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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 4, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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choice to truly empower parents going forward. parents should never have to feel powerless like they did in 2021 ever again. >> harris: cory deangelis, we will bring you back to the program. i appreciate your patient sitting by during the breaking news and the other big breaking news is our, the state of arizona, you and i talked about it, governor doug ducey said they will take the $7,000 per kid, put it in the family his hands, if you're public-school close as you can still take your kids someplace else. thank you for watching, "outnumbered" is next. >> emily: the covid crisis under president biden's watch as the u.s. records 1 million new cases and 24 hours. the only country in the world to ever reach that daily mark. and now the president is facing renewed scrutiny over his handling of the pandemic. i am emily compagno and this is "outnumbered." i'm joined by harris faulkner
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and kayleigh mcenany, gillian turner, and in the center seat we have joe concha. the million cobig cases is double that in india back in may and this comes as nearly one and 100 americans tested positive for the virus in just the last week. meantime, the mixed messages from the cdc and white house are creating even more confusion while raising new concerns about how the president is managing this crisis. he is now set to meet with his covid response team in just a few hours. remember, as a candidate he promised to shut down the virus. he said he fixed what his campaign referred to as the trump testing fiasco. but now he's dodging questions about the current testing crisis. watch. >> do you think we will have a testing component? >> president biden: i will be
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talking about that later. >> will you break up the big four meat-packers? >> emily: kayleigh, even before he took office, joe biden criticized the trump administration's handling and logistical fashion of the pandemic calling the lack of testing of the time, "a travesty." he claimed it was he, jill biden, who "warned america about the ramifications. ,"" should in the warning has been about his handling? >> kayleigh: great point there, no doubt about that. jill biden may have been silent right there because he wasn't, his under press secretary? listen to what she said. >> this time around we had covid, we saw an economic shut down with 10 million americans out of work, we saw covid raging
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across the country, schools, businesses across the country close. and there was no plan, there was absolutely no plans left for us on how to move forward from the previous administration to address any of it. >> kayleigh: there she is, emily, blaming president trump, saying there was no plan left for us. i will give you a direct quote from president joe biden, here's the quote, "if president trump does not have a plan, i do." he said he had a plan in the basement, that was a lie. they are saying trump did not leave us one, hold up, yes he did. a hundred million vaccines contracted for, contracted for with operation warp speed, according to the government accountability office. we upscaled testing, there were no test when president trump came into office. testing was upscaled by 32000% between march and july when we left office we left the most
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advanced testing system in the world. given more tests in united states that all the western hemisphere combined. so to you, i don't want to hear that you were left to plan, you were left in you burn it to the ground and now you let the americans devastated without testing and covid raging across the country. >> emily: joe, these numbers are stunning. to kaylee's point, the only country that's come close to them is indiana. their numbers were a little over 400,000 in that country's population is almost 1.4 billion. has in this president, joe biden, failed on all his pandemic promises? >> joe: yeah, love, emily, that's a much more densely populated country. i want her back to that quote, i have not seen that before. it is stunning that when you think about what she's saying, that the trump people did not leave that up by dan people a plan. as if the biden administration takes any cues from the trump administration when it comes to
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the border, afghanistan, the economy, education, oh, they were going to follow that after everything they've done? keystone pipeline, i could go on. that clip of the president, after hearing the questions, and having the look in his face like my 6-year-old son does when he lit the carpet on fire, that is a 2024 campaign ad right there. it is in broad daylight that the president is a coward. he does what jen psaki and ron klain tell him to do. i guess for political purposes so that he doesn't not work will acquire another cleanup on aisle five. this administration has no answer as to when test will get to people, we are likely talking about weeks, but they should have been out ahead of the holiday surge. it is the ten dime short administration whose credibility on covid, foreign policy, you name it is shot and were not even one year m. >> emily: gillian, the issue as well is that because of the
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rules and regulations coming from the administration and going through governors and mayors, we cannot function as a society without those testing results. my family members, one family for example, they could only get two public of a test for their five people. that was a family of five with two testing positive. what happens to the other three? they stood in the snow for hours to get their task. that is one family of millions across the country and that is what we are talking about, that is what we are talking about in this building over the water cooler and at lunch is a lack of testing. you needed to go to work, to travel, to do everything to function here. all of this is a trickle-down effect that has such large ramifications for americans right now, gillian. >> gillian: the reality is that in this country there's been a testing shortage for two years now. at no point in time with the united states as far along in manufacturing, producing, and getting test to americans as our western european countries where
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we have comparable wealth and medical technology. that's the simple reality. we are hearing increasing reporting now across the country that americans are showing up at emergency rooms, chunking up emergency rooms nationwide because they are struggling to find test so they are going to hospital same please help me, i have symptoms, i feel unwell, trying to get test there. this will be the major problem i predict going forward through the rest of the flu season and the winter. we will see emergency rooms overwhelmed by americans who civilly want a test, americans who should be kept out of emergency rooms come out of hospitals entirely, because they should have access to free testing at clinics, pharmacies, all around the country outside the hospitals americans are waiting in line hours in the test, days to get the results, sometimes they will be charge hundreds of dollars, price gouging is happening. i called a clinic in my neighborhood to get a test last week and they told me to pay $250 the same day.
