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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 3, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> fox news alert, republican lawmakers lashing out at president biden's chief medical advisor, dr. anthony fauci after a slew of emails contradict what fauci was telling americans earlier in the pandemic. this is "outnumbered." i am kayleigh mcenany. i'm here with harris faulkner, along with emily compagno, cofounder of "organized," jenna
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arnold. and with fox news contributor in the middle, sean duffy. dr. fauci received messages in early 2020 warning the virus and had been "engineered" or emerged from a lab in wuhan, china. coincidentally, the one the cia sent us taxpayer dollars two. this was from the nih director, francis collins, "dr. fauci referenced a fox news report the multiple forces believe the coronavirus originated in a wuhan lab." "conspiracy theory gains momentum." but today, fauci said this about his emails being misconstrued. >> they only took about 10,000 emails from me. of course i remember, all 10,000 of them.
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give me a break. the idea i think is quite far-fetched that the chinese deliberately engineered something so that they could kill themselves? as well as other people? i think that's a bit far out. >> kayleigh: senator rand paul however told fox news this morning that fauci's emails paint a disturbing picture of the covid narrative and slammed fauci for continuing to trust china. >> dr. fauci says he still trust chinese scientists. i don't know if he's aware of how it works in the communist government, advising the u.s., the world, or anybody else because he has shown such poor decision-making -- >> kayleigh: i could not agree more with that. on january 31st, jenna, dr. fauci received an email saying that the covid-19 virus seemed to be engineered. i want to play audio of what he
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said. >> there was a study that we can make available to you, a group of highly qualified, evolutionary virologists looked at the sequences in bats as they evolve and to get to the point where it is now is totally consistent with a jump of a species from an animal to a human. >> kayleigh: jenna, one problem, dr. fauci's inbox said something different. >> jenna: kayleigh, emily, harris, and shawn, it's a pleasure to be with you today. to talk about the force of this virus that killed more americans than in any other war -- the position i am sitting in now is exactly where i was or months ago, well over a year ago at this point as well, which is we
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don't know a lot about its source. i do believe there is indisputable fact that the lab in wuhan, which held the entire country of china's coronavirus? in petri dishes or whatever that might be, right next to that specific wet mark, something isn't really lining up here. but i have no problem with anybody asking continued questions about was this human ever, transmitted by bats? the big question we have to be asking is what are we going to do to protect humanity moving forward? instead of looking at fauci and saying, "can we find a place where he contradicted himself?" because of course, anybody can figure out a narrative or confirm their own bias if they are trying to paint a specific story but the question is, what did we do collectively and individually but as in
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everybody's best interest? >> kayleigh: when you have the nation's leading infectious disease doctor saying that it in fact originated in nature, in april, when his inbox says something entirely different -- it's a big problem and we know there is evidence that those wuhan scientists were sick and that laboratory. that's big evidence pointing towards its origination. >> sean: with covid symptoms. he is a lying snake. saying we don't think the chinese would liberally release the virus from their lab and kill people? that's not what people were saying. it could have been deliberate but it could have been a leak at the lab that was unintentional. he's trying to wordsmith this in a way that's going to give him cover. what you do privately from the inbox was different than what he
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was saying publicly. he was getting information from good scientists the telling the public something different. now he's trying to massage it saying it could have been this -- the problem is, and i agree with jenna, because of what fauci said, we can to have a debate because of social media, comments, if you said it originated from a lab in wuhan, your tweet was deleted because big tech was listening to fauci. >> kayleigh: exactly. there's another scandal in dr. county's emails. he received in march an email saying that china is lying about the number of deaths, that this is a huge threat. here said the email -- she said the email was too long to read.
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we have time for megalomaniac-like inflation but -- >> harris: it breaks my brain trying to figure out where dr. fauci really was on these issues because we don't know. the emails are starting to show us something potentially that we didn't know know at the time and so the former secretary of state made such an important point, mike pompeo, when he said we need to know what dr. fauci knew. because the time mattered, that he was saying these things. what he was saying was directly affecting what the rest of us were doing. whether it was mask-wearing as sean duffy just pointed out. my big thing, i think we are underestimating his strategic ability here. i really do. i don't want to make about to be a mad scientist but he is a scientist. it sounds a little crazy at times, what he is saying. "china would never kill its own people." of course it would. tiananmen square, i mean, it's a communist nation.
