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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 9, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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material and then leaking the contents to the media. he was nonprosecuted or sanctioned in any way. >> will: you can listen to the full in-depth conversation tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. when that podcast upload spear to get, spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. and of course tune in each night at 8:00 for the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. have a good evening. next up, the great sean hannity, who takes it from here. >> sean: where is he? will, good to see you. jonathan turley, i will watch her podcast, great interview, smart man. great job filling in for tucker. welcome to "hannity." for the full hour, by the way, our coverage of the fbi's alarming raid and mar-a-lago. we are going to go into specific details that a promise you won't get from the mainstream media. we will go through it slowly, check in with senator marco rubio. paul manafort, who went through a predawn raid, guns drawn, no
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knock, john sullivan, the great one, michael bennet will all join us live tonight. here, more than 20 farmers have passed and scores of heavily armed fbi agents stormed into president trump's private home in mar-a-lago, for a raid. this is totally unprecedented. it should be deeply, deeply concerning to every american citizen. it should transcend politics. not only is president trump a former u.s. president, he is also biden's chief political rifle. so naturally, the white house is very short tonight on answers. take a look. >> on a given topic, the fbi has a search warrant on the former president punch of as a residence florida. was the president or anyone at the white house aware of that warrant, or has anyone at the white house with the president been briefed in the aftermath of that? >> no. the president was not brief, was not aware of it. no. no one at the white house was given a head.
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no, that did not happen. >> sean: let me be extremely clear, someone who is one of the letter to supporters, if you watch the show or listen to this radio show come of law enforcement on tv and radio in the country for decades, after years of witch hunts, political persecutions, the russia hoax, frankly our department of justice, our fbi's reputation is already in tatters, especially with anything related to donald trump. especially this, the fbi and doj that have had hunter biden's laptop for years. a laptop that implicates both hunter and joe biden, the big guy himself, in numerous crimes and lies and they have not lifted a finger at the fbi or the doj to bring justice to the biden family. frankly, unfortunately i say this, i no longer believe that in this great country of ours that we have equal justice under the law, nor do i believe that we have equal application of our
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laws in this country. if your last name is clinton or biden, you likely get a pass. if your last name is trump or if you are an associate of anything trump, you get the heavy-handed tactics of predawn raids, guns drawn, and in some cases even fake news cnn cameras. again, let me be very clear. i always used to send this program during the russia hoax, 99% rank and file come fbi agents for their lives at risk, work hard to keep this country safe. tonight i say it's about 95%. there are a lot of good people in the fbi and in law enforcement and in the intelligence community. the fbi and the doj, they have sadly earned the country's distrust, especially the upper echelon, which we now know has been and continues to remain at rotten the core. this raid reeks of political bias and intimidation, yet total silence from christopher wray at the fbi, total silence for merrick garland at the department of justice.
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apparently the answer to nobody, least of all you the american people. why was this raid conducted? americans deserve answers tonight. even mitch mcconnell is asking for them. and by the way, jim jordan wants answers on friday. director wray and merrick garland ought to go before congress. according to reports, the fbi was looking for presidential records requested by the national archives from trump's time in the white house. call me a skeptic, i don't buy that for once i compare this likely does not have much if not anything to do with the national archives. you don't raid the president much of his home before dawn with thousands of agents for a few documents that may or may not belong to the national archives. in a statement from february, the national archives said they obtained "full cooperation" with trumpet officials and were already working with them to transfer key documents. the fbi agents on the scene reportedly took every document insight at mar-a-lago without
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even bothering to read any of the material. and according to eric trump on this show last night and numerous other services that we have on this program, the fbi refused to allow the president's attorneys to watch what they took. why not? and it gets worse. of the judge who reportedly signed off on the warrant, vague obama donor. by the way, once represented jeffrey epstein's employees as their attorney. i'm sure he's a man of great character. obviously, this was a fishing expedition in search of something, anything, now we are finding out that a trump alia, congressman scott. just had his phone seized by the fbi earlier today. again, no explanation whatsoever. we will have more on this and just a moment. after all, the doj and the fbi lies and all their conspiracy theories, their three-year long plus hoax, including fbi insurance insurance policy of peter strzok. they have now learned the loss of trust for you, we, we the american people.
