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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 24, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> harris: and we start with breaking news this hour as we await a news conference from florida governor ron desantis on the deadly building collapse in south florida. after that terrifying incident, this is a dramatic moment, that condominium collapse with people inside, it happened in surfside right near miami. there are confirmed reports, one person is dead and at least two hospitalized and fears many more are trapped beneath the
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wreckage. we have confirmed that fox news that 51 people remain unaccounted for. steve harrigan's live in surfside florida. >> this is live after it took place at 1:30 a.m., this condominium tower had 136 units, the northeast side of it, 55 units gone, they collapsed just after 1:30, they form now a pile of debris three stories high, the big question is how many people still remain in that debris and how many are still alive? officials remain clear that this is still search and rescue operation and rescue officials were at work over nine with dogs, drones, listening devices trying to save who they could. 36 people were saved in the rubble, among those rescued was a 10-year-old boy, a passerby walking his dog, found the boy and alerted security workers to rescue him, the boy called out that he did not want to be left alone, the search and rescue
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operation continues now, they hope to find people allied and they their using tunnels under drones and dogs to try to save whoever they can. harris, back to you to you. >> harris: you know, steve, part of the problem they were facing as rescuers as the storm system that came in, the drywall and other materials in that building make it difficult to protect the emergency crews because you can see the collapse, what is the latest on that situation in the weather where you are now? >> there was heavy rain as you mentioned and lightning and it dissipated somewhat, we expected an hour or two go for it to clear up and it will certainly make things easier for the rescue workers but they took tremendous risk especially over night when many of them went into the partially collapsed building trying to say boo they could and of course the rain not making that structure anymore sound today, harris. >> harris: wright, steve harrigan, we will come back to you with the news more on this hour, at 12:30 p.m. eastern we learned that governor ron desantis will join city officials there in
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surfside with a news conference. to bring us up to speed, you know, as often as we can we will show you the family reunification hotline, the importance of that is, those 51 people who remain unaccounted for, they are hoping that some of them weren't in the building and they need to hear from those people so we will keep that number up as often as possible. the other thing that's making news right now, emily and kayleigh, is the mayor of surfside and what he had to say about the conditions are in the building, when you have a mayor that says "this doesn't happen in the first world, buildings don't just fall," he's right about that and we will hear from the governor, not just the city mayor coming up. >> kayleigh: the mayor went on to say that the chances of this are less than being struck by lightning, it's as if the base of the building was pulled out from under it, this is very likely unlikely to occur, the mayor acknowledged that. the little boy that was saved, thank god for that, he was under
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his bed, clearly sleeping and a bystander conveyed, unclear the status of his mom so we pray for the 51 people who are missing and especially for that mother that the little boy has not lost his mother. >> harris: parents were among the people they were looking for a shortly after one: 40:00 a.m. eastern when this happened. he was pulled out relatively early, think the good lord. a couple things, the mayor of surfside, is due to join us at any moment so when he joins we can talk all about his comments that he made and what he's hearing from his community and again, in about 26 minutes or so we are expecting a news conference to begin with both him and the governor of florida so a lot to get you on the story, the florida condominium collapse. one dead, to go people hospitalized and we are told to expect those numbers arise, unfortunately but it's kayleigh has said, we pray among the 51 they will call that number.
