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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  June 17, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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doing a good job. good advice. >> bill: they are playing soccer, right? haiti? >> dana: i love this story. canada versus haiti. the goalie there allowed a goal in a big game. he was born in canada and playing for the haitians and used to play for the other team. everybody say a prayer that he doesn't feel bad today. "the faulkner focus". >> harris: fox news alert. major decisions coming out of the u.s. supreme court today including the fate of obamacare. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". in a 7-2 decision the court has found the republican-led lawsuit challenging the 2010 healthcare law had no standing. that means it lets the affordable care act stand as it is. and the other big decision comes on religious liberty. the court has ruled in favor of a catholic foster care agency
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letting it turn away gay couples wishing to adopt. republican senator josh hawley celebrating that decision. >> this is a resounding pro religious liberty decision and a really good result. it's a great non-discrimination ruling. they're saying you cannot discriminate against churches on the basis of their faith. this is a big victory for religious liberty. >> harris: shannon bream is with me now with the news. shannon. >> so these are the couple of the really big cases we've been waiting on as we get to the end of the term. the super bowl of the supreme court in june. this case in the catholic social services case out of philadelphia was heard back in november. we figure there was a lot of consternation trying to get together what to do with the case. there are concurrences but not a single dissent. a 9-0 decision if favor of this agency and it is important to note, too, what philadelphia said is we can't work with you
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because catholic social services places foster children but does not place them with same sex couples because of catholic church belief on that point. a couple justices notice there was never a same sex couple who went to catholic social services and said we would like to be part of the foster care program and turned away. it was a situation that hadn't happened. what the court found was the city of philadelphia could not say you can't be part of this because of a religious issue. it was a 9-0 decision and for a lot of people that was very surprising. a little bit of what chief justice john roberts said. he said the catholic social services group that would allow it to continue serving the children of philly in a manner consistent with its religious beliefs. it doesn't seek to impose those beliefs on anyone else. the refusal of philadelphia to contract with the catholic group for the provision of foster care services unless it agrees to certify same sex
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couples as foster parents can't survive and violates the first amendment. we hear a lot of these things are 5-4 decisions and tough. this was not one of those. 9-0 in favor of catholic social services there >> harris: quickly we know from polling going into the presidential election people said healthcare was high on their list of importance. what happens now with obamacare? do you envision there will be more appeals at this point? what does that look like at the high court level? >> this case is done 7-2 and it essentially says the people who brought the case didn't have standing to bring this challenge to obamacare. it has been years and years and case after case at the supreme court and each time the law has survived in some form or fashion. the dissenters today justice alito writing for the dissent said he thought it was amazing how every time this particular law was up for hearing and looked like it could be on the
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ropes the court always managed to save it. seven of the justices you don't get to the merits. not standing here. as we talked about earlier on the air, justice amy barrett during her confirmation hearing we were told again and again she was the vote against healthcare and strip millions of americans of their healthcare. the posters and testimonies, it was the theme of her confirmation battle. she voted in the 7 to turn away the challenge to the law so it stands. >> harris: shannon bream, thank you very much. president biden is back at the white house after accomplishing no major breakthroughs during his meeting with russia president putin. now the questions come over whether president biden gave up leverage. some experts are warning the president showed his hand way too early to russia leaving the u.s. in a weakened negotiation position before the summit even began. former secretary of state mike pompeo calls the summit a disaster. senator lindsey graham says
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biden faltered and just doesn't get it. >> my takeaway is that biden has no idea who putin is. the entire democracy -- here is what biden doesn't understand. putin could give a damn what you think about him. the only thing he will respond to is when you threaten his power. i saw nothing coming out of this summit threatening putin's power. >> harris: and the problem with china. biden was pressed whether he will hold beijing accountable. >> is there going to come a time where you might call him old friend to old friend and ask him to open up china to the world health organization investigators trying to get to the bottom of covid-19? >> president biden: we know each other well. we aren't old friends. it is just pure business. look, certain things you don't
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have to explain to the people of the world. they see the results. is china really actually trying to get to the bottom of this? >> harris: i want to bring in k.t. mcfarland former deputy security advisor under president trump and author of a book. let's start where the president left off. you don't have to do a lot of explaining. the world can see it. you do have to do a lot of explaining actually. you have china, russia, iran. there are a lot of things he needs to explain right now. >> yeah. and i think the whole thing was just a disaster. it was a disaster in the making. it took a while to get there and because president biden gave up all the leverage we had. he gave it all up over china and russia. so by the time he got to europe where his one job was to go to european security and trade partners and say to them let's all get together, let's all