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the deep state sadly is alive and well in this country and we are now witnessing a dark new chapter into the persecution of donald trump and sadly, the weaponization of our department of justice. now you may ask, why would anyone as a republican and conservative trust of the biden fbi in the biden doj? first, the same fbi, department of justice, same institutional people, they try to make a connection between trump tower and alfa bank, a major russia institutional, financial institution, and that the servers were inside of trump tower. it was a bogus story, it's been totally debunked. then they moved onto the fake claims of a dirty russian dossier. that was the collection of russian disinformation, bought and paid for by hillary clinton. donald trump's opponent in 2016 and the dnc. none of the claims and that dossier were verified or even verifiable. and they've been debunked. but that didn't stop the fbi,
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the top echelon from using that phony material not once, not twice, but four times as evidence, four separate phis applications against trump campaign ad carter page, they used the warrant by lying to the fisa court, even when the sub source of christopher steele said none of it's true. and they used it to backdoor into the trump campaign to spy and then spy on then president trump. then the trump transition team and the term presidency. can you imagine that? of course the media mob, there are lies, they lied to you the american people for three long years. everything they reported has been vindicated. this led to the mueller probe that led to nothing despite a legal barrage of everything trump world. paul manafort, the predawn raid, guns pointed in his and his wife's face, numerous financial charges dating back to his time
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as a consultant. he spent weeks and weeks and months in solitary confinement. he was paraded around in shackles like a serial killer. he will join us tonight. roger stone, he endured a predawn raid. the fbi even put fbi -- in the water behind stone's house and someone invited cnn cameras to film it all at 5:30 a.m. meanwhile, and you know what happened to lieutenant flynn? his family was treated to legal charges before that and flynn was purposely misled by yap, director james comey himself. he wanted to take advantage. i sent them. prime's administration, the first few days he was in office. george papadopoulos railroaded with a process crime. more recently, peter navarro shackled at an airport, humiliated publicly because of a misdemeanor? usually you tell someone to report at this time or we will send people out and execute a warrant. hillary clinton put america's national security at risk,
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classified material stored on her private server. we have equal justice in this country customer and she tried to cover it up we know by destroying evidence, including wiping hard. it is something we never knew or heard about before called bleach bit. she destroyed phones with hammers, returned other phones without the sim cards, meaning without anything in them. she deleted over 30,000 official emails and at the height of that investigation into these emails, hillary's husband bill was having a strange conversation with obama's attorney general, loretta lynch, during a private meeting on the tarmac of an airport in arizona. naturally after the state department report found 500 violations founding this private service scandal, hillary was never charged with a crime in her home was never rated. hunter biden didn't have to face any charges also bear the president's son was film smoking crack on multiple occasions, that is against the law. as a mountain of evidence that
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he frequently hired prostitutes. at the same time, hunter raked in millions and millions and millions of dollars from foreign nationals for no other reason other than access to his father's position as vice president and government. he took 4 million from ukrainian oil and gas giant of marie's my. he took three-point $5 million from the former first lady of moscow. he took part of a multibillion-dollar sweetheart deal with the bank of china, $1.5 million. he had a $105,000 family shopping spree, compliments of communist party chinese official. where's that race? all told, joe biden in spite of what he said publicly, he meant at least 14 of hundreds international business partners. i never one time discussed with my son any of his foreign business dealings.
