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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  February 6, 2010 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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their own recall as well. >> that is it for forbes on fox, have a wonderful weekend, cheryl ca cassone and "cashin' in" starts right now. >> could this be why we are really looking for jobs? paying people to see how quickly they get high, taxpayers are being asked to pay for round two of the stimulus and is the nearly $4 trillion budget the president's biggest blow off yet to the tea party movement? >> you work for us! >> more spending, more taxes and new ways to hide it all, is anyone at the white house paying attention to the message from america? plus, loose lips sink ships. >> my advice is do... if anybod
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owns one of these vehicles, stop driving night the administration taking toyota to task. is it a coincidence the more the japanese automaker takes it on the chin the better it is for the car company uncle sam basically owns? gm? all that, and... is this why bernie madoff was able to stage the biggest rip off? history? a top wall street cop with nearly 2,000 x rated searches in two weeks on his work computer. no wonder bernie madoff made off with america's money, a brand new outrage alert. your money, your life, your show, to stay ahead of the game, "cashin' in," starts right now. >> nearly 3.5 million americans losing their jobs, since the $800 billion stimulus passed could a new report exposing billions being wasted be the reason why? studies on how much pot it takes to get people high. brand new fire stations going unused. university grants research look at fossils in argentina and fish
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food for companies that raise little nemos, is it reason enough to say no to stimulus two up for a vote next week, welcome to "cashin' in." our crew this week, wayne rogers, jonathan hoenig, jonas max ferris, tracy burns and democratic strategist julia siskatelli, we need stimulus two then. >> like we need a hole in the head, it is the craziest thing i've heard and they are forcing the guys to take the money and rely on them to pass it out and use it wisely and they are not. it is going to argentina. this is a waste, part two. we're not spending the money they dished out properly and it will be wasted again, it's not the way to get jobs to the people out there. >> julie, when americans see a list like this they get frustrated and hate there money being wasted and they are watching their budgets at home. >> we all hate our money being
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wasted but the jobless rate just dropped, we have gone from double digits to single digits and you go to it is a completely transparent administration about what is going on. and where this money is going. with any large bill you will be able to come up with a few things that look really bad in a one line explanation. >> and the unemployment number is down because people stopped looking. they are frustrated and no longer in the count. >> do you know those 200,000 people, not a single one kept looki looki looking. >> that is the government report, where is the transparency from the government. the government is reporting that. >> the number is down and therefore, what we need to realize is that if we hadn't had the stimulus bill we'd be in a worse position. >> but, julia... >> nobody is talk -- i don't think anybody is talking about whether or not the stimulus bill is good, bad or indifferent. talking about the waste that
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goes on, if you spend $3 million or whatever to study things in argentina, fossils, to create five jobs, and two are argentine, that has to be nuts. this is out of control. these are buffoons running this thing. >> and jonathan, 2 million on a fire station and can't afford to put firefighters into the station. go ahead. it's the stimulus. >> of course because the president's philosophy is that spending is good. doesn't matter what the hell you spend it on, if government spends money -- that is exactly right, and he said in the state of the union, if the green stuff is -- still spend the money, where does -- >> i don't care if the jobs are green, blue, purple or orange. i don't care if they are green, blue, purple or orange, i want jobs. >> hold it. >> just a minute. >> wayne. >> you said you want jobs, want jobs, at any cost? that is crazy. >> i did not say that. i said, he mentioned they were green jobs, and i said i don't
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care what color the jobs are. >> let's get back to weeds, please. first of all, you have to have a few pot studies if the government legalizes it and makes money and i hope that is the path and they'll get rid of deficits and government spending is wasteful, by nature and the way they spend money is random and they are throwing it around, not like the company is spending money, looking for profits and regardless of what they do with it it is wasteful and causes, expensive jobs and he think it creates jobs and creates very expensive jobs and why you only want it during a recession, not during growth periods or boom economies, that's the spending we should be bothered about, not when there is no corporate spending going on. >> you said they don't know how to spend. why do we want spending out of the government at any time into corporation don't spend money when they cannot make a profit with additional hires and during -- >> they are not spending it, and they don't know what the heck to do with it. >> julie when you hear stimulus 2, another package cull down and
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the list of -- coming down and the wasteful spending the american people say enough with stimulus dollars. >> they say bring on more jobs, it's not a stimulus plan, it is a jobs bill. >> hold on, stimulus one... julia. >> we could have been in a worse position and we are talking about the great recession, the worst since the great depression and what do you want? an fdr to go after creating jobs, aggressively or do you want a herbert hoover who sits on his hands. >> and, hey, julie, julie, hey, hey, hey, i don't want either one of them. how about that. huh? listen, if you spend a million dollars -- >> do you have something ber, run for office and do it yourself. >> let me finish. you have talked, let me finish. you spend a million dollars to create three jobs for guys to go and study ants. now i'm a guy making $40,000 a year, i resent that and i'm going a -- i'm a bricklayer, painter and my tax dollars are
