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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 19, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. we thank you for being with us in making the show possible. we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." i've got good news, you can get anytime, anyplace, anywhere. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham and "the ingraham angle" is ready to kick it hard tonight! rumor has it as usual. >> laura: do you know first of all, if donald trump did a fist bump with someone like mohammed -- if he had done the fist bump -- >> sean: whoa, whoa, whoa! >> laura: if he had done that, i mean, the press is bad at biden, but it would be it. but biden can do it. >> sean: the worst part of this to me is that we don't need
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to beg the hostile regimes for any energy. a drives me nuts. if people suffering needlessly. >> laura: we are picking it up where you left off on the exact issue. an awesome show. great to see you as always. i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. dr. oz is here with his first trip to that angle since his run in pennsylvania. you don't want to miss it. at first, high hopes. that's the focused of tonight's "angle." the democrats are getting desperate. they're running out of time. they need you scared. >> the extreme weather events we are experiencing will impact the axis that we have to fossil fuels. >> man impacts the climate change becoming more extreme. >> we don't know what the next shock will be. pandemic of war, happening more
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and more frequently every passing year. >> laura: he's a weather expert. he handled the transportation thing so well. here's the rule of thumb, if it's super hot out, it's climate change. if it's super cold and though winter, it's climate change. whenever a change is happening, it means you have to run out and get an electric car. all right, for all their fearmongering, the globalists are worried that their dream of carbon neutral world is fading away. in the past week, a giant climate spending bill went down in capitol hill. germany going back to call it turns out. of course, americans are seizing about gas prices. >> it's going up, going up, but the paycheck's not going out. >> i canceled the long trip i was thinking of making the season because of gas prices.
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>> you eat or buy gas. it shouldn't be like that in america. >> laura: democrats are blaming republicans, blaming joe manchin, and of course vladimir putin. they know the climate window is closing, so they send up their drone. >> no one country can solve the problem by itself. we all have to be able to reduce the emissions and accelerate the transmission. we are behind, we are not yet fulfilling the promises that we made. we have our work cut out for it. >> laura: let me translate this. when john heinz kerry talks about accelerating the transition, what he means is the transition from when you had extra money in your pocket to a time where you have none. from american prosperity to american poverty. the white house believes that you should be happy to make the
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sacrifice. >> what you say to the families who say we can't afford to pay $4.85 a gallon. >> the future of the world order and we have to stay firm. >> laura: liberal world order? you notice how they never defined what it actually means? did biden ever campaign on liberal world order? as far as i can tell, it stands for abortion, anti-americanism, eliminating energy independence to help more worthy countries. but a few years ago, 2018 or '19, we had peace, no inflation, no new wars, no inflation, and blue-collar wagers were beginning to rise. of course, that made the left absolutely miserable. because democrats were happiest when you were locked in your homes, waiting for the next fauci press conference, terrified of a virus with about
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a 99.97% survivability rate for people under the age of 70. they loved it when your expectations were low. they called it the new normal. there was no alcohol, drug use, students falling behind, more mental illness. but the climate nuts, they were thrilled because they hoped that you are being conditioned to be satisfied with having less. traveling less. making less money. because we were keeping each other safe mama and the planet cleaner. >> fewer cars on the road to come up planes in the skies have helped the planet breathe. >> you've got the smog on the right, this is taking about a week ago, much clear skies and cleaner skies because you don't have quite as much pollution. >> laura: they love no
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productivity. the sky is cleaner. the democrats in the global allies are back at it. the economic downturn you have to understand is not an accident. it's impending recession, it's a surprise. this is the biden agenda working as it should. if it weren't, it weren't really plan, janet yellen would have been fired long ago. the whole economic team would have been fired. but biden thinks they're doing a bang-up job. we may not have formal lockdowns in place, but americans are staying put because of high gas prices. 65% are spending less on going out. 61% are driving less to do errands. 4 out of 10 are using savings to pay for a day-to-day expenses. same number by the way are spending less on groceries. i've got to tell you, that makes the super rich who are driving this insane climate live ecstatic.
