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tv   Campaign 08 Fight to the Finish  FOX News  December 4, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> it was it was an unseasonably wars december night when a musicalmw icon and his wife were onlyre l steps away from the front from entrance of that building.that the legendary dakota apartments. a lowe gunmen pumps four bull lets into the man'son back. hello.r i'm bill hemmer for fox news ms reporting. that man was 40-year-old johnfx lennon. he was on a career -old john lennon.
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on a career upwing during the fall of 1980 with big plans for the future but fate would intervene in the the form of a deeply troubled madman that would later brag i was mr. nobody until i killed biggest somebody on earth. john lennon rose to fame as a member of the beatles. one of the most popular and influencal musical acts in history. his masterful song writing skills showcased his brutal honesty and willingness to share his pain. all endearing him to millions. join us as we get the inside story from those who were there during the last days of john lennon. >> brace yourself. here they are. ♪ it's been a hard day's night and i've been working like a dog ♪ ♪ it's been a hard day's night, i should be sleeping like a
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log ♪ >> they were the beatles. and in the 1960s, beatle mania had overtaken the world. ♪ i think i'm going to be >> so this is the famous beatles. >> we need protection. >> get me protection. >> february 1964. america was ready to escape the gloom that hovered over the country after the assasination of president kennedy the last november and four lads from liverpool, john lennon, george harrison, paul mccartney and ringo star were just the ticket. >> what was interesting was how funny they were. >> paragrapher harry benson accompanied the band on their flight to the u.s. >> there were four of them and one couldn't think of something
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another one did. >> it was him. he did it. >> i saw that. >> the short tour kicked off with a landmark live performance on the popular ed sullivan show. 73 million watched. i want to hold your hand topped the charts and was selling 10,000 copies a day in new york city alone. it was a whirlwind of publicity for the band and it was john lennon's first time in new york city. music historian and author phillip norman recalled a strange twist to one of the photo ops in central park. >> it was just across the park from the dakota river and it was eerie because he was new to america and just really a short walk away where he was going to meet his death.
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john lennon's love affair with new york took him a long way from the port city of liverpool england where he was born october 9, 1940. >> kimberly: john grew up in a very nice middle class suburb of liverpool and did not have the sort of childhooded that is sometimes attributed to him. his aunt who brought him up had a nice house with a tudor interior and stained glass windows. >> john's friends recalls how in his teens the rebellious lennon had fallen under the spell of american rock and roll. >> he was listening to jerry lewis and chuck berry and elvision. john liked the edge. john liked the rebellon. >> 1957, a 16-year-old john lennon first met a 15-year-old paul mccartney when the quarrymen played on a make shift stage at st. peter's church in liverpool. it took three long years and many changes in personnel and
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band names before they became known as the beatles. the band worked hard to make a name for themselves at liverpool's cavern club and were signed by emi in 1962. the record label carefully choreographed their image. during the frenzy that greeted the beatles at jfk airport in 1964, few knew that 23-year-old john lennon had a wife cynthia and a 10 month old son julian. >> when julian was born john had a choice of being either there or on the ed sullivan show. and he opted for the sullivan show. >> john's treatment of his first son julian is inexcusable. >> i was working all the time and never considered what it was doing to him and didn't count it and the mother was at home and i was away. >> do you have a favorite? >> yes, john. >> the band played to 55,000 fans at new york's shea stadium
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in the summer of 1965. >> john would say that was the one, that was the one. >> but the constant strain of beatle mania took its toll on john lennon. ♪ help, i need somebody >> the song "help" was a cry for h help. he was really unhappy being the beatle at that time. >> summer 1956. at b 52s hammered hanoi and vietnam americans began protesting the war. it was then that lennon got himself in hot water when was quote the assaying that the beatles were more popular than jesus. >> don't you forget what the beatles have said. >> take the beatle record and paraphernalia to any one of the 41 pickup points. >> while on tour lennon apologized. >> i just said what i said and it was wrong or was taken wrong and now it is all --
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>> that 1966 tour would be their last. >> they had been living in a goldfish bowl and they were tired of it. >> despite the controversy, and with their concert days behind them, the band soldiered on in the studio, producing some of the most revolutionary rock music ever recorded. >> they took this huge musical leaps. they wanted to be sort of part of the avongarde. >> the pursuit led him to a new love in november of 1966. in a london art gallery the still married 26-year-old beatle met a 33-year-old japanese conceptual artist named yoko ono. >> you didn't know who he was? >> no. >> john felt that he was imprisoned by the beatles. this is why when met yoko who was a real artist, a conceptual artist it hit him so hard because yoko did not give a