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let's put that back on the screen, called a reunification number and say no, you don't have to look for me or my family because i wasn't in it. emily, it's a big chunk of that structure, 136 units, 12 stories, 55 units collapsed and in those that are above the three that were crushed below, people were able to get out but as you look at the car, listening is such a huge, important part of rescue and the blaring of the car horns and alarms going off made early rescue efforts really complicated, the city had a storm system moving in and outs of those rescuers are no doubt exhausted at this point, our thoughts and prayers are with them, too, as they do their job and stay safe enough to get to the people, particularly those in the three floors of rubble, i just... when you look at that, we can't control all these pictures, lost to live it for a while as the storms moved in and we are back to a mix of both light and video but when you look at the crushed
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rubble of those three stories beneath the others, boy, it's hard to imagine what those rescuers are going through right now. >> emily: it's often what we see in these horrible tragedies and of course we can'tn imagine the level of this catastrophic collapse hear about the whole point is that i think the footage never does it justice, only when you are there in person do you really realize the magnitude, 55 units have collapsed and at this point they were going from balcony to balcony with a fire ladder on the side of the building that was left standing appearing to look for people who might be trapped, we've mentioned comments the mayor has made earlier, he said the search dogs had not found any survivors which he said was a great disappointment and this also really illustrates as well all of the working together of the different agencies and groups that come together in something like this, the red cross has already worked to get people from 50 of 15 of these units set up into hotels, unfortunately what's horrifying and heartbreaking is the surfside commissioner has said it might
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take weeks for them to know, in her words, who is under the rubble, who survived and who didn't survive, that's a lot of people unaccounted for and lots of families very concerned. obviously our prayers and full hearts are going out to those who are seeking answers to those questions but it seems that we might be in for quite a long haul of what this investigation will uncover physically as well as potentially -- >> harris: emily, i'm going to cut in because we have the mayor of surfside florida, charles burkett is with us, we need to ask you a few questions, mayor, can you hear us? my first question for you has to do with what is going on right now, the rescue efforts are underway but that's been really complicated, just bring us up to speed. >> we got the call at about 2:00 this morning and we came out and
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we've got a modern building that just collapsed. a large modern building, 12 stories, 130 unit condominium on the ocean just collapsed, it looks like there was an earthquake, it's inexplicable and we are all scratching our heads trying to figure out what the problem is. that air conditioning work on the top, that is an everyday occurrence. we've got a tragedy here that's beyond any of our imagination. we've got 15 families out this morning in the middle of the night, we've got third or more of the building that collapsed like a pancake that i don't even want to think about what we'd find in that area. >> harris: i'm curious, when you say 15 families got out, were people in those upper floors able to get out on their own or has this been a rescue
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effort? >> they walked out on their own, apparently they couldn't get out to the lobby because it was blocked but they were able to get out, i believe on the second floor, the pool deck, ten people were treated and two were sent to the hospital, unfortunately one passed away. and then i think a little bit later on and i didn't see that but we had that little boy that was found. which was a little bit of good news. >> harris: as kayleigh was saying, he had his hand sticking out and a bystander was interviewed by one of our reporters down there and the bystander said he could hear what sounded like a little boy's voice and that's exactly, the boy was asking "please don't leave me." >> i saw that, heartbreaking. but we've got, i mean, you can't believe that amazing response we've had from dade county and all of our municipalities around
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little surfside, there is a command center set up here, we've got experts, dogs, engineers. >> harris: and you have the governor coming. >> he's coming in about 15 minutes, i believe i'm going to meet with him, debbie wasserman schultz has been very helpful, the white house has called, they are working on some ideas to help us. so it seems like everybody is really pitching in. >> emily: mayor, this is emily compagno, can you give us a little bit of insight into the actual numbers of all of those amazing experts and participating in the rescue efforts underway here? how many dogs, how many search and rescue members and fire department and the like, do you have the ability to grasp the magnitude on to play right now? >> there is no shortage of people here to help.