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i won't even get into that. that's not what anyone's pointing a finger to. sean, you're right about this. they are pointing a finger to whether or not this lab mishandled this where it killed so many people around the world. shouldn't they be able to operate labs like that without other eyes on it? some of them weaponized their biotech products and this lab was known to do this according to general keane. we need eyes on it, we need conversations, we need to be on the ground. he's kind of flying a false black, making us think that china would never hurt its own people. no one said that china hurt their own people on purpose. what they did say was the mishandled things. it's a show game, don't look here, look over here. >> kayleigh: she gave money to that lab and what president trump is saying, look at the lab, there is evidence
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here, he's emailing with the chinese health officials saying we are going to get through this together, don't worry, it's a huge deal. >> harris: we don't know how the money was used. we do know, and sean, you can probably speak to this too, how nonprofits will use certain things. joey jones was talking to me about this. he could necessarily trace the dollars but if you put enough money on the table, maybe there might be a little play in that. maybe some expectation. we don't know. we weren't there for that transaction. >> kayleigh: emily, there needs to be an investigation to this, hugely. after dr. fauci stood at that podium and lied to the nation about the virus originating naturally, guess what? he gave money to the wuhan lab that thanked him, using his respective voice to maybe cover up the fact that it started in the lab? >> emily: the conflict of interest is absolutely overwhelming. unfortunately, no investigation will likely uncover the kind of
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results we can depend on. >> harris: agreed. >> emily: or the lack of transparency. and the commitment to total secrecy. we have to point out to viewers that 3200 emails in less than six months, the sheer volume of this is so huge. but what's interesting as well is what fauci did and did not do with the information. we know -- and you know i keep harping on this -- united states' scientists brought up their concerns as far back as 2018 with this lab's handling of the virus. specifically safety and management in combination with the threat to public health of the virus. i have to point out part of their recommendations for actions was actually increasing funding for the lab in those areas, to address this. for the safety of all of mankind. back to your point, what was the money used for? the fact that fauci, for example, mark meadows -- his former chief of staff said
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dr. fauci told us nothing about the lab, the leaked emails. this is against the backdrop of fauci knowing that u.s. scientists had raised concerns for years. he was emailing about it but he didn't divulge that information to an administration that deserved his transparency. you talk about gauging his reactions. final point real quick, the response dr. fauci made to the head of the nih, having a subject line that said "conspiracy theory takes off" with an article connected to those of us asking questions -- it was rejected. it remains to be seen how the doctor responded. with the wuhan lab theory, they were wrong to dismiss that. and here we are again, looking at the fauci emails -- >> harris: "go do your job,
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investigate, dig deeper." who cares if twitter put stickers on our accounts for asking questions. wear it as a badge of honor. >> emily: they are a window into the duplicity of america's top health officials. >> kayleigh: that daily vaccination rates are way down, president biden has a new plan to reach his fourth of july goals to get 75% of americans vaccinated. >> that's right. get a shot and have a beer. ♪ ♪ >> this program is brought to you by: sleep apnea and you're often tired during the day, you could be missing out on amazing things. sunosi can help you stay awake for them. once daily sunosi improves wakefulness in adults with excessive daytime sleepiness due to obstructive sleep apnea. sunosi worked for up to nine hours at 12 weeks in a clinical study.
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>> we are going to continue encouraging people to get vaccinated, with major rewards and incentives. major league baseball, getting
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vaccinated at the ballpark. anheuser-busch announced that beer is on them on july the 4th. that's right, get a shot and have a beer. free beer for everyone 21 years or over to celebrate the independence from the virus. >> harris: he had a stick that in there. if you give it to them when they are under 21, mr. president, that's breaking the law. getting 75% of americans vaccinated by the fourth of july, the president's goal but the average number of daily vaccinations is falling. enticing people with a long list of incentives and giveaways, among them, free beer for those 21 and older. major league baseball tickets, xboxs, and winning cruise tickets or even free airline flights. kayleigh, what do you think? >> kayleigh: i think president biden is taking a copy from the republican playbook.