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the globalists at the white house and congress, the world economic forum decided that to maintain their own power in their own money, to save the planet, they probably want to do that, too, they must lower the standard of living for the average american. its aim is happening elsewhere and that's why the dutch are wiping out their farmers. by the way, the sustainability agenda includes key elements that they have to force on western nations but especially in america. it requires taking agricultural land out of production, reducing automobile traffic, attacking the fossil fuel industry and keeping fuel costs high, reducing manufacturing, and keeping the climate change propaganda in schools, america, cartoons, all of it. at the house by the way is prepped on how long the pain will go on for americans.
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>> this is the step we are taking to inflict further pain. but there will be costs in the united states. >> paying the premium? >> long as it cakes the mic takes and if russia can't defeat ukraine. >> laura: as long as it takes. democrats thought they could convince you to voluntarily accept a lower standard of living for your families, your kids, your grandkids. many democrats are already on board with that agenda. liberals in the media and on the hill are not turning on biden because they disagree with his policies. they are turning on biden because he's such a lame messenger. more on that by the way later on in the show. but they ran into a new phenomenon that they had not prepared for, anticipated. i'm talking about new immigrants
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who came for a better life and not ready to accept a new standard of living. it turns out middle-class americans still want to live in the suburbs, have two cars, good schools that are not propaganda 24/7. these same people are not slavishly pouring over the academics who are speaking out "the new york times" like herman daly who is now urging america to rethink its obsession with economic growth. i read this over the weekend. unbelievable. he said it's a false assumption to say that growth is increasing the standard of living in the present world because we measure growth and growth of gdp. if it goes up, does not mean we are increasing standard of living? we said it does, but we left out all the cost of increasing gdp. we don't know that the standards is going up. chemical pollution, wildfire,
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the other costs induced by excessive growth is not clear at all. oh, my god. they really are desperate trying to totally upend the american dream. think about where america would be if we took herman's attitude at the most pivotal time in our history. our world war ii assembly line producing all the weapons of american-made steel and the iron that we had to win the war, the industrial revolution? think of the air pollution and costs. we should have stayed with horses. we will never lose sight of the fact that the green agenda is being pushed hardest by those whose lives will be affected least by the radical restructuring of our economy. >> you think it's the toughest challenge americans have ever faced? >> absolutely. the amount of change, new ideas, way greater than the pandemic.
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it meets the level of cooperation that will be unprecedented. >> climate change will kill five times as many people per year. the piece of the pandemic by the end of the century which will be accelerating without a simple tool to stop that right away. >> laura: keep your eye on him. as we've been telling you for months now, the left and the enablers have given up on americans. in their mind, we deserve to be punished for the country's wicked, racist, greedy history. but there is good news. you don't have to take this from the climate control freaks because if you beat them in november and again into the mic in '4 and choose conservative americans, the government has to stop answering to the bureaucrats and bill gates, george soros. they have to start answering once again the week, the peopl.
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documenting the true intentions of the recent moves. i think for a long time people have thought that, well, the left really want people to have a better standard of living. but they have these other goals. we are seeing that's not the case at all. do you agree? >> absolutely agree and you see what's happening with the heat wave in europe. it's another in a long life of instances where the radical left to try to use weather events as a means to suggest that we actually are enduring catastrophic climate change. it's factually untrue. the end result of the green new deal, we are seeing it now across parts of the world. i'm not even talking about places like europe, but california where you have a vehicle you're spending thousands of dollars extra per year to fill up your car. you have to go overseas, we see
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outright riots and protests because people are enduring the green new deal when it comes to agriculture. food prices are going up. yields are going down. that's what we have in this country if the radical green plans come to fruition. >> laura: we've been documenting on "the angle" what happened with agricultural land in europe and the dutch farmers. but expanding beyond europe and concerns in the united states. hundreds of thousands of acres being taken out of agricultural production over time to limit food output. they consider agriculture in many ways to be a threat, correct to the environment and the dream of the carbon neutral world especially with fertilizer. >> it sounds outrageous, but to the left, beef is a threat. because beef emits methane and
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methane causes global warming. people like bill gates the billionaire that they want regular people to eat less beef because that contributes to climate change. what's happening right now and the government, the government declared war on farming because farmers use a lot of nitrogen oxide which comes from animal waste. to them, that's a climate thread as well. at the dutch governments trying to eliminate half of such omissions in the next few decades and even worse. if you look at sri lanka where the government outright band the use of pesticides. who would have guests prices would soar? people would soar. that's what they have in store for us but the energy involved is the same. they don't want to have us experience it overnight. but we have to take close note of what's happening in sri lanka where the plants are now in effect.
