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tv   Watters World  FOX News  September 4, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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at "unfiltered" on fox. that does it for us tonight on "unfiltered". you back here next saturday night 10:00 p.m. thanks for watching. see jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. if you are planning to fly the friendly skies you may want to brace yourself for a with you'vey ride. air rage is out of control.
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things have gotten so bad airline workers are taking self-defense classes to deal with violent passengers. the faa said there are almost 4,000 reports of this unruly behavior with fines surpassing
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the 1 million mark. we have an inside look at this wild behavior. mason, you are at southwest right now. it always seems like it's a southwest situation. what have you experienced? what have your colleagues experienced? and what are you doing to deal with these crazy people? >> what did we experience? the traveling public has changed quite a bit. they are not like [inaudible] i don't think they realize they are in-flight first responders. we are there in case you have a heart attack or if something happens on the aircraft. how to move an incendiary device
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on the aircraft. and to make sure the door is secure at all times. jesse: are you training in self-defense to deal with these violent passengers? i would take karate if that was me. >> i started training before all of this went haywire most recently. i trained with a female mma fighter. i started training with her two years ago because i said i wanted to be able to protect myself. i didn't want to take a basic random self-defense. i wanted to be able to protect myself. jesse: you are learning how to do choke holds and head strikes. i would tap out if you came after me. but that's fine.
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duct tape me if you have to, mason. sonia, you were an air marshal for many many years. why aren't there more air marshals on this flight. every time i see this, it's the flight attendants or passengers who have to get in and separate violent flyers. why aren't they having an air marshal and every single flight. >> that answer is simple. the federal air marshal service does not have the resource. our capacity since 9/11 has degrade. we are down 50% on air marshals. so there are no resources. the director testifiedified that we had adequate resources to help the flight attendants when they have these situations on the aircraft. but in reality we have
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disintegrated to almost no resources. jesse: you are saying with all the taxes i pay, you are saying joe biden is throwing around trillions in infrastructure, and we can't spend a couple mil putting air marshals on these flights? these flights look like the octagon. it's unbelievable they are saying we don't have enough mommy now. you were involved with some of these confrontations. if you are a passenger and someone gets unruly next to you, should you get involved if there is no air marshal? what would you suggest we do? >> the first thing is try to deescalate. that's the first thing you want to do to calm the situation down. you better believe you are going to put them in a chokehold. that person can harm you. you are 35,000 feet above sea
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level. take action. put those people on the ground. tape them up, handcuff them, do whatever you need to do. jesse: i think mason and sonia put the fear of god in people out there. don't mess with these ladies. it won't go well. and stay safe. >> you have got to be ready, man. i don't know how to reiterate that. there ain't no second chance. when we turn in these alleys you can see the shorties on top of the cars. you can't see through [inaudible] >> they are for real. jesse: chicago is the deadliest city in america with over 500 murders this year. it's more deadly than afghanistan. over the last two decades more americans were shot in chicago than afghanistan.
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thousands more. violence is spreading in big cities across the country. carjackings, sexual assaults and murders are all up. police officers are outnumbered by gang members 10-1. as the departments see the most retirements in history. i spoke to a man who spent time in prison and he now helps people turn their lives around like he did. >> the gainings exploded in the 80s. was that all about drugs in that decade? >> in the 80s, there was so many going on in -- with reaganomics. and the mother has to go to work.
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and the if i give you a whole bunch of what we call a bunch of crack or heroin and tell you, now you can get your jordans and the things you need. now you have an allowance. now my false sense of love hits in. but i don't tell you you will catch a record. you will have to run from the police. i'm not going to come visit you when you are locked up. this starts the escalation of a criminal record. jesse: they flood the streets with drugs. get the fathers hooked so the kids have no parents, only the mothers around, no fathers around. and they get preyed object. you toll our producers there used to being a gang code but there is no gang code anymore. what did you mean by that. >> operation snake head when
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they took the gang leaders from chicago and basically locked them up under the rico act. because you are associated -- by being associated you have a case now. so when they took these gangs, the leader of the gangs. they took each leader from the city and the bodies started falling. now that the leaders that had structure are gone. what happens? the back members who wanted to become renegades become exactly that. no structure or discipline. we used to have a go-to guy. if your mom got a purse snatched you used to go to somebody and say my mom got her purse snatched. within an hour you get the purse back. now there is no go-to guy, so
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nobody cares. jesse: how much do guns play? you heard from the administration you have got to get the guns and go after the illegal gun traffickers. is that the way to even the violence? >> no. the guns come on freight trains from la to the easteeee d -- los angeles los angeles to the east coast. the semi-automatic stuff you would never see in the hood, and then they are using them. and the gangs are against each other. now it's block against block. it has to be funded by something. our goal is trying to cap the kids to redirect their minds before they get into the gang.
