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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  May 14, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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it will not until every lead is investigated, every piece of evidence is analyzed and until we understand how and why this horrible tragedy and crime occurred. our thoughts and our prayers are with the families and victims who died today. >> united states attorney for western district of new york. >> i am jon scott this is a fox report. we are continuing coverage of a news conference in buffalo, new york. ten people shot and ate rampage at a grocery store there. the 18-year-old suspect to came from outside of the area is in custody. more on that news conference now. >> to ensure justice is brought to this community, to this victims, to those families. the united states attorney's office will be investigating this case along with our law enforcement partners as a hate
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crime. and domestic violent extremist. i am in touch with the highest levels of the department of justice. resources will be put behind this investigation. whatever we need we will not stop until justice is brought to this community. those of family in the victims of this horrific crime. i can assure you as united states attorney will bring whatever resources made to this community to make sure justice is done. this should never happen from anyone in any community but surely should not happen when people are going shopping and going through normal life events. we will ensure the perpetrator of this victim is given justice and justice will be done for this community.
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>> all right. let me first start off by saying thank you. thank you the federal, state, local level. the amount of work that has been done so far has been extraordinary. the amount of information that has been gathered so far has been outstanding. and for everyone involved here from sheriff, i cannot thank you enough. we in the county are not waiting. i have already called a judge, judge hannon to come downtown immediately and arraign this individual. within the next hour this individual will be arraigned on a charge of murder in the first degree. i am not even going to mention his name right now. one because the arraignment has
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not occurred. but more importantly, i do not want to give him any celebrity chisholm at all right now. i do not want to give him anything right now that puts attention on him him the alleged i say again alleged despicable acts that were committed today in our city. i'm not going to give you his name right now. i will get it to after i issue a press release after he has been arraigned. >> it appears we have lost our feed to the live news conferencing in place right now and buffalo, new york were community leaders have gathered to respond to and mourn the lives lost at the top's supermarket that news conference once again is back in action.
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>> obviously is crystal clear right now, there is a subdivision of murder in the first agree that accounts for multiple individuals getting shot and killed. which is what we have here. as the commissioner said we have ten individuals who have unfortunately lost their life. three that have been shot but are going to survive hopefully. there is also a second subsection of murder in the first degree. jon: it was a glorious saturday in buffalo, new york one according to police an 18-year-old man came in from outside the area dressed in full body armor tactical gear even helmet. it was a live streaming in the parking lot as he shot three people, for people there in the parking lot and more inside the
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store. ten are dead backed up to the news conference. >> but i can, and if those charges are applicable, which i think they may be, they will be added on. they're not going to increase the punishment at all from a state standpoint. from the state standpoint it is life without parole and that is is as high as we can go. i also want to thank my district attorneys across the country who have been texting me and calling me for the past two hours. i thank you for your thoughts. i thank you for your prayers. but more importantly i want everyone to know my thoughts and prayers are with family members who've lost loved one sit in the city of buffalo. >> will hear from and then congressman brian higgins because i will take questions at the end. >> as has been said by all the
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others, today's when the saddest the saddest days in the city of buffalo and the county's history paid all the counties resources have been made available as necessary to assist in this horrific act. as the mayor noted we are the city of good neighbors. we are not defined by that act but how we come together to support the families of those who have lost. i'll be half of the people of erie county want to offer my deepest condolences for those who have lost a loved one today. mental health counselors as well as our partners in the mental health community are already on site to assist those who may have lost a loved one or those who are a witness to this horrific crime. we will offer all resources possible whether it's the sheriff's office, the district attorney's office or other departments. to ensure this individual be
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prosecuted for this horrible crime of the full extent of the justice but we could heal as a community from this tremendous experience. >> let me just say to all of my colleagues in government are eyes of the nation are on buffalo by the size are full of tears and sympathy for the violence and tragedy they exacted on good innocent people who went to work this morning said goodbye to their loved ones expecting foley to return home tonight. ten people are not going to return home. their loss, their death is a loss and a death that is exacted on this community. our sympathy goes to the families of. our thoughts go to the families and the victims. i could not be more proud of my
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mayor and our county executives, the u.s. attorney, and all of the elected officials that are here today in the law enforcement community who have coordinate this effort in a highly effective way. so, this is something hopefully we will learn from. something that will serve as a basis from enacting policy at the federal level to get "guns out" of the hands of those people who should not have guns in their hands. we hope that time will heal. we are a good community we are giving community. we left our people, we love our diversity and again these people or people for the past 24 months or working in service, and service of others and people who we called our heroes. and our heroes have been taken down without justification. >> so come as we conclude before he opened up for questions, again i want to express most
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heartfelt condolences are with the families of those who lost their lives today. tragically and unnecessarily. if you will bear with this will open up for questions we will conclude in prayer with father the fire department chaplin and our council president darius. ray rate wears a shooter from? >> we are not going to say right now. the state police and the fbi and the atf are investigating his residence. so we do not want to state right now where he is from. he is from a county here in new york state that is hours away. >> can you give us more information on why.
