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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  January 17, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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♪ got my mouth ♪ ♪ i got life ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to fox news that night. i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, the fbi appears to prefer scope of the hostage standoff at a texas synagogue over the weekend. the masses in the jewish community was targeted. and now about strong kind damnation worldwide. former fbi special agent and
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robert jeffress joins us live next. hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants, they are all feeling big-time staffing shortages as the oma kind -- omicron bars reeks havoc on essential businesses. and the gop governor -- [indiscernible] and of the white house. our political panel weighs in. we begin with the wide-ranging ball up from the fbi which a classification of that hostage standoff at a texas synagogue on saturday. kevin corke is tracking the latest for us. >> great to be with you. happy monday. it is -- in his initial response the fbi, as you pointed out, cast doubt on the possibility that the jewish community was specifically targeted. >> we do believe from our engagement with the subject that he was focused on one issue and it was not specifically related
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to the jewish community but we will continue to work to find motive. >> they would like to have that one back. so following backlash, the agency released a statement that read this is a terrorist related matter, which the jewish community was targeted, and it's being investigated by the joint terrorism task force. it took plays during sabbath. on saturday. >> we need to be aware and call out when we hear these throw throwaway comments that are made by people that, you know, they are not racist, those individual people, we know that they are friends and neighbors. but they don't realize how much potential damage those little things do to someone who was mentally unstable. >> strong words. as for the alleged perpetrator, there are reports that the
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system was granted of these a couple of weeks ago. but still not clear if, by chance, he was on any terror watch list. the white house stinging from the outrage over the original statements made it clear today that that was definitely a terror attack, but then the white house quickly pivoted to the usual pre-claim that, yes, more laws governing access to guns needs to be enacted. >> there's so many guns that have been sold as of late, it's ridiculous. it's because of the failure to focus as hard as we should end as consistent as we should on gun sales and a whole range of things that i'm trying to do. >> joe biden is -- a cofounder of the group called stand with this is an advocacy group that is engaged in the fight up and face cynicism. they called the -- but later added that is possible that the spokesman merely
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misspoke. shannon. >> thank you. we will be back in a minute with other news, but now let's delve deeper into the original fbi statement and the blowback and the bureau course correction we bring in john iannarelli and pass there treadwell. great to have you back. >> thank you, shannon. >> of the ap tweeted today that they deleted and earlier tweetdeck quoted the fbi bands were about an not connected to the jewish community. is this is something that you can talk about aside from the ap deciding to withdraw that earlier tweet? it was originally characterizing what the fbi had said. why do you think that we got that initial statement and 24 hours later a cleanup. >> i think one of the recent you've got the statement is the sec made the statement who, by the wake of its well-regarded
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and probably part of the best fbi agents we have today, he was looking at it from a technical standpoint. there are elements to the statute for international terrorism and there's a lot of things that were known yet. fbi agents don't gas and they don't speak about things that are clear. they talk about the facts. he also was very clear in saying we are going to investigate fully to and they indicate they want to get more information. the fbi has been made political by many politicians. this was an example of an agent trying not to be political and being maxed driven. >> pass there, it sparked immediate condemnation for people who said, listen, from what you told us about the suspect and location and the people he is holding, it sounds like we know exactly why this man, he didn't stumble upon this synagogue. he chose that. we have to be aware of their pricing crisis of anti-semitism.
