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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 1, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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he may not be the president but he is the king of the business world, neil cavuto starts now. >>neil: on time, under budgets, over the top waste. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. rahm emanuel gone but the stimulus pitch on. but voters is are not buying the pitch because they think we are hurting. maybe this is why. 150,000 for a bridge to nowhere because it stops in the middle. thousands of road ramps that do not go anywhere including this one in new jersey that leads right into a cement wall. and now the waste that keeps on coming. and coming. and coming. david, the president said this
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is just "small percentage of stimulus money," that's doing a lot of good but the numbers are eye popping. roar reporter that's true and if you can't point to the stimulus and you can say as they have been today, well, little of the money was actually stolen. little of the money was lost to official waste, but you look at the projects the stimulus was spent on you say, but that doesn't actually count as waste but it is waste. >>neil: we will be going through this, david, but the ramp thing in new jersey, normally a ramp who want to lead you somewhere. now, i don't fault the president for that. i don't fault congress for coming up with ramps to nowhere but they provided the funding that led to this kind of stuff. a lot of this stuff keeps happening and the bigger the numbers, the more jaw dropping it gets as far as waste.
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>>reporter: that is right. what is interesting about today's report from the white house, they are saying, we are on track to create 3.5 million jobs which is, you can tell they have no evidence of that from the fact they sight the congressional budget office as the authority. the congressional budget office has never studied the country economy to see if any jobs have been created. they made assumptions on the stimulus before it passed and now they are using the same assumptions measuring how much was spent because the numbers changed. if unemployment was --. >>neil: not to interrupt you, but i remember when the 140,000 was 70,000 so ... having said that, the argument is going to be you are going to be able to find waste in a vast pool of
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money. but the fact of the matter is, this a classic earmark, one after the other. even republics -- republicans coming in, they have not committed to getting rid of these earmarks. they will fight them. but i have not seen boehner saying they will outlaw them. that worries me. >>reporter: it should. this is what the old republican look like thinks -- thinking the pork would save them in that election. politicians overestimate the value of pork. constituents when they see the press release about how many millions the congressman brought back should divide that by the number of the people in the district and realize that is a couple of pennies for themselves whatever the congressman managed to bring back to the district.
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>>neil: but if you normally get money from the federal government and it is spent it has to be more than keep busy work or building ramps that go into a brick wall. someone has to police this. but that is not being done. >>reporter: sheriff biden says, our vice president, and he says there would not be swimming pools but there are if you look at what we have been funding with the stimulus package. one thing after another. the stimulus consisted of more than one thing. it was not just infrastructure projects. if it was just infrastructure it would be better but there were $17 a week reductions in tax withholding and food stamps and other things and you had a lot of grants and a few infrastructure projects. the infrastructure pregnants and other things like building visitors centers and national
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parks they seem questionable use of taxpayer money considering the situation and not clear how useful the things they are building are and those ramps and bridges to nowhere tell a big story about how prepared nip was to spend all of this $814 billion when you look at how much that is and how many jobs the white house says they want to create, 3.35 million, if they succeed and i don't think anyone believes that is $223,000 a job and where is that going? to the bridge this doesn't go firm. >>neil: a lot of happy folks, look at the bright side. thank you. white house chief of staff, rahm emanuel, announcing his exit. but did you catch what he said? >> mr. president i thought i was tough, but as someone would saw
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firsthand how close our nation came to the brink and what you had to do to put america back on track, i want to thank you for being the toughest leader any country could ask for in the toughest times any president has ever faced. >>neil: toughest time any president has ever faced. well, former democratic pollster is amused. pat? >>reporter: this would be news to lincoln or roosevelt or washington. this is exactly what you were talking about in the previous segment. this notion that we get up and say the most outrageous things, the greatest -- that is flatout lie. to say that, that is the same way they are doing with the stimulus program which is why the american people are in