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and as i look around we've got fire trucks, rescue trucks, all kinds of high tech equipment up and down the street and if something needs to be done, it is done. late last night it was a little tough because we needed a light and of resources with a port in, the county mayor did an awesome job, dade county fire department did an awesome job, like i said, all the municipalities, it's just amazing, it's really amazing. the three kayleigh mcenany here, two quick questions for you, you mentioned earlier there was some concern about the other portion of the building collapsing. i just want to follow up on that and ensure that our first responders are taking all necessary precautions. additionally we love to hear more about the white house offered, i assume the support of the federal government full force. >> with respect to the first
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question, we... i think everybody is assuming that the building is not structurally sound at this point and acting accordingly. having said that, these fire guys and search and rescue guys literally went into the building knowing it could collapse and were seeking out people who needed help and needed to be escorted out, i think they got a few people out like that, the people that actually didn't come out on their own arm were sleeping or otherwise incapacitated were helped out. so there's been some amazing heroism here in surfside. but you know, that doesn't diminish the fact that we are suffering very badly, i mean, the worst is yet to come, i fear, because we've got at least half the building back there that is pancake, it's collapsed onto itself, and you've got balconies that were once ten or 12 feet apart that are now 2 feet apart on top of each other and you can imagine what
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that looks like. >> harris: mayor burkett, we are getting a better description from you than we've had all morning long, they moved reporters back the perimeter, by block so it's harder to see, you you are first person there and also familiar with what was in that building, i'm really curious to know, when you say half the building, that is a bigger portion then were told and it makes these pictures make sense. >> you know, there is a clip that's going around right now and i can get that to your person if they need it, but it is in slow motion and it's almost like a timed demolition, it's the most upsetting thing you're going to see and it is... there's a huge portion of that building in the rear. that's where the biggest part was because that's where the ocean is and it just all came down. one part came down first and
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then the other start to my part stood up for a few seconds and that came down. to be when we show that video last hour and i'm going to ask our team here on "outnumbered" to roll it because you are right, it looks like somebody just tipped it over. >> it's not unlike what happened in new york in 2001. >> it's not unlike what happened in new york in 2001, these buildings just came down on top of each other. they didn't fall over, they didn't do anything except come straight down. >> harris: a lot of investigation, you mentioned, no connective tissue here that we know of yet investigativewise. and i understand next door they were doing some construction? is there anything to that? >> i'm actually standing next to it and yeah, i think there is, i think there was lots of pounding and pylons going in because
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that's what happens when you build a new building but then again, you know, that happens all the time up and down the coast, they build new buildings next to old buildings and you don't have buildings falling down so i think we really need to get in there and first we need to save as many people as we can, which is exactly what's going on right now but once that's passed unfinished we need really need to find out what happened here. >> emily: mayor, and i was standing, obviously the first priority is triage, of accounting for those who are unaccounted for at this point, but has there been any conversation yet about the developer of this, are there any buildings you are considering in potential harm's way that might be following in this tragic wake of this building's collapse you are looking to potentially if evacuate or bolster? >> it's such a mental stretch to
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go there but we can't rule it out. i think, i think, i don't think, i know there is a sister building, this is champlain south and there is a champlain north that's identical and that begs the question, i'm sure we are going to be getting in there right away and taking a hard look at that building. it's hard to believe there could be any connection. >> kayleigh: jumping back and, following up on the conversation with the white house, i assume they are offering the full support of the federal government come government, ron desantis with the full support of florida as well. >> governor desantis has been amazing, his office has been amazing. you know, the staff out here, it seems like overkill and i'm sure it was not, you need these kinds of resources if you need them, we want to make sure the guys in the building have every
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resource, the resources out here that we do, you cannot believe what dade county has done here. >> harris: before we let you go, we are curious to know, updated numbers of the news conference because we've been told to expect that. >> up the challenge is there is no log of the owners going out of the building so we don't know -- >> harris: you can even get to the cameras. >> it's not just the cameras but there is a lobby, there are people down in the lobby, we just don't know who was in the unit and who wasn't, central number of relatives can call and that's how they are going to find out, they are calling to
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look for the relatives. >> harris: i've been asking people to please pay attention to that number at the bottom of the screen, the family reunification hotline. >> that's going to help us find out who is missing and who's not. >> harris: we will see you live with governor ron desantis as soon as you have your meeting with him and pull the news conference down there to bring the story more into focus and show us what's happening there on the ground, our prayers are with the families. >> i need to get there. >> harris: prayers with the families and the residence and also with the first responders because as you said, as they discover things it's going to be tough going. thank you for your time. because it's going to be awful, it's going to be awful and this is a grisly business and i am not looking forward to it. >> harris: mayor, thank you. i'm sorry that this happened. >> thank you.
