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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 18, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's friday-eve. you are watching "outnumbered" with my cohosts emily compagno and kayleigh my canadian. joining us -- from the grill at del my great. [laughter] let's start in south florida, where, and about an hour or now,
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a federal judge will weigh whether to unseal the affidavit that set off the fbi's unprecedented search of former president donald trump's mom. it's of a push in that investigation that could further divide the nation. trump's legal team won the affidavit to be public to ensure that the justice department is not abusing its power, but the doj consents that it would compromise ongoing criminal investigations and could damage national security. >> [laughs] it's a lie. all of this lacks common sense, logical reasoning. if these documents were so important, all this classified information, why wait 18 months? why would merit garlands -- trying to figure out if it's the right decision if these documents were so important? if you were looking for specific information, why was the search warrant so broad?
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if mayor garland was so worried about the integrity of the doj and fbi be in question, why leak that information and not -- have the affidavit be released? this goes back to what chuck schumer said in 2017. six ways from sunday after taking on the intelligence committee. said that we need to be the ones toning down the rhetoric. essentially, what they want to happen is not for you to tone down the rhetoric. they want you to shut up and not question authority, which we are going to question. >> which they, as nomenclature -- canceled." >> my other question -- why the rush? my question is, 82 days out from the midterms, if they could have waited this long, why couldn't it wait for that? >> i think that's a lot of people's frustrations. we are in a bad spot in terms of the affidavit.
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"i know it's unprecedented --" to release it in most cases, but also unprecedented to raid a former president. america -- same age as joe biden. [laughter] >> i just looked at -- [>> give or take a year. [laughter] we have never been in a position where a legitimate country doesn't trust their department of justice good reason. we've seen them go after this guy. until further notice, a lot of us are well within our rights to believe this is a political persecution. they could clear it up, but so far, haven't shown any interest in doing so. >> i want to get to this. wrote this in "the wall street journal": "the u.s. is on edge, a trump investigation, the likelihood of a conviction will make that worse. imagine if it goes to court next year or in 2024. "resolving that would be better
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left to voters than an attorney general, already -- by half the population," which is what you are saying. imagine we give that, and then all the voters decide -- because it won't come down to americans -- >> that's the argument the senator made when they said that this is vulnerable to leaks that end up having nothing rooted in a factual basis. the potential for misinformation is great. when talking about votes, that has a huge impact. i just want to talk about the release of the affidavit. we know that the doj has argued -- a criminal investigation. form president trump has said -- it's clearly not a factor to this. the public interest in this is absolutely enormous, factoring in things that aren't rooted in
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any factual basis. i think the whole point is whether public disclosure is more or less than the redacted version of it. to me, it seems like -- i'm no judge, but to me, it seems like the public interest outweighs their interest in keeping this under wraps >> as usual, democrats have misguided themselves on the politics. the politics of the moment say trump still has -- >> he certainly does. and there is an anvil one side of the scale, the american public, who takes immense public interest in this case. on your show, he brought up the name jim comey, who is no paragon of virtue, argued we took -- he had that information
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about the russian dossier. one thing i think he did write his he had a lot of criticism. he came out very publicly on the hillary clinton email case. "i'm going to include more detail about our process they am i ordinarily would. why? the american people deserve those details." he talked about those emails, eight top secret, 36 secret." i am making the point that he listed excruciating detail and went on to say that while the doj will make a final decision, though there is evidence for potential violations of statutes, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case." to his credit, he brought out the exact rationale. i don't agree with it, but that was his rationale. the american public could make
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their own political judgment. >> how much do you think people look at this case -- and dimension to this word, which was perfect. how much do you think the american public believes are attorney general merrick garland that this would be -- to this case? >> we know so much already. the affidavit just says to put the square peg over by this one. we know the what good >> i think one of the best things president trump did for our country was rolled back the the curtain on how corrupt our american government is. americans were woken up during -- and that witch hunt against the president, seeing the abuse of the government during lockdowns. trust is earned, respect is earned. the fbi don't deserve our trust.
