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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 26, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left >> that is all-time we have left, set your dvr, never miss an episode, keep our fellow americans in afghanistan, our allies that supported us, let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes it from here. laura: i loved seeing oliver north who knows about national security implications of all this. they are not interested in solving certain problems. i'm laura ingraham and we start with breaking news. us and uk officials warning americans near the kabul airport to leave due to an undisclosed
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security threat, this happening as 19,000 people have been evacuated in the past 24 hours alone. the biden administration has not disclosed how many are americans but the secretary of state said 1500 were left in the country so the question is how is the administration keeping track of the us citizens there and how are we getting them out, did the administration pay ransom for their safe passage? new information breaking that the evacuation includes unaccompanied minors news families have been left behind. that poses its own set of problems for america already struggling with tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors across the southern border. we will get to more on all of this with congressman jim jordan and acting future secretary chad wolf.
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also coming up foreign industry chalks up another win plus raymond arroyo exposes the human tragedy unfolding in california but first as california goes, that's the focus of tonight's angle. if you want to know where america is headed if we don't turn the tide against biden's regime look no further than california. i brought the show here because americans need to understand where we are headed with the democrats in charge which for better or worse the golden state is always, culturally, politically and morally, the american dream in many ways began right here in california. it wasn't just the land of sunshine, surfing usa and beautiful people but from the gold rush to the tech boom it was a place that epitomized american potential and limitless opportunities but after a decade of democrats dominating every
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branch of government here it is all unraveling. today's california consists of a tiny sliver of superwealthy people, a growing underclass and a rapidly shrinking middle class that is fed up and running for the exits so for all the claims of being progressive california is among most regressive states in the country. over the past decade 80% of the state's jobs paid under median wage half of which are paid less then 40,$000 and most and hospitality jobs. even in some of the state's most prestigious companies like google many lower or mid-level workers live in mobile home parks, others sleep in their cars and thousands upon thousands of people now live on the streets. we will take you inside the homeless versus swamping the city later on the show. it is so bad that even democrat voters a finally be waking up.
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>> let me work, let me pay my taxes but provide me with 50 not to be accosted by two homeless people within a matter of 15 minutes. >> it is going to some's fault. and i even answer that. he's a leader. everything starts at the top and it goes down. >> democrats should be very worried because they defund the police crusade has led to skyrocketing crime. in la murders are up 24%, shootings are 38%. san francisco where we were earlier this week shootings up 105% in the first half of the year alone. police are understaffed and outgunned. at the same time we left left-wing das to run them, people like bill dean in san francisco, george gascon in la, total travesty.
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there more focused on letting criminals walk free been seeing them locked up and off the streets. >> people we are arresting are on probation, on electronic medical monitoring by the probation department doesn't deter them from going out and committing these crimes. because they know the district attorney won't do anything. >> it is a revolving door of criminality. >> oftentimes these people are arrested, will be back out of jail before the police officers are done writing. >> not just crime and helplessness up, democrat policies from lockdown, high taxes, but are small business owners and under printers as well as when given gavin newsom is asked to explain why so many people living and red states that he gets dismissive. >> health outcomes in florida and texas, better economic outcomes. the housing policy and homeless policy for the first time in
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decades, everybody outside the state, because of our success. >> by the way they also literally can't keep the lights on or water running here. and the newsom the state saw its first rolling blackouts since 2001 thanks to insane left-wing climate policies, the state faces a potential supply shortfall of 2.6 million households forcing gruesome newsom to allow industrial facilities to run on diesel generators. so much for going green, things are so desperate that newsom is now paying people to cut down energy use. it's not billionaires like oprah winfrey or mark zuckerberg who -- there's -- it's the middle class project hit. california's energy and climate regulations also crippling to working families especially
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minorities they've been dubbed the green jim crow. larry elder, the leading republican in the september 14th recall ever aims to turn all of us around. what is the first you're going to do? >> mandates for mask wearing and protection for state workers will be repealed. i will declare public emergency of homelessness, public emergency on water. >> more from the candidate from his old neighborhood in a few moments. what we are revealing to use a cautionary tale. the media showing from the semantic teachers union and big tech, bankrolling the warchest, that's happening but none of that can change the fact, the truth of california is dying a slow and painful death but a political back lash is brewing. people have the power to turn the tide. now is the time to throw them out.
