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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  June 4, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> he does. >> bill: have a great weekend. gillian, you have big news in six weeks? >> gillian: i have a baby girl bill, due. she has been kicking me all morning long. i can barely stand it. >> bill: does she like the morning hours? >> gillian: she is up. all night, all day, she never sleeps. thanks for having me, have a great weekend. >> see you next time. on a friday, here is harris, see you monday, bye-bye. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. we're getting a firsthand look at overnight operations on our southern border with mexico where the texas department of public safety has now encountered a large group of illegal immigrants trying to get into the country and trying to do it in the middle of a thunderstorm. texas governor greg abbott says state troopers will arrest anybody crossing and charge them with criminal trespassing.
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an officer says they need help from the feds now. >> this is a federal government issue. they aren't supporting u.s. border patrol. they needs the support at the southern border. they are overwhelmed with the hours of processing these migrants that are coming across. >> harris: aishah hasnie is live in mission, texas. >> i'm in the -- >> harris: it looks like we were having some technical difficulties. do we want to try to go back to her along the border in texas? give her a couple seconds. let's go back. live television a little technical glitch and we lost her again. we'll move on. lawmakers in border states say the biden administration is doing nothing to protect them. you heard that they need the feds to come in and help. so one congressman is now
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introducing a resolution to let those states declare war on the drug cartels. the criminal groups have been flooding into our nation as you know with drugs so you see the illegal immigrants coming over. oftentimes what is happening is they are coming in with smugglers and with drug cartel what they call mules bringing particularly children unaccompanied and families. so they are coming in with them and sometimes as you saw in that video, they will use the cover of darkness, of weather, whatever it takes to get in behind those people. have january to april of this year customs and border protection seized more than three times as much fentanyl and more than twice as much cocaine than over the same time period last year. methamphetamine seizures also went up. we are now going the try to go back to our reporter who is live along the texas border.
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she has been following this very closely in mission, texas. aishah. >> good morning. we saw so many migrants crossing the border last night that the department of public safety and border patrol didn't have enough vehicles, enough buses to transport them and process them. look at this incredible video we got last night. you saw children huddled under trash bags for hours in the pouring rain. 40 unaccompanied children there in this one group. so many of them were just crying. we spoke to a man from el salvador who came here with his wife and 1-year-old child. his baby had months quito bites all over his face and he said he saw very dangerous people on his way north. listen. >> somebody take your baby, the police and military take our money, right? that was the bad guys, too. >> we saw migrants making a run
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for it. dps officers told us this man was supposed to get picked up my smugglers but got lost and started running. check out the trail kam here found with a suspected cartel scout apparently officers say he stole it from the border likely trying to clear a path for those cartel smugglers. as vice president kamala harris heads to central america this weekend i asked that young man with the wife and baby what would it have taken him to stay in el salvador, to stay in his country? he told me there is just too much corruption, too many problems engrained in that culture he wasn't going to stay no matter what. he was coming here to america. harris. >> harris: thank you very much. that's a lot of information particularly that piece of detail from el salvador because the vice president has left that country at least last check off her list in terms of
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the northern triangle. i want to talk about that and so much more. jody harrington, a republican congresswoman from texas. you were introducing a resolution to declare war on the drug cartels. how will that work? >> well, it is laid out very clearly and expressly written into the constitution. first of all let's take the preamble. the federal government's first job is to provide for the common dedefense and domestic tranquility. not happening. chaos, disaster, crisis at the border. next you have a president who swears and oath to faithfully execute the laws of the land, article 2. not happening. no apprehension, no detention. cash and release. no notice to appear. not enforcing the laws of the land. and then you have article 4 that says the government will provide the sovereign states a republic and protect them against invasions.
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that is not happening. and that's why you have article 1, section 10 that says when the federal government has failed to do its job to defend the border, protect its citizens then it is the sovereign power and right inherently of the states to defend itself and their citizens. i have to tell you, harris, because of the pair military sophistication of the network of cartels who are totally in control of the border and of the influx of criminality, it is absolutely an invasion and a threat like we have never seen to the safety and security of our citizens in texas and throughout the border and i believe they have every constitutionally protected right to defend themselves on account of the factors that i just articulated. >> harris: so i'm wondering how the federal government isn't going to get involved then because i don't know if you heard just moments ago, border patrol, law enforcement on the border now are overwhelmed and outnumbered as i like to say.
