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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 6, 2010 4:00am-5:00am EST

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thanks for the tickets. pall paw. great job.
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grass roots political activist meeting in nashville outlined what they expect from candidates who want their support. and how to help them get elected. chief political correspondent carl cameron reports on the basics for the tea party movement. >> ttea party activists used day two to outline the long-term goals. >> this is not about forming a third party. they're going to lose. >> 42% view the g.o.p. favorably. 46% do not. 42% view democratics favorably. 48% do not. >> any campaign you're on -- >> convention workshop on networking and applying old and new political strategies to elect common sense conservative. wellington ran scott brown online campaign in
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massachusetts. >> it's where you first find out about information. >> tennessee organizers unveiled new fundraising and political strategies to be implemented locally and offer them to other groups nationally. >> they are learning new skills to take back to the home communities. and be more effective in the activism. >> organized around the first principle of the fiscal responsibility and national security, they have separate spinoff political activist committees to fund reyes those who back their goals and the xhas national platform. >> we want those who want to invest time and money to participate in clearly articulated stratestrategy. >> the latest fox news dynamics poll says 51% consider tea party movement serious group. 20% call them fringe and 20% are unsure. tomorrow, the biggest celebrity the tea party movement is the headline speaker. former alaska government sarah palin speaks here. worth noting it's the 99th
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anniversary of reagan's birthday tomorrow. >> the new pack and corporation at the memphis tea party is forming, is that something they want to do all over the country? >> they are offering it for anyone to take advantage and isn't it be used as a model for other tea party groups to duplicate it in the region and state. but only a suggestion. they're cautious saying this is not what everybody has to do. if you like it, use it. if you don't, find your own path. this is not organization they like the authoritarian leadership. has to be by group. >> thank you, carl. saturday is the 99th anniversary of the birth of ronald reagan. correspondent anita vogel reports on how the words and action of the 40th president are still guiding lawmakers of both political parties today. >> wish those who bear a heavy burden for the taxes could resist playing politics
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with the problems they caused and work with us to stay on course to lasting recovery. >> ronald reagan's message to a nation deep in recession in 1982, still resonates as another president facing crippled economy looks for answers and strives to rally the nation behind him. >> again, we are tested. again, but must answer history's call. >> president barack obama and ronald reagan have little in common ideologically, but mr. obama predicted he would face uphill political battle and expressed admiration for his predecesspredecessor's abil effect significant change. >> i think ronald reagan chained the trajectory of america in a way that richard nixon did not and in a way bill clinton did not. he put us on a fundamentally different path because the country was ready for it. >> one lesson he can learn from reagan that is an
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important one, power comes from the people when you are president. it doesn't come from the majority in congress. if you have that political clout you can make things happen. >> such praise for reagan is uncommon among democrats but the republicans continue to invoke his name seeking office. >> interesting thing about ronald reagan. hi ideas weren't new. they were fundamental ideas. >> recently elected massachusetts senator scott brown had a reagan moment when he had a blistering response in debate. >> it's not the kennedy seat. it's not the democrats' seat. it's the people's seat. >> as a leader he had tremendous values and communicated in a world class fashion. >> president reagan's optimism and commitment to core american values left a lasting impression. as the country heads to decisive mid-term election, look to republican candidates around the nation to invoke
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his name and legacy as they drive to win backseats in congress this fall. at the library tomorrow there will be a huge celebration in honor of what would have been ronald reagan's 99th birthday. it will be complete with a 21-gun salute, military flyover and probably some other surprises. >> all very interesting. thank you. judge in north carolina declared a one-time aide to former democratic presidential contender john edwards is in contempt. andrew young was reprimanded but not held in custody. he has until wednesday to turn over pictures and a videotape which pew portedly show -- purportedly shows edwards in sexual encounter with what is believed to be his former mistress. she is demanding the tape be returned to her. we look at why the president hasn't had a news conference since the summer and the
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it has been a violent day in the middle east. a twin car bombing south of baghdad tore through a crowd of shiite pilgrims headed for a religious observance. at least 40 people were killed and 151 wounded. a pa pair of bomb bombs inca r chi -- karachi. a second bomb was outside of a hospital that were treatk victims from the first bomb. 25 people were killed. another motorcycle bomb went off near spectate torse watching dog fight in southern afghanistan. at least three people were killed and two dozen hurt. dog fighting was outlawed under the taliban but is now a popular pastime. meanwhile, british troops begun softening parts of the