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revolt against the government. the lying. the corruption. he talked about the stimulus program, the greatest slush fund in the history of mankind. >>neil: there is nothing brave about spending money. lincoln, he had a country divided, pretty brave inheriting a country disentity grating under your watch but my point is the martyrdom view of what they are up against. >>guest: it is a big lie theory. but i say that the theory says if you tell a big enough lie someone will believe it. and these things, this untruth, we have a politics filled with acting like the american people are three-year-olds. they know the stimulus is in the working. anyone in their right mind, biden has many virtues but he would not know how to account something if his life depended
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on it. he has never done anything like that. he is not policing anything. this was a pay off up and down the line and if anyone got into the money going to political consultants like hillary clinton's pollster and we have in the scratched the surface and to say this is the toughest presidency, and save the country, this president is running the risk of doing something that did not happy to jimmy carter, did not happen to ronald reagan, and other presidents, and he is making himself on the edge of being seen by the american people as someone would doesn't tell the truth. it is one thing to have problems and make mistakes and another thing to tell people thinks they know are not true. let me work in chicago but i think mr. rahm emanuel will have a tough time if today is a demonstration of what the city will get he is in for a tough time. >>neil: but pat you have been
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with president carter who gets a bunker mentality and you see great virtue with what they are doing on the inside, so, we are right, the outside is wrong, and the outside will come. is that happening here? >>guest: that exists if every white house. if we had time i would tell you stories that would break you up when i was the outside insider in the carter administration. but this administration is taking it to cult status. that is what democrats and people in washington will tell you. they do not say it on the record but they think it is a cult. we are so smart, you are so stupid, it is taking it to a different level. it is one thing to make your case and another to say no president has had this and have people applaud rather than the president step in and say no, that is not true, this stuff is why the president is facing the
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numbers which will get worse and why the party is in such party. i keep saying this. they will not listen. but, it is like health care. they will leadership. >>neil: pat, you seem upset. >>guest: i am ticked off about it because i think you should be an american first. >>neil: always a pleasure. upset or not. thank you, sir. pat, from south carolina. and i thought that rahm emanuel did not like me. did you catch this? anyone? he demands the respect of everyone in this building, brings decades of experience to this assignment. >>neil: rahm, will you stop it? rahm emanuel was not talking about me. but, indeed, he was because he knows my tax form of nowhere bridges to nowhere is a winning formula for politicians. stay tuned.
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dean will never forget what he went through. don't take your health for granted. [ male announcer ] have a heart to heart with your doctor about your risk. and about lipitor. >>neil: democrats brag about bringing home the bacon. >> last year the department of agriculture had to put 700 arkansas people back to work in the national forest. >> because of senator reid we stay in business. >> in the senate i worked for tax credits for small business to create jobs and help build a new energy economy here in
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colorado. >>neil: in the past that did the truck. you got elected doing that. but will it bring out voters on this election day? and now from the "weekly standard," sit a different standard now. it does in the work that way anymore. >>reporter: i don't think so. house republicans voted on a self-imposed ban open earmarks or projects and they are on track to make historic gains. so i don't think bringing home the bacon will cut it this year for the democrats. >>neil: in a local constituency say, yes, i see what the congress and senator did, that hospital and jobs became available and if you are benefiting, in the past this was the rule, the guy provided the benefits wins. >>reporter: in the past it helped. and today the candidates are not dumb, they are looking at their poll numbers and if you tout the projects that helps but voters
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are against democrats because of obama care and they don't like the stimulus spending. they may like the one project down the street, the road, but in general voters do not like the democratic agenda and this is the democrats, that is all they have left to talk about, bringing home money to their home state and i don't think it will cut it. if you look at the primaries, republicans have done poorly and specter was chased from the republican primary and he did not win the d primary and a biggest pork barrellers in the senate. >>neil: what about the or extreme? if you said to your constituents i didn't bring anything home, i didn't bring highway, or bridge, anything at all, would that be a winning strategy? >>reporter: it could hurt. if you look at wisconsin, feingold is against earmarks and
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that has not saved him because he has been a big spender. he voted for the stimulus. he voted for obama care. you cannot vote for those and claim to be fiscally responsible. so this year it helps you to be a person of fiscal discipline. this will be a big test from the general election to see how it plays out. if pork can save anyone like murkowski in alaska or reid in nevada this will be a test to see if that can put them over the top. >> we will see. thank you. an exemption for the golden arches with mcdonald's.