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together stand up against china's trade abuses, intellectual property theft and the abuse of the virus and pandemic and stand up against the russians. european leaders were having none of it. the communiques and statements were extremely weak. by the time biden walks into the summit meeting with putin. putin is sending warships to hawaii in the biggest naval exercise since the cold war. >> harris: he was asked about this during his news conference. they were separate. he went first before our president of the united states. and he was asked about that and he just passed it -- military exercises, blah, blah, blah. not a lot of pressing going on there. he got a big stage yesterday. i want to get to this. another sticking point with this whole thing. the president said he gave putin a list of 16 critical things offlimits for cyberattacks and warned him of
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serious consequences if russia was found responsible. putin denied any involvement says the u.s. is behind most of the global cyber-warfare. ranking member mike rogers ripped the president's handling of this issue. i found his remarks stunning. providing a list of targets to putin that russia can't attack was unwise and gives him a roadmap of what to attack. k.t. why would the president do this? >> i don't know. i guess maybe he thought he would be tough and biden would back down -- biden would put the list to putin and putin would back down. the thing about putting red lines down you have to enforce them. when president biden gave a list of 16 industries that are in no go zones. don't touch these. what about industry 17 or 18? he is giving a target-rich environment to russian hackers
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to go ahead. no consequence. the other problem is that putin has to look at the whole situation how the russians now have economic leverage over germany and everything else and he has to conclude maybe i will go to those first 16 because i don't think biden -- i will have shown him to be a paper tiger. >> harris: keane says putin got more out of it than he expected given the major concessions made prior to the summit. he got further along than what you just described. last thought on that and we'll move. >> absolutely. i think putin walked away from this the winner and particularly visually when putin a robust guy who is at a tough press conference and sadly i thought president biden looked tired. it was not the image to project of strength of the united states. >> harris: we'll get to this. push can senator john kennedy is calling out president biden for suggesting china can be trusted after asking beijing to
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get to the bottom of what happened with covid. >> with respect to china, the people of china are good people but dr. -- president xi who runs china is a gangster. he is right out of good fellows. if you turn the other cheek to president xi he will stab you in the neck. he will on occasion do the right thing but only when constantly supervised and cornered like a rat. >> harris: senator kennedy doesn't mince his words. where do you think he gets it right there. >> i don't think i would use the language quite that colorful but he has a point. china got away with the covid virus. you will never catch them red-handed. the evidence has already been destroyed. to expect the world health organization. >> harris: do we just let it go?
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>> no, no. >> harris: they've gotten away with it. that's not good enough. some of us are asking questions about the wuhan lab weeks after this whole thing was breaking in early 2020. twitter accounts were slapped with stickers and all sorts of things were going on. you are a conspiracy theory and a bad journalist. how can you just let it go? is that what america is going to do? >> i don't think you let it go but i don't think you'll ever get to the bottom of it. china covered this up a long time ago. i was one of the people called a conspiracy theorist. i think now we have the evidence to then go after china in other ways. this should be the rallying cry of the entire world to say it's not just what happened and how did it start but what did china do after they realized the virus was lethal and contagious? they sent it around the world as a biological weapon. they shut down china internally but sent it all over the world
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and used that period of time while it was spreading unbeknownst to us to corner the market on ppe and testing equipment and buy off on fire sale prices a lot of technology and resource companies while the whole world is locked in a pandemic. it is just the opposite. >> harris: it will remains to be seen what they'll do about it with this particular administration. as you say, the trail to follow is there. k.t. mcfarland, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> harris: they can't stop gushing over him. the media taking heat for fawning over president biden after that summit. >> he certainly was comfortable in that moment taking off his jacket, answering these questions from some top foreign policy reporters in the audience that he doesn't always call on. >> harris: taking off his jacket. it was hot out there and you
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could barely see half his face there was so much glare. not everybody saw sweetness and light from the president of the united states. one journalist blasted the president for losing it on the world stage. now the list is growing. tammy bruce may have a few things to say about it all. texas governor abbott announcing his state will build their own wall after no action from the president over his border crisis. a bipartisan look at a very big problem. texas attorney general ken paxton, texas democrat congressman henry cuellar together coming up at the bottom of the hour. great reasons why you should 0 use your va home loan benefit to take cash out of your home. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% percent of your home's value. with today's rates near all-time lows and home values at record highs, you can take out $50,000 or more and lower your payments by $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa.