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they need the feds' help and asking for their help and now there is a need, as you say, to fight back on these very sophisticated drug cartels. do you think you'll get that kind of help at the border to fight them off? >> i think texans and other border states are doing everything they can with the restrictions they have jurisdictionally. we're spending billions of dollars in texas just to come alongside of border patrol agents and ice agents but deferring to a defunct set of federal law enforcement because they've benham strung by the biden administration. there is effectively lawlessness and chaos and texas, the only way border states can step up and fill that gap is by exercising that sovereign right and power again very expressly written in the constitution. i think we're way beyond that threshold and it is driven by the failure of the federal
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government number one, and it is empowered by the cartels on the other side of the border and why you are seeing the exponential increase in drugs, human smuggling and other criminal elements. >> harris: some might look and it and say the resolution might not have teeth. might you you have a coalition with other states to make the case for war on drug cartels, it's on? >> let me tell you, we are affirming this at the federal level that this is, in fact, the constitutional right and power of the sovereign states. that's what we're doing, affirming it. i have leaders in the state of texas, my colleague for example senator charles perry out of lubbock, texas, who has filed legislation that i believe will be taken up in august and i believe you will see others do accordingly and begin the debate and in fact i think
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ultimately exercise this right, take matters in their hands, defend their citizens, and do the job the federal government has failed to do and come what may. you might get an injunction, might go through the courts. probably will. may go all the way to the supreme court. but i think all the legitimate rights are there for these states to execute this. >> harris: the other thing you are going to do is catch fire among the american people and they can put pressure on their local officials and leadership there, democrat, republican, the like, many of those democratic cities may not have the leadership that would follow something like this but their voters will help them decide on that. quickly before i let you go, there was a man with a baby moments ago and we took a report from our correspondent aishah hasnie down on the texas border and she said that man told her very desperate situations. he said in el salvador. i've been reading the itinerary
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of our vice president kamala harris who still hasn't gone to our border. she is going to guatemala and the northern triangle country only going to hit that one and going to mexico to meet with leaders. he is from el salvador. we know that el salvador and honduras are also putting thousands of people at our border as well. what do you make of not hitting the whole northern triangle and not going to where you are in texas? >> i think it's a completely disrespectful of the citizens who live in the communities along the border. they've shown no regard to prioritizing our citizens. it really is a joke. you have to stop the bleeding. we know that there is a direct cause and effect from the biden policies. for kamala harris and the president not to own it and
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take responsibility and call it what it is, a crisis. it is unthinkable and why i believe there is a constitutional crisis and a real extenuating circumstance for the states to step up and state leaders along the border i believe for the sake of their citizens and for the quality of life that is being trashed by what is coming across and namely the drugs that are killing people. they seized 6,000 pounds of fentanyl this year. more than all of last year and that's enough to kill every american four times over. that is what we're up against. pushed by parra military. >> harris: president trump did agreements with the companies in the northern triangle. if you do what the vice president says as well get to the root cause you might want to go to places like arizona and texas, the like. and all of the northern triangle countries. thank you so much for joining me. a lot of detail and please keep
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us apprised on the resolution as you move along. good to see you, congressman. >> president biden: created over 2 million jobs in total since i took office. more jobs than ever been created in the first four months of any presidency in modern history. triple the rate of my predecessor and eight times the rate of president reagan and unemployment rate is down since the pandemic hit. this is progress, historic progress. progress pulling our economy out of the worst crisis it has been in in 100 years. >> harris: president biden a few minutes ago taking credit for today's jobs report which shows hiring is up last month over the awful numbers we saw in april. although it still falls short. the unemployment rate fell to a new pandemic low of 5.8%. however, businesses are struggling mightily to find workers. as of march there were more
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than 8 million unfilled jobs nationwide. the most in more than two decades. 15 million americans are still getting state or federal unemployment benefits but the president's labor secretary marty walsh told fox business today don't blame jobless aid for the worker shortage. watch. >> i think this report shows the unemployment benefit is not necessarily keeping people out of the workforce. it is supporting families that are still out of work. >> harris: forbes media ceo and editor in chief steve forbes is here to break it down. always great to have you on the program. i want to start with the jobs numbers and what you see are the facts there. when unemployment is down fewer people are looking for work. there is hidden meaning there. break it down for us. >> what you see is you mentioned that 8 million job openings is that there are a lot of people who are still getting more in benefits than they are by going back into the workforce. that emergency measure was