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>>neil: and a niel -- nail biter in the poll, is the stimulus a waste? 4,000 responds, and nail biting time: 99.9 percent say "yes." and mcdonald's, has the white house playing mickey mouse when they said they could drop health plans for workers, signs that the golden arch will get a golden pass, an exemption for them. and our reporter says that is not right. >>reporter: an exemption only for mcdonald's. kentucky fried chick were, and what about the employers with 50 or fewer people. do they get it?
4:22 pm
and the law says it is under "discretion," wait a second, discretion by woman? by the administration? which administration? the obama administration? which passes the law for health care. >>neil: was there a big committee. >>reporter: exactly. but it comes down to one person. and i have her name if i can find it. sebelius. >>reporter: yes. yes. >>neil: sebelius. napolitano is trying to one up you on this. with the health care we should explain, drop done has a "beef," because the ratio would have upped the premiums for the mcdonald's employees and out of whack with what the law provides.
4:23 pm
but mcdonald's said they have earlies that come and go. and they say "wait." >>reporter: if you allow it for mcdonald's you allow for everyone else so back it up, and scrap that part of the law but if you scrap that part in the legislation, then, that gives the states the right to say look, you have thrown out all of the state litigation over different provisions and now you scrap your own law, we will come back and make a stronger case to scrap the whole thing. so i would think going forward that would mean the obama administration would say we are not giving any exemption or all exemption but not taking that part of the law out. what? >>neil: here is what i think, but you are the lawyer but i have watched the shows on tv. i think the intention was to tick off big and small companies
4:24 pm
not like they would suck up the penalty, because there will be a penalty and throw the workers on a single-payer. >>reporter: i disagree with ticking off the big and small. i don't think they want to tick off the big companies, but they won't care about the small because they will not be part of that picture so they don't care. it is the middle guy that is stuck. mcdonald's, kentucky fried chicken, those below auto employees -- 50 employees you are fine. >>neil: republicans say "we won because we thoughted single-payer," and i thought it could be like a trojan horse, they sucked you in and now you jumped too fast. >>reporter: and with medicare in boston and the other states, they are junking medicare and
4:25 pm
leaving seniors without medicare? i don't think anyone voted for that. >>neil: you are not performing as a future attorney general should be here. you are off. you are on. >>reporter: the world is going down. >>neil: and $50 billion is a bargain, with democrats urging taxpayers to say "thank you" to the president.
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>>neil: a steel at $50 billion because tarp wasn't excessive, not hundreds of billions, so, a deal. the democratic congressman says people should thank the president. really, congressman? >>guest: they need to thank president bush who put tarp in place and president obama who as a senator voted for it and came up with the stimulus. jamcam's advisor on economics and a respected economy e said the combination of tarp and the stimulus saved us from a great depression. and another said we did not go far enough, a nobel prize winner for economics and said we should have done what the president and democratic did and a couple of senators on the republican side who saw that 40 percent of the
4:30 pm
stimulus was tax breaks, largest tax breaks in years, helped save over three million jobs and save the economy. so i would go with them and respect their opinion and think the president, both bush with the tarp and obama with the aara did a lot to save this economy. >>neil: but we can argue about what could have been or should have been and we will not know. we could have had a bigger meltdown. you say nobel prize winner they missed the meltdown so look at their track record. >>guest: krugman did not miss it and he is a nobel prize winner. million until he missed it, why break about something that cost $50 billion, only, but $50
4:31 pm
billion is serious money. >>guest: if it saved us from a second great depression --. >>neil: we don't know that. >>guest: i respect the opinions of economists, and --. >>neil: you are criticizing for something we don't know, like banks being rescued, and a lot of them gave money back, money many to not ask for, they gave it back, you got a profit on that, but if the goal was to also get them lending, and to reignite activity so we could see it in home sales, we have not seen that. that is a success story. show me a failure. >>guest: i had a community bank individual thank me today on how much it did for the community banks. >>neil: where is this lending, where see it. >>guest: the small partners have been helped.
