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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 8, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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best examples of who we are, thank you my dear. i will see you next time. >> write-back xg. >> think you everyone, i'm tammy bruce. you can find out more on her social media platforms, tucker carlson is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening to "tucker carlson tonight," almost two years ago during the democratic presidential primaries that kamala harris appeared on cnn to show where she is in the race. at that moment, she had been memorably and completely humiliated by tulsa governor of hawaii. she need to explain what just happened. she said, i'm obviously a top-tier candidate, and so i did expect that i would be on the
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stage and take hits tonight. if you're following the race at that moment, you chuckled because in fact, kamala harris was not a top-tier candidate. not then, not ever. not until the day she was actually announced. on paper, she seems like a very serious contender, a united states senator, a former prosecutor who enjoyed it nearly universal support among washington post supporters. why wouldn't it work? the problem was actual voters found her repellent. we don't need to guess about this, we have the numbers. at the more kamala harris they got, the more repellents they became. by december, harris was losing to andrew yang in her own state, the majority of california democrat said they wanted her to drop out of the race. here's a getting question i
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want. even in the business that is famous for rewarding falseness, kamala harris was just too phony to win. she was too thick for politics. the question is, how did she end up effectively in charge of the entire country? that's a question that historians of democracy will spend decades -- democracy being a system in which citizens get to choose their own leaders. apart from a few handlers around joe biden, nobody really chose kamala harris. it's a pretty amazing story, actually. it's also deeply amusing. take a moment everyone smiled to pause and respite to observe the absurdity of kamala harris. if this is a fully vaccinated person who recently kissed her fully vaccinated husband while both of them were wearing surgical masks, pretending it's entirely normal.
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this is the daughter to college professors who tells you with a straight face that she grew up poor and depressed under jim crow in california. this is a person who can't stop lecturing you about american values and what this country stands for it despite the fact she didn't grow up. she went to high school in montreal. this is the amazing part, even in french-speaking canada she tells us, many generations of her indian and jamaican families somehow celebrated kwanzaa. that's a holiday invented in los angeles in 1966, and we could go on. let's embrace it for you, how fake is kamala harris? we'll put it this way, she can't even decide how to pronounce her own first name. we've heard her say at least two different ways with maximum confidence. imagine being hurt, what would your life be like? you would be terrified at any moment is being pulled off script. once you are off the script, what would you say?
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how would you know. you wouldn't even know who you are? when harris spoke to her friends at nbc news, watch this. >> do you have any plans to visit the border? >> at some point -- you know, we're going to the border, we've been to the border. this whole thing about the border, we've been to the border -- we've been to the border. >> i you haven't been to the border. >> and i haven't been to europe. i don't understand the point you're making. >> tucker: i've never been to spain, but i like the music. i don't understand the point you're making. of course she doesn't understand the point. no one ever asks are real questions. almost last time that happened? that was a probably last time to do it, two years since she's continued to ascend. how did she do this? the basis of how she looks. meanwhile, because it's so
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improbable that someone this unimpressive has become so powerful, the people in charge are forced to assure us almost with hysteria that she is brilliant and impressive in order to prepare the rest of us for the inevitable march to the white house they've had to create a soviet level cult of personality around her. we are not exaggerating, the ground. the "los angeles times" was a news organization at one point, said harris was getting her own section in the newspaper which is news dedicated exclusively to kamala harris. we get business, international, and critical kamala harris. she's her own category of news. the paper called the new section, covering kamala harris. not surprised, the first dispatch from the new kamala harris barrow didn't focus on her policy accomplishments, that would've been a pretty thin segment. instead, the paper covered the way she looks. kamala harris is all kinds of purse, first woman, first woman
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of color, first black woman, first mixed race woman, first elected national office. in other words, what really matters about kamala harris and what should matter to you according to "the new york times" is her dna. it's really science projects. disney went further than that. kamala harris explain to your kids recently isn't a political leader. she's more than that. it she's like a god. >> there was a young girl who used her voice to make the world around her better place. i'm say the odds were stacked against her, but her mother had big plans for this little flower. we had freedom fighting in her blood, she led a successful protest so kids could continue to play and became part of a divine group of leaders. she rose to places that no woman has from front lawn activist to
