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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  January 27, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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others including commemorating the souls who perished in one of the darkest periods of history. that will do it for us tonight fair balanced and unafraid. tomorrow on "special report," ohio republican congressman jim jordan on what's next in the hunt for answers in the coronavirus origin. there is this show called "jesse watters primetime." it starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: everybody likes going to the movies. grab a little popcorn, maybe some candy and just recline that seat and settle in. maybe you like comedies or maybe you are a freak like gutfeld who is in to horror films. ask any movie buff what they think the greatest flick of all time is you are sure to hear the godfather brought up plenty of times. it's a classic ethics or mr.s one side of the italian
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immigrant story of america and contains some of the most famous lines in movie history. >> i want to make him an offer he can't refuse. >> freedom. you are my older brother and i love you. but don't ever take sides with anyone against the family again. >> family is a major theme of the movie. and one of the best scenes is when we're introduced to the five families of new york. >> all through there five families of new york, new jersey from the bronx and brooklyn. >> jesse: those crime leaders were just fictional characters but they represented something real. no, not the actual five crime families of new york. that gang represents the five families of the democrat party. for the past two decades these clans have used their power and
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influence in the halls of washington to enrich themselves and their off spring. last night, we explored the suspect stock trade made by nancy pelosi and her husband paul. but the family's suspicious business ties don't just stop there you see, the app. pell doesn't fall that far from the tree when it comes to paul pelosi jr. the 52-year-old son of the speaker of the house. the younger pelosi has reportedly been linked to at least five business entities under investigation by authorities for alleged fraud. with reports going on to say paul pelosi jr. was hired by several firms that were subject to both federal and state probes and meanwhile has connections to a host of fraudsters, rule breakers and convicted criminals although he has never been charged himself. among the companies pelosi jr. was involved in was a data base marketing company called info u.s.a. which, quote: was investigated by the iowa
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attorney general's office several years earlier for allegedly selling consumer data to fraudsters. that company was founded by vin gupta, a major donor to bill clinton who had been probed by the sec for allegedly misusing company funds to fly bill and crooked hillary around on private jets. but, doesn't just stop there for junior pelosi or little pauly p., p.p. jr., you know these guys all have nicknames. according to the "new york post" in 2009, he co-founded natural blue resources an investment company that the sec alleged was run by convicted fraudsters. he was also tangled up in questionable companies in 2013, and 2014, and later tied to a crypto currency scam in 2015, quite a run. but while paul jr. has been connected to plenty of suspect businesses, he has never faced the same consequences as his
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partners. i wonder why? i guess when your mother is the leader of the democratic party, you have a get out of jail free card. and, unfortunately, it's not just the house of representatives where family circles are influencing family decisions at the highest level. just on the other side of the u.s. capitol senate majority leader schumer has his own family drama last week a senate panel approved an anti trust bill restricting big tech platforms. the legislation would stop amazon, google, and others from favoring their own products over competitors. now, this legislation got worked hard in the back room by lobbyists by the way which lobbyists, in particular? we will get to that in a second. while this bill is moved through the judiciary committee, it has yet to get a vote on the senate floor. you know who is in charge ever bringing this bill to the floor? well, majority leader chuck schumer. and would chuck have any reason
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to delay this bill? well, maybe. so you see, chuck's daughter, jessica, is a registered lobbyist at amazon. according to the new york stated records. so, chuck and his daughter are working every side of the amazon bill. and chuck's son-in-law, michael shapiro worked at google's sidewalk labs from 2017 to 2019. that's according to his linkedin profile. and if that wasn't enough to raise some red flags, schumer's other daughter alison also works at facebook. she is in marketing. sounds an awful lot like the man in charge of advancing big tech antitrust legislation in the senate has a huge family interest in the process. now, only a moron wouldn't see that conflict. and it's not just the democrat leaders of congress who are making family moves, in the white house, papa joe has done everything can he to take the stink off his son hunterrens