4:32 pm
>>neil: where are you looking? >>guest: at community banks in tennessee and around the nation, they are lending, the economy is moving, and i have been telling you the dow would be fine and we are over 10,000. million until you don't think that is optimism or investors hope that things change in another four or five weeks in washington? >>guest: i don't think so. the economy is improving. it is getting better. >>neil: if it is improving, the g.d.p. got weakened and retail sales are flat and car sales going nowhere, and housing going nowhere, and jobs and jobless rate, worse than it was when the president took office. so, what are i seeing that i am missing. >>guest: jobs are coming back. >>neil: but the unemployment rate is not. >>guest: it is better than if not for the tarp, and according
4:33 pm
to the experts, it would have been much worse and be at 15 percent. >>neil: there is a lot we can conjecture on what could or would have happened if we did not do it, i hear it from republicans and democrats who voted for tarps by saving the banks we saved capitalism and some say then we set up a wave of bailouts going from too big to fail to too many not to give money to. so, we set up a whole set of expectations where if you are in trouble uncle sam will help you. is that the legacy you want? >>guest: we have a financial reform law that is important and will be repealed for the by of wall street if the republicans take over and the middle-class has to look out. they are better off --. >>neil: that law you are braking -- law you are brag out
4:34 pm
leaves out fannie mae and freddie mac. they got a pass. >>guest: there was a hearing on wednesday and there will be action taken to result, and major action on fannie mae and freddie mac but the fact is, the middle-class is always the target. >>neil: on monday i will start eating salad. the reality is, you gave a pass to the very culprit of this entire crisis and the reason why memberships when they are questioned on this, and you are tipping the hat to tarp but they don't share your zeal and your glee and 86 percent of them feel that the economy is still rotten, and 15 out of ten c.e.o.'s feel they have in reason to spend and expand, is because they are not optimistic, they don't see the government getting out of their way, they don't see regulation, and they
4:35 pm
don't see taxes easing or the environment improving so they are on something or you are on something. >>guest: they look for the days when there are no controls. c.e.o.'s have tremendous salaries, they are not worried about increasing their salary and bonus but increasing department. >>neil: are you taking to the same voters who want to see a complete change over in congress whether they want republicans or tea partiers or anyone but the incumbents? or we seeing the same people? >>guest: you have to have an answer. a solution. >>neil: but your solution is the one that has been rejected soundly by voters. that might be sound in another four weeks. >>guest: the voters rejected what the democratic congress did in 1994 by balancing the budget and it was the last balanced budget we had and all democrats did that with president clinton.
4:36 pm
sometimes actions like that are not seen for what they are for years and the poll you showed indicates that the people would have been listening to this show and other shows on fox do not read the krugman's or the zandy's. >>neil: wait a minute, wait a minute, you mentioned zandy, your hero, but he was among those who said, on the tax cuts extending them for certain folks, he extended them for everyone. he does not think now is the time to be raising taxes on anyone. since you like him, and think highly of him to you agree with that? >>guest: i agree with legal on 98 percent, and you agree with someone on 98 percent that is strong, to go to the people making over $250,000 will cost this country $700 billion toward the deficit. i am cerndz about the deficit, the democrats are concerned
4:37 pm
about the deficit. >>neil: where are you concerned about a deficit when you just voted on, congressman, congressman, you are talking about a one or two year extension of $35 million a year, and we will leave out the 10 years because no one thinks they will be made permanent but back to the renewed religion on the deficit, where was the religion when you approved one emergency appropriations after another to a tune of hundreds billions and it did not matter if they were deficit busters and now, suddenly, it does? >>guest: warren buffet is smart and he said we needed to spend that money, we need to stimulate the economy. >>neil: wait a minute. i don't care who you are quoting. >>guest: we have to go with it, we have a pay-as-you-go rule. >>neil: you either find deficits bad or you don't. you can quote warren buffet, i
4:38 pm
can quote superman, i am telling you not too along ago you said emergency measures did not matter because this was warranted even if it meant more red ink and now you say we have to cool it. you have had like a drunken party and you are saying, gee, we drank too much. >>guest: we didn't, it was the republican congress that spent money on the war in iraq, the war in afghanistan and gave the ripest people in the country tax breaks. >>neil: just republicans? >>guest: mostly republicans but a minority of democrats and almost the entire republican team. lock step. >>neil: all right. thank you very much. and the debt commission is history? is that what i heard? the president should be watching.
