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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 25, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> sean: mr. president, thank you. that is all the time we have left. as always thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta is standing by to go on record. have a good weekend. >> greta: tonight, brilliance or political suicide? the country is buzzing about democratic congresswoman asking comedian stephen colbert to testify before congress in character as a conservative talk show host. why would colbert testify at a hearing about migrant workers? it comes back to a segment on his show when he went a day picking beans and packing corn. griff jenkins has the story about a wild day today on capitol hill. >> reporter: today stephen colbert appeared as an expert witness before a house judiciary committee to testify about his experience as a migrant work field. he appeared at the of democratic subcommittee chairwoman. the appearance drew mixed
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reaction here. even one committee member, democrat john conyers asked colbert to submit his testimony in writing and leave. while the nature of the hearing is a deadly serious one, mr. colbert's testimony was anything but. >> this is america. i don't want a tomato picked by a mexican. i want it picked by american. sliced by a guatemalan and served by a venezuelan in a spa where a chilian gives me a brazilian. >> i'm asking to you leave the committee room completely and submit your statement instead. >> i'm here at the invitation of the chairwoman. if she would like me to remove myself from the hearing room, i'm happy to do so i'm only here at her invitation. >> america's are too dependent on immigrant labor to pick our fruits and vegetables. the obvious answer is for all of us to stop eating fruits and vegetables.
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and if you look at the recent obesity statistics, you will see that many americans have already started. >> do i get paid by the bean or the hour? >> by the hour. >> how many hours have i been working? >> about 12 minutes. >> please don't make me do this again. it is really, really hard. for one thing when picking beans you have to spend all day bending over. it turns out, i did not know this, most soil is at ground level. >> mr. colbert you can work on so many issues, why are you interested this issue? >> i like talking about people who don't have any power. and this seems like one of the least powerful people in the united states are migrant workers who come and do our work but don't have any rights as a result. yet we still invite them to come at the same time ask them to leave.
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>> greta: rick santorum joins us live. that was interesting. >> i laughed a couple times. he's a funny guy. i don't necessarily agree his politics. he can be funny. the point is, here are democrats who invited a man mo makes a career at lampooning her colleagues on the republican side. that's why you didn't see a lot of smiles on the republican side. this guy who night after nightbeats the crap out of them. to bring someone like that before a hearing to make fun of them, which is what he was doing. to make fun of them and to draw, as you saw, i don't think i've seen that many cameras at a congressional hearing. i just think it was bad form. i don't blame colbert. his schtick. i think the democratsbam were trying to run the -- rub the republicans' nose in it.
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>> greta: he had a gel to put a spotlight on an important issue. to me -- to me he's fine [ talking over each other ] >> greta: these are important issues. he's using his star power to bring it up. >> no problem. >> greta: what i don't understand tactically is why the democrats did that? to put a spotlight on the issue or because they thought it was clever? if i were running against these democrats, i would say know you guys come home from your holiday, you yuck it up on these hearings, we don't have jobs back home, this isn't funny i would think politically it would be used against them. >> i think your list is good, one more thing to that list. they brought the attention to this issue. and they didn't have an answer. it is not like they are gonna do anything. here they bring all of this wide attention, focus on this issue. congress is going home! they are not going to vote on this issue. they are not going to try to
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solve this issue. why do you bring attention to yourself and your incompetence? >> greta: when do you think this was scheduled, a long time ago? >> no. i'm sure this was scheduled -- i don't know congressional hearings schedule two, three weeks at the move. maybe with him to make sure he was here, maybe a little longer. you don't have these things on the books for a long time. >> greta: do you think the congresswoman who brought him in, do you think her colleagues are happy with her? >> if i'm in a tough race in a marginal district and i see this kind of activity that makes congress look like a circus, you would say these people aren't mature -- mature adults who are governing. another reason why these people should not be in charge of congress. growth tkpwrept i think it would have been more effective if -- >> greta: i think this would have been more effective if this issue res that ited right
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now about the american people. i think -- backfired on her, not him. stephen colbert wanted a spotlight on this, he got it. >> i said that at the beginning. what they tried to do. was take a cheap shot, i think the gun backfired. >> greta: we'll have to wait and see of course they are not going to be around very long. i don't mean that way, i mean they are going on vacation. not in terms of the he legs. they are going home to campaign. >> right. a lot of them are not going to come back. it will be curious to see how this incident plays. >> greta: senator, thank you. >> thank you greta. >> greta: is congress gutless? wait before you answer. nothing to do with stephen colbert. senate democrats have postponed a vote on extending bush tax cuts until after the midterm elections. instead of doing their job now, deciding what will be our taxes in two months.