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[inaudible] requests are certain pieces of evidence that we have ascertained in the course of this investigation that indicate some racial animosity. i'm going not going to specifically talk about or elaborate on that right now. we have evidence in custody right now that shows that there is some racial component to these alleged actions. >> was the weapon? >> was an assault weapon. reporter: [inaudible] requests at this time does not appear. >> i'm not going to confirm that. >> will there be open floor? >> probably not is going to happen right now enclosed city court. so know the answer to the question is no. we seek federal charges of the death penalty?
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>> all options are on the tables we go forth with the investigation. we will put every tool in our toolbox to make sure justice is done for the individuals of this horrific crime in our community. bricks rubric you talk about the victims were the suspect where the victims are black and the shooter white? >> yes. out of the 13 victims 11 are african-american, two are white they were up for store employees. >> with the four-story employees fatally shot? >> we had the security guard which is a retired local police officer was fatally shot. three other store employees were nonfatal wounds. we reach avenue ages are age? >> not right now. [inaudible] requests yes. reporter: where it was that? >> is on social media platform. reporter: was the last time first degree murder was brought forward to a suspect in this county? >> i believe is only done once
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in my tenure. reporter: do you think he was working alone or could there be other? >> at this point it appears he was alone. reporter: [inaudible] is there any reason law enforcement should have known who this individual is? was her law enforcement anywhere? >> at this time we do not know that. reporter: i want to ask congressman higgins mentioned this, these people are our neighbors. see them at the grocery store talking every day. that has to be going through each and every single one of your minds now leave heard about this. >> of course and that is what we want to bring justice here. we want to bring justice to every individual who lost their life. to every family member who lasted individual here today paid for every individual who is a victim of this crime.
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not only to the family members but to the victims themselves. i learned a long time ago, when i was trying homicide cases 20 years ago that we in the homicide were doing a homicide investigation we speak for the dead but we speak for those who have lost their are going to bring them justice, the families justice in this community justice. >> will be responsive at two. many of us know this supermarket this tops supermarket on jefferson avenue very well. many of us have been in and out of this supermarket. our family members have been in and out of the supermarket. some of us, many of us know some of those who are victims of this horrific crime. so this is painful. this does hurt. this always hurts.
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and as the u.s. attorney ross said this should not happen and this community and any community anywhere in the country. reporter: will this investigate. [inaudible] >> as we have all said this is the city of good neighbors. we are a loving community. we are prayerful this will not exacerbate racial tensions. we cannot let an evil person divide this community. an evil person divide our country. >> what i am hopeful for is this incident will break us together. because as stated this could have been any one of us or any one of our loved ones. we shop on saturday, we go to supermarkets we take care families, we go to work. if this should bring us together and not tear us apart. that is what i'm hoping as we go
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through the process we all band together to let the world know because i am getting texts from friends and other countries about this incident today. we need to let the world know, who buffalo is very to the people in buffalo are and what we are going to do for our community and other communities in this great nation to make sure this type of crime is stopped. reporter: one more. [inaudible] >> as long as i can remember, yes. [inaudible] >> he tells us a little bit more about the timeline how long between the time that the text started and ended with the taken into custody and how long it take the place to get there? residual have the exact answer on the time a look into that as a fast response from our
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officers immediately went inside the supermarket. >> was the shooter. [inaudible] >> we cannot count on that. we are going to conclude with prayer, father paul and then council president and bishop darius. >> at a time like this we go to our deeper, spiritual selves. whether will we believe in god, whether we don't. whether we are christian, jewish, islamic or any other faith or non- faith for the something that unites us all together as human beings. as this terrible incident has torn at the heart of this community, we pray to you loving god, creator of us all to be ever more unified and the things that hold us together in common. hear the prayers we offer for all of the people and their loved ones for those who have died, those who are injured,
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those who have family members waiting word about them. for the store employees, for the firefighters, the police officers will the ambulance, the first responders buried so deeply this touches our faith in our community and our beloved city of good neighbors. we know that we can only turn to you, o loving god, and to one another. help us to have firm hope that we will see our loved ones again. helpless to come to that great reunion and the heavenly kingdom. keep us safe, keep our children safe and help us always to work towards unity and never division. jesus christ says in the gospel that its reddit catholic services this weekend, if you are my disciples, will he but command. my command is you love one another as i have loved you. love one another. maybe all of us live those words
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of loving one another. >> amen. >> father, we come now for families of so many. family members left the house to pick up bread, eggs and butter, to just go to work. we pray for those families. that they may be comforted by you even went evil has struck our city. we pray for every person in this community who witnessed it, every child who may have seen it, every mother who will not see their child tonight. pray for guidance, pray for peace, pray for unity. but most of all, god, we pray that justice be done.
