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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 4, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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will cain podcast, every monday, wednesday, friday. we go deep on nazis, death squads, soviet some history of ukraine, and a potential world war iii, i think you will enjoy it. grossest subscriber ever you get wherever you got your podca. sean hannity is up next. ♪ ♪ >> sean: we start this friday night with a lot of news, a fox news alert. welcome to "hannity." russia has now seized europe's largest nuclear power plant in ukraine after a brutal shelling last night. thankfully, as of now, no radiation leaks are reported but this continues to remain a very serious and very dangerous threat, as vladimir putin is showing no signs of stopping his brutal battle tactics and no signs of slowing down these terrifying war crimes. we have full coverage all across ukraine with our fox team to the hour. also tonight, senator lindsey graham is facing
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a backlash for remarks he made on this program last night. he will join us, and he will react and respond to his critics, but first tonight, explosive footage from journalists at sky news coming under fire from russian forces outside of kyiv, warning, viewer discretion is advised. >> the government has worn for days of russian saboteurs who have infiltrated the country to bring terror. death squads who are attacking civilians in their cars as they flee. they do exist, as we found out. >> [bleep]! >> that was a bullet. >> something blew up under us. >> [bleep]. [indistinct shouting]
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[gunfire] >> [bleep]! >> run! >> stop! [gunfire] >> [bleep]! >> we think it is a ukrainian checkpoint, so we identify ourselves. >> journalists! >> journalists! >> somehow, we have to get out of this, but the rounds keep coming. it is a professional ambush. the bullets just don't miss. [indistinct shouting] >> [bleep]! >> sean: now the camera operator took two rounds to this body armor, but thankfully the entire crew is expected to survive. we will have a lot more straight
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ahead. also tonight, ukrainian people are continuing to show incredible bravery, strength, perseverance as they fight for their lives and their country amid an onslaught of attacks inflicted by the megalomaniac dictator, thug putin. the pentagon press secretary today confirmed the ukrainians have at least temporarily stalled the 40-mile russian convoy that has been a major concern of mine, as i believe that if that convoy does make it to the capital, kyiv, it would likely be a massacre. i hope they stop it before it gets there. we are talking about tanks, missiles, munition, fuel, the full power and might of putin's armed forces, and according to "the wall street journal," ukraine special forces, they are now holding off a russian offensive on 321's front lines. can i get this, a new report finds that even ukrainian church leaders, they are joining the fight against the russians, but of course i continue to remain skeptical of reports suggesting that this ukrainian insurgency is a success because this is
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likely to get a lot worse very fast. for example, senator marco rubio, he pointed out in a tweet tonight, "growing indications that russia faces some kind of imminent supply crisis in ukraine. if this is the case, we could see a dramatic escalation of attacks over the next -- new 72 hours, next 72 hours. this continues to be a very scary situation. all across what is a sovereign nation or once was of ukraine. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> [speaking non-english language] >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> sean: also developing tonight, u.s. secretary of state blinken, rejecting ukraine's calls for a no-fly zone amid fears of sparking a much wider and more deadly conflict. okay, so they won't stop importing russian oil and they won't even have a no-fly zone? all right, here with the latest from the pentagon from our very own jennifer griffin. jennifer, what is the latest? >> well, sean, we have new details of what is holding up that 40-mile russian convoy stuck four days north of the capital pure as we discussed last night on your show,
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ukrainian forces blew up this bf the convoy. a u.s. defense official told me today that blowing up that bridge had a big impact on holding the convoy, among other things. the u.s. defense official overseeing the ongoing delivery of weapons to the ukrainian military says that military aid to the ukrainians has been flowing almost nonstop since february 26th. of the $350 million of u.s. military aid announced last friday, $240 million of that, which included anti-armor take capabilities, javelin missiles, has arrived in ukraine. the rest should be there in the coming days. thousands of people took to the streets of the czech republic and other european capitals to listen to ukrainian president zelenskyy via satellite asked the people of europe to demand their leaders change course after the shelling of that nuclear power plant last night. he demanded a no-fly zone and urged europeans to take to the
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streets and say that you want to live, to live on earth without radioactive contamination. >> neither the white house, pentagon, nor nato thinks that a no-fly zone is a good idea right now because they say it would be -- risk expanding the war and could even lead to a nuclear war with russia. >> we have provided a range of security and military assistance, including defensive assistance. we have recently provided helicopters. >> u.s. officials believe russia is preparing an even lower's bombardment of ukraine's center.