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>> harris: so answers, perhaps, and more questions, no doubt. you've heard the surfside florida mayor, charles burket on what we can expect when governor ron desantis joined him for a news conference bottom of the hour thanking the governor and thinking local officials, debbie wasserman schultz, the white house, there were a long line of people who have responded to this just in terms of aid and resources and support but right now the men and women who keep us safe every day and respond to these sorts of emergencies as part of why they are on this lineup there dedicated to it are doing their very best to find survivors, surfside florida. we are covering the story live here on fox. stays with us. highs.ome values ard now's the time to use your va benefits
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>> harris: we have been watching this story unfold since before dawn around 1:48 east on a building collapsed, a major portion of it and surfside, florida, just outside miami, we know one person confirmed dead, at least two people taking to the hospital and we just spoke with the surfside mayor who told us more details about that and he said he expects the story to turn in such a way that it will become even more heartbreaking, that rescue efforts right now to find possible survivors are underway but what they are facing is daunting, 12 stories of more than 30% of that building, he said as much is half of that building is collapsed. just out of nowhere as far as they know now and they can even start with the investigation on why this happened until they can possibly find more survivors. the governor of florida,
9:25 am
ron desantis has said any moment from now, in a few minutes to join the mayor who just joined to be they will leave the contingency and fill us in on all the details and there's a several agencies working that scene looking for signs of life. we will bring you that news conference, you see them that there soon as it happens, live on "outnumbered." let's going out of the border crisis, the vice president's trip scheduled for tomorrow after 93 days, more than three months after she was tasked to a lead the administration's response to the surge of illegal immigrants but days after formed he was going to head to the border, upstaged by the vp? let's see if it will happen. it hasn't happened yet, we are watching, what's been keeping kamala harris so busy that she couldn't find the time the last more than three months to visit the border? a quick check of her schedule finds that in april she visited a bakery in chicago, delicious,
9:26 am
is that the one she bake the cookies with her face on it? speaking of baked goods, passed out cookies in her likeness to reporters while she was traveling to meet the president in guatemala, part of her trip to the northern triangle countries although she just went to one, she didn't go to the other two, a lot of people are coming across the border from honduras and... well, you know okay from the looks of the picture she had a good time there, the vice president also smiled well joining marchers for the capital pride parade earlier this month, we are not saying that's not important and the traveling she's been doing to talk about vaccinations also important. just days later she hosted a dinner party, inviting all female senators where she apparently also found the time to make her own cheese puffs but no plan to visit the border until yesterday, what change? our peter doocy tried to find out. >> was it important for the white house to have her seen at
9:27 am
the border before former president trump had a trip there next week? >> we made an assessment about when was an appropriate time for her to go to the border. >> harris: excellent, three months in. tomi lahren is here and so was juan williams, a lot of breaking news and you are along for the ride this hour as well. welcome. lieutenant governor of texas dan patrick told me last hour that going to el paso is like going to boston when the crisis is in d.c. coming out that they don't have a problem with this issue in el paso, texas, but is not the epicenter of what he'd really like from the vice president. >> tomi: listen, yesterday when we heard that vice president kamala harris was indeed going to the border, my first thought was let's make sure we clarify which border, i was very concerned that she wouldn't be heading to the right one but she is indeed going to our southern border, el paso is not the epicenter of what's happening right now, i'd prefer
9:28 am
she go down to mcallen, texas, there are several areas even going to arizona would be beneficial but i'm just happy she's going to the border. would we have to think that? we have our former president donald j. trump test thank for that one after he pledged to go to the border, i guess it turned up the heat on vice president kamala harris and 90-some days later she's finally heading to the border. my biggest concern is that she is going to tour and see detention facilities and my concern is that she's going to pass off the failures and pass it off under border patrol and further demonize them in the work that they've done. i really hope that doesn't happen, democrats, whenever they have a problem they created, often times law enforcement this case. >> harris: i'm going to come to you next, the head of border patrol under trump was allowed to this day, we saw an
9:29 am