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madame vice president. she will use her voice to run this nation and inspire it, too. kamala harris, making herstory. >> tucker: next time you see someone walking across the top of your swimming pool, it's probably kemal harris. she became part of a divine group of leaders. it divine in the literal sense, like the dalai lama or kim jong un. she shot him in a team of her last round of golf. if kamala harris does have a kind of appealing humility, she doesn't compare herself to god, but a superhero analogy. her own book is called, "superheroes if you haven't seen it, you can get her nieces book, which is called, and by his big idea. what was the idea? we couldn't find it. if your kids are interested, they can buy the youth oriented edition of the ghostwritten memoir. and of course, because why wouldn't they be, we have
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kamala harris themed food. in this case, baked goods apparently made by the united states military. on her way to guatemala on the plane, kamala harris walked to the back to hand out cookies. not any cookies, not fig newtons, cookies and the shape of kamala harris. "usa today" reporter excitedly snapped a picture, saying she delivered cookies decorated with the shape of her likeness. kamala harris isn't just a vice president, she's a star. a major historian figure, indeed, she's god. if you say that enough, you tend to believe it. that's where the media find themselves, they believe it unquestionably. as she headed to latin america, they had the highest possible hopes. speak of the night that kamala harris made history as the first woman, first person of color elected vice president, she made clear that winning a seat at the table was just the first step.
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at the highest profile assignment so far, a solo trip to guatemala and mexico this weekend to tackle the root causes of the surgeon migration. >> having a mom of color up there talking about the situations come i think it's important. because the child of immigrants, first black, first south asian woman is going to represent us in guatemala today. i mean, i would kill to be able to be a fly on that wall in those meetings. >> she's a first woman vice president, first woman of color vice president, and this will shape how americans view her. >> the fact that kamala harris is visiting as the first woman, female vice president, first woman of color, that speaks volumes as well to those people of those countries. >> in addition to everything else, she's a mom now. you didn't know that. most of the point, really -- of the theme is she is a person of color. when a person of color goes to
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latin america to be around other people of color, it's a love match. they are going to love kamala harris in latin america. it is obvious, that's how our credential class thinks. people of color love people of color. unfortunately for kamala harris, that's not how latin americans think. latin america is not america. latin america is the traditional society. people in latin america are still allowed to say obvious things. if they haven't been trained by their leaders to censor their unapproved thoughts. sometimes they go ahead and order them as kamala harris found out yesterday when she arrived in guatemala. her motorcade was mobbed by protesters not trying to get her autograph or buy or superhero books, but telling her to get out of their country. go home read one placard, another sign read, kabbalah, trump won to a certain kind of liberal, this was shocking. they shouldn't of been chopped.
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guatemalans know what political corruption look like because they live in a politically corrupt system. if they saw the presidential election wasn't exactly on that level, because it wasn't. all of the powerful people in the u.s. from one side, joe biden side. they trusted the outcome less. and they said it. by the way, this may be hurts most of all, msnbc is going to have a lot of trouble dejected and this, but it's true. at some guatemalans actually support donald trump. that doesn't talk to people who been paying attention. what is your average guatemalan have more in common with? let's be honest. kemal harris or donald trump? come on, it's not even close. among other things, latin america to the state is patriarchy. gender bending postmodern feminism doesn't make sense either. it's totally confusing to your average person. they think it's absurd, and their right, it is. so in guatemala, it's pretty
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hard to sell kamala harris as a god. kemal harris is looking to be treated like god, she ought to go to london or a place where people hate themselves on their own culture. such as work in central america. the white house should've known that, the state department, too. they didn't know it because it turns out that in addition to being -- a lot of these people are incompetent. they're not quite sure what they're doing, and you can tell by watching carefully. they're flying blm flags at rec and embassies around the world. in real life, and no one outside america is impressed by a blm plank outside the embassy. in fact, they think it's pathetic. why? because it's an intentional self-conscious display of weakness. guess what no one on earth respects? weakness. if you want the world to like you, you would show strength. don't tread on me. people in guatemala would get that.
