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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  June 25, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> bill: this administration is going after republican states that changed the voting laws and will continue for some time. there is a case before the u.s. supreme court. if this case goes forward in all likelihood a year from now we'll talk about it at the u.s. supreme court. >> dana: oh lot of news today and throughout the day. harris faulkner is up next with "the faulkner focus". >> harris: we begin here vice president kamala harris finally arriving at the border and just finished touring a central migrant processing center and facing growing backlash already for skipping the actual areas hardest hit by illegals pouring over the border. the vice president said this as she arrived in texas a short time ago. >> how did you decide now was the time to come to the border
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>> not my first trip. i've been to the border many times. this important aspect of this visit is having this visit after the work we did in guatemala and mexico. i said back in march i was going to come to the border. this is not a new plan. >> harris: however, critics are asking if this is too little too late. the vice president finally went to the border 93 days after president biden named her point person on the migrant crisis as i mentioned. leaders in both political parties say kamala harris is avoiding the real trouble area. >> when it comes to the numbers encounters with people flowing in illegally has surged by nearly 450% in the el paso sector in the first part of this year. that's bad. but that's certainly not the real epicenter of what we're seeing. in the rio grande sector the numbers are up 700%.
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in fact, the texas lieutenant governor dan patrick is calling what he is seeing an invasion at this point. >> it is an invasion. i know people don't like that word. some people don't like it but it's true. that's what is happening. america and texas is being invaded. they have oef created a new slavery class. women and children into sex trafficking and massage parlors and young men going to low wages and paying 1/3 to the cartels. they are enslaving a brand-new population in america. >> harris: by the way, last we checked the texas lieutenant governor was still awaiting an invitation from the white house because you have to get one to join the motorcade with the vice president according to the lieutenant governor. just that quick update. he still hasn't gotten an invitation to go to the border to meet her. casey stiegel is live in el paso. >> it has been nearly four months now since we first
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started reporting on what was happening down here along the southern border and just as you alluded to in that time there have been multiple calls from both sides of the aisle. both republicans and democrats calling for president biden or for vice president harris to come down here and see things up close. well, today is the day brand-new video just into fox news of the v.p.'s first stop. the tour of the central processing facility here in el paso where she met with some of the agents who have been working on the front lines. she is then expected to meet with a handful of what are called ngos or non-government organizations. those are essentially volunteers and nonprofit groups like catholic charities who have been assisting with the migrant surge. but as you heard, the white house continues to defend the timing of this visit. listen. >> this is not a new plan but
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reality of it is that we have to deal with causes and we have to deal with the effects. >> now vice president harris has traveled to guatemala and mexico in recent months as we've reported and met with their respective leaders to help address what they call the root causes of migration. but since then we can tell you that the cbp data has not shown any real decline in the number of apprehensions or encounters along the southern border. all in all this is a rather quick stopover, harris. she is on the ground for five hours or so before heading out to california. back to you. >> harris: thank you very much. and the president now says his vice president is doing a great job on the border crisis despite her decision to wait more than three months to go to an unfolding disaster. >> what are you hoping the vice
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president can do at the border tomorrow? >> president biden: she has gone a great job so far and the reason why it's important that she go down, she has now set up the criteria, having spoken with the president of mexico, guatemala, visited the region, to know what we need to do. >> harris: the vice president of the national border patrol council and art, first of all, welcome to "the faulkner focus". on what is a really critical day in this whole journey about the border crisis. i'm curious. what will the vice president kamala harris miss out on by not going to the actual epicenter areas? what is she not going to see? five hours isn't a tremendous amount of time no matter where she would go. >> well, she is going to el paso, which is the one area on the southwest border that is mostly controlled. that's what the problem is. if she wanted to see how bad it is with the entries, she would go to rio grande valley.
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if she wanted to see how bad the people that are getting away are, she would come to tucson, number one in the entire country when it comes to gotaways. el paso is the one area it was controlled and going for five hours. honestly, harris, it is a slap in the face to the men and women out there putting their lives on the line every day for at least 10 hours a day in areas which are a lot busier than where she is going. she is getting the dog and pony show is what she will get. >> harris: you know, she also will get the media, you know, somewhat to quiet down and republicans, too, about how she didn't go before former president trump because he is scheduled to go next week or at least in the next few days. and i'm just curious, too, if you don't go to where children are in this whole scenario where democrats said they cared the most about that issue even though everybody cares about that issue. they wanted to own that.
