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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  September 20, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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difference. >> live and at large this is a fox news alert. more controversy today for christine o'donnell the unconventional candidate who's surprise victory in the republican senate primary is making major waves within the gop itself. even as it gives democrats a glimmer of hope some november they might remain control of the senate after all. what takes it crazy is after a year ripe with truly critical issues like jobs the war the deficit who ever thought in this one crucial senate race and issue of satanism might become the deciding factor. >> you are a witch. >> i dabbled in witchcraft i never became a could have vent.
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>> you were a witch. how can you be a witch? >> i dabbled in witchcraft i hung around people doing these things. i am not making this stuff up. one of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic the tar. i didn't know it. there was a little blood there. >> your first date was -- >> yeah, we went to a movie an had a little midnight picnic on a satanic altar. >> i am geraldo rivera while christine o'donnell pride themselves in being out of the mold of the tired traditional tax and spend competitions her 90 talk with bill maher may be harder to explain than other campaign bens masturbation. here's how karl rove put it to chris wallace today on fox news
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sunday. >> in southern delaware they will won want to know what it w all about. she said it on television when she went on the bill maher show. my view is she can't simply ignore it she has to deal with it and explain it and mover on. >> after saying she was exhausted and cancelling appearances delaware's surprise nominee for senate showed up at a county gop pic picnic. this is how she addressed a controversy caused by her admission of long ago satanism. >> what about witchcraft? >> no. it was high school. >> ep wanted ratings, i gave him ratings. it was high school. i talk to do a reporter today th there will be a story in a couple hours.
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>> i was in high school. who didn't have teachers and friends. >> i didn't. >> as it turned out back in 1987 the 40-year-old was in high school i probed the state of satanism in america. perhaps even influencing the future nominee from delaware. here's an excerpts of the highly rated widely panned special. >> deadly worship is all religion stuff. it's the grim alternative the flip side of life. evil over good. dark over light. satan over god himself. >> come forth and bestow these blessings of hell upon us. >> forced under grounds by the religious hysteria satanism was resurrected first by allison crowley in the 21st century. it entered the modern era about 25 years ago under guidance of a
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california based high priest a present day devil worshipper. he founded the church of satan now despite the preachings of evil and hate the church and off chutes are constitutionally protected religions. >> i believe that hate is necessary in a controlled way sus as much as love is necessary. >> however sensational the revelations about him might have been -- her in a normal election year to bill crystal and laura ingram the only thing that counts if elected christine o'donnell can be counted on to vote against the obama socialist agenda. to other republicans like karl rover the unconventional path is not helpful. >> this is about what is a winning strategy. there are serious questions that have been raised about ms. o'donnell background character statements and previous actions. >> nobody knew who she was prior to last week.
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this is the first impressions you are going to get. right now the campaign is about her. unless hee gets her ship righted no matter how long it is at the end of the day people of delaware in the small state will focus on her her past statements and what she is saying now. >> with me now to discuss and debate whether resumes still matter in american politics we have mat kib bee the president of freedom works, a key player in the tea party movement. juan williams our own fox news contributor and understander of the political scene himself. does it matter who this woman is? >> it matters who she is and matters who her opponent is. i hope the political debate in delaware can get past what either of these two candidates may or may not have done in high school because you have someone
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chris coons who she is running against who appears to actually still be worshipping at the altar of big government. >> but matt we know about the anti masturbation campaign. we know about the house foreclosure. we know about the allegations of misuse of campaign funds. now comes this gleeful admission. how can you be against masturbation and be for devil worship? it seems to me in a normal year revelations of this kind would knock a candidate out of the box. the fact that she is against the obama agenda in and of itself trumps every other issue and what if there's still more to come? >> i think it doesn't trump every other issue, but you can see from the elections not j re not just in delaware but all over the country democratic voters and republican voters and democrats about buyers remorse are focusing encore he c econom