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sean? >> sean: jennifer, do you have reports there were three separate assassination attempts on president zelenskyy, do you have any more details as to what has happened or have you been able to confirm that? >> i haven't been able to confirm that. we do know the ukrainian president talked of that chechen hit squad that was sent to try and kill him, and we were told a very elite unit was pushed back in ukrainian special forces did a good job in terms of eliminating that threat, but i can't speak to the other two attempts on president zelenskyy's life. but no doubt, he is a marked man tonight, sean. >> sean: absolutely. jennifer griffin from the pentagon tonight, thank you. unfortunately, also tonight, joe biden, kamala harris, they are still refusing to face reality and are doubling down on their failed putin-friendly, america-last energy policies because tonight there are still no sanctions on russian oil. that means our western european
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and nato allies and the united states, as of this very day, are still in importing energy from russia. that also means the so-called tough banking sanctions that are in place are allowing the exception that vladimir putin and russia continue to get the monies that could be funding this war because they have stipulations that he gets paid for the energy that they are buying. i never saw such madness in my life. still no action. that is the one sanction that would matter the most. putin is only able to carry this invasion out because of the west reliance on russian oil. this oil is putin's lifeblood and it is and has always been a man to me it is just incomprehensible, and frankly, unconscionable, that despite these terrifying war crimes that you see unfolding every day and night against men, women, and children, that the biden administration continues to buy this thugs oil, especially when we have so many resources here at home. it is sick, it is twisted,
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especially knowing the extent of our resources in this country. we have more than russia and the middle east combined, and we could help out our friends in europe, as well, if we mass-produce energy. even tesla ceo elon musk, he is a great innovator, of electric cars. he tweeted out tonight from "hate to say it, but we need to increase oil and gas output immediate d. extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures." his 1000% correct, that is coming from a guy that really perfected electric cars. and of course, joey, by the way, hasn't gotten the memo. earlier today, he refused to take any questions on this serious situation before he limped off to delaware, as per usual, for the weekend. take a look. >> thank you. >> mr. preston ! [indistinct shouting] >> sean: i guess joe biden is going to fund putin's invasion,
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stand up -- rather than stand up to the far left, climate cult extremists in his own party, so putin is making billions every day selling energy to the u.s. and western european and nato countries, and we are enabling him to finance and wage this war. then, by the way, we are committing billions of dollars to ukraine to defend itself in this war. can it get any more insane than that? biden would rather buy russian oil instead of building pipelines here in the u.s., tap into our vast natural resources. they would rather buy uranian oil then drill here in the u.s. because get this, the biden administration is reportedly on the verge of appeasing the mullahs with another disastrous disastrous nuclear deal. if you think things can get worse, listen to this, including as part of that deal, the possibility of buying oil from the irani and ♪ ♪ 's. you know the same people that chant "death to america," death to israel, threaten to blow israel off the map, merrick off
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the map. listen to failed a transportation secretary, the ever so experienced, former failed mayor of south bend, pete buttigieg, saying oh, yeah, importing oil from iran is on the table, you can't make this up. >> could the president possibly consider authorizing the keystone pipeline, working something out with iran? >> look, the president has said that all options are on the table but we also need to make sure we are not galloping after permanent solutions to immediate short-term problems were more strategic and tactical actions in the short term can make a difference. >> sean: so let's get this straight: we are importing russian oil, and now we are going to import uranian oil. election days in 2022, 2024, frankly, they cannot get here fast enough. consider opening up exploration, drilling on federal lands, that is a policy they should adopt a common of sanctioning russia and
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not buying their oil, instead of unleashing the power of the u.s. oil and gas sector, we have all the energy we need right here, we have the technology, we have the manpower, we have the resources, we have it all. so why won't biden cut off putin? why won't the west cut off putin? make america energy independent once again, like he inherited from donald trump. we are putting billions and billions of dollars into putin's coffers, and the question is, why? it is insanity, and frankly, the incompetence of the administration seems to know no bounds, as they would even contemplate doing oil deals with the iranian mullahs. the white house, by the way, apparently thinks vice president harris is the answer, shipping her to poland next week despite her never-ending stream of embarrassments of bizarre blunders on this crisis along with many other things. in all seriousness, ask yourself, what exactly does anyone think that vice president kamala harris is going to get
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done? now the white house says she is "going to engage with our allies." okay, what the hell does that even mean? listen to her description of what is actually happening in europe from earlier this week. i think a kid in first grade could probably give the same exact speech. >> break it down in layman's terms for people who don't understand what's going on and how can this directly affect the people of the united states? >> so, ukraine is a country in europe. it exists next to another country called russia. russia is a bigger country. russia is a powerful country. russia decided to invade a smaller country called ukraine. so basically, that's wrong. >> sean: seriously? and it doesn't stop there because the vice president was even more hot water today after she fired off a tweet about the so-called equality act. now, that was posted amid the possibility of that nuclear disaster in europe, and the