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prices go up, regular people suffer, the wealthy keep the big homes, the private jets, caviar and beef but not the regular folk. >> laura: every plutocracy and dictatorship always turns out the same. the rich are never affected in the regular working people get totally hosed. i hope republican candidates and democrat candidates are watching what you just said. this has to be explained to the voters meticulously and persuasively. thank you. they want you to get used to having less. the left wants you to feel less safe while doing so. what do i mean? we got the new body cam footage of revealing the you've all the cops to be incompetent cowards house judiciary democrats are beginning a markup on a new assault weapons ban to further erode our second amendment rights.
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ranking member of judiciary congressman jim jordan. congressman, i feel like republicans are kind of afraid of the gun issue sometimes because they feel like there will be another mass shooting and they'll be on the spot. but this is permission is what they are doing giving everything that we are seeing in the public right now. >> no kidding. a great monologue. less money in the wallet, less gas in the car, no less freedom. they are coming directly after the second amendment liberties in a unconstitutional way. second amendment is as clear as it guides and shall not infringe on your rights to bear arms. it can't get any plainer than that but that's what they're going after. arms, not muskets, shall not infringe and it does not say shall not infringe unless it's an assault weapon or what the democrats want to go after that particular week. i'm going to lean in and fight against this and i know you are and so many americans know how wrong this is.
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>> i want to show our viewers tonight how cnn covers the news about the indiana hero. watch. >> the police said the gunman had a high capacity magazine. more people could have been killed. >> are we supposed to rely on a armed 22-year-old? >> shouldn't have to. >> laura: congressman, ellison seemed a little upset that's how it all went down. >> a few weeks ago when they were passing the unconstitutional red flag wall which is going to deny the due process rights, the good guys with guns don't rescue people like this guy in indiana did. it just happen this weekend. this attack on friday, speaking of first it was the covid lock down and you said the monologue
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and the disinformation government board. we have the justice department that still greeting moms and dad showing up at school board meetings showing the bias domestic terrorists. this is part of the pattern of attacks on fundamental liberties that we enjoy under our constitution here in america. that's why i think so many people are so fired up. going to push back on what the democrats are doing. >> laura: food, fuel, personal safety, speech. coming for all of it. but the voters have a chance to turn it around. we need you in the house judiciary committee. thank you. i'm next, the story behind how a chinese company is looking to infiltrate north dakota city. plus something the show predicted about chinese involvement in ukraine just concerned. former secretary of state mike pompeo will
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break free from the big three and switch to xfinity mobile. ♪ ♪ >> laura: the city of grand forks, north dakota, was really happy when the potential for a new corn mill came to town. that was until the citizens they are learned about who the companies associated with.