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they'd respected. they might even like us more. you know what they don't like? cringing self-hatred, that's disgusting to them and most people, it's a feature of human nature, it's universal. you think you would understand that he's america's top diplomat. every opportunity, he sell flashlights in front of the world. >> for the united states around the world, we have to face the realities of racism and hatred here at home. we can't pretend they don't exist. we need to face them openly and honestly. even if that's ugly, even if that's painful. that's how we live up to our values. >> it's not painful for the rest of the road to watch some more on like a totally blank talk about how terrible america is. it's not painful, it's laughable. it's ridiculous. the administration sincerely believes the rest of the world deeply appreciates when we beat
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ourselves up for something that took place 100 years ago. they think, central americans are impressed by our blm plagues. no, they're not impressed, and they're not impressed by kamala harris who just laughs and tells us to go away. brit hume is oxidase the senior political analyst, great to see you. there's just -- i love the idea of this contrast between the way washington, the press corps, the state department, and, pierce's office think she's going to be received in guatemala. here's a reporter covering kamala harris' trip to latin america. this is slightly -- so i want to apologize to her audience. >> thank you madam vice president, i got to vote for the first time is a nationally citizen, i voted for you. >> tucker: i just wonder, if you're kamala harris, i don't
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want to be mean to her, but you're surrounded by even the reporters sucking up to you, it must be a little surprising than the guatemalan company in a study home. >> tucker, this kamala harris phenomenon is come i think, limited to a small subset of the american population of which the news media are a parts and elements of the democratic party are, too. most americans don't really get it. i also have a sense that the reason that kamala harris got this border assignment was joe biden wanted to keep it as far away from him as he could, and sound like he was doing something. he names his newly sworn in vice president to handle the matter, and then they quickly realize that, if she goes to the border, that's only going to attract more attention to this problem. next thing you know, or soon thereafter, she heads down to latin america to convene a root
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cause seminar, which, when you think about it, is a silly idea -- of course it's a good idea to help the people down there to deal with the root causes of whatever it is that makes us people leave and come to the united states. this is -- that's a long-term problem. the situation at the border is a current and immediate emergency requiring action and long term solutions in central america. >> tucker: i wonder, if your kamala harris, what do i know, i haven't talked to her about it, but it seems like this is the last thing she wants to be doing. there's no upside for her. how much do you think she resents being dispatched to central america by joe biden? >> i couldn't answer that question without being able to get inside her head. the suspicion grows, i think, what we have here is a woman who is a lightweight, and she's useful for a purpose like this.
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you center up to the border, have her do a few things here and there. they have the statement today that she came out and read after being in mexico with the authorities there, and she talked about root causes and all that sounds very good. there was no mention of any real concrete current action that is being taken. it's all about, we want to help these people, people don't leave their countries because they'd rather stay, they only leave because circumstances are dire. we want to fix the circumstances. that's fine, but how long will that take? how many more immigrants will pour across the border. the suspicion grows that the reason why the biden administration isn't doing anything to enhance the enforcement is because they don't want to. there's a feeling within the party that the more these people come, the more they get into this country, the more they will eventually become democratic
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voters. that cynical, but it's a big part of what's going on. the one we've had almost 1 million people show up at the border so far. i appreciate that, thank you for coming on tonight. california congressman eric swalwell is unusual in the sense he's very few among the 435 who had had with the chinese spy. he's also one of the few members of congress who sends thugs to harass anyone he disagrees with that. he's doing that, we got the philia. plus, for a recent episode of tucker carlson originals, we covered a green energy scam that threatens to destroy one of the largest standing forces left in the country. we got a major update on that program, straight ahead.