9:18 am
partnering with the private sector on supplies, when ppe was short, annual blood checks, with the private sector. i think it's how the republican playbook works and it's an opportunity for a lot of people to get a lot of beer because he said take a shot. you can get a job and get a beer too. >> harris: jenna arnold, it was going to be a big task to get 70% or better the country inoculated. not just with herd immunity having the disease but just plain inoculated from the shot. but biden did come in with some tools. do you think, politically, it would be helpful for those that might be doubtful with the administration and its intentions and incentives, so on and so forth, for the president to acknowledge the good work --
9:19 am
politics aside -- they gave us vaccines? pfizer, madura at the time, other countries want it. moderna, south korea is about to get millions of shots. how helpful do you think this is going to be? >> jenna: great question. kayleigh, i would push back a little bit. private/public partnership is not something that is owned by republicans -- >> kayleigh: he says he wants to be the next fdr. >> jenna: public/private partnerships have always helped in this country and harris, to your point about everyone being on the front lines of this for so long -- >> harris: no, no, that is not what i said. i didn't say everybody's been on the front lines. that wouldn't even be true. the doctors, nurses, those people have been on the front lines. i asked politically, would it be
9:20 am
helpful for the current president to acknowledge the accomplishments? they gave us our greatest weapons, time -- >> jenna: that's what i'm responding to. i'm responding to that specifically. what i'm saying is regardless of who was in the oval office in the 45th administration, anyone sitting on this panel or anyone else, they would be hustling as hard as they could to get a vaccine and of course when this administration stepped in, they weren't starting out at ground zero. >> harris: bingo. >> jenna: exactly. so i don't disagree that there might not be some benefit here in saying "hey, thank you former administration, for making sure there was a foundation for us to continue to build on." but i don't know if getting the vaccine is a politicized
9:21 am
component as it is a distressful component of government and big pharma at large. >> harris: you should talk to vice president kamala harris, she had a lot of politicizing. >> jenna: to me, harris, kayleigh, emily, sean, what does it take to incentivize americans to look out for each other? this is where the bleeding heart -- i know everyone gets excited about the mugs of liberal tears -- but it makes me confused why we are having to incentivize people to do something in our greater good's best interest. recognizing the very complicated past of marginalized communities being hurt by big pharma and government, i know it's complicated but i don't know if p comes out high-fiving trump. >> sean: jenna, i don't want
9:22 am
you looking up for me. i want to look out for myself and my family. >> jenna: wow. >> sean: i might not want to take the vaccine. letting people make individual choices for themselves without these incentives i think it's positive and the question to be asked, why is joe biden pushing this so hard? i love the vaccine, if you are older or have preconditions, you should get it. but was there some deal cut back at the election? if you recall the announcement of the vaccine wasn't made until joe biden was announced as the president, beating donald trump. they could have changed the results but they waited. we have social influencers who are being paid big money to influence young people to get vaccines. some states are saying if you are 11 years old, you don't need your parent's permission to get the vaccine. weird things are happening. >> harris: we don't know all the facts to the question you
9:23 am
asked but without operation warp speed, dr. fauci said it could be years before we had a vaccine. thank the good lord that wasn't true. she has lots of money, those tesla's aren't cheap. but none of it goes to helping her own grandmother? congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez has posted some pictures of her grandmother's hurricane-ravaged home in puerto rico and is blaming former president trump for her plate. next, the ridicule aoc is getting online. is the musical good night syra. night, drive safe. i love you. drive safe. ok buh bye mommy. you guys ready? you sure you got everything?