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fox news analyst kevin corke here on the latest incursion into americans heartland. >> very interesting story indeed. were talking about a chinese food manufacturer and the group thought acres of land near grand forks, north dakota, setting up a wet m milling plant. however, that'ss only part of the story. the other part is that project is located roughly 20 minutes from the grand forks air force base. that's raising a lot of national security concerns. as yous can well imagine. in fact, so much so that both the democratic chairman and the ranking republican member off the senate intelligence committee have expressed opposition to this project .he now, here's what we're talking about. grand forks air force base is home to some of the nation's most sensitive military drone s technology. the base is also home of a new space networking center which north dakota senator has said handles the backbone of all u.s. military communications across the globe. the mayor of grand forks, the other side of this, brandon buttinsky, says, look, i just j want to do business. mi hell says the proposed
12:25 am
seven hundred million dollar plant would create more than a thousand construction jobs and two hundred direct job opportunities. but not everybody's buying it. florida's marco rubio said this . it is dangerous, foolish and short sighted to allow the chinese communist party and its proxies to purchase land near u.s. military installations. this is something we mustry address now. i mentioned have the story. there's also this part. a lot of the residents of grand forks, laura , are none too pleased with the prospect of a chinese conglomerate setting up shop. we've seen anticommunism signs popping up in yards across the city, fihri city council meetings and even thousands ofs signatures on a petition to call for a citywide vote . >> pitchforks and torches. my friend, back to you. fr oh, wow. t hathank you so much for that update on a fascinating story. we're going to dig into it. beth waldeck is a retired teacher and a former christian radio host in grand forks. she joins us now. beth, now you think your city council has been c sold a bill f
12:26 am
goods by woofing and explain why and why wouldn't this b be great? bring inri jobs to the community thatatto your community could u. >> so what's the problem? my initial thought was that they were being sold a bill of goods or because i think the they were being told, hey, we're going to bring jobs to your area. we're going to increaseic agricultural production in your area. and if you know anything about north dakota, we're an agricultural state. we you know, the thing is young can you can grow everything you want north dakota to make a pizza. okay, so we depend on agriculture and we do so i our area and we have many farmers in our area. >> but i think it's becomet' more nefarious than that with our city council too be quite honest with you, as wer as we dig deeper into it ourselves as citizens, we're finding out that things aren't as aboveboard as they would likeke us to believe. >> now here is a few things us chief operating officer named eric sugar rush on this
12:27 am
proposed deal . >> watch for remember u.s. laws were an american citizen. i grew up my whole life here and i'm not going to be doingng any type of espionage activities or be associated with a company that thoseiona mothell that strangely naive. yeah, well, i guess what marco rubio and othersau are saying is like we're just going to take his word for it because of course, everybody who's involved with the chinese and it's happened with ticktock now, like i said, well, we're not going to have anything even if he didn't, china has china has its hooks into this companya and it's an agriculturaln company at a time when we're concerned about potential with the food supply in the united states. that's another concern that i know you have in some of your fellow citizens have my response back to him. what do you think they're going to ask? you know, they're not going to come in and say, hey, whilerere , dee building this factory
12:28 am
you don't mind if we do a little spying on the side, do you? i mean, they just don't do they don't operate that way. they just doo it. that's that's the way any enemy operates. you don't ask for permission to infiltrate your enemies backyard. you just want when you contact the city council, both whenct and i know people have. >> but what do they say? what's their response? they they say that there's nos national security concern n. they've told us repeatedly thato air force officials at the basef have raised no concerns. they'veto toldld us that they ho properly vetted the soothsaying corporation and they see no problem with it. it's just it simply isn't true.h they did a google search that is they're vetting process of the company. and so and we know now, as you said, we have bipartisan support in the senate now that opposes this factory or anything like it, that is being controlled and run by the ccp
12:29 am
not to come anywhere inno ameria and regularly within miles of an air force base that has the . >> we really aren't. we do. yeah. wera app really appreciate your speaking out the voices ofl regular people who live inar these communities have to be heard in years. >> where tonight. here's more tonight. . ank you >> we won the cold war and then we gave up the victory by empowering china. so every time someone says russia, i say china. okay, the what? we s how are we going to cut off the support to vladimir putin in the east from chinaho? >> and we're not going to we are not willing to do that period now, that was just two weeks into russia's invasion in ukraine. it was obvious to the anglesi pp that this was happening. >> china was fuelingif the conflict by doing business with russia and no one in the administration would even the reality. well, now the wall street journal, they've caught up providing the latest embarrassing chapter for the biden national security teamsi, china's exports to russa of microchips and otherni