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appropriate in the spring of last year when millions of people were suddenly thrown out of work. you wanted to throw everything at it to help alleviate the crisis but the pandemic is receding. what you have now is a benefit from the federal government that is keeping millions of people out of the workforce. and that's why 25 states are going to put this program on the expire list before the end of this month. the biggest latest one is maryland, a blue state. it does have a republican governor but he is to the left of the party. but the situation is so acute that even he in a blue state is saying we've got to stop these extra payments because it's destroying the labor market. other factors at work such as school closing. the sooner they get rid of the $300 extra a week it will help the shortage. >> harris: you mentioned the
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maryland governor. i want to mention the michigan governor. she is going in a complete different direction. she is proposing a plan to allow people to work part-time and still keep unemployment benefits. she said this yesterday. let's watch together. >> we want to make sure that we are giving people all of the incentives to get back to work so that they can take care of themselves and their families and not forego other opportunities that can help them get back on their feet. so you see a lot of states just taking away the help for people who are struggling. we don't think that makes a lot of sense in this environment. >> harris: she will let people double dip. is that what that is? am i missing it? >> that's exactly what it is and part of a lot of democrats want to find ways, back doorways to have a national minimum wage or a universal basic income. and so this idea that you will pay a lot of money, they figure
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that forces businesses to raise wages but it hurts businesses, raising prices, less money for investment to expand those businesses which means less future productivity which means a lower standard of living than we would have had otherwise. very, very basic. so the blue states versus the red states in terms of employment, in terms of economic growth. the states that are opening, the states that are having positive incentives there are doing far better than the states that are doing what sadly michigan is continuing to do, unnecessarily lag in terms of recovery. >> harris: real quickly inflation seems to be runaway. will it curb itself or does it need help quickly? >> it needs help in terms of don't put on new taxes and regulations. let this work it out. the other thing is the federal reserve shouldn't be ready to print a lot of new money. it will be back in the 70s with
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rising prices and stagnation. the fed needs to behave itself. see if it's capable of doing it. >> harris: fabulous bell bottom jeans. steve forbes, good to see you, thank you. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: serious and disturbing claims from former state department officials including former secretary pompeo saying they were waved off an investigation into the wuhan china laboratory and the origins of covid-19 and the fallout could be huge. facebook changing how it will handle content from politicians after upholding its ban on former president trump. so will those changes be any close to fair? a veteran who may have served in my time, during the vietnam era, would be eligible today for a va home loan. so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan.
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>> harris: we begin with this fox news alert now. we're learning state department leaders were warned to back off an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus last year. some officials were worried, they say, the united states would look bad when it came to its funding of the wuhan institute where the coronavirus may have escaped. former secretary of state mike pompeo says his team faced heavy pushback including from the national institute of health as they zeroed in on china. >> inside the organization but it was us ultimately who put out documents that demonstrated some of the central facts we know that lead to the overwhelming amount of evidence that demonstrates this probably did come from this virology lab. good work by the state department team and overcame internal bureaucracy to get there and lots of internal
8:24 am
debate from n.i.h. trying to suppress what we were doing at the state department as well. >> harris: tucker carlson that's disturbing. >> the chinese government covered this up. but the worst and most shocking part if you're an american. some within the u.s. government helped them cover it up. they knew all along it was going on but buried the truth, too. their interests were aligned with the interests of the chinese government. >> harris: jackie heinrich live at the white house. >> good afternoon, harris. two former u.s. officials tell fox news there was an effort among some state department officials to stop an extensive probe into the lab leak theory amid concerns it would raise scrutiny about the u.s. funding research at that lab amid concern that the lab was doing gain of function research. the man they accuse of obstructing the probe, former acting under secretary chris ford denied an effort to quash
8:25 am
an inquiry. in the final days of the trump administration state department investigators issued a fact sheet about activity at the wuhan lab. the news comes as dr. anthony fauci is facing pressure by republicans to what he knew and when after his emails were released to a freedom of information request. many responses are fully redacted. >> we overcame lots of internal bureaucracy to get there and lots of internal debate from n.i.h. when you heard dr. fauci this morning those were the exact same words and excuses and the chinese communist party has presented for a year now. we can all draw our own conclusions. >> one email sent about n.i.h. director francis collins to fauci references a fox news reports. they believe the coronavirus escaped from the lab and
8:26 am
accidentally. the subject line is conspiracy gains momentum. >> is that the position of the administration and their top health expert that it was not engineered or is that still an open question in part of this review? >> let me say dr. fauci and his emails he has spoken to this over the last few days. he can speak for himself. he has been an undeniable asset in the pandemic response. i will not relitigate the substance of emails from 17 months ago. >> collins said he wasn't referencing the lab leak theory as a conspiracy but the idea that the virus was engineered as a bioweapon. fauci said yesterday the idea the chinese manufactured a virus to kill people including its own was pretty far out although he is keeping an open mind about the lab leak theory. harris.
