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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 25, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PST

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being with us . n you make the show possible that we never forget and we never say thank you enough. we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode of"h hannity and in the meantime even a little early because we wlove the next show that'srt coming up. let not your heart be trouble. laura ingraham, big show tonight . hey, how are you? h y how was your weekend? did you have any fun?er >> you know, i never know. would you do anything fun? no, i watch football and slept okay. >> well i mean how about how about kansas city and buffalo bill? wow. game. a greatfa football the greatest couple of minutes of football ever. i woke fer up my daughter. i said i d you're going to marry and i've dragged her out of bed. bay game. tampa >> i like i like i like themee all. i thought this was a great weeke of football. >> i kept thinking to myself how much fun it was to watch and then i kept thinking if dr. fauci had his way they'd be playing to empty stadiums. they probably would be playing it all they'd put and then i is
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even happier that we move beyond that all right hand .of i'll pick it up where you left off. great showw as always. right. i'm laura ingraham.le this is the ingraham angle. now last week, glenn youngkin signed an executive order. you might have heard aboutht it. he ended mask mandates in schools, but that did not stop the covid crazies in some of the school districts in virginia they've begun suspending kids and teachers who refuse to play their game. we s speak to two of them exclusively tonight and my response to saturday night live later in the show atur. you don't want to miss it. but first, stumbling on the warpath. >> that's the focus of tonight's @ngel. now over a month ago, president biden assured a verypr war weary nation that putting troops in or around ukraine was not on the table. well,it now it looks like that's the otherhere with promises he made.
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if you get vaxx, you can go back to normal and just one hundred days of masking. just o hours ago the pentagon. eighty five hundred troops on high alert for possible deployment to eastern europe. now anyone paying attention to biden's presser last weekk heard a e sounds of the war drums beating. the media desperately wants todw get off that raging crime raging covid raging inflation story that's driven biden to another new low in the polls today. harvard harris has them at a pathetic 39%. >> so ukraine has to be b their new shiny object tensions with russia over what could be an imminent invasion of ukraine are escalating the path ofs diplomacy and dialog. >> but there's also a path of its renewed aggression and massive consequence that we have been building now for many weeks. >> we shouldee be arming the ukrainians like crazy. we should be preparing for a guerrilla warfare if the russians go in guerrilla
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warfare. >> nowow it's ironic and laughable that the american press corps is now kvetching about russia because no group has done more to weaken a the u.s. and strengthen vladimir putin. let's look at the record first. putin doesn't have to spread anti-american propaganda because our media does it fori-e for the last six years, the u.s. press has told the world that americans are evil racists who are destroying a planet. th >> one in three americans are racists. i think the ideaac of appealing to white resentment and white fears drawing on a particular o understanding of america is fundamentally white in making this country there was a lot oft pain. t there was a lot of killingng and murder and and now the editors of pravda couldn't done much better and we can't forget the profoundly damagingtt and destabilizing effect of the whole russia hope, which of the media spread with
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glee. >> donald trump is a russian operative one hundred and one contacts between trump's team and russia linked a operatives. why can't president trump l condemn russian election interference with the same vociferouse russia hacked our election. that was a 9/11 scale event. putin doesn't need to spendve money crippling washington, dc at our own press corps does it for free? second, ct the media has helped putin by supporting policies to the price of oil and gas. now most americans understand that cheap energy is bad for russia, but the media doesn'tth want americans to have cheap energy. they've done everything possible to stop drilling and to smear the frackingg revolution that promised energyy independence. soaring energy prices are helping putin buy more weapons . third, the media have undermined our military
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readiness. now for years we suffer a disaster after disaster in afghanistan capped by the c utter failure to successfully end that warapfa. now rather than demand changes at the pentagon and pentagon after all that , our media protected defense secretary austined and general milley, chairman of the joint chiefs.ef the media wants the pentagonat led by people who believe that being woke is more important than killing our enemies for months we've shown you examples of how hard left ideology is weakening ourid military by lowering standards, wasting money and simplyrs protecting incompetent leaders. of course, putin. doesn't fear our military. he knowshe that diversity is no match for excellence. fourth, the media have helpedy increase our dependencyon on china. th laste week at the same press conference where the media complainedco m over and over abm russia, a reporter from the wall street journal urgedal