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breakout of a wider war. so again, i asked, where are the priorities in the biden white house? why is joe going to delaware when he needs to be in the situation room or the oval office, planning, plotting, preparing on how to deal with this? war is raging, inflation is at a 40 year high, the price of oil, oh, i think it hit $115 a barrel today, it is one stupid decision after another, and frankly, it is humiliating and it is embarrassing. they are refusing to take the one step, the one action, the one decision that would actually cripple vladimir putin and the kremlin. sanction the damn oil. joe, kamala, what is stopping you? why would you ever contemplate importing energy from iran? now we can take down this dictator thug without one u.s. boot on the ground. we should not put one american soldier on the ground there. i have been very clear with this
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audience. not one soldier on the ground fighting this war because as soon as they get there, guess what, everyone will be all gung ho, and then the democrats will politicize it, and we will lose countless numbers of our national treasure, men and women fighting because we ask them to fight, and then we will say, never mind, we are pulling out anyway. the most important sanction is sanctioning russian oil. don't import any more of putin oil. that goes for all of our western european allies. ratchet up production of the energy resources we have, that we have an abundance of it in this country. these far left wing lunatics in the white house -- it's -- it's undeniably dumb. there failed, far left, extremist climate policies, they are not just misguided. they are now endangering u.s. national security, and frankly, world security. every dollar we are spending on russian oil is a dollar that goes straight to vladimir to
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fund his war crimes in ukraine, and right now, we are spending billions of dollars buying over 600,000 barrels of oil from russia every day. so much for those banking sanctions that you lied to us about, because obviously you wouldn't be sending the oil if you weren't giving him the money and paying for it. putin is showing no signs of slowing down. he is ratcheting things up. there are war crimes committed by the hour. and by the way, the staff at that nuclear plant seized by russian forces reportedly sent a message to ukrainian media warning that the russian troops that took the plant are now trying to lay down explosives in order to "blackmail" all of europe. is anyone paying attention? joe, are you going to be dealing with that delaware? here with the very latest on the ground and kyiv, fox news' own trey yingst. trey, i know you've been working long hours, thank you for your great coverage. >> sean, thank you. there is growing evidence of war crimes being committed on the
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ground in ukraine by russian forces. we are not just talking about outside the capital of kyiv, but across this country. in the second largest city in ukraine, we have seen this back and forth front line of local media reports tonight, the ukrainians are launching a counter offensive to try to take back some of that territory the russians seized in the early days of the invasion. in the south, the city of -- a city of more than 400,000 civilians, currently about to be totally cut off from the outside world, as russian forces look to surround the keyport city. this happens, already seen power and water cut, you're going to have an even larger humanitarian crisis taking place on the ground, and right now, putin is not mixing any sort of conflicts, he is keeping to the playbook what we have seen across the world in places like syria. he is now targeting civilian areas, again, there is evidence of war crimes being committed in the former cluster bomb, vacuum bombs against residential areas,
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some of the images outside the capital of kyiv just heartbreaking. ucb apartment buildings that have collapsed. there are still people under the rubble and we are not talking very far outside the city, we have heard explosions in the distance tonight. the ground forces continue their efforts to try to make inroads into this ukrainian capital, and we do know, u.s. intelligence officials believe in the coming days, and air campaign is going to get heavier and heavier against population centers in this country, and while the u.s. intelligence on a scenario like afghanistan was not as accurate day today, on this story, it has been far more accurate, so when they say and they warn about intelligence that involves civilian areas being hit by russian bombardments, it has to be taken very seriously, because there are still millions of innocent people in this country caught them in the cross fire. sean? >> sean: so they are targeting civilian areas, killing innocent men, women, and children, that is confirmed, and we can see the video that backs it up, correct? >> we have seen it with our own
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eyes, sean. we saw an apartment building here in the capital of kyiv that was hit with a russian missile, at least two people died at this location. we have also seen other civilian areas take direct fire from the russians, and they are not just using artillery shells, they are using cruise missiles and even ballistic missiles in population areas, and some of the images from outside the capital kyiv, we're talking 15-20 miles away from where we are standing right now, you are seeing neighborhoods being flattened, villages basically wiped off the map in some areas of his country due to the russian aerial campaign. sean? >> sean: all right, trey yingst, that a sad commentary. got to pray for the people in ukraine. we go to bill hemmer tonight, a lot going on, what is the latest? >> sean, good evening to you. stunning report by trey, try to zoom in on a little of what trey was describing, three stories, two in the south and in kyiv the capital city and the north is a third story. the town of mariupol that trey was just talking about it, they have been pounded for three
