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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  May 22, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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eric: present biden on his first trip to asia's president united states delivered a brief message to dictator. that message, hello. the present also leaving open the possibility of meeting with him, if the dictator is serious about discussing nuclear issue. he says some already north korea to launch a missile to as a message to the united states while president biden is in the region. hello everyone welcome to new hour of need "fox news live".
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if i present biden's it is not concerned about possible nuclear test from north korea which should be the first in nearly five years. the president is now in tokyo the second leg of the diplomatic tour. white house correspondent peter doocy is troubled with the president he is there as well, hi peter. >> good morning eric and arthel paid the president is already here in tokyo. he left south korea without ever going to the tmz to meet with his north korean leader, something his predecessor did on a trip they are. but are hearing maybe next time. >> owed me with the leader of north korea it would depend whether he was sincere and serious. that's on this trip this president trying to make china feel like north korea, isolated but critics say the chance to do that has come and gone. >> i think it is coming about 16
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months too late because china is the number one threat we face but he wished president biden got there early in his tenure, not spent so much time in europe. not made his very first glitzy international summit with vladimir putin last summer. >> another big headline from this trip the president is in the region north korea deals with the first known outbreak of covid. >> yes, we have offered vaccines. not only to north korea but you china as well. we are prepared to do that. >> as it turns out maybe that is not the only vaccine the world is going to need to be worried about. on the way here the president was talking about monkeypox. >> they haven't told me the level of exposure yet. it is something everyone should be concerned about. we are working on it hard to figure out what we need to do what vaccine may be available. if it were to spread, that's all
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they've told me. >> on his trip present biden's been talking a lot about how important he think it is to work with asian partners to prepare the world for the next global health a challenge. so it is notable there has not been while he is in asia any known public outrage to try to figure out how the last big public health crisis started e-mail he promised last august not to stop until he had answers about the origins of covid, eric the. >> of questions about that lab. peter doocy is live in tokyo just after 5:00 a.m. in the morning, peter thank you. arthel: up as an biden meets with leaders in japan and south korea china is holding military exercises in the long disputed south china sea botrytis air force and navy have made threatening moves toward nearby taiwan since last fall break the u.s. and taiwan and enjoyed
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friendly though unofficial relationship. his national security visor jake sullivan on beijing's threat to taiwan after russia's invasion of ukraine. >> an biden administration is invested and work with allies and partners to send a clear message of deterrence. we do not want to see unilateral changes to the status quo. we certainly don't want to see military aggression but we do want that message not from just us but a range of allies and partners but in the region and beyond. arthel: a springing of dan hoffman former cia station chief in moscow. what is china doing holding military exercise in the long disputed south china sea while president biden is visiting south korea and japan? what is president she's a point? >> think we have seen over the past couple of weeks china mounting these aggressive
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military exercises in the south china sea which china has been militarizing for years now they are flooding the zone at the not-so-subtle message the united states and to present biden particular the china considers this particular see to be part of their territory. and they are the ones who can exercise and dominance over that region. the united states of course disputes that permit set her own naval warships patrolling to the south china sea. but make no mistake in china through those exercises to the regular incursions in taiwan's airspace. there make it clear point from their point of view that taiwan is part of china and it's only a matter of time before china makes that official. arthel: and have kim jong-un he has intensified missile launch is to be preparing for a seventh underground nuclear test president biden said he is prepared for anything north korea it does during his first