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they want transparency, and honesty, respect earned again, do not target former presidents, because there's a reason we haven't on this. this goes to latin american countries, they put political opponents in jail. that's the direction we are heading in as a country. >> that's the theme, this cloak of opacity, that somehow the greatest protection. >> that somehow blows it out of the water, and yet, the government is fixated on keeping their information -- because perhaps it will just be a little man behind the curtain. >> is it just me, or do i see a theme? >> i'm not saying it's one connected to the other, but they certainly do this in the same cultivated garden. 87,000 more irs agents to collect more on all of us, but
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you are asking for the transparency firm the agencies that have been lost since? those are happening in the same garden. >> quickly, the fbi is making it worse. merrick garland -- stop calling the fbi names." then they leaked information. it's like saying "don't call me an alcoholic, but if anybody needs me i will be at the bar." [laughter] the code you didn't get any pushback. >> one more on this. what happens when president trump releases the tapes of the fbi agents carrying out their raid? we know that nobody wants anyone to be in harm's way. no matter how you feel about this, there might be cases -- so on and so forth, but the sheer information of what it looks like becomes political football.
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>> i think he should release it. the american people deserve to see the home of a former president raid. they asked him to turn off security cameras, he didn't. good for him and his team. at the same time, you can call for peace as he has, and bringing down the temperature. no one wants to see violence in this country. >> armed border agents just opened up the gate blocked by the texas national guard, no making it even easier for groups of illegal immigrants to cross into the united states. we will get into it. ime to turnr home equity into cash. you can get at least 25% more cash at newday than you get at a bank. 25% more cash to make home improvements. 25% more cash to pay bills. 25% more cash for retirement. call now and get an average of $60,000. veterans get more at newday usa. turn the equity in your home into cash.
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. speak of crisis at our southern border exploding under president biden's watch.
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outrage over this video, armed border patrol agents -- a barbed wire gate that was blocked by national guard being open. dozens walked right through that area. meanwhile, greg abbott just sent moore to new york city, where mayor adams is looking for some 6,000 hotel rooms to house them. on top of this, we have learned that the number of migrant encounters broke another record, exceeding 2 million for this fiscal year? >> that amount is extraordinary. we are tearing them down and saying "come on in." >> i want to say, this is -- border patrol, we thank them for their work every day.
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by federal law, the border patrol agents are required to allow illegal immigrants to come in, because president biden -- if you don't like what you are seeing, it's not the border patrol, it's commander in chief. last october, 13,000 pounds of fennel -- killing americans since president biden took office. i think -- >> we have talked about the mayor, after having 4,000 illegal migrants, called it a crisis and requested the national guard come in, and now, thousands everywhere to the tune of 2 million total. >> 2 million number. 2 million illegal immigrants breaking sovereignty at the border. more than we have in our jails
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and prisons in the united states. 2 million illegal immigrants, not including -- because that's 800000-900000 more that we don't know where they are. 2 million is more than the populations of new mexico or nebraska. that's a lot of people. there are a lot of american citizens who are here legally as immigrants, and they contribute every day. i hear this from people in the border state. once we are here legally. why does everyone else get to cheat? why does everybody else get to bring in elements that aren't offended that we don't know who is among us? why did they get to do with the way?" because of this administration. no one wants this to be solved.
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republicans have been in the majority and democrats have. right now, what's broken is that everything that has been working under trump, biden came in and flip the switch, which has given us 2 million illegal immigrants. wrap them that. >> it is still huge. we know that president biden doesn't care about us or americans. but, what that symbolizes to me is that he doesn't care about migrants either. but that open door swinging open means is that it's a feeding frenzy for the cartels come up for smuggling human smuggling, sexual assault, that journey here, that's what this president doesn't care about. >> it's disgusting that they have the indifference they do to a legitimate humanitarian
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crisis. people migrate here because they are fleeing corrupt governments, and sadly, they wind up in cities where it's the same deal. joe biden has turned our country into a college bar that doesn't check i.d. when you went to college and had that one bar that wasn't checking i.d., everyone was showing up. that's what it is, people coming in illegally. part of it is that people don't want to live in a country -- but when you tack on fenton mall, which is what we were discussing earlier, that's when this texas problem starts being everybody's problem, because the leading cause of death -- and because of political liabilities of the democratic party, they are more worried about politics than people. people are dying, and the country should be losing their minds. it's disgusting. >> china is producing the most sense at all in the world. >> we are in a bad spot when i
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am the voice of reason. [laughter] >> and the fact that's what we keep maintaining, every state is a border state. that's why dozens of states signed off on the lawsuit, demanding the federal government do something. the texas governor tweeted about the federal government and said "unbelievable --" this is his response to the video we just showed you." the texas government was enabling illegal immigration, and biden's border policy caused this --" >> i could solve this in 5 minutes. secure the border, love the border patrol do their job. change asylum laws. problem solved. everyone is trying to overcomplicate this. governor abbott, sending these illegal immigrants to new york city. so virtuous.
