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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 10, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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this is what an annuity can do. find the right financial professional to show you how. learn more at >> fox news alert. the liberal media and democrats accomplishing a false narrative yet again. surprise, surprise. after an inspector general report amongst claims that then president trump ordered protesters to be cleared from lafayette park outside the white house last summer for a photo op. that was never the case. this is "outnumbered." i am kayleigh mcenany in here
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today harris faulkner and emily compagno, fox news contributor leslie marshall, and joining us in the virtual center seat for the very first time, my former colleague and friend, ben ferguson, host of the van ferguson podcast. welcome. we are learning that police cleared lafayette park before they knew about president trump's plans last june to walk through the park and pose in front of st. john's church with the bible. a church protester had tried to burn down the previous night. the ig found park police clear the park for new fencing to be installed and the report concludes "the evidence showed that the u.s. park police did not know about the president's potential movement until mid-to-late afternoon on june 1st, hours after it had been developing its operational plan and the contractor had arrived. at the time major news outlets were saying president trump actually ordered the tear gassing of protesters.
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>> if the white house, the president and his team had to do it all over again, would you have gaston pummeled protesters to clear the park to the president got the photo op. >> cleared away the protesters using tear robert bullets -- rubber bullets so trump could pose a photo op. stick with the president wanted the photo op and he wanted to disperse the crowd. he wants an image of these protesting one thing, violent. which of course is not accurate. >> wire they ordered to move on protesters at that moment? obviously the president wanted a photo op. >> i feel that question from jim acosta from the podium and i told him that wasn't the case. jim acosta did not care about the facts. neither did "the washington post" who compared lafayette square to tiananmen square. "the washington post," their timeline was up for awards for
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their reporting on lafayette square. "the new york times" had eight people on their byline, eight reporters confirming the story that we now know. this is stunning. >> they wanted to push a narrative that this president was so psychotic that he was willing to attack his own american citizens for a photo op. they also forgot to tell you that before this happened, you had 49 park police officers that had already been injured by these nonpeaceful protesters. but you go back to the question from jim acosta that i think is perfect. "would you gaston or pummeled protesters of united do it all over again to clear the park? liquid it wasn't a photo op. they had already planned to get the area secure because so many park police have been injured. they needed to put up new barriers to make sure people couldn't scale them to protect the white house grounds. and also to protect the secret service. this was a national security issue. look at this church.
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they don't even care about the church for goodness' sakes. a church that's historic, church that was burned. this is about the narrative. you had a president. they wanted you to think was evil, that hated you. that was paranoid, willing to attack american citizens for a photo op. it was all he alive at this as we know about the media. they were willing to lie, to tell any lie to get donald trump out of the white house. >> kayleigh: that's exactly right and they ignored the fact that federal law enforcement was having frozen water bottles and bricks thrown at them at this time. leslie, coming to you, i want to play sound bite of democrats who continue to perpetuate the false leftist media narrative as well. let's roll tape. >> peaceful protesters dispersed in order for a president, president from the doorstep of the people's house, the white house, using teargas and flash grenades in order to stage a photo op, a photo op at one of
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the most historic churches in the country. >> just a couple of nights ago, this guy, donald trump who happens to right now be president of the united states, was -- would throw teargas at people who were peacefully protesting. so he could clear the road. >> maybe they didn't have teargas. i don't know. but they have the element of it. for peaceful demonstra through. what is this? at banana republic? >> kayleigh: biden, kamala, pelosi, all wrong. where is the accountability? >> leslie: if you look historically how politicians, they will often believe what's put out there because like i said before, journalists are supposed to report the facts. this is why it's good to have independent investigations because you get to the truth perhaps after the fact. we have seen that with iraq and wmds. we have seen that with benghazi