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art, how much do they own the fact that there have been some really dire and negative reports about what is happening to those kids in our facilities under biden's watch coming across the border? >> under the last administration it was getting handled and more under control. this administration comes in, get rid of all the policies that were working, and i can tell you that the amount of people that are coming across it is because of this administration. it has nothing to do with anything that was inherited. the lives of the kids that are coming across, the people that are smuggling and sex trafficking and the drugs coming in falls on the hands of this administration. they're the ones that caused this. no one else's fault but theirs and a slap in the face to go to el paso. even worse to go there for only five hours. honestly, i know what you are saying it will quiet some people down. i don't think it will. she could have gone the same thing from not coming at all. if she really wanted to make a
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difference and see what was going on she would go to the hot zones where it is actually happening. >> harris: it's interesting, lieutenant governor of texas dan patrick had a lot to say yesterday. it is like going to boston for something happening in washington, d.c. if you know anything about the map on the east close that's not even close. a congressman from texas in a fox news op-ed argues biden's border crisis is hammering our state. ask anyone living in our border states and they'll tell you president biden won't even knowledge the illegal immigration problem let alone take steps necessary to protect them. what is your reaction to that? >> he is right. it's happening across the country, not just affecting border states. the individuals that are crossing into the united states illegally are going to different parts of the country. the drugs that are being brought in. i can tell you right now the drug cartels are making a killing off of this crisis. because not only are they charging people to cross
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through the southern border but they are making a lot of money with the drugs that are being sent across. they will send a group of people, they will have agents respond. the acts have to take care of processing and need to take care of the unaccompanied juveniles all the way an open freeway for the drug cartels to bring drugs across and it is affecting every single state in the union, not just border states. >> harris: so art, national border control vice president. you talk to people and giving guidance and advice and also listening. i'm curious about the contingent that would be with you called it a dog and pony show for the vice president down there in el paso, texas today. who is with her in terms of who can really show her what's going on? and dan patrick said lieutenant governor of texas wasn't even invited. we do know the democrats who were with her today. >> right. it is hard to see who is actually going to go with her. probably people that are within
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the administration, within the agency that they aren't going to be very vocal because they don't want to hurt their career and their future. that's part of the problem. in the past when we've had individuals come out here to the southern border i can tell you they have taken the time to say we'll meet with the administration and the agency and government officials but we're going to take the time to speak to the people that are really being affected. we'll take the time to speak to members of the national border patrol council to find out what the needs are. none of that is happening in this situation and once again, you know, the area she is going is the one that's more controlled anyway. >> harris: art, you and i have been in arizona at times when things were heated before. it is on fire down there right now and there are definitely hotter spots than others. it will be -- >> harris, i can tell you >> harris: why the vice president didn't go to one of those. >> you have been to more hot
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spots than she has. >> harris: i know i have. i got married near one. >> you've seen it. >> harris: i have. okay. good to see you. thank you. we'll get back together as the news warrants. there will be a lot to talk about as you say this basically has a net zero affect on things having her go there. thank you, art. a race for survivors in the devastating florida building collapse. >> we have hope and every time that we hear a sound, we concentrate on that area. we send additional teams utilizing devices and canine and personnel. so as we continue to hear those sounds we concentrate on those areas. >> harris: families on edge as emergency personnel desperately are searching through the rubble. look at that. you can't see an open space. we pray, pray, pray. we are live at the scene with the absolute latest. plus critics calling out
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>> harris: and we have breaking news from the department of justice on america's voting laws. you are looking at right now kristin clarke, the assistant a.g. on civil rights just moments ago attorney general merrick garland, also with her, announced a d.o.j. lawsuit against the state of georgia
8:18 am
over its new election law. garland says he believes the d.o.j. says the new law makes it harder for black people to vote. here is merrick garland moments ago. >> i expressed concern about the dramatic rise in state legislative actions that will make it harder for millions of citizens to cast a vote that counts. we are scrutinizing new laws that seek to curb voter access and that where we see violations of federal law, we will act. in keeping that promise, today the department of justice is suing the state of georgia. >> harris: as you know, voter i.d. discussions about election laws are moving across the country and we know in recent polling some 80% of americans are supportive of having an identification on you when you go to vote. georgia's voting laws now again