9:21 am
embrace them, show us how virtuous you are. show us how moral you are. >> they are sanctuary cities by definition! >> do you remember when liberals were sitting there -- >> remember what the statue of liberty says? your huddled masses. your poor, your tired, whatever. "can't handle it" >> another problem solved. >> the economy is such a mess. >> moving forward, a battle over -- while one district is taking
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a texas school district is pulling the bible from its library. it is among some 40 titles now and review in this keller independent school district in texas along with the anne frank diary. the book sparked controversy last year after his parents -- and the district says it's just temporary, saying that right now -- we are asking our campus staff and librarians to review books challenged last year to determine that they meet the requirements for policy. books will be returned to libraries as soon as it with this policy. they apparently got accused of having sexual content. there were three claims about the bible, citing sexual content
9:27 am
and violence. my question is, were these anonymous individuals to sleep when they learned that kindergarten through second graders were being taught across the country -- >> one of the books that was at issue there are pictures of young people doing sexual acts on one another. he would say most americans need this for young kids. this of course all originated with covid. people were worried about things like critical race theory being taught on their kids. the major issue was a parent-led
9:28 am
rebellion. this was not about what you, the government -- this conservative position on twin teenage youth is about to engage in a act -- [laughter] but you can keep that with the bible. over the last 50 years, nearly 4 billion copies have been sold. that's the one we are removing. >> what is difficult to digest is that this the winds of the
9:29 am
few. this graphic novel was an ulcerated version -- somebody else said they would review it again, and all of a sudden, not under review -- absolutely horrifying. this is when the school administrators needed to step up and -- don't need the committee to discuss this for 40 minutes, going back on the shelf. if it is subjected to review, automatically taken off the shelf. >> every day without the bible is a day lost, and -- there is a difference. i think a new book written with sexual content that is inappropriate for children should be taken away, even though i am in general not for canceling books off of library shelves. a book like anne frank, i have not seen an illustrated version. this is a real picture of something that happened in
9:30 am
history. human atrocities in world history. >> just a second in terms of when something is settled, then pulled off the shelves, they review it, so on and so forth. is this to appease the few that we took this look? is it really a policy that everybody agreed on? were parents a part of this conversation? to me, this opens up more questions. i don't know if there's transparency in the process. maybe they felt like they don't need it, but they need it now. maybe, it's to explain the differences and commonalities. while one seems like an automatic no in third grade and the other is "can we discuss this." taking the bible out of school furthers political goals that we know already exists where we
9:31 am
want to, on one side of the political aisle, remove things like the pledge of allegiance, things that have the word god in them, so on and so forth. to avoid any painting of politics on this, seems like they need to have an open discussion. why remove it when you are talking about it? you cannot replace what was gone, because these are not things that kindergarten through third graders are going to be practicing. you cannot replace that learning while five people decide that he was right. >> exactly. you've got to learn your history. part of recent history as the election of glen young can. >> our liability for democrats to address this from a parental standpoint. the bigger frustration is that this does nothing to help our kids catch up in the world. american children right now
9:32 am
aren't in the top 35 in math or science in the world. the average student thinks two plus two equals jell-o. [laughter] >> public schools, meals also. we are always fighting the wrong battle. schools set fires, and then show up to extinguish them so they can gain whatever virtue comes with doing so, but the kids are a liability. staggering numbers on the bible: 4 billion copies, very impressive, considering jay esu s isn't very big on social media. [laughter] >> and still got a trade. lord help the rest of us. [laughter] we are awaiting the start of the hearing that i mentioned at the top of this hour. a federal judge will decide whether to unseal the affidavit
9:33 am
tied to last week's mar-a-lago rate at former president trump's home, set to begin at 1:00 p.m. eastern. you will get updates, we will cover this story. more as we get it on fox news. more "outnumbered" in a moment.
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ask you doctor about tremfya® today. >> thanks to cancel culture, americans are scared to share what they really think. a new study on self silencing shows how big the gaps are between public and private -- listen to this: only 47% believe privately that stopping the spread of masks -- that wearing masks was effective at stopping the spread of covid.