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jesse: you are right, you have got to get in with the kids early. once they get preyed on in their teens it's over. and there is nothing you can do, almost, to save them. thanks for coming on. jesse: coming up, an exclusive look at the cult controlling drug cartels.
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jesse: cartels flooding our border aren't just about drugs and human trafficking. it's about cults, human sacrifices and worshiping death saints. they follow these their co-scenes to deflect from their crime. many of them follow a cult,
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connected to the criminal underworld. saint death or holy death is represented through a skeletal figure holding a sieve. she is often depicted as a narco saint. meaning one for thosed involved in the drug cartels. there are symbols on cars, statues, jewelry, even cupcakes. not just criminals follow the cult. it's an all-purpose saint said to have millions of followers. but catholic churches condemn it. members of the cut offen wear
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tattoos to give them protection for their crimes. they sight as an offering of skin. some see her as the devil herself devoted to holy death. human sacrifices become popular among the cartels. in many cases they are killed in a shrine in the form of rituals sometimes as an offering to her. they often behead or torture people and they believe it's going to be okay. they believe the saint is protecting them and is going to take them to heaven no matter what crimes they commit. the "huffington post" reported that they believe she sanctions if not blessed such deeds.
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40 skulls were found covered in flood, a fetus in a jar and dozens of bones in a ritual meant to help the killers from getting arrested in mexico city. they often haveo give offerings. in 2017 cartel members in jail killed 28 prisoners. this has been going on for years. in 2008, according to the fbi, the cartel members captured sinaloa cartel members and kill them at a public shrine. human sacrifices are seen as offerings to this fake saint. they think the saint is condoning their behavior and
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giving them more power in the narco world, making them all the more dangerous. it's not just one saint they worship. here is the son of the infamous el chapo guzman. he wears [inaudible] cartel members often use religion. one drug cartel used the idea of religion to kill people. their former leader preached they were allowed to behead their enemies because it's their divine right to get rid of them.
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divine justice. still using the idea much religion to control their members. these cults, cartel members are in make them even more dangerous and more ruthless. these are the people rear letting into our country with our open borders policies. here to tell us more, host of "no agenda on foxnation, lara logan. we want to thank lara for doing a lot of the investigation what he just told you about. tell us why americans need to understand the cult angle to the cartel crisis. >> this is a bottom up phenomenon within the cults. it dates back to the aztecs who werner conquered by the spanish on military tactics alone. it was smallpox that conquered
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them. it is what squad leaders use to recruit and keep these guys under their control. and justify the things they do. it's like human sacrifices of old. they will play a game between lacrosse and basketball. the victim would slice the head of the loser's team. those are the kind of things you see in a lot of these killing around these shrines. jesse: so this is an indigenous cult that goes back centuries. does that give the cartel a firmer grip on the lower class that they smuggle across? >> there is a distinction between the people and the cartel. and the way the people worship these saints and the way the cartels use them.
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for the people it's part of culture. it's also what's there for you when institutions like the catholic church and the government, when they abandon you. who never forsake you. it's the saints you bleach in. when you have cartel members going to prison, how do you keep them loyal? one way is the tattoos that are sometimes known as sacrifices of the flesh. you are giving up your flesh to the gods so they look after you. does it give them power and control over the people? of course. but what gives you more power and control than the combination of this deep faith and the worst most terrible and terrifying tactics of violence you can ever imagine like cutting out the heart of a young girl while she is still alive. >> they use that to justify their killing and keep the rest of the cartel soldiers in line
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to make them believe this is sanctioned and this is okay. so does the biden administration understand the intelligence of this? you are coming at this from a granular angle, very detailed, very well explained. do they have a strategy to combat the cult phenomenon with the cartels? essentially we are having a cult control our owning border. -- our own border. >> the strategy is to open the border and let them do whatever they want. use the children they are bringing across the border for whatever reasons they want. why do i say that? if you ask the cartel leaders, that's what they will tell you. i spoke to one recently and asked about the unaccompanied minors coming across the border and said what is this? he said it's our workforce.
