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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 28, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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tomorrow. thank you. >> thank >> thank you, and now the surfside mayor, charles prickett. >> i just have a handful of things i wanted to share with you. this morning i was at the site and i observed hundreds of search and rescue people actively using their hands, digging out and doing what they are here to do. i also observed that heavy equipment and the federal government has sent down to us in action, moving them away from the pile. secondly, i visited with the families again this morning as did everybody probably standing here and we heard from the israeli team that is here and one of the things i wanted to
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know was that the israeli commander told us that the teams that are out there working fabulously together, there is a joined effort, camaraderie and everybody has the same goal and that is to pull people out of there. he also added that the intensity and the numbers will continue to increase. thirdly, i want to make everybody aware that there has been some discussion about why this happened and that is as the mayor said and the governor said, an issue for another day. right now we have issues, number one is to pull our family and friends out of that rebel and unite them and number two is just about the families but to the end of coming to the end of, with respect to the information we directed our staff to go ahead and scan every shred of
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documentation the town of surfside has which includes going to our archive storage site, we have boxes and we are sending those boxes to a printing and scanning company and those documents will be available for your review, i know we've seen some documents already and i haven't had a chance to watch the news because we are sort of in the midst of this disaster, all of us, i don't let anybody else has a chance to watch the news either but i learned stuff from you guys and i'm able to follow up on it but most recent are a couple disturbing comments that i saw him regarding board minutes at the champlain south towers with respect to some of our officials in town but be that as it may, we will get to the bottom of it. the last comment i want to make
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us late last night, on the personal side, i had toured to the side as i normally do, and i came across a little girl, about 11 or 12 years old. and i had seen this little girl before and i know because she was with her mom and we had talked. she may have been with her dad, i'm not sure but one of her parents was in that building at the time of the collapse and the other parent lives a couple buildings away and she told me, she goes back and forth. when i came across her she was sitting in a chair by herself with nobody around her looking at her phone and i knelt down and asked her, what are you doing? are you okay? she said yes and she said something and what she was telling me was, i had never, it was a jewish prayer. she was reading a jewish prayer to herself, sitting at the site
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where one of her parents, presumably is. and that really brought it home to me. and she was just... she wasn't crying, she was just lost. she didn't know what to do, what to say, who to talk to. i was looking for her this morning at that family meeting, i am going to find her and tell her we are all here for her and we are going to do the best we can to bring out that parent. anyway, this is disturbing but that is just a tiny, tiny example of the impact this collapse has had. thank you. >> thank you, mayor. now miami-dade commission chairman. >> mayor, that story is the
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story of so many that are in this situation right now. the families we met with, the mayor and i this morning, the pain in their face, their expressions. unlike anything i've ever seen before. it is very difficult to know that you are a loved one could still be alive and have the hope and at the same time just sit there and wait for that information to get to you. that's not to be one of the most difficult things anybody could endure. pope as the governor said, under the hours that took place, the hope is there because the very best team in the world started early because they are part of this community. and many have come to help, many
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more have come as needed so this community is blessed, blessed that we have the kind of people who know what they are doing, are the very best at what they do when they are doing it nonstop, rain, whatever comes in the way, they don't stop. it is about them. that is who this is about and we pray for them. we are constantly having hope and begging god for that hope for them. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is it my colleague and i have been doing here, making sure that whatever is needed on our behalf is done so, my mission here right now is helping but it will come later when we have to
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deal with the problems of how this happened and how we can make sure that this never happens again. and that is where we are at at this point. [speaking non-english language] >> harris: and we are stepping in as i have been doing when they translate into spanish with respect to those in our audience to speak both languages, we've been using these moments to fill in some of what you're seeing on the screen. this is chairman of the council there in surfside and you may be able to see the teary-eyed people to his right shoulder and directly behind him. what he was talking about that brought forth such a motion was the fact that their mission now is just beginning and that in
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the days ahead as they deliver the news on those people who did not make it out alive, that's of this community will really need, the support from its leaders and those people across the country. we've also learned in the last few minutes just how many people have come in. we've heard from the city manager and the fire chief, the fire superintendent that they have the same number of rescuers deployed, both volunteer and those who work for the municipalities around the area at the building as they did for hurricane michael, which affected 12 counties and they said this was an international effort just as a hurricane or tornado or any other disaster our communities in america would unfortunately suffer. that is an important detail because it as you look at the right side of your screen it is
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going to take mighty dedication and some big numbers to get in there and meticulously go through looking for survivors and the heart-rending acts that they will go through finding people who did not make it out alive and it is clearly pancakes now, they've had quite a bit of weather coming in and out of that area, the first day this partial collapse happened, there was some hope because there was a fire they couldn't get out and so on and so forth of the rain might help, but what it does overall, it just takes everything together. let's go back to the news conference now. >> throughout our 12 hour operational period, very, very challenging and difficult situation. but we keep going, look and search for any opportunity.