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fishy business deals. hunter's connection with ukraine well documented here on fox. we discussed last night how hunterrens deals netted the biden family 30 million bucks from chinese profiteers linked to communist spies. and since his son was making money off the communist country, it's no surprise joe biden was so quick to talk down the china threat, just a couple years back. >> china is going to eat our lunch? come on, man. they can't even figure out how to deal with the the fact that they have this great division between the china sea and the mountains in the east coming in the west. they can't figure out how they are going to deal with the corruption that exists within the system. i mean, you know, they are not bad folks, folks. but, guess what? they are not -- they are competition for us. >> jesse: not to mention that the fact that biden completely swept the lab leak under the rug and we never found out where
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that diamond went, you know, the diamond that chinese tycoon gave hunter? that got swept away, too. so while hunter was stacking bills courtesy of america's biggest enemy, he was roping in another prominent democrat family into his scheme. hunter's business partner chris hines. john kerry's stepson. both in business with china. both fathers soft on china. and so another piece of the puzzle falls into place. essentially the chinese government was funding a business it co-owned with two of america's most powerful democrat political families. so, while biden and hynes sold r dads were serving as vice president and secretary of state. perhaps the single biggest abuser of our country's lies in the hands of bill and hillary clinton. you remember late 90's they established a nonprofit
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association named the clinton foundation. for years businesses and foreign nationals funneled money into the organization with some vegas goals to help others and perhaps they did do some good. but what really happened is that when hillary clinton became secretary of state fox reports at least 181 companies, individuals and foreign governments that had given to the clinton foundation also lob idea the state department when crooked ran the place. 181 companies. that's a lot of ious from the clintons. i wonder if she ever paid those favors back? we just asking questions. according to peter schweizer's book "clinton cash" in 2,000 bill and hillary clinton owed billions of dollars in legal debt. since then, they have earned $131 million. i guess selling out america is a big money business. the big guy, polyp., the gavel, little chucky, all of them wealthy, well-connected, and
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untouchable. >> strictly business. >> jesse: what do these five leading democrat families the money is never enough, so they will keep selling out america as long as there is a buyer. ♪ >> jesse: dan bongino host of unfiltered on saturday nights joins me now. dan, this stares you right in the face, doesn't it? nothing is ever going to be done about it, it seems. do you think anything is ever going to be done about all of this corruption? >> no. and, jesse, that was really great monologue. listener, i know you are getting congratulated all week and getting tired of it. i owe you a personal congratulations and i feel entitled to take my 10 seconds to say congrats on this show. auto. >> jesse: i'm not tired of it, dan, you know me. >> you know what? probably not tired of it. you will milk it for everything. you are right. great hun log, well done. >> jesse: thank you. >> really not just the story
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about democrats. democrats are corrupt, yeah, politicians are tough or democrats had to really hide their own corruption. republicans get exposed because of the media. this is a media story. think about this. it's not just the democrats policies. it's a corrupt story. don jr. wright in the trump administration and trump brothers. they have wrote a real estate empire. jesse doesn't like a controversy they were looking at a hotel in rubio at one point. no allegations of illegality. jesse, they build real estate. okay? hotel never got built. this was a major international controversy which sucked up four year, oh my gosh, you mean builders were going to building is in a foreign country? holy moses hang them by the toe nails, right? yet, you got hunter biden blow hole painting guy making painting out of his blow hole selling them for $500,000 who is taking payoffs from these -- from their own words like the
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chinese intel guy and the behavior moscow's wife for millions and the media is like na, i got to go get some mcdonald's. i have got better things to do. tell me how this is not a corruption tore. >> the country is still angry text number for me text me now. this is the number one thing people are pumped up about because during the pandemic they shut down everybody's business. you know, and they couldn't make any money. but this whole time people on the inside, they are cleaning up. and the american people don't like that. they don't like that they are cleaning up on the taxpayer dime. do it in the private sector. that's free country do what you want. when he are paying your salary and doing deals all over the world and hiding it and acting like nothing is wrong having it effect policy most corrupt