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>> that's exactly right, shannon this reason he passed but presbyterian and baptist churches on every street corner in dallas and chose a jewish synagogue. it's evident he was tied to radical islam, which has its goal to annihilate israel and exterminate the jewish people from the face of the earth. it's important to note that anti-semitism is not just confined to radical islam. it transcends it. you see is expressed in many different ways. in nazi germany in the 30s and 40s and in charlottesville a few years ago and in colleyville this last saturday. those of us were christians understand that behind all anti-semitism is a dark spiritual force, the spirit of satan who has been trying to exterminate gods people, the, for the last 3500 years since the days of pharaoh and that's why we who are christians need to speak out at about anti- semitism in every format you
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find it. >> it was encouraging for me to see people of different base and backgrounds, protestants and catholics and muslims to all of those leaders coming out this weekend condemning what happened then calling for dissent of the jewish people so they can worship, as you would expect everybody should be able to in this country. we heard something from the daily mail talking about the suspect and how we got here. they say he had made 9-11 brands and he lied about not being a criminal because you do not which you may have access to criminal database. his brother said he also demanded to know how the incident had been allowed to unfold. he's known to police, got a criminal record. how was he able to get a visa and acquire a guide? what are the answers to those questions? >> i hope we do. we heard a lot from the white house talking about crime control. i think it is clear that
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terrorists coming into the country is hardly and buying a gun and doing an illegal act is already illegal. yes, the uk has the own criminal system but we have great liaison with the uk. are we asking those questions? we need to take a look at the process and we need to get the bottom of what was known and what was ignored. >> shannon: i want to say something like august an l green talking about the attack. >> it is my belief that if you attack one house of worship, you attack all houses of worship. we all have to stand together against this phobia. anti-semitism is on the rise. >> shannon: can you quickly give us a sense of the community , the faith communities there in texas and how they are supported each other through things like this?
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>> absolutely. that jewish synagogue is having service tonight in a methodist church in colleyville and showing solidarity. there is a great outpouring of support for this jewish synagogue. shannon, i have to tell you tomorrow, we will be on a conference call with homeland security and we are calling religious leaders to be on this call to be prepare for future attacks. i think one reason this etiquette into it be on the power of god is that this congregation was trained in what to do in such an incident and the times in which we live, be prepared to push back against evil. >> the rabbi talked about that and he was a brave man. as you say, a lot of prayers going up. the credit our law enforcement and folks on the ground as well. many people to praise and a difficult situation. thank you both. >> thank you, shannon. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: crime crisis warm --
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of woman was killed after a man pushed her in front of an oncoming subway train at a time? square station is being remembered for her volunteer working, including advocating for the homeless. the suspect is in police custody and has been charged with second-degree murder. of vigil was held tonight for the manager up a texas cracker barrel who was killed saturday during an attempted robbery. a grandmother came to the aid of one of her employees. she was shot in the chest. a person of interest has died following a shootout with police monday. the father of what ucla grad student with a least that while working at a high-end furniture store in los angeles is blaming politicians for the rising crime she was killed thursday afternoon while working alone in the store. the suspect was seen on surveillance video following the attack but remained at last last check at large. owners to come to an inch reason the hospital she worked if she was attacked by homeless. outside union station and los
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angeles. sandra shell was punched in the header she waited to catch a bus the suspect has been charged with murder. progressive la county district attorney is facing a new round of criticism tonight over a light sentence for transgender woman who sexually assaulted a ten-year-old girl when the offender was just two weeks shy of turning 18. were taking a closer look at this case live tonight. good evening. >> this happened years ago but this suspect was only recently discovered after being arrested on a different charge and a whole different state. investigators say that back in 2014 -- she's now identified as a female and as hannah was just two weeks from their 18th birthday. that is when they say she walked into a woman's restroom and california. tubs hid in a stall and when a ten-year-old girl entered alone, he grabbed her and the less that the girl. five years later in 2019 he
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reportedly match after -- following an arrest under suspicion of battery charge and idaho. he is down 26 years old and plead guilty to sexually assaulting the ten-year-old girl however, tubs might face little to no time because of the da's refusal to try any juveniles as adults. >> the public should beast concern because this is a heinous crime. >> this is a prepared's worst nightmare. he previously been arrested for battery and drug procession and probation violation in washington. he was also convicted for the salt in a deadly weapon and california. la county supervisor says, quote , it is useless to catch criminals if we don't follow through --
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she bears the burden of a lifetime of trauma. la county responding to a local affiliates saying that the fed didn't entered an open plea to the court libby get up judge to decide what the sentence should be our office is seeking that he should be played in the custodial setting in the shares facility for two years. >> it's madness. it makes a mockery of our criminal justice system. >> the da is trying to distance himself and lived blame of the judge when this happened because of his policy against transferring juvenile cases to adult court. >> sentencing has been delayed due to fires that but it is worth pointing out that the victim and her family has since moved away from california and she still remains in therapy. >> shannon: thank you very much. another rough weekend for the airline industry and passengers.