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i will have my assistant of operations deacon a little more detail. >> thank you, chief. my recap from yesterday versus today, as the operations continue, we are now utilizing the heavy machinery, this afternoon we will be switching positions as a result of the individual, that have come up upon larger areas that now require heavy machinery. we did find the tenth victim, the operations continue in the search and rescue mode. there is a misunderstanding regarding that everyone believes the search and rescue operation and that is far from the truth, in the end there is numerous
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variables, it's not based on opinion, not based on time, it's based on variables and facts. we take that information to make a collective decision but is not going to be from an office or from a television, it's not going to be from an individual down the street, it will be made collectively with the incident commander from thereon. thank you. [speaking non-english language] >> harris: and again, we will take this moment just to fill you in on what's going on.
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that was an interesting point, we've heard from members of the fire department, the fire department that they will continue to search, the search and rescue, the search and rescue terminology he's using their that the facts show them that there's a reason to call it off. he was cautioning, don't get ahead of the story because those of us who are watching from television or even if you are on the ground cannot estimate on, estimate what their facts are and where they will go next, he says it's very important for people to continue to keep the information that this is a search and rescue. let's go back to the news conference. >> i have two questions. what do you say to people who are watching at home and [inaudible] and my second question, what are
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the conversations like and what are you telling them? >> the first question is that the operations are going to slow, this was addressed by us. and seconded by the israeli team that was there. what we are dealing with is the situation and includes the complexities, i know we've utilize the word before, however the situation is we are not lifting floor by floor, we are talking about concrete, we are talking about steel, every time there is an action there is a reaction. we have family members at the site to basically see exactly what we've done. this is unconventional, however as the individuals continue to
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work with urgency, they witnessed a rescuer tumble 25 feet down the mound, this is the perfect example of the situation we are dealing with. we can attach a couple cords to a concrete boulder and lifted and call it a day. we are digging through the size of basketball, the size of baseball, the safety of the personnel, considering the victims themselves, it's going to take time. it's not going to happen overnight, is a 12 story building. it's going to take some time. >> to follow up with part of the question having to do with the family briefing, that's what's discussed.
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going through in extreme detail the math marked outcome of the grid explaining exactly what's being done in each part of the grid. after all the technical questions answered, we talk about dna we talk about the dna in a match going to be made, communicating with family members, the next of kin, how will it be opened up for public knowledge, and we talked about their questions, is enough being done, they've seen firsthand what is being done and they've seen that everything that is been done and they recognize the full danger that these first responders are exposing themselves to and what it has taken for them to get to this
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point. families, because of the process we've gone through our coming to their own conclusion. some are feeling more hopeful, some less hopeful. we do not have definitive answers, we give them the facts. we take them to the site, we show them the operation, we showed them where the pancake is. we show them where the tunnel is, we show them where the dogs are running up. they understand how it works and they preparing themselves for news. >> one second and we have a question. eco-is it an issue of dna are communicating with their families?