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trip to asia as commander-in-chief that is, what is north korea doing, dan? >> this is a very dangerous time because it look he shot his economy down because of covid. even bite north korea standards which are pretty low, their economy has suffered their people are suffering more. there is a major outbreak there. it is hard to judge just how serious it is because their society is so close the country so close to the rest of the world. but kim jong-un own strategy has been very clear over the years is to extort the west principally the united states. launch icbm test, test nuclear weapon and you can have some negotiations and maybe achieve some relief from sanctions. i think that has got to be front and center for what north korea is looking to do right now. arthel: may also operate u.s. military work together to monitor airspace made tense by the escalating missile test. president biden looked at the joint airspace control center
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also while he is there in asia. as the u.s., south korea and japan stand united who is the greater threat to that alliance is it north korea or is it china? >> i think they both are i think president biden is on the right track i agree with senator cotten i wish we would have begun the 16 months ago. emphasize the united states is a reliable economic and strategic partner for asia but vertically for south korea and japan. there is a major threat from china both in terms of economic as well as the military threat. and i am sure there's a lot of discussions right now about how we deal with that. president biden newly inaugurated south korea are talking about ramping up the military exercises that president trump scaled back. whether that something there really thinking about doing or whether they are emphasizing to north korea's leader that we are prepared to do that if we don't get negotiations that we want
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that is kind of an open question right now progress and present biden will conclude his visit there with the summit of the quad collective we were talking at the u.s., japan, australia and india. this is a signal to china its military and economic design. would you say dan is this more of a stronger political strategy and diplomacy or that meeting with the quad? or is it a weaker political arm wrestling? >> i think that meetings are important sprayed the question is where are we headed what are the specific deliverables we are going to get sprayed the present has of a specific endo- framework. it's just beginning it's important to do it to get our supply chain right through it's important have more clear-cut military discussions. maybe we should think about this oxymoron of strategic ambiguity. president biden last october and 2021 said the united states would come to the assistance of taiwan even though that is not our official policy i think the administration might want to be
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thinking about how we can make taiwan a tougher target for china, make it prohibitively costly to the chinese in terms of economic spilled blood and treasure to the chinese that they were to attack. i don't think we have done that yet absorbing in these hard and fast results from these meetings and so far we have not seen them for. >> more at military aid to taiwan? >> taiwan needs a lot more they need the javelins and the stingers of us are supply we are sending them to ukraine they need mines for the taiwan straits. it has been a very clear a lot of lessons learned from the fight in ukraine, not all of them applicable to taiwan but quite a number i think that is another thing the united states and taiwan need to be current conferring on along with japan look for the present biden's meeting with japanese prize minister tomorrow. >> conferring and acting on it, then hoffman fox news conjured a former cia station chief in moscow, thank you very much dan.
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eric: closely watched georgia primaries just about 48 hours away. a lot of eyes are on the republican gubernatorial race their former senator david perdue is back performer president trump trails a popular incumbent governor brian kemp in the polls and also a lot of the fundraising. mark merritt this live in atlanta with the very latest on this race, hi mark. >> eric, good afternoon's year to mars going to feel like trump versus pence in georgia. we're going to see the former president of the former vice president hold different events for their chosen gubernatorial candidate. pence is backing the income the in this rate sitting governor brian kemp. cap continues to dominate she mentioned both in the polls and within fundraising. the event tomorrow's going to be in the atlanta suburbs. still the governor says this event is going to start with are the selections coming down to more than just was going on in the polls. rather issues or georgians or care about not the dueling endorsements. >> this is about georgia.