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staffing issues causing thousands more cancellations and delays and now this. i had of wednesday plan rollout by at&t and verizon, the ceo reportedly 40 employees that the airline faces significant flight delays, cancellations, and the versions in low visibility flying blank to do now -- new restrictions taking a back. the speeseven cases surge especially in healthcare and hospitality. for angle shows us how it's affecting supermarkets, hospitals, and restaurants tonight. >> a new week brings new troubles with covid-19 infections for workers and restaurants, metal skull staff and hospitals and for those trying to get supplies in places where there is demand. one of the more dire situations playing out right now is in our nation's medical center where staff has become overwhelmed with patience according to the
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department of health and human services, reporting that over 1,000 hospitals nationwide are experiencing critical staffing shortages with nearly 80% of inpatient beds in use. in illinois the governor now urging hospitals to suspend elect the procedures with fewer than 10% of icu beds available in that state. it comes to getting food at grocery stores and restaurants, omicron is taking a toll. covid remade he -- provided collets and service workers are calling for some places to close early. for some change stocking shelves with alternative braves, something that is not new. >> we don't have food shortage, we have only -- a labor shortage. that is something we are grappling with. bike at the beginning of the pending it, supply and demand issues are spiking prices in areas, which democratic senator elizabeth warren raised issues with, blaming some for price gouging in calling for the use of antitrust laws to target
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grocery retailers who she says are working to dominate the market. politics aside, it is the consumer taking the hit. >> it's just the two of us and i spend $500 a week on food and i don't even know -- i felt sorry for people with big families that can't afford to eat anymore. >> for those of people who can afford -- the they report series staffing issues that have shortened hours of operation such as starbucks and chipotle. one restaurant executive say no one is immune to this problem. shannon. >> thank you so much. djokovic is in serbia tonight block from playing in the australian open after his covid-19 exemption was denied. the number one bring tennis player could also be banned from playing in the french open later this year. the new french law but exclude unvaccinated people from
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>> shannon: check out this harrowing footage out of harrisburg, pennsylvania. of woman stuck on top of a partial lease the bridge car in the river. in single digit temperatures, firefighters getting very creative, lori this power truck arm to lift her and her two -year-old child to safety. it's one of the toughest they have ever done. kudos to our first responders. move now, we dressed up, go.
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the fire is at the back. go. >> scary body cam video from base my fast-moving fire in colorado late december, showing police rushing to evacuate people and their pets as the blaze spread wildly through boulder and beyond. the fire destroyed more than a thousand homes. >> he got himself into a bit of a pickle as he got his head stuck in the concrete block wall . emergency and that the -- edinburgh animal crews took them away so they could get him out. he did have some minor injuries and he's doing just fine now and has been reunited with his family. which dog are you? still way too high for him, this little guy says, no, i'm going back into the form and this little guy was hopping around
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and having a great time and hopping around the can do year. i've got the tells you on a big family car mother. and south carolina police not letting it go. there resting else up. and they say that the storm and is still at large. they say it is the record busting snowfall of more than 6 inches and they want her to put a stop to it. they even have a video to share. hit us up on fox news that night >> brady new pressure a big tech . there's fresh allegations against google and facebook, alleging that they collaborated to illegally control online
9:25 pm
advertising. jackie has details. >> a new complaint to an ongoing lawsuit alleges that facebook, a subsidiary of alphabet, a parent of google, essentially worked together to rate the advertising market. the suit brought by did texas attorney general and joined by more than a dozen states says that google ceo and meta- ceo made a deal in 2018 that allegedly guaranteed facebook would bet on and win a certain amount of ad auctions. and newly unredacted detail shed light on allegations that google misled publishers and advertisers for use about its process and that the company created secret programs that deflated sales for some companies but increasing prices for buyers. google allegedly pocketed the difference between what it told