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things can you think of. does the country care? >> no. i think they do. i think there is a myth out there that there is like a double standard, right? oh, politicians are held to one standard with masks and business and stock buys and we are held to another. there is not a double. the stock kiss micah booze you suck we will do what he wont. it's not a double standard. really, i'm not kidding. they don't care. remember, consent of the governorred of there is in charge one standard they don't give a damn about us. >> jesse: tell me about the youtube situation. you are banned from youtube? if i ran youtube i would ban youtube, bongino. i would do the same thing. i'm sympathetic. >> you are wondering why they waited so long. >> jesse: i have been telling them to ban you for years. what the heck happened here? >> , outbreak is run by communists, of course. they are terrified of me
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investor in another platform rumble which believes in free speech so they hate my guts. they have been looking for reason to get rid of me. jesse, i dared, dared question the efficacy of masks on their platform. so they went back to episodes i had done years ago recategorized them, restricted them, suspended me and put a video on why i was leaving youtube and they banned me for a video on why i'm leaving. it's one of those you can't quit, we are going to fire you. the video was literally titled "why i'm leaving youtube. "just because i questioned masks. i asked a simple question. money ball great movie. wide hitter why hit good i asked with masks. if masks work, why aren't masks working? you can't say that on youtube. the comis don't like it. they hate when you ask common sense if masks work why don't they like them. kim jong un is laughing right now he has got his youtube,
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that's a good idea. i should try to create my own just so i can ban people. youtube is a disgrace. >> jesse: allowed to say masks don't work but dan bongino is not allowed to say it don't you get it? that's the double standard. all right, dan. >> no, no. one standard. we will do what we want. >> jesse: exactly. check outs dan on saturday night. 9:00 now. clean it up. >> good luck with the show. >> thank you. >> jesse: how to get unstuck when you are surround ghd a room surrounded by idiots. ♪
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the pandemic made teaching and learning really hard. but instead of working to help students safely return to the classroom, the san francisco school board focused on renaming schools
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and playing politics. and they've even saddled our district with a $125 million deficit. our children can't wait for new leadership. here's our chance for a fresh start. on february 15th, please recall school board members collins, lópez and moliga before our kids fall even further behind.
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>> jesse: justice intrir retiring from the supreme court. biden is going to hire a black female to take his place. he promised he would do this in the primary campaign in exchange for endorsement and voters of south carolina and beyond. a little quid pro quo but that's politics. whoever biden nominates it won't really be his choice though. the people with the biggest say will be clyburn, durbin, cory booker, chief of staff ron klain, the squad and obviously the yale law faculty. the hearings will be filled with washington drama and theatrics but mostly involve idiotic trying to sound smart and must smarter nominee patiently waiting until they stop showing off and just confirm her. grandstanding doesn't each begin to describe it. so it's worth a look back at joe chairing the clarence thomas confirmation, watch. >> we all know what we're talking about here. that you and i know at least when we are talking about here. there is a it fervent and
4:20 pm
aggressive school of thought that wishes to see natural law further inform the constitution than it does now. you know and i know what we're talking about. >> one of the things you do in hearing is you have to sit there and look attentively at people you know have no idea what they are talking about. >> jesse: everyone has been in thomas' shoes. nodding at a light weight, just waiting until can you use the bathroom. at work, at the bar, we get it. so, prime time was struck by how sharp breyer seemed today at age 83. watch. >> this is a complicated country. there more than 330 million people. and my mother used to say every race, it's every religion, and she would emphasize it and it's every point of view possible. >> jesse: is he crisp. maybe that's why the left wants him off the court.
4:21 pm
it was hard not to compare him to biden who is basically the same age. >> um, my -- pointed out you're -- when i went to dearborn, driving that -- u., you know, it was there, it, i think the press thought i was crazy. >> jesse: who do you think should be stepping down? i think we all know. then came the most awkward handshake i haven't ever seen. we will cover the nominations fairly this doesn't swing the court one way or the other? and americans have much bigger concerns. besides watching senator hirono pretend she is a senator. senator josh hawley, i'm sorry, i didn't mean to insult your colleague on the judiciary committee. i could not help myself. i know how she is going to behave and i'm mentally preparing myself, senator. how are you going to behave? that's what everybody wants to know.