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damn what anybody thought of her and said to john be the same as me. >> i was so paranoid and it was 18 months or a year before we even got near to each other physically. >> but when they did get together in 1968, they became inseparable. that same year the couple was arrested in london for cannabis possession. although the charge against yoko was dropped john plead guilty. years later would come back to haunt them both in new york city. still not seeing much of his five-year-old son, john divorced cynthia and married yoko in march of 1969. their honeymoon took mays in an amsterdam hotel room where they had a bed in for peace. they held a second one in montreal two months late. sitting here in bed because it is not violent. >> it is an example of
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nonviolence. >> a lot of people thought you and john did some crazy things,. >> we thought it was normal. >> and when the '60ss ended so did it the beatles. >> the band was falling apart by 1969. >> the final album was let it be in 1970. for john and yoko there was no looking back. when we return, john and yoko decide to settle here in new york city. but some people in the u.s. government were not happy about that decision. [ male announcer ] at&t introduces a new windows phone with an irresistible full key... oh, too much? now get an lg quantum for $199.99, and get one free. ly from at&t. rethink possible. slow you down. introducing bayer am. its dual-action formula delivers extra strength pain relief,
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>> john entered america in '71 sort of by accident and originally came out of his attempts to help yoko get back
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her daughter who had disappeared with her father yoko's second husband tony cox. >> despite little contact with his son julian, john did not hesitate to devote a lot of time and money to the search for kioko. during a bitter custody battle the little girl was taken underground by her father who was living a life on the run in a religious cult. mother and daughter did reunite in 1994. 1971 richard nixon's president. in upstate new york a riot at atica prison claims 40 lives. with a temporary visa john and joe co-rented this a-- and yes sew invented this apartment. >> he. >> he loved new york. he talked about the sensibility of new yorkers and how down to earth they were and how real they were. >> it is the greatest place on earth and if this is rome i
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want to live in rome, not in wales. >> there was a degree of privacy he could have in new york. then he made himself public by alying to radical causes and attracting the displeasure of the american government. >> the early 1970s were a whirlwind of activity. besides making new music, lennon was vocal in his support of the antiwar movement. he befriended radicals including abbey hoffman and jerry rubin. >> we were in the fbi and the other agents thought he was sub versive and to a larger degree he was. >> the recently declassified documents illustrate how the government was focused on throwing john lennon out of the country and it was that 1968 british drug conviction that was one of the tools. >> there is nothing john and yoko could do to this country that could do it any harm at
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all. >> he had the media and the american public squarely behind him. this was a losing battle that the government was fighting but it still carried on a very long time. >> still immerse in their legal battle, john and yoko traded downtown for uptown in 1973. they move inside the new york legendary dakota building situated at the corner of west 72nd street in central park west. and their new neighbors included actress lauren becall and composer leonard bernstein. are despite outward appearances all was not well in the lennon's marriage. >> there was an impasse between john and yoko. what caused it i don't know but there came a time when something wasn't working and youngsters he co-suggested that john go d.c -- and yoko suggested that he go to los angeles and he did. >> life in los angeles was a
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disaster. when wasn't in drug sessions with producer phil specter recording an album of '50s oldies recording rock and roll most of his time was spent in clubs where he was rejected for drunken behavior. >> it was a low point in his life. he drank too much. if there was anything negative i could say about my old pal, john lennon was a lousy drinker. >> although his former assistant had become his girlfriend yoko remained foremost in his mind. >> his only wish and only desire was to get back to the only woman he ever loved in his life which was yoko ono. >> i needed to be with her and could not literally survive without her. i just went to pieces. >> intent on getting back with yoko, john returned to new york and the couple reconciled in
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january of 1975. it became a year of good news. yoko became pregnant and their son shawn was born on john's 35th birthday, october 9. that same day john learned that he finally won his immigration battle. this time he would choose family over year. >> i didn't really think about music at all. my guitar was sort of hung up behind the bed literally. >> he actually said for the first time in my life i don't have to do anything. i can now spend time with my new son and my life and not have to answer to anybody. >> it was i think the early '60s that was he signed to a record deal and he was either john lennon beatle or ex-beatle and this was a time where he could rediscover who he was. >> he was much older, wiser, could see his own short comings. that was apparent the first time around. he determines no one will be closer to his son the first time around than he is to shawn.