9:26 pm
publishers and advertisers them at cost and used the pull of money to manipulate future auctions to expand its digital monopoly. the suit also says that what google is doing in plays advertising cause. those increases get passed on to consumers. a google spokesperson said that the complaint is full of inaccuracies and lacks legal merit. a spokesperson said that they're not exclusive bidding a greater with google we have without their bidding platforms have helped to increase competition for ad placements. these business relationships enable them to do deliver more value to advertisers well fairly compensating publishers resulting in better outcomes for all. the venue has changed it would be moved to the southern district of new york for similar cases will be heard that the decision was based on the number of factors including roman -- common questions and fax as well
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as can be as for the party and witnesses. >> thank you very much. ladies and gentlemen, welcome back kevin corke. we love to talk about our pets and we think they are super smart. our dogs could be bilingual. >> any you were going to love this story. i love this story because it makes you wonder is your dog bilingual. it turns out it is possible, that according to a new study that suggests that dog brains can tell languages apart. the team designed an experiment with 18 dogs to see if they could differentiate between two languages. they put them in a machine and then while listening to an excerpt from the story of little prince first in spanish and men in hungarian, the scientists analyzed the dogs brain activity and believe it or not they found different brain activity
9:28 pm
patterns for at the familiar language. if your dog always heard spanish , it would react differently to hearing the dog -- the story in spanish. that is really cool. what you think of that? >> that is super cute. i feel bad for biscuit because i don't think she's getting exposed to a lot of other languages. my spanish is real good. i feel like i need to give her off places for -- do you think it's possible? >> i think it's possible and i really do love this because you do travel and mostly we are traveling domestically with our pets. were not necessarily taking them overseas, but if you happen to be in an environment, a street fair or some big event that you are out there in your neighborhood and you take them out there and they are hearing different languages, that might be refreshing. i love this study and i can't wait to see if it is actually
9:29 pm
true. 18 dogs is a small sample. still cool, don't you think? >> >> shnon: yes, i hope that people will tweet as if the drug speaks different languages. we want to know. okay, virginia is under new management and he's coming to the governors play swinging. his critics are firing back tonight and that is next. how bout sushi? i just had sushi for lunch yesterday. indian? ehh, maybe... how bout seafood? you know i don't like seafood. [collision beeping warning] [silence] how bout tacos? tacos. automatic emergency braking — one of six advanced safety features standard on every 2022 chevy equinox. find new technology. find new roads. - my name is marco bungert, i was in the u.s. army. chevrolet.
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9:35 pm
monday at the general assembly. mike emanuel has that story for us from richmond tonight. >> they seek seek declining schools. think the pilot crime reports dominating the news. and they seek government failures and encroachments on their liberties. >> beyond the state of the commonwealth address, it has been a fast pass there for virginia's first republican governor elected in more than a decade. he signed actions on day one ending requirements for state employees and terminating the virginia board. others focus on education such as reversing mask requirements for stalled schoolchildren, ending the use of concepts including critical race theory, asking his -- multiple school districts are pushing back in richmond and the northern virginia suburbs
9:36 pm
unmasked the arlington schools tweeting virginia palmitate are kurt mask requirements for students, staff, and visitors. mask required inside our facilities and on school buses. white house press secretary jen psaki when after youngkin on her personal twitter account. thank you to aps virginia for standing up for our kids, teachers, and administrators had their safety in the midst of a transmissible. youngkin says that he will do everything within the governor's authority to let parents choose. >> i just hope the arlington county schools of the rest of the school systems around the commonwealth of virginia use this week to listen to parents and get prepared because we granted parents the option of deciding for that they want their child to wear a mask or not. >> it is first televised interview after is a maturation on fox news sunday, youngkin targeted another key theme from his campaign.