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biden to lift the tariffs on china. my lord, how much more do theses people want at this point? just in the first eleven monthse of 2020 one we bought almost four hundred and fifty seven billion dollars worth of goods from china. but apparently that's not allowed g enough now for yearsr elites in both parties have attacked anyone who questions using tariffs or any othered policy to move supply chains out of china. >> you mentioned china. do you think the time has come to begin lifting some of the tariffs on chinese imports or is there a need for china to to make do on some of itse commitments in the phase one agreementon? indeed, americans should know that a bipartisan group of senators actually wants more chinese solaroup panels te sold in the u.s. so both destroying our oil and gas sector and giving the chinese an edge on green power has great. fifth, the media have attacked
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countries that might have helped us with ukraine. they were and are vehemently opposed after all to brexit because the media are slavishlya devoted to the eu. in fact, our media regularly trashes anyone in europe from polish leaders to french national who dare to criticize the eu instead. what they usually do the press is stand with germany which itself is dependent i on natural gas from t russia. they also want the nord stream two pipeline and they actually oppose sending weapons to ukraine w. in fact, sharing german made weapons with ukrainians is out . the question we've to ukraine itself. so it's easy too see that the more reliant we are on germany,p the more it helps putin. now finally for the last twodi years our media has done everything possible to promote chaos here in the united states
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during the summer of 20200, eight. come on , they cheered for the rioters. rioters went into burning and looting cities across america. they support visasho who don't prosecute crimes. they downplayed the threat from inflation that caused real wages to fallth and they protected their hero and mascot, dr. anthony fauci, who still have us in lockdown.ll if he could. how is it, by the way, that a country that can't send its kids to school is going to somehow promote freedomot abroad ? >> how can a countrynf that refuses to enforce its ownr borders also expected its - citizens to cheer, enforcing another country's border? it just doesn't work that way. the truth is the democratic party's worldview, which hasha been fully adopted by thelk scribblers and talking heads, is fatally flawedin. for t decades they thought by weakening america they could promote justice. instead,d, the real winners from their successes have been putine
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and jake. americaa cannot and must not s dilute the strength she has left on another hopeless crusade urged on by the same people who screwed upp in afghanistan or real threat militarily and economically is the ccp which loves it when we squander our resources and on pointless foreign adventures and quagmire f makes them thrilled. of course the ccp can days ago s published what can only be described as a fawning personal tribute to president xind. with the games only days away, china has delivered well. china no longer needs too prove its standing on the world stage. instead, it wants to proclaim the sweeping vision of a more prosperous, more confident nation under mr xi,m the country's most powerfuler leader since mao zedong. bu
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wow,t but that's nothing compared to the slobbering praise the ccp gets from our very own elites. since the onset of the pandemic, china has worked a hard to not only contain the virus but also contributed to closing the equity gap by supporting other countries with many different supplies, including great vaccines. i look forward to once again being able to travel to chinall to see all of you and this work in person. it is shameful. now senate minority leader mitch mcconnell has a lot ofmc warhawks in his senate caucus, including himself. but if he wants to avoid being thrown out by another populist uprising and 20 twenty four , he needs to resist the war machines temptation. now this may be wishful thinking, but he ought to, make it very clear to biden that the gop does nothe g support sending
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our troops to eastern europe. well, to folks who think we're fundamentally racist, who think our military is filled with o extremists, let them own this . we have enough failed war baggage and the gop and for the rest of us we have to focus on finding leaders in both parties who can build this country up instead of always tearing her down. and that's the angle showing me now is of course, victor davis hanson, hoover institution senior fellow. victor, it is said by many of the elites we referenced in the angle that ukraine is too powerful of a problem for us toy look the other way.. and you say, well, look, for the reasons that you delineated about, you know, everythingli from being thirty trillion dollars in debt and to having a military after afghanistan, it seems still obsessed with climate change and white supremacyh. we we then look to nato and we say, well, nato, this is nato
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problem. there's 30 countries in nato, laura . they have a population one billion people. they're seven times an aggregate gdp larger than russia. if nato is as powerful as numerous as it is, then this is in our backyard and yet we w can't get more than six countries to spend what they promised two percent of their gdp. the german people, according to a pew poll, they pull anti-american. that's the richest country in nato . th about 54% don't havee a favorable opinion of i the turkish people, which has the largest army in nato or even more anti-american. germany is wholly dependent upon russian natural gas now and turkey has a lot of bilateral defense and industrial contacts with russia. sose the idea that nato is going to rise up and go empty the coffee shops of europe and go in and support ukraine is not going to happen. and as i said earlier, if ukraine was a nato member