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issues. those are the issues that will define the dell wear election christine o'donnell can still win the election. >> can she? dell wear as karl rove says it's an interesting phenomenon to watch karl rove being excoriated by people who loved him a month ago. but that aside dell wear is kind of two states like new jersey and maryland a southern part and a northern part. the northern part wilmington the capital and all of the business guys they are kind of traditional business republicans and a lot of independents from dem kratsz. you think rez my -- resumes matter to them or the state because of revulsion over acceptance of obama policies will they flock to christina done regardless of what comes out? >> when you think about it the reason the establishment of the republican party was all behind them is because they were
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comfortable with them that wilmington the people all of the bank cred irreleva credit card you get there you noi the state in southern maryland i have got to image when you start talking about witchcraft you cause those people to take a second look they are going to have concerns. remember this the political equation in dell wear is you have fewer republican voters than independent voters fewer republicans than democrats. she will have to get independent votes and have to get democrats if she hopes to win. this is making her the poster child the democratic arguments the key party folks are fringe maybe even lunatic. what about -- >> i have another -- i have susan million we lost her picture. are you on the phone fellow at the ken tee -- kennedy school of government. >> sorry we lost your picture there. is it used at obama's policies
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so expansive and malignant that nothing else matters as long as you are against obama then wherefore you? >> i think that that is part of what's happening right now. i think what's happening where the tea party gets read and material an anti obama movement it's an anti establishment movement. obviously democrats will get harder than that because establishment in washington is a democratic establishment. there are 7 senate races where the establishment candidate lost the primary was pushed out as charl low kris was in florida. >> you think it might hurt them in some cases? >> matt kib bee may be a brilliant reality in this country. he talked about democrats and independents having buyer's remorse about the obama election
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but what about the other way around he endorsed her before the allegations became public based on what was the endorsement made? >> again she has the anti establishment kinds of tone to her campaign. >> what if she is alvin greene the knuckle head from south carolina? what else are we going to find out? >> the thing about palin's endorsement unlike murkowski in alaska that was a special case because of burr could you ski's father this is what democrats like to call a rhino, republican in name only. so sarah palin was never going to endorse him. >> even though he probably could have won it that's why biden's son didn't run against him. everybody stand by. susan i hope we can get your picture up. still more as the panel probes the power of palin. the former governor hints at a run for the white house.
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can tea party libertarians and social conservatives coexist? i will ask tony perkins president of the family research council who is coming up and we will investigate why the country has gone crazy for snooki she is a mmm air. snook a priest regularly performs ex or sichl this one on a woman who stomach pain believed to be caused by the devil inside her. accompanied traditional music the priests incantation built to a crescendo then in a moment of almost sexualñ÷
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>> if the american people ready for someone who is willing to shake it up and willing to get
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back to time tested truths help lead our country toward a prosperous and safe future and if they happen to think that i was the one, if it were best for my family and for our country of course i would give it a shot. >> clearly the dynamic politician in our country her statement was a bombshell i think. however measured and conditional what you just heard was it was the first time that i can recall that she actually said out loud she might be running for the white house in 2012. juan williams she said it in iowa. >> i would just caution you geraldo that barack obama is still in the white house and he can cause quite a sensation as a politician. without a doubt sarah palin and the tea party have been driving politics and driving obama and the democrats nuts. if vary raw palin was to step out she would be a challenge to the republican establishment in this country. they do not have the typical control over her that they would
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have over let's say a mitt romney or a haley barber or a tim polanski. >> if christine o'donnell can still drive this truck despite her checkered past sarah palin far more well regarded she must scare the pants off these establishment guys but they would also have no choice but to back her they are not going to back barack obama for all of his charisma. >> of course not. she is a republican. she is the most dynamic charismatic republican on the scene today by far. i can't think of anything on the national stage without both. >> don't throw me in the brie ar patch sounds like you want her to be nominated. >> i bet every democrats in america would love it. if you look at democrats and republicans she is not qualified to be president. >> she may not be quall pied but we put together a map that shows