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and oh, no, it wasn't his hillary. even republican said it wasn't hillary. they are saying it wasn't donald trump, it was the park police. the park police should have stepped up and said this was our call because it was their call. and the president kept getting accused. you even had people asking you that. somebody from the park police, the leader should've come out and said this is on us. secondly, this report does not clear the park police for the use of force and the type of response that they had, if you read it in its entirety. i think these types of reports are good and sadly, they always are after-the-fact, hindsight is 20/20. optics are huge. if it's not just the media but if you're watching on tv and you have this belief, whether it's right to left or left to right, it's easy even for elected officials to jump on board with the same narrative. >> kayleigh: attorney general barr dispelled that narrative. the press did not care. it's a pattern with the press when it comes to reporting on
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president trump. let's put up a full screen that recounts just a few of the media narratives that were wrong. it's incredible. it wasn't just lafayette park. they were wrong about russian bounties on the heads of u.s. troops in afghanistan. president trump, we were told he completely ignored that when in fact that intelligence had lower -- low or moderate confidence. they were wrong about the covid origins. they said he was maniacal and crazy for suggesting that he could have come from the wuhan lab. they said we will never have a vaccine by 2020. we did. hunter biden, they ignored. he's under federal investigation. the georgia election call. "the washington post" had to correct the story. >> harris: i think leslie made some really salient points. part of the problems is that journalism and media sometimes don't go together. the news media, the journalists among us are not doing the job of being curious and going, asking the public information officer at the parks police
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department what really drove you to put people out there. pete hegseth just told me last hour he was deployed with the d.c. national guard, on the ground for several nights and said it was total chaos. the parks police were bringing things out. even he knew from just being there that it was not about a photo op necessarily but was unfolding on the ground. but you didn't even get that from reporters. we had video of this last hour. we have their sound bites. we are depending on you to tell us with your good reporting and investigating work what it is. not when you think it is. that's part of the problem. if you go to cover a fire but your boss told you before he left the newsroom that it should be a flood, what do you do when you get there in the flames are smoldering? you can't exactly say it's a flood. it's almost like them surreptitiously changing the shock in the background with running water. pay no attention to that over
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there. it's a dangerous habit to get into because sooner or later, you can't fight the facts. they are stubborn like that. they don't care about her feelings. they will burst eventually. that's what's happening. your list, we could put more stuff on it but it's only an hour show. >> that's exactly right. we could put more. i'm not surprised when you have 79% of independent voters saying that they believe that the media makes up fake stories and intentionally reports them. crisis in journalism indeed. emily, want to share with you something that a former colleague of mine tweeted. harrison fields was an assistant press secretary. now director of communications for congressman byron donalds and he tweeted, it stuck out to me. "as a man of color who proudly served in the trump administration, i was often asked how i could work for a man that "cleared and pepper sprayed a crowd protesting for civil rights." i told them from didn't do that and they scoffed at me. it turns out the media lied in the white house was correct."
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>> emily: have nothing to add to that. there's an element of common sense that was totally ignored as we now know the report that the incident commander said you can't develop a plan like this in 2 minutes. he said the attorney general is a very important man in government but he's not my boss. the whole point was that the concept of this actually happening, of the now false narrative that we know to be false actually happening was really not rooted in common sense at all, that it actually couldn't have happened in that way. just into the long list of media and democrat high officials that were sort of decrying this at the time. i think it is the worst sin regardless of the media attempt to serve as a watchdog which we all know is really false most of the time. i think it's a worsen for these elected officials to be sitting there in these powerful positions furthering this false narrative. elizabeth warren, sickening. pelosi, banana republic. her and schumer saying that the
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president dishonored every value that faith teaches us. ayanna pressley calling him the occupant of the white house. she said tear gas, peaceful protesters for a photo op, horrifying. this man is dishonoring his oath and inciting violence and failing the nation, not to mention president joe biden saying he's using the american military against the american people. he teargas peaceful protesters and fired rubber bullets. i wonder if any of these people will correct themselves? will they come out on the record. we know for sure the media won't. we have spoken a lot about amplification versus correction. my final point is that the progressive left, the democrat party, they don't care. it doesn't matter how many false narratives that the media, the media debunks people say you don't -- they don't care. they will continue to force the narrative regardless of the truth, as harris said.