announcement of a change in that position, politically behind the scenes. >> kayleigh: they didn't take this seriously, they were warned that they did just that, what confounds me, harris, by rolling back of the trump-era policies, basically saying we will let children in, we are not going to use covid as a reason to keep children out. amid this fire on our southern border they are going to allow families to come in, why would you have a raging forest fire on the border that jen psaki is trying to dismiss, she saying we made progress, meanwhile yesterday was the highest number of unaccompanied minors we've seen since the spring. when you have a raging fire, why do you poor kerosene on it? my thought is placating aoc, they are terrified of losing that aoc-ilhan omar wing of the
9:30 am
party, they know they are losing it day by day as long as they allow some of these trump-era policies era policies. >> harris: all right, are are left-leading strategist and guru juan williams is with us. >> juan: i think people are playing politics with immigration. the reality is if going to the border solve the immigration problem for our country this problem would have been solved years ago. the idea is that, harris, i think not responding to trump or anybody else, i think, you know, i think that went down to guatemala or mexico with announcements, don't calm, it's not safe. >> harris: the president of the united states' policies or sayings amicably different. >> juan: hang on, harris, can i speak for a second? i think she went down there with a clear message, also that she was going to help in terms of
9:31 am
u.s. funding for fighting against the cartels and against the coyotes and asking for cooperation in sending the message of the people, the migrants that are desperate, you know, faced with violence and political oppression and the cartels so that's why she went there. going to the border, you would think that a president or vice president would have something to announce. i don't know what it is that she has to announce but i am looking forward to it, clearly, but we have at the moment is real progress. we have had a real progress especially in dealing with the immigration of minors but now we you see from single adults it's popped up more but overall what you see is they are making an effort to actually cope with it. i just think congress remains missing in action, congress will do anything. republicans, let's go down for a selfie. to make an outrageous announcement, they won't do a
9:32 am
thing. congress will not, in 2013 -- >> harris: the white house has not responded to this. >> juan: congress has the power to act and congress won't act, in 2013, i think you have -- >> kayleigh: democrats have congress right now, juan. >> juan: you could have rubio, graham, republicans agree to what they agreed to in 2013 and get 40 million plus in terms of border security but right now because they are playing to the outrage on the right they won't vote for anything. they won't deal with this problem, they just want to play politics. >> emily: i just wanted to continue the dialogue with you here in that i think part of the frustration that people feel is that the vice president, by not engaging with him going to the
9:33 am
border is not hearing them, she's not seeing what's actually happening but because what we keep hearing from the boots on the ground there, border patrol, landowners there, american citizens there is that the problem is overwhelming, it's a forest fire so people are hoping by her physical presence maybe then she will know because there hasn't been a communication at the local and state level, that's the pattern we keep hearing and now we learned today in the past hour with you, harris, lieutenant governor there, dan patrick in texas talked about the fact that he had yet to receive an invitation by her communication from the vice president, has he said it, you don't just invite yourself to her motorcade so i think the questions remain, why is the vice president, then, potentially just checking a box because it seems like from what we know right now to your point as well, you expect an announcement? there's going to be no engagement, if the guys on the ground can't even depend on her to have a conversation to see what they are going through and have a conversation that we at least can have here for
9:34 am
5 minutes, what actually will be done? >> harris: what's interesting about that question -- >> juan: i think the secretary of homeland security and the department of homeland security has been there repeatedly so it's not a lack of communication, emily, i think those officials have had many chances to speak with federal officials and people in charge of customs and border patrol. we've seen additional resources center, i think you have a clash in terms of people saying what should be done and of course you have overly-political angle of some people saying, well, let's go back to trump-era policies, family separation and the rest, so many saw that is not only abusive and harmful but non-american in terms of our values. it's not a matter of lack of communication. >> harris: when you talk about what's happening to children and the fact that some of them don't even have the supplemental food that they need and it's not prepared in a safe way, we are overwhelmed here, we are taking
9:35 am
care of so many of them, you can throw barbs if you want at a former president but my goodness, i don't know that we would see kamala harris going to the border if it hadn't been for that former president. we don't know because she hasn't said anything and if she's going to announce something i hope she stays on the ground longer in el paso on this side of the border than she did in guatemala and mexico because our reporters on the ground said they saw a lot more than she did. >> kayleigh: the question is, is kamala going to go to the emergency facilities, she used to call this human rights abuse but no longer, apparently, i'd like to see her go to one of those facilities. president biden going off on guns yesterday, warning americans to brace for a violent summer as cities reopen from the pandemic. but communities are already facing a major surge in crime with murders in large cities jumping 30% since last year. the president going on to blame the crime spike on an excess of