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not mike pence and president trump to the lots help our states. i always said that. i have always been grateful for that. but mike pence is a friend of mine. >> tomorrow trump is going to be holding an event a telephone style rally for perdue the polls show purdue down considerably against kemp. trouble is the mega voters will rally run anyone behind the sides cap because their unhappiness with the 2020 lectures carried out top georgia jiffy up officials tell us they believe after this primary on tuesday the party will be united not divided. >> i do believe everyone will get on the same page between now and november because again our main goal is to keep out of the governor's mansion. >> meantime georgia football legend republican senate candidate herschel walker is denying any reports of inappropriate behavior after an associated press investigation looked into a for-profit veterans group that walker was once associated with. ap says the group was preying upon veterans and defrauding the
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government walker's campaign is accusing the ap of a smear campaign saying this was part of it media hit job. while walker looks like is going to sail through this nomination, lease if the polls are to be believed there still a lot of concern for some republican statewide whether or not he will be able to make an electability factor because of course democrats have been spending heavily raphael warnock is in the senate right now be tough to beat the incumbent but herschel walker still out on the trove expect them to hold multiple events tomorrow. also as far president trump's blessing in this race, erica. eric: mark in atlanta with the race thank you. >> five days after pennsylvania republican senate primary the vote counting continues the race is still too close to call. trump backed tb doctor oz these former hedge fund chief david mccormick by 1100 votes. so this will likely trigger a statewide recount. alexander hoff has more. >> the margin between doctor oz and david mccormick is just under 1100 votes. that is the size of your average
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high school. that is 0.1% difference with office holding onto a tiny advantage. a provisional disputed mail in ballot one candidate is not able to achieve a half a percentage lead pennsylvania law requires an automatic recount. so here's the timeline on to say the unofficial election results are due by the neck say the trailing cat it could wave a recount. either oz nor mccormick plan to do that. and so on the 26 the secretary of state would order a statewide recount which would begin on the first part has to be complete by the seventh and would take another day to get those results. but another dynamic is suddenly at play. friday pennsylvania pills court ruled in a different case that mail in the ballots without a date on the envelope can still be counted for the mccormick campaign reach out to counties informing them of this ruling of the oz campaign said this is a breach of standing pennsylvania law. rnc chairwoman mcdaniel said this on fox news sunday precrisis influx of mail and voting is clearly showing systems are not ready for that and pennsylvania is a case at
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that right now. i think a lot of this lies at the foot -- make the feet of governor wolf brickwork so far david mccormick has been slightly favored by mail in voters, arthel. arthel: alexandria hoff reporting from pennsylvania thanks alex. eric: the babies are getting help much needed help to families across the country who have been desperate to feed their babies, look at the u.s. air force that military transfer plan usually is to support military operations but now it is part of the biden administration operation fly formula delivering imported baby food from europe and elsewhere this first shipment landed in indianapolis just a few hours ago. 78000 pounds, 39 tons of baby food on the way to american mothers and fathers across the country, lucas tomlinson is here with the story. >> approximately 11:00 a.m. sunday morning the first u.s.
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air force c-17 arrived in indianapolis carrying 78000 pounds of formula to fill half a million baby bottles. the paltz were then offloaded onto fedex trucks waiting next to the plane. it's the first time in history the u.s. military has launched an emergency mission like this to rush critical nutrition to millions of hungry american babies but some are calling this disaster relief here at home. normally the military flies aid like this to countries devastated by war, famine, natural disaster but only three companies make about 90% of the baby formula. the white house is that needs to change me. >> you have a president now is think we need to pursue competition across the economy in this sector and others by creating more pathways for small business and entrepreneurs to get into these markets. >> president biden secretary of agriculture tom but bill set, out on the ramp when this paltz began coming off the plane. riding in the "washington post" the ceo of abbott one of the
1:16 pm
companies responsible for the baby from a shortage issued an apology and pledge to take the following steps. establish a $5 million fund to help families with hospitalized children, ship millions of cans of baby formula from an fda approved facility in ireland and restart the michigan facility by the first week in june. but it will take six -- eight weeks before formula is available. that means what could be as late as august before this baby formula crisis ends. this week congress is expected to hold hearings, erica. arthel: eric, title 42 is set to expire tomorrow. but the judges keep the trump air board restriction in place for now. meantime plenty of migrant keep crossing illegally into the u.s. were live at the southern border up next