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this is the most medically advanced nation on earth. you can go on amazon -- >> kayleigh: why don't you tell us a little bit about the take away a question mark >> harris: i want to start was something about gillian said. there are always ways to get test, but there's not enough of them and we cannot keep up with the cases. you can go to amazon and buy the woman give a free new york, but you cannot get enough of them. they are available and you need to learn how to do the reagent, you need to learn how to do the process. there is no one from this administration on youtube teaching us how to do that. my mind is blown at how sickly, and name it, communication skills are. instead of karen john pierre trying to do some trump should have told us how to do it, instead of that, she could be on youtube going okay you take the tube, put the reagent --
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i'm not kidding! even if you could get a test, there is nobody from the administration who cares about us the people enough to even want to teach us how to do that. those contracts that should have been signed, have not been signed, to get those half-billion test into the flow, we are weeks behind being where we need to be. this, from the interview that emily just mentioned, the testing czar, admiral bright gerard from president trump suggested the number of covid cases, on "the faulkner focus" he said were not even closer they are. >> we underestimate the accounts of this country by about a third so there's probably about a million and a half cases per day right now and it is very contagious. the third thing, both because omicron is less pathogenic celeste serious ends in a population immunity is that we've dissociated the cases from
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hospitalization and death. >> harris: you have not heard that from the administration and that's the truth. if they will muck up the testing, the least they can do is tell us the truth about how behind the eight ball we really are. my goodness, they are looking for the truth in a unicorn out that with a flashlight in a dark room and no one has any batteries for the flashlight. this is dangerous stuff for all the reasons emily laid out. we need to know where we are. i literally have done 11 pandemic specials. right? i had dr. siegelman teaches how to do a swab. we were trying to help people. i don't know what they are doing. kayleigh? go back, kayleigh. go back. >> kayleigh: they need leadership, that the issue, right harris? the administration does not care about americans because if they did there will be a commitment
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to truthful information dissemination and transparency. the only difference between the carpet on fire and outlook is that this has deadly ramifications and that is what americans are dealing with with the death of livelihood and the death of actual humans. it is unacceptable and we will see a reckoning. >> emily: coming up, the coveted crisis at our kids. bear from the constant masking to schools closing down again and a teachers union president backing a vaccine mandate for children as young as five. all this raising concern about the damage this could be doing to america's next generation. stay with us. ♪ ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo!
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>> emily: as the pandemic wears on, there's not a real concern about what we are doing to american children. with thousands of schools closed or delayed because of the meter to seven surge, in chicago teachers are preparing for a strike tomorrow over the push for remote learning over the rise of coca-cola cases. it does not end with kids out of schools. there are mask mandates on plays that require even 2-year-olds to wear ones and 5-year-olds in some areas are reportedly forced to eat outside in the colder they are not vaccinated. and now, a teachers union president wants vaccine mandates for kids that they may teach. >> in terms of vaccines, i think what gavin newsom did in california is the best model, which is that the semester after they are -- they go from emergency use to full authorization in the fda has done everything they need to
9:17 am
do, that is what california has said. that is the semester they become mandatory. i personally support the outcome of the union has not taken a position on that. >> why not? >> because albert california federation has and they supported. generally, i believe that we will take that decision. >> emily: 3,200 schools closed among the speaker to seven surge. here's some facts may no. 22 million kids depend on school lunches, one in five cases of child abuse are reported at school, we know that low income students disproportionately are affected by this. how are we still at the place of closing schools when the data and the numbers are in? >> harris: is not everywhere. that is part of the problem. the new mayor of new york city, eric adams, has said they need to keep the schools open because of the very numbers you just mentioned, kayleigh. this is safer for kids to be in
9:18 am
school, for some of them, than it is to be at home where they are not eating, where they are not cared for, where there is no one watching for their rentals. they are not there. my children talk about it. we are at the place now or we cannot even agree on the fact that we need to hold the administration more accountable for testing and how that should look. i think in 2022, in the midterms, we will see voters hold them accountable. democrats in general. in the meanwhile, what do we do? are people going to start went to school board meetings? and by the way, remember, if we show up as also so many they will call the fbi. it is comical in a way because it is so surreal where we are. but parents need to be a big voice in the room right now. because we cannot control the collateral damage from the bad policies and decisions they make. we are the stopgap for that.