9:36 am
guns. that's what we call a red herring, calling for tougher gun control laws and blasting second amendment advocates who say they need weapons to defend against the government. >> those who say the blood of patriots, you know, all that stuff about how we are going to move against the government, you think you need to have weapons to take on the government. you need f-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons. >> kayleigh: it's not the first time the president has said something like this, listen to this quote from february 2020 when he was still candidate biden. >> those that say the tree of liberty is a watered with the blood of patriotism, great line. guess what? the fact is if you are going to take on the government you need an f-15 with missiles, no way an ak-47's going to take care of you. >> kayleigh: i heard a lot of red herrings yesterday, many
9:37 am
academics are suggesting it's not the case, he says more background checks, we already have background checks and only 1.3% of guns, these are red herrings, these are not solutions. >> tomi: absolutely not but democrats are not going to offer us any solutions to the problems they created in this country by placating blm and lawlessness around the country and the deep on the police movement but isn't it interesting how democrats always lecture us on what rights we need and what rights we don't need or the extent that our rights go? that was part of his speech yesterday really lecturing americans on how much of the second amendment we really need. i know joe biden might not understand things very clearly at this point so i will say it very clearly, shall not be infringed means shall not be infringed. the lawlessness democrats have created in this country and how they attempt to go after the rights of law-abiding americans, if you want to see this country be divided keep talking about infringing on our
9:38 am
second amendment rights because that's the thing that will do it and hopefully that's the thing that will wake patriots up to go to the polls in the midterms and in 2024, our rights are under attack and under assault, it's happening plain as day and meanwhile our cities are burning to the ground, there's lawlessness, crime is out of control, all created and sustained by democrats as they sit back and laugh at the tragedy they are taking advantage of. >> harris: tomi lahren, we are going to get to a breaking news now, the president of the united states, interesting after we sat down in florida, a little bit of that in a very small way, i wonder if you will mention it, let's watch. >> reporter: there will be a reconciliation bill? >> i'm not going to answer that one, okay? i have a little different view on that one, i appreciate the fact that the president came out today to express what we all
9:39 am
believe which is we didn't get everything we wanted but we came up with a good compromise is going to help the american people. this is about infrastructure, every president over the past four or five presidents has talked about doing a big infrastructure package, we recall president trump proposed a $2 trillion infrastructure package, today we are announcing the framework for an historic investment in infrastructure, roads and bridges but also including broadband, our water system and our rail system, all of which is good for the economy, higher productivity, more economic growth, this is about the long term and is something that traditionally has been very bipartisan and i'm pleased today we will come together on our core infrastructure package, not noninfrastructure items, with a commitment from republicans and democrats alike to get this across the finish line so i appreciate my colleagues behind me, this was a team effort and everybody was equally involved, kyrsten sinema did a great job leading the effort.
9:40 am
>> harris: the president of the united states joined by the senators he just met with doc about infrastructure in this country, remember when he was running he was thinking he could get a bipartisan deal on this, the first of those types of steps that we will have seen and you see one of the sticking points they've been talking about, senator joe manchin is off to her left shoulder there on the screen so we will play this in its entirety on fox business live right now if you want to watch it there, we are covering breaking news here on fox news, as we wait for the florida governor ron desantis and other state and local officials, the mayor of surfside, florida, who joined us earlier this hour live on "outnumbered" to give us an idea of the tragedy unfolding at a large condominium in surfside and in fact, from his vantage point which is probably a street camera is what i'm guessing, you can't even really tell what has happened today about when you
9:41 am
flip the script on this, because the reporters and all of this, our cameras have been pushed more than a block away, there you go, you can see the damage, the carnage, because this is a fatal event of what they are dealing with, looking for survivors, we will bring that live news conference to you as it happens. let's take a quick break. banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin... decreases sugar... and slows food.