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arthel: york city police are looking for god who shot and killed an innocent man on a subway train. today it happened in broad daylight just before noon. police say the trade was crossing the manhattan bridge approaching the canal street station when the government randomly open fire. the victim was rushed to the hospital where he died. no one else was hurt pretty shooting out a brooklyn subway
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train entered ten people last month the sub checked and that attack is facing federal terrorism charges. eric: now to the southern border word historic numbers of asylum-seekers are there. it keeps out of 42 in place, at least for now. another covid air restriction which has been used too quickly expelled migrants was set to expire tomorrow before the judge intervened. the rest of the border we are told our way out. border communities wait for the result of the biden administration appeal of that ruling. what could that mean? bill is live in the community and eagle pass, texas right on the border. >> hey eric, we had more than 200 30,000 border crossing last month in april for this the highest monthly number in u.s. history. it happened with the title 42 in place for now a judge has ruled it will stay in place you can expect the status quo to essentially stay the same. here's what that looks like. more of the usual take a look at
1:22 pm
this video we shot last night and a bracket bill short distance away from us here in eagle pass we were embedded with troopers they pulled over suspicious vehicle evidently there was a man being smuggled in the back of that vehicle in the trunk produce he eventually climbs out from the backseat area from center console area where he was being hidden it. his human smuggler a fema from san antonio u.s. citizen i'm think we've been seeing more and more of more frequently. americans coming down to the border and taking part in human smuggling they fall into the lure of quick easy kash if they pick someone up like that but also to share this video out of the sector in california what you are looking at is a border patrol suit high-speed chase they deployed strikes drips to slow it down greasy immigrants bail out of the vehicle while it is still moving the hit the asphalt, they go rolling eventually border patrol able to stop the vehicle, resting both the smuggler is also to illegal immigrants who jumped out of the
1:23 pm
car. major drug bust worth $1.5 million in three different smuggling busts. some of those including 25 pounds of sentinel, to give you an idea that's enough about 5 million lethal doses of the deadly opioid. also recover about five or 50 pounds of methamphetamine big time drug bust there that is one single border patrol sector. take a listen to a former dhs secretary chana wolff had to say about all the talk with title 42. >> border patrols on the 15th or 16th month of a crisis that has no end in sight. they need some leadership. they need a pick me up in the worst way because their morale and their confidence is at an all-time low. >> border patrol here in the del rio sector report that here in eagle pass they arrested a honduran man who crossed illegally who had a warrant for
1:24 pm
his arrest for murder out of the state of tennessee. just since october 1 justin del rio sector agent say they have arrested almost 1300 illegal immigrants have some type of criminal record, we will send it back to you pickwick set is just astounding. bill melugin live in eagle pass, thank you. arthel: went to the fourth month in russia's invasion of ukraine neither side is showing signs of backing down but russia continues hammering the eastern donbas region. strong ukrainian resistance is preventing the forces from advancing. try one as a live in kharkiv from the war on that perspective. >> arthel good afternoon russian forces continue as the mounts. in bakhmut a russian airstrike destroyed a university building in recent days strikes injuring
1:25 pm
civilians one elderly man recalls a strike this weekend. >> we don't know there was an explosion. there, that is where the crater is. it blew all of this out in the wall was gone. i cannot close the doors anymore. >> here in the kharkiv region they're showing the northern part of the city tonight incoming and outgoing fires heard throughout the day. russian troops have pushed back slightly from the city but we got a look at some of the positions that were destroyed by ukrainian forces. >> as a russian forces advanced on kharkiv they set up different positions and tree lines outside of the city that you're creating artillery units targeted these tanks and military vehicles in the distance you can still hear fierce battles raging on for the trying to defend their second largest city. as a conflict continuous russian officials have banned hundreds of americans from entering their country. among the less included in these
1:26 pm