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many of those were photographed but for some reason joe denied ever discussing business with hunter. he lied to you the american people and we have evidence of that life. by the way, it's all on hunter's laptop, which is not russian disinformation, and director wray and the fbi have had it longer than anybody and nothing has happened. peter navarro shackled at an airport for a misdemeanor. roger stone gets his house rated for process crime. hunter biden can apparently do anything he wants and he will get away with it. and as for the national arch are records, here's how you know the raid of mar-a-lago's complete and total b.s. one former top aide for bill clinton named sandy berger, remember sandy the burglar? he tried to ended steal classified material about 9/11 right from the national archives. in other words, he went into the national archives, found the documents he was looking for, shove them down his pants on his backside into his socks, and
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walked out. and sandy berger was punished with a mere slap on the wrist, a misdemeanor, fine. everyone in the media mob, they said he was being sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. he didn't mean to take them when he threw it right down his crotch, he had no idea that was classified material that made its way into his underwear. former president of the united states get the predawn raid. does any of this seem normal to you? on top of three years of russia conspiracy, lies, hoaxes, misinformation, propaganda and an abuse of power and corruption like we've never seen in history before. on twitter, house leader mccarthy told merrick garland to preserve your documents and clear your calendar for an investigation into the weaponization of the department of justice. former governor ron desantis compare the fbi's actions to something that happens in a banana republic. virginia governor youngkin said that these kinds of politically
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motivated actions have no place in our democracy. even democrat, former governor of new york andrew cuomo declaring the doj must immediately explain the reason for this raid and it must be more than a search for inconsequential archives or it will be viewed as a political tactic and undermine any future credible investigation peer that credibility to me has been long gone. credibility of the fbi and the doj was always hanging by a thread. merrick garland, christopher wray, they remain silent in the silence tonight is deafening. here now is one senator who is speaking out against all of this, former senator marco rubio. do you actually said this and i found it interesting, doj, the fbi are playing with fire. >> look, i am here in a very unique position in south florida surrounded by people who come from countries where this is familiar to them. this is shocking to americans
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but in latin america and many of these countries around the world, here's what happens. a group takes power, one of the first things that group does is begin to persecute and go after their political opponents, and then when the supporters of the political opponents begin to complain about it they begin to target them and criminalize opposition bid that is what is happening here now. they took power, they are demanding, you see it on twitter and their public statements, they are demanding and they want donald trump arrested and charged right now. they wanted him charged months ago, years ago they wanted him charged and i'm telling you the next thing you are going to see because it is the playbook and they are now going to begin to say these trump supporter's, these republicans are very upset. they are saying very angry things, we think they might be a threat, we think they are radical extremists, let's start arresting them. the next step in this process is going to be the people who are supporters of donald trump or just conservatives complaining about this, are going to begin to get harassed, begin to get labeled as potential insurrectionist and are going to begin to get harassed by law enforcement. that's the next step in this
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playbook, sadly. >> sean: we went through three years, three long years where we now know that fisa warrants were obtained using an unverifiable dirty russian dossier that was bought and paid for by donald trump's opponent in 2016, hillary clinton. in all of that information was false. and even andrew mccabe, the deputy director of the fbi said without that dirty dossier, there wouldn't be any fisa warrants. but yet they used it for two times, even when the subs were as for christopher steele acknowledged none of it was true. there were no hookers in moscow urinating on donald trump's bed. this went on for three long years. i believe the department of justice and fbi have squandered any good will or trust of the american people especially when it comes to donald trump you and what could they possibly be
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looking for here? >> i actually don't think they went in looking for documents. i think that was probably their excuse, they found some obama donor judge to write them -- a ruse, yeah. they found an obama judge -- not even a judge, magistrate to write and give them a search warrant. i think they went in for whatever they could find. the argument as we were here looking for documents, we didn't find those but look what we did find. who knows because the lawyers weren't allowed to see it. these people are obsessed. the far left will stop at nothing. people don't understand this is a playbook from all over the world. the far left believes that there because it so worthy that anyone against it must be evil, must be criminal and punish sam put away but this is one of the reasons, people hear this all the time, this is why elections really matter. we've got to take back the majority in the senate so we can subpoena these other efforts and we can bring in the director of the fbi, the attorney general and force people to testify under oath but who told you
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what, who told you to do this, what was the justification behind this? the stuff needs to happen and i hope we have the guts to do that. >> sean: but here's the pretext, senator. -- >> there is no doubt appeared doubt. >> sean: the archives records administration note that impact donald trump and the people and mar-a-lago were cooperating with them. this was from february. >> of it as a pretext. for what? >> no doubt, they can say this is because of january 6 that they thought this was a key way to get around it, this has nothing to do with capital stuff in the committee. this is because of the documents that he retained that he still has and that is why we went in here but we didn't find that but we found all these other things that we think are incriminating. they don't know what they were going to find, that is the point. but look, you know this and a lot of people that watch the program know this but a lot of americans are busy with everyday
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lives, every single day prominent members of the left, prominent members of congress are demanding that merrick garland indicted donald trump right now. forget about the evidence, they want him indicted and put away in jail, they've been demanding that for months and months and months, as have many of these idiots who are commentators and these other networks, some of these people are supposedly legal experts and they say stupid and ridiculous things about how the law applies and how it doesn't apply. but i will tell you where the danger in the fire is here. what comes around goes around and here's what is going to happen now. now one day they won't be in power and whoever is in power, that is going be a lot of pressure, and now we do become a banana republic. who come to america to get away from where there is no rule of law and where everything is politicized and where opposition to those in power is criminalized. >> sean: it's a frightening thing to say and said to say that we don't have equal justice or application of our laws. senator rubio, thank you.