9:19 am
>> kayleigh: this is having an unbelievable effect on our children, child, when you think about remote learning not just one component. children are victims of this, we know they are not affected by covid-19 as adults are, yet 2-year-olds had to wear a mask, 5-year-olds vaccinated, one about natural immunity? some of these rules are crazy. >> joe: it's so sad to see that video. you have a young child, kayleigh, and i mention my 6-year-old and i also have a second grader, and randi weingarten who is somehow the head of the american federation of teachers is the one who fought to keep schools close so of course now she advocates the government forcing parents to get their kids vaccinated as young as five years old. harris brings us up, this is the main question, what is the science behind this? what data supports keeping kids vaccinated at that age or masked at that age, because schools are some of the safest places for
9:20 am
them to be? what we learned in 321, and a lot of us knew this already, the teachers unions are no longer seen as those who have the best interest of schoolkids in mind. only themselves, only their power. we saw a happened in virginia to harris' point earlier as far as parents can evolve. terry mcauliffe made that a choice between teachers unions and parents and glenn youngkin aligned and some of the parents and he won a state that joe biden won by double digits based on the education issue alone. education is making a comeback, in the midterms it will be a top three issue along with inflation and crime. >> harris: maybe we mandate that people who want to lead us in school districts, maybe we mandate as they children. you couldn't possibly do it, and you know i'm not serious, but a mandate is a mandate. >> kayleigh: exactly. emily, amazingly, you have eric adam saying hey kid should be in
9:21 am
school. you have people on by then so team seen kid should be in school. by yet president biden has condition head start funding, funding for preschoolers in low income families, preschoolers, he's condition and that funding on teachers getting vaccinated and 2-year-olds were in mass. why penalize a low income child just wanted to go to preschool, emily? >> emily: that's the common sense question and the courts answer that question, which is that he cannot do that. a federal judge in texas ruled against that mass can be asked a mandate for his new rules issued in his head start program. essentially, the attorney general says that they should be a decision by the parents. they should not be something coming out of the joe biden administration. the court squarely agree with him and said yes, it is obvious, it is incontrovertible that an agency cannot act without congressional, specific authorization and approval.
9:22 am
what hhs has done which is essentially that. it is a question of authority and overreach and the court issued an injunction. for kids to go in older they do not need to wear a mask and not all the staff needs to be vaccinated. this is an example of the overreach of the administration, by an example of the courts drawing the line in the sand and say no, this is unconstitutional. however, i wonder where the media on the left covers that. so far it's only been us that are reporting on it. >> kayleigh: no doubt. the world health organization say can and should not wear masks until five. gillian, it's encouraging to see eric adams and other democrats and kids should go to school. >> gillian: and response of that ruling, or decision-making from the new mayor in new york city, we now hear that 11 new york city public school teachers are suing the city in the mayor. they are now seeking a restraining order against him person learning in new york city for two weeks. they say that so much then they
9:23 am
need in order to stay home and shore up their defenses ahead of going back to school in the new year. people are really fighting this to the death in new york city. >> harris: i be curious to see if his teachers are going to honestly isolate. i'm skeptical now. i have every right to be as a parent. >> kayleigh: coming up, hundreds of drivers stranded for 19 hours and counting. imagine that. in the freezing cold. the traffic nightmare on an interstate in virginia next. veteran homeowners, newday's rates have dropped again. it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs.
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>> harris: a surreal traffic situation in virginia. drivers stranded on interstate 95, some for more than 19 hours after a winter storm hit that area.