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he he h helmand province and will not enter into reconciliation deal with the afghan government. at home, the defense retarment will soon require all the treatment facilities worldwide carry the so-called morning after birth control pill. white house corespondent mike emanuel has that story from the pentagon. >> the u.s. troops serving around the world will all have access to the morning after bill, plan "b," thanks to a department dd the departm decision. when taken in 72 hours of unprotected sex proven to be highly effective at preventing pregnancy. pro-life group begins life begins at conception and considers the bill to be form of abortion. >> contrary to propaganda from the abortion lobby, plan "b" sometimes operates as
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abortion which goes against the conscience of millions of americans across the country so we're opposed to the move from the pentagon. >> but this comes at a time the u.s. troops fight wars in afghanistan and iraq and women service members are playing vital roles in their units. from a strictly military perspective, an unexpected pregnancy can have a disruptive effect. >> soldiers will be soldiers but a commander's obligation to the soldiers is keep them in the fight. when a soldier gets pregnant, the soldier usually goes back to the states, often time is discharged and the unit is left without a key member for a long time. >> supporters of the decision say it provides method that gives all women in uniform a second chance to prevent unintended pregnancies. >> this is providing a safe and effective contraceptive method to military women and families. i think we're bound to
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provide safe and effective medicine to our troops. >> pentagon officials say plan "b" has been available for women in the military in some locations for a decade. now this move requires that the drug is available everywhere u.s. troops serve, providing uniformty across force. jim? >> mike, thank you. two americans involved in the haiti relief effort were killed thursday when their helicopter crashed in the dominican republic. officials say the chopper hit a mountain, and burst into flames. it was returning from the haitian capital port-au-prince. in the matter of those who were accused of kidnapping 30 haitian children, the lawyer says the leader of the group was to blame. we may be able to tell you who you root for in the super bowl by who you vote for on election day. is the obama administration telling the truth about the telling the truth about the history ofr: was getting depresd 'cause of all of the stress ♪ ♪ i was feeling at home ♪ had a poor credit score ♪ and the number would haunt me wherever i'd go ♪
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holder made the decision to criminally charge the christmas day bomb suspect. but who are the other 300
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terrorists he mentions? lawmakers have been trying to find out for months and republican senator john kyl says flatly there hasn't been 300 high profile dangerous terrorism cases in the united states. if there were we would have heard about them. kyl is asked information from holder three times and got nowhere. although assistant attorney general told kyl he could, "get briefings about terrorism suspects housed in federal prisons generally." >> glenn: dana perino says, "it's false as false gets." scott lee >> cowen was accused of holding a knife to his then girlfriend who was a prostitute. cowen says he disclosed the arrest before he announced his candidacy but such an
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underdog it never became an issue. now that he has won the primary incumbent governor pat quinn, also running has called on cowen to step aside. >> they point to comments he made about the role of bush and others in the iraq war. "i believe they should spend the rest of their lives in prison offering repentent to every american family who lost someone -- >> democrats and republicans are at odds over the super bowl. democrats root for the saints by a wide margin and republicans narrow favor the indiana colts. indy won the super bowl five
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years ago and favored by five points over the saints making their first appearance in the big game. for those of you keeping score, the president shut out the white house press corp since last july when it comes to full-fledged news conferences. why is such an eloquent speaker so hesitant to face the media without a net? senior white house correspondent major garrett takes a look. hesitant to face a. or foreign dignitaries. at the white house these encounters often occur in the oval office. chance for reporters to force force the president offmessage and on to topic he is might want to avoid. they view themselves as surrogate for public.
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the job is to be there to ask the question the public would like to have answer. >> martha joynt kumar tracks the presidential the white house. communication from the white house. according to her numbers, president obama had 48 such brief question-and-answer encounters in the first year of his presidency. president bush had 147. president clinton had 252. what is more, kumar says the president's interaction with white house beat reporters tailed off since july of last year when mr. obama held his last formal white house with news conference. in the last five months, mr. obama has had only 16 q&a sessions with beat reporters, fewer than four a month. >> he is taking few questions from individual reporters in a setting where he has to respond to the issues that reporters want to talk about. >> reporter: the white house doesn't deny it and they say it is all about staying on message. interviews they say give the president the setting and situation to exert more control
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over the situation and drive a more disciplined message. >> we have done a countless number of interviews, i think more interviews in the first year than any president in recent memory. >> reporter: it is true mr. obama has granted 161 interviews compared to 50 for mr. bush and 53 for mr. clinton. >> that is because as a professor, as a lawyer he likes to put in all the buts and wherefores and talk about something in depth. >> reporter: the president is also taking questions from house republicans and democrats. and also taking questions online but those don't really count because the white house screens them. how about questions from beat reporters a at full-blown press conference? the white house says don't expect one any time soon. >> it appears many americans want president obama to start oh remember on his signature issue. 47% want a mulligan on healthcare reform.
