -- group to get reaction to those comments. >> let's see what the american people had to say about that clip. >> straight out of alinsky's rules. [ talking over each other ] >> i the solution that
12:27 am
everybody will be happy with. a flat tax needs to be initiated. there's none of this class warfare nonsense, everybody gets taxed across the board, 18% and let's be done with it. >> who agrees with a flat tax? >> he mentioned the flat tax. i think it makes it more equal. people with more money have more opportunities to hide it as well. >> you agree or disagree? >> more opportunity to hide it? >> yeah. >> they have if get off the metaphors. it was a metaphor. >> you talked about hostage, that means nothing the republicans know they are not hostage-takers. it is just what it is it is verbiage. >> the -- he has to do that and i understand that. i do understand why -- [ talking over each other ] >> one at a time!
12:28 am
can i ask you guys a question, is this going to be the level of discourse over the next two years? >> yes. [ talking over each other ] >> that was not presidential. i don't care if he believes it. i don't care if behind closed doors he has to tell pelosi and reid how he feels. in front of the microphones and in front of the american people that is not a leader i want to follow. >> he's a divider. >> how many of you got kids? your kids will be embarrassed about the way you are behaving now. you can't talk to each other with decency and civility without yelling and shouting? i can't even hear the people in my ear because you are so loud. i apologize to the back row, please go ahead. >> he calls the fight the way he sees it. the statement is self-serving
12:29 am
because he looks like the character in the movie i'm not going to negotiate with the hostage-takers. nothing wrong with him saying that. grow up about it and get over it. >> he's an orator, we have to expect that. he's also our president. if he says hostage-taker, do we take that to mean that he like it to someone who is taking -- that he likens it to someone who is taking hostages on planes? i don't think it is as offensive as people are making it out to be. >> any word that he's going to use they are going to take out of context. >> somebody is going to be angry. even if it was the best decision ever, there is always going to be the conflict. >> this is a hostage situation. [ talking over each other ]
12:30 am
>> you take money out and put weapons in it would be a hostage situation. >> there are people paid to write these speeches. it is not like it is always his exact words coming out. >> he made that comment about people blowing their money in vegas and our convention rates here, we are dying, thanks to the words of this eloquent speaker. >> i'm the bad guy? how am i the bad guy? >> get over it? >> get over it. really get over it! >> i guarantee she didn't pay $50,000 in taxes. >> we are gonna stop this. >> it didn't matter what i pay, i pay taxes. that's the problem everyone is worrying about what so and so is paying. i said i was unemployed from
12:31 am
'08 to '09. i didn't qualify for unemployment. if i did, so be it, stop worrying about what the other person do. what we need to do is come together. >> no, no, no-no! i'm worried when people are paying nothing. [ talking over each other ] >> we are going to stop this conversation now, because we have to go to a commercial. sean, i have lost control of this group. if this is what politics gonna be like over the next couple of years, i don't know if -- stop already! in all of my time doing focus groups, this year has been the most contentious. it has been the loudest. this maybe the worst yet. i just hope this isn't a sign of things to come. back to you. >> sean: coming up, brent
12:32 am
bozell breaks down highlights in the messed up world of the mainstream obamamania media. but first the president and the first lady lit this year's national christmas tree. here it is in all its glory. merry christmas america. much more hannity, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> sean: the pressure has been on the anointed one recently. robert gibbs was asked if it caused him to pick up his old smoking habit? >> i have not seen or witnessed evidence of any smoking in probably nine muss. >> sean: sounds like the
12:35 am
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12:37 am
you? >> sean: even in the phrasing of the liberal media. cuts, tax breaks for the wealthy. they use the democratic rhetoric. here's what they say. >> as the debate continues, we have asked jon karl to tell us? >> at this level over the next 10 years could add four trillion to the national debt. >> how do you justify going along with the larger tax cut? that it is not stimulative. >> the president said he's doing this for the good of the american people. by some estimates this could add another 900 billion dollars to a deficit already out of control. why shouldn't americans look at this as a disaster in the making? >> sean: let's use another word, tax cuts for businesses, for taxpayers, not increasing taxes on taxpayers, not
12:38 am
increasing taxes on job creators, not increasing taxes on people that donate to charity. the bias is so transparent. >> sean hannity, i don't know where to start with this. this is insan it begins with what tax cuts? they know, you know, i know, everyone knows, there is no tax cut going on. nobody, not one man, woman or child in america gets a tax break in this. we are talking about prehaven'ting a tax increase. an increase which economists are saying is going to throw this country into a double dip recession. listen to the words of these economic geniuses. when one person says this going to cause 960 billion dollars in deficit and the next person no, it is four trillion. they don't know what they are talking about. tax cuts don't cause deficits, spending does. >> sean: the networks are angry at obama for compromising on their principles.