9:28 am
snow, ice, causing accidents and spin outs. major traffic jams along the i-95 cobra door. peave been stuck in their cars, running out of gas, no food, no water some of them. but the temperature affects everybody because this is below freezing for a long time. that stretch is not really seeing that much melting. this is a live picture, this is stafford county virginia, they are moving ever so slowly. virginia senator tim kaine is one of those people who is stranded. i spoke with him by phone, or we did, fox did last hour. he tweeted this. "i started my normal two hour drive to d.c. yesterday, 19 hours later i'm near the capital of -- not near the capital." >> now, 21 hours and counting, i'm still about 40 miles from washington, d.c., i think. at that i have another 2 or 3 hours to get there. there are a lot of people who were stranded along with me whose cars slid off the road,
9:29 am
ran out of gas, their cars were packed with kids or seniors, or they had medical issues. a lot of trucks jackknifed. >> harris: kayleigh, having lived in d.c., i imagine you've been along that stretch? >> kayleigh: and at times, i used to drive it every weekend on my way to norfolk, virginia. it's starting to think this is not thought of, conceived of, prepared for a pair you have drivers turning off cars, freezing temperatures. some families put snow into containers to melted so they have water for their children and pets. obviously, in some ways this was unforeseen. the magnitude of snow and ice. at this point in time, i've lived in d.c., i was therefore the snow apocalypse back in 2010, we should know this was coming. where were the plows, the shovels, these questions need to be answered. and i want to make one point is that a lot of people on twitter, glenn youngkin might argue doing
9:30 am
anything? he's not sworn in until january 15th. direct your questions to a guy name ralph northam, not glenn youngkin, at least get your fax. [laughter] >> harris: you're coming with it. joe concha, we've seen this happen in new york under the previous administration. i remember a situation where we were on the l ie on the other end where people were stuck in their cars people died during those storms. kayleigh has a good point. why are we not better prepare for this? >> joe: that's the thing. having lived in that area as well, it's amazing that the maryland, d.c., virginia becomes paralyzed during a winter storm, they don't come off them but they, not for you should have the resources and plans in place. but look, ralph northam is the governor. it is not glenn youngkin them as mcenany has said. it seems like he's bloom walk out the door.
9:31 am
20 hours after this, you've got that reference, ralph northam is yet to hold a press conference. he's tweeting instead. it's a election of duty pay the national guard need to be called in here yesterday appeared all hands on deck, it did not happen, now people have died as a result of this governor who does not care all that much because where is he? >> harris: he is moonwalking. we do need to see that because that will be funny. gillian, when you look at the situation too, i lived in minnesota for a while, when you leave a car idle, what happens with the ice underneath the car, it melts, right, that it re-freezes and then your car can get more stuck than before? now you have the tires melted and refreezing, this is a nightmare. >> gillian: joe and kayleigh used to live here. news flash for everyone, i live here. i'm stuck in the middle of this
9:32 am
nightmare. we had bad snow in 2010, what did they call it, the polar vortex in 2014 with more record low temperatures, snowfall, ice. the d.c. government is so inapt and dealing with extreme weather that has become not that extreme, it has become more regular now. it seems almost criminal, as joe points out, in certain cases. by the way, harris, there are companies profiting off this struggle that millions of americans are undertaking. huber tried to charge me about $20 a mile to get here this morning. i did not take them up on that offer. >> harris: i'm going to bring up politics and a second with you, emily, because we have an administration that is blind to what energy is causing right now. these people are in their cars right now, than they need to go home or some of them, a half a million people on one coast after the last snowstorm, we
9:33 am
don't have numbers, potentially have lost power in their houses. to heat that act up, so much more. 50% more than it did a year ago year ago. >> emily: you're right, they're in virginia almost 300,000 people are without power right now. it is terrible. there is nothing worse than watching our fellow americans in those cars right now. to tim kaine's point, seniors, children, put, and pets. they are stranded for hours, freezing to death or worse. they get home and there's electricity and they are charged quadruple or worse for it. it is an absolute travesty. the department of transportation agency there in virginia said part of a compound of the emergency was that they were responding to more than 6600 accidents. traffic cameras went out, we had a truck driver who called into fox news saying you could knock on truck drivers cabs, they
9:34 am
often have food and water and supplies. that seems a bit risky and in the covid age, they're so much wrong, so much potential for risk here. to joe concha's point, i wish there was some way that could have been the deploying of emergency crews to pass out food and water. our prayers at a minimum, but fundamentally, our prayers are with everyone right now. >> harris: aman. i don't know if you cut out live picture in fredericksburg. they are starting to slowly move. they have salt and sand down i would imagine. a little bit of progress. coming out, with bald and approval and growing criticism, president biden's chances of even running for a second term may be and out. could he face a primary challenger in 2024 and who could that be, next.