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and it invoked article five , a therend wouldn't be a lot of people coming in and that would be the end of nato. the second thing is that , you know, i don't knowhi how to say this because i don't want none of us want putin to go into u ukraine. but the ukrainian government has,over lost a lot of political capital. they were deeply involved trying to buy influence members of that government with the biden consortiumers and thy enrich the biden family. hunter burisma, we went through all that . there were some expatriates that are american ukrainians. citizens i were involved in the impeachment of donald trump. in fact, alexander was offered supposedly the ministry of defense in ukraine aftersuso colluded with a so-called whistleblower to initiate and fueled the impeachment. so they have lost a lot of goodwill with some people and the americanhn population. and then why did we give up this idea that kissinger establishes the cornerstone of american foreign policy that russia would ber no friendlier to china than it is to us and vice versa. so we should be aware that ,
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you know, we should be trying to be a common enemy. try not at all. what victor what happened there ? issi it just it's the russia hox that prevented what i think trump probably wanted to do box out bo try to i think by having solid alliances like wece did the yea, i think we gyrated during the obama biden years. we appease them. wem. dismantled missile defense remember the hot mike conversation we had the failed reset and putin went into eastern ukrainent and crima because they thought that we were not going to do anything and we wouldn't know. and then we wentt al all the way over when trump came in with w the left saying that there wasit this collusion and there was a russian under every bed and we really offended becauselun people there wasn't collusion. and then during the onlyy time that putin didn't move was i in this four year period when trump youou oh , he did things like take out solamente baghdadi destroy l isis except
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get tough with north korea and russia didn't move biden. the first thing it came in is he askedir for certain targets o be taken off the russian hackeri list. so in other words, if you're going to hack companies, please don't do this company then the afghaniss tragedy and we've lost all deterrence. it's veryni hard to recapture. but there was a four year period. so ironic, laura , that he didn't he didn't move during the period. i want to play something from senator menendez. it's not justz.z. the media that seems hellbent on , you know, not everybody in the media, but i a lot the sameus figures that we heard duringh a the bush years and some of the more liberal ones. but menendez is a you know, he's a democrat senator obviously from new jersey and he spokeke out in a extremely aggressive way toward russia, which kind of shocked me to watch is it conflict chooses? s? and then if he does, how many body bags does he want to count going back to russia or russia?
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sons or is it a off ramp and a diplomatic solution that deals with security guarantees the body bags and back to yeah. what about that ? i don't think they're i don't i think that's a good metaphor for this because in world war two, five million russians and ukrainians, about four and a half million russians and about a million ukrainians, more than five million diedn on ukrainian soil defending mother russia from the invasion. so the idea that we're going to lecture the russians on bodybags after the bloodhe costs that they incurred, it's t kind ofbs obscene. >> i think it's great to see you as always. thank you . tonight and in responsed , governor glenn youngkins order ending mask mandates some virginia school districts have started suspending students and teacherssp for not wearing masks. a parent, a teacher reveall
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to end covid mandates including those that force kids to mask in schools. youngkin wanted to give parents the power to make these decisions, but northern t virginia said norn school officials there are targeting kids who listen to their parents and go mascot's if they want to. in fairfax county, schools haven been told to suspend students without masks and in loudound county en masse, kids were removed from classrooms and then confined, almost imprisoned in the auditorium. joining me now is megan rafalski, loudoun county parent of a fifth grader who has been kicked out of school until they mess up and karen mineo, who is not just a parent but l a loudoun county public schoolwe teacher now for refusing to wear a mask. she says she was sent home and put on leave without pays. maga hat. this is a mess now your son's home from school. how is he reacting? this is it's i mean, i said it's child abuse. i'll sayay it again.t
12:23 am
it is child abuse. what's next for him and how is he doing? i say today was a really hard day. i'm not going to be i'm not going to try and fluff it up anything more than what it was. >> it was we were feeling g really, really good and he wasoo very excitedxc that go to school this morning we met upp with a group of friends and peers walk into excited to school without a maskht on because he had that right and we were metnd with resistane at the door and he was at asked multiple times in a really an intimidating way. listen, you cannt put the mask y on and go to class or you can sit here and be bored to at the rest of the day to which he pretty much had a breaking point at around 11 , 30 andpr after being confined to his principal's office with the door closed, he had hade, enough and i can't h them well, they're trying to force him to
12:24 am
submit against your view as a parent and his view as a student after the government the governor issued his executive order. i mean, o this is lunacy and karen policiesv for yount like we asked loudoun county, by the way, if they were in fact separating unmap students from the rest of the school and they responded our protocol for students that i think they mean s who refusedtu to follow the school division's mitigation protocol was to send them to a commonto area such as the auditorium where they could access the school, the platform to continue their work. karen, you separate them, have them sit by themselves. doch teachers actually support this madness? absolutely not.ol utactually , my daughter was one of those that was secludedat . she went to the academy is allowed in today and the assistant principal called her to the office and secluded her . we went and picked her up.