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9:28 am
home, tweeting her grandmother recently fell ill and she visited her for the first time in over a year because of covid. aoc blaming president trump for her condition. the new york congresswoman, whose salary is $174,000 a year, is now facing ridicule. "she's letting her abuela live in squalor?" and my favorite... "honey, you drive a tesla and have two apartments. if your grandmother's living poor that's because you don't help her out. i'm surprised that a socialist wouldn't redistribute that wealth to their grandma. sad!" >> sean: she doesn't have any
9:29 am
family to take care of, kids, not married, socialist say "no, but the government take care of grandma. i want my tesla, i'm not going to help her." >> emily: jenna, is this valid? >> jenna: the criticism is only coming from a small group of people and we are making space for it. sean, how do you know that she is okay? just because she makes $174,000 a year, she can't point out inequity and injustice, particularly our response to the greatest natural disaster in american history taking the lives of 3,000 people? so anyone making more than $174,000 a year can't talk about social inequities? are you going to hold corporations that don't pay any taxes accountable on that? if you can't talk the talk -- she is surely walking the walk here. i don't know why this is a
9:30 am
conversation when her grandmother is doing just fine. >> harris: she is not helping anybody but herself. she's letting herself up on twitter. you know what those pictures would do. >> jenna: harris, had -- hold on, she's a congresswoman paired how could you possibly say -- she's not sitting happy on a beach somewhere, picking out her next version of a tesla. >> harris: you don't know that. >> jenna: you are right but you also don't know that her grandmother is in taken care of. the three we do have some facts. she has a luxury apartment in washington, d.c. >> jenna: she pays $2500 a month. >> kayleigh: a lot of americans can even afford that. you talk about inequity, aoc -- >> jenna: why can't you point out inequity? >> kayleigh: my turn now, jenna. she only points out inequity
9:31 am
when it's convenient for her political talking points. that's a fact. if you recall those pictures of the border, whining about how bad the conditions were come at the squalor. where is she now when there are 13-year-old girls in bags under biden's watch in facilities he set up? where is aoc now? at her grandmother's house, because she's thinking that's convenient -- because >> jenna: if you want a conversation about the border, we can have that -- >> emily: i hear what you are saying about pointing out inequities but it seems like it's disproportionately placed on the shoulders of the prior administration. is there a lack of acceptance by the progressive left on the burden that they share especially in perpetuating the dependency cycle that our tax dollars pay for that only perpetuate poverty, frankly, and the disconnect especially of achievement within these classes? >> jenna: emily, i really appreciate that question. it is the smartest one so far. to that, i don't know.
9:32 am
it's hard for me to not look at social programs as being a foundation for the stability of this country, be it public schools, emergency rooms, water filtration systems, how is it that we are creating more moments for people to be specifically engaged? i do sit further left on that and believe putting more resources into people's basic human rights is more wise than creating tax cuts for the wealthy. but i think that's the most existential and smartest question to date and one we should spend more time talking about. >> emily: a respectful circling back. do you feel the progressive left disproportionately blames the prior administration fees inequities and that there isn't a measure of taking responsibility for their own impact their actions have, especially coming from that
9:33 am
"savior" mentality that comes from a lot of people in power? jenna? >> jenna: no, no. because i do think the former administration pulled the rug out of a lot of social-based programming. going back to conservative versus more liberal financial policies, that sort of how the pendulum swings. i sit on the side that i think more social programming is smarter for our people. so i would say probably not to that specific question. i hope i'm answering it. >> kayleigh: it's important to deal with facts and not platitudes. lowest unemployment for black americans and hispanic-americans in history, biggest income gains, doubling what they got under obama for black americans, hispanic-americans, the results are there. the opportunities were working. people were more empowered, had more access to the economy not through social programs but the
9:34 am
ability to get a job in their community, the facts bear that out. >> harris: of the key part, and sean, i want to come to you on this to take it home. it's not the social programs that don't lead to employment. that was the thing. once you get people -- that's what's hurting us right now. we have to figure out how to help people but also get them back to work. the economy needs the momentum of people moving. sean? >> sean: we spent hundreds of millions of dollars down to puerto rico. i was an advocate for puerto rico. i care about puerto rico. we gave the money. how the money is distributed on the island is something completely different and we see a lot of fraud, waste, and abuse in puerto rico. aoc was talking about her grandmother. not the island as a whole. if your grandmother's ceiling is falling in, go fix it. don't buy the tesla. help your grandmother out. don't use her as an example when
9:35 am
you have cash to help her. that's why everyone was so outraged by the aoc tweet. >> emily: the more that you spent, the more opportunity there is for the rampant fraud, waste, and abuse that we see everywhere. we have to move on to head up next, a new op-ed on vice president harris, that she is "in over her head and embarrassing herself" as she now takes on six rules in just six months. so when is she going to have time to visit the border? ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think! banks can loan you some of it.