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in jesus name amen. next amen. >> thank you everybody. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. end of a very painful and personal news conference there in buffalo with a set of prayers. ten people are dead, 14 we believe shots after an 18-year-old attacker who drove in from several hours outside the buffalo area, somewhere in new york state we know. but we do not know exactly where the gunmen came from. he was wearing a camera, a live camera. as he got out of his car he started live streaming his attack on some kind of social media platform. the name of the platform has not been revealed yet. he shot four people in the parking lot, three of them fatally. then went inside the store. he was confronted by a store security guard who was quite
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simply outgunned. the government was wearing body armor. he took several shots from the security guard. that security guard eventually shot and killed himself. ten people and all are dead in what is the worst mass shooting in the city of buffalo's history. our nate foy is live in york city newsroom. he has more force now, and they took. >> john, just horrible. four hours ago these people were going to the grocery store not knowing it would be the last thing they did. mention the attacks started in the parking lot according to police it went into the grocery store. we have new video i warned you before we play this we have blurred out the worst parts of it it's very graphic and disturbing were going to start at the end when the suspect was taken into custody heard police say the gunman had his gun at his throat and police were able to talk him down. and then they took him into custody. if we can play that video, you
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see here shortly after the mass shooting again we have blurred out the suspects face. we have also blurred out to bodies that are on the ground. you see firefighters heading to one of those two people on the ground there. the nearer one you can barely see because of how we have blurred the picture. she is wearing a blue dress. again, this next picture is also very disturbing. we can pull up the picture we believe was taken from the live stream authorities mentioned with the camera the alleged gunman had during the shooting. there is a picture that shows a one woman being shot in the parking lot just before the shooter went into the grocery store and then had that shoot out with the security guard who was a former police officer. we also are hearing from somebody who witnessed the horror at the scene.
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take a listen to this. >> he took the machine go this drop and put it to his chin. i was hoping he would shoot himself but he didn't. he put the gun down on the strap and then he took the gun he put it down for you did put something on his feet. he took his vest off and then he got on his hands and knees, got on his back and they arrested him. >> jon, that man said he was right outside the grocery store and then by chance happen to walk away right before the horrific attack were again ten people were killed. a lot of reactions pouring in. the governor, here in new york is on her way to buffalo. new york city mayor eric adams also tweeted not sure if we have that we pull it up. eric adams just tweeted saying we pray for our neighbors in buffalo tonight and we will pray and work to end the scorch of gun violence and hatred that is
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terrorized our country. we know the erie county sheriff's office has sent all available resources to assist with the investigation you just heard from a variety of law enforcement sources. i can also say based on the state for the white house president biden has been briefed on the shooting. he will receive updates as more information comes in. according to the statement he and the first lady are praying for the victims and their families, will send it back to you. >> alright nay nate foy in the new york newsroom thank you. so ten people our dead and the buffalo area they are calling it a hate crime. what motivates an 18-year-old young man to drive several hours to a community that apparently he doesn't have any ties to lent shoot up a supermarket on a saturday afternoon for that is all part of the investigation yet to come in buffalo as that city grieves tonight. we will have more on buffaloes or worse mass shooting event in
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spirit boxes alert tabs through the day ten people are dead after an attack on a shopping grocery store in buffalo, new york it is the worst mass shooting in buffalo's history. joining us now, darius the president of the buffalo city council purge server, we saw you there at the news conference. we heard your prayer at the end. this suspect, 18 years old came in from outside your community. we are told he is a white, he is going to be charged with hate crimes and there is evidence we are told racially motivated violent extremism. is there anything more you can add to it as to what the motivation was here? >> and all of our agencies, thank you for having me. all of our agencies right now
3:29 pm
our law enforcement agencies are looking at that. they have not released publicly some of the information they have received that makes them believe they can be charged as a hate crime. those who are not from buffalo this is my grocery store i go to, it's two blocks away from my home. most of these shoppers are african-american. 90% of the shoppers are african-american. when you have someone who comes from hours away to a local grocery store not in mainstreet buffalo but deaf of the african american community there is question. >> it makes you wonder, what would motivate somebody so young to come from so far away to do this kind of damage unless he's got some pass connection with the city of buffalo.