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>> well, it's great to be with you, jesse. congrats on the new show. >> jesse: thank you. >> i look forward seeing what's ahead for you. it's awesome. here is what i am going to do i'm going to do my duty swore to uphold the constitution i'm going to ask whomever joe biden sends up to the committee, i'm going to see if they are a pro-constitution judge actually believe in the constitution and willing to follow it that ought to be the litmus test. not race, religion, gender or anything else. but are you willing to follow the constitution of the united states and, you know, can i just say something about joe biden and his reported deal as to this nominee? it just shows, i think, that joe biden is willing to do anything for power. you know, he didn't hesitate to lead the mob against clarence thomas, an african-american man when it suited him. but, now, when he wants power for something else, oh, then it's a whole different song it doesn't matter to joe biden. it's just what's good for him in the moment. that's the on sit of what it should be. it should be about principle and
4:23 pm
the constitution. >> jesse: do you think he will put out a nominee that's going to follow the constitution? because, you know, if history is any judge. this is going to be a pretty left wing jurist. would you vote for someone like that? >> i don't think i have voted yet, jesse, for any of his judicial nominees. i don't think. the reason is so far the people he has sent up to the hill have been left wing ache at this vits. activists. i hope he will change course and actually unite somebody who believes what all americans believe, in the constitution. we'll see. >> jesse: yeah, we will. i don't think we will see that senator. but thank you so much. i can tell you have an open mind and that's important and we'll be covering these hearings very fairly, especially the senator from hawaii. i cannot wait to hear from her. thank you very much, senator hawley. >> thank you. >> jesse: when is the last time mike pence talked to donald
4:24 pm
trump? we we are about to find out. ♪ and shows me how to get the most out of my workplace benefits. voya helps me feel like i've got it all under control. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected.
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>> jesse: border czar kamala harris is in honduras today to attend the inauguration of the newly elected president castro who is a socialist. and will probably steal all the money we send him while he keeps sending us caravans. >> most people don't want to leave home. if they leave, it is usually because they are either fleeing harm or they simply cannot satisfy their basic needs, the area of cooperation and work that we will do together on economic prosperity will be pivotal to that issue and in particular irregular migration. >> former vice president mike pence joins me now. good to see you, mr. vice president. [laughter] >> great to see you, jesse, cob graduate labor relations on the new show. thanks for having me on. >> jesse: thank you very much.
4:29 pm
we are very excited. so when did you the handoff with kamala harris during the inauguration, i'm sure you gave her some very sweet personal advice. do you think she has taken your advice? what did you tell her? did you tell her to go find out root causes? >> you know, well, look, that's an old mantra of back in the days of the obama-biden administration was that the problem of illegal immigration was driven by root causes. i really wasn't that surprised when she skipped over the border and started to talk about root causes and, look, she is down in honduras, that new president she is a socialist, but, you know, frankly, jesse, i'm more concerned about the social issues associated with here in the washington, d.c. than i am in the northern triangle. the reality is this administration unleashed the worst border crisis in american history because on day one, president biden undid the policies that president trump
4:30 pm
put into effect that reduced illegal immigration by 90%. that remain in mexico policy as you know, jesse, was working. hundreds of miles of border wall. this administration stopped construction on the wall. they have left massive gaps in the wall. but, really by undoing the policies and focusing on economic development in central america is a prescription for more of what we saw last year. 2 million illegal immigrants coming across our border, december was the highest month in history. the biden-harris administration is failing the american people at our southern border. failing on our economy. and, frankly, failing the country at home and abroad. >> jesse: they are failing in the cities, too. this crime is out of control. you remember joe biden. he was never like this before he was pro-law and order and supported the police officers. what do you think has changed with joe biden?