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>> harris: he's been in the people's house for almost a year. president biden already has questions about whether he should run for a second term, or if he wailed. with horrible approval numbers that continue to sing, far left credits like senator bernie sanders, former campaign managers says that by them will likely face a challenge from the party's progressive wing in 2024. also piling on is a former communications manager for aoc, "he's deeply unpopular, he's old, he's been ineffective unless we are counting judges or whatever baseball scorecard were using, and i think he will probably get demolished and the midterms. people will smell opportunity and people." we call it sloppy for a reason.
9:40 am
>> joe: yes we do, i wonder who that person who may challenge joe biden is? ted kennedy gave jimmy carter a good run for his money, but i don't see who that person is now on the democratic side, right? if it is bernie sanders, consider that if bernie wins angus to be second term that we would have a president in his 90s, and the american public mall like that. i wrote a couple weeks ago for the hill that hillary clinton is an interesting possibility only because who else will you run at this point? marianne williamson? let me show these numbers because the cnbc poll just came out. 3 and 4 disapprove of his handling of inflation, his handling of economy, 55% disapproval on covid. he used to be in the 60s and approval and now he's approaching the 60's and disapproval. >> harris: my neal brown. gillian. >> gillian: we been reporting for weeks that democrats with
9:41 am
any party ranks same with the president to share with them his plans and for the vice president to the same. they want to prepare a new slate of candidates if he won't run. this and that is happening on the other side of the aisle, a lot of republicans are telling us off air that they feel that president trump is holding the g.o.p. hostage by not declaring his intentions forthrightly with republicans. to be one interesting, kayleigh, when you look at projected numbers trump has nothing to worry about compared to biden, which is ironic. >> kayleigh: yeah, because president trump oversaw the most successful economy in modern history, compared to by them. there was a cnn headline, you heard me right, cnn said that biden's economic approval numbers are worse than carter's. there's a chance he could right the ship, i don't have my child, but he could be and the stronger position. 2024 is three years away, but hippies not in the stronger position you will see a primary challenger. it is the aim marianne williamson or nina turner who
9:42 am
have no shot, or a serious one like elizabeth warren. if that's the case, no president has won reelection if they'd had a serious primary contender. as a bellwether. >> harris: some names bandied about, hakeem jeffries in the house, he would be younger, more progressive if he were to take over for nancy pelosi. i don't know though, do you pull people out of the house, out of the other districts when you know you will have a red wave? >> emily: of the type of candidate by lies the issue with the civil war of the democratic party. what i mean by that is that if we seek candidates like marianne williamson, nina turner, that is because it is quite obvious and they are being vocal about this that the progressive left feels like president biden has let them down. it is the ones like elizabeth -- elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, those of the ones were talking about it off air.
9:43 am
as of the ones were talking about it behind closed doors. they are hoping that biden designed to run for reelection. but the open discussion, the one being held in the public forum, that is the one that indicates how disappointed that progressive is with biden. mike representative ro khanna from california who talked about nancy pelosi stepping down and said that we help the speaker represents a more progressive faction. they're having an ongoing conversation about it, but that reflects the tenor of. >> harris: that is where jeffrey's name came out. the word for this segment though it came from gillian. thanks d. , thanks. coming up, how the left wants to erase the, erase the past and demonizing what made america great
9:44 am
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call... for fifteen hundred dollars off your kohler walk-in bath. visit for more info. >> emily: president biden is said to give an update as omicron impact schools, businesses, and airlines across the nation. an update on the major traffic jam on interstate 95 that left
9:48 am
drivers stranded for hours in frigid temperatures. we will have general keith kellogg on deck as we await the white house press briefing. join john and me as american reports at the top of the hour. >> kayleigh: victor davis hanson of the hoover institution looks on the big issues that have affected us in the previous years. he said there's been a escalation of the efforts by the american left on america. one way to do this is orwellian statute toppling. where is the pantheon of local heroes who will replace the toppled or defaced thomas jefferson and teddy roosevelt? who's morality in the achievement should be immortalized? where the public and private lives of che guevara, angela davis, margaret sanger, and franklin d. roosevelt?