3:30 pm
so far we have not heard of anything like that. >> i am sure everyone has their theories i have my theories. whatever motivated him is pure evil. not only i'm that present i am a pastor in the city unfortunately barry's number of homicide victims in our city. i've seen my share of funerals and deaths. all of them hurt. but when someone comes into your community who we do not know why and then do something like this and feels that it is okay to live stream this on social media that is sickness. my church is not too far from this location my prayer is for justice at the end of the day that is what every victim deserves that's what this
3:31 pm
community deserves that's what the united states of america every american person and every person who is harmed, that is what they deserve. >> i have to say i was struck by the relative calm there at the news conference. this took place starting about three hours ago. you've got ten members of your community dead including a former police officer and beloved security guard there at the supermarket. these are pillars of the community people who are known and loved there. and yet there is a tone of baby not forgiveness there is a tone of understanding at that news conference i found quite remarkable. >> yes i'm going to be honest and the minister in the town there wasn't really forgiveness at this point. i think this hurts, i think there is confusion, i think there is anger there is the thought of we don't know what is going on.
3:32 pm
i want to be clear, there is right now no home we will forgive many people will forgive. but at this point people want justice. i was glad to hear the d.a. say he's about to be arraigned. he needs to be arraigned. and after we come to grips with what we are dealing with them we can talk about forgiveness. right now we need to talk about justice.llness? the brains of 18-year-old males especially are not fully formed. is there a possibility there is some mental illness that triggered this? >> here's the crazy part tomorrow i'm preaching about mental illness and murder with cain and abel. his brain may not of been fully formed at 18 his brain was fully formed enough to pick up a weapon and drive to buffalo. his brain was fully formed enough to put his finger on the trigger his brain was fully formed enough to point at
3:33 pm
people, at women, at anybody he was in his path. his brain was fully formed. it has not been fully formed it should be fully formed probably by the time he gets out of jail, if he gets out of jail because at the end of the day 18 is old enough to know better. they i'm somewhat surprised he still life he apparently pointed the gun at himself and your police officers it sounds like did a remarkable job in responding, they were able to talk him out of taking his own life. he then cut according to other witnesses we heard from took off some visit body armor, went to his knees and was taken under arrest. you have to admire your cops for their forbearance in that circumstance. >> you know, a lot of people actually in this community are upset that he is still alive. he took the lives up i can't go into detail of the gender, and
3:34 pm
the age how he took the lives almost took the life of a young man who is just they doing carts, working there. so at the end of the day there are some people wonder why he is still alive. i will tell you this i'm glad he's still alive death is too easy, death is too quick never would have the answers to why he thought this was something that was worth doing. so at the end of the dam glad he did not take his own life because this community and those people those families deserve an answer and not just him having a form very. >> i wrote down a quote from your merit the end of the converts us cannot lead an evil person divide our community and divide our country. it may have been an attempt of stalking some kind of racial hatred and buffalo. do you think he has in any way
3:35 pm
achieve that? will that be handled as part of the healing that has to take place here? >> i think -- i know there's going to have to be some healing taken place for what we learned today during the press conference on the briefings. he did not just shoot black people although that was the what it seemed like where his targets he did shoot we are told in the brace briefing on the press conference some people who worked at the store. and so hopefully as a community we come together. because it was black-and-white who were shot. but the hatred of this person to be so evil cannot be ignored and probably would never be for that part. >> it is another community left reeling after horrific event like this. darius who is the city council president there buffalo but also
3:36 pm