12:39 am
>> the president has been clear this is a critical position and he's caving on it. >> many democrats are telling the president the deal comes at too high a price. rewarding republicans for constantly obstructing him. >> they say this is the president caving in. within senator so far as to call it borderline immoral. >> sean: reaction? >> this one is fascinating. you and i have talked many times about how the tea party house republicans conservatives, newt gingrich constantly being hammered for gridlock, for not compromising, for not working together as opposed to the democrats. the one time he breaks the gridlock and compromises, his left is hammering him. what are the media doing? the same ones who attacked newt gingrich giving him -- >> sean: there seems to be an obsession or maybe by implication, what do you read
12:40 am
the katie couric question. seems the implication is you don't read. of course she does. here's how it went down. >> every year she does somethings if nating. katie couric question that caused so much trouble, what do you read? i gave her another chance. here's the answer. >> you know governor, many people find the thought of you as president a little scary. you hear o she is very charming, but uninformed. would you like to tell us what newspapers, magazines or books you are reading right now? >> i read a lot of cs lewis when i want divine inspiration. i read news max and "wall street journal". >> sean: reaction. >> i gave her another chance? what is this remedial media do over time? did you wonder why sarah palin wants nothing to do with these
12:41 am
arrogant elitists. they hit her before and now trying to hit her with the same question two years later. >> sean: i have a different observation. when she said many find the thought of you as president a little scary. i tried to warn people that barack obama was far more radical than the media was will willing to look into his background. i think i've been prove haven't right in i believe he's a failed president. he has failed in every front. if anything is scary to me is barack obama getting a second term. >> if you want to look back. look at katie couric's interview with sarah palin. before that who else has she interviewed the other vice presidential candidate. where he told us about watching fdr and the fire side chats, remember that? >> sean: i do remember that one. brent bozell, thanks for being with us. time to check in with
12:42 am
greta van susteren. she has pink cards. >> greta: these are the guests we have so many the list is so long, senator -- that's only part of the show. >> sean: can you say that backwards? >> greta: can you spell mississippi with one i? >> yes. >> sean: our great american panel, straight ahead. ! " # $ / 0 i
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>> sean: he was a former pollster for president jimmy carter who may go down as a better president than barack obama.
12:47 am
pat caddell is here. former communications deck for for the republican congressional committee karen hanretty is here. he's the longtime producer of don imus' radio show bernard mcguirk. >> your a good lad. >> sean: what happened? >> we put him on hiatus. >> sean: i like when you read the portion of the news. >> you like the briefings? >> sean: yeah, the briefings. >> thank you, sean. i like when you read the news too. >> sean: thank you, i appreciate it. we watching the crack-up of an american president and his party? >> i think he's having problems. by the way, i think both parties are. the president got a deal but he for to tell anyone in the democratic party that he had a deal. now they are upset. he got mad at having gotten this deal.
12:48 am
>> sean: got mad at everybody, new york time. >> he managed to say i hate everyone. it looks like if you turn the sound off it looks like he hates the job. it is amazing. it was not good. the other thing is, look he got something big. he got a stimulus for himself. helped his election because the one he did didn't work this one might work. except the republicans, all i want to say is one thing. whatever happened to we are going to reduce the deficit? >> sean: good question. we had jim demint on tonight he doesn't want to sign another deal. why are you rolling your eyes? >> because they a deal. extend the tax cuts for all americans. >> sean: you like the deal? >> the deal is fine, it is good enough. they need to move on. i don't think anyone thought president obama was going to capitulate. it is not a compromise it is a capitulation.