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california can lead the nation by sending a message to the political establishment, pushes too far and we will push you out. that is the angle. and moments my exclusive interview with gubernatorial candidate larry elder but first newsom is not the only left-wing politician facing the eye or of voters. george gascon is under fire for his radical policies that put the file in criminals above victims and their families. my next guest is a leader in the gascon movement. her son was brutally murdered in 2018, repeatedly stabbed, beaten and thrown off a cliff, his body found two days later and now thanks to gascon's reforms, none of his killers will face life without parole.
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i know people say sorry for your loss, don't know if it helps. it is a desperately sad and infuriating story and as a mother my heart does break for you. i'm so sorry but your story could perhaps make a difference. tell us what you are feeling given what you see happening day in and day out at the hands of george gascon. >> thank you for having me. i am feeling let down by the justice system. my son was brutally beaten and tortured to death in may of 2018 and the five killers involved in his murder are no longer facing life without parole or the death penalty. these gentlemen are now facing 25 years and only having to do 80% of that time, that is not enough. my son's sentence was death. i ever see my son again.
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how is it even a thought that they will be out in time to have families of their own and do everything my son was cheated from. i feel let down by george gascon, it is personal now. i feel him neglecting victims is personal and for him not to reach out to me is personal. he's a danger to la county point blank. >> what was the reaction of your son's murderers when they found out they would be getting out in 20 years? >> it was sickening. my daughter and i sat in court, one of gave the first bump to his attorney and his attorney looked at him like good job and
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smiling ear to ear. it was done all in front of me which was a slap in the face. it goes to show you where we are. balls are considered victims. what are we doing here? it is the other way around. they are getting more justice than we the victims are and it is not right at all. >> the current polling about george soros supported da mister gascon, 25% approval rating, 40.8% disapproval rating and 61% say they will vote for an unnamed alternative candidate. your message to democrat women in this state and feel like they can vote against a democrat that is in office like george gascon because you need 580,000 signatures by october 20 seventh to get the recall in order. what is your message to them
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tonight? >> i am a democrat. we need to wake up. this is not a political effort. this is about a fight for what is right and wrong. we need to wake up. we need to get together as a community and get this man out of office. you don't want to be in my place, you don't ever want to lose your son. you do not ever want to be part of this right here, you do not want to be part of this violence, this destroyed criminal justice system. it has gone wrong. everybody wake up. these poles mean nothing without the signatures. we need signatures. vote to recall george gascon. we need this. this is now down to crunch time and i do not want to stay in office.
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he is a danger. i am scared for our safety. i am begging all of you to take this very seriously. laura: i don't recognize la. i first came here in 1984 and thought i had died and gone to heaven. it was the most incredible place. watching your pain, the pain of so many parents everything that is happening here is unacceptable. it is completely unacceptable. i will post a link to the website so we can get more signatures. we will be in touch with you before the october deadline but this cannot be for not, thank you for sharing the store. it was difficult for you and we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me again. voting is currently underway in the recall election against governor gavin newsom and on september 14th another date to keep in mind. we will find out if the golden
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state turns red. 46 candidates are running to replace newsom. should the voters decide to recall him, one question, the what a recall and question number 2 is who do you want to replace him but the standout, but i leading is larry elder the radio talkshow host, i spoke at length with him today toward the south central neighborhood where he grew up. is what we learned. larry elder grew up in south-central la, graduated from crenshaw high school behind me, and of becoming outspoken radio host, columnist, you see him all the time on television. he wants to be the man who places liberal governor gavin newsom. everybody says what is the magic sauce you have? >> i was born and raised here. i want to crenshaw high school. i could talk about choice in public school.
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>> the crime in this state is devastating. as governor what do you do given proposition 47 which is already on the books, anything under $950 you are not seeing a lot of police activity. >> i won't release 20,000 prisoners early as of the covid virus, most likely -- something like 70,000 people of been released early, many violent offenders. i won't do that, won't have a false narrative they are out to get black people. 81% of black people wanted to remain the same, this is common sense stuff, why majority of hispanics want this man recalled and because of crime. people who are hurt by crime are the black and brown people they love to say they care about.
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the la times, local california pundits and so forth and nationally accusing you of brandishing a gun to using the n-word. it goes on and on. your reaction to these specific charges? >> i never brandished a gun loaded or unloaded that anybody in my life. the other applications, i've been called the blackface of white supremacy. >> one of the top hits on google, you're a threat to somebody. >> i've been accused of saying women are stupid. there referring to an article i wrote in 2000, 21 years ago where i was quoting a study from a left-wing school, they asked men and women 25 questions about politics, women new more than men and one of them and the reason the women numerous according to a female professor
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who is still around, she said the reason women know this is they get their dominant source of news from local news and local news makes you dumber. i didn't say it, she did. >> this happens to those within the public eye a lot, you have a thick skin. this is part of the reasons that you need someone who's been out of the public eye a lot to withstand what the incoming is. where did you get that fixed in? >> my father. my mother told me nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission. my dad said democrats want to give you something for nothing, you always end up getting nothing for something, one of his favorite expressions. my father was thrown out of the house by his mother 13 years old. athens georgia, jim crow south at the beginning of the great depression, i've been called him uncle tom for 30 years. >> i worked for justice thomas.