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five years he just was, you know, a foot slugging parent with the stroller with shawn, looking after him. putting him to bed, singing him songs being the attentive dad that he hadn't been at all before. >> as the years went by, lennon seemed to be enjoying his new domestic lifestyle but the competitive rock star was still lurking inside him. >> he was watching what paul mccartney was doing and mix jagger was doing feeling that he should be there in the top 20. he didn't just cut off from this. >> when we return, a deranged beatles fan who considered john lennon's words and music blasphemous begins to plot the ♪ [ male announcer ] let's be honest. no one ever wished for a smaller holiday gift. ♪
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1977. new york city was becoming the epicenter of disco. but during that june john lennon was embracing his role as a house husband, raising shawn at the dakota. meanwhile, five thousand miles away in hawaii, a disturbed 22-year-old by the name of mark david chapman was intent on killing himself. >> he was an odd ball kid. >> journalist jim gaines spent more than 50 hours interviewing chapman for people magazine. >> he made up friends and little people to have play mates. >> like millions of other teenagers, chapman had worshiped the beatles, especially john lennon. following their lead he began to experiment with drugs like marijuana, cocaine and lsd. >> i was nothing but a dope head and i asked christ to come into my life. >> at age 16, chapman declared
9:23 pm
himself a born again christian and said that he was done with drugs and the beatles. >> as a camp counselor, chapman's dislike of the beatles intensified and he became incensed at lennon's perceived mockery of christianity in 1956. he was also angered by these lyrics in the 1971 classic imagine. but that was not all. stated that -- >> on a beach and deeply depressed, the college dropout and former security guard tried to commit suicide. >> he went to a beach in waikiki and hooked up a hose to a car and a fishermen came along and stopped him and he
9:24 pm
went to the mental hospital where he was treated and eventually became a worker. >> as a maintenance worker at the castle medical center, chapman began dating a japanese american travel agent named gloria abe. they married in 1979. >> she knew she was married to a very troubled person. >> chapman's demons would not go away. his depression deepened. the little people he imagined as a child were back. his twisted fantasies now including killing a celebrity to make a name for himself. the list included people like johnny carson, elizabeth taylor and john lennon. >> in june of 1980, john traveled to bermuda and he had an acoustic guitar and boom bock box and recorded songs and was going back and forth with yoko on the phone and they were inspiring each other. >> he was as prolific as he had
9:25 pm
been in his life. >> i didn't know what came over me. >> i didn't know what possessed me. it's rock and roll devil, you know. >> a reinvigorated lennon decided that time had come to get back in the game and entered new york city's hit factory recording studio on august 7, 1980. >> there is a big veiled secrecy about the session. he didn't know if it was going to work and wasn't completely sure and that would be a big embarrassment if it was a big press to do and the record didn't come out. >> these exclusive unpublished photos document lennon's first day in a recording studio in nearly five years. the sessions proved to be quite productive and lennon worked through the fall of 1980 to put the finishing touches on what would become double fantasy. >> i'm talking to guys and gals what we went through together. the '60s group that survived.
9:26 pm
>> the return of the 40-year-old supertar back to the spot light was getting a lot of press that fall. lennon was on an upswing. but in hawaii now working as a security guard, mark david chapman continued his own downward spiral. >> i was getting depressed again and i was just sick and tired of everything. >> chapman read a book called john lennon one day at a time which described his luxurious lifestyle in the dakota. now, he said he felt betrayed by the man saying imagine no possessions. >> when i read it i was angered. >> chapman had also developed an obsession with j.d.salinger's 1951 novel catcher in the ry." >> you would see that i'm the
9:27 pm
catcher in the rye of this generation. >> he was going to save the children from the phone any influence of john lennon. he would sit naked rocking to the beatles and thinking and praying to satan to give him the strength to it carry out this mission. >> coming up, you will meet the man who conducted the last interview with john lennon inside the dakota just hours before his murder. hey, guys, i know i've been bad at this in the past, so i've come up with some mnemonic devices to help me learn your nas.