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they are running home and hiding. doug schoen joins us live. doug, whether you are for or against the extension i find it hard to believe that you aren't in favor of at lost making a decision? >> of course i'm in favor of making a decision. beyond that i think the democrats for their own self-interests and good government and good politics should have voted with the republicans to extend the bush tax cuts, all of them for two years as former budget director peter orszag suggested. >> greta: why aren't they? are they gutless, running home and hiding because they don't want to be seen getting taxes raised, left the same, tax breaks for the rich? are they post pointing it -- postponing it because they are gutless? >> that, divided, disorganized and unsure what to do. nancy pelosi said she may have a vote next week to be
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symbolic to prove they are not as gutless as you are suggesting. i think the democrats are losing on this issue that can cause damage in november. >> greta: here's what bothers me if they are not going to have courage of their conviction and vote before election, are they political cowards? if so, there's the people we expect to make important decisions when it comes to national security, going to war, managing our economy. if they are so gutless they won't take a vote before elections for or against, whatever. these are the same people we hire to make these other important decisions, go figure. >> it is not only gutless, you are right. the republican argument which is a fair one, which is taxes will go up after december 31st, to extremely high levels if nothing is done. there's no guarantee the issue will be dealt with in the lame duck session. bottom line, democrats look gutless, disorganized and
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potentially ushering in a record high tax increase that could cost them control of the house and the senate. >> greta: democrats control the timing, whether the vote is brought up. what i don't get why they are running away from this? they can say, they can have a vote and say look at the republicans, either they are trying get in the way or they can say the republicans want to protect the rich and let the rich have all the money. there's a good political argument for them to use as there are good arguments for the republicans many that's why i think it is cowardly. they want to do it after they are protected by the election being over. >> some democrats like nancy pelosi and those on the left agree with what you said we need to give middle class tax cuts and tax the rich and make corporations pay their fair share. others say in a recession tax the rich and those in small business creating the jobs and doing the consuming in our society puts us at great risk. the two sides don't agree so
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they are punting. i think the net loser will be all democrats this november. >> greta: let me take issue with the use of fair share corp s pay what we ask. -- corporations pay what we ask. whether or not they should pay more is subject to debate in the congress. it is not like they cheat, they pay what we ask. many would say they being successful some say we shouldn't penalize them. >> american people agree with you. class-based politics a nonstarter. it doesn't work. it will fail this year as it has failed in the past. >> greta: i wish we have a vote whether it is up or down, indifferent, i don't care just have the courage of conviction before the election many thank. >> next scott brown is taking on his hometown university, harvard. what is that spat about? is it a big deal or not? we ask governor huckabee he's here. >> you will love this nfl
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>> greta: massachusetts senator scott brown is blasting harvard university's president. why? as you may know harvard does not allow military rotc programs on campus because of don't ask, don't tell policy. senator brown has a beef with
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that because harvard's president supports the dream act which would put illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship if they spend two years in college or military. is this politics or passion? mike hick bee joins us live. good evening governor. what do you make of -- senator brown taking on harvard's president? >> good for him. it is about time that somebody attacks what is political correctness run amok. harvard's president has shown, as scott broken i think so eloquently said, an indication of having priorities upside down. on one hand, she does not want to have an rotc program on campus because her disagreement with don't ask, don't tell. the other side is she wants to support the dream act which says you should have sort of a look the other way at illegal students. the merits of the dream act to be are debatable not all together often mark. to say that you should not
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have the rotc because you one of its policy that happens to be a military policy not the purview of the president of harvard to make that kind of determination. if she wants to serve in the military, let her serve. if you don't play the game you don't make the rules. >> greta: i guess i take -- i dial it back farther in the sense that the whole thing about don't ask, don't tell is that president obama promised, when elected to people who support him, whether you are for it or against it, he made that promise. and he hasn't kept the promise, that is a fact. a lot people had high expectations of as for the dream act, another act that -- why is it tacked on to the defense bill. that is something the dream act, should be considered and it should be voted on. instead politicians playing politics much like the taxes. bring it up, debate it and vote . that's the fair thing. instead we have this gaming of the american people on all these issues.