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going tor stupid stuff like that. please, the government is out of control. they should be abol ishgd. >> and the thing is, they will not go about it this right way and offering tax incentives to buy a copier is not going to help me when i cannot make payroll on friday, all the tax credits i don't see until i file my taxes a year from now, means nothing to me when i can't pay my guys on the job i'm about to lose. >> you get money to hire people in your small business. >> green, green, green, only! >> i didn't say anything about green and jonas, at the end of the day, maybe it is okay if we leave unemployment where it sits for the rest of the year and let the private sector work it out, forget stimulus money and the government hand and pull the government out of the scenario for the year. >> unemployment would eventually go away if the government does nothing but it could take years and people lose their jobs in government when they let unemployment stay high and there are taxpayer -- spend our taxpayer money to make it go
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away to get re-elected. that is the pattern, has been going on since the depression. >> job creators in history, though, guys, have never been government, right fords, ibms, walmarts, productivity in this country was not built on stimulus dollars and i would like to know, how does spending half a million dollars, to study people getting high, or ants, how does that create long term wealth? for the average joe six pack it says the president thinks he knows how to invest better than individual americans. >> as jonas says it is not about creating wealth. not the job's job to create wealth. it is about jobs. >> going through our wealth -- to create jobs in the short run, that is what they do -- it will not stop -- >> great, thanks to all of you, we'll take a break, when we come back about safety or a sinister move, is this government come down on toyota to prop up a company it now owns? [ male announcer ] when it comes to reaching your big lestones,
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and all your little mile-pebbles ameriprise financial can help. weave over ten-thousand advisors rey to listen to your dreams and help you plan for them. because the first step towards reaching what you want is reaching the person who can help you get there. our advisors. your dreams. more within reach. meet us at >> my advice is if anybody owns one of these vehicles, stop driving it, take it to toyota dealer, because they believe they have the fix for it. >> taking on toyota, ray lahood first edging ordinance of the recalled cars to stop driving them altogether and now he says he misspoke, jonathan you say it isn't really about safety, it is about saving gm? how do you figure? >> let's say there was a brake
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problem in a buick, right, would ray lahood say everybody has to stop driving gms, of course not and toyota is in an impossible position and the government is not only the regularity but also, their biggest competitor, these brake problems, i think are serious and are also rare, and toyota has like 20 million vehicles on the road and we are talking about complaints in 2,000 vehicles, they've taken steps to address it and i think ray lahood and the government getting out there, smearing the company's reputation, hurts investors and drivers but the employees, many of whom have -- happen to be here in america. >> julia, i had congressman issa on the show on the business network and he said it's possible, you have to think of the question, it was a fair question to ask and he denied it but is a fair observation by a lot of folks, gm is protected by the administration. >> gm is not being protected by the administration. the reality is, toyota -- gm was the number one car company and toyota overtook them by
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increasing their production. now, when you increase productivity come problems and that is what they are faced with now. and really the big competition for everyone is ford who actually make good cars and is overtaking everybody else. >> i have to ask, think toyota became the word's largest selling car company because of selling faulty much. >> gm did! >> of course not. no. i don't think that. and nobody else would. it is an excellent car company and they've hand the recall well. except for the fact that they didn't let the government know when it was happening, it happened before and -- >> that means they didn't handle it well. they didn't handle it it well at all. >> they said, come back in, we have a fix and we'll fix the car but we're just learning now there is more to that, and might be a computer problem, software problem which is a bigger problem and haven't let the government know and ray lahood has offer right -- >> hold on, though, because, put the shoe on the other foot. what if it happened to general
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motors, would we have the same outrage. >> no, because it wouldn't have been a media event, and the reason it is toyota is because their like tiger woods and they went bad -- and that is -- and the politicians are stepping into the limelight to grandstand and if you think them care about the profitability of government entities we wouldn't be running deficits and they'd say drive your toyota to the next gm dealership in your town and trade it in on a government program to get on the sticky gas pedal trade-in plan. >> and wayne, wayne rogers, general motors, dealership, maybe you want to make that, i don't know, you have lots of money... might be a different story. >> the problem is nobody knows and ray lahood shot his mouth off without knowing whether or not it's a crisis -- you know, the accelerator pedal itself or whether or not it is software. they don't know yet.
