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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 18, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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print everything you need slap the label on ito the box and it's ready to go our cost for shipping, were cut in half just like that go to shipstation/tv and get 2 months free >> carley: all eyes on a florida courtroom, a judge is expected to reveal a decision on the raid on former president trump's home. i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. some say there is a reason biden
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officials want to keep the affidavit private. >> this language in and of itself in this warrant violates the fourth amendment and the constitution. >> the american people have a right to see everything, this should not be done to a former president of the united states this is unprecedents, not because it is donald trump, it is merrick garland and matthew graves and leftists at the department of justice that will stop at nothing to destroy this country. >> todd: brooke singman has our top story, brooke. >> brooke: we are just hours away from unsealing the affidavit on the search warrant of president trump's mar-a-lago home. the judge approved the search warrant for the raid. the department of justice says
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it would compromise criminal investigation into trump, but the former president is calling the department's bluff saying the department is putting up red tape to hide politically motivated search and the trump family is confident the document will prove the former president had nothing to hide. >> my father-in law wants it release said. >> brooke: former president says it will use it to his advantage should he make the announcement about a 2024 white house bid. perceived political persecution of mr. trump could help him to a second term and he would be more unrestrained as the 47th president than he was as the 45th. the attorney general could raid homes of president biden, former president obama. two high level u.s. officials
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claim "agents went into trump's residence on pretext they were seeking all government document, but true target was this government stash feared donald trump might weaponize," the hearing is set for 1 p.m. today. trump will not attend. >> carley: brooke singman, thank you. question i have, judge bruce reinhart will hold the hearing today, he looked at the affidavit and took the extraordinary step to approve the raid on trump, what if he doesn't want the affidavit released? could it reflect poorly on the decision he made? >> todd: 100% it could reflect poorly, when it comes to this judge, this individual recused himself in a trump case a few weeks ago and an individual that has donated a lot of money to non-trumpers, if you will.
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$1000 to obama's presidential campaign and a grand to the victory fund and $500 to jeb bush's presidential campaign, where he was defeated by one donald j. trump. >> carley: so many media leaks proved to be inaccurate, one that merrick garland had nothing to do on with the decision and the next day merrick garland said he was the decider on this. also reporting from the "wall street journal" it took him several weeks to decide whether or not to approve this raid. begs question if the documents were in danger, why did he take so long to approve the decision and reporting the doj was interested in documents related to nuclear weapons and today newsweek is citing two high-level u.s. intelligence officials who say the raid on mar-a-lago was intended to recover donald trump's personal stash of hidden documents.
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they are saying they went in under pretext of presidential records, but were interested in this other section of documents the doj was worried trump could use in the future as a weapon against them. >> todd: do we get this affidavit today? it is important, in a normal case, you would not release the affidavit at this point. this is not a case, 0.0% attention to the doj, 100% attention on this because it is donald trump. prevent harm the doj is worried about, that will solve all problems. >> carley: doj doesn't want the affidavit released and trump is saying, make it public, i have nothing to hide. >> todd: border officials encountering 2000 migrants at
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the border this fiscal year and biden administration is unlocking the doors to let them in. >> carley: kevin cork is in washington. >> kevin: u.s. border patrol agents opening a gate that had been locked by the texas national guard to allow a number of illegal immigrants into the united states. observers say this demonstrates stark contrast between texas authorities and custom and border protection. encounters continue to soar, the numbers are galling, two million so far in 2022 and we have several months to go. 1.17 million in 2021. biden decision to allow people into the country regardless of
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immigration law port of entry, here is what the marshal policy is. marshals cannot hold illegal immigrants on the say so of immigration warrant or detainer request, once the marshal service finishes for custody purposes the person is to be released, even if isis asks for a hold and before someone says people coming are seeking a better life, consider this. terror screenings, look at numbers in 2022, known or suspected terrorists between october and july. >> everything they have done is to encourage more and more illegal immigration and they have obstructed, intimidated anyone that wants to stand in their way and probably this is the biggest success of the administration is this open
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border policy. these are people sending our sons and daughters to die in these foreign wars and meanwhile, they don't do anything to protect the southern border. >> kevin: incredible, sobering reality, especially for those living along the border trying to uphold the rule of law with scant support from washington. >> carley: kevin cork, thank you so much. farmers have been sounding the alarm about looming food shortages and they are not happy about the massive bill he just signed. >> the administration needs to act, i want a meeting with the president because he committed to that, the way i was raised by my daddy, john boyd, when you give a man your word, you need to honor your word. >> todd: has joe biden honored
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to sit down with our farmers? that man is back, john boyd jr., to tell us.