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>> we tell you when a person is identified and when we can identify them to you which is after the next of kin has been notified. i am going to defer to... >> okay, for the police, we will have an answer, they are handling the homicide investigation and they can answer. >> is it an issue of dna you don't have an issue that you haven't been able to communicate with the families. >> there's multiple variables dealing with this, depends on the condition of the family member. we have the the medical personnel with the firefighters, the family members recover, if it's possible we do a rapid dna test and immediately go to the lab and expedite that point and
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once we have a match, in a very sensitive and personal matter we will contact the next of kin. if there's a component where we cannot connect you collect the dna, we will contact the family member and once that family member is identified that process will happen, we will notify next of kin, same way. we do it all with respect and integrity. it's very emotional, this whole process has been emotional. that's why i've called family members, we've gone through here and i think we are all family now.
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we have ten unidentified because that process is going on, when it comes to the part that we have the family member we are unable to identify at that moment, the medical examiner will assist in that process, obviously that will affect the numbers as we move on. that's why all these numbers that we are giving are right now subject to change, dealing with a very terrible situation here. that's why we would have to always keep mindful on our family members. >> i will reiterate. >> if we could please talk about some of the facts of variables. >> in regard to some of the facts and variables end operations, as we continue to delay or, we have what we
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utilized a heart listening devices, in addition to that, the sum of the facts that we have, some of the variables are the size of certain areas we have not gotten to but we've been able to place cameras that seem to have large enough spaces that occupants may still be in there. again, in regard to the actual spaces, not to say that we seen anybody down there but we haven't gotten to the very bottom. so there's no misunderstanding, it's not people talking or yelling out, as i've mentioned to the family, it may be nothing more than some metal but at the end, as i've said before, all variables and facts have to be made before we make a decision to move to the next phase and i can tell you it's not based on one little section because it was complete we destroyed.
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you have to look at the entire pile, confirmed in regards that we need to go to the next phase and again, i've got to re-mention the fact that we are just not there yet. we are just not there yet. >> now that we have some semblance of the dna, what's the timeline from recovering someone to identifying, what timeline are we working off of? >> this is what's so amazing, the homicide detective and crime scene personnel and our medical examiner, our rabbis are also on the scene helping us, when we are able to collect what is called rapid dna, we have a family member where they are eligible for the rapid dna process, the moment that sample is taken, that will run directly to the family reunification
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center where it is entered into our system so we can have the match with the standards that we took from family members. we cannot have a partial, 100% because we cannot re-victimize our family members and give them wrong information. what we've been seeing within a day, we've been able to get the rapid dna component, from the medical examiner, they do it as fast as they can and that notification is made. that's pretty much how the process is and we do it as fast as we can end accurate and as we can. >> final question. >> [speaking non-english language]
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>> [speaking non-english language]
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>> [speaking non-english language] >> final question right here, sir. >> in the face of published reports suggesting that there were potential big signals about problems with this complex, that
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have been published and suggested, how can people have confidence in the process given what initially appears [indistinct] >> let me say from the county's perspective, the buildings that are under our jurisdiction are being reviewed. going to every building, to ensure that every problem has been identified, i feel confident that it has been, we have a very, very rigorous building department and we stand ready to assist our city to do that deep dive and not only that but it immediately to make any changes that we can to make this process more robust in the future.