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>> are you so confident he will change his behavior, mr. president? >> i'm not confident he will change his behavior.
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what do you do? when did i say i was confident? i said -- what i said was -- let's get this straight. i said what will change the behavior is if the rest of the world reacts to them and it diminishes their standing in the world. i'm not confident of anything. i'm just stating the facts. >> how does that account for an constructive meeting? >> if you don't understand that you're in the wrong business. >> harris: wow, president biden snapped at a cnn reporter on the world stage after a summit with vladimir putin. too bad he wasn't standing next to putin to snap at him. he later apologized for losing his temper. >> president biden: i owe my last questioner an apology. i shouldn't have been such a wise guy with the last answer i gave. anyway, thanks for being here. >> harris: as jarring as that exchange was, some of caitlin colin's colleagues on the scene
8:20 am
in geneva didn't seem bothered and they even showered the president with praise. collins had this to say. >> he apologized for the way he responded to my question. it's unnecessary from the president. he did not have to apologize. i appreciate that he did in front of the other reporters as he was about to get on air force one to go back to washington >> harris: tammy bruce president of independent women's voice and fox news contributor host of fox nation show. your reaction how this is playing out? >> everyone in the legacy media is an autopilot. like facing an angry father. you don't want to upset him. praise is the automatic reaction. he didn't remember her name. he referred to the last questioner. there is not a lot of people he calls on. he knows these individuals. cnn in particular. ratings have suffered because of this fawning. even liberals want information. they know that the future
8:21 am
matters. they know that their family matters and the economy matters. but this is strange in and of itself. i'm just glad he didn't call her a dog face pony soldier at some point in that. we've seen this before during the campaign. these strange angry responses. but her question was not even hostile. it opened the door for him to expand on what his intentions were and what his attitude was toward putin but he seemed to be upset that anyone -- almost i think she could have asked any question and she would have gotten that same response strangely. >> harris: what the blank and finger waving in the air, wow. let's stay focused on the media for another moment. cnn reporter mocked for these comments about president biden and putin's handshake. here it is. >> the handshake biden looked putin in the eye with a smile
8:22 am
and putin looked away. you don't want to read too much or too little. public posturing, about how you project strength and that was a notable moment to me. >> harris: one person tweeted this. he looked away for a photo op. talking about putin. trying to make a case of strength by this action. what color is the sky in your world? another looking forward to your expert analysis why putin and biden's colors may mean. he said it was just a visual observation, not praising biden. >> i think that in fact in some ways he wanted to go even further. the indication of where there is weakness and where there is strength because this is all theater for the entire world. keep in mind in your other segment speaking about the 16-point list of what not to attack. his weakness that is perceived
8:23 am
by putin. that list went to everyone. all the monsters in the world. everyone is looking at it. iran, north korea, china. the world is watching this mostly with some glee perhaps. our enemies are watching this. al qaeda is still out there. so it is a strange -- i think the world sees this as we do. a strange approach when it comes to signaling to the world what was supposed to be the strength of the united states, the opposite has occurred and in that handshake in the blink of an eye you can see who is confident and who is not. i don't think this reporter was trying to praise biden. i think he recognized that someone else was winning the image war here when it comes to strength. >> harris: wow. i want to get back to caitlin collins for a minute. some reporters rallied behind her. "new york magazine" said what kind of example does it set
8:24 am
when the president insults the free press for asking a good questions in good faith? "new york times" said tough but completely fair, the question, i don't think she meant the president. she was backing up collins. you say what on this? >> i don't think the question was even tough. again, you can ask questions that allow someone to expand on something that shows that they are in charge. one of your last chances with the guy -- >> harris: we have haven't seen him in these venues much. i made the comment that went viral, i don't know why because i was speaking the truth. look, putin went first yesterday. it wasn't like it was coming through russian agency media. people around the world got to see him in an unedited fashion on a world stage where other leaders, including our own, are there for this summit. so he gets the bravado of that moment and all i simply said
8:25 am
was biden went second and it didn't seem like he had that moment. >> yeah. and he was able to, of course, putin was, promote falsehoods, push their agenda without biden being there either to stop that from happening or to challenge him. the fact that biden wouldn't have the joint press conference was an immediate surrender and everyone knows. that's the issue. when you aren't standing next to the enemy they will say whatever they want and then you come in second like are you a bridesmaid. from the beginning i don't know who is advising him. it is a team of people that have experience but it seems very, very strange and almost counterproductive at least embarrassing this nation like when barack obama was bowing to everyone. at least we didn't have that. in a way even more dangerously he gave putin everything and we got nothing. >> harris: maybe the same people advising the president
8:26 am
to later apologize to caitlin collins. couldn't remember her name but, you know, clean up on aisle 7. tammy bruce, thank you very much. good to see you. vice president kamala harris has hosted several high-profile events this week and even traveled to south carolina to kick off a tour to push the vaccine. important but still not at the border where there is a crisis. and now this. >> my belief based on conversation that i've already had is that the combination of state land as well as volunteer land will yield hundreds of miles to build a border wall in texas. >> harris: who is in charge? kamala harris or biden? abbott announced the lone star state will build its own border wall as the illegal immigration surge continues to crush texas communities. i'll talk about all of this
8:27 am
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>> homes are being invaded. neighborhoods are dangerous and people are being threatened on a daily basis with guns of people coming across the border. the border crisis we're dealing with right now is a direct result of the open border policies that have been put in place by the biden administration. texas will build a border wall in our state to help secure our border. >> harris: enough is enough. texas governor abbott is taking matters into his own hands at the border. he is announcing plans to use a combination of state money and public donations to fund a border wall. they will build a wall.