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went after president trump's home was raided the fbi confiscated a cell phone that belonged to a trump ally. congressman scott. here with the latest on that. more news that is breaking from here to senior editor in chief john solomon, what do you have tonight? >> scott berry, chairman of the freedom caucus, august that was lined with trump, very instrument of them he was on vacation with his family, fbi showed up, followed a search warrant, they made a copy of the dash and give it back to him. he was shocked. saying, they could've called my lawyer, i would have turned over any evidence they want to didn't need to stop me with my family on vacation. back-to-back-to-back on the mar-a-lago search, the things we've seen with peter navarro, on a family vacation, phone that has been known about for long time, starting to leave people to take a bite, is there some enemy list that the biden doj
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has, going after all the trump allies in indiscriminate fashion. and without the normal way that they deal with it. most members of congress, former secretary, saturday clinton, they get the benefit of working through their lawyers. this justice department doesn't seem to be treating trump allies the way it has treated all of the prior political figures. i think the senator made a good point on that. >> sean: we are going to wait and see what happens. john solomon, donald trump returned to trump tower at new york city a moment ago. the host of unfiltered, dan bongino, cohost of the five, geraldo rivera. i heard you last night passionately speaking out against this and i share that passion. unfortunately, the fbi and the doj has squandered any trust that they might have had after three long years of lies, conspiracy theories and the hell
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they put this country through and they knew damn well it was false and nobody was held accountable. to speak i was passionate about it for a reason. how many freaking times are we going to let the fbi interfere in an election? this is supposed to be constitutional -- i'm not crazy, right. this is supposed to be a representative democracy. a banana republic. we are beyond banana republic, this is embarrassing. at least -- didn't pretend to be anything but state apparatus. the fbi -- and listen, i've been with you for a while, i worked with a lot of decent guys, i'm done with the rank-and-file stuff too. i'm done with it. if you took part in this, anyone who took part in this, anyone, i don't care who you are, an analyst or an upper level manager, the next president who comes in office, they should schedule as many people as they can in the federal government and fire every civil person involved in this.
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everyone. the receptionist and the fbi office who took a call on this should be fired. we are not a third world republic, supposedly. sean, the difference between us and kim jong un is that we investigate crimes and then we look for people. we don't investigate people and then look for a crime. that is exactly what's going on. how many times are they going to investigate donald trump for how many different things before the american people wake up and realize this isn't an investigation of a crime in search of a person but a person in search of a crime. let me just add one last thing, i left my job so no one is going to lecture me, dan, what would you do? just doing our job. you swore an oath to the constitution. have some balls, man. i left my job because i couldn't take what was going on. i gave up my pension and everything because something else mattered. you are not going to lecture me
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on anything. if you were involved on this constitutional abomination to our constitutional republic you don't deserve your job today, and you will get no backing from me or anybody i know in the conservative movement going forward. you flush your credibility downn the toilet. >> sean: geraldo. >> sean: it seems excessive, it seems melodramatic, it seems weirdly disproportional. my god, the first ever raid on the former president's home. it's not like we live in mexico, where routinely the next president investigates the previous president. but i have to say this to everybody, nobody knows what they were looking for, as far as i know. there's one person who does now. one group of people who do know. it is president trump. let's call up president trump to release the search warrant so we will know -- >> sean: slow down a second. hold on. do we not know that they lied to
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this country about trump-russia collusion and the upper echelon of the fbi and the department of justice -- >> absolutely. >> sean: abused its power for three years. why are you not more critical -- >> hold it, hold it. i'm very critical because it's never been done before and there better be a damn good reason for a peer but my point is -- >> sean: that is their responsibility to tell us. they are the ones who raided this man's house. >> was there a baby nuclear bomb in their quest and work was a kilo of fentanyl in their customer and i don't know what would justify the first ever raid on a presidents house but -- >> sean: but they need to tell us. they have squandered the trust of the american people. ask them! >> i agree with all that. russia, russia, russia was a hoax. but what about the president, can tell us -- here's what they were looking for. >> sean: they should tell us.