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>> the last thing the democrats need now is to show the insiders game of politics and how they completely ignore what the peel of america would like to have. which is vote on the defense appropriation bill. leave these other things separate. vote on them if you like but don't attach to the appropriations bill. it is as if nancy pelosi, harry reid and barack obama cannot help them services. they are so addicted to the insider's game they are oblivious to the red hot anger people are feeling the kind of anger that sent a lot of incumbents home and will send some more. >> greta: the american people just want decisions and promises kept. when they see washington gaming it, no matter what the topic is, i think it fuels the outrage among other people. it is they feel so gamed. >> they truly do. many of them don't have jobs. those who have jobs have watched their 401 become a 201. they are frustrated with the fact now they are going to work not until 60 two, -- 62,
1:17 am
65 but until they are 85 if they live that long. health insurance raised by double digit rates after congress promised with the passage of obamacare it was going down. they look at serious problems and then they watch the people in washington play the good old political games. they just want somebody to go to washington and act like they know why they went. it is for the people, not for the empowered. >> greta: how about just keep your promise? you say you are going to do something, at least try. whether someone is for it or against it, keep your promise. >> that's a novel idea. you really should suggest it to politicians, but i don't think it has occurred to them when they get elected they are supposed to do what they campaigned on that is part of the reason why there is such a widespread cynicism. thank god for the tea party. that movement has for the first time empowered people
1:18 am
and held politicians accountable. which i believe is going to result in massive turnover november 2nd. >> greta: i don't know what is going to happen but i'm going to be watching, fascinated by it all. governor, thank you. >> thank you, have a great weekend. >> greta: don't miss huckabees, saturdays and sundays, 8 p.m. right here on fox news chance them. >> last night you saw congressman pence having a unique reaction when we asked is he running for president? his entire answer is next. >> plus disturbing new information out of mexico. a.m. bass for bolton goes on the record -- ambassador ♪
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. >> greta: will he or won't he? since republican congressman mike pence won the straw poll everyone is asking will he run for president? congressman pence goes on the record. nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> greta: thanks for letting us come to your office. >> you bet. >> greta: if your party wins the majority november, big if, we don't know which way it is going to fall. what are your plans about health care? >> house republicans will not
1:22 am
rest until we repeal obamacare, lock, stock and barrel and start overwith the kind of health care reform that will focus on lowering cost without growing the size of government. >> greta: does that mean preexisting diseases or health problems, you can't be denied is that in a republican starting over, would that be something you would not think of providing? >> we think the american people want to start over. we are six months since that third sunday in march, when this legislation was passed into law and signed by the president. the more the american people have come to see this the more they understand it is nothing other than a government take over of health care. we'll keep those parts. we'll dress -- we'll address the issues that are popular with american people. we can cover preexisting issues by taking savings from medical malpractice reform and block granting to the states. we can make sure they are included in any from market
1:23 am
patient centered health care reform. the american people want it repealed and republicans are determined to do that. >> greta: are republicans opposed to the national health care the obamacare as you call it under principled reasons that the federal government shouldn't be involved or is it cost or both? >> it both. the idea that you have covered extensively the notion that the federal government can require to you purchase health insurance whether you want it or need it or not that is being litigated around the country now. the american people are opposed to that mandate. they are opposed to the creation of this massive new government run -- they know we can do better. >> greta: what about -- the reverse situation who want health care but can't afford it? >> look, the reality is small business owners like business owners we met with this week in virginia are struggling with the rising cost of health
1:24 am
insurance. in many cases small businesses and family farmers want to provide health insurance for their employees but they can't afford it. as premiums continue to rise it becomes worse. we need health care reform based on consumer choice. allow the american people and businesses to health insurance across state lines the way they purchase other forms of insurance and you will see a new marketplace develop and costs come down. >> greta: why can't you go across state lines? i heard that from governor pawlenty this week and i heard it a number of times. why can't you shop for your health insurance? what is the impediment is there a legal impediment? >> it is the way it has evolved over time health insurance has been regulated on a state by state basis. essentially it becomes a one-state market for every american. we can reform that. we can allow the american people -- >> greta: why hasn't that
1:25 am