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>> kayleigh: zero accountability because i can assure barrows that here on "outnumbered" you will see accountability. border patrol releasing say growing new numbers of migrating counselors. the new numbers say that no one's listening to to the biden administration's latest message. speak i want to be clear to folks in the region who are thinking about making the dangerous track to the united states-mexico border. do not come. interest rates are near record lows, and home values are at record highs. now's the time to use your va benefits to turn your home equity into cash. the newday100 va cash out loan lets you borrow all of your home's value and lower your payments by $600 a month. serving veterans is all they do. newday can say yes when banks say no.
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last month alone encounters surged past 180,000 people trying to get into our country. the most in more than two decades. since the fiscal year began eight months ago, nearly 1 million of them have been apprehended. more than double in the last fiscal year. we still have four more months to go in this one. a hannity exclusive, the president of guatemala chiding the biden administration over its mixed messaging. people trying to come here. he says it's lead worthless cartels to take advantage of his people. >> what they said is that they will promote family reunification to the coyotes came and took the children to the united states and the borders were full. not only people from guatemala but a lot of people from all over. it's why our proposal is in the message should be clear.
9:18 am
>> harris: great job on our friend sean's we could hear a little bit of what the vice president might have learned that got her to leave the office and tell them not to come. no matter what her boss' policy is. do you think anybody's listening to kamala harris on this trying to make their way to the united states? >> leslie: i do but what i really see here -- >> harris: you do. >> leslie: what i really see here is a man who wants to blame everybody but the real source in guatemala of the problem. he's a huge source of that problem. poverty. over half the people in his country live in poverty and that's increased since he took office. in addition to that, there's a food shortage in that country. he's not taking care of his people and that's one of the reasons that they continue to come to the united states. they did before they do now and i find it interesting. he is slamming this administration, who is giving him money.
9:19 am
that was originally in 2019 and had a pause put on and he has his hands held out. he's not dealing with the drug cartels. he's not dealing with the property. >> harris: you are kind of making my point for me. >> leslie: that's the reason people are leaving. he's not taking care of his own people. he should not be blaming it on any leader from any nation. he needs to look in the mirror. >> harris: the vice president learned some of what you just said and he still tells people not to come here knowing that all those things that you said exist and that she can't change any of it by writing a check and having a photo op. and she still says don't come. i'm just trying to get my mind around, who does the vice president speak for? >> i think there's two things people have to understand. who the hell do we think we are as a country to start going to other countries and tell them how to run the country instead of us actually running our own country. the reality is, there is a cause and effect and when you run an
9:20 am
win and you tell the world we're going to be kinder to you, come on over, will reunite you with your family, will give your kids education, will give you hotel rooms if you come to the right state. our borders are open. we are going to stop funding the border wall. what'd you think was going to happen is the question that you should ask the vice president and the resident. they knew that was made to happen. my argument is they are doing it on purpose. point the finger at other countries, tell them to do a better job in their country while our borders being flooded on purpose. that's why she hasn't gone to the border. they deliberately wanted this to happen. they wanted a massive onslaught of illegal immigrants coming into america so they can hand out amnesty at some point and then they would vote for them and the democratic party down the road. they're not shocked by these numbers. they are not surprised by these numbers. i would argue they are hoping the numbers get worse. we have four months left to go. this would be the worst year in history since we've been collecting data on illegal immigrants coming across the border and being in texas right
9:21 am
now, it's abundantly clear that this administration doesn't care what you're dealing with when it comes to cries from -- crime from illegal immigrants. jobs being taken from law-abiding citizens. it's an open border policy and they did and on purpose. >> harris: emily and kayleigh, forgive me for one second. i want to go back to leslie paired with a tender heart, leslie has told us about her own story, her own family and her immigration has touched you. when you hear the vice president of the united states telling people not to come and you know the situation is as dire as what you just said, what would you want to say to the vp? got to be quick because i want to get to emily on kayleigh. >> leslie: a couple things, if you look at the treacherous journey on the death of the advantage that the coyote state, they take peoples money and a lot of people don't make it to the other side. i want to quickly respond to the ben. if that's the reason they are coming here because of the biden message, when joe biden wasn't president and it wasn't the