12:30 am
electronic components and raw materials, some with military applicationsns have increased m since moscow's invasion ofos ukraine. here now is mike pompeo, former secretary of state, fox newspe contributor. re secretary, great to see yu tonight. we said from the beginning and i know you did as well,tr that if this administration was really serious about crippling the russian war effort,. they wouldn't be funding it through the back doorot by continuing to do huge business with china. thanks for having me on . that's exactly right. not only are we funding it, they stole the intellectual property. it's the basis for those very semiconductors and microelectronics that you described were stolen from places like south dakota and north dakota. the woman you were just speaking to transfer to dump it back here in the united states and are now selling it to vladimir putin so his war machine can continue to expand and it's a hard problem, but this administration has no plan, no strategyatio. they're not willing to confront the hard truth that tha the partnership xi jinping in
12:31 am
china calls unlimited. he says unlimited friends, they're unwilling to confront the challenges that presents tho and be serious about this.e i promise you,yo if an american company was trying to buy an agricultural piece of property near a chinese military base in beijing, it wouldn't happen. and yet we're naive. we are we are silly about the way we think about protecting the american people. and we have to understand that the chinese communist party didn't come here for a good, benign, noble purpose. they came here to conduct espionage and reduce the capacity for the united states to stand on its own two feet. there secretary, is bipartisan support. as beth just said. there is bipartisan support for stopping this. so if republicans take back thea house, we don't know what'sil going to happen in the senate. we're going to talk to dr. oz in a moment from pennsylvania. . but they did break the house.p they have to stop. al >>ki they have to stop talking about it and stop it. >> absolutely. and they have the ability to do it. there's legislation now which we're going to try to bring
12:32 am
some semiconductors back frommi china, back from taiwan, back to manufacture here inside the unitedhina states. they can put language in that very piece of legislation that would preventie precisely the kind of transaction that's taking place in north dakota. and lawyers, youou know, this isn't a one off. they are free to move aboute the cabin. they did the same thing with a company called smithfield in kansas that was making pork . the chinese are doing this all across the country. we have to stop and congress has the capacity to do >> one to ten rating ten ten b being the best performance of biden in the middle east. how do youbi. rate biden's performance, mr. secretary? >> oh, yes, i do. my best to be generous. did you say one was best? it's one . >> this is a nine and a half now. one is one in the world for that one . it is about a half now. >> well, you're being very generous. this is the worst performance by an american presidentce the middle east in decades and decades. it was truly unfortunate. make us less say that's the most important thing. it's not like that. it's: funny.
12:33 am
the fist bump, it's it makes us less safe. i thank you and it's no secret that i believe former president trump's endorsementnt of doctorow's in pennsylvania wasr. a mistake. but now that the dust is alled settled, dr. oz, has beenou gracious enough to come on to talk to us . he's here next on why it's so vital that he stands in the wayh of john fetterman going to the u.s. senate. >> stay there. i say this because i care about you potential right here was very good. without the science, i don't think you might because they don't trust you. it's just that i don't trust you. find something that brings you a lot of joy you got the whole time. as i go out here and talk about your i'm hungry.
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to at night. i have good news for setting the year old. it's just an outpatient treatment, said since the results in such a slippery with no cutting, yes. no side effects, no amount of serious bleeding and infection of msm if you like that kind, ask your neurologist about your call 800 seven five to eleven hundred today. >> all right. that pennsylvania senate race between dr. mehmet oz and johnmc fetterman could decide whetherth republicans take back the senate. now, this is keye. biden's job approval in pennsylvania is now a complete disaster was just 36% approving while 61% disapprove of biden's job performance. now, this is significant. 77% of pennsylvanians sayn the state is headed in the wrong direction. only 30 percent say the economy is working well for them.m. but still at least right now,ak
12:39 am
fetterman is staked out abouted a six point lead over oz. >> obviously he's a republican , but senator biden hasn't built that lead through any policy prescriptions or even campaigning in all the counties. and that's because of health's concerns. well, a series of what the philadelphia inquirer describes as trolls are doing the dirty work for him. now, everyone knows that oz and i had some differences during the primary, but it is very important for pennsylvania voters to know the feeling of economic pain of this current regime that a vote for fetterman is are vote to kep chuck schumer as senate majority leader and a vote to continue the war on fracking in pennsylvania. in other words, has to joining me now for the first f time is dr. mehmet, pennsylvania's gop senate nominee. dr. oz, first, thank you so much for being here. now, this h just broke tonight that fetterman has confirmed he will make his first.