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surfside, i told you, i didn't and that's why, i am here sort of in the news rather than just watching it but the bottom line is, you know, my commitment is we are going to take everything we have, boxes, digitally, get it scanned and get it up on the web site as what it is and let you guys sort of review it and address it as it comes. but like i said, i think all of us agree that the number one priority today is to rescue people out of that rubble, number two is to support the families and we will get to that but know that that is in the works and we will be 100% transparent. >> i just want to acknowledge that we have been joined by our
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agriculture. >> i want to thank all of you, on behalf of the mayor and my family, thank you so much for what you are doing. >> harris: all right, so we have been, so we have been watching the news conference they are in surfside. we heard from congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz and governor ron desantis, the lieutenant governor in a slew of city officials including mayor charles burkett and you are the last few questions, a couple in spanish, they did not translate into english as they have been going back and forth and doing the same for spanish, but i can tell you that the focus of that last question which was definitely understandable by all was "what about those reports from 2018 that there were structural problems here? and at one point when i reporter was asking in english about that i don't know if you could see it but we could hear it, debbie
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wasserman schultz began chatting with the mayor in such a way that we could barely hear the rest of the question getting out, this is certainly a point where they need to have transparency and that's exactly what you heard the mayor of surfside say there at the very end, very clearly, we will have transparency in this process. they reiterated that the search and rescue portion of this continues. the search, rescue, and recover continues at that condominium building partial collapse that happened in surfside just outside the miami area or miami city, the city of miami last week. we got a lot of details in the last 30-40 minutes from all those different officials with the numbers on your screen are where they started so, another body recovered, ten people dead now, 151 missing in a florida condo collapse, what that number doesn't tell you is that in the
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first day or so of all of this, dozens of people made it out in the mayor of miami-dade said that they had 135 accounted for so let's talk about those who made it out alive because some of them crawled out and ran out on their own and were able to escape as the building was falling and many of portions of it had already fallen, 151 unaccounted for, we will pop up that hotline that i asked my team to put up on the screen because you, making calls and the wider public can be a help especially if you have a relative or a friend who might've been there and you haven't heard from them and you don't... you haven't been contacted by authorities to say is this person that we have on a manifesto from the building who lived there contacted you, is this person with you? the flip of that is if you know somebody who lived there but they were on vacation and they were with you or elsewhere and
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they can make that number smaller in that way, the 151 for today the number we will concentrate on other lives lost, the ten people who did not make it out alive that we have confirmed so far. i want to go to surfside where our steve harrigan is standing by. steve, things are really heating up with the pressure on these city officials on two things, the families, i understand, in their private meetings with officials have been saying this is going to slowly and there is an israeli contingent of experienced searchers who say it's going to slowly as well. >> harris, you are right to point out the increased frustration from family members, a couple of things first, the pace of investigation, slower recovery, also, no real explanation as to why the building collapsed thursday at 1:30 in the morning, we are getting some angry reaction from some of the relatives and one
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thing that was striking i think about this press conferences with the the mayor of surfside had to say, he spoke about a young girl reading a jewish prayer at the site, sitting by herself. and you don't really see this often at press conferences, you actually saw the congresswoman and the governor and another mayor just tear up and i think it shows just how raw this situation still is, this is a community, five or 6,000 people and to have this happen so suddenly and so wrenching where you have children without parents or grandparents. and everyone has a connection to it in some way, to see those officials there, usually the symbol of calm and order and control, just really crying before the microphones i think really shows just how raw it still is here in surfside, harris. >> harris: the other point of contention, as you pointed out, away from the pace of the search has to do with answers early on based on reports that there may
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have been some known structural problems with the building which steve, look, we are going to find out things in the coming weeks and months in an investigation that we might not of been able to, you know, no in those first few days but if there are records that there were problems with this building in 2018, if those records show structural issues and you put that together with reports where people inside this building, one mother in particular to her grown son, she was awakened the night before this happened, "i heard noises, the whole building was creaking, it sounded like." i'm paraphrasing a little bit what we see in the interview, that is problematic for the city officials not to have that transpar that the mayor of surfside has promised to have with those records, that might have to be done immediately.