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days, sean, and some of the video here that we have seen on the inside of the city here, taken fire from the sea of off, taken fire from the land, as well, ask yourself, why is this so important to the russian army? you think about, putin went into the don bass region eight years ago and took half of it. if the russian military that came out of out of crimea about nine days ago on a bee line up p to mariupol, if they can secure the city, the land bridge that starts to come down in a moment here, like a crescent at the bottom part of the country, that is one aspect of the story, the other is to the left past the city of kherson. russian forces have moved toward mykolaiv, a city of 415,000, i will explain why in a moment, but if they are able to take the southeastern portion and make
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this link with the southwest, they will go after the city of odessa, and talk about a refugee issue, a million people live in odessa, and that would be the next target along the line after mykolaiv. story number two is the nuclear situation here, and sean, i was on with you last night, we were talking about this area right here, the fire nearby, a report earlier today that the russian forces are moving on this area, mykolaiv, and this town, another large nuclear facility. we know the problems we had with the russian fire when they surrounded this facility in the previous town, which is the largest nuclear facility and all of europe, so now you have another of situation here where you are starting to question the safety and security of the second nuclear plant here. this is where we were last night, sean, you have six different nuclear reactors, five of them in operation, one under construction. the good news in all of this, if you can even say that, the good
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news that we found is the fire was about 1200 feet away from the reactor itself, saved an enormous disaster of immense proportions here. just 24 hours ago. pop on over to the north, sean, i know you had a question a moment to go to jen about what is happening with this convoy. it is still pretty much stuck where it is, has been for the past several days, but the forces here are outlined in this red area here. and sean, i know our viewers, some of them have seen these pictures online, i know you have come as well, i have seen them the past week, some of the towns in this red portion here have been absolutely annihilated. and i bring that up because here is the capital city of kyiv, and we believe that still the incentive is to go ahead and surround the city with that convoy that stretches roughly right around this area and is holding there at the airport.
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we believe eventually this convoy is going to find a way to inched its way further south and eventually take all that military hardware and surround the city, and if they do in kyiv with a city of 3 million, which they have done in other parts of this country, just imagine the devastation and the loss of human life. it is staggering, really, when you think about it here. they have not done -- i want to make this clear -- they have not gotten to this point yet. they are really pretty much right about here at the airport, some reports from jack keane's group earlier today the general reporting it appeared, as if the ukrainian army had pushed the russian army further west from the city -- go ahead, sean. >> sean: to hear those words, towns annihilated, is beyond chilling. >> you've seen them, right? you have seen the pictures. >> sean: i have seen the pictures. so they have been trapped there. jennifer mentioned that a bridge had been blown out.
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are they able to cross? where is that bridge in relation to where the convoy is? my feeling has been that if the convoy makes it to kyiv with that many munitions and tanks and everything else that they have with them, fuel, et cetera, and missiles, that this could be a massacre in kyiv, the capital city, so stopping that convoy from ever arriving in kyiv to me would be a top priority, so what is the status, what is holding them up? >> i will give you the best approximate length here that i can. the city center of kyiv, okay, the airport on a bee line is about 20 miles, but the convoy is stopped about 16 miles from the city center. and that bridge you are talking about, in fact, coming up with laura at 10:00 tonight, going to talk to somebody who is just in that area where the bridge is located, it is about this area right here, sean, i wish i could
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push in and show you more specifics but that is about the area where it is. point being, a lot of your action is in this part of the city. so far. again, keep this in mind: if we get a few days from now come a week or even two weeks from now, this is still the intent, we believe, on behalf of the russian army, and the reason why i make that point, sean, is because the city of kharkiv, russian-speaking, 1.5 million, 20 miles, just across the border from russia here, this city has been hammered, just like all the other areas i was explain in a moment ago, and based on the reporting we are getting, it is surrounded, but it has not fallen, so they are still hanging on in the city of kharkiv, which is, if i could just go forward just one time here, capital city of kyiv is here, kharkiv is over here, and they are hanging on for now, but you have to wonder what is left of that city, and frankly, there is not much. show you one more thing, sean, just to complete the story,
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1.2 million refugees, and that number is going to change every day, and unfortunately it is only going to go higher from here, sean. >> sean: bill hemmer, very informative, thank you. let's be honest, if this russian comport we were just talking about makes it interest be 21, this is going to get so much more bloody. then it is now. neighborhoods leveled, reported tonight, towns annihilated, the words of bill hemmer. does anyone around putin have a conscience, a sole? is there anyone around him who is willing to stop this madness before it gets much, much worse? i have said repeatedly, not one american boot on the ground. also breaking tonight, russia is now blocking access to facebook to amid the kremlin censorship and the propaganda campaign. russian lawmakers are even moving head on pursuing jail time for those who publish so-called fake news reports about the russian army, and senator lindsey graham, well, he