4:31 pm
>> well, you know, i have said as i have traveled around the country over the last year that, you know, joe biden won his party's nomination but bernie sanders won the party and the truth of the matter is the politics of socialist left are in the saddle in the democrat congress. look, i served in the house of representatives back in the day with bernie sanders. he is a straight up unreconstructed european style socialist. and the politics of the left, including all the politics of defund the police are driving our -- are driving this administration and, frankly, again, you know, i spent the last year, we moved back home to indiana, but i have spent a lot of time moving around, i get to spend a lot of time with members of law enforcement and cities around the country, and i got to tell you their hearts are broken by what they are seeing happening. you mentioned driving.
4:32 pm
that's expensive now. you fill up, it's an extra 20 bucks every time you go do it. i know when you get to washington or you are in the white house or at the capitol, everybody drives you around. you have chefs taking care of all your needs, your food, so you are not really connected to the purchasing lifestyle of the american public. would you suggest joe biden and kamala harris maybe leave the white house, maybe go to a gas station, go to a grocery store or maybe see for their own eyes how pricy things have gotten? >> well, one of the advantages of no longer being vice president is that i get to drive my own car. one of the disadvantages is i get to pay for my own gas. >> jesse: what are you driving these days, mr. vice president. >> i got tell you i'm driving a ford and i'm currently in the market for a truck but i have got to tell you the gas lien gasolineprices are like nothinge ever seen. once again, it's the result of the policies of the biden-harris
4:33 pm
administration. we had achieved energy independence for the first time in 70 years by unleashing american energy as ever before. and energy prices were low across the board think about this, jesse, here san administration, one of the first things they do is shut down an american pipeline, the keystone pipeline, and authorize the construction of a russian pipeline to germany, to make germany and europe more dependents on russian national-natural gas. you know, the policies of this administration are -- i want to say that they make no sense but, frankly, they do make sense to the radical left. >> jesse: when is the last time you talked to former president trump. are you guys good. >> we talked last summer. i have said many times we -- you know, it was difficult, january 6th was difficult. it was a tragic day in the life
4:34 pm
of the nation. i know i did my duty under the constitution of the united states. but the president and i sat down in the days that followed that. we spoke about it. talked through it we parted amicably. >> jesse: mike pence, who you will be seeing in your neck of the woods in a ford driving through. give him a honk, mike. [laughter] >> i promise i will. thanks, jesse. >> jesse: thank you very much. fox news alert. joe biden just wrapped up his phone call with the ukrainian president and what we are hearing total disaster. details next. ♪ is c i felt i couldn't be at my best for my family. in only 8 weeks with mavyret i was cured. i faced reminders of my hep c every day. i worried about my hep c. but in only 8 weeks with mavyret i was cured. mavyret is the only 8-week cure for all types of hep c. before starting mavyret your doctor will test if you've had hepatitis b which may flare up and cause serious liver problems
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♪ >> jesse: fox news alert. live pictures from houston, texas where we just learned three police officers have been shot. and the suspect is currently
4:39 pm
locked in a standoff with police. listen to this. [gunfire] you will three officers have expected to survive. we will keep you updated. another fox news alert. we just got word that president biden spoke on the phone with the ukrainian president zelensky and it was a train wreck. white house correspondent kevin corke is live in washington with the details. what happened? >> yeah a lot of back and for the. good evening, jesse. i want to draw your attention to what cnn is reporting for just a bit of context. they say tonight that the president told the ukrainian
4:40 pm
president in a phone call that, quote: a russian invasion is now a virtual certainty once the ground freezes, adding that kyiv could be sacked and the russian forces may attempt to occupy the capital there. prepare for impact. that is, again, just from cnn quoting an unnamed ukrainian official. however the administration here is washington is pushing back tonight. they say anonymous sources are leaking falsehoods. president biden said there is a distinct possibility that the russians could invade ukraine in february. he has said this publicly and been warning about this for months. reports of anything more or different than that are completely false. that again from emily over at the nsc. that should tell you, by the way, that quick strong pushback just how they feel about the potential damage that such a leak, real or false could potentially have, especially with the two super powers possibly lining up on opposite sides of what could be a very dangerous circumstance in eastern europe, jesse.