9:37 pm
>> i've instructed our secretary of education, our state superintendent of public schools to review the curriculum and get racially divisive and other divisive teaching concepts out of the school system. >> virginia has gotten used to one party rule. it has been all blue, all democrats in recent years. youngkin is starting to encounter some resistance as he leads the commonwealth and a new direction. shannon. >> shannon: mike emanuel, thank you very much. the governor signed the executive orders and some districts that we do not plan to comply. let's bring our panel to the show down. richard fowler, and mike davis. welcome back to both of you. start with the legal issue. the governor signed an executive order saying. set the option now at a number of northern virginia schools say we are keeping mask mandates in school. and we expect. so students to comply. >> so back in march that
9:38 pm
democrat-controlled state legislature gave the democratic come from her powers for the next to collect used to tackle covid and governor youngkin, the new republican governor is using those powers to give parents the choice of whether their kids are masked in schools. we know that masks are not working and for not going to make kids where 95 mask or respirators, and these mask cause more harm than good. governor youngkin has signed that. >> the public to see if that turns into a lawsuit brought against some kids will have to show up without masks to see how that plays out. i want to bring out something from the new attorney general in virginia. he thinks that prosecutors have been too soft on crime and virginia and here is a bit of what he said tonight on the laura ingraham show. >> a lot of a special interest call themselves justice prosecutors, but they never
9:39 pm
mentioned justice for the victims that are deciding not to prosecute wholesale crime. >> he says he's actually going to push for legislation that would essentially say that if the chief law enforcement officer in a jurisdiction, the chief of police or sheriff makes a request because the commonwealth -- they don't think the commonwealth attorney is doing his job, he will be able to step bit of prosecute from the state level. what you think of this new plan. >> thanks for having me. i think both the attorney general and the governor have the same problem here. we all could still be for local officials to do their job. gothard youngkin and the attorney general for both on the ballot, there were a lot of commonwealth attorneys on the ballot. the school board was on the ballot. and the voters in those municipalities went out to vote and they said we want a school board that is going to keep our kids safe at all costs. we want to prosecute or that's
9:40 pm
going to be equity my did when we prosecute crime. that doesn't mean that everybody walks free. it means that instead of stopping 74 small amount of marijuana, week left of the big criminals and illegal guns are street. for the governor has a problem is he speaks for all appearance parents. parents in arlington and. the fairfax and all throughout the commonwealth voted in this past election, they voted for school boards and elected leaders that will do everything possible to the demise the spread of covid-19. >> there nothing you can't were mass. he's just saying that you are the. the site your child doesn't need to come every other student can't if they want to. so if the they showed government and state and local authority, how does that shake out? >> it's interesting. i guess when they passed a subsequent law in virginia to open the schools do in person learning, one of the
9:41 pm
requirements of the statute was they needed to follow the cdc guidance to the extent practical the problem is that the cdc guidance is not practical to follow when virginia because a lot has changed. we have vaccines that are available to kids that are 5 and older instead of 12 and older and we saw was a vaccination rates go up and we have for science showing that these mask mandates cause more harm than good for kids. >> shannon: a lot of talk about broader political issues. the new york times said under the headline more mode joe joe. we can keep up with the president because he is all that stands between us and the apocalypse apocalypse at the hands of drum. she goes on to say that he overpromise overpromised and under delivered. people wanted competence and stability and instead become incompetence and instability. buddy you make about that? she's calling of the president
9:42 pm
to get with it. >> i don't they she's the only one of doing that. i wrote a piece that talked about african-american voters in their consternation with this president. so i do think that this president made a lot of promises during the election and now it is on him in the next couple of months to deliverance deliver and some of those promises. if he can't because of the gridlock in congress, then he needs to name that quickly and have a conversation with the states and many of the congressional districts. they will turn out in a robust number to maintain -- republic of taking over control of the house and possibly the senate after the november election. >> he is up against this. they're looking at us party identification and it shows last year that democrats lost seven percentage points and republicans have picked up the oven percentage points they give them a 47-42, a five-point
9:43 pm
positive impression over democrats on a generic ballot. that would seem to be good news for the gop bit tougher for the white house going into the midterms. >> you see that president biden support with the rasmussen poll, he's underwater with hispanic voters and the only has 60% support among african-american voters, what is usually 95%. so if democrats continued these local policies, whether soft on crime, these covid mandates where it makes on -- possible for people to live their lives, and they will get slaughtered in the election. >> voters want something different from this white house, though you may see differently with that particular voting bloc is hoping to get from this white house bid thank you for being with us. we will watch it all as the year plays out. >> take care. >> thank you. >> shannon: one jobhunting site requires at some players
9:44 pm