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the biden administration and they say the bill the president just sieps falls far short of meeting their needs. john boyd jr. is back to tell us how this bill falls short. john, how does it? >> thank you very much for having me. it is about principle and integrity. the president pretty much repealed a bill that would help 14,000 plus black and other farmers of color that we've been waiting on for about 30 years. here we are faced with the highest input cost for farmers in our history as producers, agriculture producers in our country. we're in the middle of recession, inflation and this administration failed to act and meet the need of american farmers while we provided $50 billion in aid to ukraine, $100 million for ukraine farmers, we
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can't seem to get resources in the hand of american farmers, we have 11,000 farmers more than 90 days delinquent at united states department of agriculture and stripped, a a provision that protected the farmerss and now senator schumer said he would work with me to provide that language and nothing has happened. the president has not had a meeting that he's committed to over a year ago. when farmers lose land, we have countries like china buying this land from america's farmers, we are putting america's farmers behind the wheel and losing land and helping china buy land and bill gates. this is america is we can do far better than we are treating american farmers right now. >> todd: with all the money being handed out by the white
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house, where is the focus on the farmer? you know the people that literally feed our country? >> yes, the hardest occupation known to man is farmland. i get up everyday and work hard and next year i'll be celebrated my 40th year as a farmer, a fourth generation former. we are watching aide go out to the countries, we are helping farmers in foreign countries, but not helping united states citizens and the american farmer right here. last thing we should be doing is letting china and bill gates buy up farmland and run up prices to almost $20,000 an acre right here and we're facing a food shortage, american consumer will pay high cost of food in the local months.
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if you haven't been to the grocery store, go and look at high cost of food because we are not investing in america's farmers and not putting small-scale farmers into business and these are things we should be talking about and i invite candidates looking to seek office that people like myself looking for new direction in this country, we're not getting help we need and they are not answering the pleas and cries of the american farmer in this country. >> todd: you warned us about a food shortage last time you were on and just warned us again. the white house does not seem to prioritizing this, seems china first and america last, your thoughts. >> i spoke to the white house yesterday and still no meeting, i opened the show with principle and integrity. when you give a man your word as a farmer, that is all we have,
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we don't have a lot of money, you have to live and stand by what you said you are going to do. this president said he would have a meeting to discuss the food shortage and the crisis facing america's farmers and yes, we're in a crisis and the president has not answered that plea and now you have senator schumer who hasn't delivered on language he said would protect america's farmers while they figure out what in the sam hill to do with so-called money that will help us, they opened door for more foreclosure for american farmers and people buying this land is china and people like bill gates running this land up so the american farmer cannot buy this land. people, that is terribly wrong and it shouldn't be the american way, take care of american farmers first. >> todd: makes no sense why we
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would be foreclosing on american farms when right now you look at your food banks, they're seeing record numbers of requests and they don't have the food to meet the needs. why, why foreclose on farms? john, has joe biden betrayed you? has joe biden betrayed the american farmer? >> well, he hasn't stood by his word and that is what i'm telling you today, it is principle and integrity, you have to do what you say you are going to do. agriculture department has not helped the way they should and this white house certainly hasn't lived up to its word and i need to say this, many black farmers voted for this president and he made a lot of promises that he hasn't kept and i would like to sit down and talk about that. we have choices, i hear people on the hill say we don't have a choice, we have a lot of