9:49 am
emily, it is a great question. who will replace the people we are erasing. margaret sanger engaged arguably in eugenics. terrible past if you look at what she did. are these people going to replace our founding fathers? >> emily: i agree but the premise of this op-ed, what struck me was his line "what sort of society snoozes as record numbers of murders continue in 12 of its major cities? "what is so difficult for us average americans to swallow is this macro level of violence." this freedom of liberty's answer seems to be a national conversation and a hurting of national conversation around things that don't have an impact under the americans lives and livelihoods. so, that is what is difficult for us to appreciate the past, who hold gratitude for veterans and everyone who's laid down
9:50 am
society, we stand on the shoulders of giants. that is how i was bought up to breathe. i agree wholeheartedly and it makes me worried about the future, but i still hold hope. >> kayleigh: yeah, so do i. he asks, harris, as america is so flawed and irredeemable them why are nearly 2 million foreigners now crashing its borders illegally in an attempt to reach a racist nation that is purportedly inferior to those they abandon? >> harris: the easy answer to that is because we have an administration that says they can. we are letting them. the philosophical answer to that is because we know that perfection is not the goal. we take down the past, will be do not show our children where we have been, when we do not teach them the advantages of the journey, of change, and measuring that change, by the symbols of the past, we are teaching them to fear the
9:51 am
future. that is not a good effort. we have a lot going on right now, and we will need new generations to be strong's. joe, you touched on this. we do not want to raise a children of generation who are healthy and teach them to be weak. a measure for them is always history. show them where we have been, the hard parts, the the great parts, all of it. >> joe: the good, bad, ugly. >> kayleigh: he also asked what ever grandchildren will say of us about our national debt? both parties have added to that debt, but it is a fair question what future generations will think. >> gillian: harris, well said. very poignant. here's a thing, it's important to get the past right, the way we talk about it matters, who we celebrate matters.
9:52 am
but as emily hinted as well, it is equally important that we get today right as well. it seems unfortunately like the place to focus on labeling everybody to death is not really helping us get there right either. i was struck by an article in axios this morning at the congressional hispanic caucus now and the league of the united latin american citizens is announcing they are doing away with the term latinx because it is disrespectful to latin american citizens. the reality is that among latin americans there is very little to no support for its use. it is used in the beltway or an ivy league tower setting. in our effort to adjust, a lot of folks are over correct name. it is not helping anybody. >> kayleigh: is not, and i saved and this one for you, jill, because i think you will have strong thoughts. he asked if ever media was more responsible in 1965 or 2021?
9:53 am
was there less or more sportsmanship amongst professional athletes? >> joe: tdh, i told him that, it's like neil patrick harris. we know each other, i've met him, that is a rhetorical question. a question he's asking there. it bears reading, "never in history has such a mediocre but self-important, ungracious generation owed so much and yet espresso little gratitude to its now dead forbearers." read this column. it should be taught in schools, quite frankly. >> kayleigh: that was the line. i'm glad you added that in, very well done, victor david harris m. all right, more "outnumbered" in just a minute. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs,
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>> from crackberries to whackberries, heavy hearts or sighs of relief, bid good-bye to the blackberries. any phone or device on the software will stop working so you won't be able to make calls or texts, even call 911. the first blackberry phone was introduced in 1999 and exploded in popularity used by over 80 million people at the height of the device's popularity in 2012. as seen in pop culture, like "gossip girl," and hillary clinton's blackberry was at the center of the scandal. and end of an era. >> like y2k, is the world going to end because the blackberry noing -- no longer exists?
9:59 am
i can talk to my friends any time? let's mourn the blackberry, american icon years and years from now. >> gillian, mine was purple and like iridescent. r.i.p. >> very fancy. i had a white house-issued 14 years starting in 2006. i have ptsd flashbacks, it was like an appendage on my arm, lived, breathed and used them 24 had hours a day. >> i was issued one as a federal attorney and glad they moved on from it. i'm glad the whole world is moving on, too. >> i'm glad they moved to iphones, much better. made me think of my dad, he skipped over the blackberry phase, he had the little flip phone. and like now an iphone, do those still exist? i don't know. >> yeah, like samsung is making -- not exactly the same
10:00 am
but it's a flip phone you can set up and do the viral dances and it will sit straight up. joe, i wish i had known you on myspace, i bet you could really dance. like pretiktok, the jams on myspace. >> wow. >> the end of an era indeed. all right, guys. thanks to everyone, and now here is "america reports." >> emily, i think of the gore campaign in 2000. in virginia, hundreds of drivers were stranded for hours following a tractor-trailer pile-up. some is starting to move now, albeit slowly. >> you can see the trucks starting to fas through to your point, slowly, but moving. traffic literally was frozen in place after it was impossible to move on the interstate and drivers were forced to end the night i t


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