8:19 am
in the spotlight as the d.o.j. and merrick garland take aim for a lawsuit against that state. we'll follow the news as it happens. at least four people are confirmed dead now. rescue crews are working around the clock to sift through what you see at the center of your screen. that's the rubble from the floors, the multiple floors of that condominium in south florida that collapsed in surfside florida early thursday morning. 120 people have been accounted for. however, the number has bumped up significantly of those still missing, 159. surfside's mayor hopes to find more survivors after 35 people were initially rescued. watch. >> we have one focus and that focus is to bring people out of that rubble alive. we just need to stay focused
8:20 am
and hope the weather cooperates with us and we have a small fire that keeps breaking out in the basement of the building that we're fighting and we did have some debris that was loose up on top of the building we needed to bring some heavy equipment to take off. our first responders and search and rescue teams are constantly eager to get back on the job and are on the job now. so that's all we're doing. >> harris: steve harrigan is live in surfside with more on this. steve, the mayor told me yesterday when he was on with us many of the people have been accounted for walked out on their own and able to escape and then the rescue missions began. they made a lot of progress in finding people. that number 159 unaccounted for is heartbreaking. >> that's right, harris. people walked out or ran out onto the beach. we're hearing more survivor stories, some of them terrifying. some of those people who got out could hear screams behind them of people who couldn't get
8:21 am
out. sometimes balconies or stairways blocking people's exits. we're seeing more heavy machinery operating today. fema is here and ramping up and going at the site from both directions. from above the surface trying to move debris and below the surface tunneling in with smaller machinery trying to find anyone who is alive. they are using dogs, listening devices as well as cameras and they are doing so at great personal risk, these first responders. here is the mayor of miami-dade. >> this work is being done at extreme risk to these individuals. debris is falling on them as they do their work. we have structural engineers on site to assure that they will not be injured but they are proceeding because they are so motivated and they are taking extraordinary risk. >> you mentioned the key figure, 159 people still not accounted for. that is up a lot from yesterday.
8:22 am
just 99. this is also more of an international tragedy as well. 24 people from south america, at least 20 from israel. big sections of the world watching what's going on as the big cranes and fire trucks move through this rubble. back to you. >> harris: as the mayor said yesterday, steve, having a building just fall like that, 12 stories, 136 units in first world doesn't happen. the whole world has its eyes on this. how does this just happen? and one quick question about that fire that law enforcement say keeps popping up. you can see the smoke to the right of your screen as they look up. >> that's right. if you can go to the smoke to the right of our screen. some of the work underneath does set off sparks and sets off fires creating a really bad atmosphere that was bad to begin with here and now you have smoke and ash coming
8:23 am
through it really makes your eyes water. a difficult scene. difficult for those first responders as well. so we're wondering, they just brought in a hook and ladder truck and extended the ladder. are they going to try to go in with that ladder or go down below? will we see the removal of some bodies? the death toll stands now at 4. we do expect that to rise in the days ahead, harris. >> harris: you gave us such rich detail as your photographer was able to zoom in. i didn't realize you could see the smoke where you were standing. you say you can smell it. you choke on it. steve harrigan. we'll come back to you as they begin to do whatever they will do with the all-important crane. that's what's next and we'll keep our eyes on it through you. thank you. hashtag creepy joe is trending on twitter after president
8:24 am
biden's bizarre aggressive stage whispering into the microphone in response to reporters' questions at a news conference yesterday. watch. >> president biden: we said people are waiting for relief. i got them $1.9 trillion relief so far. they will be getting checks in the mail that are consequential this week for childcare. i wrote the bill on the environment. why would i not be for it? pay them more. this is an employees' bargaining chip now. what's happening? >> harris: like a 1970s version. if you want to get somebody's attention, whisper. he is the president for goodness sake. big reaction on social media. look at the wall. one critic responded this is nuts. republican congressman andy biggs chimed in with creepy joe
8:25 am
took on a new meaning. another wrote it is painful. sean duffy is former republican congressman and judy miller is investigative reporter at the manhattan institute. both are news fox news contributors. sean duffy, what was that? >> well, i don't know what this is. i don't know if it's more creepy weird joe biden behavior or dementia. he smells women's hair. more weird behavior. he is on the world stage. on that stage the rest of the world watches you and to lean forward and whisper your answers kind of leads me to believe there is some level of dementia. it doesn't project strength and command of a room. it projects weakness and weirdness. i don't know what to make of it. it is bizarre. >> harris: all right. let's go there with other world