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23% favor do nothing and 23% like the current legislation which was crippled with the swearing in of senator scott brown on thursday. the unemployment rate goes down but the economy lost jobs? how does that work? we will ask the fox all-stars when we come back.
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even as we take additional steps to hasten that recovery we know that there are limits to what government can do to create jobs. the true engine of job creation will always be businesses. what government can do is fuel that engine. >> there is president obama today talking about the jobs numbers. that is a fairly new view for the president, talking about the limitations on government. let's bring in our panel, steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard. juan williams, news analyst for national public radio and
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syndicated co columnist charles krauthammer. the news that we lost more jobs but the unemployment rate went down is puzzling to a lot of people but the story behind it is interesting. >> marks used to talk about the army of unemployed as a creation of capitalist to keep wages low. we have an army of the discouraged unemployed who have an effect on the numbers. these are people who have given up looking for work and as a result the number of the unemployed is reduced because they are considered out of the workforce. there has been an increase in the numbers, a rather large one and as a result the unemployment rate has dropped. on the other hand, when times improve as they ultimately will you get a reduction in the discouraged unemployment and that is going art figuresly
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increase the numbers of the unemployed and that is going to look worse. the actual unemployment rate is not that reliable. there was an encouraging drop in the number offed underemployed and that is people who want to be working full time but who have either part-time or have diminished hours and that number dropped by about a million which was encouraging. on the other hand, the number of those who haven't had their job for over six months is now up to 6.3 million, a slight increase which is the highest ever recorded. it implies i think that those in certain sectors of the economy are not going to get jobs and it is not going to return. on the other hand, in the cyclical elements of our economy, hiring is beginning again. >> what do you make of all this, juan? there is a little bit of good news in the sense that fewer jobs were lost but we are not back on the track. >> we are no where close to back on the track.
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in the package that we saw there, elaine chow who was the labor secretary under president bush made what i thought was a compelling sad point that typically people are unemployed for eight weeks and in the current recession we are going through there are people un employed close to eight months. that is a tremendously depressing statistic. unbelievable what is happening, especially for people in the industrial sec sector. we saw some increase in industrial employment and then a jump in terms of temporary workers and that is being advertised by the white house as something that indicates that people -- that employers are really holding back on hiring right now but they need workers and that soon we will see a burst of people coming to is. >> starting to put their toes in the water a little bit. >> yes. >> i want to get to another thing and that is what president obama said today which seems to suggest that he saw some limits in government
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pend and stimulus and conceded the point -- i'm surprised it took him so long to get to -- which is that the main engine for job creation is small business which creates about two thirds of all jobs. the new package will push benefits for small business but until now they have been relying on government stimulus. >> they have been. the president, one day he will do a small business event, this is not the first one he has done. he has done a series over the past six, eight weeks where he goes to a small business and gives a speech and there is some sort of microcut or tax incentive that he rolls out at that kind of event. in the big speeches in the state of the union everything he talks about is government driven and talks about it in ways that i think are striking in that they sound almost statist. he talked with, he said i ran for this office to rebuild our economy. as if the function of government is really to rebuild the economy. he talks like that fairly
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frequently. the other inconsistency i think in the way he is approaching small businesses is that at the same time he is offering these kind of incentives for capital gains tax cuts. he is also at the same time letting the bush tax cuts expire and doing other things that are basically taking money from small businesses. as you mentioned and as other people reported, two thirds of small business owners are the ones who are going to be affected by this. i think that is a real problem. you can't do this push and pull because it sends messages that don't allow people to make long-term plans. >> what would have happened if they took the same amount of money spent on the stimulus and put it instead in a tax cut including a refundable tax cut which means even if you are not working and don't have income you still get the money. you have to answer how much
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difference that would have made. >> a lot of us think as i do, that would have improved the state of employment today because so much of the stimulus ended up in government projects which haven't produced a lot of jobs. what we have had as the private economy has lost millions of jobs. we have had an increase. we are now at a record high in federal employment. and also a lot of the money went into states that overspent and overhired and kept that overhiring at an extremely high level. we are getting a net shift of jobs out of the pro private economy and into the government economy. that is not a way to get the economy moving and improve growth. >> you talked about overspending, to help people, especially the seniors who have medicare. if medicare bankrupted the states this would have been a worse situation. a lot of this is a precursor to
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a second stimulus package and whether you not you should have it. republicans are saying we don't need the stimulus package. >> they are not even calling it a stimulus package, are they? >> there was an interesting shift there. republicans are talking about a second stimulus because they know that people don't like the first stimulus. democrats and the white house are talking about a jobs bill because that sounds better. >> it sounds a lot better. >> we'll be back in three minutes with the friday lightning round and your choice lightning round and your choice online topic of the w w w wcc
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i don't understand. why not? >> it is like the economics of the healthcare plan when they take something out and then it would work according to the cbo. >> i'm surprised to hear charles call this obama nomics. it sounds like regan nomics or bush nomics. paying for the prescription drug plan without acknowledgeing that this will be a cost. >> regan created the biggest economic expansion and longest in u.s. history. i rest my case. >> all right. now, let's talk briefly about what people see behind us which is a massive snowstorm coming to washington. washington does not handle these things well. we are not in boston, folks, so, you know, you get a little dusting here and people completely lose their minds. the grocery stores packed all day, people buying both for the storm and for the super bowl.