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choices. we have midterm elections coming up, we have 2024 and people are hurting and looking for answers, people, right now is good opportunity for people running for office to get out and start talking about the farm prices and the food shortage and inflation and up front costs that are really put a lot of farmers out of business. we have 11,000 farmers that are more than 90 days delinquent and facing foreclosure. >> todd: we saw biden administration handle the baby formula shortage, hope they improve response when it comes to the overall food shortage for the entire nation. john boyd jr., thank you, we appreciate it. carley. >> carley: fentanyl getting a dangerous makeover and authorities say it is bound to get worse, we'll tell you about
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>> another mild morning across the country, fairly comfortable temperatures. one big weather story continue to be big, happy monsoonal rains across the southwest, it is every afternoon thing as moisture funnels into the area and the day heats up and you see big showers and they have gotten round after round of it. arizona stretching to new mexico, more heavy rain on the way on ground that has gotten day after day of heavy rain, this is yet to come, over next five days everything in the orange is getting up to three to five inches, ton of rain for the week ahead, even widespread couple inches across the region
2:25 am
and tracking that. a lot of heat in the pacific northwest and that is something we're paying attention to as temperatures climbing up to around 100 degrees. a lot happening in the weather world. >> todd: i was transcribing and taking notes. >> carley: thank you. portland authorities warning fentanyl is spreading throughout the northwest, considered dangerous to children because of the colorful design. chris gibson, good morning. this fentanyl looks like canneder or sidewalk chalk, what is your biggest fear when it comes to this? >> biggest fear it will gets in the hands of children who don't understand what they have, thinking it is sidewalk chalk or piece of candy and ingesting or
2:26 am
overdosing on a very potent drug that is killing hundreds of thousands of people in this country. >> carley: i've never seen anything like this before, i'm sure the viewers haven't either. when some people touch fentanyl, it could kill them, why would somebody make something so deadly look appeal something >> great question. if is a marketing ploy. it is to mark what it is that they're producing and making and in hopes of obtaining new users or providing it to long-time users who count -- counterfeit pills are not having the effect they have in the past. people use fentanyl, their body becomes used to it and going to powder or straight fentanyl is more appealing to long-term users. >> carley: it comes in a wrapper
2:27 am
which makes it look like salt water taffy, who is making this? is this china? is this mexico? what is going on here? >> this is definitely produced south of our border in mexico and being transported across the border and distributed within this country. >> carley: are you surprised there is not more of a bipartisan push to figure out the situation at the southern border? that is where it is pouring in from. >> one major key to addressing this problem is stopping the supply where it starts and that is most definitely at the border and we hope that will eventually take place in a form that is more effective than what it is right now. >> carley: how frequently are you see thanksgiving new rainbow fentanyl? >> this is fairly new occurrence
2:28 am
for us in oregon, talking to colleagues across the country, seeing it in different forms and one area we work with is seeing it actually in pill form, where the powders are pressed into counterfeit pills and mixed together. this is one of the first instances we're seeing it show up within oregon, one thing we're seeing more of this year than we've seen before is the presence of powder fentanyl that is pure and not pressed into pills. example last year within our region, five kilograms of powder fentanyl was seized, this year through the month of june, first half of the year we're at 35 kilos. pill seizures are equal -- >> carley: chris, we're going to leave it there, this is scary
2:29 am
stuff. as he just said, todd, this situation is getting worse. it looks like candy. turning to this and take a listen. >> we don't agree on everything in new jersey, but we all agree that our kids deserve a world-class education, when extremist attack our schools that is not who we are. >> carley: largest union is linking concerned parents to extremist. >> todd: will angry parents turn out to the polls to make it the next virginia? we're talking to peter gibson next. (swords clashing)
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in a survey, 92% of current users said they wish they'd talked to their doctor and started botox® sooner. plus, right now, you may pay zero dollars for botox®. learn how abbvie could help you save on botox®. union in new jersey airing an ad over parents concerned over sexual content in school as extremist. >> we don't agree on everything in new jersey, we all agree our kids deserve world-class education, when extremists start attacking our schools, that is not who we are, take that somewhere else. >> carley: state republicans hitting back saying if protecting our children from phil murphy is extreme, we wear this with a badge of honor.