12:25 am
weur figured what was the point she was going to be allowed, though, laura , toch go have lunch with her friends unmapped but then go back to her segregated isolation area to finish out the day with some adapted lesson for her . teachers do not support this , at least for our lesson. you weren't right but you were sent home yourself, right? as a teacher or not. >> so you you can't teach s your faceen. > you're sent home because yu followed governor youngkins orderr.. yeah. how long is this going on for? well, i mean it was a hashtag noma's monday and again it was in celebration of his executive orders, you know, getting ridg of the virginia department of health mandates where k to school k-12 schools that were to where math we didn't have to wear the mask anymore. that one as of today.
12:26 am
so i went there expressing my freedoms and yes, my principal i did actually get one class beforesa the principal came in and said mask up or or out leave withoute pay. by the way, laura , i never i've never been brought in to the principal'ss office before. so this is my first infraction>> . who isho the principal i? john cordele ramlal guy or he's actually otherwise a very lovely individual. i love all the administrators at that school. and i'll be honest,inin laura ,t really sounded because he is such a nice guy and you really sense that in his demeanor it sounded like it came from up above. and i've actually talked tod i a couple of other teachers that were also asked to leave without pay. and it's funny, it's kind oft the same language. so that wastt a little suspicious. >> yeah, it wasas very clear that they had been in place.
12:27 am i mean they might be nice but they're weak and weak peoplee in times like this . it's really tough because we all have to unite and frankly you have to resist unfair and abusive policies likebu this . and meghan, this comes from a place of politicsom , i guess, and not science because there was an exchange at the white house today aboutwa this watch. >> who does the president think knows best for students, school board members or parents? well, the parent the president believes that public health officials have the best guidance on what we can all do to protect ourselves, including teachers, administrators and students. m maga hat your response to that government? there's there's so much to say. i mean, yeah, she's still quoting the cdc who whose own person whose own head came outg and said basically if you're not wearing n95 your trying to
12:28 am
catch mosquitoes with a chain link fence, i mean, it's absurdt that we're continuing to put these things on kids masks. i mean, on kids faces. the emotional toll that this has taken on children isha absolutely despicable and deplorable. there is no science behind this at this point. i mean, a i would like to beliee that at one point there s actually was. but it is so clearce, that thiss all about power and money now and it has been very clear myself and lots of other o parents are working very hard to uncoverrk why this continues and it is becomingco clearermi by the moment, by the day that this is all about funding. this is all about getting money because our loudoun county c public schools wanted more money this year even though their enrollment numbers are way down . and after this they're going to continue to tank. and you know what ? they can't get teachersan and classrooms. they have people atea the administrative building that have to comesroo and fill . and you know why? because they're losing good teachers because who wants to workrk in that environment?e
12:29 am
and i encourage anybody like karen who is experiencing this hostile work environment. they're being bullied from e be go to h.r. this is i disgusting what they have dones to the good teacherse that are in our schools. this isn't going to end till it ends in court and the virginia supreme court's going to have to settle this or the u.s. supreme court has to stop. and all students and parents i would hope would have a stakes in this. a if m you want to wear a mask, wear a mask.on if you don't, you shouldn'tnd have ladies, thank you both for standing up for what's right. you both have an enormous amount of courage and you're not weak. my next guest used to work as an executive for a big pharma companyy.. he recently resigned, though, iner the company's decision to force vaccineses on employeesit writing i'm vaccinated. butinin i told the company thatf i as a top executive were expected to cheerlead for such an immoral and anti science imposition of brute economic force a , i would have to resign. former imf executive jon soriano joins me now. jon, now you noted
12:30 am
that quitting wasn't a painful decision becausese you have means. but what about others b becauseh i talked to so many people who want to quit but they can't in similar circumstances not for pharma but for other f companies. yes, thanks, laura . and that's exactly right. at the end of the day, it was a very easy decision to make because when the company decidedd to promulgate the policy of get vaxx or you're fired, o i knew as a top executive i'm obligated to support the decisions the company made, but i could not. and so thereforeot my decision was since i resigned, i've heard from countless employees not only at my former company but from other former companies because a lot of thembe are marching in lockstep and doing this and they've all said to me, gee, we really admire what you did and we also appreciate your saying that others aren't in a position to do it because wet.