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has been attacked ever since he made some remarks on this program last night, saying that someone needs to take putin out. here with reaction from the media mob and from team biden, take a look. >> as long as we are talking about reckless behavior, peter, i want to ask you about a tweet from south carolina senator lindsey graham, who writes, "is there a brutus in russia? in terms of reckless behavior, this is a u.s. senator putting out a public statement like that, who was the chief prosecutor in europe for the u.s. air force years ago. >> well, certainly a provocative statement. >> first of all, who cares what lindsey says? >> he's a united states senator. >> you think any russian general is going to be listening -- >> can use that as propaganda. >> senator lindsey graham says last night that someone ought to assassinate president putin. does the white house have any take on that statement that is
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hopeful at this point? >> that is not the position of the united states government and certainly not a statement you here come from the mouths of anybody working in this and administration. >> sean: all right, joining me now, south carolina senator lindsey graham to respond to this criticism. senator, you just heard our reporting of what has happened in the last 24 hours since you made that statement. towns annihilated. neighborhoods leveled. entire areas wiped off the map, and we have heard about targeting civilians, that would be innocent men, women, and children. so in the context of what we heard reported right here on this program tonight, that i think would justify the idea that if you have a conscience and a soul and you are around vladimir putin, i don't care by whatever means necessary, stand up and stop this. because innocent people are dying, including kids. >> well, thank you for having me. i spoke to the ukrainian ambassador earlier today.
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your voice is breaking through. after i listened to your program every night, putin needs a longer table. here is what i would say. i have been a military prosecutor, defense attorney, judge, 4:30-something years. i'm going to introduce a resolution next week, i will give it to you on your show, declaring that putin is a war criminal. it is clear to me, the world would be better off if the russian people took putin out tonight. the war in ukraine would end, and russia would have freedom they don't enjoy today. a steel curtain has descended from the russian people. what does that tell me? that putin is afraid of his own people. martial law has been virtually declared by putin. i think the russian people are not buying what putin is selling when it comes to the ukraine, and if the ukrainian people continue to fight as brave as they are, i think eventually, the dam will break in russia, but i want to say this crystal clear, without apology, without equivocation, the world would be
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better off if putin were gone tonight, and the best way to end this war is not american boots on the ground, but for the russian people to rise up, reclaim the honor of their country, and take this guy out, putin, by any means necessary, and if you don't understand that, you don't understand this war and you don't understand the world in which we live. >> sean: i don't know what part of targeting civilians, annihilating towns, leveling neighborhoods, and wiping entire cities and buildings off the map, people wouldn't understand. i know that we have an executive order, the first executive order was under president ford, the current one i think under reagan, 12333 that prohibits the united states from engaging in assassination. with that said, there are people that have access to putin, maybe his generals, maybe his advisors. you are right, there is probably not a table long enough to
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really protect him, but i've got to imagine the russian people, if they knew what was truly happening here, and i bet you many of them do, they don't support this. from the people -- some russians have already spoken out against it. high-profile athletes, et cetera. you know, why is that even controversial, considering if you cut the head off a snake, you kill the whole snake? it would probably end the war, wouldn't you think? if there is somebody that follows putin, you were he may be worse, but in the back of that person's mind, he is going to be thinking about what just happened to putin, wouldn't he? >> well, in the '30s when people were calling for getting rid of hitler and hoping the german people would stop him, they were considered provocative. looking back in time, don't you think the world would have been a better place if the german people had stopped hitler? by any means necessary? don't you think the world would have been a better place if we have stopped balkans war before the genocide? i'm here to tell you without
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equivocation or apology, i believe the world would be a better place if the russian people took putin out, and to the russian people, your future is in your hands, it's easy to talk about on television, i know it's hard to do, martial law, a curtain has descended upon you and your freedom, but please, we need a russian spring. if the russian people rose up and took this man down, the war in ukraine would stop, the russian people who would regain its honor, and if we don't do this, sooner rather than later, thousands are going to die. >> sean: tens of thousands, lindsey, maybe hundreds. is anyone paying attention to the hit squads that putin has sent into ukraine to assassinate residents on ski? who frankly has shown amazing courage under fire, in my opinion, i don't know him that well, but him staying and fighting and inspiring his people is kind of refreshing because a lot of leaders by this point would have gotten on a
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private jet with millions of dollars of currency and gold and left the country, and he is staying with his people. >> it's amazing. i'm going to speak with him tomorrow with all members of the senate. he is an inspiration. and i just want to say this: you are on the right side of history. i am on the right side of history. calling for putin to be taken down now to avoid more innocent lives being lost is the right thing to do. asking the russian people for a russian spring is the right thing to do. helping the ukrainian people with weapons as the right thing to do. when it comes to the biden administration, they are weak, and they are slow. we should have done this months ago when it comes to oil and gas sector. but i'm going to just let you know, if we don't get this right, if putin prevails, he survives yet again after one war crime after another on television every night, china is going to take taiwan and the ukrainians are going to break out for a bomb. how this ends matters, and let