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>> i don't know. >> sean: i got to roll. >> don't you want to know what they were looking for? >> sean: yeah, we all do. and you know what, director wray a merrick garland need to tell the country and not abuse power. all right, when we come back, thank you both. lawrence jones is in florida. he spoke with trump support is outside of mar-a-lago. paul manafort tells his story straight ahead. giving it your all? have the right partner by your side. hyland's naturals leg cramps quick dissolve tablets. no water needed. no stomach upset. just fast, effective relief. hyland's naturals leg cramps. to healthy competition and beyond.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: lawrence jones was outside of mar-a-lago,
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palm beach earlier where supporters for the president had gathered and lawrence got their reaction to the raid in the two tiered system of justice that sadly represents this country. he joins us now from palm beach. tough assignment being out there in palm beach, laurens, lj. >> good evening, sean. for years we've seen investigation after investigation. collusion with a fisa court. we've seen americans feel like there was a two tier to justice system. campaign officials coordinating with the fbi. that leads the american people, those that support the former president of the united states to believe that they could be next. take a look at what i have to do today when i talked with those folks. this is what they had to say. >> why are y'all out here supporting the former president today because mark >> because he needs to know that we are all on his side. >> what they did here mar-a-lago yesterday is unheard of. i've never seen anything like
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that in my life. just look how many people showed up here today to support this president. >> why are you here supporting the president today? >> i'm here because these men didn't have no need to go through this. he had a billionaire, he had a comfortable life but he did that for us because he loved the country appear to speak at this is insane. i never see this happen in the united states. >> ten more years, america will change completely. that is why we want to trump back, no matter what! >> just like these individuals, my family came from cuba and what is happening in this country today is leading to a communist takeover in america. >> what do you want the former president to know? >> that we love him and hopefully, he will be back in the year 2024. >> these folks wanted the former president to know that they support him, love him and a lot of these folks feel that they are next. on another note, a lot of these folks in the country have been under siege for the past couple
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years, record crime. why isn't the fbi focusing on those crimes instead of the former president of the united states? >> sean: lj, great reporting great point as well. thank you as always. remember it was back in the summer of 2017, former trump campaign manager was paul manafort. he had a predawn raid at his virginia residence as part of the years long russian collusion conspiracy theory hoax. mueller and his team wanted paul manafort pretty much to die in jail peer they tried hard and also put him in solitary confinement hoping to break him. last year, paul manafort was pardoned by president trump after prosecutors destroyed his life. he has a new book, i guess it couldn't be any more timely, called "political prisoner: persecuted, prosecuted but not silenced." paul manafort joins us in now. you had a predawn raid, guns drawn, guys with guns in your face, and your wife's face. the only thing roger stone had that you didn't have was cnn
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fake news camera. it was all based on a russia collusion live. none of the top fbi officials, none of the top doj officials involved in that conspiracy that went on for years have been held accountable. nobody in the media has been held accountable. tell us, you say political prisoner, you got caught up in all of this and nobody seems to care. nobody has ever protracted, apologized, admitted they got this wrong, put in place things to make sure this never happens again. your reaction all of that? >> unfortunately i think things are getting worse. deja vu all over again. what they are doing with president trump last night, it's a fishing expedition. they are afraid of him, this is a pretty good agenda changer, focus on donald trump. the president is not going to
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let that happen. but what biden has done, senator rubio said it a few minutes ago on the show, he's where the next people in line are going to be the supporters of trump. they are already being attacked. the parents of school board meetings, victims of crimes, border patrol. i mean, america is under attack. the biden administration is sending a signal to all of the support is in the red states that we are going after your president and we will go after you too. 80 to 87,000 irs agents that are going to be hired, they are not going after her blue states, they are going to be in the red states. so this pattern is what i've experienced and in my book i talk about how if they are going to do it to me just watch out because they could come after anybody. they are doing that now and going after the president yesterday, it was a fishing expedition. they did that to me. when they raided my home they didn't know what they want to. like i heard tonight on the
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earlier broadcast, they went into my wife's wardrobes, they went into mine. they didn't know what they were looking for. in the end, supposedly a russia collusion. there was nothing about any of that. they were just trying to find things. and they still couldn't, by the way. they had to go and bring somebody, to lie so they could get me to try to get me -- >> sean: how bad was it for you -- there is so much in this book, you can get a first edition copy on or i've not been able to put it down since you sent me an early copy. if it got bad for you and they made it very clear to you, this is robert mueller's pit bull andrew weissmann, if i'm not mistaken, that if you told them what they wanted to hear that they will go easy on you and maybe even let you go. is that true?