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>> that's right, i think up until now we've heard officials say the line of how heroic the first responders are, i think we are going to see that focus shift into what went wrong here, what mistakes were made and who is responsible, you are referring to a 2018 report by engineers that found significant and potentially dangerous cracks in the foundation, in the concrete, eroded concrete and exposed rebar in this building, nothing done for three years, multimillion dollar reconstruction project about to get underway they say but certainly not underway and not a direct cause from this report but certainly a number of red flags and there's going to be a lot of investigating into who is responsible and how guilty they are, harris. >> harris: steve harrigan live from surfside, florida, as he has been since this harrowing collapse happened and we await more information and for them to make a dent in the number of 151
9:34 am
missing and unaccounted for and we pray for survivors. we've heard the city officials and particularly from the fire and rescue saying that this wasn't a complete situation where the floor beneath is gone, you stop searching for people on the floor, there may be pockets, there are concrete columns i can hold up spaces, they say they are going based on the facts of where people could be and they will continue regarding this as search, rescue, recover. steve harrigan, thank you very much, we will come back as the news warrants. let's get going here on "outnumbered." and as we come in today we've got jason chaffetz, tomi lahren and my cohosts emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany. jason, i come to you, let's talk about the investigation of this which really has not in earnest begun yet but that's a sticking point and you have been a leader in a state and you know when
9:35 am
things happen and people don't get the answers right away they start to press and sometimes that's how we find out what really happened. >> jason: they are still going to the heartbreak, still praying for miracles but you're right, behind the scenes there are some people scrambling for some paperwork and trying to create that paper trail, not only, you know, this story about a woman talking to her son in the 24 hours prior about what happened in the years that led up to this? who was in charge of this, who was supposed to do something? was it a negligent owner who refused and didn't do what the city was requiring? all these types of questions, believe me, for the last five days, there are people scrambling and sweating behind the scenes because this is about as horrific as it could possibly get. >> harris: tomi? >> tomi: i second that but i also want to say just watching this press conference for as long as we did, a couple things i took away from it. it is really unfortunate that
9:36 am
tragedy brings people together but standing there watching debbie wasserman schultz standing by governor ron desantis and all these city officials standing next to each other, some republicans and some democrats, it's a reminder that when someone like this you make something like this happens it doesn't matter who you voted for or what letter is behind your name, people come together and support your communities. i wish we didn't have to have tragedy in order to see that more often but i think it's something the nation needs to look at and we could all follow that lead. another thing that i gathered from watching this press conferences also the leadership of ron desantis, we've seen him be a leader so many times, time and time again, another shining moment for him and i can't sing his praises high enough. i think this is a real tragedy but out of tragedy sometimes comes things we can learn a lesson to be taken from all of this. >> harris: emily? >> emily: harris, i am struck by the individual stories there of just loss and heartbreak that we've been seeing on the news and one that struck me in
9:37 am
particular was the family that received 16 calls from a landline inside that building from their grandparents and sort of a while ago, when people were getting robocalls all the time and they were masked as people in your contacts and i had a very dear loved one from whom i got a robocall from and they were incapacitated at that time, unable to make that phone call and seeing their name on my phone in that instance, the nausea but the hope as well even though i had that knowledge that it couldn't possibly be happening but harris, it brought me to my knees and i just can't imagine the individual heartbreak that every family is going through that has loved ones in that building and we see them in the form of statistics but even just one is absolutely heartbreaking. >> harris: yeah, we don't know the nature of the calls coming from a landline. it would seem as reported by those relatives of the
9:38 am
grandparents and said that building so we don't want to jump to conclusions but it's worth bearing out that there could be other reasons outside of survivorship, if you will come inside that collapse for those phone calls coming but we don't know that and certainly don't want to tie too many things together without the facts. kayleigh mcenany? >> emily: it's my understanding that they reported that indeed it was because of electrical shortages in the building. the point of that story was when you potentially know as a family had said, we knew it was just a short and to still have those calls come through is nothing short of jarring. >> harris: yeah. not robocalls, thank you. kayleigh? >> kayleigh: i was struck to hear from our first responders and as you look at these images on the screen i just want to emphasize one of the points they brought up, this is steel that they are working their way through inch by inch and as we heard from one of the first responders, every action
9:39 am
has a reaction so as they move through this rubble they move through it knowing that the it is structurally unsound, putting themselves in harm's way as they try to save the lives of others and we heard if you said, harris, we are not seeing the rescue mission, the search and rescue component of this, i heard the miami-dade fire chief say over the weekend, i was in haiti in 2010 and we found a little girl eight days later. so we hold out hope and we continue to pray and we pray that one or many, many more lives will be found as they work and our heroic cursor first responders are the ones at the helm of it. >> harris: and you know, kayleigh, one just last thing, governor desantis and tomi lahren had mentioned, he's been there with the very first news conference recovered here during "outnumbered" as this was unfolding before our very eyes on friday, you mentioned the leadership from the top on down,