that they will not mandate vaccines for their potential employees and resumes are pouring in. we are going to dive into that next. at university of phoenix, we have scholarships for everyone hard at work, no matter where you work. get up to a $3,000 scholarship, starting with your first course. explore your opportunities at
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>> shannon: the supreme court ruled late last week to put the
9:49 pm
biden administration vaccine requirement for large businesses on hold. the fight over mandates appears to be far from over. of websites that its goal is to help the unvaccinated get jobs that don't require them to get the jab. the founder of red blue says he's only talking about freedom. that is where we kick off tonight's discussion with civil rights attorney robert pattillo and attorney sara grounder. thank you for being with us tonight. happy monday. i want to let you hear from the founder of red balloon. this is the ceo of what he pledges from his website. >> if you want a good job, you have to sign or pledged to say the constitution doesn't matter. freedom still matters and applies to everybody. and i'm not going to require vaccinations of my employees. >> robber, i thought interesting that he said that he
9:50 pm
wouldn't allow postings for said that were going to hire only vaccinated. he just wants to have an open market and apparently it is going gangbusters. >> absolutely. and i think that players like antonio brown and irving haven't got vaccinated and those people still have employment. that would have to ensure is that they have disclaimers to ensure that -- says they do not require vaccination and state and local ordinances and the federal mandate for healthcare workers still applies, that is still included in there. i think even i included the individualized jurisdiction or fields were may be necessary. that could get into some legal trouble down the road. >> >> shannon: okay come on fox business, the ceo of one of the groups who is using the website and had success by many people, he says that the friends
9:51 pm
running businesses thing i'm struggling to find people. small businesses like ours are struggling to find people but for those that let it be known that they're not going to force these ideologies, they have a tremendous amount of people out there, more than we could possibly take in. he said he is finding like-minded employees that agree with their freedom minded business approach. >> i took a look at the website and the job descriptions and what i found was there wasn't any mention on the descriptions of covid-19, vaccine requirement , you can filter by political party affiliation and you can't search by vaccine requirement. and so the government mandates basically say you have to abide by local and state law, but as such these private entities can have legal standing and they can also higher if that old aligns
9:52 pm
with their values and policies as well. but on the basic does not look like this violates law or that it actually encourages anyone to violate law as well. >> it looks like it is bringing people together for a specific kind of job opening. there getting a quick response. i was very pleasantly surprised that the quality of hit his second for all the positions of the quantity, get them that this just started. he told fox business he received applications out of canada from people who are trying to escape government health orders. i don't know much about international employment laws, but i wonder about that if people come to us to take a job years of that they won't have the canadian vaccine mandate. you think that is workable? >> that is actually workable, shannon people would have to happen is we have to go by all these requirements here in america and they would have to
9:53 pm
-- if they want to bring turn back home, they have to abide by the national ordinances they are could be seeing big many border shut down because of the outbreak and you would definitely need to prepare to spend a large amount of time here in the united states in case you are not allowed back into your home country. as long as you are following all the international rules and requirements and state and local ordinances to be a guest worker here in the country, then, by all means, i think you can apply for a job and have employment in the united states of america as long as you doubt your eyes and cross ortiz. so, again, the have to abide by state and local and federal laws here. private entities can establish these covid-19 policies based on looking at the nature of the work that they are doing, public exposure and see how their employees are doing. just look at the traffic year and that actually does really
9:54 pm
matter, given all the traffic that they are getting on this website. >> it seems like it's going very successfully well for the plan. thank you both. see you soon. >> thanks, shannon. >> tonight we honor to ski the airmen and brigadier general as our midnight hero. he passed away at the age of 102 after his incredible life of service, through more than 400 combat missions in three wars, the korean war, the vietnam war and world war ii. one of the things he was fighting for was equality of opportunity. he was believed to be the oldest living tuskegee airmen at the time of his passing. we salute this incredible american and are grateful for his life of service. >> a well deserved salute indeed just the head office wild-card matchup with the philadelphia eagles this past weekend, tom brady gave a special gift to a very special fan and a video message.
9:55 pm
take us to the upcoming super bowl. ten-year-old is a brain cancer survivor. and he is a huge fan of tom brady and he made that happen. for that we say well done, tom. we hope you make it. >> shannon: we'd love it. that makes him an mvp in our blood. house see you back here tomorrow i'm shannon bream. ur insurance at so you only pay for what you need. isn't that right limu? limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows several different whistles. doug blows several different whistles. [a vulture squawks.] there he is. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪ a must in your medicine cabinet! less sick days! cold coming on? zicam is the #1 cold shortening brand! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula.
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