4:41 pm
>> jesse: so, kevin, let me get this straight. the president calls our ally. basically says you guys are toast. putin is coming in. he is going to sack the capital. and we are not going to give you that much support. we're not seconding troops. we are not really sending any more weapons. and now cnn reported that that's what went down on the phone call and now the white house has come out and said the ukrainians are looking and this doesn't sound like a perfect phone call kevin corke. >> it does not, does it. it's one of those i didn't say what you think i said but if i said what you think i said, i don't want you to say it. that's the way. >> jesse: all right. thank you very much. we will continue to follow that. >> you bet. >> jesse: y'all remember seattle's summer of love back in 2020. the sweet smells of smoke bombs lingered in the air as rampant crime and chaos overtook major parts of the city. there was also a community
4:42 pm
garden, people forget that and you might remember this guy solomon rossi money, weighs the de facto war lord of the autonomous zone known as chaz or chop or whatever you called it you saw him holding up a machine gun stirring up trouble. turns out he is not that good of a guy. is he now being sued for sexual assault by, you ready? five women. four of them accusing him of sex trafficking. according to the lawsuit simone targeted these women when they were young and vulnerable. simone imposed strict rules on what they could eat and how to acted. he placed a money quota on them forcing them meet it by performing strip or sex acts and money they made in a lawsuit. he used subversion to make them comply. disgusting. joining me now is the attorney representing five women suing
4:43 pm
symone johannsen. is this as sick as it sounds like when people were watching tv, the media was saying this was just, you know, a good old fashioned revolutionary picnic, but it looks like sex trafficking involved on top of the two homicides? the conduct we are talking about lawsuit predates that by years. we are talking about conduct that goes back to the summer of 2012 at least and probably further. >> jesse: so this guy that was running chaz allegedly was a notorious and evil sex trafficker this was the guy in charge of the summer of love. is that the allegation? >> that is the allegation and the problem with the term notorious is that it suggests that this information out in the public. the problem is sex trafficking is that is so often concealed
4:44 pm
behind closed doors that it happens in plain sight and nobody knows it's there. >> jesse: yeah. well, i remember jenny temperature win, the mayor, said this was all just a bunch of hippies. blowing off steam, and the place was just totally rab sacked by an alleged sex trafficker. and it really goes to show i you can't really take what the politicians say at face value. if you watch the video. anybody that saw the video knows it looks like absolute chaos. but it's, you know, i'm glad you brought this lawsuit. it guy needs to be held accountable. if this is true. i think everybody had a little suspicion this wasn't on the up and up. counselor, thank you for coming on. we appreciate it. >> a pleasure. >> jesse: the press thinks biden needs to talk more smack to save his presidency. so what did we do? we invited one of america's biggest trash talkers on to train him. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> jesse: for four years the media complained about the way donald trump treated the press. he was too mean they said. so joe biden calls our peter doocy an sob one time and the press loved it so much they want
4:49 pm
trash talk to be joe biden's new strategy. they think smack talk can help turn joe's presidency completely around. politico writing: the president may lack eloquence outburst at peter doocy shows how he could harness his natural voice. let's be honest that's not trash talk. this is trash talk. >> these are sick people. >> let's say jeb becomes president, so low energy that every time you watch him you fall asleep. excuse me, one second. >> no. >> the simple fact is. >> more energy tonight, i like that. >> crooked hillary clinton who by the way is the most angry person in the united states. >> shift j schiff we don't call him shifty schiff for nothing. >> crazy nancy, that crazy nancy, she is crazy. >> sleepy joe, i don't think sleepy joe would be a good fighter, do you? >> one gentle little face and he is down. >> crooked hillary clinton and.