2:34 am
cdc director rochelle walensky is moving to -- for 75 years cdc and public health have been preparing for covid-19 and in our big moment our performance did not reliably meet expectations, my goal as new public health culture at cdc that emphasizes accountability, collaboration and timeliness. >> todd: tudor dixon joins us now, how bad do your opponent, gretchen whitmer look now? >> tudor: you know, those policies shut down the state of michigan for longer than any other state, we had restaurants closed for eight months. when you hear the cdc say we need to revamp, when i hear a
2:35 am
government agency say they are going to revamp, what does that mean? does revamping mean they go to governors like gretchen whitmer and allow them to shut down longer? when people say what would the next four years look like under gretchen whitmer? i have to remind people, we didn't expect this pandemic, now the cdc is preparing for another pandemic. this data became a governing arm of government when they are not a governoring branch, we have to be careful what this means and how gretchen whitmer could use this against the people of michigan if given the opportunity. >> carley: the cdc is saying we screwed up, the cdc guidance forced permanent closure of 200,000 businesses and cooperate 55.1 million students out of
2:36 am
classrooms in 2020 and people lost their jobs because they refused to get vaccinated and cdc says they will not make a distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. what sort of lesson can we learn here? >> i think it is really important that we remember we had so many people that lost their jobs, especially in healthcare. we have a crisis in healthcare in the state of michigan, how do we get people back into the healthcare system and helping people. let's look at students, students are key, kept out of school for longer than any other state. we have students seeing development delays and seeing mental health issues with students. how do we go back and say we made a mistake? we can't go back to the learning
2:37 am
loss and mental health issues, how do we revamp that? like to have the cdc tell us what they are going to do now to students back on track and businesses back in business. >> todd: michigan congressrashida tlaib pushing for rent payment. 132 k for presley and 100 to 30 k for rashida tlaib. i'm joining ilhan omar is fellow colleagues on the rent and mortgage cancellation act, our residents need help, we must provide rental assistance. were those calls to cancel rent
2:38 am
for show and to score political points? >> obviously, these people could have cancelled rent, this is hypocrisy of democrats and if hypocrisy holds up, we will see that red wave in november, people are mad about this, think about this, people deemed themselves essential and others not, they took salary while we had nothing and they came out and put on a good show saying we want to cancel rent, they didn't cancel their own rents. they were taking hundreds of thousands of rent from people who they were saying should have rent cancelled. do what you say, do it yourself, this is a classic democratic move, we saw with gretchen whitmer throughout the pandemic, she did not follow her own rules and hypocrisy will show up at the ballot in november.
2:39 am
>> carley: tudor, virginia governor glenn youngkin will be heading to michigan to hit the campaign trail with you. during his campaign, he made education a key facet and a lot of people say that is one reason why he won the election, you're doing the same thing, what are you hearing from parents when it comes to education and how would you change the education system in michigan if you won? >> parents are very concerned about their students being so far behind and whether or not that school is the right school for their child. we've seen a lot of parents changing their school during the pandemic and getting more involved in their child's education, which is exciting for the state of michigan. we are behind, we are 38th in the nation, we will be in the bottom five states by 2030. if we will allow parents to make choices, this is best school for
2:40 am
my child to thrive, we will see test scores go up and see michigan become top 10 in education in the nation, that is where we want to go. make sure every kid that enters kindergarten, they will be reading. parents are concerned and that is our opportunity to bring world-class education back to michigan. >> todd: education, parents vote in the midterm election. >> tudor: thank you for your time. thank you for having me. >> todd: jewelry store owner has shocking details. lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose. tastes great in our iced coffees too. which makes waking up at 5 a.m. to milk the cows a little easier. (moo) mabel says for you, it's more like 5:15.