12:31 am
can't afford it. we need to keepd our jobst one one person i spoke to my former company said that he was not going to get the vaxxe for for reasons that he had of h his own and if he was fired, he'd have to sell his house. so i think there's a lot of this was really a decision where again, the economically strong or taking advantage of economically weak in enforcing this mandate. and i just think it was just remarkable for me and i couldn't support it s. it's despicable to make people choose between a livelihood and a medical choice that you feel is right or is not right for you in any given circumstance. it's just it doesn't seem likeed the united states of america. by the way, the the washington t is reporting that stressed hospitals are increasingly asking staff who have h the coronavirus to work while potentially infectious.nt sos vaccine requirements are common in hospitals. many health care workers arevi coming down with the virus exacerbating staffingru issues
12:32 am
on the vaccines aren't stopping the spreadr for people from getting sick. so s when can we end this mandate's work? they obviously don't and in fact positive people are allowed to come back andal certain overstressed hospitalsls now anyway. ni yes, that's exactly right. that's actually happening in the pharma industry again, i've been hearing from lots of sales reps from from lots of pharma companies and it's very common. first of all, it's very not uncommon unfortunately for sales reps to get fired if they don't get the vaxx. but in other companieset, the unvaccinated sales reps are not allowed to got to visit their customers, which in our case are doctors, even ifre they're virus free. conversely, if you've got the vaxx, you can go to visit doctor's offices and you may well be carrying the virus. so it makes no sense, makes no sense economically, morally science wise. it just it just belies common sense. i think d whenever the cdc or d.
12:33 am
fauci say something very smart, nice, intelligent people suspend critical thinking and just march in lockstepnkin whatever the point there was that they don't thinkra they deserve a thousand and there are thousands of americans who showed up in andar harmony from all different backgrounds, all different races, ethnicities, religious backgrounds to stand againstek these mandates over the weekend. and it was a powerful statement. logmein, a huge crowd.ut and look, they put it together kind of at the last minute and they still had a great crowd. they had a lot of doctors there too, and a lot of a lot of nurses. so john, we really appreciate your voice on this tonight . othank you .s and a manhunt is underway in houston after a constable became the second police officer killed over the weekend. so whileeeke against law enforcement at a 20 year high, why is joe biden pushing police? reform? >> a full report in a moment.
12:34 am
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on fox now or hulu over the weekend we lost two of w america's finest in the crime wave that liberal policies are responsible for and liberals arn't solve. >> and one of the killers is still on the loose. rr fox is chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is live in our west coastn hs newsroom with all the details traced. laura , wee are a day twenty four of 2020 twore and already five new york city police officers have been shotce this weekend. twenty two year old officer jason rivera lost his lifearar after being ambushed during a domestic violence call. his partner, officer wilbert mora was also shot in the attack and remains extremely critical condition. officer rivera's funeral will take place on friday at st. patrick's cathedral in manhattan. n the nypd readies to, honor its fallen, the politics is in full swing with bothda new york city mayor eric adams and new governor kathy hochul blaming guns instead off the criminalss who fire them. and the war on cops extends across the countryry.