8:27 am
>> harris: wow. thank you, jackie. dr. fauci talking yesterday about getting to the bottom of it all. >> i mean, obviously you want openness and cooperation. one of the ways you can get it is don't be accusatory. try to get both a forensic, scientific and investigational approach. i think the accusatory part about it is only going to get them to pull back even more. >> harris: wow. so you can't say you tried to kill us because you think they -- oh, wow. a new "washington post" op-ed today argued the case that the virus emerged from nature not in a lab is falling apart. the author of that column marc thiessen is here. seriously when i heard dr. fauci just then and i want your reaction as well. the one question i have is if you can't hold somebody
8:28 am
accountable, how can you hold somebody accountable? was dr. fauci saying let's be friends? >> he said that china has an interest in getting to the bottom of this. no, they don't. quite frankly neither does the n.i.h. or the public health bureaucracy. there is a confluence of interests between the u.s. public health bureaucracy and chinese communist party. if this virus, if neither of them proving a lab leak. if the virus emerged from nature then it was an act of god and neither the chinese communist party nor the people who funded the gain of function research in the wuhan lab are responsible for it. but if it emerged from the lab and was the result of gain of function research that was being funded by the n.i.h., then both the chinese communist regime and n.i.h. are culpable for killing over 3 million
8:29 am
people over the world. >> harris: the op-ed is a fascinating read. why did you want to push in on this? >> because dr. fauci last week said he still believes that natural emergence is the most likely scenario. not only is the evidence not there to show it. it is mounting it didn't emerge naturally. let me give you facts. in the 16 months since this pandemic emerged there was an exhaustive search for the animal that took the virus from bats and translated it to humans. they still haven't found it. the sars 1 pandemic they found the animal in four months. we don't know what animal that is. they haven't found the original bat population from which the virus emerged. not only that, they have not identified a single animal creature human or animal that had this virus before december of 2019. it just emerged in 2019. second thing, viruses don't simply jump from animals to
8:30 am
humans and become deadly pandemic viruses. they take multiple mutations along the way. mutate from the bat several times to get to a host animal and mutate within the host animal to get to a human and mutate further to become deadly. this virus emerged in december of 2019 with none of those mutations. it was perfectly designed to infect and kill and spread human beings. that only makes sense if it was engineered in a lab not out of nature. >> harris: well, you know, with kind of the runaround that dr. fauci gave by saying i didn't say they did it on purpose. nobody said that. it could be an accident. we just need to know how and where it was and it helps us. even at this late stage would have been helpful back then in february 2020. former cdc director robert redfield said he received death threats after he said this back in march. >> i am of the point of view i
8:31 am
still think the most likely ideology of this pathogen in wuhan was from a laboratory and escaped. it is not unusual for respiratory pathogens to infect a laboratory worker. >> harris: an interview with "vanity fair." he said there i was threatened and ostracized because i proposed another hypothesis. i didn't expect it from science. your reaction. >> the scientists were the ones funding the gain of function research. there is a cult of gain of function research where they think -- they are doing it from good motives. they think the best way to stop pandemics is get ahead of them by creating the viruses and figuring how to treat them. the problem is viruses don't stay in labs. they break out all the time.
8:32 am
the sars 1 virus broke out of the beijing institute of virology four times and broke out of labs in taiwan and singapore. it is very dangerous to create these. dr. fauci was a huge advocate of gain of function research. u.s. government was funding it and so we need to get to the bottom whether or not that's what created this pandemic. >> harris: and although dr. fauci says money did flow to the wuhan lab there is no way he would know at this point or we would know what that money went to although they said it was so small considering how much money flowed from other places to the wuhan lab. i'm like that's not exactly the pinpoint. we'll look into it as best we can. great op-ed "washington post". everybody check it out. where is hunter biden? the president's son could give his dad some new headaches. next the latest movement in the d.o.j.'s investigation of hunter's business dealings and then there is this.