9:40 am
his presence and no doubt bring so many more resources, too, so you wonder, how do you get everybody to come together, politics aside, you put it so well in kayleigh, you been at disasters with the former administration and you know that when the president or whoever it is, the governor shows up it is a call for let's get it together. your last quick thoughts? >> kayleigh: governor ron desantis has shown himself to be an executive who shows up, harris. when it seemed like in the matter of an hour or so he was there talking to reporters, he was there talking to victims, he got there immediately and it's still there because as you rightfully point out when the chief executive comes up, all the resources follow behind and there is no doubt that governor desantis showed up. >> harris: tomi, you had such a good point about how they were together and hopefully putting politics aside from we will have to see how it all plays out in terms of the investigation, that's part of the story that we will cover as it happens, more
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>> emily: the u.s. olympian who turned her back on the american flag during the national anthem saturday says she was the victim of a set up. gwen berry won bronze and wear a t-shirt saying "activist athlete." she says the anthem does not speak for her and that she represents those killed by systemic racism. it's not the first time she's use the podium to protest racism, she raised her to step the pan american games to go years ago. tomi, it seems to me that the athlete is making this all about herself, she says it was a "disrespectful move by the u.s. olympic trial organizers" and that they deliberately played the anthem when she was coming to the podium to, as she said, make a point and stir the pot toward her, your thoughts?
9:46 am
>> tomi: they already made a comment saying they had the national anthem scheduled to play at that time and the fact that she was set up assembly not true, imagine being a u.s. olympic athlete being triggered by our national anthem and feeling "pissed and set up" when the anthem played. you should get used to hearing it whether you like it or not, the rest of this country and your fellow athletes are not going to bow to your triggers but furthermore i understand that that is her first amendment right to be able to protest and have her freedom of expression but is it really too much to ask if you want to be someone that represents the united states of america that you have just a little bit of respect for that country that you are representing? it's not all about you, it's about this nation, it's a time of togetherness and patriotism and the fact that these athletes can't put that aside while they are competing for our country, your plenty of time and your off time to be an activist athlete but can you just have a little bit of respect for the people that fought and died for your
9:47 am
right to even stand on that podium? i don't think it's too much to ask. >> emily: jason, to tomi about trippi's point, the committee has said they will allow athletes to demonstrate on the d one metal in the tokyo games with the international olympic committee remains committed to enforcing their rules which prohibits demonstration on the podium so if gwen berry wins on metal and the actual olympics and chooses to do this, while the u.s. might capitulate to her disrespectful stance of turning her back to the flag, globally she will be, well, it will be unacceptable. >> jason: i agree with tomi lahren here and to athlete who decides that it's too much for her to stand and recognize the united states of america and the national anthem, that had then have the political guts to not participate in the games to represent the united states of america, go participate in your
9:48 am
backyard, go to your ymca and compete if that's what you want but if you're going to wear the flag, the united states of america and represent us as a country you're going to have to be okay to put the red, white, and blue and listen to that national anthem. if you want to protest go do that on your own time but not while they are playing the national anthem in front of the world. >> emily: kayleigh, many people are saying that while they support the right to protest on the podium and insert a public manner such as this by athletes, that this particular form of protest, turning her back to the flag was so disrespectful in such a turn off that there is very, very little support for her doing this. >> kayleigh: this was not a set up, as she claimed, this is a publicity stunt. she'd taken the time to read the schedule that was public, she would've known, she had her t-shirt there ready to go, it seems to me like an absolute
9:49 am
publicity stunt, you hit the nail on the head. when you said this is all about her, the national anthem is about us. about our whole country, all of us and she chose to make this about her so she would get the headlines and it is such a disgrace. >> emily: this controversial protest seems that it's distracting for any message that she had, because now the conversation is just about how disrespectful she is. >> harris: it's interesting, what jason said, who does she represent, does anybody tell you they represent her? that she represents them? is a question, too. i interviewed not long ago in 1968 metal winner, track and field, he held up the fist on the podium and we talked about these very issues and he said, one of the things people didn't realize was if you open that fist its five fingers and it's all of us working together on the team and as a nation and i
9:50 am
don't know that we necessarily knew the details about that story but he said during the history of all of this at the time people laid on it what they wanted to lay on it and said had i had to do it all over again, at the time i might've explained that, might have opened my fist. wonder where this woman will be when it comes time to open up to why this moment had to happen and who really was represented by this. as you said it, jason, not me. >> emily: coming up, why a government task force called the rotunda that houses the declaration of independence and other documents and example of "structural racism." ♪ ♪ sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind.