12:49 am
>> we've been playing this montage for nights where the president kept saying, we are going to abolish the bush tax cuts for the wealthy, et cetera. this was a major victory on that principle. >> he broke a promise. the spectacle of the liberal democrats like anthony weiner calling him an in didn't wimp -- >> sean: patsy they are calling him. >> for us it is like pornography, fun to behold. i think he did himself a lot of good for the election coming up. he revealed himself to be a pragmatist and not a radical socialist. >> what is he again do, run on four more years of george w. bush, i'm not going to close get >> -- to close gitmo. >> we can go back to normal, we are just as bad as the democrats we'll spend 900 billion too. [ talking over each other ]
12:50 am
>> he doesn't have anything to run on. >> sean: this is a lame duck congress. it is still nancy pelosi's house. >> excuse me, why didn't republicans, they -- why didn't they stand up and say we had an election. nancy pelosi was repudiated, you people loss and say you have no business as cromwell said about the long parliament, go you have sat too long. they should have said we are going to do no business here. >> you wish they would do no business. you wish the would bring everything to a stand still. not pass anything. not do an extension -- >> this congress has been discredited. they should deal with the tax. excuse me, you are going to tell your base, by the way part of the deal here, we are going to have 100 -- >> are you frank luntz's father? >> don't use that phrase.
12:51 am
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. i hate to acknowledge this brother caddell brought up a good point. speaker pelosi, think about this who is this charge? she just got voted out, popularity rating of 6%. seems like obama is going to beholding to her. >> with all due respect of the founding fathers the notion of a lame duck congress making these decisions, strikes me as not the right thing. nancy pelosi, i mean listen, go home and take care of your grandkids. it is christmas go shopping, get gifts and stay out of it.
12:56 am
>> sean: take that airplane ride one more time while you have the chance. >> she has had the attitude about obama all along, listen kid it nice you are in d.c. and in town but i've been here longer and i will be here a lot longer after you have been again. i think that has been her mentality all along. i don't think she looks at obama as leader of the party. he has never been involved. she sees herself as head of the party and voice of the liberal left. she's got her own niche to carve out. >> sean: why is he so acquiescence to -- act wes sent to her? >> this woman was repudiated. we have for the first time in my lifetime less than 200 members. she up there talking about what our members want. you were rae ed. you know what -- you were repudiated. this lame duck is like having chamberlain going on, two more
12:57 am
weeks or three months of chamberlain leading britain what is this? >> president obama should tell her to dummy up unless he wants to perpetuate this wimp -- >> do you think obama is trying to distance himself from pelosi and reid through some of this rhetoric? i can't tell if it is political posturing. if he is bitter or angry. >> whatever you want to say about rahm emanuel, i'm watching this movie and thinking this is worse than the one i was in. >> sean: good upon. he goes to g-20 meets with foreign leaders, no deal made ahead of time. sends clinton to the world cup, nothing happens. flies to copenhagen and gets embarrassed. >> this -- he seems to be lost. he's the least prepared president in modern times.
12:58 am
it is to show. >> sean: beginning to show? it has been showing for two years pat. one interesting thing during his press conference when he was calling liberals sanctimonious and republicans hostage-takers. he said not everybody an guess with us. meaning the liberal media. richard wolf made a similar statement. >> it is temporary, unemployed get benefits, 400 billion dollars goes into the economy which everyone thinks is good, tax credits come in and the middle class does not get screwed. >> you're a democrat aren't you? >> i'm a journalist. >> much the same thing. >> sean: great line. >> beautiful, called it on the money. i didn't know how to follow that up. >> the other thing he said in that press conference i think it was his first one, they blur together. he said he doesn't want to
12:59 am
pass this tax increase for wealthy voters, wealthy taxpayers. he doesn't want to do it. but he's going to prove that it is not the right thing to do. like he's going to prove that republicans are wrong to support this he's going to put his name on it. two years from now it is going to be the obama tax cuts. >> you worked for mondale. one other presidential candidate that ran on the idea he's going to raise taxes and he lost 49 states. >> that's why i don't understand why the republicans did not say we are not voting for a tax increase. >> sean: two years from now obama is going to run on raising taxes, how dumb is that? >> it is not what i would have suggested. but they don't ask me things. >> sean: get an invitation to the white house? >> everyone at fox is going to the white house except me and you. i'm the last on the


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