8:26 am
leaders. by the way, people who know judy miller and me know we're friends for a long time. more coverage on iran than anybody in the world. what are world leaders talking about, those people who are particularly not our allies when they see something like this? >> i think they are saying, harris, joe is joe biden. we know that hehe is mr. gaffe, we know that he has a very weird way of -- >> president biden: - >> he was annoyed at being criticized for snapping at reporters and now he wanted to whisper to us. it is just joe biden being joe. look, you've got to look at what he is doing and not what he says and how he is saying it because his record of accomplishment so far is pretty impressive. when you have to talk -- when you have to talk in a microphone that's not a serious
8:27 am
criticism as far as i'm concerned. >> harris: that's what republicans and democrats were arguing over with the former president. look at what is being accomplished on criminal justice reform and some of the biggest issues. everybody's messaging, the way they talk ordeal with people different. now democrats want that grace. quick response and i'll move on. >> he has open borders, drugs and people coming into the country we can't identify. we have inflation because he spent so much money. i think it's been a disaster. you can't say it's gaffe joe. you have to act like a president. judy didn't come out and say this was donald trump. that's okay he behaves that way. you want a president to behave presidential. joe should get on the program or have a mental health examination. >> harris: kamala harris had to remind joe biden to talk about that deadly miami apartment
8:28 am
collapse yesterday. had to remind him. watch. >> president biden: i've got to get helicopter. >> can we ask you about florida? >> president biden: i apologize, thank you vice president. >> harris: judy. >> that's what vice presidents are for, to remind presidents that important news -- >> harris: wow, you are giving everybody a big pass. is that what vice president -- he has given her seven jobs and one of them she is sort of trying to go to today by not going to the epicenter of the border. she has a lot of jobs on her plate. reminding a forgetful president? >> it was 24 hour news coverage. everyone was covering the collapse. building. he says he cares about people. you have people still probably in the rubble. a big rescue mission going on.
8:29 am
you would think he would say listen, my heart is with the people in florida and we will give all the aid to the folks in florida. you should respond to that. to think that kamala harris has to remind him shows joe is missing several beats here and is not all with it. >> i think when americans open their envelopes and get $1400, 160 million americans will get that money from the bill that everyone said he couldn't pass and he did, when we roll up our sleeves and see all the americans who have gotten shots. when we go back to as harris pointed out his foreign policy. the paris climate accord, people will look at the record. >> harris: i didn't point that out. >> rather than these very unusual public presentation. >> harris: i think judy will join their press office. a couple of her travel aides
8:30 am
have left for kamala harris. she is doing some traveling. sean and judy to another day. the media honeymoon may be over for vice president kamala harris as she is caving to the pressure to go to the border finally. why even the liberal "los angeles times" was calling her ineffective and there's this. >> how do you feel it's going? you have such high marks from the vast majority of the people in that room. you spar a little bit with some of the president's detractors but i'm sure privately even they give you grudging respect. >> harris: the media can't get enough of white house press secretary jen psaki. is it getting to be too much? tammy bruce will take a look at it next.
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>> harris: as vice president kamala harris feignly pays a visit to the order the media's love affair with the v.p. may be on the rocks. even the liberal "los angeles times" ran this headline. quote, essential politics, failure of elections bill shows limits of kamala harris's influence. it doesn't hold back noting the quote, justifiable skepticism after biden tapped harris to lead the administration voting rights push adding that her lack of any significant engagement in the senate has not been a surprise. quite a difference from january when they uncovered covering harris and her historic rise to the white house. tammy bruce is a fox news contributor. first of all, compare january
8:37 am
to now. >> well, obviously they had an opinion what she was going to accomplish. they lived in a world where they imagined what she was going to do. the problem is because they are propagandists for the democrats, they never really see clearly the politicians they're covering. they never really see or thought about seeing what kamala harris accomplished or did not accomplish as californians will tell you when she was attorney general and when she was operating in california. so then you are really driven by your imagining. and by your hopes, by things not about real accomplishments or the real nature of someone. and that can be embarrassing. it leads the press to do what they did, pump her up presuming she was everything they imagined. well, she is clearly not. the problem is she not only is not the wish fantasy they had. she is not doing a good job. and that's what is concerning them, i think. she was appointed to the border as you have been discussing.