8:33 am
florida governor ron desantis is stepping in to assist in the crisis saying states help each other out in a moment of crisis. >> this is a disaster and it is an emergency for people like texas and arizona. they asked all governors to be able to send support. florida is the first one to answer the call. we'll have personnel from our state law enforcement agencies and then we have a number of our sheriffs departments who raised their hand and want to be part of it as well. >> harris: republican ken paxton is the texas attorney general and also joining us congressman henry cuellar a texas democrat. he has been calling for the president and vice president to visit the border and see the crisis for themselves. gentlemen, thank you both for being with me. i'll start with you, congressman, because 85 days ago the vice president, a democrat, the vice president for the whole country was given the task of solving the border crisis and you are now having a
8:34 am
warning for kamala harris that she needs to get to the border. tell us about it. >> we invite the vice president and president to come down to the border to hear a viewpoint from the border. the landowners, the sheriffs, policemen, judges, the mayors, so they can hear. but i do want to emphasize it is a humanitarian crisis, not a crime crisis and i say that because if you look at the latest f.b.i. stats the border is a lot safer than the rest of the country. in fact, murder rates along the border are two murders per 100,000. washington, d.c. is 24 murders for 100,000. it is a humanitarian crisis. >> harris: i want to emphasize and maybe attorney general having sheriffs, law enforcements and border agents on my show on a regular basis you are seeing an all out
8:35 am
everybody hands on deck. if the violence is dropping it is because of the good work of our men and women who are down there. but the numbers are huge. in the state of texas can the governor legally build a wall? is that a separation point from the white house? are they breaking from the white house? >> i don't see any reason we can't build the wall. the federal government is doing about this and they have stopped building the wall as planned by president trump. i know just from talking to border agents they're excited about that and make their job more doable. i applaud governor abbott trying to find because to deal with the crisis not going away. we need to deal with it and i'm hopeful that the governor's plan will go into effect soon. >> harris: attorney general i will follow up quickly and use some of what congressman cuellar was talking about. the fentanyl and drugs coming
8:36 am
up across that border is what's creating the major crime along the lines of following those drugs into our country. what do you say about that and i will get your response, congressman? >> there is no doubt that's occurring especially as border agents have to do other things dealing with all these people and they are less able to deal with the drug trafficking and also the human trafficking. these cartels are making money off almost every person that comes across. that's a factor we should never overlook. i do think there is still a crime issue that will affect not texas but the importation of drugs, importation of people all over the country will have an impact on crime as well. >> harris: congressman. >> i used to be a state legislator. i welcome the state to work along with the federal government and state government and local government to address the issue. i do want to point if you look at the official numbers, most of the drugs come through land
8:37 am
ports of entry. 92% of the fentanyl come through land ports of entry. 80% come through the land points of entry. 63% of the people here illegally in the last seven years came through visa overstays. canada was the number one violator. i don't know if we're building a fence with canada. i want to point what the facts are. i would love to work with the states. if i had a stake in the state i would say let's concentrate at the ports of entry with our cbp officers. >> harris: i don't know if you know this and attorney paxton i will let you answer this. you have the facts on the legalities. congressman i have people on the show all the time and i know that area really well. part of the problem isn't that they aren't going to the ports of entry. what the cartels are doing is they are making incidents outside the ports to cross over without the eyes on them from
8:38 am
our law enforcement. they are poking the bear, if you will. and as you heard the attorney general say they are making money off everybody coming through. so it is not just them bringing the drugs through, they are using the people also, sex trafficking, a lot more going on. the legalities of working together with the state, where is the federal government, attorney general paxton? >> that's a great question. i think it is the question the congressman has been asking. until they both come down here to see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears what the people on the border are dealing with. whether it's the sheriff and city and county officials or our border patrol or state police, it would be so helpful if they would just come down and talk to the people and find out what is going on so they can help us. >> harris: i see you nodding your head, congressman. one or two more for you having to do with kamala harris our vice president. what are you told when you put