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i had it made. i had a great wife, a fantastic apartment and everything was just on the surface tremendous. i just got depressed again. >> october 23, 1980. mark david chapman quit his job as a security guard at a waikiki condominium and signed this log book as john lennon.
9:31 pm
>> on october 24th, john lennon released his new single "just like starting over" which soon flooded the air waves. later that same week, chapman with a .38 caliber gun in his checked bag flew from hawaii to new york, intent on murder. >> but chapman's plans ran into problems when was prevented by new york city law from buying bull lets without the pe permi. he flue to atlanta where a friend got the bullets. after returning to new york he suddenly abandoned his plan and went home to hawaii. >> he called gloria and said he had won a great victory and the great victory was a victory between god and satan. it was basically satan saying kill him, kill him, kill him and god saying don't.
9:32 pm
>> meanwhile, john lennon continued to work on his comeback. the double fantasy album was released on november 17. >> those songs were his statement to us about his state of mind, about his vision, about his life. >> it did get a mixed reaction. it was a kinder sweeter john lennon that maybe the critics weren't expecting. >> you're looking at pictures photographer allen tannenbaum took of john and yoko in their favorite spot in central park november 21, 1980. >> it was very casual. the pictures for the most part were candid and they were enjoying being with each other and joking around and then we walked back to the dakota and i did a shot of them with the building in the background and then did some shots in studio one. >> that same week, tannenbaum photographed a video shoot the lennons did at an art gallery in greenwich village.
9:33 pm
>> coming into a room and disrobing and getting in bed and pretending to make love and i was astonished. i couldn't believe what i was seeing and the pictures i was getting. it was amazing. there is john and yoko nude in bed. he said you know what i like about your pictures you really capture yoko's beauty. and john face to face with me telling me that still cuts my heart to this day. >> back in hawaii, mark david chapman made new plans to kill. >> the forces within him that had not been resolved started building up again and he started again praying to satan to kill john lennon. and he told gloria that he had to go back to new york for some self-discovery. he promised her he wasn't going to kill john lennon. are. >> chapman arrived in new york saturday, december 6. in this 1980 interview taxi driver mark snyder told wnew,
9:34 pm
now fox 5 that he picked up the killer who claimed to be an engineer for the rolling stones and that he had just come from a recording session. >> he said lennon and mccartney were there and they met me and they told me how much they admired my work as an engineer. to me this is so ecstatic to think that john lennon and paul mccartney would tell me how great my work it. >> the killer checked into a $16.50 a night room at the 63rd street ymca. the next night he moved to the more upscale shara ton center on 7th avenue where he stayed in room 2730. >> he staked out the dakota for almost three days. there were lots of fans outside the daka dakota every day. he would stand out there and wonder amgying to do this or not really do this. >> monday, december 8.
9:35 pm
the christmas tree was prepared to be lit at the rock feller center. inside the dakota lennon sat down for an afternoon radio interview. >> he could not have been more positive. more looking forward to doing more music. he pointed just to the song starting over. this is the beginning. i'm ready to do all kinds of things. >> i still believe in love, peacend positive thinking. but my work won't be finished until i'm dead and buried and i hope that is a long, long time. >> he talked about the raising of shawn. we talked about it at one point so much that it was like gee we are doing a child rearing interview. >> i make sure if he is going to watch something that morning it going to be sesame street. >> while at the chatted, chapman lurked outside the dakota with a copy of the catcher in the rye and lennon's new album.
9:36 pm
when lennon left for a recording session around 5:00 p.m. a nervous chapman asked him to sign his album which lennon did. incredibly, the moment was caught by an amateur photographer. >> i did have that thought like there is no protection and no security, he is just standing out here. >> i kept saying go back to the hotel and pack your bags and go home now. >> dave then gave john and yoko a lift to the studio. >> the ride over was just fabulous. touched on a lot of things and talked for a bit about his relationship with paul and he was like a brother but it is all said and done, we love each other. >> he dropped john and yoko off here, 321 west 44th street. there was a recording studio here known as the record plant. john and yoko spent the evening working on her song walking on thin ice before returning to the dakota shortly before 11:00 p.m.