9:22 am
democrats message that prevailed, they were still coming. the problem is in the country, it's multifaceted. there's no way my party intentionally wants people to come here and there is no amnesty. there's a pathway to citizenship for those already here. >> harris: i want to jump to kayleigh. i thought i heard something like, what was happening in 2019? this is very different. take it away. >> kayleigh: this is a 21 year high, 21. more than two decades. encounters on the southern border. if you want to compare 2019 -- 2020 eta 2021, 674% increase of encounters this month alone. 40,000 from countries outside of central america and mexico. it's a huge national security threat which is why biden is trying to bury these numbers. the numbers were released when
9:23 am
he was in europe. they were released after kamala's trip so they couldn't be asked about them. they are trying their best to put their head in the sand but it's not working. >> kayleigh: she wouldn't of been asked about them anyway, she was so busy with rewriting the policy, telling people not to come. emily. lead us home. >> emily: my biggest takeaway from the president of guatemala that he sees our vice president incompetence just as much as we do as he was calling out her "lukewarm and mixed messaging." i have to say that the push factors don't work independently from the pull factors. you cannot look at them in isolation without acknowledging that it's a balancing test and that everyone flooding our southern border from over 170 countries are doing so because they have entertained that analysis and found the pull factors from here to outweigh the push factors from home. they come across the border for those reasons. the final quick point, i always talk about the human smuggling and drug smuggling industries.
9:24 am
human smuggling is up to $25 million a week. $360 billion backdrop of drug smuggling. when we look at the cartels and what they're willing to do to protect it, i think we should buckle our seat belts. >> harris: yeah, their business is booming on the backs of people who are suffering can i go home to arizona for a few days. i normally just kind of go and listen. i'm sure i'll have a lot to share with you when i come back next week. just ahead, dr. fauci lashing out at his critics claiming attacks on him are attacks on science. despite his history of flip-flopping on public health guidance.
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talk to your doctor and ask if latuda could make the difference you've been looking for in your bipolar depression symptoms. >> a lot of what you're seeing are attacks on me, quite frankly attacks on science. the things i spoke about from the beginning have been fundamentally based on science.
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you really attacking not only dr. anthony fauci. you're attacking science. >> emily: that was dr. anthony fauci going after his critics referring to himself in the third person as he claimed he's always follow the science. critics count if l.t.'s history of flip-flopping on key issues during the pandemic. for example, his guidance on wearing masks. >> right now in the united states people should not be walking around with masks. there is no reason to be walking around with the mask. i think when people don't fully appreciate is that putting a mask on yourself is more to prevent you from affecting someone else. and if everybody does that, we are each protecting each other. the accumulation of all those scientific facts, information and evidence brought the cdc to make that decision to say when you're vaccinated you don't have to wear a mask. not only outdoors but you don't
9:30 am
need to wear it indoors. >> emily: don't forget his evolving opinion on the origins of covid-19. >> if you look at the genomic sequences of the viruses that are in bats and wild, it's strikingly similar to the sequences that you have phone now in people who have been infected with the original wild type virus. >> are you still confident that it developed naturally? >> no actually i'm not convinced about that. i think we should continue to investigate what went on in china until we find out to the best of our ability exactly what happened. >> emily: kayleigh, the star of the fauci show strikes again. >> kayleigh: st. anthony found cheese now says science, i'm truth
9:31 am
it's talked about the mask situation he was wrong on. the wuhan lab situation, he was also wrong to tell president trump not to ban travel from china. president trump did anyway. he was wrong to state a symptomatic spread would not be a driver of this. he was wrong on so many accounts. many more that i could go through, saying that we wouldn't have a vaccine and be back to normal until 2022 and we saw dr. fauci and the white house be wrong time and time again and we look around at one another and say this guy is up for time man of the year instead of health care workers? this guy is doing facebook live? not putting the work but he's emailing about how he looks like brad pitt. it's remarkable and i'm glad he's being held to account. >> emily: i don't know if you consider this attacking him but no, he does not look like brad pitt. this is against the backdrop, we know from adam from "open the books," it's the highest paid employee of the federal government courtesy of our tax dollars. >> more than anyone else.