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2:45 am
forecast near-term relieve, little evidence to date inflation pressure were subsiding and judge inflation could remain high for sometime. july consumer price index says slight decrease from june, to be clear, the overall number falling to gas prices being down, groceries and rent and other staples of lives, inflation sitting at a 40-year high issue the fed meets next month and we'll likely see 50 basis point hike. >> carley: bad time to be ceo of target >> cheryl: profits falling 90% year over year and company missed earnings per share by large margin, earn lgs coming in $183 million, steep drop from last year's $1.8 billion, this
2:46 am
is retailer struggle to clear out excess inventory which jumped 36%. first time i went to a super target, amazing. all i could walk out the door with was cat toys and champagne. >> todd: among us who has not done the same thing? thank you. jewelry store owner in austin, texas being targeted over and over and over again and they can't get police thanks to staffing shortages. owner of regard jewelry is here, you were robbed, what happened when you tried to call austin pd? >> alarm went off, we called the pd for 10 days straight. 311
2:47 am
goes to customer based system and you wait for police to call you back, for 10 days i struggled to report this. >> todd: i read this guy left receipt for the tools he used when had his name on it, we see video of the guy right now and still nothing from the pd. you don't blame them, you blame the staffing shortages, correct? >> defunding the police in city of austin is not working, 311 is not working, it should not take 10 days to get a police report. >> todd: jewelry stores are always targeted. >> it is scary, we're targeted a lot, we take measures for security in this business and to
2:48 am
know only way to get a police officer to come is if it is violent crime, that is not acceptable. >> todd: didn't the defend police movement think this through? the fact if we get rid of cops, this experience that you're having is bound to happen? >> thought this through, for sure not working, you take away the police force and ask us all not to have weapons or anything in our stores to protect ourselves. the crime rate is going to go up. >> todd: austin pd said the police department encourages the citizens to call 311 for nonemergency calls, nonemergency crimes any incident not actively happening, suspect is not in the area or is not immediate threat to people or property.
2:49 am
they don't file police reports. if you're robbed, don't call 911, how tough to operate a business that that kind of environment? >> keep our staff safe and customers coming in and out safe daily and cannot be able to call the police, like you said, unless there is evidence being looked at, evidence to look at and we still have not had an officer to come pick up the receipt with the gentleman's name on it. >> daniel, we appreciate your time, best of luck. thank you. president biden outraged american people when he removed troops from afghanistan, is that why his approval rating is so low? we are asking claudia tenney. >> carley: let's check in with steve doocy. >> steve: what have i missed so far? can you repeat it?
2:50 am
realtime? >> todd: i will come brief you before i help you with "fox and friends." >> steve: that is true, we'll have so much fun starting in 10 minutes and 15 seconds. coming up on "fox and friends," todd and carley and what a border patrol agent is caught doing it is unbelievable, the word we can use on tv. plus the mother of a new york city subway worker attacked while helping two women, the mother is speaking out. her calls to punish the suspect who has 40 prior arrests and never wound up in jail. families in one blue city are packing up and moving out over fears for personal safety, growing threat of homeless camps on neighborhoods across the country, plus senator rand paul and lara trump and pete hegseth and joey jones.
2:51 am
special edition of mega-morning deals with savings on back-to-school items. if you haven't done your shopping yet, hold off, megan will be here with deals too good to miss out. nine minutes from now on the channel you trust for your morning news. carley will be back in a couple minutes. you are watching "fox and friends first" employs .