9:38 am
nearly 30% publicly say that they should, while only half of that number agrees in private. when a public is facing nearly half of americans between 30-34 thinking americans should have a say when they are teaching, that should jump nearly three quarters on the guise of anonymity. what's interesting is when you dig down, it should set off alarm bells in democratic america. you find that 71% agreed privately for this education, and 70%, that's a huge number of independents you probably want to win. >> they've created this culture of fear, the left, and it's reinforced by their social media masters, and big tech companies
9:39 am
coming in and silencing people. during covid, repeatedly -- taking positions against the acceptable narrative, being labeled things like anti-facts anti- --their goal was to shut , but i can't be shut up. [laughter] that's the point. they want to stifle dissent, and they want to turn america into a communist country. >> i think it shows our social interactions. can't say publicly what you feel privately. they talked about the hidden voter that wasn't counted. >> it shields our interactions and the journey of finding better answers, which is why the cdc is finally being held accountable. nobody is listening to them anymore. the president, on july 21st, tested positive for covid, came out of isolation not wearing a mask, wearing a mask.
9:40 am
he didn't know the rules because none of us know, because they haven't been clear, and they made some of it up, like that 6-foot distancing thing. just made it up. "sounds like fun." [laughter] all of that puts us in a position for "who do we trust?" if we can't put it out there, if we don't feel comfortable, can't go together and ask those questions, we are silent. >> that's right. interestingly, abortion, when it came to men, interesting what they privately think. they say that men are much less likely to privately agree with the idea that don't make the choice for abortion should be left up to a woman and solely to her and her doctor. this desk -- can't say it. >> has there ever been a bigger
9:41 am
gap between what people believe and what they will say in public? the main theme is on social media, that has turned everything into a branding exercise. people are just trying to -- the opinions that will reflect favorably with their friends, brands, peers. they will have these policies that no sane person would embrace. no sane person would say "we need to get rid of the cops, let criminals out of jail so society will be better." maybe cori bush, but as i said, no sane person would say that. [laughter] like kamala harris competing in sports, no sane person should think that's okay unless they are betting in vegas looking to clean up. you hear the phrase "agree to disagree." that doesn't happen now. now if you disagree "i'm chasing you out of the restaurant." not my onion rings. >> you are totally right.
9:42 am
women are more likely to say privately "we don't believe these masks don't work --" a public school teacher in a democratic city this weekend talked about that, the principal -- ask her about the mask requirements, and everyone felt pressured. this was someone that up until that confrontation, they felt very strongly about wearing them, and "i feel like i can't be that one to take it off." what struck me about this was the delta. it was over 25 percentage points between the public and private view. as basic as the sounds come of the best predictor for private behavior is private opinions, which is why that left woke segments of the population might be surprised in november, but we won't be, and aren't when "gender put out is not on my
9:43 am
priority list when crime, inflation is." people don't care about the fundamental things that aren't in the local culture. >> the cultural arsonists. >> it's interesting, but not surprising to those of us rooted in reality. all right, awaiting the start of this hearing on whether a federal judge -- on this affidavit tied to last week's raid on mar-a-lago. the raid set to begin at 1:00 p.m. eastern. this judge may rule from the bench today or take it under advisement and rule later. updates as we bring them. more "outnumbered" coming up. ar, so you only pay for what you need. contestants ready? go! only pay for what you need. jingle: liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. life... doesn't stop for diabetes.
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a magistrate judge in florida hears arguments in the next hour about unsealing the affidavit for donald trump's mar-a-lago estate. a team on hand for all the moments. the cdc dropped the ball in the pandemic, which is the assessment of the cdc director. more than half of americans polled by npr say there is an invasion on the southern border. why did a border patrol have a gate -- for dozens of illegals in the country?
9:48 am
join us at the top of the hour, "america reports." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome back. a relationship therapist says men are lonelier than ever as they struggle to meet the higher dating standards set by women. shows that they need to "address a deficit and step up their dating game. he writes "i hear this theme for people between 35 and 25, emotionally available, good communicators, and share similar values and that society has done a poor job of teaching boys to communicate and that the influx of dating apps -- has made it a whole lot harder."