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sarah palin's endorsement track record for the house senate and state houses which so far shows an impressive 25 victories that is susan green there. including o'donnell in dell wear rand paul who is coming around as a terrific candidate in kentucky. sharon angels against reed, carlie in california. 25 wins 11 defeat. matt kib bee would you like to back a sarah palin presidency given what we know now protectiprotected jekting it forward two years. >> i think she has been most effective as an outsider. that's where i would like her to be. if you look at the maps you just shoid and what sarah palin has done and jim demint has done in this generation of republican leaders that have challenged the liberal establishment. i am sorry the republican establishment. i would like to call it a hostile takeover to the
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republican party i mean that in a technical sense of moving away from failed management and failed ideas to a new generation. that is where she has been most effective. >> all right susan we can now see you on camera. so is the discussion so virulent nothing else matters but being not obama. >> i think that could be -- not a democrat in the midterms. >> i think in the pid midterms that could be the case. long-term the tea party represents a problem for the republicans because they need them to whip up the base. in a general election in a presidential year they could turn off some independent voters. republicans have us with the social conservatives as well. they needed them to get out the vote with issues on gays and abortion and so forth. they also wanted to keep them a little under control to avoid alienating dependents. the difference is social conservatives had a vested interest in republican party
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doing well and thriving and i think a lot of the tea party movement doesn't care. you can say to them mike cap paw could have won the seat and christine o'donnell certainly much harder and they don't care. that's going to be a long-term problem for them. i think the momentum right now going into the midterms is it's going to help them pick up some seats especially when you look at the turnout even in massachusetts the turnout was so low in some parts of the state. it was the people who -- >> christine o'donnell it is not scott brown. he's a cool by -- cool guy he was up against a dull opponent there. i think he might have won -- surprised me. >> he's not even a tea party kind of guy. >> all right. what about -- here's a question i possessed to our audience. can you be a tea partier and not be anti-abortion? is family values and social issues necessary if you are a tea party or not? coming up despite grumbling from old hands like karl ro rover is
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there a big coalition forming within the gop? family research council's tony perkins is next
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>> welcome back live everybody. let me thank our guests matt kib bee and susan milligan. at large exclusive tony perkins is fresh off the 5th annual voters summit hosted by the research council in which the prevailing message seems to be regardless of whether they are tea party people fiscal conservatives or social family values conservatives they will unite. thank you to the -- welcome to the program. the message was we will support candidates to uphold the
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competition founding principals on which the nations founded. that happens to be the prime focus of the party. the primary focus in terms of issue sets is on the economic issues but social conservatives share the same concerns about the economy. it's just they are not at the very top priority. what i think is happening is this natural alliance is building between social conservatives and the tea party movement. >> is it a natural partnership? you used -- why would it be natural? >> i said alliances. i said partnership i think it's alliance. matt touched on it juan touched on it. the establishment has long tried to keep social conservatives at arm's length because they can't control them like they can the establishment republicans. same thing with the tea party folks they can't control them. that makes them nervous. that's why you saw karl come unhinged this week. >> i have never seen anything like it. the guy who is quote-unquote
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pushes brain and the face the soul of the republicans for all these many years is suddenly an outcast. i want to get to that before the commercial break. >> there's a reason for that. the political models aren't working because the dynamics of the tea party that's out there. we have seen it in alaska in utah, in florida. and dell wear. this is completely new and it's something they don't know how to handle. >> here's your pole results. mike pens who spoke at the event he led the tea party. it's a surprise victory 24 percent our own mike huckabee, wonderful guy. 22 percent mitt romney who many thought was the establishment candidate just 13 percent. newt gingrich despite some of the more flamboyant statements as of late. the shocker governor palin 7 percent she did not appear at the values summit. is that why she got such a low
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mark? >> well, yeah. of the top 4 they spoke they had solid messages which touched on fiscal and social conservaticon. she wasn't there that has to be a factor. >> i saw a dream ticket emerging pens the congressman from indiana and sarah palin the number two candidate on a pens palin dream ticket. tell me more about that. give me the short version. >> we also had selections for vice president. she did top toward the top of the list for candidates at the top of the list presented are those that understand the importance of the constitution of the founding principals they had solid fiscal records as well as solid social records. that's what voters are going to be attracted to social conservative voters. combine that with the tea party it's a force they can't handle.