8:39 am
an official reach out to the v.p. the person tasked with solving this issue, the root causes, kamala harris, what is the reason she hasn't come in 85 days. what do they tell you? >> i don't know. i make the invitation. we have to push and pull factors. when you look at the border and i thank you for visiting the border. i live at the border so i have a lifetime experience. my brother is a border sheriff for 27 years doing narcotics. there are ways to address the border issues. the border wall with all due respect border wall is a 14th century poll saoution to a 21st century problem. we need personnel, technology and need to deport people. >> harris: we have personnel. they need more enforcement from the federal government. i have to say this. there is a potential for a former president to go to the border before the vice president of the united states
8:40 am
in 2021 goes. i mean, who cares about the political upstaging? if trump goes before kamala harris what does that say, congressman cuellar? >> i know what that says. basically is why i've been inviting. before that i've been inviting the president and vice president and hopefully they can come down to the border. all we can do is invite the vice president and hopefully she will come down on that but we are ready to secure the border and work with them and need to deport people that don't belong here, they should be deported. >> harris: that's a point of bipartisan agreement. ken paxton, last word. >> well, look, i'm very hopeful that president trump will bring some attention to this issue. it is not going away. i'm hopeful the administration will start working with us instead of ignoring a problem that will affect not just texas but in the end the entire nation and it won't be good. >> harris: i hear and think our audience can see the willingness of you two talking about this in such a way that
8:41 am
puts hope on the horizon. hope is not a strategy but can be a first step. thank you for appearing in "the faulkner focus". >> thank you. >> harris: backlash against critical race theory put democrats in a tough position now. why the controversial subject could hurt them at the ballot box and president biden facing pressure to investigate the origins of covid-19 and whether the viruses caped from the laboratory in wuhan, china as critics accuse dr. fauci of trying to rewrite history. or psoriatic arthritis, little things, can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream...'s a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable... ...with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis,
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>> harris: san francisco businesses are battling a shoplifting epidemic with some critics blaming the state's crime laws. large chains like walgreens and cvs are forced to shut down some locations while local mom and pop shops are feeling the pressure. senior correspondent claudia cowen is live in san francisco >> for some it's a daily event. shoplifters walking in and walking out with whatever they want even with security guards there and witnesses filming it on cell phones. it doesn't matter. in most cases nothing happens.
8:47 am
the owner of this corner market tells me he has been broken into 14 times over the past year despite 23 cameras that he says catch criminals in the act all the time. like this thief left with cash and electronics. a man takes drinks and walks out the door. he blames a soft on crime district attorney and state law that lowered the penalty for lefts under $950. there is no deterrent. >> what they are doing, they are just promoting this. promoting people they do more because 950 or 1,000 or 2,000 doesn't matter. they get away with it. >> usually no one gets hurt. a 72-year-old retailer lost an eye when a would be thief stabbed him earlier this month. thanks to that video police made an arrest.
8:48 am
usually the suspect is long gone by the time cops around fencing stoleens goods on the street or online. a spike in organized retail theft prompted a recent hearing at city hall. executives from walgreens and cvs says san francisco is far worse than any other city. walgreens has closed 17 stores in the past five years specifically because of shoplifting. the owners of smaller stores like this one that can't afford extra security say they are left to fend for themselves and hope for a day that brings police response and tougher prosecution. >> harris: wow, recall for governor. they have a lot going on out there. homeless population and everything in california sadly. good to see you, claudia. thank you. a "washington examiner" op-ed says the left is trying to redefine critical race theory because it is hurting them politically. liberals are now asking that you pay no attention to the curriculum behind the curtain.