12:40 am
in houston, deputy constables charles galloway was alsoal ambushed, shot and killed during a traffic stop. now there's a nation wide manhunt for the suspectsc described as an hispanicri malev >> he's a very dangerous individual and we're going to but off the streets as soon as we can.. we have video evidence of him shooting our constable. this is our community. and in northwest washington, d.c., an officergt was shot and wounded. luckily he will survive while policece departments continue to see their officers quit or retire. the country continues or to see crime rise in chicago, eight year old melissa ortega, a third grader, was o shot and killed by a stray bullet fired b in a drive-by shooting. the girl had j just arrivedro in the us from mexico back in august and was hoping to live out the american dream. insteaderic, she becomes the fih chicago child under the ageil of
12:41 am
15 to die by gunfire this year. and how is president biden responding to the rise in crimer ? he reportedly is i nows plannig in the next few weeks to push his police reform agenda by executive order. of course, police reform is far left code for increasing thingse like body camerasg and decreasing or eradicating the tools and tactics police use police use to to limit crime and protect themselves. >> laura , wow, this is horrific to say thank you for that report. and the murder of eight year old melissa ortegaea that traits just mentioned didn't seem to bother balam or the dems, butr it's greatly angered my next guest joining me now is pastor corey brooks, ceo of projecthood. been pastor brooks has on with us before during ouref town halls in chicago where we were addressing the issue of c crime and sadly it's only gotten worse in chicago, not t better. pastor brooks, this is a simple question for you tonight .de is there any hope for chicago under the current
12:42 am
political leadership as bad as it looksks? there is no hope as far as ife we continue to the same type ofn leadership that we're getting right now. everything rises and falls on leadership o and we have toe take responsibility for those that we put into office and allowll them not allow them to allow us to continue to be o in these type of situations in this cycle of violence, we have to put our foote downs and we have to make cleare that there's something that has to be done and we have to hold people accountable now. itou would seem to me that itim would be pretty important. pastor brooks rightoks, now when you have such a deficit of police officers and morale among police is so low and they're devastated about ted this violence that it's important to bolster them. but mayor lori lightfoot has been busy chastising them. this is from friday. watch what i hear in this anonymous reporting is frankly,
12:43 am
people were cowards. we need people, men and women who understand the moment that we're in . if you're not willing to makeab sure that you are accountable for the work that you do every single day, every shift and that you don't need to be in the chicago police departmente. pastor brooks, your response? >> cowards using the language of cowards? well, that's very important. i really do believe wholeheartedly that those who choose to serve the chicago police department are courageous, especially in an environment like we're experiencing in chicago. they're going out every single. day. they're giving and their lives. these are individuals who have families that they want to go back home to. buto at the same time they're trying to protect and serve our community. so c at no time should we declae our call them cowards for doing such a courageous job and doing it under a lot of stress and a lot of duress and you know, being overworked and that's that's something that we need to take light on and that's
12:44 am
something that we should not tolerate from anyone callinger our police officers cowards. >> pastor brooks, during the school closures that are still oftenar affecting communities including chicago, you had a lot of kids, nothing to do. younodo have some some not havig the greatest home life, some okay.y.y.but what did that do to but what did that do to this mix of despondence, io the violence and the cycle ofle violence? >> well, we already are experiencing a large dropout rate lar in chicago with our puc schools, with our boys in the first place. ace. going to add to the situation by not having them in classrooms and not having them in school where we leave them to be preyed blowings by gangs and other individuals who want to commit crimes in our community. we cannot. allow our young people to go without education. they're already behind just in our neighborhood.