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5:24 pm
brooke's garage to search papers on his wife. the video appears to show the sq be pulling into the garage, then the server speeds up the driveway, rushing out of his car to the garage to serve martha brooks a lawsuit in which he is accused of helping inside the january 6 capital riot. brooks seems to be started at and upset as he falls the man back to his car. congressman says this was first degree criminal trespassing, punishable by up to one year in jail. an attorney claims he had to be served papers and insist that server lawfully served the papers without attempting to enter the home. he claims that the process server never entered the house, ak trespassed. why so, why do have this video chasing my wife into my home? court documents indicate
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swalwell hired a private investigator trying to locate brooks with this lawsuit. >> tucker: thank you so much. when eric swalwell, the chinese spy criminal since a thug to hassle your wife, that's extra creepy. congressman mel brooks will be on with laura ingraham at 10:00 p.m. eastern. the recent episode of our new documentary we covered a green energy scam in the state of maine. at that plane, that scam is threatening to destroy one of the last large standing courts in this country. as part of the documentary, we spoke to a former senator, toms of yellow. watch. >> i'm holding balsam fir, part of the softwood first we had in maine that goes into this dark habitat that we see in the wintertime. dear go and protect themselves from both their predators and
5:26 pm
the environment. as he can see by where these markers are located, this court is going to cut right through that habitat and destroy it so the deer won't have a place to go in the wintertime. >> tucker: if you care about the country and god's creation and you don't want to see it destroyed, we have an up date. thanks so much for coming on. thank you for talking to us, what can you share? the coat that band of balsam fir, we went up there last tuesday, it's not there anymore. it's been cuts. they are cutting the corridor up there. they tell everyone it's 54 feet, it's 100 feet wide, and it's miles long. they started this whole process to prepare to put that corridor and the particular area, as we talked about. >> tucker: this hasn't been approved yet? >> they have all of their permits in place, we're going to take them as we talk on the show before about citizens referendum where we are going to have a chance to stop them.
5:27 pm
they're out of the woods right now because the army corps of engineers says they can't harvest between now and august 1st. we have a chance to stop them completely. >> tucker: but they are already cutting the forest? the largest standing forest in the eastern united states? it's because that's correct. they're cutting it, they're cutting it to bring power from canada and canadian owned companies through the state of maine as an extension cord to massachusetts to meet their green power requirements while we use profits from this. it foreign countries are benefiting from our extension cord remain to massachusetts. >> tucker: destroying one of the wonders of the united states, which is this clear cut for. in the name of green energy, that's what i find it so galling. this is a business play that's making foreign companies which, why do they have to dress it up as being green? >> massachusetts ask for the
5:28 pm
power to come in, they requested for bozos to bring in green energies. it high don't it destroys the lives of indigenous people, and the soil gives off carbon dioxide into the water which goes into the atmosphere. it's really dirty green energy. that's why they turned on the project. for some reason when it comes to maine, it gets filtered out, becomes green energy. >> tucker: you have to wonder how much nature were going to allowed to be destroyed in the name of green next. >> in this case, what they've done and that clear cut that i talked about, which is 84 feet wide, miles long, probably ten -- is destroying the habitat, the fisheries, and most importantly, when you have these beautiful vistas looking out into the environment, seeing these wonderful forests, you're going
5:29 pm
to have a quarter cut right through. >> if you care about nature, don't destroy it. if some guy comes up and says it's green to cut down a forest, he's lying. thank you very much. >> thanks for having us on. >> and he can watch a full episode on the screen energy scam, one of many underway in this country on tucker carlson originals. the next episode of our documentary series is amazing, just drained it, it's called hunting ms-13, shot partially in el salvador, it debuts thursday on the white house has released a federal budget, it's beyond belief, he could have profound implications for our future. we will tell you what's in it, straight ahead
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under no reading does last november's election qualify as a blowout, as a mandate for change. it just wasn't. historically speaking, it wasn't even close. you'd never know that by the way the white house is behaving. completely remaking the country in less than six months. joe biden's budget proposal includes about $5 trillion in new spending and targeted tax breaks to friends and family over the next ten years. that's on top of the $5 trillion the government is already borrowed from china. this budget includes 13.2 trillion in planned borrowing. where we going here? how does this work? does math still exist? senior fellow at the manhattan institute and fluent in mathematics, he is driving us to assess this. what would happen if this past? >> this budget is remarkable by
5:36 pm
any historical standard. we've already spent $2 trillion with the mark to stimulus. it leapt out in budget would add $5 trillion in spending on top of that over ten years, and then there's another $5 trillion in new proposals that are going to be coming from the biden campaign and fake expirations. he put that together, you get $12 trillion of spending over the years. to put that in context, that's eight times bigger than the cost of the 2,017th tax cuts that we were told we can't afford. another way of throwing a big number out at you, before the pandemic the national debt was just under $17 trillion. if you assumed the entire biden agenda is enacted, into the new proposals, come of the debt goes from $17 trillion before the pandemic to $44 trillion at the end of ten years. this dwarfs anything we saw, not only from republican presidents, but even from obama and clinton.