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9:40 am
workload that already includes leading the space council and should be handling the border crisis but remember she hasn't even visited the border or held a news conference on the situation. and has even laughed off questions about the crisis back in march. >> do you have plans to visit the border? >> not today. [laughs] but i have before and i'm trying to again. i tell a lot of people, "i eat know for breakfast." i read it in the new >> kayleigh: i read in "the new york times" that some presidential aides scoffed at her comments, like joe manchin getting rid of the filibuster and looking at the democrat power grab bill is not possible after she attacked him in his home state on the local airwaves, apparently they said
9:41 am
there is not water under the bridge there. we might not see a lot of progress. >> sean: she's not going to build kumbaya with democrat centrists but the first one she got was the border, now she's going to go to guatemala and mexico to examine the crisis, not fix it, but look at the root causes of what is happening for the surge at our border. i'll tell you right now, you don't have to go to guatemala or mexico. the root cause is that we are the greatest place on earth to live and everyone wants to come. if you open up the border, everyone in the world will come to our shores. >> kayleigh: yesterday was a special anniversary, day 70 of kamala harris taking over the border crisis and "taking over stemming the to our southern border" but on the 70-day anniversary, zero border visits, press conferences, ice deportations are down.
9:42 am
>> jenna: i am with every american who is just heartbroken specifically watching children cross the border without their parents. sean, i've got to tell you, people are not looking for casual upgrades, which is why they are coming to the united states. they are coming to the united states because they are fleeing their death. it's imperative that we ask much harder questions about why they are leaving to begin with. i go to mexico all the time. i have plenty of friends that live down there and aren't sprinting to the u.s. border. when they live sound, stable lives, they don't need to flee for their lives. i think her traveling to the golden triangle, trying to figure out exactly what happened, what we might have done and what it is we might be able to do to stop the flood of people north and think is the right thing. kayleigh, i am with you. what's happening on our border is overwhelming to watch.
9:43 am
it takes my breath away every time. >> kayleigh: it's a tragedy when you see the young boy in the desert crying saying they left me. in my view, harris, it's the biden administration that is responsible for this. if you take kids come, they come with smugglers. >> harris: on doing things that had the trump doctrine sign on it, the two presidents have dealt with illegal immigration very differently and what former president trump was doing, his doctrine about it was very different than where president is going on this. we knew there would be the flipping of a switch, the transition team led by the former acting director of the dhs, and saying this is going to be a problem if you change too many of these things. they didn't listen so that's where we've gotten to. listen, maybe they will wise up but jenna, with all love and
9:44 am
respect, it's the northern triangle. why is that important to know about vice president kamala harris? she only put one of those countries on her itinerary at that point. if you want to be careful, as you look at the root causes, you don't ignore some of them. when you go into guatemala honduras -- you have to complete the triangle, not to mention the fact that the former president had good programs and some of them had the pressure that he applied with tariffs but if you're going to meet with mexico, you have to bring people together. i don't know if she's doing that because she certainly is not doing that in our country. >> jenna: just ahead, one american county is banning coca-cola in a move to fight against corporations.
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9:49 am
before the pandemic exploded. why is amazon selling t-shirts labeled "blue lives murder?" former police chief will be here to talk about that and russian hackers are on a tear. at first a pipeline, and now the new york subway system? dan hoffman will be with us. i am john roberts, join sandra smith and me at the top of the hour for "america reports." >> harris: a north carolina county is canceling coca-cola for being "too woke." they voted to ban coke vending machines in its office building over the criticism of george's voting law. the county commissioner defending the move saying "the left wing in america defund, boycott, cancel, tear down statues, all sorts of egregious actions, the expectation from them is the opposing political side will cower in the corner and we are supposed to accept that and it's supposed to be
9:50 am
okay. and it's not okay!" emily, why is it not okay? >> emily: i think what we're seeing here, rather than a capture of further cancellation but it's just using the tools available for them to push back against corporations that they see as participating unfairly in this process of corporations and, frankly, and unfair, performative way and it's done in a gaslighting way. i see people standing up and saying what tools do we have to exercise and send a message other than using your dollars in your own way? using your dollar to support or "boycott" if you choose to be against something, there needs to be a law that identifies that more clearly. >> harris: sean, what if i just want a coca-cola? >> sean: you can go to the county courthouse and get a coke anymore. americans have a right to not buy coca-cola.