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>> ask you to stand by. we have news bulletins to bring our audience to the commercial break. the latestxp
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5:31 am >> before we get back to the political panel tony perkins of the family council david limbaugh run away best selling author in his own right this is a fox news alert. bermuda is being pounded by hurricane igor as a huge storm passes directly over the resort island which is located 600 miles out in the atlantic. rick leventhal is live in bermuda where the only good news is maximum sustained winds at 35 miles an hour it is less powerful than it was a couple days ago. as you can see from what rick is enduring there it is still pretty severe. take it away, mate. describe what you feel and what
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you are seeing. >> geraldo, i am with a very experienced crew, photographer paul celeste producer and drou foam have been covering hurricanes for more than two decades none of us can recall a category 1 that packed this powerful of a punch not just the palm trees blowing behind me we are going to turn the light down and try to give you a look at the violent surf pounding against the cliffs here. it is really probably a testament to the fact that we are on the southern coa coast o bermuda and we are taking a direct hit sustained winds in the 70s perhaps 80s certainly gusts higher than that. this is one view. we want to show you what it looked like a few hours ago before the sunset at the ocean level. take a look. >> even though igor has been downgraded from a cat 4 to a cat 1 the surge was dramaticed waves relentless it ripped up a piece
5:33 am
of this deck right here. if you look over the roof railing has already been ripped off. just getting pounded out here. i want to show you how deep at the reef. it is right up to the tile. it has been chewed away several feet of it exposing all of the boulders. if you look to the left it's the major cliff. so many of the waves are so powerful some splashing water over the 40-foot cliff and condos 30 feet higher in the air. >> geraldo we are on one of the dirt floors and we are feeling the water up here. widespread power outages two-thirds to three quarters of the 64,000 people are in the dark tonight. power crews can't get out to assess the damages or fix any of the problems until the worse
5:34 am
passes sometime tomorrow morning. a category 1 really feeling it here. they are fortunate this wasn't a two-or three geraldo. >> there have been people living on bermuda for 400 years it is a coral islands well built. can we assume the storm has not yet caused or will not cause any casualties, rick rick? >> the building codes are fantastic. homes are made of stone and concrete. roofs are slate tile and concrete. they are well vented and very well built against these kinds of storms. they are lucky haven't had really serious storms. they had four deaths in 2003 the last big hurricane to hit here. no word of fay at that ti -- fa tonight. >> as another veteran hurricane chaser rick i have one word of advice to you one sentence dark
5:35 am
and stormy a rum drink bermuda is famous for it. get dry dark and stormy. nice to see your crew. >> breaking news story even as mahmoud ahmadinejad arrives in new york to address the united nations general assembly he is bordering to the 8 ukrainians he claims are being held by the united states. the justification the release of one of the three americans held for over a year at an eye rainian prison as craig reports. >> they do not deserve to be in prison one day longer than i was. we admitted no crime. we are not spies. >> it's a bitter sweet moment for laura vital and linde hickey. first days of freedom here in the united states there is some shane and josh still being held
5:36 am
in a our -- iranian prison. what did you foal when she was going to be free? >> i was happy for sarah but i had a pain in my heart that release didn't include josh and of course shane. >> it was july 2009 when sarah shourd fiancee shane bower and josh vital both 28 living in syria choose to vacation in the kurdish region of iraq. that's when they were detained by iranian authorities. >> these are young people one being a journalist. is there some kinds of curiosity? do you think it's possible that he might have been curious about what is going on on the other side of the fence? >> it's my son. i know him very well. absolutely not. he would never have put any one else in jeopardy. >> charged with espionage the three have been indicted and
5:37 am
could go to trial. >> geraldo and i frequently go to iraq to afghanistan to war zones our mother says why are you going back there? what do you say to your kids? >> this is going to be a quick trip to a mountainous area where the temperatures were cooler than damascus in july. in no way were they looking to any sort of treacherous zone. this was a simple planned vacation that has extended into a 13 month convention that is tearing our heart out. >> ahmadinejad called showered release a huge humanitarian gesture. the columnist for the wall street journal believes there's a center plot in hand. >> you have a fellow arrested in florida for trying to obtain spare parts for rep upons for iran. in canada an eye rainian citizen was detained for nuclear weapons
5:38 am