5:37 pm
do you have to go back to lbj to see anything like this. >> tucker: faces -- lbj was prosecuting a major war in southeast asia at the time, this is wartime spending. we are in one of the longest nonwar periods in american history, were not fighting were really right now. if they are assuming we never will be or never be any interceding crisis. what assumptions are they basing a budget like this? >> this is a rosy scenario. at this assumes that we have quick growth, no more recessions, no more worse, the fact that defense spending drops slightly, it also assumes interest rates stay low and we can keep borrowing chiefly because it assumes today's low interest rates never rise. by the way, if interest rates do rise, every single percentage point at $30 trillion in interest costs.
5:38 pm
this is growth, no recession, no new wars, no interest rates, you still have a debt going from 17 trillion to $34 trillion. go you've read this budget, is there anything in the budget that does not add to the democratic party's power? >> very little. at this budget is a democratic wish list. there are slush funds everywhere. one of the things the president is proposing is essentially a slush fund where we raise corporate taxes five times bigger than the tax cut for cotton 2017, and then put some of it into a corporate welfare slush fund that of companies do what government wants them to do, if they do what the biden administration want them to do, they're giving about $1 trillion in corporate welfare spending. i don't know what part of infrastructure corporate welfare is, but there's huge slush funds for government. if that's a way to get big business on board with the democratic agenda, is tell them
5:39 pm
you are on board, we will give you money back. >> exactly. paying off your friend, throwing your enemies in jail. we noted a moment ago, we are not at war, we have and how to work. that's not exactly right, in january we did have a workable one of the biggest in history. it was a combination of d-day and everything rolled into one. it was january 6! the report is out, it was interesting is not what it includes, but what it omits. following this story as closely as anyone in america. she brings us footage tonight that we have not been told about spirited that's next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: how bad was the january 6 white supremacist he went on insurrection in washington? it's bad, but it keeps getting worse. just on friday, cnn informed us that that day was actually worse than 9/11 and pearl harbor. >> good evening, 150 days and see were single active medical violence since the civil war, the man who incited it is crying about being kept off of social media. >> tucker: the worst single act of violence since the civil war! two people read anymore? the cortez can't read, but she can feel. she was deeply traumatized she was nowhere near, but she has ptsd from it. >> you have this transition. mack of violence, which really
5:46 pm
culminated on the sixth for which it extraordinarily traumatizing events not being discussed. it's politically sensitive. no one wants to say boo-hoo, but there are member of congress that served in more. >> you're doing therapy? >> yeah, i'm doing therapy, but also i've just slowed down. i think the trump administration had a lot about these communities in a very reactive mode. >> tucker: you are paying to listen to people talk about themselves, your job is to absorb narcissism. that's how you make it living. at some point you have to say, please stop talking about yourself, please stop complaining. we get to the bottom of what happened during the whites pharmacist cumin on insurrection
5:47 pm
of january 6. what's so interesting, the government, despite calling for openness has not released thousands of hours of surveillance filial from that day. interesting. if it was the worst day of political violence and see civil war says the historically illiterate cnn anchor, why won't the costly pictures? julie kelly is one of the few journalists who has looked into this. here's the video that she obtained from january 6. >> if you're willing to work with us and peacefully. gather more americans under the condition that they will come and gather peacefully to discuss what needs to be done to save our country. >> we are going to be heard.