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i suspect there is some people in the country that say fine, let a snowstorm fall on washington as they used to say in texas no man's life or liberty is safe when the texas legislature is in session. maybe this is a wish sent to us by tea party people. >> let me say having woken up this morning in south florida and flown into the teeth of this storm to be here and defend, truth justice and american way against juan and his snow -- that i find the hysteria in washington rather amusing but i think it is rather useful. this is a dry run in washington for ar armageddon and i think n the armageddon happens they will be prepared and say hey, this is just another snowstorm. >> this is a frosty the snowman
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on there. it is seasonal. >> the state legislature in virginia vacated the state capitol and said that the storm was too much. people have stolen shovels off of my porch. >> you can't even get a shovel from a hardware store. >> they must have known you were going to wear that tie. >> he is already making excuses for why his walks won't be shoveled. you are that guy in the neighborhood. >> the reproblem is if it happened on a weekend. if it would have happened during the week we could have shut down the federal government and saved some money and everybody would have been happier. >> the biggest news this week. there would be other big news because sarah palin is on "fox news sunday." the biggest news sunday afternoon and into the evening will be the super bowl. we had a little item about how republicans and democrats divide up on these things. charles, do you have a favorite team? >> i do. and i root for the greatest quarterback in the history of the game and that, of course,
4:54 am
is peyton manning. and secondly, conservatives never support the underdog, as you know. that is our reputation so i'm for the colts. >> juan? >> i think the greatest quarterback would be johnny unidis i think. but peyton manning is terrific. if you had to bet the house, yes. but come on, you got to have a heart. new orleans. beaten up. this is a team that has never been to the super bowl. never won anything. got to have a heart. makes you want to burst into song, come on, guys. >> are you going to burst into song? [ laughter ] >> you know conservatives don't. you know that. >> because you are heartless. you say i remember that part. >> we are realistic. >> in that case the colts are likely to win. >> my heart tells me the saints. i would rather see the saints win. however, my head tells me that the colts are more likely to win. i think they are a better team
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despite dwight freeney's injury i think they willle seen it. i hope we don't see, though, is a blown call that decides the game. the same ref who blew the call at the end of the packer game is calling the super bowl. >> do a call like that and you get the super bowl? >> i hope he has a good game. >> he is an elephant, he remembers. >> i think i would have to go with peyton manning myself. that is it for the panel. stay tuned to see the softer side of one of the super bowl quarterbacks.
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the images from haiti are heart-breaking--
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homes, hospitals, and schools destroyed; families searching for loved ones; parents trying to feed their children. but we can all do something. we can help the american red cross as it delivers the food, water, and medicine that can save lives. donate $10 by texting "haiti" to 9-0-9-9-9. visit or call 1-800-red-cross. thanks for your help. finally tonight, we have seen those ads touting nfl stars as humanitarians who devote countless hours working with the kids with yo but you o
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hand it to peyton manning of the colts sharing important life lessons with the youth of america. >> sometimes it helps to have an adult around. that is why peyton manning takes time out to volunteer with local youth groups. >> ready to play football? >> yeahing. >> we going to have fun and encourage each other. team work on three. one, two, three. team work. >> peyton uses football to teach valuable lessons of communication. >> pink, pink. watch the blitz. brown, 55, razor. cut! open, kid open? let's get back in here. let's go. i can't even look at you. you know what, go sit there for 20 minutes. stay in there. >> there is know substitute for the hands on guidance a mentor can provide. >> push it further and chen you hear a click. >> why don't you just use yo


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