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some of them will sell drugs, and some will do ordinary drugs and somewhere do things you will never imagine. child pornography and child snuff videos. none of this is secret. it's not like you can't research and find out about the cartels. it's not like the fbi hasn't documented this. it's not like nobody following the cartels knows about this. as they become more powerful and have more to lose. it becomes more important to control the cartel members and the population around them. jesse: i am shocked this administration is allowing the importation of underaged children from central america to participaten to participate in -- to participate in snuff videos.
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thank you very much. we appreciate it. the battle over critical race theory in classrooms raging across the country. the history of race in america next.
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jesse: kids are going back to school. steps are being take onto restrict critical race theory. the bind administration said no. >> i don't think we would think we believe educating the youth and next -- future leaders of the country on systemic racism is indoctrination. >> she is not telling the truth. i spoke to a civil rights vet and author of the book "red, white and black." bob woodson *.
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tell us in 30 seconds the problem with critical race theory being taught in school. >> we used to call it stereotyping. instead of all blacks have to live and sleep and seat. that they are guilty of you present sip and all white people are evil because of racism and all blacks are victims. that's simply put. it used to be called stereotyping. all white people, all black people. it removes individually. >> it used to be called stereotyping. jesse: i just started this book this morning and found a lot of great nuggets in here that i had no idea about and i was a history major. and it never trickled down to
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me. tell us some things in your book most people don't know about the history of race in the united states. >> the false history is the challenges facing large swaths of black americans today, the out of wedlock birth and the violence that that's a legacy of slavery and jim crow. that's not crew. in our else says we go back to tell the real story of black america. where whites were at their worst, blacks were at their best. we were denied access to hotels, we built our own. in slant and miami. the st. theresa. i could go on. and schools, too. the education gap in the south in 1920 was 3 years.
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8 years for whites. booker t. washington partnered with the ceo of sears. he put $4 million and the black community matched it with 8 and necessity built four schools in the south. they closed the education gap between 1920-1940 within six months. jesse: you talk about the danger of guilty white americans always trying to help black americans. sometimes that help does not materialize. >> i would rather confront the old-fashioned bigotry. they are hurting us with the helping hand. between 1930-1940 when racism was enshrined in law, the black community had the highest
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marriage numbers of any group. chicago, in the brownsville section, blacks had 731 black-owned businesses in 1929 and $100 million in real estate assets and out of wedlock birth was un9%. jesse: a lot of the money pouring into help black america doesn't always get to where it's supposed to get. you say the race hustlers make money off trying to help black america. >> we have had in one sense we had reparations for 60 years, it is called the poverty program. $22 trillion. 71 cents of every one of those dollars didn't go to the poor. it went to those who serve the
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poor. we created a commodity where there is a perverse incentive for them to be uplifted. in this essay we pull the covers off this exploitation and begin to tell the real story of black america. there are 0 born slaves who -- there are 20 born slaves who died millionaires. one of them purchased a plantation where they were slaves and they took in the destitute family of the slave owner in an act of radical grace. we want to replace critical race theory. jesse: rescuing american history from revisionists and race hustlers. it's a collection of great essays. it's eye opening. thank you for writing it and
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editing it. we are appreciative of you coming on the show. >> thank you, jesse. i appreciate the opportunity. jesse: dana white steps into the "watters' world" octagon next. [♪♪♪]
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jesse: the ufc taking off like a rocket ship. one big reason why, they stood firm against the pandemic insanity, pc police and attack on free speech. here is ufc president dana white on how and why the ufc stands
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up. it's a hot event in here and here is why. there is no media bias or racial cramma. it's pure action. it's not rigged at all. and people get what they pay for. is that why in your opinion it's so attractive? it's unpliewded from the rest of the garbage going on in this country. >> you know what? i look at professional sports as when you the consumer tune in you are looking for blocked out all the stuff going on in the world and in your life. you just want to be entertained for how long long you watch my show. we are the most exciting live event in all of sports, and we are awesome on tv, too. i try to keep it strictly sports. jesse: how have you managed to avoid the racial controversy. it has infiltrated and intruded
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on every institution in our country. but the ufc has risen above that. you don't hear about racial controversy in this sport. why do you think that you is. >> we have african-born fighters, world champions from russia, from brazil. we have people from all over the world. and there doesn't seem to be any of that in our sport. >> when you were reopening during the pandemic you had pain stream media reporters heckling you and trying to cause drama. was that your first taste of the mainstream media? and what was your assessment of that kind of journalism. because we are used to it. i didn't think you were. >> that's funny. i went through a couple
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different phases in my career. we were used to the media calling us human come fighting and blood sport to no media covering us at all. and what happened during the pandemic. i couldn't care less what the "new york times" or other people think. jesse: you probably have taken hundreds if not a thousand of mire dollars. so it's been worth it. >> i appreciate it, thank you very much. >> they are northern as karens. and they are freaking across the country. we are going to show you some of the craziest meltdowns caught on camera next.