technology they are being held in prison. this is a clear ploy by the iranians to try to get the people free. are you concerned they will be used as pawns by ahmadinejad? >> what good would that do me? i am not going to put energy no that we have no control. we are going to continue our humanitarian journey and hope there's a release soon. >> tell me if you are face-to-face with the president of iran what sdou say? >> i will say to president ahmadinejad you are looking at a mother of a detained american a hiker who had no intention of going to iran and please release them. >> i love the laid dae who was really so gracious. so noble in every regard. what do we know about the $500,000 bail that freed her? who put up that money? >> there is no reports as you know. she wouldn't speak didn't take
5:39 am
any questions know did her mom. the mothers of the boys say they don't know or they won't say. half a million dollars is still a lot of money. >> a lot of money. here's the rub. even if she says who cares about the 500 thousand they got the two guys there they could still force her to go back if they make that a condition of the guys. >> they could be charged for espionage. she could be convicted theoretically. they could use the boys as collateral. they could be playing hardball with the boys it's hard breaking for the families. >> dr. hue shane akhmaddy doctor also was a candidate in iran's presidential election in june, 2005. our own kimberly guilfoyle is with us. what do we know about the # r 8 eye anyonians. what do we really know? are there really 8 of them? >> they exist he is saying i am
5:40 am
not trying to make a direct barter. take a lesson by our grand humanitarian gesture and perhaps you should follow suit. of course let's not be politically naive. what he wants to do is do a trade. could something like that happen? yes. with the obama white house administration want to go on record and switch out and make a trade like that no. it wouldn't be politically smart for them to do that. >> we traded the russian sex bombshell for real soviet spies. >> in this particular situation it's more complicated with iran. >> doctor what's going on here? i am very pleased that i am hoping the other two will follow within a matter of probably a few weeks i believe. >> you think? >> from your lips to god's ears. >> i am honored to say i have spent sometime on this case. >> you were allowed to go and
5:41 am
come? even after running the against. may i asiem you didn't get a whole lot of votes in 2005? >> they didn't allow me to go in. they ventvented. >> tough stubborn and play hardball and they are devious. ahmadinejad doesn't give anything away. >> sarah was released on the basis of an exchange. a few month ago the physicist who was here was released and went back. sarah is a replacement for that. >> i wonder what ever happened to him, though. >> nobody knows. knob has heard about it. >> i think the iranian government and u.s. government are of the mind set of this kinds of exchange. unfortunate the people got into
5:42 am
th that>> they were so innocent. preposterous. >> they got captured at a bad time. they were supposed to be released a year ago but it was after the presidential election. >> i was given a message from the iranian government i sent a message to the white house last august, not this august the august before saying the government is really to release him. unfortunately the following month there was an election that has been disputed. >> they shot and killed him. >> there were others from the american side so the whole thing got too complicated. >> we hope these kids who are pawns in this big game are released to their moms. >> may i add also one point. it is unfortunate the people are getting into that domestic we have all --
5:43 am
>> it's between nations not families. thanks very much. stand by. kimberly, craig, she is arguably america's hottest celebrity. not kimberly although she is also one of them. will we still love snookie when she is a millionaire? when i had my heart attack, i couldn't believe it. it was a real shock. i remember being at the hospital thinking, "i should have done more to take care of myself." you should've. that's why i'm exercising more now. eating healthier. and i also trust my heart to lipitor. [ male announcer ] when diet and exercise are not enough, adding lipitor may help. lipitor is a cholesterol-lowering medication that is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients o have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. lipitor is backed by over 18 years of research. lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems
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>> welcome back everybody. we are live again tony perkins the research counsel on your
5:47 am
left david limb paw -- limbaug on your right. the chart topping crimes against liberty and indictment of president barack obama. number one with the bullet there david. congratulations. you think the reaction to obama is so toxic that it's almost like anybody but a democrat in november's midterm election david? >> anybody but a liberal. this angst against obama and this agenda is driving the whole thing. it's not that the republicans are just a party of no or the tea partiers or a movement of no. they want to affirmatively reverse obama's agenda which is bankrupting the nation spot smothering our liberty and revert to american values american ideals less government stronger national security. >> stop coddling tyrants and turning our back on democratic movements in other countries. >> that is basically what your book is about.