4:50 pm
do you know who is further left than crazy bernie? kamala. elizabeth pocahontas warren. >> jesse: joining me one of the best trash talkers in all of sports walter weight tramp covey covington. so our very own super son of a pitch peter doocy got his clock cleaned by potus, do you think smokin' joe knows how to talk a big game? do you think that's the way he needs to turn this presidency around because i don't know if he has that in him. any advice you could give the president? >> >> my advice to the president would be if you are going to talk the talk, you better be able to walk the walk. you know, i trash talk but a lot of it is facts, you know, just like donald trump, he came with truth. and people want to call it trash talking but really it's truth-talking. he owns up the action to his
4:51 pm
words. you know, things that he says he backs it up. you know, that was a legit question that peter doocy was asking. you know, he is asking a question that effects hundreds of millions of people's lives. they want to know every time they go to the gas station, every time they go to the grocery score, you know, this is affecting their lives. so, he needs to be a man of his word and own up to it. >> jesse: what would you say to joe if you got him alone in the octagon not the octagon, alone notice oval, similar shape and no one was around? would you chew him out? >> yeah. i would be honest. you know. >> i would say the truth i would say biden, you are a big cry baby. don't own up to anything that you say. you know. you have people that change your own adult diapers. he needs to stop acting like all these people in these generations they want to play victim. you need to -- they never want to own up to anything anymore and he's the same way. >> pete: i know about peter doocy. is he a very handsome fellow.
4:52 pm
broad quowt. do you think he deserved what he got? the kid is obnoxious. what could would you say to doocy? >> i would say that peter doocy is asking a valid question deserves to know whether you are a republican or democrat. >> jesse: i was trying to get you -- sorry, i didn't mean to -- we love doocy. very own stupid son of a bitch. what can we say? you want to tee off on him. the floor is yownchts yes, a career pending fight. he has talked a big game, jesse to the media, just like joe biden they talk a big game he on mark smith i will expose him from front of a world. he is a pretend republican us know. it fits well because we have got criminals on the republican side and democrat side. i'm going to expose them
4:53 pm
march 5th. >> jesse: coming on the show next week and we will play that and see how he bounces back on that. all right? >> we'll see you, man. we'll see. >> jesse: good luck on march 5th. stay healthy. the man right there. thank you. text me i and i will read them. that's next. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: you've been texting me about the 30-year-old dog walker i interviewed on tuesday. remember this? >> how many hours as a solid workday and your ideal -- >> shark, i think is much as many people want. i personally work, i have a 20, 25 hour workweek which i think is fairly good. i would like less work hours. >> jesse: and what you do?
4:58 pm
>> i'm a dog walker. >> jesse: they fired him for it. saying "we can't afford to have our opportunities to spread our message. we need somebody who is prepared to deliver convincing talking points come eloquently to a hostile audience." someone who is trained, passionate, and has plenty of energy. pelosi and briar have been in public life are the same amount of time with the same salary. marilyn, sebring, florida, didn't martha stewart could put in prison for insider trading?
4:59 pm
i retired from a follow-on career manufacturing. i now identify as a black female circuit court judge. to think i could get a shot at the u.s. supreme court? dave, anything is possible in 2022. leslie, fort worth, texas, i appreciate being able to talk to you. i live in texas since we are using state tax money to build our wall, the federal government's job, i think we should get a tax credit. i think you should too, but i wouldn't claim it on your taxes. you are definitely going to get audited if you do. joe m, jesse, we still of a lot of questions about the monkeys in pennsylvania. what dangers are they posed to humans? why are no reporters examining the situation? we have the right to know the facts.
5:00 pm
yes, i agree. and we will have a follow-up, perhaps tomorrow on the monkeys. andy, harrison ohio, do you have any hobbies? i do. but i can't tell you about them. that is all for tonight. "tucker carlson tonight" is up next. and remember, on waters. and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." think back, you may remember joe biden's infrastructure build this fall, that bill emerge from congress in november with a price tag of $1.2 trillion. that so many zeros it's hard to imagine britt how much is it? it's more than the entire gdp of the nation of mexico one of the world's biggest producers, so that's a ton of money. he would expect big results. you certain


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