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the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out $50,000 or more, to pay down credit card debt and other expenses. and lower your payments $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa. >> the conservative speaker has got to go. >> she let us know that she's tired of being exploited, she feels controlled because she can't live how anyone else gets to live. >> a lot of the truth she was speaking sounded like it was very much beyond painful. >> she wants to have children and get married and they won't let her do that and it's
9:46 am
heartbreaking. >> emily: those are fans reacting after britney spears pleaded with a judge to be freed from her conservatorship saying she wants her life back and alleging abuse by her father and calling for him to be jailed. the 39-year-old singer and an emotional video testimony yesterday like in her situation to that of a sex-trafficked victim saying that she feels ganged up don, bullied and alone. she said "i cried on the phone for an hour and he loved every minute of it" emac. he loved the control. to hurt his own daughter, 100000%. "i had an iud, she wrote, to prevent me from having a baby. i just want my life back and it's been 13 years and it's enough. an attorney for her father says he loves his daughter and misses her very much. what are your thoughts on this? 's before you know, i think if
9:47 am
there is one topic that might be able to unite the country, republicans and democrats alike, it might be free britney, i'm so happy this is getting the attention it deserves and most of us cannot agree that we believe britney should be free from her conservatorship, there needs to be an investigation into exactly what is happened to her, those of you who are watched the documentaries on this i'm sure you, just as i have been horrified to see what's happened to this poor girl? back where this happened to britney with the whole shaving the head and the umbrella it was really the media and pop culture relishing in the train wreck that was britney spears and other stars that unfortunately went through a difficult time and that hasn't changed much. as much as celebrating and laughing at celebrities going through a difficult time, now we just cancel people. it goes back to our culture, i think we need to take a deeper look and i think this free britney movement is a great moment to do it.
9:48 am
>> emily: i think what's so heartbreaking about this and reading her full testimony, when you have the weight of the court system on you, you do exactly what you are told, her team threatened her, essentially, if you complain about this, what we will make public, the evidence we have on you will be worse, she talked about how she was afraid of getting sued, if you try to get out of this you are just going to get sued and you're going to lose, she said she couldn't even choose her own attorney, not dimension as she put it being forced into therapy multiple times a week, she set up what i was essentially imprisoned with a team of people who i pay and they would tell me exactly what to do and isn't 13 years enough? she talked about the fact that she has undergone evaluation after evaluation. she said "i don't want to do another one, i've done everything you've asked for 13 years and then some." the details are so heartbreaking to me because i've seen firsthand what it's like for
9:49 am
people who feel they have no choice, the proverbial "they," they will come after me, they will sue me, i will get in trouble or be publicly shamed, she talked about that, her therapy appointments were conducted in the really public westlake center where she said paparazzi would take photos of her crying coming out of her therapy appointments. she said, why can't you do it in my own home? everyone else gets to. i would watch as staff would come to the house, a different nail color every week, i was told nothing was open for a year. where was my self-care? she talked about the fact that she done everything, she let a team of 16 dancers and i can tell you firsthand, that is difficult, she did her own choreography and set at one point she argued, i don't want to do this move, you guys, i want to do it differently, she was acting as director at that point and what happened? they said that she was not agreeing with them, that she was refusing to abide by the rules of the conservatorship, that she was being, basically, obstinate
9:50 am
and that is when they punished her more so she saw, in this incredibly emotional and incredibly persuasive long speech to the judge, she said exactly what would happen if i didn't play by the rules and i have to point out as well that the judge at the end said "i just want to tell you that i certainly am sensitive to everything you said and how you are feeling and i know it took a lot of courage for you to say everything you have to say today." i agree with you, if there's one thing that is uniting us it is absolutely the free britney and she talked about the fact, she acknowledged that a lot of conservatorships are important, they are in place for certain reasons but she said i also believe many are abusive and this one, to me, is such. juan williams, do your thoughts on this? >> juan: i sure do, emily. i think the big question is when does she get agency over herself? because i think is we've heard on this panel, many people say, at her age, she's in her late
9:51 am