9:49 am
>> 16 years. >> and going to go to to white. [laughter] >> you are a lucky man. what say you about the psychologist's argument? it was interesting. we did meet on tender five years after we were married." [laughter] really awkward [laughter] >> you are having dinner alone tonight. [laughter] >> she is a good sport. [laughter] first of all, most of these guys die alone, relationship experts, they don't know anything. [laughter] i blame the online deficit for unhappy couples, and -- it will never capture actual energy. when it comes to actual dating, we are attracted to energy. every woman has gone home with a guy who's a six, and i only know
9:50 am
that because i was a six. dating apps can't capture it. >> that's not true! [laughter] >> maybe i -- [laughter] >> but the nine's were definitely getting some respect. maybe i am shallow. >> i think that is the problem with apps, they are teaching people, women especially to prioritize things that aren't necessarily important. "so is my brother." >> the gallery is laughing at that. >> anytime -- what do you think? do you think men are lonelier than ever? >> i think the grass is going to mike green her -- i am 37 and single, so i might not be equipped for this. [laughter] >> it's the perfect time! >> my mom is like "dear god,
9:51 am
someone find her the perfect man." [laughter] >> as a society, we were telling them that being masculine is toxic, me too is an indictment of older men, and for johnny depp and -- i agree: organic is the best. >> just make that point that he says, but toxic masculinity argument has served to overgrow men's identities, and the fact that they want to show up. >> i want to say, in the 21st century, women can be the problem too. it was interesting. 62% of the people on social media are men. never would've guessed that, thought it would've been women, but social media, dating apps, there are too many choices.
9:52 am
they can be used appropriately because it's a good training mechanism. do we want the same things? does he party or not? my husband was on twitter, so i know a lot about him before we met. >> that's a great point, positive steps to having that visibility. >> one thing i will say -- looking at that picture, it could have been anywhere. [laughter] because that's funny. >> i do think coming out of lockdowns and whatnot, my friends who are single have shared with me over and over, and i think this is very true. we can't express every emotion we are having, every moment we are having, when we first meet someone. first impression is really important. i think that social media teaches you to lose -- good graces of a first impression. you assume a lot from someone that you think you already know, and i think it's awesome -- to go out on that date, and make
9:53 am
that first impression. there's nothing wrong with being a nine, when you are a ten. [laughter] >> people are unloading their emotions right now. that is a lot when your first meeting somebody. >> me being a ten, let's leave my iq out of it. [laughter] >> you have to meet women in person. right to a woman's face, none of us hiding behind social media. everyone tries to be perfect. >> i told you! [laughter] >> we will only end by saying only guy with you that will be your partner has to be a ten. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ♪ ♪
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as a main street bank, pnc has helped over 7 million kids develop their passion for learning. and now we're providing 88 billion dollars to support underserved communities... ...helping us all move forward financially. pnc bank: see how we can make a difference for you.
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note ♪ ♪. ♪♪♪ >> we played that especially on the 16th anniversary for jimmy. [laughter] >> last but not least today, some very interesting food for thought. a surprising snack study reveals some junk foods are better for you than so-called healthier options. based on a nutrition profiling system that ranked thousands of foods, 0 points for the least healthy, 100 for the most healthy. spinach, a perfect score. is this supposed to be news? [laughter] chocolate ice cream topped with nuts got a score of 35 points, which is 20 points higher than a chocolate granola bar. what say you, emily?
9:59 am
>> you know what else blew my mind, instant oatmeal, 91 or 95 over an egg omelette, and that steamed milk cappuccino outranks espresso. >> the eggs have cholesterol and the cut oats are supposed to help your heart, i would think that would be true. but it's a taste thing for people, too. >> i want to see the methodology, omelette is like salad, and having a salad with bacon, potato skins. >> and i love that, i like it. >> egg omelette, like it has a deep fried twinkie in it. the study was probably funded by hershey's ice cream. >> you are looking at the cholesterol like me. >> the omelette thing blew my mind, we go to a breakfast place
10:00 am
every sunday, and my cousin looked at me, oh, you are eating all that? >> i feel if ozzy osborne is alive and fine, eat in moderation, and the next day it's ok for you. >> put chocolate ice cream on the omelette. welcome back, john. >> john: harris, thank you so much. fox news alert, all eyes on a judge in florida this hour as we await his decision on whether to unseal the affidavit used to justify the unprecedented raid on mar-a-lago that the fbi conducted last week. good afternoon, john roberts, and up first for us, first time i've been sitting here -- >> good to see you, a lot to get to.


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