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jesse: karens on the loose. their crazy meltdowns getting
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worse and worse, all caught on camera. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] >> you want to hear me out? are you [inaudible] at me? [screaming] >> are you kidding me, you think there is only one iphone made in the world? jesse: here to tell us everything you need to know about karen, carley shimkus. >> that's some bad behavior. jesse: for those who don't know, tell us what a karen is.
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>> karen is sort of an umbrella term for usually a middle aged white woman though a lot of those folks were young who want to speak to the manager. it's also associated with white privilege and unnecessarily calling the police only black people, like the central park karens. jesse: they have a hair trigger temper and it can go off at any time. and you have to be aware of the karens. >> i'm terrified of the first woman who stuck her tongue out. jesse: we'll look at another karen situation and you can assess. >> i am sorry, really sorry. that's why i'm saying sorry. >> stopping in the middle of the road is going to help [bleep]
11:50 pm
calm down. >> you are calling me a [inaudible] >> i'm sorry. calming you a [bleep] they can't here we because they are listening to kidz bob. what is the psychology behind this. >> in preparation for the segment i did a deep dive. the reason that there is a seeming rise in karen behavior is that people think that this kind of video is funny. so every time somebody posts it on social media, it goes viral and gets a lot of views. jesse: there have been karens since the beginning of time. but now everybody has an iphone and karens are exposed. >> i think every group has to
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bad actors for them. i feel terrible for the women named karen, my aunt, the most wonderful person in the world. jesse: i am learning the name karen is plunging in popularity. >> there are people trying to change their names. >> the video you played labels kids bop karen. jesse: do we have a fox news karen i need to know about? what would the male karen equivalent be? jesse: kilmeade. up next, last call.
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jesse: it's labor day weekend. it's not just about the beaches and barbeques. well, a little bit. it's also time to celebrate the contributions of our nation's workers. what free stuff would you like to see the government provide? >> we need healthcare. jesse: do you think healthcare should be free? >> yes. free vas correct stomies.
11:57 pm
what kind of things would you like to see the government give to people. >> free college tuition. >> do you think we should give free condoms? >> yes. jesse: what free stuff would you like the government to give people? >> milk, eggs, bacon. >> celery? cabbage? >> sure. should we name all the vegetables and fruits? does that sounds like a good idea? jesse: what about beverages? >> a glass of wine. >> i want some wine. >> free self-defense classes. >> free yoga or mind, body and spirit tools. >> downward dog?
11:58 pm
would you like a free suit for an interview? >> yes. not the salvation army stuff. sometimes you need better quality to go out and get the right job. jesse: should the government give people free dope? >> yes. marijuana is a very spiritual drug that brings everybody more peace with themselves. >> are you high right now? >> no. jesse: maybe later? >> yes. jesse: you would like a free apartment from the feds? >> yes yes. jesse: tell me why you deserve this sufficient. >> you have to be willing to work for it and not have it handed to you. jesse: do you feel entitled?
11:59 pm
>> no. jesse: . but you want all these free stuff. the house always wins. >> you are special. jesse: i'm watters. >> i'm watters and this is my world. >> okay, you are "watters' world." what's up, man? >> how you doing? that's all for tonight. be sure to follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪]
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judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. let's get right to my open. the world is a less safe place today than it was the day joe biden took office. that's because biden is non-transparent, is blatantly dishonest and is literally dangerous. biden prioritizes afghans with no


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