9:32 am
if you look at dr. fauci and just look at it from a basic dr. perspective, i have two family members that have been dealing with cancer and when you find out you have cancer, would you do? you start trying to find the best doctor if you're looking at dr. fauci's resume from an individual standpoint here of, is he protecting me? the answer is clearly no. he lied about hydroxychloroquine and its effectiveness. he lied about the origins i would argue of where this came from and put out communist propaganda from china. this is a guy that lied about masks. he lied about schools and quexco back to school or not. he has gotten virtually everything wrong when it comes to our national decision-making on mandates on mandates and lockdowns and schooling. why on earth would anyone trust him? he's not a political guy. this guy is more partisan when it comes to decision-making made
9:33 am
clearly against donald trump. unloving joe biden annoying trying to hide behind, it's not me, it's science. you're the doctor that got it all wrong and he didn't look at the science and you didn't trust the science on any of it. i'm sorry, i don't think science should save your job. i don't think you should be fired. it's because he's a terrible doctor for the american people. >> emily: our prayers are with your loved ones for a full speedy recoveries. leslie, what are your thoughts? >> leslie: i have many. i know you hate it when i say that i'm married to a physician but here's the thing doctors have issues with, the nondoctors, the patients, they are not gods and they don't always know all the answers. there is a lot of theories, hypotheses, things that aren't proven and things that are fluid. with covid, that was the case not just for fauci but for the entire international medical community. as more information came in, he would give that information. he would refer to the cdc.
9:34 am
let me say we were told eggs were good for you and then we were told they were bad and then we were told to eat the whites and now yellow is good. the yolk is good. do we fire the cardiologists? i don't think dr. fauci should be fired. medicine, research, technology, viruses like cove are ever-changing. they are fluid. doctors answers to our questions will be as well. they are not gods. they are people who study medicine and science. >> emily: interestingly the egg analogy had to do in part with the lobbing influence and special interest groups having impact on how things are marketed to the american people. harris, i think that fits here. >> harris: i loved ben's example. if you're sick and you go to a doctor and you have questions about what that doctor has told you, you get a second opinion. we didn't have that option is
9:35 am
the american people. we were dying. we were getting sick. people that i loved, people you loved. i know it maybe wasn't equal across the country. everybody had a different example our experience but we are all americans. we were wounded and it hurts and this is a person who stood up who undoubtably has won a mask before this pandemic because he's a doctor. i'm sure is been around sick patients. he knows the efficacy of mask wearing, understands it. so if he's giving out modeled information and now that modeled information gave time to our enemies to vacuum up ppe around the world, whether he meant it or not, he wasn't good at his job. but we weren't in a position to get a second opinion. now we are, and we are still not out of this yet. we are trying to help other countries. we are trying to help ourselves. because of operation warp speed and because of the medical professionals who are incredible with their time and their
9:36 am
passion and their love for their patients during a pandemic. we are still standing we will go forth. i don't know, is it about that you don't like dr. fauci or you don't like the job he's doing? either way we have the right to a second opinion. >> emily: perfectly said. up next, shocking information that as much as $400 billion in pandemic relief funds for struggling americans may have been stolen and much of it may have ended up in other countries, including china. veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think! banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan. obsession has many names. this is ours.