happened. i can imagine democrats, republicans that small aspect we've had that problem for sometime before we had the change in health care. why can't we have that? >> it is lost on me. i'll never forget having a conversation with tom daschle an instrumental architect of obamacare who said he opposed purchasing across state lines because it would be a race to the bottom. i got to tell you a lot of small business owners out there, a lot of americans out there would like to see a race to the bottom of cost of health insurance. that's what a nationwide competitive marketplace will do. >> greta: any republicans you who you know that are opposed to repealing the national health care? >> no, i'll tell you what. republicans are united in our commitment to repeal obamacare, lock, stock and barrel. also united in our commitment to immediately start over with health care reform that focuses on patient-centered solutions, free market
1:26 am
solutions, medical manage practice reform and on providing coverage for people with preexisting conditions through existing state programs. >> greta: a line from one of your speeches i'm a christian conservative, republican in that order. i assume you know what i'm talking about. >> you bet. >> greta: from the value voters sum met. they had the -- summit. they had the straw poll vote and your at winner. >> we were we came out of the football game saturday and started getting e-mails about it. i was deeply humbled. i believe it was more about our message than the messenger. my message at the values voter summit was we win as a movement and as a party when we bring everyone in our movement together. those are people that are committed to limited government, committed to a strong defense and to traditional moral values without apology. >> greta: are you tempted? when you find out they picked
1:27 am
you as their choice to run on the republican nomination, this group. are you tempted? >> look, -- >> greta: tempted? >> as my family and i look at the future, i have to tell you, from the bottom of my heart, this election, november 2nd, is so important. i think every american that cares about restoring fiscal responsibility, about getting this federal government back on the pathway toward a balanced budget. getting this economy growing again and turning our nation away from this decisive left ward turn, every american that cares about knows issues ought to remain focused on november 2nd. we'll let the future take care of itself. >> greta: i don't get an answer. let me try this way. are you a definite no? [ laughing ] >> we'll let the future take care of itself. >> greta: i take that as not a no i didn't get a no out of you. you could have said no [ laughing ] >> it is good to see you
1:28 am
greta. >> greta: nice to see you. i take that as my exit. thank you. >> we want to let you know that you have big plans monday night. why? well, the one and only rush limbaugh will be right here to go on the record. former governor sarah palin. do not missnes rush limbaugh and governor sarah palin, 10 p.m. eastern, monday night. >> next, of all the stories we've reported about the mexican drawing wars this is the most bizarre. when politicians start pulling these stunts, you know things are really bad. ambassador bolton is next. >> you might see them in a schoolyard, but a political debate? wait until you see what happened in nevada. yes, it all caught on tape. we'll show you. thas to the venture card from capital one, we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned an la getaway twice as fast. we get double miles every time we use our card. [ histling ] no matter what we're buying. and since double miles add up quick...
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>> greta: president obama and president calderon say mexico is not like colombia 20 years ago. are the two just pring you? we report you decide. the 10th mexican mayor in less than a year was murdered. today a mayor elect shot in the head and seriously wounded both suspected drug hits. there is more. journalists pulling back after deadly threats, drug cartels are hanging over the heads of them. joining us kathy corcoran. thank you for joining us. >> thank you greta, glad to be here. >> greta: i hear these horrible stories from several thousand miles away, what journalists are doing to cover the war how bad is it for journalists in mexico? >> it depends on which parts of mexico. right now along the border there are a lot of newspapers that have stopped covering the drug war all together. others that have to decide on
1:33 am
a case-by-case basis what they are going to cover in order to keep their reporters and their staff safe. >> greta: i read one story which said how one mexican journalist had to seek asylum in the united states on his way to a funeral of a colleague, with a violent -- violence-related death for the colleague he received a call that says you're next. >> yes, exactly. he was just granted asylum recently. we think the first mexican reporter to be granted asylum in the united states. he was going to the funeral of a reporter who reported for their paper he received a text message saying you're next. he went and collected his family, he left the country immediately. he's been in the united states since then that was nearly two years ago. the el dario newspaper lost
1:34 am
their second journalist last week. you may have heard the editors decided to publish a front page editorial saying to the drug cartels, what do you want from us? >> greta: have the cartels infiltrated any newspaper or media outlets? i know they are threatening and having the -- have they -- are any of them actively working in the media? >> yes. according to the commit that i protects journalist who did an extensive report. journalists did tell them of accepting bribes of being told what to publish and not to publish directly by organized crime and taking money for that. and i think that case clearly exists in the media in mexico. there was a conference here yesterday of a newspaper -- of newspaper editors from around mexico that a tend.