5:48 pm
everybody, this must be peaceful. we have to be peaceful. it we have the right to peaceably assemble. >> tucker: poor cmd cortez speed dialing her therapist right now. the senate released its report, julie kelly has read it. american greatness, happy to join us tonight. you so much for joining us, within the support? >> it's interesting, it basically really blames the u.s. capitol police who we are told were heroes similar to the heroes who stormed the beach in normandy -- and all other terrorist attacks of people who were there happening that day. turns out the u.s. capital's were not prepared, did not have a plan, ignored warnings that there could be violence that day. obviously, the story now is that the u.s. capitol police officers -- so many are also so
5:49 pm
traumatized just like aoc that they want $4.4 million to open up a wellness and trauma center to help work through all of their feelings about what happened that day. >> can a country where federal employees are this silly, can it continue? i mean really? the capitol police, we know the one gunshot fired that day was from a capital policeman who killed an unarmed protester. we take the side of the police and the sayings, all things being equal. we still don't know why, because we've never seen the report, and we don't know who -- we don't know the name of the cop who did that. are we ever going to find that out? >> i don't know. i think her family is trying to find out. i'm not sure why we don't have more public and officials or leaders in washington demanding to know the names and identities of that officer demanding to see the investigation we were told
5:50 pm
was performed, conducted, and closed about what happened to ashley babbitt. the u.s. capitol police were the ones referring to the 14,000 hours of surveillance video they have just from noon to 8:00 on january 6. they will not release that footage, they don't even want defendants to see us. they don't want defense attorneys to see that footage, because i think we will see more of what you just showed, tucker, that clip about how so many protesters were let in, talking to capitol police officers, we know they were taking selfies. for the insurrection q1 on white supremacist domestic violence extremists, worst worst thing since civil war happened, either the cops are complicit or does what can you say about that? apparently so many are traumatized by the selfie takers that we need to open a wellness center to help them out.
5:51 pm
>> tucker: i don't understand how you can prosecute someone for crime and take away evidence. they should note that now. we appreciate your reporting on this, it's rare. barack obama divided this country so completely that it affected donald trump before he left. he is back with another attempt to make people hate each other based on how they look, we will play that video, next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: barack obama spent eight years dividing the country racially but it you would think that would be enough. he would retreat to martha's vineyard but he is back to let you know if you have any problem with your kids teachers telling them that some races are better than others, then you, my friend, or the racist >> there are certain right wing media for
5:57 pm
example that monetize and capitalize on stalking the fear and resentment of a white population that is witnessing a changing america and seeing demographic changes and to everything they can to give people a sense that they are way of life is threatened. lo and behold the single most important issue to them currently right now is critical race theory. who knew? that was a threat to our republic. >> tucker: that guy is a hater. forrest cooper is the cochair and joins us tonight, thank you so much for coming on. every time there is a racial wound, it does seem like obama reemerges to inflame it. why not just retire? if he was republican i would say the same thing. this is not healthy as it? >> it is not healthy. it turns out there would be a
5:58 pm
lot of expressed resentment of america, a place that has been wonderful to barack obama. two-time elected president of the united states and yet in unguarded moments or even unguarded moments his impulse is to criticize who america is and what america stands for. and one of the things that i wonder whether or not his advisors ever coached him on or talked about is this tendency to talk past a statement as a way of creating the impression that he is observing something that is true and not an opinion. there are no such thing and yet, he talked about it in such a way. there is no evidence that as america has had a changing, racial of dynamic take place that we are seeing any out
5:59 pm
workings that should alarm us or concerning the spirit and yet, he uses that talking past technique as a way of ratifying his own perception about what america is spirit america is a place where we are raising more interracial families truly then we have ever done in american history. we are having more weddings and marriages, even in the pandemic we have seen a crossing racial lines. there is no evidence. nowhere that this "concern" that he is identifying is the kind of thing that a man who says, if i had a son, it he would look like trave on martin. that shouldn't apply to this that he continues on down this path. >> that is such a smart observation. he talks right past as if we agree it is true without showing it is true.
6:00 pm
that is what is infuriating, of course, cooper, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: "tucker carlson thursday" and part of it in el salvador. we will show part of it tomorrow. that is it tonight, sean hannity takes over right now. >> sean: all right, talker, great show as always and welcome to "hannity" richard muller radical socialist or left agenda: congress. democrats fighting each other, lashing out, chaos, war, so sad to hear that, anyway and some finding, questioning biden's ability to carry out his duties amid his obvious now ongoing competent struggles and weakness. others are predictably crying racism against joe manchin and others. one idiot at "the new york times" got completely triggered at the disturbing sight of dozens of american flags that she had


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