new sanctions u.s. president joe biden, vice president kamala harris, secretary defense lloyd austin, hunter biden, hillary clinton facebook founder mark zuckerberg. the move is in response to heavy western sanctions that are disrupting the russian economy in the wake of the invasion into ukraine. it is an eerie night here and it kharkiv but in the distance there's incoming and outgoing artillery despite completely clear as most of the lights in the city at 1.4 million people are turned off. air raid sirens continue to sound, arthel. arthel: when will it stop? trey yingst great coverage as always breed stay safe in 11. i'm going to use your pronunciation thank you very much trey stay safe. it is disgusting this war. eric: that it is thinking arthel and trey backyard home stocks have been on a losing streak and there are worries that another recession could be around the corner. is that really the case? we will take a look and predict wall street journal the man who
1:27 pm
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four summers from the courted gas prices, just like the temperature keep going up for the average price per gallon to set a new record on thursday, look at the $4.59. that is low compared to some places. nate foy is now to gas station and new york city. let's see those numbers, nay. >> it is crazy. eric. the station specific it will get to these numbers here momentarily but the national average remains at $4.59 per gallon. again a record high which is and has been problematic for some time now but is especially concerning as memorial day weekend is approaching. aaa predicts 39 million american americans will travel 35 of who will be driving for anyone to show how quickly prices have it continue go up take a look at this graph we made free of this
1:32 pm
graphically 14-cent different per gallon in the past month the difference almost 50 cents. and in the past year prices are up more than a dollar 50 per gallon. so if you do the math if you have a 15-gallon tank that is $23 more every single time you fill up your car. drivers all over the country are frustrated, listen to this. >> i feel i still needed it is my work. so what can i do? >> it really impacting a lot. the cost over $100 to fill this van up. >> over $100 just to fill up their tank. here the states getting hit the hardest to precede a cluster on the west coast and in the northeast. in california the average price per gallon of gas is $6.6 pretty steep multiple other states on
1:33 pm
the west coast averaging over $5 a gallon. unfortunately prices are not expected to approve anytime soon despite demand increasing of the busy summer travel once again memorial day approaching. the russian invasion of ukraine also not helping with added pressure on the markets. but eric, you mentioned gas prices here in manhattan the station we are right made to the prices behind me. $6.39 per gallon of gas and just to punish shy of $7 for a gallon of supreme. send it back to you. >> just amazing, nay thank you, arthel. arthel: well guys, the stock market nosedived last week raised fears that were already out there fears of a recession the dow jones the s&p the nasdaq all took massive hits. the dow is the biggest hit as it lost more than 900 points per the nasdaq loss 450, s&p about 122. meantime and crypto were the value of bitcoin is not less
1:34 pm
than half what it was in november per the direction of the national economic council try to put those worries to rest. >> we prepared in the united states that we are or will be in several months heading into a recession. >> of people should know is we are in this period of transition to more stable growth people should also take confidence that we are better position than any other country to navigate through this and keep our recovery going pickwick site john is here wall street journal associated editors was fox news contributor. so john, the sake of this conversation i want to get this question out there first of all. the stock market always rebound or there is a correction. if you are in the process of retiring or you are set to retire the next few months you are relying on your 401(k) funds, how worried should you be? >> more than half of americans have stocks. a lot of that in 401ks. so no doubt they are worried.
1:35 pm
hopefully if you're that close to retirement though, you've been shifting assets out of stocks into slightly more conservative investments like bonds. with the bond market is also down. they have gotten hammered. this is the longest as so often stocks in decades. now mind you, it was from record highs and had gotten very frothy because interest rates were so low it was so easy to borrow money. it was at record highs as come down off of that but it is down 19 percentage point. the s&p is down 19. one point away from the official declaration of it being a bear market. arthel: let's talk crypto currency for it is still unfamiliar digital monopoly money to many. but millions as you have other people are already doing business and crypto. so number one, will be digital currency technology be the dominant money exchange? how much would that transition make for an unstable stock
1:36 pm
market? >> think we are years away from that arthel. crypto has become another financial asset are probably willing to take a little more risk in the portfolios. crypto is not the only thing down. there's some big bellwether that have gotten hammered by the selloff again it is a painful selloff. the outlook is not necessarily getting any better. we did a survey of economists redo it every month this month ahead about 28% of the economy saying they expect things to get worse. now that still only 28%. in april of 18% and here goes 13%. we see the centers the survey of small business and found a majority of small business owners they think the economic conditions are going to get worse. we five according to what you're saying these economists are saying it is coming.