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it end now, let it end with the russian people taking this dog and war criminal down. >> sean: i will add one last thing, and stop importing russian oil. that means the u.s. and that means our allies in western europe, and by the way, don't even contemplate taking in or importing iranian oil. that would be about, well, may be the equivalent or even dumber. senator lindsey graham, thank you for being with us. i agree with you. back to europe now, where concern is growing tonight after russia seized control of the continent's largest nuclear power plant. there is reportedly now a run on iodine pills, which can help protect children and young adults after a nuclear incident, and they are running out of it at pharmacies all across europe. here now with reaction is fox news senior strategic analyst, general jack keane. general, that is a major concern, obviously, nuclear radiation fallout.
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the concern i also have is about this 40-mile convoy. i'm a little surprised they haven't moved much in the last couple of days. and i'm similarly surprised that nobody has taken out that convoy, considering they are in the same place and they have stayed there for a lengthy period of time. >> well, one of the reasons why they are staying there is because they are being hit by the ukrainian resistance, that is one thing. but the other thing that is obviously operating here is we've got an incredible amount of poor planning by the russian general staff and the russian commanders here, and even worse execution. and listen, my concern is this is going to drag out much longer than we thought. this is clearly giving the ukrainians an opportunity here. an opportunity to prevent them from toppling the government, which is their major objective. the military is there to achieve a political objective, to topple the ukraine government and install one friendly to them.
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there is an opportunity here to prevent that from happening. my concern is that what stops tanks is not sanctions. as good as those sanctions are, they need antitank weapons. what shoots down airplanes are air defense missiles, stingers, we just got around to giving them stingers this week. and that is appalling. i commend them for all the rest of the equipment we have got to them, sean, but we have got to really get all in here and get our allies all in here. we are going to hear zelenskyy screaming at us, i'm out of this or i'm out of that, if we don't get our shoulder behind this. the other thing i'm saying, there's things we can do covertly, and we have had success at it in the past. we can pinpoint air drops of equipment. we don't have to drive this
6:38 pm
stuff up and down from poland as everyone is doing. eventually, they are going to stop that. the russians will cut it off. there's airfields we can go there that have no lights on them at night, just like we have in many of the counties in america. we can slip in and slip out of there. and we can take covert action against the convoy. we have capability to do this. and other axes of advance. i'm looking for is some imagination and some spine. applied to this problem, while we still have the opportunity in front of us. and sitting right there, we've got the main effort is installed. we've got to take it on as aggressively as we can. >> sean: i hope and i wish the white house and the pentagon and joe biden and delaware are listening to your advice, because you are dead on accurate. i would be the single best thing we can do to follow that strategic plan you just laid
6:39 pm
out. general keane, thank you. also tonight, one thing has become very clear. america needs once again to return to energy independence. joining me now, one of the senate's strongest advocates for domestic energy production, republican utah senator mike lee is with us. senator, a bipartisan group of lawmakers led by people like you and senator joe manchin and others introducing a bill that seeks to ban imports from russia. will you please add imports from iran, as well, as pete buttigieg is saying that might be part of the equation? i can't believe, by ending energy independence, we pushed our allies right into the arms of putin, and we are still importing oil, as of today, from russia. how does that make any sense? >> it doesn't. look, at the end of the day, sean, what we see is americans want to cultivate an environment in which we've got more energy. far from wanting more american
6:40 pm
energy, joe biden just wants to control americans. we want to stop putin. his policies enable him. but we've got to get to the point, which we realize, the american people need energy, the american people can produce energy here at home, in a far more safe, environmentally sensitive fashion, and they can anywhere else in the world. joe biden's environmental policies and his steadfast resistance to domestic energy production are enabling vladimir putin, and we've got to stop that. >> sean: well, let me ask you this. you revealed, with the inflation report, wouldn't it be good for our overall national security if we were energy independent? we don't have to worry about the straits of hormuz, the middle east, we don't have to worry about russia. we also create high paying career jobs, right? we lower the 40 year high of inflation we have, because energy is cheaper. it costs less, heat and cool our homes, fill up our gas tank, everything we buy at every store, the price will go
6:41 pm
down, and an added benefit as we get to help out our allies in europe and supply their energy needs, and that would make america rich again, not russia and iran rich again. >> exactly. joe biden's policies are really good at making russia rich. they are really good at causing us to go to opec nations, cap in hand, asking them for oil and economic relief. we shouldn't be doing that. we are better than that. we've got vast energy resources right here in the united states of america. but you know what joe biden did? he shut down production on anwr, federal lands, keystone xl pipeline. this is inexcusable. part of the panoply of policies that have empowered vladimir putin. shame on joe biden for putting those in place but shame on us if we continue to choose joe biden when he is actively working in vladimir putin's camp. >> sean: and by importing his oil, we are making him rich.