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9:41 am
in taxpayer money. if we are also learning that about $250 billion of that money went to state fact crimes against in china, russia and other countries. half of covid money for unemployment benefits, that's stunning, doesn't show government is moving up the best sort of taxpayer money. >> ben: the government did exactly what you expect them to do. it's the -- as dumb as "cash for clunkers." people were getting thousands of dollars. it's just as bad as when we are giving out loans to people had no jobs for housing with the housing crisis that we had in the bubble that burst. the government sent a mass amount of money out and said anyone that needs it sign up for it, we'll send it to you. they didn't check anything. they didn't check this with the loans that were going to small businesses. you're going to see that be another big story of how many small businesses were able to get money that they never
9:42 am
deserved to get because they said we've got an election coming up and we want to send out this money to as many people as we can. we want people to be happy. fill out something, anything will sign you up. it shows how bad government is. >> kayleigh: fox is confirming 250 billion to criminal syndicates in countries that are not necessarily our allies. that's amazing. >> harris: it wouldn't matter who they were. the cash was outside the country didn't get to americans who needed it. this happened in the trump administration. larry kudlow joined me last hour and said we knew there was going to be fraud. there was actually dire need of that point. we knew it. we hated it. nobody wanted it but it was what it was. what they didn't know was how much there was going to be and he says this can't happen now. if you're not giving away money again, it won't happen. we tried to say no matter when you give it away, as ben is alluding to, you need a vetting protocol in place.
9:43 am
fog of war situations, that was part of the argument that's been made. kayleigh, i am wondering from you what conversations were like. people knew that there was going to be fraud. maybe there were no choices at that point. i don't know. >> kayleigh: there were no choices. you are dependent on 50 different states with different processes produced are bidding this money but lastly, should this not be a cautionary tale. there was a time in a place for this. people were hurting amid covid-19 pandemic. but sugar really have trillions and trillions of dollars of fdis that president biden wants. >> leslie: president biden said, he agrees with you on this, kayleigh, that there should be the expiration. when you look at the states, here in california. because i host a talk show, a lot of people contacted us that were having trouble getting their unemployment checks because they had to be verified
9:44 am
through i.d. me and one of the individuals who give us information, the ceo who i actually had spoken to any was very helpful. here's what happened. when they discovered that there was fraud and a lot more than they thought they would be, they had people go through a very rigorous verification process. here's the problem. those people out there in other countries, the bad guys, they really know tech a lot better than some of these people who may not be a computer whiz, myself included. a lot of the problem also came. i.d. needed and just have -- he said it's unbelievable, the volume of people we have to verify. i don't have the time, don't have the employees and there weren't enough of those iodine the organizations. once again, i don't pink they knew how bad the fraud was made to be and i think the president is right, september is time for us to look at that and more of covid in the rearview mirror. >> kayleigh: it's a good point because foreign countries were using criminals as mules.
9:45 am
>> emily: the last person i would want a story of my money's the federal government. think about it this way. for every dollar euro tax dollars pay that one town employment come another dollar it went to funding fraud. another $2 went towards trying to figure it all out. either to leslie's points, the additional programs, figuring out the fraud. it's not just a matter of fraud and corruption. it's also a matter of national security now that it's taken outside the borders. in my state, one man alone took 100 stolen identities for the half a million that for my taxpayer dollars in this state. the list goes on. but as the more programs we have like this from the bloated, inept, corrupt federal government, the more your federal tax dollars will be absolutely squandered and will benefit only these criminals. >> kayleigh: and that's the truth. up next, how lenient judge let unknown gang member free, opening the door for him to allegedly kill an innocent
9:46 am
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9:50 am
biden prepares to meet russian president vladimir putin. miranda devine and senator tom cotton will join us in new calls for dr. anthony fauci to be removed. florida may become the latest state to demand the teaching of critical race theory. we will talk to a board member and mother of three. is the writing on the wall for democratic control of congress? aoc thinks it is. our panel looks at the midterms. i'm john roberts. join sandra smith and me at the top they are for "america reports." >> harris: the latest consequences over the controversial liberal bail reform is unknown gang never got out of jail when the bronx judge drastically reduces bail from 75,000 to $10,000. this despite the fact that alberto ramirez had three prior gun busts in four months. while on bail, "the new york post" reports ramirez was arrested again. this time accused of murdering
9:51 am
an innocent dad of two. shot one police claimed ramirez walked on to rival gang territory and fired blindly into the crowd. lowering the veil puts it in his hands because it's 10% of that that he has to come up with, not the whole amount, that's what i was reading. lightning round. emily. >> emily: for viewers to understand the distinction between where you're sitting in new jersey and the state of new york, the key things they need to understand, what strips of citizens of their safety is that this strips judges of their discretion. in new york judges do not have discretion and everything is incumbent upon the crime classification only, unlike in new jersey where a judge can come in and say based on this guys priors, no, we will be putting him into pretrial detention or establishing bail. those crime classifications in new york include stocking, grand larceny, assault is a hate crime. murder, literally manslaughter.