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million until and bernie sanders to the debt commission "drop dead." the debt commission is not worth it if it says he should be happening, senator sanders joins me. good to have you, senator. is this a drop dead issue with you, that if it comes out with a recommendation to do something to curtail social security you would see it as dead? >>guest: we have $13 trillion national debt, doubled under the bush era because of the war, tax breaks to wealthy, et cetera, all of which i voted against, so if you are serious of dealing with the deficit and debt get to why we have the problems, as it happens, as i am sure you know, social security is not contributing one bit to our deficit or our national debt. social security trust fund today has a $2.4 trillion surplus and that will go up to $4 trillion.
4:43 pm
so to say to working people, especially blue-collar works who pound nails each day or working hard physically that we should raise the retirement age up to 70 before they check, that is greecely up fair, and it is not the way to go forward. >>neil: you raise a good point open raising the age for those who do hard labor, that is a good sound point but to avoid touching social security ignores math. >>guest: it does not. >>neil: when you have former social security commission saying fewer workers pay in for all the increase in bibberies -- beneficiaries, something has to be done. with not adjust it now with minor adjustments. >>guest: here is the fact: social security according to the cbo, nobody disagrees with this, can pay out every benefit owed
4:44 pm
to every eligible american for the next 29 years. it is not in crisis. it has a huge surplus. the issue --. >>neil: is this the same cbo that forecast deficits would be half what they are now? >>guest: that is hard to say. >>neil: i am just saying every government program anticipated to have a long shelf life has found tripling earlier than expected. are you open to towning -- touching anything, anything? >>guest: the social security administration says the same it will pay out for the next 29 years. if you do not believe them or cbo, fine. that is what much agrees to. now the point . >>neil: not everybody agrees?
4:45 pm
>>guest: what reputable person. we have $2.4 trillion surplus in the social security trust fund and i have not heard --. >>neil: say social security is in the as bad as we thought why should we weight until they are. why, looking at medicaid or medicare and other programs that need to be addressed, why not tinker now? >>guest: fair enough. i am not saying you wait 25 years but we should address it. >>neil: do what? >>guest: right now, somebody would makes $10 million or $1 billion, warren buffet contributes the same amount into the social security trust fund as somebody would makes $106,000. that is wrofng. if you raise the cap and start at $250,000 and you have people pay in what they should pay in that problem would be resolved.
4:46 pm
>>neil: i want to be clear, senator, you are open to doing things now. you are open to doing something to keep this --. >>guest: the answer is yes but social security is not in crisis. medicare is. social security is not. is not. >>neil: i want to be clear, senator, because you are direct, but what you are not saying is in the debt commission comes out with recommendations and i don't what the report will be that it presents and they have social security, at face value, do you say, well, go to hell. >>guest: this is what i think: the deficit and the national debt are serious issues. there are ways to address that serious issue in a fair way fair to the middle-class and working family. there are studies that suggest every single year our friends in corporate america and the wealthiest people in the america
4:47 pm
are avoiding about $100 billion in taxes through tax havens in bermuda, $100 billion a year. this year, exxon mobil the most profitable corporation in america made $19 billion in profits last year, and you flow what they pay? in the a nickel. and military --. >>neil: you say goes for the loopholes and the, exemptions? but not shutting down the debt commission even if it includes social security. >>guest: i am not saying shut it down but a recommendation that working people putting money into the fund, that is a bad recommendation to have them work until 70's years of age. >>neil: there are lame duck signatures and really lame duck sessions. maybe the lamest lame duck session in the long history of
4:48 pm
lame ducks. ever. . .