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and he should have had a full investigation before he shot his mouth off and shouldn't be the person doing it. he should be pouring water on the fire and instead is creating this fire. >> tracy. >> he misspoke. >> that is typical of the administration, shoot now, ask question later and that is to wayne's point what the problem was and the pedal that is part of the problem was made in the u.s. and we have to be careful who we are pointing the finger at now, because now, it could be a problem created in the u.s. >> and, make the quality controls better. >> and it could happen to anybody. we could wake up on monday morning and it is happening to d gm or ford or chrysler. >> and jonas pointed out, it has happened, gm recalled three million trucks in '04, and they are always recalling millions and millions of cars and they are complex machine and toyota's reputation and success is built over providing a value, not screwing the customer and i
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think the fact they are taking aggressive steps to address it shows they care about their customers and their brand. >> julia, you i think the transportation secretary should choose his words more carefully next time he speaks. >> he was trying to keep people safe and he was listening to toyota who said there's a problem, it could be a bigger problem, bring your car in, he didn't say park your car and never drive it. bring it in. >> he said leave it in the driveway. >> don't drive far without getting your car checked and fixed if there is a fix for it which is appropriate, and what will we do, hold capitol hill hearings and wait for ten people to get in car accidents and then bring them in. >>... told them, of course. >> and in washington, they'll hold hearings if jonas max ferris gets a bad cold. >> he said put your car in the driveway and don't move it. >> he didn't say "put your car in the driveway".
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>> it might blow up. >> easy for him to say. but if i have a job and have to go to work i can't keep my car in the driveway. >> but you can take it into toyota, they have been great about saying we have the fix. >> wonderful, yeah. but those -- ray lahood is on the taxpayer payroll, i'm not. i can't afford to do that. >> you are not being paid with taxpayer money and they don't make much money, wayne, want to throw it out there. wayne rogers, general motors dealership, a thought, want to throw out there. tay partiers meeting in tennessee as we speak and guess what many of them are more ticked off about than government spending the lies about government spending, hear for yourself and surfing, nearly 2,000 adult web sites in two weeks at works, guess whose paying him to do it? you are! p
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>> push stimulus but don't call it stimulus, what has taxpayers upset, the lie
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>> i'm brian wilson in washington, we're in the midst of a record breaking storm, just north of here. recorded 30 inches on the ground. and some areas may get another 5 to 10 inches before it is all over. meanwhile outside our fox studios, on capitol hill the snow continues to fall. we'll have a live coverage and the latest forecast coming up at the top of the hour. former vice president candidate sarah palin will be the keynote speaker in tennessee where the tea party mutual , movement, a
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from carl cameron minutes from now and the president vowed before the friendly crowd today he will not walk away from health care reform and now is back and warm inside the white house. more on these and the rest of your top stories, coming up in 10 minutes on snowy america's news headquarters. see you then. >> jobs bill. >> jobs bill. >> jobs bill. >> looks like a stimulus bill, and spends like a stimulus bill and in d.c. they call it a jobs bill like across america, state governments calling new taxes on everything from snacks to drivers licenses, calling them fox news and charges and wayne, should we be more outraged over the lines about new spending and taxes, than the actual new spending and taxes? >> well, i don't know whether we should be more outraged. i don't know how much more you can be, the government is lying to you all the time and tell you lies over and over and tell you one thing and try -- listen, a pig with lipstick is still a pig. it doesn't matter.