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>> they never said they let me go but the implication is they will go easy on me, yes. they had their own narrative. they did not care about the facts. >> sean: you knew what they wanted you to say, is that true? >> secretary jean-pierre: a well, i sensed what they wanted me to say by the way they were answering the questions. they wanted donald trump to be involved in various ways and have for knowledge of different things that were going on with wikileaks and trying to make connections to russia. it didn't exist. >> sean: so here they are offering you maybe your freedom back, you are in solitary confinement. how many months in solitary? >> about a year. >> sean: and all you had to do was start telling them things, i don't want to put words in your mouth, that you know not to be true and your life would've been much easier, better and you would have gotten much better deal and may be been released if you would've told them a live.
6:36 pm
>> that was the implication, yes. i wouldn't give into that so they made it worse, of course. the tactics they use on someone who works for me to get them to like him it didn't work and i go to the details in the book. >> sean: it is called "political prisoner: persecuted, prosecuted, not silenced." if you want a printed edition it is on,, one week from today in bookstores across the country bit i will say this, the timing of this book probably couldn't be any better for anybody because it is so similar to what we are living through. said you went through that. thank you for being with us. one former clinton lawyer just revealed what really might be behind the mar-a-lago raid into has to do 2024. the great one mark live in, he's on fire and he's next.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: and look at this, clinton lawyer mark elias is revealing what this is really all about, trying to stop donald trump from running in 2024, with marc elias now claiming that former president donald trump could be disqualified from making another run at the white house due to the language in the presidential records act. however, as many legal scholars would point out to him if he had a brain, the language of the law itself is constitutionally beyond questionable. in other words, we have enumerated rights, enumerated conditions. if you want to run for president. 35 years old, naturalized citizen, et cetera, et cetera. if you can't run it's only because you've been impeached and convicted. here with reaction to all the big news tonight, the host of "life, liberty and levin." i called him the great one,
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mark levin. great one, these are troubling times. i worry about our country, i quoted you the other night and i will quote you again. we are living in a post-constitutional america. that should frighten every american also motivate every american to pay attention to this november and house races and senate races because it matters. >> sean, the folks out there need to understand that the democrat party is an evil force. whether it was slavery or segregation, whether it was its marriage with the klan, jim crow or so forth, is a very evil force. they don't support the fountain, they don't support of the founders they don't support the founding documents. they resent the limits the constitution places on them. we have to fight for our bill of rights every day, whether it's free speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, due process, federalism,
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they object to it all. they want to attack the pack thecourt, destroy the supreme court, they are protesting their summer places,e they are right now. the border is wide open pier they won't tell us why, but we know why. you have crime in the streets, through the roof. this is the greatest attack on our modern history. they are attacking a former president of the united states that was poised to announce he's running against the man who is having him investigated. do not tell me that joe biden did not know what was going on anymore than russia did not know about russian collusion. that is b.s. the only guy in the world who didn't know. this was a carefully laid plan. let me explain to the american people what is going on here, since a law degree is worth about $0.03 but i was chief of staff and attorney general, i'm telling you what is going on here. they have to explain why they went for a warrant and not for a
6:44 pm
subpoena. they have to explain with the urgency of the issue was. did they have evident something was being destroyed or removed? they better have evidence that this was a very substantial crime to do this to a former president of the united states with 30 fbi agents. let me tell you why they won't release the warrant right now which is under seal, rather than geraldo putting the emphasis the victim. the reason is it is a crap warrant. they are talking about the presidential papers act, but what they are trying to do is grab everything they can out of mar-a-lago, because they are looking for more. we have what is called the plain view doctrine. you are searching documents, you got a word from this hack judge. by the way, don't call him a hat, there must've been something. oh, so trash the constitutionalists on the supreme court, call them whatever but now you have found solomon, a magistrate judge that
6:45 pm
issues this order. what a bunch of baloney! but let me go on. so what we have here is a warrant. i don't know why we have a warrant, but i actually do. this is a backdoor way to grab all these documents, these 15 documents. fox reported earlier on the government decide they said this was not judicious about what they search. not judicious about what they search? then how particular could this warrant have been? maybe it was particular, they took those boxes. they are hoping they can find taxes, they are hoping they can find something on january 6th, they are hoping they can find anything. paul manafort was correct, they went through the back door, they had 30 fbi agents to grab documents, they can only one shot at this. to grab all they can, going through melania has a closet, going through the safe. god knows what they did with the computers and so forth and so on. this is a witch hunt. a stalinist hunt. they are going after former president of the united states.