a minister. we note your sermon tomorrow is probably going to be greatly changed as a result of today paired. >> absolutely per. >> we wish you well our thoughts and prayers are with you and all the people of buffalo thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you. thank you. jon: will be back with more fox report in just a moment. excuse me? do the research, todd. listen to me, kayak searches hundreds of travel sites to find you great deals on flights, cars and hotels. they're lying to you! who's they? kayak? arr! open your eyes! compare hundreds of travel sites at once. kayak. search one and done. ighting for one goal, this one compare hundreds of travel sites at once. mission, life. i get to keep her. we get to have her and enjoy her. and she gets to grow up, which is the best gift
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3:41 pm
ted, there have been lots of strains of mass shootings like this. this is one of the weird ones the guy gets out he's wearing some kind of camera and he live streams the shooting to some kind of social media platform as he is pulling the trigger. what does that tell you? what is the motivation here? >> you know, jon and i think we are beginning to learn some motivation here. the motivation seems to be hate. it seems to be hate are predominantly group in our society, black people. my rationale for saying that is because it is my understanding there is a manifesto that is been put out by this person. i've also been informed by others that his gun, and the barrel of his gun he had the n word there.
3:42 pm
in a supermarket that was targeted here i have been in that store in that neighborhood it's a predominantly black neighborhood. it seems to be all about hate. but john i would like to say some words i heard one of your colleagues said a little earlier, arthel neville. that was hate cannot win. and i have to believe those are words. and i am hoping that will be some of a consolation to the members of that community who have lost at least ten of their loved ones. >> it is unbelievable to me somebody at the age of 18 can try something like this. can grab a gun and opened fire on people and not think the rest of his life is going to be left in shambles. this is somebody who presumably could have done something with
3:43 pm
his life and instead he's either going to -- he will rot in a prison cell until he dies whether that comes at the hands of the government or not. his life is over. >> his life is over. he also faces federal hate crimes there in lies he may face the death penalty. jon one of the things i would like to give all out or shout out was the bravery of a farmer, buffalo police officer who engaged in a shooting with this suspect according to the chief of police. this is a former police officer, this hero was shot and killed and that store. he is one of the ten victims we are sadly talking about. >> he has taken on a gunman who is carrying a high powered rifle wearing body armor and even a
3:44 pm
helmet probably a kevlar helmet took him on with his pistol i am guessing and gave up his life in the process. ted williams thanks for the expertise you bring to stories that are so terrible such as this one, thank you. >> my pleasure. jon: stay with fox news channel for the latest on this mass shooting in new york. it's the worst shooting that city has ever seen. we'll be back with more in just a moment. these shooting in wisconsin also took place a double shooting took place in the wake of the nba playoff game last night. at least 21 people have been hurt. want to bring in wisconsin congressman brian style. congressman, what do you know about these two shooting events? are they in any way related to
3:45 pm
the bucks game that was underway? >> the shootings have played out in milwaukee as well as the incident played out here in buffalo, a reminder of what the men and women of law enforcement are doing on our behalf to keep us safe every day. you saw the gentleman in buffalo the former police officer who stepped up and engage to try to take out this horrific attacker. last night in milwaukee 121 people were shot we saw a milwaukee police officers running to the scene. this type of violence, in particular in milwaukee different than what played out maybe buffalo. but in milwaukee this action is preventable. the crime we are seeing plaguing our nation across the united states we need to put a stop to it to be ready to support the men and women of law enforcement individuals who engage in these types of behavior privity to absolutely hold them accountable. >> you mentioned milwaukee and some of the crime statistics pretty want to put them up on the screen because they are fairly astounding the increase in 2022 versus 2021.
3:46 pm
talk about the first five months of the year of murder is 48% in milwaukee arson is up 28%. i have to say robbery and burglary are down in the mid- teen levels. when a crime like murder is up 48% something is seriously going wrong they are. what is the motivation here? what has gone wrong? bucks we suffered under two years of anti- rhetoric from the city of milwaukee and across the country furthermore when individuals are arrested we suffer from low bail and low prison terms. we need to turn a corner from what were scene play out in milwaukee and across the country. ten individuals were arrested in milwaukee following the shooting of 21 individuals who are out peacefully watching milwaukee bucks nba game. but i am looking for for these ten individuals what was their rap sheet?