5:48 am
do you find it at all unusual that in tony's family values summit mike pens is so much better than sarah palin in the strong hold? >> i think that mike pence spoke to the christian audience said i am a christian first a conservative second and a republican third. he spoke to all of the issues. very presidential. spoke foreign policy social issues he can knotted -- economic issues. i think had she gone she might have won that. he was popular in that segment whether he had the broad base to go all of the way i don't know i don't think he is well-known enough. i love sarah palin. i wouldn't read too much into that. she is electric she is solidifying our entire movement. >> let me ask you this before i
5:49 am
run out of time in this abbreviated segment. dow to be anti-abortion or how do you square the pro-life movement with libertarians who say stay out of my life and they make up some substantial part of the tea party. >> the focal point of the tea party is on the issues there is a libertarian bend but if you look at the ranks of the tea party you will see a lot of social conservativism. when we reaing the issues the top two issues that came up in the polling at the value voters summit number one was the life issue followed by spending, federal government size of federal govment and spending. clearly that's on the mind of social conservatives. there is as i said earlier a natural alliance not a partnership but an alliance where they can go after what david said liberals not democrats but liberals that includes liberal republicans.
5:50 am
>> give me 10 seconds. >> there's no witness from the tea party mostly social conservatives driven mostly by this economic core we are witnessing. if only there were a place where banks competed to save me a boatload of money on my mortgage -- that would be awesome! [sarcastically] sure. like that will happen. don't just think about it. spend 10 minutes at lendingtree d save up to $272 a month.
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>> oh no. they got on my slippers. >> my first thought is i don't want to clean this up. my second thought was i (bleep) dinner my third thought was what the (bleep) am i going to eat. >> can't take your eyes off it it's like a rain reck. >> snooky crash talking diva antics the mean temper back
5:54 am
stabbing tv doesn't show. jay would you ob successd with plastic surgery. the new us weekly on news stands now exclusively reports kimberly, you are going to love this, the staggering amount of money the cast of mtv jersey shore snooki 20 grand rapids just to walk a red -- 20 grandk a red carpet. sam knee 15 grand event appearances. she has beauty and fitness products in the work. tommy 20 grand for hosting parties what's the other one with the abs on dancing with the stars. >> the situation with the six-pa six-pack. >> at least he works out. >> they are saying he's one of the favorites to win the girls were arguing over who will be partners with him cheryl has a crush on him but she wasn't able to be partners with him. >> are you telling me snooki is a lesbian. that's not true, is it? >> i don't know. it was in one of the magazines
5:55 am
holding hands with a girl kissing another girl. you like my snooki hair do? pay me 20 k to show up on television. >> here to explain the allure of these reality stars kelly zinc our old pal and mark rudolph the no nonsense in san francisco. no nonsense man what's the allure. >> it should be called jersey sewer because tai it's oozing something toxic. for her to be earning 20 grand to walk on the red carpet considering her only skills seem to be intoxication and fornication, she should be sweeping the red carpets. >> that's kinds of harsh isn't it? >> no, it's true. people love to watch these people because they are a train wreck. my friend books clubs he said last season at the end of the season he could get the entire
5:56 am
cast for 230 grand now individu -- 20 grand now they individually want 20 grand to show up at a party. >> they are in fashion week they are big celebrities. did you tell me they got the key to the city? >> no that's the car dashians. my teenagers are disdainful of it as they watch it kelly. >> do you allow them to watch it? mtv has been doing this for years. it's nothing new to have people like that beef sris and butt head, jack ass the real world people are rewarded for being bad on tv. it's not right but it's what people want to see. >> mark you think it is the train wreck thing we can't keep our eyes off it? >> i think it goes pretty deep i think it is the dissen grayings of the family that is causing this. fathers are being minimalized only 65 percent of kids are raised by married parents. a lot of people are unsupervised the tv becomes the parent --
5:57 am
>> fur 16 and 18 years old -- >> it is credible and they are mimicking this behavior doing it (announcer) energy security. climate protection. challenges as vast as the space race a generation ago. and tal to global security. to reach this destination, our engineers are exploring everyossibility. from energy efficiency to climate monitoring. securing our nations clean energyuture is all a question of how.
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and it is the how that will make all the difference.
5:59 am
>> good monday morning, everyone. hope you had a fantastic weekend. it's september 20th. i'm gretchen carlson. here's what's coming up on the show today. the white house sick of getting beat up by republicans. there's reports of an attack ad campaign aimed at the g.o.p. is this too little too late? >> both the white house and the republican party are getting nervous about the tea party movement some say. trying to find out if it's an opportunity or a threat. hear what both sides are saying this morning. the lockerbie bomber living the high life. what happened to three months it live? apparently he's feeling better than ever. "fox & friends" starts right now.


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