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>> oreo, coconut, the antichrist, that's one of the reasons i will be successful in sacramento. i'm not going there to make friends. i'm not afraid of being deflected. shannon: he showed me where he attended high school larry took me to his childhood home in south-central la and we talked about what impact he could have on the u.s. senate if you were elected and a lot of people are talking about potential senate retirement on the democrat side. if you are governor you would have the replacement power. >> the governor replaces the city. alex padilla was replacement for kamala harris and i would have that power. we have a 50-50 split in washington dc and if anything were to happen to diane feinstein, she might retire i have the ability to replace her and that's one of the reasons democrats are freaking out. >> president biden is planning to come to the state to campaign for gavin newsom against the recall. kamala will arrive friday.
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are you worried? >> christmas is coming early in august in south-central los angeles. president biden's popularity has never been lower, because of the afghanistan debacle. the only major public figure i know of who praised him has been gavin newsom so that president biden, out here and praise the wonderful job gavin newsom has done on crime, on homelessness, the rise of gas taxes, and on the way he slammed the state down ignoring science compared to the other 49 states. let president biden defend that record and he can encourage gavin newsom to debate me. laura: breaking moment ago california still going down the drain, california assembly members who provide proof of vaccination will be suspended for the final two weeks of session. turns out under biden moving on
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to a different topic, the us does negotiate with terrorists. the latest blunder and why rushing the vetting process for afghan refugees. acting dhs secretary chapels lays out the dangers of expedited vetting. you don't want to miss that you won't see it anywhere else tonight. stay there. do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? qunol sleep formula combines 5 key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: leave immediately. that's the warning j >> leave immediately, that's the morning just issued by the biden state department of americans waiting to leave the kabul airport. there telling americans on their way to the airport to turn around. avoided altogether, what's going on, the state department estimates roughly 1500 americans are still somewhere in afghanistan and safe passage is going to depend on the good graces of the taliban and. when we want to see the white house projecting strength, today they projected weakness. >> why haven't we heard the president say the united states negotiate with terrorism is that still the us policy? >> of course it is but i would also say there's a reality that the taliban is currently
12:26 am
controlling large swaths of afghanistan. laura: ohio congressman jim jordan. are we looking at developing hostage situation in afghanistan or do we relied whatever deal the cia director cut with the taliban to get these americans home? >> this has got to be the focus. what's the number of americans my country? let's focus on getting them to safety and let secure the southern border before we worry about anything else. this idea they are negotiating or not negotiating looks like they are giving in. the other day the television set august 30 first is a redline and president biden hasn't changed that date so i don't know what is going on there but i do know let's bring american citizens home and secure the southern borders of the taliban and other
12:27 am
terrorists don't -- that should be the focus for suspending money and all the other things they are focused on. >> total $5 trillion on its way to the house pushing a socialist agenda in the house but moments -- >> american citizen stranded, a border with honest illegal crossings on record and may was the highest until 212,000 cross the border in july, their focused on spending $5 trillion instead of those two fundamental tasks government is supposed to have secure the border and protect citizens abroad when potentially being threatened and attacked by a terrorist organization. >> these are impeachable offenses after years of helping donald trump on phony russian collusion charges this is the most shocking dereliction of presidential duty i have ever
12:28 am
witnessed in my lifetime. this is the most shocking. moments ago sources telling us apparently afghan refugees, they have already been housed at dollars airport but they are actually brought to quantico, the marine base and another report that we are going to have as many as 30,000 afghan refugees brought to texas. did we have 30,000 translators and interpreters in afghanistan? we still have americans there for goodness sake. >> exactly and common sense, the american people understand fundamentally focus on americans, get them home, don't leave them stranded, protect our border and then worry about special event these and all that stuff but focus on priorities,
12:29 am
democrats always screw this up. when they got foreign-policy right. carter, clinton, obama, biden, partner with iran hostage issue, obama been ghazi and biden in afghanistan so tell me when they get it right, when you project weakness from the oval office bad guys do bad things around this planet. always about donald trump, donald trump rejected strength and we didn't have this thing going on the last four years but it took eight months for this to unfold in the same people who were in charge of foreign-policy were in charge of it when we had the libya fiasco, four americans getting killed in an ghazi, these exact same people. we saw what happened in been ghazi - >> i wouldn't hire that group to secure an elementary school little on the united states of america.