9:52 am
this is why we are hearing these horror stories all the time. he won't change unless there's an intervention of judicial discussion. >> harris: lightning round, ben. >> ben: i'm a victim of a gun crime and i can tell you when the two men in the gang that came after me, they both had priors as minors and they both were not held accountable for their multiple gun crimes. luckily i had a gun and was able to protect and save my life for this is a problem you have a nationwide purity of activist judges who don't look at the crimes, don't hold people accountable and they get back out on the streets in the end up killing people are hurting people or assaulting people. we have to look at our judges. when there's elections and hold them accountable when they do things like this judge did. >> emily: kayleigh, crimes got worse. he went out and murdered, he's accused of doing that. >> kayleigh: that's right in this judge let out another person. another person went on a slew of attacks, a record of being an
9:53 am
activist charge. the father, 34 years old. his mom can see where he was murdered from her bedroom. he had two kids, wife, described as a working man. that's a real tragedy. eric velasquez, he should be with us today. >> harris: say his name. leslie. >> leslie: the reason they wanted to eliminate cash bail and reformation in different states, new york and others, even kentucky, because a rich kid could pay cash and get out for the same crime that a poor kid in disproportionately affected people of color. it was for nonviolent offenders and misdemeanors in the decision would be made by the judge. it does come down to the judge in many states. emily correctly points out in new york it may be different than california but if we really go back to the origin of this, it could be beneficial to level the playing field. >> harris: we have a few seconds i'm going to go back to emily.
9:54 am
police officers dealing with recidivism as the judges put people back on the streets time and time again. >> emily: that's right and to leslie's point that's part of the problem, the classification of things like stocking fall into nonsensically nonviolent crimes and so the citizens are left unprotected because the judge either has their hands tied or their activists to the point that ben and kayleigh made. it was a noble purpose in the beginning but it has been utterly destroyed in its applications. >> harris: will be right back with more "outnumbered." or 32 years like myself.her, one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no.
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proven quality sleep, is life-changing sleep. >> a medieval history and martial arts enthusiast, enthusiast who slapped emmanuel macron is now getting jail time come 18 months to be
9:59 am
exact but he will only have to learn to conserve likely four months behind bars. he said he smacked the leader because he was upset with his policies. leslie, we never condone violence here. >> absolutely. you don't slap people because you don't agree with them. if that's the case i would be slapping a lot of people and people would be slapping me all the time. you just don't do that. okay, but look. i'm laughing too hard now. the bottom line is if you disagree with people then don't vote for him. if you don't like him or like his policies, but what a terrible example not only for your country but a terrible example for kids and it just -- how do you sleep with yourself at night? >> been? >> four months is not a long time for a world leader. there are people looking at this
10:00 am
moment going, did i get my money's worth of? four months might be worth it. i think you give him the whole 18. >> it sounds like here, harris. >> look. i'm just glad the guy only had his hand. what if he had something else and what was the secret service type force that was around the president of france? they all looked shocked and supply don't like surprised, blood is okay. >> exactly. this could have been a whole lot worse. thanks everyone for watching and now here is "america reports." >> sandra: inc. you emily. working news out of florida, board of education voting to stop public race theory being taught in public schools there. this move coming after a growing debate of race-based curriculum nationwide. we are live in florida and just moments. >> john: also senator john cotton joins us live about the push from republican lawmakers. plus jason chaffetz, marc
10:01 am
thiessen and abby hornacek a


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