3:47 pm
were they involved in a revolving door in the county courthouse were our liberal d8 refuses to put people behind bars and hold them accountable? we need to realize the violence plaguing the cities of the united states me too absolutely turn a corner and hold these criminals accountable too. >> the president said yesterday what cities like milwaukee need to do is use some of the money that is been set aside under covid relief efforts to try to fund their police forces. listen to president biden. >> $10 billion in american rescue plan phones have been committed to violence prevention, spend this money now you have it. use these funds be made available you can prioritize public safety. do it quickly before the summer when crime rates typically surge. jon: what you think of that advice, congressman? >> or to speak heard this on the left to defend the police.
3:48 pm
an anti- police rhetoric they were now six months away from an election the tuna starting to change but i'm not surprised by that. we do need to fund our law enforcement we do need to make sure they have the resources needed paid but for the region and the revolving door that occurs at far too many of our court houses around the country. far too often our police officers are successful and making the arrest only to find out the individual who committed the crime is either out on a low bail or gets a short sentence it. to change the tone across the board to a serious on crime the united states. >> crime is not the only concern out there pretty want to put up some statistics regarding inflation. gas is up 43.6% in this country electric costs up 11% pete meat, poultry, fish almost 14%. milk almost 15%. eggs helmet 22.6% and the list goes on. the white house blamed vladimir putin, blamed the war in
3:49 pm
ukraine. can they pin the blame for all of this on those events as outside events? >> the biden administration is trying to sell a whole bunch of excuses. nobody is buying it, we are all paying for it. we need to get serious about inflation in the united states. people are getting clobbered in the pocketbooks. the number one thing we could do is unleash american energy. get gas prices down. in other areas think of food prices. also diesel truck bring the food from the farm into the grocery store and onto our tables for the number one thing we could do to get costs under control is to unleash american energy privity for the president to change course. last week in which the wrong direction. we have the resources here we need to get it done projects congressman of wisconsin thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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jon: a horrifying scene in western new york began about three and half hours ago. please confirm ten people are dead after he supermarket shooting in the city of buffalo. the suspect an 18-year-old is in custody. nate foy has the latest on this ongoing tragedy. >> learning those numbers in
3:54 pm
just the past hour we heard from local, federal officials again ten people killed at a grocery store buffalo. another three people injured by the only good news to report to three injured are expected to survive. going to show you a video right now it's very disturbing. it's the moment the alleged shooter gets taken into custody. you blurt out the worst of this eval so blurred out the suspects face on the ground that there are two bodies. you see firefighters attending to one of them. police are also on scene you can barely see if there but the body that is closer to us is a woman in a blue dress. i'm going to show you a picture that is equally disturbing if we can pull up this next picture. this was, he heard police say if you are watching at 6:00 p.m. during the press conference the alleged shooter stream the attack on social media. this is the camera in which that
3:55 pm
streaming process happened. we have it blurred out again that woman in the blue dress. but that is the moment she got shot and killed in the head. just on fat than about what happened today in buffalo. we did hear from the buffalo mayor, byron brown after the shooting, listen to this. >> the shooter traveled hours from outside this community to perpetrate this crime on the people of buffalo. a date when peoplein family, enjoying friends, all manner of happy activities. >> and mayer brown saying he has received several calls from the white house. we got a call from the white house and president biden had been briefed and that he and the first lady are sending their prayers precede the present has
3:56 pm
been briefed by homeland security advisor on the horrific shooting. he will continue to receive updates throughout the evening and tomorrow is further information development sprayed again the president and first lady are praying for those who have been lost and for their loved ones. we also note new york governor is on her way to buffalo but we will continue tracking the breaking develops in the horrific story, jon. jon: is an absolutely awful event and so senseless to as you pointed out the kid came in from well outside buffalo and picked this tops supermarket and just started opening fire. live streaming as he did so. nate foy from her new york newsroom, nay thank you. that is how fox reports on the saturday the 14th of may 2022. i am jon scott, thank you for watching we'll see you again tomorrow.
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