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4:50 pm
4:51 pm
>>neil: in our poll asking about latest stimulus, if it was a success or a waste, it does not get tighter than a drum as this, 99.35 percent say "a waste." that is 99.5 percent of more than 6,400 people take part in the poll. that's tight. anyway, so were pork. so little time. can they get it all done in lame duck? we looked at the calendar, it ain't happening. likely nothing is happening. and now how lame, the lame duckers could look. there is ridiculous.
4:52 pm
>>reporter: we are talking about "lame," on what they do or how many members are coming back as lame ducks of the republics have the wind at their back and looking for significant gains and there are a couple of must dos, dealing with the bush tax cuts. >>neil: i don't know if they can do that in the couple of weeks available, if they will do it. >>reporter: they will have a debate. and talk about a short-term extension and republicans will want control of this. if they make gains, or take back the majority, they would just want this kicked into the next year to do what they want to do which is extend them all and extend them all forever. >>neil: reid said for his lame duck, they are certain initiatives $400 billion and other spending measures and the
4:53 pm
tax cuts were not on the agenda. leaving aside the fact, can he get all the spending stuff done? >>reporter: that is a good question. i don't think there is much appetite from the member would lost or from the republicans assuming they made the gains republicans will feel they have a mandate and they will not want to negotiate with democrats but wait until they have more power in the 112th congress to tackle the issues. we will see a lot of gridlock. >>neil: what is the history on lame duckers? i can understand if you lose you feel you have nothing to lose unless you are rerunning so you could say the heck with it, and go out in a blaze of glory, spending glory, if you are losing democrat. what is the mentality of a lame duck session? >>reporter: for a member, it depends on who you are, your ambitions going forward, what state you represent, but lame ducks do not end up being the,
4:54 pm
they do not to a loss of massive major initiatives. they tend to be cats and dogs and they deal with spending issues and we have continuing resolutions, to keep the government operating. that is an through in this lame duck. they do not tend to be, this are not a major endeavors gone down. they are tired. they have campaigned for months. they had two years of fighting partisanship and i don't think there will be a huge appetite to do much. >>neil: thank you. good to have you. abraham lincoln, roosevelt, obama. rahm emanuel says only one great here. guess who? guess who? stay tuned. mary: does this dress make my backside look big?
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abe: perhaps... save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really host: is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea.
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♪ >> neil: rahm is gone. rahm emanuel officially calling it quits as the
4:58 pm
president chief of staff, but in so doing dropping a little aside that the chief reason why the white house is such a mess. it's in denial and self-martyrdom denial. listen again to something emanuel said today in the comments about the proverbial mess these guys inherited. >> mr. president, i thought i was tough. but as someone who saw firsthand how close our nation came to the brink and what you had to do to put america back on track, i want to thank you for being the toughest leader any country could ask for in the toughest times any president has ever faced. [ applause ] >> neil: somewhere, abraham lincoln has got to be rolling in his grave. or even franklin roosevelt. one faced the country literally splitting up, the entire an entire world cracking up. no doubt this president faces weighty issues but to dare say weightier than lincoln,
4:59 pm
mr. president, i knew abe lincoln. abe lincoln was an historical hero of mine. you, sir, are no abe lincoln. in fact, it remains to be seen whether you're even philmore. so please get over yourself before 20 months in you start mount rushmoring yourself. my goodness. might turn out that way. you never know. but for now, cool it. all right. we've got a lot of news in on this bank issue we raised with the congressman earlier. it's up on the web site. more on fox business in an hour. bank of america holding up on a lot of foreclosures in 23 states. it follows other banks trying to do the same to sort of solve this as a result of the allegation that a lot of bank personnel are signing these things without reading them. isn't that what we did two years ago? doing it over again. the former ceo of lockheed


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