1:35 am
the editors there, they seem to be -- that a tended. the editors there they seem to be more concerned about the self-censorship they were doing to protect their staff. they still want to practice the right of freedom of expression and cover the news. but, with the threats that are coming in they had to decide on various occasions not publish things. not to go to certain vents. not to go out at -- certain events. not go out at night. yes, you do have corrupt journalists, but you have editors who want to do the right thing with you are under -- but are under heavy threat not to do that. >> greta: it is extraordinary in which many -- under which many are working. thanks you. >> thanks for having me >> greta: a mexican politician elected to congress in 2009 was never sworn in, because he
1:36 am
was slapped with drug charges and went on the run from police. since then the man has been in a legal battle trying to get sworn in which would make him immune from prosecution under mexican law. fast forward to this week. police were circling congress to make sure he did not get into the building and get sworn in. somehow the politician eluded police, slipped in the building and was sworn in thus protecting him from prosecution. joining us ambassador john bolton. how do you like that one >> it almost comes close to stephen colbert testifying in the house of representatives. but it shows how bad the situation is getting. another important piece of evidence that the drug cartels are on the way to taking over the mexican government. that's the only way you can look at this >> greta: if they are killing the mayors, 10 this year. they got a man who is going to be elected to government in
1:37 am
july he was assassinated. so many politicians are getting killed. prosecutors getting killed. innocent bystanders. journalists getting killed and self-sensoring, because they are living in fear. now politicians speaking -- sneaking into the building and maybe cartels bribing journalists. it doesn't look pretty. >> this particular lay for was the half brother of the governor of a western mexico state who may well be implicated with the drug cartels as well. you can influence the government in two ways. you can intimidate that. kill them, try and pressure them that way or you can take control of the government bibing or -- by buying or renting, legislators, members of the police. we are not clear how corrupt mexican law enforcement is and whether it is beginning to reach into the military. when you have members of the cartel itself in the mexican congress, you're approximating
1:38 am
the old joke of having the mafia and the police sit down together to discuss their common interests in law enforcement issues. >> greta: what is the theory behind this? we took the show to mexico with secretary of state clinton. a week ago she said mexico was like colombia 20 years ago. president calderon of mexico and president obama flat out days with her. why the debate? why does anyone care whether you label it looking like colombia or not? >> to give president calderon more than his due, maybe more than we should he faces substantial sentiment in mexico to appease the cartels to go back to the way it was before when with a little payoff here or there the problem passed through mexico from south america into the united states. when calderon and before him to an extent vincente fox
1:39 am
tried to confront the the level of violence has risen. calderon faces a problem in his own population with people who don't want to be bothered. that's why secretary clinton was right to say you in an environment in mexico today not dissimilar to colombia several years ago before the cartels got strong. calderon is afraid of admitting that, while he tries to rally his own support. what motivated president obama to say that is anybody's guess. >> greta: i don't want to be alarmist but i read these night after night and i don't see anything that makes it look better and it is right on our border. it is stunning the stories every night. any way, ambassador, thanks i'm sure we'll have one next week. >> okay. >> greta: former nfl star kurt warner is on "dancing with the stars." next he is going on the record minutes away. >> we knew things were bloody in nevada between harry reid and sharron angle.
1:40 am
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty, a nuclear offer from iran, but it doesn't come without conditions. president mahmoud ahmadinejad said tehran would consider ending rierks rainian enrichment
1:44 am
if nuclear fuel was shipped for medical reasons. the fbi searching eight mid-west homes friday in a terrorism investigation. the warrants carried out in minneapolis and chicago. agents were looking for ties between local anti-war activists and terror groups in columbia and the middle-east. no arrests were made. moments ago, a soez capsule lands in kazakhstan. i'm marianne rafferty, now back to "on the record." to on the record. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greta: that is former nfl
1:45 am
star quarterback kurt warner on "dancing with the stars." kurt joins us live, good evening nice to see you. eye want to jump to the end of the performance, i saw you kiss your wife. how did the children say you did? >> the great thing about your kids they think you are the best at anything you do. even if the judge might have criticized me or people out there might have criticized me i knew i could go home and my kids that you thought i was awe come. it was fun having them there. they enjoyed the experience. i was neat for my first time out. >> greta: in terms of the training. compare and contrast to the training to play football. >> well, football is probably a more physically demanding. although this has its physical demands as well. the hardest part is doing something you have never done before. it is so different in technique than what i did on the field that it has been frustrating, very difficult to pick the things up, the
1:46 am
footwork, posture, all the little things that go into the dance. >> greta: is it harder than you thought it was going to be? >> it is harder than i thought it would be. being an athlete and doing a lot of physical things using my feet a lot, i thought it was going to be easier to go in, picks up the steps and roll with it. but, to be able to do it right, to understand all the things that go into it, it has been a lot more difficult than i thought. it takes a lot more work. >> greta: i watched the whole performance, i thought you looked like you were having fun. i was impressed with it. i thought you did a great job. >> well thank you. it was fun. it was fun to be in front of all the people, live. we were stuck in a studio for 2 1/2 weeks me and my partner anna. i was more difficult going over it and over it. but it was fun to be in front of a live audience and to have my family there and feed often excitement.