12:40 am
>> it's called a major greet g with voters. doesn't doesn't seem to have like a big q&a with the media, but it's a fundraiser. is is this guy a real populist? s he's not a real populist. he's a pretend populist. in fact, many folks think because of the way he dresses with his hoodies and his shorts that work his whole life, it's quite the opposite. he's not worked in the privatee. sector. i spent my whole life workingto with my parents were immigrantsn understanding the importance of dedicated my life to servicece as a heart surgeon. i've invented devices. as you know, i have been very active in a lot of endeavors just to make america healthier, better place. john isn't hiding from votersr for the last few months. he last week said he was fine. i haven't heard from him since and said they're focused on these starkie posts written by consultants and no candidates for office of either party ought to be shielded from scrutiny. and that's why i've been askinga to get on the campaigno trail. come play this talk aboutt
12:41 am
the cost of living in pennsylvania, which o is devastating as it is across the country. the gas prices which are herep elevated. and we know b that we could help because we've got hundreds of years of natural gas under our feet. in pennsylvania is through the roof. philadelphia experiencing the worst homicide rates in its history. and i've got to say, the only thing joe biden is building back better is the republican party b and is doing a good job. strengthen our party. we're uniting here in pennsylvania. and the key question that all voters are going to have too address on november 8th is do you think joe biden is taking us in the right direction? and as you point out, the vast majority are going to say no and they're going to vote for me, which is why the democratshe party, it's not the democrats, it's the far left radical elements that are distractingdi voters with all kinds of efforts across the country. sbut the american people will not be dissuaded from focusing on what matters now, the gas prices, the food prices alone. i mean, anyone who votes for fairness can vote for higher gas prices and higher food prices. everybody knows that they should know by nowor. t but i want to talk about fundraising because fetterman totalk a haul from individuals
12:42 am
and committees, according to campaign finance reports,itte tt nine point nine million dollars and you have one point one million at least that's what's being reported. closing the gap, 1.1 a little b, i guess you loanedd your campaign some money, but he has five times as much cash on hand as you do. is that correct?? number one ? and number two, why is that given how important this race is for republicans to take back the us senate where the nrc? well, rnc is getting involved. the rnc has been wonderful. the state and national parties are doing their best. but the democratsoing have very cleverly taken all of these issues that come up over the summer. the the dod decision, the concerns about gunss and they've used these as excuses to raise money from the democratic loyalists. interestingly, when when republicans get mad, we go out and mow the lawn. democrats, when they get mad , donate money to their party. soy. i urge everyone go to dr. .com and consider supporting my campaign. we a will winnd.
12:43 am
wewe will prevail. i don't have to raise as much money as fetterman because i'm a better candidate. itte takes a lot of money to sel something you don't have, which he knows that you've got to be competitive. and it's not just me. it's true of mue allthe the sene races across the country, the democrats are out donating and we can do better. so doctorow's that and remember, this i is what i keep telling the folks america's out of gasas right no. biden is out of time. fetterman is out ofwe the question. we have to stick up to our values. we have to get our message out. and the reality of who john fetterman is is not known by folks in pennsylvania wants to get the word out. >> it's game over. i mean, the hoodie and the shorts. i mean, that's cute.o if you're going to, i don't know, acting or maybe a new line of athleisure wear. but i think this is like serious stuff the country is facing. >> weer had a hologram guy run for president in 2020. you can have a hologram running in 2020 two for the u.s. senate in pennsylvania. it's completely insane. we'll be following this
12:44 am
very closely. >>ou we really appreciate your joining us tonight. thank you so much. and up next, has the media m officially turned on biden? plus, which two prominent dems are already talking to deep pocketed donors? speaking of fundraising in anticipation of challenging biden, charlie hurt and stevenbi miller next. >> oh, how much is different this time means it's time to
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♪ ♪ >> help is on the way. joe biden, we need it. the country is heard. >> laura: heralded as a savior, potential savior by the media the day he announced his candidacy back in 2018, but now finally seeing that help was never on the way and biden actually lower the standard of living for t americans. >> new poll numbers paint a very different picture for a budget and biden t and the democrats. in 2022 and beyond. >> things are careening out of control writ large. >> concerns about his age. some voters and party insiders. >> while a cause for concern about his age. >> there's something about biden that doesn't connect. so that speaks and you don't meanon it.