6:42 pm
that helps him fund his territorial ambitions. senator mike lee, good to see you. thank you for being with us tonight. also, we are learning new disturbing details about putin's plans for ukrainian president zelenskyy, as i mentioned earlier, there are reports tonight that there were three separate assassination attempts that have been made on zelenskyy's life. here with reaction to all of this and the other breaking news, florida congressman michael waltz is with us, and fox news contributor, former cia station chief dan hoffman. they are sending in these chechen killers, dan, what do you know about them? >> well, reportedly, there have been these three assassination attempts against president zelenskyy. i have no doubt that russia infiltrated ukraine, probably weeks or even months before their invasion to try to find and fix zelenskyy's location. they have been ruthlessly focused on trying to decapitate ukraine's government, and they know that zelenskyy has done an exceptional job of mobilizing international support, to the tune of roughly $15 billion, as
6:43 pm
well as inspiring ukrainian citizens to take up arms against russia. and for that reason, right now, president zelenskyy is winning the information war against the kgb operative and the kremlin, vladimir putin. how humiliating for vladimir putin that he is losing to a former comedian with no prior experience in running the affairs of state. >> sean: and congressman, i've got to believe this is far more difficult to protect president zelenskyy because of technology, and the ability of the russians to pinpoint his location. how might he be able to hide from these assassination squads? >> well, and sean, just to add to what dan was saying, what's interesting in some of the reporting, fascinating, really, is apparently a number of the hit squad operation were exposed by antiwar elements of the ssp,
6:44 pm
which is a follow on service to the kgb, which putin use to command, and coupled with that, he publicly dressed down the current head of the fsb. i think that is a very interesting piece that i'm going to be seeking more information on. on president zelenskyy, dan is right. he is winning the propaganda war. worldwide, he has stolen putin's narrative. he has rallied his people. but here is the thing, sean. i think he needs to ship strategies. resident zelinski, you need to stay alive at this point. every time he goes on air, whether it is with a group of senators tomorrow, the european union, and hour-long press conference, the russians are trying to geo-locate him and put a cruise missile through the window. george washington kept our revolution alive by staying alive, and i hope president zelenskyy come at this point, now that he has seized te narrative and rallied his people, will shift out of kyiv as soon se can and stay alive to
6:45 pm
keep this resistance alive so that hopefully the biden administration can get off their rear end and get them the arms and the weapons that they need. >> sean: that, to me, seems like the only hope that they have, dan hoffman, and that is the javelins, stinger missiles, the rest of europe is pledging military equipment. sum has arrived. obviously, not enough has arrived. do you think they will be able to stop this 40-mile convoy before it hits kyiv? >> well, they have taken some action against that convoy, and slowed it down and stop it. look, i think we all understand that instead of using what wound up being practically in live twitter feed of declassifying cia intelligence on russia's imminent invasion, it would have been a good idea concurrently to step up provisions of military assistance to ukraine, but we've got to get it done now. you can add antiship harpoon missiles to that list, sean, and while we've got the opportunity
6:46 pm
through western ukraine, we got to flood the zone with that military equipment. >> sean: wellsite, congressman -- >> and sean, congress should be voting on this this weekend, not going on a weekend break while ukrainians are dying. pelosi should have us voting on this aid that they need right now. >> sean: and somebody needs to get joe out of his bed and in the situation room or in the oval office. thank you both. straight ahead, we go back on the ground. we have a live report from ukraine, and he won't be believe the comparison stacey abrams made between herself and ukrainian people. really? we will play that tape coming up. ♪ ♪ od. i had periodontal disease, and i just didn't feel well. but then i found clearchoice. [ forde ] replacing marcia's teeth with dental implants at clearchoice was going to afford her that permanent solution. [ marcia ] clearchoice dental implants gave me the ability to take on the world. i feel so much better, and i think that that is the key.