9:37 pm
>> at the dakota the killer waited in the shadows as john and yoko exited their limousine. >> dead silence. dead cold quiet. and he looked at me and i looked at him and he walked past me and then i heard saying do t do it do it over and over again and i pulled the trigger steady five times. >> four hollow point bullets hit lennon in the back and shoulder. john still managed to climb up the steps to the dakota security office where he mumbled i'm shot before collapsing. >> yoko was screaming and the doorman was screaming and chapman just opened his book of catcher in the rye and started reading. >> all came over of reports of shots fired in and around the
9:38 pm
dakota. >> less than two minutes after receiving the call nypd officer peter cullen and his partner were there. >> there was a man standing in the street pointing into the archway saying that's the man doing the shooting. >> and i thought he meant the handyman because he was dressed in kind of old clothes. he says no, not him, him. >> he pointed to chapman. >> he says he shot john lennon and my reaction was he did what? >> chapman's demeanor was very calm. it was almost like he hadn't done anything. >> i put this guy against the wall and the next thing this guy says to me is i acted alone. which i thought was a very strange statement to make at the time. >> while they dealt with chapman, officers ton he rusheo the security office. >> i saw the woman standing over a body that was laying
9:39 pm
face down on the floor. i pushed her out of the way, turned over the body and he was bleeding profusely. >> i bent down to see if i could get a pulse and there was a pulse although faint. >> another police officer came in and said the ambulance is ten minutes out so i just said let's go and we picked him up and i had him by the shoulders. >> i had his legs and we supported the middle of his body by grabbing his jeans. >> they actually were trying to put him in their car but their car was blocked in by other police cars and other people that were stopping to see what was going on. it was moran's car that pulled up. >> i was in the car and the people outside were saying wits' john lennon, john lennon was shot. as they were placing him across the back seat i asked if he was john lenen and i heard a yes, we went down columbus avenue,
9:40 pm
the light and siren all the way. >> back of the dakota a fran take yoko ono followed them into the street. >> i didn't know t was her and she wanted to get in the car but i didn't think it was a good idea so i held her and i says we will take you in our car. >> they drove yoko to roosevelt hospital. steve spyro and peter cullen prepared to take mark david chapman to the 20th precinct. >> we put him in the back seat of the patrol car and started going into our precinct and at one point he said he apologized to us for ruining our night. id said boy, you got to be crazy. i said you just ruined your life. >> coming up, meet the man who literally held john lennon's heart in his hands. ♪ ♪
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after being shot four times john lennon was rushed here in a squad car to roosevelt hospital. he had lost nearly 80% of his blood. >> the doors slam open and i careen around and look behind me. >> after a motorcycle accident, allen weiss was in the er being treated for a leg injury. >> two police officers standing over my bed and one says to the other can you believe it john lennon. >> i said what did you say and the officer didn't say
9:45 pm
anything. he was lying on a bed facing the door where i was no clothes on and i remember seeing a lot of blood. a lot of blood. >> he was lifeless. had no pulse, no blood pressure. not breathing. >> dr. steven lynn led his team in a feverish attempt to save john lennon's life. >> we opened the chest and found that all of the blood vessels leaving the heart had basically been totally destroyed. i literally held his heart in my hand and we pumped it but it was clear that whatever we did there was no way that we were going to be able to repair the blood vessels. >> coming down the hallway is an asian woman on the arms of a cop and looked like yoko ono to me. i realized i had to get to a phone. >> officer tony palma was with yoko ono. >> my partner came into the waiting room and says you know
9:46 pm
it is john lennon we brought it and i -- then i looked at her and i said oh, man, this is yoko o ono. >> aapproximately 11:10 or 11:15 that evening john lennon was pronounced dead. >> and then dr. lynn had to face a wife and tell her that her husband was dead. >> i said to her i have bad news for you, your husband has died in spite of all of our resuscitative efforts. her response was strong and immediate and it was no, it can't be, you're lying, tell me it's not true, he's not dead. she was literally lying on the floor of the emergency department then concrete banging her head against the floor. i put my hand behind her head for fear that she in fact was going to injure herself. >> i picked her up and i held her and i said what about shawn, you know, do you want him to see this on television or do you want to tell him, you know. and she came out of it. she said i got to get home to
9:47 pm