1:37 pm
we just do not know how long it might last and when it might get here. you are saying if it looks like it does which we don't want to but if it does, seems like the smaller businesses would be the ones who take the biggest hit. >> yes. small businesses are another bellwether for the tentacle first either on the upside or the downside. want to keep your eye on them very carefully. but mind you it is 28% is not the majority of the economy. there's a lot of positive possibilities. the negative story is the feds raising interest rates and that you have got covid disruptions to the supply chain around the world, fueling inflation of a war fueling inflation that is going to make the fed react. will the fed overreact? since the 1980s from the six times they began raising interest rates in response to a problem when it ended up four times in recession. that is the negative story. the positive story as well,
1:38 pm
maybe they get it right and may be the consumer who is really strong, two thirds of the economy in the united states is consumer activity. maybe that consumer strength remains strong over the coming months and you get stability and not a recession. it is a bit of a dice roll right now you can make both of those arguments pretty compelling. >> there are people doing just that. john bussey always appreciate reporting good to see you john thank you. before about 30 miles from las vegas strip, is drying up the receding waters are body in a bear was at a from the 1970s? cap next legend a form of criminal defense lawyer mayor of las vegas goodman is here to tell us. were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive,
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>> actor johnny depp is expected to return to the stand tomorrow is the defamation trial with ex-wife amber heard continues. christina coleman is live in los angeles with more on the story, christina. >> hi arthel johnny depp be the third witness the legal team calls to the stand tomorrow. depp is suing heard over 2018 op ed she wrote to the washington post describing herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse. even though deb's name is not mentioned in the article he says it damaged his career. >> johnny depp has to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that he never hit amber heard. he then has to prove that amber heard acted with malice and posting this op-ed and then the last, depp has to prove he was financially harmed because of the op ed. >> hurts legal team is trying to undermine depp's depth as
1:44 pm
portraying him as as abusive and out-of-control her sister told jurors she witnessed depp hit heard during an argument in march of 2015. >> but by that time johnny had already grabbed amber by the hair with one hand was walking her repeatedly in the face with the other. >> hurts attorney zeroed in on depp's of drug by showing these photos also played tape testimony from the former agents of the actors behavior hurt his own career. >> oh well, initially cruise a loved him he was always so great with the crew. but they don't love sitting on for hours and hours and hours waiting for the star of the movie to show up. >> meantime johnny depp strongly denies abusing heard it. he said he was the victim of physical and emotional abuse in the relationship at his attorney question heard about this. >> we just heard you speak to him it really horrible way
1:45 pm
called him a sellout. you called him at sellout right customer because i called him a lot of ugly things required of a cult of a lot of ugly things were to call him you told him he was a washed up piece of. >> i think we both call each other that on that occasion, yes. >> heard his counter synced up for $1 billion inc. using depth of conspiring to defame for this trial is expected to end of this week, arthel. arthel: thanks christina. eric. eric: story and las vegas mob may have ended in the 1980s. it's a grizzly legacy seems to still be with us. they receding lake mead about 3e revealed the second set of human rents one week after the first body was found in that borough stuffed inside. police of the victim in that borough had close of the 1970s was shot execution style in the head. the police do not expect this foul play in the other case locals have already jumped to conclusions about the body in that barrel.
1:46 pm
>> the chances are that this could have been a mob hit. it was the time there was a great deal of pressure on the bob. and in order to survive there was violence. >> joining us now is lost for just a legend famed defense attorney represent some of the biggest names, tony, and served three terms as the city's mayor, oscar goodman is with us. his wife, carolyn, currently the mayor of las vegas. mayor we are tickled great to see you here today pick rex eric good to see it you are out here i'm sure he had a good time. eric: were out there for a series on fox to sheltie about in a minute. everyone on the countries wandering this, who is in the berlin who did it? wherever i go people say who was in the barrel and who did it? i say where are you asking me i didn't put anybody in the barrel and they certainly didn't do it.