8:49 am
a good sign. it means the push against these toxic ideas from both republican state governments and the concerned parents at local school board meetings is working. that's a quote. the controversial topic sprung into the spotlight again this week when senator ed markey endorsed crt in classrooms. >> it is a movement to erase histories with attacks on critical race theory in teaching children about the presence of racism, systemically in our country's history. and to a certain extent that's what this celebration today does. it acknowledges that. it acknowledges slavery as the original sin built into the fabric of the united states constitution. >> harris: his senate colleague tim scott had this to say. >> america is not a racist country. when we fan a flames of
8:50 am
division at home it only allows more oxygen to be brought in by russia and china and many other bad international actors that want to take advantage of our distraction from global leadership and poison us here at home. >> harris: power panel. matt schlapp and laura fink, a california democratic surrogate. matt, i'll start with you. senator markey making time away from the green new deal structuring that he and aoc like to do to crt. >> that's right. it is very important to listen to his words. when people say that america is systemically racist, what those words mean is that racism is so embedded in america that our personal decisions to not be bigoted and to treat people with tolerance can't cure the ill of the racism that's in our
8:51 am
bloodstream and dna. that means america has to be pushed over. we have to create this new america. this is called like the theory of revolution, harris. it is very serious. i love our history. i don't like everything about it but i love the fact we teach it and i'm proud of the republican role in getting rid of slavery and changing our constitution which was fatally flawed. we changed it with three civil rights amendments. more republicans in the senate and house voted for civil rights legislation than the democrats did. democrats need to own their own history there. they have not led on these issues. republicans did. let's have both parties say we're still americans and unite to make her better. >> harris: wouldn't that be great no matter who said it, right, laura? i'm curious, if you can speak to this because you see almost like a redefining by democrats now with crt. what does the critical race theory mean to you? >> let me tell you just frame
8:52 am
it a little bit because what do you do when the economy is roaring like your uncle steve at a jimmy buffett concert when biden is popular and americans are back? you create a wedge issue. this is what the right has done. it is being mobilized. they want to divide people on the basis of race. what is critical race theory? acknowledging our history. not just slavery that we're acknowledging today. >> harris: aren't we already doing that in our schools? you think black kids don't know the history. >> we have to teach redlining and about the tulsa race massacre and how the health systems have different impacts and the lack of generational loss. >> harris: where should that start? i have conversations with parents upset because they aren't being consulted as these conversations. it is not like having a sex talk. we get a note home. we aren't getting the crt note?
8:53 am
what does it look like? tell us what the rules are? >> school districts and local control are defining the rules and having those conversations. to attack it whole cloth is really without nuance and has a political motivation and here is what i would say. working class white people the family i grew up in we should not fall for it because it distracts from the american jobs plan getting infrastructure done and uniting internationally against foes like china and russia. i agree with tim scott. who is perpetrating it should be acknowledged. it is the right and it is political. >> one thing. when she brings up all of these activities that are already illegal that are-in-law that you can't do. you can't treat a black customer differently than a white customer or a brown customer because of their skin color. let's all unite on enforcing all these laws. it wasn't the republican party that came up with this wedge
8:54 am
issue. this has been pushed into our school system by the left and it -- what would you call all the violence of black lives matter incorporated? i would call it the ultimate wedge issue. black lives matter had on various websites the different groups part of their affiliated organization. >> what would you call january 6th? >> let me finish. part of their agenda was to get rid of the family structure, to get rid of churches because these were western ideas. that would be destructive to black families and communities. we need to call this out. it won't help black people in the country if we embrace this ideology. >> harris: please stop with the name calling. it is not an island of crazy. i will give you the last thing >> the ideas i think are a little nutty. let me clarify that. i don't understand what his question is.
8:55 am
he is bringing in kitchen sink issues. if we focus on the history of america and healing the racial divide we do it by acknowledging history and truth and acknowledging the disparities that we see implemented today. so i think we can do that in a positive way. >> harris: all right. matt and laura, i will have you back. thank you very much for your time. good to see you both. "the faulkner focus" with you watching is always better. "outnumbered" next. to all time highs. me vald and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. now's the time to use your va home loan benefit to get cash
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neverending trap of interest and payments and debt. ♪♪ >> emily: fox news alert. it's been called a major victory for supporters of religious liberty is, the supreme court in that unanimous decision siding with the catholic foster care agency and in a dispute with the city of philadelphia. the justices ruling the city violated the u.s. constitution and banning a religious group from taking part in the city's foster care program because of its exclusion of same-sex couples.


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