12:45 am
their reading levels was one of the public schools, our neighborhoods for 40% reading levels 60% in math proficiency that's only going to get worse. and when those educational levels get worse, those individuals can becomele frustrated. they drop w out of school. what do they do? they commit crime. soe we cannot allow this type of atmosphere to continue or we're going to continue to see the crime accelerate every single day. pastor vaxx even on the front lines there and trying to help families and at risk youth. w we really appreciate thank you for your words tonight and a next i have a little bit of a modest proposal for mckinnon and saturday night livee next to join me as we uncover some indication of america on taxation. the progressive left is invading american classrooms to advance their agenda. the goal was societal things with long valued traditions be eliminated from school. kids are going biggest problem burisma within say that the
12:46 am
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on number one new show. the mentors are byroade is get it all three franklyn's but someone's going before that is an insult. next level shift wednesday on fox people championship sunday on from the biggest stories in politics to the latest investing call us ort
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exults .com now. ♪ well, we'rere finally done with year one of biden's presidency. how can we all admit it's a disaster? inflations out of control. gas is at $19 a gallon and the green has been canceled just for being a . you tell your side of the story while i stare into the camera like a therapist. thank you , laura .ce you see, please welcome my one black friend candis. >> oh , now there's a reason
12:51 am
i like kate mckinnon and i have so much respect for as a talent. she's so even handed in the political commentary. but seriously think of all the low hanging fruit provided by joe biden and nancy pelosi, little pdv in the squad and a nearar daily basis. i mean, i think this is going to come t they go, don't you? i can do a pretty decent nancy pelosi. i like doingno kate mckinnon doing me because she's kind of fun, right? w she's very evennh handed in her political humor. people say she doesn't make fun of the other side. does. e she well, they're telling me sheto doesn't. she has. okay, i'll. come in . here's my deal. i will come in to snl. i've actually hung hung backstage a few times. you didn't know i was there. i'll do nancy pelosi impression of pelosi for free. i'm a member of sag but i'll do it for free.
12:52 am
>> joining me now is mike huckabee, who ran on saturday night live himself and has been skewered a few times. i guess, mike , i join you know, i join you and the illustrious crowd of those who've been tweaked a little bit i guess is kind of fun. people don't believe me, but that was the first time i had seen that sketch. i seen her when she did it a couple of times ago or years ago. but that was the first time. but i don't talk like that , governor, do it. not quite. you don't. and you know, the interesting thing about it, kate mckinnon is an incredibly talented and amazing comedian actress. i'll give that. but i don't care how good the singer is. you've got to give her a song. and the problem was the comedy writers who wrote that sketch justet weren't on the game. saturday night live could benn funny, but it isn't and in part because they just don't seem to have any sense of selfm awareness that there is anothert side of the political aisle where the real comedy is going
12:53 am
on right now. and that's that's ibu tragic. but hey, look, you know, you should be honored. they took out the great openingy . you ag know, i literally i'm watching this now for the first time. d my guys in new york are like look at look at me. don'tbut look at the thing. but it's actually kind of it's actually kind of fun, i guess. but do i do this ? i guess i should do that more just so i help her make it look a little okay, i'm you when did you want to go on the jet? >>? i think i think that would be wonderful. you know, it's one of those things that would really kind of unsettle them that if you showed up and showed the other conservatives have a sense of humor but a little bit i don't know. >> but you know, governor,wh what you should do laura , youou should just say what abraham lincoln said when they ran him out of town on a rail. if it weren't for the honor of i just soon passed. so collect the honor and be
12:54 am
grateful to to have kate mckinnon take you on it was really not a great performance. she's a great performer, but the script was bad and she justp does not have you down, not even close. well, so i'm going to have to go. li remember when palin showed up and she actually went to that you went to the set. you y were very you know, just a few years younger. you look great, but comedy's gotten too political . everyone should t mix it up. democrats, republicans, it's all supposed too be about coming together and getting along better. i'm happy toet cross the bridge gov. just like you did. i'm happy to come in and just mix it up a little bit. a lot of fun. i'll bring i'll bring a green room for governor. it's great to see you by the way. i'm digging g barrett. very cool. all right. n what can neil young teach us about the dangers of pot next ? do you have trouble hearing conversation?
12:55 am
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>> neil young is living proof
1:00 am
smoking pot doesn't make -- over latelyinged covid misinformation. he wrote, they can have joe rogan or neil young, not both. he might find himself on the losing end of that battle. don't let it get you down, neil. >> it's a great asset. what a stupid -- >> so much for promising to unite the country. president biden losing his cool and cursing out peter doocy over a question about inflation. we'll tell you where things went from there. >> i'll never do that to you. dangerous push to defund police, the left is not backing down from inflammatory rhetoric, we


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