8:38 am
it certainly has dropped that ball. has not performed well. is defensive. does embarrassing statements. lester holt's interview is an example and it's concerning them. what would you expect when she was appointed by biden as you noted to be the leader in the voting rights legislation, everybody was joking that means that's not going to happen. it was true. it didn't happen. so i think it comes down to some media realizing if -- this is the issue about criticism. criticism helps move people forward. it helps you understand what has gone wrong and what you need to change. if you aren't being criticized. if people are cleaning your shoes for you, you are going to mistakes. >> harris: quickly because i want to get to the next point here but the d.o.j. a short time ago announced that it is going after the state of georgia in a lawsuit over its voting rights. is that a sign they are now
8:39 am
picking up where -- you see where i'm going with that? i thought she was in charge of that. she is a former a.g. of a big state. >> she sure is. obviously georgia would expect that -- this is i think embarrassing for her team. she is advised by her sister and this becomes a problem when it comes to issues of group think and people who would actually be willing to be critical. her sister, maya, was a major advisor for hillary clinton's 2016 campaign and we know how well that went. so this becomes a problem. she seems to be i would argue isolating herself from the biden administration and also as a result from being able to do a good job. >> harris: wow. he continues to praise her, the president. the media may be down on the vice president but still high on white house press secretary
8:40 am
jen psaki. msnbc nicole wallace gushing over the president's chief spokesperson. >> you have such high marks from the vast majority of the people in that room. you spar a little bit with some of the president's detrackors but i'm sure privately even they give you grudging respect. how do you feel like it's going? >> i used to have some heated debates with reporters and they would yell at me and i would say when i walk back through those doors i'm the only who cares if you get a call back today. stand your ground. >> it won't be a forum for propaganda and false information. you are standing your ground as often as you can. >> harris: what is that? [laughing] >> that's like a girl gang, right? they are buddies. talk about shiny shoes, jen
8:41 am
psaki has to be blinded at this point when it comes to what's going on with her. americans have seen the media become effectively propagandists and that's a problem for the democracy because americans rely on some objective information coming out of the news so that we can make decisions about what our lives are going to be. they play a very important role. when you see that collapsing into propaganda and people see that, you know you aren't getting the information you need. with all the complaints we had about how the media handled president trump, you had one extreme lies and movement of narratives from the left with that president. here you pretty much have silence or fawning over these individuals. americans then know to be suspicious and we need people to be able to trust the news but right now there are few outlets, why you and i are here at fox, that are willing to do this in the right way.
8:42 am
>> harris: press in and don't make a scene as my mom used to say. good get the facts. i was waiting for them to braid each other's hair. i like that. i have girls in my household. tammy, thank you very much. as hunter biden's artwork fail is not enough another family member in the biden group getting ready to cash in on the family name. an advisory board is pushing the f.a.a. to go woke in the name of gender neutrality. the terms they're now being told to change. kat timpf is here to break it down. britney spears apologizing to her fans after her conservatorship hearing yesterday. why the pop star is now opening up to the public in her battle for freedom. ♪♪♪
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we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. >> harris: britney spears fans are outraged after her emotional plea to end an abusive conservatorship that's controlled her life since 2008.