6:46 pm
let me make a surmise here. it's the same u.s. attorney in washington, d.c., whose jurisdiction includes the national archives, who has jurisdiction over january 6th. he's got nothing! nothing! or this committee would have leaked it. so he's looking! he's looking! he's looking for a crime, search of evidence rather than the other way around. anything they can find on trump! anything they can hang on him! this isn't about some damn document! that's what they're doing! and let me tell you something, this is scarier than if it was based on the documents act! they are in search to try and destroy trump! day conducted a criminal investigation, they failed! they have an investigation in new york with the attorney general that is going to fail! they have a democrat -- oh, you're cutting me off early. i'm done. >> sean: no, no, finish that thought. last one. you were going to refer to atlanta.
6:47 pm
all right, sorry, great one. >> atlanta, albany, washington, all of. >> sean: the great one, mark levin. don't miss his show. a p.m. on. coming up, left is working overtime to downplay the gravity of this fbi overreach. we will explain, when we continue.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: predictably, people on the left trying to downplay the gravity of the doj's overreach yet again because former kamala harris' aid tweeted, please stop calling it a raid, prompting widespread mockery, deservedly so. he was a reaction is ari fleischer and lara trump. eric was on last night. in my understanding is when this
6:52 pm
raid happened, and it was a raid, that the president's lawyers were there and they were not allowed to accompany the fbi as they went through their search. and i've also been told by other sources that they ordered that the security cameras at mar-a-lago be shut off? is that true? >> i'm not sure about the security cameras, but it is my understanding as well that no one was allowed to accompany them throughout the time that they were in mar-a-lago, kind of going through any and everything, as you've laid out tonight, that they want to, taking whatever they wanted from mar-a-lago. it of course was a raid. it is ridiculous for anyone to call it anything other than that. i don't know what you call a bunch of people unannounced breaking into your home like this and taking whatever they want for themselves. that is exactly the definition right there, but i want to go back to something that mark levin pointed out. the fact that anybody is trying
6:53 pm
to claim that joe biden had no knowledge of this is crazy. if you believe joe biden didn't know that his department of justice was conducting a raid, and yes, again, a raid, on a former president of the united states and i'm sure you believe in leprechauns and tooth fairies. obviously we know joe biden has a history of lying. obviously that must be trickling down to the entire administration at this point, but the fact that the fbi think this is something else, very upsetting to the american people, has been focusing their time and energy and resources on this, when we have a fully open southern border, how many people on the terrorist watch list have come over our southern border. heck, we have an entire country that has been taken over by terrorists. how about china trying to infiltrate america? yet this is where the resources are. we know why, because nothing is scarier to these people than donald trump is president except donald trump as president and
6:54 pm
his second term in office. >> sean: let me bring up an issue, i quoted you on a tweet use and outcome, they better have the goods here but you even chronicled in your book, look at the three years of never-ending lies by the media and by the deep state and their abuse of power and their corruption, and their fisa abuse. it goes on and on. they lied to this country for three years and nobody ever corrected the record, not once, ari fleischer. >> sure, and so has joe biden. joe biden was asked by george stephanopoulos in may of 2020 if he knew anything by the doj was investigating michael flynn and the former national security advisor. biden said, i have no knowledge. yet handwritten notes by the fbi of a meeting biden was in the shows that he brought up the logan act as a way to prosecute michael flynn. so we don't know if joe biden is telling the truth or if this white house is. this is how was going to end,
6:55 pm
there's only two possibilities here. one is they got the goods, they found a smoking gun and they're going to indict the president. or merrick garland, the attorney general and christopher wray are going to have to resign in disgrace or get impeached after republicans take the congress. there is no in between. it's going to be one of those two options. and i think if they have the goods come if they found a smoking gun, we would know about it by now. so let the doj finish, i suppose be it one day they will have to tell people what they did. but if they don't have it, these guys have got to go. if they got it and an indictment comes, then we will all know what they got. >> sean: you know what, i think you're right and i don't think they have a thing and if they did, it would've been leaked by now. ari fleischer, thank you. larry trump as always, thank you. more "hannity" coming up after this. hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes.
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>> it is very sad when a country goes through this action because of one person, they don't want him on the ballot. and that is all the time we have left this evening, thank you for making the show possible, please never miss an episode of hannity. but don't worry, don't fear, laura ingram is next. >> thank you, sean hannity. that was the best appearance i have seen on any form since 2010. >> this is not how such a republic acts and 30 dossiers, nobody is held


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