8:33 am
>> even today fauci is still urging americans don't be too accusatory of china because they are working hard to get to the bottom of what really happened. he has emails he got saying they were covering up the number of people that were killed. >> harris: we'll go deeper. backlash over dr. fauci's emails growing. joe concha here. -i'm down. -yes, please. [ chuckles ] don't get me wrong, i love my rv, but insuring it is such a hassle. same with my boat. the insurance bills are through the roof. -[ sighs ] -be cool. i wish i could group my insurance stuff. -[ coughs ] bundle. -the house, the car, the rv. like a cluster. an insurance cluster. -woosah. -[ chuckles ] -i doubt that exists. -it's a bundle! it's a bundle, and it saves you money! hi. i'm flo from progressive, and i couldn't help but overhear... super fun beach day, everybody. you have to put your health and wellness first. or you can't do anything else. i am living proof that ww works. i've lost 91 pounds. i've lost 54 pounds on ww.
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use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. now's the time to use your va home loan benefit to get cash before mortgage rates begin to rise. call now. >> now people are going after you acting as if we all know for certain it came out of a lab. >> the truth is we're still looking through a glass darkly because we just don't have the data. >> you look at my emails i never in the emails said anything derogatory about president trump. >> the true mark of someone they look good even when their personal emails come out. you pass the test.
8:39 am
>> harris: dr. fauci, how much money did you give or know was given to the wuhan institute and know they were doing gain of function? many in the media still fawning over dr. fauci. the correspondence make it clear that dr. fauci's private beliefs have been radically at odds with his public guidance to u.s. leaders and the american people. worse, the emails reveal a bureaucrat more interested in protecting china's public image than finding the truth about the coronavirus. former white house chief of staff mark meadows ripped the doctor's efforts to spin what he said is in those emails. >> the interesting thing here tonight, though, is you hear dr. fauci trying to change the narrative. listen, this is not just about
8:40 am
what happened in a wuhan lab, this is what actually happened with dr. fauci in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak. dr. fauci has been flip-flopping. there is more flip-flops on dr. fauci than you will find on a north carolina beach in july. >> harris: joe concha media and politics columnist for the hill. joe, great to have you on the program. we got into it with marc thiessen who brought a great "washington post" op-ed on the details and semantics what needs to be looked at. i want to know where is the media on this? this is your expertise. what's happening with the story? >> the number one question dr. anthony fauci should be asked in any interview. you talked about it with marc thiessen the last segment, is how can you say that china is trying to get to the bottom of this and if we say nice things about them they'll be cooperative with us considering the chinese announced not too
8:41 am
long ago that they had closed their investigation into coronavirus. it happened in a wet market that's the end of it and they won't cooperate in any way, shape or form. how could you possibly defend the chinese given their actions in closing this investigation? that's a good question we can start with. or you were made aware by other scientists that this possibly could be a lab leak as much as a year ago and you continued to deny it. that's interesting as well. or how about arguing in one email that retail masks may not be very effective against coronavirus. on two occasions you shared documents that pertained to gain of function research. dangerous research but instead these questions aren't being asked at all. we saw those interviews yesterday, harris, it was like the propping up of a politician named andrew cuomo. it felt very much the same way. >> harris: i do want to go deeper on that aspect of it because it matters what this doctor says because so many people listen to him and many in the media lift him up.
8:42 am
look, i know you saw the montage of pictures and reporters and anchors coming into you. they're fawning in epic proportions. what is in it for them with that? >> i'm not sure. it is a big disconnect with the american poll. the rasmussen poll found 2/3 of americans think dr. fauci has been operating and seeing this pandemic through a political prism. not what the nation's top doctor is supposed to be doing. i saw one cnn correspondent who criticized this network for quote covid origin-focused news, all right? can you imagine this. these are the most important topics and questions of our lifetime. where did this virus begin? how did it originate? what did the chinese know and when did they know it? so we can prevent covid 2.0, covid 22, covid 28. that's the criticism of this
8:43 am
network it's too covid origin focused. that a criticism the network should embrace. if you heard that argument you're dumber for having seen it. >> harris: i have had an american general jack keane say they have many labs in china and do what wuhan is doing. they're looking at gain of function and viruses and no transparency with that process. they can think what they want to think about focus but we have questions. i want to get to facebook quickly. they will announce as soon as today that it plans to end its controversial policy that mostly shields politicians from the content moderation rules that apply to other users. it would be a sharp reversal that could have huge ramifications for how elected officials use the social network. your reaction. >> amazing. something like 86% of americans get their news online. a lot of them get it through twitter and facebook. they are publishers, let's make
8:44 am
that very clear. the funny thing is they say i read in one story the change comes after the oversight board, independent group funded by facebook to review its thornyest content rulings it is not this oversight board independent. you wouldn't see all the rulings against conservatives and never touching the blue team. yeah, that's what is ruling us the content we see. they're faceless. there is no due process in these decisions, harris. >> harris: joe concha, thank you very much. hunter biden's overseas dealings flaring up again and why they could mean new problems for the president. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez says she thinks she has a solution to the crime spike we're seeing in cities across the country. we'll tell you what her big idea is. power panel next. how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
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>> harris: the surge in violent crime across the united states showing no signs of letting up. in chicago a 14-year-old girl was shot in the back of the head while walking her dog. reportedly she was targeted for refusing to join a gang. and new york city rioters smashed windows at a restaurant.