8:48 am
and now britney is speaking directly to her fans. it happened in a lengthy instagram post she said quote i apologize for pretending like i've been okay the past two years. i did it because of my pride and i was embarrassed the share what happened to me, end quote. jonathan hunt is live for us in l.a. jonathan. >> good morning. having had her day in court britney spears taking a slightly different message to her fans via that instagram page which has 30 million followers. essentially saying her life is not what it might look like on social media. spears says she loves fairy tales but her life has not been one despite what some people might think about her wealth and fame. she writes, quote, i'm bringing this to people's attention because i don't want people to think my life is perfect because all caps, it is definitely not. but while apologizing for pretending she has been okay
8:49 am
but honestly who doesn't want to capture their instagram in a fun light? believe it or not. pretending that i'm okay has actually helped. the instagram post follows an angry speech to a court this week in which spears pleaded to be given back control of her life which has been run by a conservatorship led largely by her father for the past 13 years. in that statement she accused her father and other conservators of controlling all aspects of her life forcing her to work, forcing her to medication she did not want to take, forcing her even to use contraception she does not want to use. her father, jamie, the target of much of spears' anger issued a statement through his lawyers not addressing the accusations his daughter made but simply saying he loves her and misses her. spears said in her instagram post the social media outlet has helped her saying it made her feel she matters, despite
8:50 am
what she is going through. she has still yet to file a formal petition to have the conservatorship ended and she has to do that if the court is ever going to act. >> harris: she was telling friends until she had to fake it until she made it. it looks like hunter biden may not be the only one cashing in on the family's name with his sister, valerie, now, publishing a memoir to examine her life growing up with the president. one person tweeted i wish i was a biden, i could really use a nice infusion of cash. fox nation host kat timpf joins me now. and perhaps it will soon be kat timpf biden. she needs a little cash. i'm not sure. what is your take on this? >> it is very common in politics for both parties and in the corporate world for
8:51 am
nepotism to exist. what is interesting about this is that biden and his team seem to have really made it a big deal to say hey, we don't do this here. donald trump hired his kids. we aren't doing any of that. that's not really an accurate representation. she actually said before i have a better seat at the table because, you know, joe is at the head of the table. it goes back a long time. in 2008 there was a report that said biden was one of the top five senators in terms of giving payments and salaries and fees to his family members. so obviously this is the only family that does this in politics or in the corporate world. it isn't the only family but it has done a lot of it throughout a lot of years. it is quite strange to have them going on and on about having this policy where they don't do that or they would never do that, because they do. >> harris: what's really interesting as you were talking i was thinking about what tammy bruce told me about kamala
8:52 am
harris's system but it's the cash part. sell my art for more than it would ever be worth because his name is biden and what critics are saying and the drug-fueled parties with the escort. it makes it problematic for the president. >> the receipts stand in stark contrast to the statements which is something that no matter who you are, that bothers me. >> harris: did we talk about the divestment that hasn't happened with the chinese corporation which president biden promised there would be no family members that would be in that situation yet hunter reportedly is? it's only an hour show. meanwhile an f.a.a. advisory group is pushing the agency to start using gender neutral
8:53 am
terms replacing airmen and pilots -- i didn't know pilot was a gender term and changing cockpit to flight deck. instead of saying airman you will say pilot. instead of saying cockpit you say flight dick. the group says research shows the utilization of gender neutral language can lead to a more inclusive environment that draws for people to the industry and helps keep them there. what is your take? >> as you suggested i don't know anyone who doesn't say pilot already. also this is an insane thing for them to be focusing on right now when the airlines are having so many problems keeping up with the demand now that things are opening up because they have issues with maintenance, labor and staffing shortages. just last weekend american airlines had to cancel 400 flights due to planes that had maintenance issues, labor and
8:54 am
staffing shortages and they admit openly they'll be 20 to 25 capacity of what they were in 2019 even though the demand is so high. i think this advisory board should maybe, just maybe be focusing on how to get people who have bought tickets on a plane than what to call a room on the plane. as somebody who sometimes travels, that is what would be most important to me. >> harris: no doubt. two things there that kind of pop up to me. airman is more of a military term. my dad was a combat pilot when it came to actually doing his job, that's what they called him. so i'm not sure the f.a.a. for civilian life. i don't know where they are going with that. in the last couple of days, kat, that number from 450 to 950, closer to 1,000 flights that american airlines is going to close. you get final word. >> i was going to say listen, people want to get out.
8:55 am
they have been cooped up, want to get on planes. if you buy a ticket and you can't get on the plane because of all these issues as you mentioned that escalating, let's focus on solving that. >> harris: yeah. all right, kat timpf, thank you for being in "the faulkner focus" today. always good to have you. have a great weekend. "outnumbered" after the break.
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>> harris: fox news alert. desperate search for possible survivors of that miami area building collapse. at least four people are confirmed dead. 159. that number much bigger than it has been are missing. teams of rescuers are digging through the wreckage. listening so carefully for sounds of any victims, clinging to hope that some may still be alive. you're watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here's my cohost,


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