1:47 pm
>> could tony, you are a former from chicago who was in las vegas a plate by joe in the movie casino you are also in do you think it could have been one of tony's victims? there he is on the right. >> i don't know but all i know is a reference represented tony on 27 different murder cases according to the fbi. and he never spent a day in jail he was always made a scapegoat as far as i was concerned. they could not solve a lot of crimes are inherent crime took place it was always tony did it. and now unfortunately same type of mentality is coming back and that is a shame because it did not work the first time and it's not going to work the second time. but they have to do is use good police work. they have to be able to identify the bullet, the caliber. ordinarily as far as the mob is concerned, the 22 was the weapon of choice. we do not even have that information at this point in
1:48 pm
time. into, times have changed have the ability to get dna and they have not done that yet to my knowledge. they basically are talking about placing the clothing on the mail, that's about it so far. >> if you do caliber of that bullet. what is the lord and the continued fascination with the mafia and las vegas? >> it is unbelievable. i've been interviewed, not as good as your interview but i've been interviewed by people all over the world. english, newspapers, magazines, german, ap all over it all they want to do is they want to know who did it and who was it? it is the mystique of not saying i think it's great for las vegas. it's what is embodied in or mob museum it's a tribute to our history. we are the only city that i know of.
1:49 pm
it is a terrific museum. it's a museum and tries to be very evenhanded show law enforcement the raw anaerobic product hitting the mob. show the mob's power at one point time here in las vegas. eric: just look at the video of the mob museum which were instrumental in creating downtown. it's right next the golden nugget. don't just go to the shows in the museum go to the mob museum. you talk about the teamsters central pension fund, jimmy hoffa that foxes should they show is focusing on a sights but here it is under the pulaski skyway in jersey city, new jersey. where there are claims hoffa is buried in a barrel underneath that land. we are for the fbi to dig. the ground penetrating survey found buried metal at that spot. any thoughts mr. mayer about jimmy hoffa, his contribution to
1:50 pm
your city and what may have come of him? >> teamsters are very instrumental in having las vegas built to the point that it is today. they were the real source of the monies from their pension fund and the relationship from that casino owners and the city and the county and the teamsters was a very, very good relationship. turns out many of the people who were involved in connections with the quote mob. the bottom line is without that kind of money las vegas never would have been built. i cannot speculate that people are speculating for even though was deceased this reflects upon the family with connection and this pops up as far as mr. hoffa is concerned by being able to find some type of metal or
1:51 pm
substance under a bridge there for those bridges were made with the rebar they are full of metal. it's a lot of trouble to go and start putting bodies in places that are difficult to reach. not that i have any personal experience. eric: were up against the clock mr. mayor thank you we hope the fa will solve all the cases. thank you appreciate it. eric: of course if you want to know about half investigation there is riddled the search for james hoff and streaming on fox nation. think mayor oscar goodman for what he sent for las vegas and his legacy. we will have more news in a moment. we discovered that our family has been in new mexico for hundreds of years. researching my family has given me a purpose. sorry i'm late! dude, dude, dude... oh boy. your cousin.from boston.
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arthel: police are looking for yoga teacher wanted in the murder of a professional cyclist systems write love triangle turned deadly. steve is alive with more now, steve. quickset is right arthel. police on the u.s. marshals try to hunt for 34-year-old texas yoga instructor they feel may be involved in a deadly love triangle the victim, mariah wilson 25 years old shot to death and often while she was preparing for a raise. armstrong jeep was seen outside the home where maria wilson was
1:56 pm
staying. now police interviewed armstrong the yoga teacher, they let her go she has since disappeared for their concerns police say armstrong may have actually been using a fitness app to trace wilson's whereabouts on the day of the murder, arthel back to you. >> steve herrick and sad story there. all right, eric that is going to do it for us partly back again next sunday. of course saturday and sunday. but right now the biggest sunday show is up next. have a good afternoon. thanks everyone, thanks for joining us. ♪ it wasn't me by shaggy ♪ you're never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your discover card.
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