12:30 am
this is a purposeful dereliction of duty. for those of you concerned about vetting the afghans coming here have no fear, president biden has a big plan. >> typically takes months to go through this process and this is a signal that this is a top priority for the president and the intelligence committee and individuals who oversee this vetting process of expedited the process in order to move through necessary steps in order to process individuals and get them moving through the system. laura: channels, expediting the vetting process, what could possibly go wrong? >> when dealing with the number of people we're looking at today the vetting process is a multi step process so any time you
12:31 am
expedite that it is usually a process that will last several weeks or months where you validate their passport, their birth certificate, proof they worked as a translator for 12 months, proof they gone through a dod background check, letters of recommendation, cvp, dhs, customs and border protection, terrorist watchlist checks, this does weeks and weeks so if you have an administration talking about expediting that with a number of people we are seeing there will be corners that will be cut and the concern is people slipping through the cracks so any time you expedite the vetting process that invites a lot of trouble and i would say if it was properly planned out to get americans out they would have had time to get them over several weeks. >> i don't trust anything these people are saying after what we have seen unfold at the southern border and in afghanistan i
12:32 am
don't trust them and i have good reason not to trust them but if you were in charge i would feel better about it but related officials are projecting 25,000 will arrive at these military institutions, fort bliss and el paso, 25,000. a lot of translators and interpreters, didn't know we had that many. >> the dhs is paroling the vast majority of these individuals into the country and doing a lot of these checks and looking at their applications after the fact. that is why we are seeing vast amount of individuals coming in landing at dulles and other individual airports across the country. they are doing a lot of these checks. >> how much does this cost per refugee? i saw that broken down at one point when we were bringing somalis into maine and minnesota but the american people are footing the bill so they deserve
12:33 am
to know ultimately even how much that will cost. >> it will be significant. a lot of checks being done by the government security are done to the national vetting center, you've got multiple entities within the department doing checks and looking at these applications, tying up resources, the same folks looking at asylum applications on the southwest border as well. laura: the cost of refugees over long period of time. >> a lot of these individuals apply and get benefits once they come into the country as well. laura: a huge amount of money, some need to be paroled in but that's a lot of people. thank you. coming up you won't believe how bad la homelessness crisis has gotten, when the ingraham a glass visited, raymond arroyo has all the information you need next.
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>> laura: we've been here all week documenting the decline of california, once idyllic state from covid manda laura: we documented the decline of california, covid mandates, rising crime, we were here two years ago covering all this and we are back and other things got much worse so raymond arroyo hit the street. >> when we visited venice it looks like this and here it is today, not much has changed. tents and homeless and kampmann's spread all over the city choking neighborhoods throughout los angeles, 41,000 people are on the streets today. this is the scene outside of google just around the corner. the situation in venice beach is improved since our last visit. la county sheriff alex and where
12:40 am
the grew tired of watching expanding enchantments. he took matters into his own hands and cleared the beach. the homeless took over. we start getting inundated with calls, emails, the media starts popping up on youtube. i talked to the host and said let's go down there june 7th, how bad could it be and it was as bad as promised. >> venice residents are pleased with the progress. >> i credit him for having embarrassed the mayor and council member to the point they moved up whatever they were going to do by a year or two, they moved a lot of people. >> assault dropped to almost nothing. >> is the scattered homeless people population into the neighborhood? >> because of the d fund the police effort and the loss of
12:41 am
300 officers the result is we don't have presence. >> what do you make of the ordinance that has been passed, going to be enforced in september, will that clean up the rest of the problem as you see it? >> know because we don't have personnel to do it. the city just stopped its overnight cleanup. >> the city has laws that were in place, they handcuffed the police and wonder why there is encampments everywhere. these people are some genius and the only solution is regulating public space. >> you are not doing this? >> it will take an act of congress -- go there and with pop-up tents.