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but maybe it's better to just let it go.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: we have more big breaking developments on the ground in ukraine. we go now to fox's own lucas tomlinson.
6:51 pm
lucas, what is going on? >> sean, it's another night of martial law come another night of curfew in western ukraine. earlier, president zelenskyy addressed the rest of the continent. >> interpreter: if ukraine does not survive, the whole of europe will not survive. if ukraine falls, the whole of europe will fall. >> thousands of supporters poured out into the streets of prague to hear president zelenskyy's address. two hours north of ukraine's capital city. after the u.s. embassy in ukraine called the rush attack on the largest nuclear power plant in europe a war crime. a former senior intelligence officials tells me putin is resorting to a level tactics throughout the country. this is what that miles long -- we remain stalled. can't see russian soldiers in the satellite images, reports they have run out of food and stealing from others from locals and local supermarkets. here in western ukraine, we left
6:52 pm
to visit a training camp with numerous fighters, normal citizens filling sandbags and checkpoints throughout the city to protect the city. i also spoke to a young woman earlier today who says she wanted the russian soldiers to go to hell and learn the history of this country. sean? >> sean: thank you, lucas. democrats at home are drawing absurd comparisons. stacey abrams made a bizarre comparison between her work on progressive voting rights to the ukrainian people fighting back against russia's invasion, really? here now with reaction, fox news contributors tammy bruce, leo 2.0 terrell, leo, what is your reaction to that? >> i am so glad you asked me this question. stacey abrams is absorbed with herself. there is absolutely no comparison whatsoever between the hoax of democracy she has been fighting for with the jim crow act and what is going on in ukraine.
6:53 pm
i will use your words. cities are being annihilated. children are being targeted. 1 million refugees. what type of event in this country mirrors what is going on in ukraine? nothing! this is, for them -- for stacey abrams to even mention ukraine in her hoax of democracy fighting this country is disingenuous. you would expect her to watch what is happening in ukraine and apologize, but the democrats won't do that, but it is insulting to the ukraine people who are running for their lives, and stacey abrams needs a witness or somebody from ukraine, asked greg gutfeld's mother-in-law. these people are running for their lives. that does not exist in this country here. it's embarrassing. >> sean: tammy, i would argue the climate alarmist cult, in many ways, by eliminating energy independence, helped cause this crisis, and it's also now -- we are in a position where we are
6:54 pm
actually funding war and putin's war by making him rich because we are still importing from him. reaction? >> yes, yes, we are funding the war against ukraine, then we are sending tens of millions, hundreds of millions of dollars into ukraine to fight the money we are sending to fight them. but this of course is the democratic madness. stacey abrams in particular, i have a feeling it is going to be like mission impossible. she compared herself to zelenskyy. she is at some point going to have to rip off her face and show herself to be churchill, at this point. you've got individuals who are revealing here that what they are doing is the opposite of real heroism, of real standing up for your country. her plans are not about defending democracy, but in fact weakening our electoral system, and be statements from her revealed that. it is a malignant narcissism. her needing to put herself in the center of something that is genuinely heroic, genuinely respected, because she knows
6:55 pm
that what she is doing is a fraud, and there is nothing else she can do to convince people otherwise. it reveals who she is, but more than that, this is classic of the democratic approach, and it fools people. it's a gripping type of dynamic. they pretend that they are something that they are not, and americans are tired of it, so our real revolution, right, is for urban areas, cities that are run by democrats to say "enough is enough." their lives have not gotten any better, and you've got this woman, it is like a stolen valor, sean, it is a stacking people who have real heroism for yourself. >> sean: well said, stolen valor. tammy, thanks for being with us. leo 2.0 terrell, thank you. we will have more "hannity" right after this break. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this evening, and please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of
7:00 pm
"hannity." think of what we reported tonight, targeting civilians, towns annihilated, neighborhoods leveled, entire neighborhoods wiped off the map. our prayers are with the ukrainian people. stay tuned. laura ingraham is up next, bill hemmer filling in tonight. have a great weekend. we will see you back here on monday. ♪ ♪ [explosion] [indistinct shouting] >> the images never end. i am bill hemmer in tonight for laura and welcome to the end of a very long week. i'm going to start with the latest news at this hour, where it is 5:00 a.m. in ukraine, and most importantly, kyiv remains in ukrainian hands. some analysts worry tonight the historic city will not be spared from the brutal bombing campaigns we have en


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