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>> the national archive task force on racism claiming its own rotunda is racist.
9:55 am
the rotunda houses the declaration of independence, the constitution and the founding fathers. the reports from the national archive published in april says "examples of structural racism include but are by no means limited to a rotunda in our system that logs wealthy white men in the founding, while marginalizing black indigenous and other people of color, women and other communities." starting with you, you had a rather good analogy on this topic. >> i was on the oversight committee with the chairman for 2.5 years, it happens to have jurisdiction and a national monument and during that time not a single person, did i ever hear a single complaint about anything regarding our founding documents. what i did hear about from the member of the congressional black caucus is the martin luther king memorial. one of them said to me, if you
9:56 am
look at the memorial, how is it that bill clinton and barack obama, how can they depict martin luther king as white? they used white marble to do this. how in the world did that happen? democrats created this. if you have a question and you want to get triggered by something, you look at it from that perspective, why is it that martin luther king is depicted as white? if they want to make a change, he was a chinese nationalist by the way! he had a chinese artists do the actual putting together of this monument. it's unbelievable. >> where were the complaints then? they are complaining the founding fathers, the ones that came up with the greatest form of governance in the world.
9:57 am
>> folks are now just looking for things to be offended by and it has to be tiring to look at everything, but at the end of the day when you're doing this constantly, every day at something new, whether it's a food brand, aunt jemima, what they're actually doing by naming all these things is given cover to actual racists and bigots, people who are intolerant. people are getting so tired, it's like the boy who cried wolf. let's focus on incidences of racism and focus on those and have a teachable moment. when you label everything racist, it doesn't mean anything anymore. it's ridiculous and people are tired of it. >> so true. it waters it down. they want to create safe spaces in the facility. >> a safe space means things
9:58 am
won't be talked about, and what's the word, compromised! you're never going to discuss the things together because when you create a safe space for something, and means you discount those things you don't want to look at. that's stepping on our free speech. it's stepping on freedom of expression. for what? what does that do. who benefits from that? i want a space where all things can be talked about. if we need to work on stuff like that statue, i never even considered that. i didn't even know the background on that until you talked about it, at the high levels among lawmakers about the fact, he's not in something that could be neutral. that created him -- is it marble? is that cement? i don't even think the public
9:59 am
was given the space to weigh in on that. it's interesting. >> it's very interesting and we need more communication. i do think this is going to backfire. i saw a poll, critical race theory, 68% rejected. we are at a tipping point. >> i think they reflect that and they reflect the confusion and exhaustion and overwhelming tenets we've been citing. when you're overloaded, it ceases to take on that meeting. i wonder, when all of this is over, it's restored, and all the tax dollars are spent to create this perfect landscape, what will we have lost, what will have passed us by, and we will have nothing to pay a mosh do? as our children keep suffering in public schools while their forced to focus on this.
10:00 am
>> were there any talks about what else they could have made that out of? i'm just curious about how detailed it could have been. >> it could have been black marble. i said, go talks to barack obama! he ultimately approved it. >> fascinating. we have to follow up here is "america reports." >> thank you so much, the battle over george's new voting law heading to court, the state fighting back after the attorney general asked the justice department for suing the state for overturning it. fox news is learning they're putting other republican states on notice. >> brad ratzenberger joins us with how they will take on the doj. on deck, jonathan generally, and general jack steen. >> we begin with a fallout over


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