12:50 am
>> laura: joining me now "washington times" contributor and editor. charlie, we knew this was going to happen, right? when they saw biden started dragged them all down the drain. they wantt going to head the policies, they know they have a bad pitchman for the product of socialism. >> absolutely, and of course, joe biden has played the role of useful idiot who served its purpose. he's done with the media wantedu him to do and now that as you point out, is just completely , and he's dragging the entire democratic party down with him. voters -- all this only shows t that voters are fleeing the democratic party for republicans, largely because of this guy and his policies, and the policies that the democratic party has had for long time. they're starting t to have a different opinion about it.
12:51 am
>> laura: katie told spoke out about the public view of the media now from msnbc. watch. >> there was just a gallup poll out today that shows that the media newspapers and television is an all-time low. people don't trust us, they don't believe us, and it makes me't wonder if this job, as i'm currently doing it, is a sensitive, but is it doing more harm than good? >> laura: stephen, this is the same person back in 2017 who compared journalists pointing toward a story to firefighters who run into a fire. and now, she's having some reawakening about maybe we need to do something different periods because the media has completely obliterated this credibility with a six-year
12:52 am
never-ending crusade against president trump. it has blinded the judgment, it has bought their minds, it has completely trashed their profession. if they want to regain even a shred of that credibility, get back to objective reporting on the facts, talk about what's happening with crime in this country, talk about what's happening with record-setting illegal immigration. do honest, objective reporting about what's happening in our schools with gender ideology any critical race theory. talk about how we are strengthening our freedoms. this kind of reporting would bring back their credibility, but they cannot let go ofdi ther hatred, their all-consuming hatred of our 44th president. kyiv is you, charlie, both of you actually a 2024, because kamala said that if biden, you'll be on the ticket.
12:53 am
but i knew cnbc reported seeing that she, gavin newsom and other dams are starting to meet with wealthy donors, as new polling of course showing that voters don't wantntan joe. charlie, they're not even waiting for the political corpse to start rotting before the vultures come to pick at it. this is really a bad. >> it's hard to blame them. i think that has more to do with just the fact thatas they don't have any respect for joe biden pequot also the fact that the really terrified of the idea that his second-in-command is, i have is, quite frankly, she is worse than joe biden in terms of trying to win back a national race, especially, and i would have said that years ago, but especially after two years of listening to her in office. it's been such a disaster.
12:54 am
everything that the administration has handed her husband and i can anvil and it's turned into a disaster. >> laura: gill was up in nantucket and she was saying that joe has had a lot thrown at him. she said he's just had so many things thrown his way, he's had to address problems of the moment. i'm not sure -- he has a lot of plans. a lot of plans and hope. >> when your spouse is making excuses for your problem, you're probably not doing a very good job. at he created everyone of these problems, from inflation to the border to crime to the destruction of the american economy to the covert deaths, all on him. >> laura: every single one of them. charlie and stephen, thank you. stay with us
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♪ ♪ >> laura: >> because you are from the president on friday, he made very clear that he was very clear to the crown prince -- >> laura: still going on. speak of the white house taking a victory lap. gas prices at an all-time high. the administration apparently forgotten, were still paying $2 more per gallon than the day joe biden moved into the white house. an arsonist, and then being like i do know. watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. some democrats already appear to be cashing in on the president 's for years. kamala harris


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