8:50 am
one diner suffered a minor injury. and a mob in minneapolis reportedly set fire to a dumpster and smashed windows after police shot and killed a suspect wanted for illegal firearm possession. progressives continue pushing the defund the police movement. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez has this big idea to cut the crime spike. >> it is not acceptable for us to use jails as garbage bins for human beings. if we want to reduce violent crime, if we want to reduce the number of people in our jails the answer is to stop building more of them and make sure we build more hospitals, pay organizers, get people mental healthcare and overall care. it is a support community, let's not throw them away. >> harris: rachel campos-duffy
8:51 am
and richard fowler. rachel, your reaction. >> this is aoc supporting criminals, violent criminals over the victims. she is the last person we should put in charge of this surge in violence in new york city and other urban areas. if you commit rape, if you shoot somebody, you need to go to jail. yeah, some people can be rehabilitated and some people need mental health help. this is not the answer to the problem. i think that what you see here is aoc really showing her ignorance. interesting watching chuck schumer standing next to her seemed almost embarrassed. this is not a ten able solution. what we need to stop crime it's the get criminals off the streets. >> harris: richard fowler. >> i think rachel is right. we need to get criminals off the street. the other part of the process is how do we insure that we make communities safe and bring community members to the table? part of that conversation is making sure we have more social workers in the streets and community programs for young people so that they are away
8:52 am
from gangs. right? 14-year-olds shouldn't be asked to be in gangs and after school programs and sports. we have to make sure that funding exists these communities so they aren't gang members luring them in. it is a balance conversation. >> can i add -- go ahead. >> harris: i just wanted to school in part of the reason why this has been -- growing and growing and growing is that in these cities particularly among democrat-led cities they are allow i had to get out there and do what they want. the diner in greenwich village march over different causes. nobody is in the streets over the same thing but they're being allowed to do what they want. >> there has to be consequences. people stop if there are consequences. the other thing we have to get to the root of the problem. there is so much government funding can do. in the end it is about families. we need to talk about what are we doing as a society and in
8:53 am
public policy to encourage family formation and encourage morals. aoc and her party is doing the opposite taking faith and god out of our schools, out of our public squares. they are making us into this secular amoral society and i think that is actually if you want to get to the root of the problem the way to deal with this. what she is doing is just the opposite. letting criminals out of jail. saying get them community programs instead of getting them off the streets. >> i hear that and my response to that is this. i think that's part of the solution. the other part is insuring that we have police officers doing the right things and their policies. >> harris: let me jump in right there. what you are looking for accountability richard is what you are looking for in terms of reform, right? so you'll actually have to have the police officers on their job to have them have that accountability to root out those people among them just like a microcosm of society. there are some who do need to be rooted out or not hired in
8:54 am
the first place. you can't live without a cops. some of the places where they've been defunding they're saying maybe we need some of that money back. we can't attract and we have to keep these people from leaving. i want to say this. they are allowing violence to happen. think about the rights of the people who come out to protest. they're being stepped on, too. >> here is where you are right. you are right to say we need police officers. a lot of problems at the feet of police officers is a problem with policymakers. in new york city you have policy that allows police officers to put handcuffs on 5 and 6 and 7-year-olds. that's bad policy, right? >> harris: that's not happening everywhere and we can agree it happens and needs to be corraled but you make it sound like it is happening more than people rioting in the streets of democrat run cities because they're not. >> what we're doing, we're defunding our police and
8:55 am
demoraleizing them and putting family problems that could be solved by good families at the foot of police officers to deal with. they are becoming social workers instead of police officers. let's let them do their job. >> harris: we need both. i hear you both. good to see you. thank you, richard, love the new haircut, you, too, rachel. beautiful people on the screen today. thank you for watching. right after the break "outnumbered." loan. va home every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low.
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