shawn. >> after we realized that he was dead we kind of talked about how we were going to get her out of here without all kinds of fanfare. >> outside, the front of roosevelt hospital was a sea of reporters. >> and i told her you go through the side entrance on 58th street. i said you go to the door and you wait there with her. >> this photo captured him sneaking yoko out a backdoor to palma's waiting patrol car which then sped off to the dakota. >> there was already camera crews and people all in the street with candles. >> back in the e.r., a frantic ellen weiss was having no luck getting to a phone until he saw one of the officers who brought him to the e.r. that night for his injuries. >> i said to him, i got to make a phone call. >> he said why? >> i said because john lennon has been shot. he said who told you that. >> i said, well, no one exactly told me but i think i heard two officers say that. he leaned over and grabbed the
9:48 pm
phone from thing station. >> after verifying the tip, abc broke in to monday night football. >> they called howard cosel and he interrupted frank gifford to report that john lennon had been shot. >> the word spread so fast it was incredible. >> at the 20th precinct squad room the interrogation of chapman began. >> the first thing he said to us was i like cops you guys are okay, i will tell you the whole story, no bull [ bleep ] and we go okay, fine. >> chapman signed this document admitting to the murder of john lennon. but he also added "he never wanted to hurt anybody." >> i said to him do you realize what you have done here? and he just looked at me and said i killed myself. i'm john lennon. and i just went -- i just shook my head, you know. at that point i wanted to throw him out the window. >> when we return, you will
9:49 pm
hear about a perk that john lennon's killer receives today in prison that many find quite disturbing.
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9:52 pm
good evening. it's almost 24 hours since john lennon was murdered and people are still outside his apartment house tonight. >> shocking. i wanted to come to pay my respects to this man and share in the grief with everybody else. >> when john was tragically killed record sales for double fantasy rocketed. >> there was no funeral held for john lennon. instead, yoko ono asked for ten minutes of silence around the world on sunday, december 14.
9:53 pm
photographer allen tannenbaum was at the vigil held in central park. >> there was so many people there. john meant a lot to new yorkers. >> john was one of us and i think everybody was feeling terrible that something like this could happen in new york city and it was a very emotional tribute to john. >> he was one of the originals. i mean there will never be another person like him again. >> i think that it is very hard for are me to feel that we are not together any more. >> and you are looking to grow very old together. >> yes. >> chapman killed john lennon to be somebody and to capture the glory of john lennon for himself. >> after pleading guilty, chapman was sentenced to 20 years to life in august of 1981. he is doing his time here at atica prison in upstate, new
9:54 pm
york. >> he became fearful that somebody was going to kill him. he has lived with that fear off and on all the time he has been in prison. >> almost h seven years after e murder jim gaines brought photographer harry benson to atica to photograph chapman for people magazine. an eerie encounter with the murderer for benson who had come to america with the beatles in 1964. >> he says before we take any pictures i want to apologize to you for killing your friend john lennon. >> recently denied parole for the sixth time, chapman is allowed to participate in the family reunion program which lets him have three to five conjugal visits per year are
9:55 pm
with his wife gloria. fox news tracked gloria to her home in hawaii. she refused our requests for an interview. new york state senator michael mazolio is trying to outlaw the family reunion program. >> to have a murderer like mark cond chapman be allowed a con jugal visit. >> yoko still writes letters to the parole board. her words in a 1990 interview with fox reporter steve dunleavy still resonate today. >> do you think in the spirit of peace could you ever in your heart forgive mark david chapman? >> well, i think that there is
9:56 pm
a person that tried to assassinate him in jail and forgave him and i understand but i'm not the pope. >> stay tuned for more on the last days of john lennon. [ female announcer ] it's the ultimate surf and turf event, happening right now at red lobster. choose one of three premium seafood-and-steak combinations... all under $20. get succulent lobster... paired with our eight-ounce wood-grilled sirloin... tender snow crab legs and sirloin... or new chardonnay grilled shrimp and sirloin... all with salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. three new surf and turf combinations... all under $20. only for a limited time, and only at red lobster.
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yoko ono still lives in the da coata. there was ara there was a rare reunion that


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