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>> carley: outgoing wiping congresswoman liz cheney taking a dig at kevin mccarthy after her landslide election loss. >> we need leaders who have reverence for our constitution who are faithful to our constitution and who are going to do what's required to abide by our oath, no matter whether or not it's politically
2:56 am
convenient. kevin mccarthy certainly does not fit that bill. >> the minority leader's office responding by pointing fox news to a comment made by liz cheney's father former vice president dick cheney when he was campaigning in 1976. he said back then, quote: principle is okay up to a certain point but principle doesn't do any good if you lose. mccarter's office called that quote ironic. and former president donald trump sar cass stechly endorsing democrat lawyer and impeachment counsel dan goldman saying quote i do this not because of the fact that he headed up the impeachment committee and lost but because he was honorable, fair and highly intelligent. the former president also endorsing several new york lawmakers including carolyn maloney who is a democrat saying voting for her is a quote vote for the future. she is a kind and wonderful person who has always said terrific things about me and will support me no matter what i
2:57 am
do. joining me is new york congresswoman claudia tenney. congresswoman what do you make of these endorsements? >> i'm not sure if he is kidding but i'm certain that he is i think he is playing games with the democrats. obviously new york 10 where goldman is running, that's where we have a democrat that's actually moved himself down into that district is running. i don't know, i think trump actually is trying to find somebody else to win those seats other than the people that he is endorsing potentially in new york city. >> carley: yeah, well it seems that way. you know, he has had a pretty high success rate, 92% of republicans who he has endorsed in the primaries have gone on to win their primary but some people are pointing out the fact that those folks, especially in the senate may have a more difficult time winning their general elections. and some polling, especially in states like pennsylvania has so far proven that to be true. does that concern you? >> well, not really because i think, look, president trump's endorsement is the most coveted
2:58 am
and wanted endorsement in strong republican areas. i'm running in a strongly republican district and i always had president trump's endorsement which i have again. going to be in our district before our primary. good candidates that are proven leaders and proven america first candidates. that's why i have president trump's endorsement is the policies. i have been standing for american workers and fair trade. not globalist free trade. even before i got into congress as a member of upstate new york where we have a rust belt. i think it's the quality of the candidates that help. that's why president trump is endorsing candidates that actually embraced bringing our jobs back. standing up to china. and i think he is kind of messing with the democrats, to be honest. but that's what i have always stood for those strong principles. coming from upstate new york as a small business owner, as the mother of a marine officer, we have got a lot of veterans and a lot of people who serve this nation and are seeing a president that is feckless,
2:59 am
incompetent and is not doing what needs to be done. and liz cheney has sided with the democrats. she is orchestrating an impeachment that is anything but constitutional. we have a bill of rights that she is completely abdicating siding with democrats authoritarians against the self-governance that we revere as americans. >> carley: video at the southern border shows border agents opening a locked gate and letting imlegal immigrant in. even in areas where the border is secure, they are letting illegal immigrants get through. what's your reaction to that? >> this is just horrific. i have been to the southern border. everybody is coming across our porous southern border now. record numbers. and biden administration does absolutely nothing. that's why i have called for his impeachment. we have peach on the terror watch list. we have people who are sick. we have the cartels running our border. think about all these people who have escaped afghanistan are coming here now after all we went through as new yorkers
3:00 am
during 9/11. these people are simply coming across the border and this administration is not enforcing our laws and putting americans at risk and having sanctuary cities like new york is a dangerous formula for americans. and now with this cashless bail, prioritizing criminals over. >> carley: it's a scary time, congressman. we have to let you go. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> crisis at our southern border getting worse and worse. migrant encounters have surpassed 2 million this fiscal year. >> u.s. border patrol officials unlocked a gate allowing illegal immigrants to come in. >> every policy they have implemented has been designed to encourage for illegal immigration. >> we are hours away from a hearing to unseal the affidavit that led to a raid on the home of former president trump. >> american people have a right to see everything. >> "newsweek" reports the fbi had its eyes on documents from the early days of the trump administration. >> the man accused of assaulting a new york subway worker has already


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