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and a duck walks like a duck and quacks, it is a duck and they are incapable of telling you the truth and god knows, they are spending more and more and more and as jack kennedy said, ask not what your government can do for you, ask what you can do for your government and by golly, nobody in the congress is doing that. >> julia, seems like a brilliantly idea and like you raise money for your state government without technically raising taxes. >> actually, if people told the truth about what they doing, george bush would have been re-elected when he said no new taxes and got caught in the lie and should have said he was raising them taxes or called them fees and fees are not knew and mitt romney raised $300 million, raised taxes by $300 million by calling them fees in massachusetts, and this is not new. fees are not new and calling taxes fees, not new. >> wait a minute -- >> stand on the podium on inauguration say and say you
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will not raise my taxes and meanwhile throw fees and surtaxes at me, six ways until tuesday? until i have no money left? is that better? truthful? and the part that bothers me the most is people think we are too stupid to parcel through this and understand what we are doing and that is what incenses me about that. >> fees and taxes, fees and penalties are taxes, a fancier name for taxes and what most people are -- most outraged about is this notion that your money, the fruit of your labor, is somehow the public's, right? because we're all in it together and whether for health care or education, or anything else, and folks feel it, whether fees on tattoos in michigan, orphone lines in virginia, at the end of the day it's more of my money going to bureaucrats. i don't think that is fair or right. >> look, jonas, it is money being spent and they'll feel it one way or the other. >> loosely defined it is taxes but i like to think of taxes as
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things, tied to income and things that go percentagely and very large items and fees in my opinion are like cigarette taxes and things that don't get larger the more money you make and we shouldn't complain too much about it and can hurt the economy, and if that is what you want, we'll give taxes and people get madder when they cut spending and states are doing lots of tax increases because their broke and will not cut spending aggressively enough and schools and roads and stuff... >> that is the problem, they are not cutting expenses. and people -- that's the problem. people get less mad over the fees than when there is massive cuts on state governments and i don't know why but that is the way it seems to be. >> thanks, tracy burns! lady on fire today! and julia, thank you for joining us, great to talk to you, julia. coming up, was watching this why government watch dogs missed the financial cries an bernie madoff's ponzi scheme and guess who is getting tax dollars in the president's new $4 trillion
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budget? stick around. [ female announcer ] 1 out of 2 women over 50
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and ways to help prevent fractures. call 1-800-869-8814 and learn how to help maintain strong bones and read about a treatment option for post-menopausal osteoporosis. there's even a discussion guide to use when you talk to your doctor. are you calling now? 1-800-869-8814 for your free kit. call 1-800-869-8814. >> what do i need to know for next week? tracy byrnes. >> because i'm not incensed enough. apparently 4 billion dollars in the president's 3.84 trillion dollar budget for 2011 organizations for acorn and others that do similar things. are you kidding me? we just went through talking about how our money is inproply spent. here is an example. >> tracy is on fire. >> jonas, top that one. >> turns out the sec agents were not investigating bernie
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madoff, they were doing some porn surfing at work and freedom of information, it's difficult for a government worker to surf for porn. i would recommend going with cellular internet access free from the company's network, a company like verizon provides wireless internet access to anybody, including government porn surfers. >> wayne rogers. the financial reform hearings going on with chris dodd and all of that is bogus. it's going to happen again because you can't reform it with regulation, you have to do it with legislatures. the congress has to break up big banks, they can't control them. strong words, jonathan. >> we've talked a lot about japan, there's more to japan, incorporated besides toyota and one we've mentioned before is sony, a massive company with interests in media, finance and the rest and quietly moved to new highs and outperformed in the u.s. markets and one area is going to have fund for my hurj. >> we listen to you when


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