30s, she should be able to handle her affairs with the question is, can she? does she have the ability? we don't know that side of the story. >> harris: all right, we've got breaking news right now, what we told you and it is after that building collapse in south florida, the governor of florida, ron desantis showing up to give support along with the mayor of surfside, florida, where this has happened, it is a fatal accident, they are still looking for survivors, let's watch the governor. >> tragic scenes of a collapsed condominium complex but i just want to give credit to the search and fire department, the first responders, miami-dade county, they were on that scene before we knew whether there'd be more collapse, we didn't know whether the building had any structural integrity and they were shepherding people to safety. and they absolutely save people's lives so we really appreciate all that they have done and that they are continuing to do, had an opportunity to meet with the
9:52 am
mayor and her team well as the mayor of surfside and we just toward around the complex to be able to see, tv doesn't do it justice, it is really, really traumatic to see the collapse of a massive structure like that, we have fire rescue from a they are in search and rescue mode, trying to identify survivors. i know they made contact with some and they are doing everything they can to save lives. that is ongoing and they are not going to arrest so things are what they're doing, we are just over there, some of the folks who had a change in shift but they really stepped up. we are also making sure that the people who have been displaced have a place to go, we are going to be visiting the center up further north on collins avenue after this but we are happy to report that through the help of the red cross, we have
9:53 am
short-term hotels, set up for these folks and obviously we are going to work with the city and the county to make sure there's any longer-term needs, we can be helpful in any way we can. this is not necessarily going to be immediate in terms of what ended up happening but i know they are going to have engineers looking at this to try to identify what's happened and what was the problematic occurrence. you're not going to have the answers immediately but they are diligently going to be working to be able to do that so it's a tragic day, some of those folks were able to go to safety, we think fire and rescue for what they did to put themselves on the line to help other folks, they are still hard at work, we still have hope to be able to identify additional survivors. in the state of florida we are offering any assistance we can, we've done some with the florida department of transportation, miami-dade has a great team.
9:54 am
with a lot of resources we are bringing to bear, and say a few words, and i think, mayor, you are going to hear from the mayor of surfside as well. >> good afternoon, kevin guthrie of the florida division of the works management. we do our members of the response team, they include members, chief financial officers office, that includes individuals from the florida law enforcement resources, health and medical as well as our d.o.t. partners, director did an eagle is as well, that are assisting local county and
9:55 am
city governments responding to this events. the biggest assets has been asked for, filling those resources right now and again, we will be here, and continue to assist the local county and municipal government. thank you. >> so this is the incredible, unimaginable situation none of us have predicted but we have the right people on the job, our team as fire rescue has dealt with collapse situations before, their dogs are trained, they are doing a fantastic job, they are able to rescue for so many, and really incredible, at this time we've only identified one person is having past. we are very, very hopeful, the
9:56 am
search and rescue operation, we've evacuated with the red cross with our own social service agency, police and fire departments to make sure those people are properly situated, the leadership year of the city leadership, as well as neighboring mayors, help with the police departments, with their own moral support and presence. this is a predominantly jewish community, the rabbis and chaplain on hand, the operation visiting shortly in the community center, people are getting the support that they need. they are getting help with their medicine, with blankets and clothing, because of course they are with nothing, they evacuated in the night. anyone who is looking for a missing loved one, anyone with
9:57 am
information, we have a hotline. 305-614-1819. a 305-614-1819 and this is how we are going about continuing this operation with the support of family members. we are also going to be receiving family members, we are going to accommodate them so stay tuned as well for that. [speaking nonenglish language]
9:58 am
[speaking non-english language] [speaking non-english language] so we're really grateful everyone has come together, and we are going to continue our efforts here. thank you so very much. >> thank you, mayor.
9:59 am
governor desantis. surfside has experienced a catastrophe in respect with this building. i woke up this morning at 2:00 and came out to the property, and it was something like i could never believe what happened. it was a complete collapse. i thought that maybe a balcony had conned down, but literally half of that building is not there anymore, so we are working hard. there is not a lot that surfside can do except for ring the bell, and we rang the alarm bell, and mayor cava rang the alarm bell, and that has made all of the difference in the world. we've got resources like you can't believe you're. we've got dogs. we've got the equipment, and we are going to do our very best to save as many people in the pile of rubble that we can. thank you, mary. thank you, governor. >> [speaking non-english language]
10:00 am
[speaking non-english language]


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