1:47 am
i was fun. you knew it -- -- it wasn't going to be technically perfect the first time out. you go out and try to entertain, similar to what i did on the football field. you hope to get better and better. >> greta: you never look nervous on the field. how about when you took to the dance floor at first, were you a little nervous? >> oh i was very nervous. 2 1/2 weeks of doing something then going out in front of 20 million, live audience, doing something that you don't really know much about. you are thinking about remembering your steps, you are thinking about to smile, the whole routine and all the things you have to do. it was nerve-racking. i think all of us were feeling the pressure. i was nice to get the first one under your belt. to go out there, enjoy it and have a half way decent performance. >> greta: what is the next dance or don't we get to know? >> next dance is the jive.
1:48 am
last week was more traditional, slow. this week is going to be faster, more demanding on the feet. it is going to be more fun. while be able to let loose and have fun. >> greta: have you started to practice the jive? >> oh yeah as soon as the show over tuesday night, you understand that you made it to the next week you go right back to work wednesday. you only have four, five days to get the whole dance, the choreography, everything down. you got to go right back to work, practicing about six hours a day, trying to get everything down. we've been working hard, legs are a little sore from the kicks and things that i've never had to do before. but we are having fun. >> greta: it looks fun. did you get to meet the situation or bristol palin? have you met them? >> yeah, last week during the show got a chance to hang out with all of them, meet all of them. we have a great cast, different characters, different backgrounds. we are having a lot of fun
1:49 am
together. i think it going to be a great crew and i think we are going to get closer and closer as we go. >> greta: kurt it was always fun to watch you on the field, believe it or not, fun to watch you on the dance floor. say hello to your wife for us, who has joined us here on one occasion. >> i will do so, thank you for having me on. >> greta: good luck, we hope you win another round. >> thank you. >> greta: next, the best of the rest, debate between harry reid and sharron angle becames a brawl. we have that tape, next. >> , a politician flat out looses it during a speech and becomes an internet sensation. trust us, you want to see this.
1:50 am
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest. we all know things are very rough between senate majority leader harry reid and sharron angle. apparently that fight is spreading. a brawl erupted at a debate between the two candidates. a male angle supporter and two female reid supporters got into a scuffle last night. details are still sketchy. we hear the fight was over a seat and not about politics.
1:54 am
the fight began as a pushing match and punches were thrown. luckily reid and angle did not jump in. although the video of that would make the best of the rest. >> lindsay lohan back in the klink tonight. she just a big break. she failed a court order drug test and was hauled into court. the judge locked her 0 up, no bail was set. lohan's lawyer appealed that decision for no bail. tonight a different judge ruled that lohan can be leased on $300,000 bail. incidentally in a tweet last week the actress admitted to a substance abuse problem. her next court date is october 22nd. >> finally, we have all been there. you are in a situation where you are supposed to be serious suddenly, you get the giggles. the swiss finance minister just had that problem. now he's an internet sensation.
1:55 am
[ laughing ] >> greta: minister was giving a speech about spiced meat imports which is not a hilarious topic. for some reason the complicated language of the speech cracked him up. we can't understand a word he's saying, but we know it is hilarious. there you have the best of the there you have the best of the rest. [ manager ] you know...
1:56 am
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[ male announcer ] with xerox, host: could switching to geico realis a bird in the handre on worth 2 in the bush? appraiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect. appraiser: the bird is in mint condition. appraiser: and i would say if this were to go to auction today, appraiser: conservatively it would be worth 2 in the bush.
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woman: really? appraiser: it's just beautiful, thank you so much for bringing it in. woman: unbelievable anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights. it's time. last call. a white house shake up has jay leno seeing the bright side. >> larry summers stepping down so finally some good economic news. yeah. there you go. and i'll tell you. summer didn't want to leave. apparently he was out of bad ideas. summers is actually the third obama economic advisor to leave the white house since july. since july. the only jobs opening up are for white house economic advisors. it's true. >> good point, jay that. is your last call. lights are blinking and


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