9:51 am
i don't understand why conservatives don't stop buying products -- to work against your values into politics, more americans have to boycott these woke companies and make them pay a financial price. otherwise conservativism is going to be wiped out in this country because the masses -- whether it's schools, big tech, big corporations, the media, are going to roll on conservatism. it's been one kind of like what we saw in georgia, jenna, with the mlb all-star game. taking it out of georgia, and then they moved it to colorado that had stricter laws. i don't know if people aren't reading the fine lines and these bills or if they are capitulating to the crowd that might not even be shouting the right things to them. >> jenna: or there is a lot of entities, be it former congresspeople or networks using terms like "woke" when they don't even understand what it is. >> harris: are you trying to tell me i don't understand what
9:52 am
"woke" is? >> jenna: no. [laughs] >> harris: good idea. [laughs] >> jenna: i think the idea of "woke" is the idea of paying attention to all of the contradicting things that exist in the world today and we are trying to find a way to hold all of them. sean, coming back to something you said earlier, that you are in it for yourself, as a catholic school graduate, one of the tenets of christianity is love thy neighbor as you love thyself. a question for emily, one of the big challenges and questions we ask, can corporations act as individuals in this country? if you're going to restrict access to the legislature, if you're going to restrict people's ability to devote, we are going to -- >> harris: the only name he didn't say it not round up was kayleigh. she's shaking her head. >> kayleigh: an immediate
9:53 am
contradiction comes to mind, getting an i.d. to get an absentee ballot, as my colleague pointed out this morning, 46 out of 47 european countries require an i.d. -- >> jenna: that's not the only thing. >> kayleigh: expanding hours to vote. they don't know what's in there, they are nonsensical. they have the exact same voter i.d. laws. >> harris: your name got called too. >> emily: interestingly, yes, there can be constitutional priorities -- the civil sector, interestingly, it also begs the question as well, a lot of contracts are in place with larger corporations or facilities that make consumers not able to have a choice paid for example, when you go to the airport and you see dasani water and coke, that's because dasani is a coke product.
9:54 am
a lot of choices been removed by the consumer that might be here for the council stepping in, saying in the smaller arena, we can provide that choice for our citizens or at least take away its being forced on them. that's why we are taking the next step. >> harris: sean? >> sean: loving my neighbor means i help my neighbor, it doesn't mean voting to make all of you on this panel pay for my neighbor. it's not the government's responsibility to help thy neighbor. catholicism and christianity is not communism, its individual responsibility in caring for our families and communities, not someone else doing it for us. >> harris: all right. we will be back in just a moment. we will take a short break. whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan
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>> does 17 year cicadas are in full force on the east coast on
9:59 am
they are also known as shrimp of land. one anchor decided to eat one on air. >> are you ready? actually, i'm less scared of this. >> oh, the crunch. >> now the fda issued this morning. don't cicadas of your allergic to seafood as these insects are a family relation to shrimp and lobster's. that's super smart, for the people who don't know that these things are shrimp of the trees but this reminds me when taylor swift came out with "shake it off" and then polaroid said don't shake the polaroid, lay it flat. >> all i can think of is liberals ruin everything and now they are ruining cuisine. i'm about cheese, beer and steak as a guy from wisconsin. >> lesson. i'm not sure how this became politicized. i'm going to opt out of eating but i guess if sean eats a liberal cicada i'm going to have to sit right next to him and hold his hand while he does it. >> i thought cicada wasn't fruit
10:00 am
and then i googled it and i found out it is an ungodly large fly that resembles him as it flew around the white house. >> they are like some of the sea so it's similar. >> i can't. i mean, i can't. >> thank you to everyone and now here is "america reports." >> john: emily, thank you. i'm all for her 45 dry aged beef but 17 years cicada question mike i don't know. in america under cyber attacks targeting major u.s. companies and infrastructure. in less than a month russian hackers have set their sights on a key pipeline a major meat supplier. national meet the players worn in washington that the kremlin is testing us. >> sandra: the big question is should president biden cancel his summit? and it got a big show coming up this afternoon. miranda divine will join us in moments and also on deck dr. marty may carry. jonathan turley, kat cama more.


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