12:42 am
this is the mindset of the woke elite. they decided they want to virtues signal how compassionate they are. where is the sense of pride in the board of supervisors, allowing the county and city to be a stomping ground for the nations homeless. >> the homeless of left venice beach but found shelter here under overpasses. it estimated there is a 45% increase in the number of homeless in los angeles county. the problem is these and kampmann are causing potential interest. >> that is gavin newsom, the california highway patrol, those are executive branch of state government who run the executive branch, the governor, wise this
12:43 am
the method and it falls on his shoulders just like the rest of the city falls on the city councilman, board of supervisors. the solutions are there but there is no political will. >> villanueva believe there could be political consequences for the ongoing homeless crisis. >> the recall not just of newsom, of gascon is a referendum on homelessness and lawlessness. that's what the referendum is. every person is going to vote based on the transient, the garbage dump around the corner, filling the encampments everywhere, that's what the recall is, a referendum on their performance in office and right now it has been horrible. laura: takes your breath away, looks like a refugee camp in the middle east. >> in some cases it is worse.
12:44 am
there is a public safety dimension of this. we spoke to a woman you will see on fox nation, she was struck by a car, because she couldn't pass down the sidewalk, we spoke to another man who stepped into the street, hit by a car. this is happening all the time, this is life-and-death, not just a public hazard and oblate to look at, the israel safety involved in somebody should jump in. laura: a lot of talk about this anti-camping ordinance. >> the city council passed it.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: the website onlyfans surprised a >> the website only and surprised people last week by announcing it would ban pornography but the site reversed the decision was it will be a platform once again for total the property was only fans is given green light to seclusion purpose to exploit our kids was a recent bbc investigation made a shocking discovery. only fans was failing to prevent under 18s from selling and appearing in explicit videos. two subscriber accounts in french and german despite
12:50 am
sitting there young teenagers in the bios and advertising in sale of photographs. joining us is the founder and ceo of justice defense fund. you've been tracking this from day one. what do parents watching this need to understand about this website only? >> >> in 2020, porn hub, the world's largest porn website, for complicity for child exploitation, rape and sex trafficking, mastercard stop doing business with porn hub and there are lawsuits launched against the company, four class-actions, 34 victims, 14
12:51 am
were children, but student visa for knowingly profiting the sex trafficking venture. this is caused the credit card companies to reassess their liability and whether to do business with the sites and including that. laura: why would credit card companies want to be part of the site that facilitates transactions the exploit sexually children and that is what ends up happening whether it is by chance or glitches in their platform but this is a huge problem and it is against every country's law so why would they do it? pure cash? >> this is financially driven decisions on all accounts but
12:52 am
credit card companies what they realize with the porn hub fiasco is their liability is huge if they do business with sites engaged in reckless moderation policies. what they did recently was they and acted policies that they will not allow porn sites to do business without rigorous moderation age and unambiguous consent verification of every individual and every video and this is supposed to take place on october 1st, those policies would be an accident it's not a coincidence that only fans decided on october 1st they were going to drop all porn content before reversing that decision. >> i want people to understand what is happening on this site. this is an interview cbs did with one of the women in the
12:53 am
lawsuit. >> is there any possibility that poor knob tried to contact you to confirm your age? >> they did not. >> to confirm that it was consensual? >> they did not. >> how many people side? >> over 200,000. laura: over 200,000. a lot of these girls, their life is forever changed or ruined or over which itself is horrific. final thoughts. >> i've spoken to victims not only of porn but only fans, a child blackmailed into violent sex acts, that was uploaded on only fans so if you've been a victim of only fans or porn hub or any other website reach out, laura: we will check back with
12:54 am
you. there will be challenges to the sick and perverted website down the road and one of the leaders in california focusing on, instead of a minor issue of saving the state the last bite explains next. r you're winning,t doing your best. when you're on the lanes, they're right behind you. reunite with your team. go bowling.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: all right, with documented drug abuse, the crime, the homelessness here in california, it's exploded, especially in san francisco, but the city's mayor there decided to make laura: we document drug abuse, crime and homelessness in california, it is exploding especially in san francisco the city's mayor decided to make life harder by imposing the vaccine mandate but she did find time to offer relief and attribute to one community. london breeder for the month of august transgender history month. while she is doing that we will continue to bring you more of our investigation into the collapse of california under democrat while. tomorrow my ride along with the
1:00 am
lapd, what i discovered will make you cry and have a little hope as well. set your dvr so you always stay connected with us and don't forget to show that you understand what is at stake by wearing your freedom matters all for charity and i said to thank you for watching and remember it is america now and forever. greg gutfeld kicks off from here. >> thursday august 2, '05, fox news alert. another terror threat from british officials morning of imminent attack on crowd types outside kabul airport as americans in afghanistan are told to leave the area immediately but president biden isn't answering questions. instead he's cracking jokes. >> what will you do americans are thereafter the deadline. >> he will be the first person i will call. >> vice president


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