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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 27, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> lawrence: you can catch more of his interview on fox nation and if you are a veteran or active duty military, fox nation is offering you a free year on the platform. all you've got to do is go to to sign up. thank you so much for walks watching fox news prime time. i'm lawrence jones. i will see you tomorrow. tucker is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." one sunday afternoon, last september, 16-year-old boy called aaron was shot to death in a driveway near his home in oakland, california. even by the standards of midday drive by shootings, it was an awful crime. surveillance showed the killer flying more than a dozen rounds before fleeing. no one was arrested for the murder but local media was in
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not interested in who did it. they already knew. the coronavirus killed him here that's what they told us. a local television noted that violence had risen. they must be connected. it was covid that really killed this kid, he told reporters. he didn't explain how exactly covid had done this killing or what the motive had been. no one asked. everyone, particularly people in power seemed happy to blame covid. the pandemic did it. you heard that a lot. not just in california come across the country in new york city, mayor bill de blasio blames rising crime rates squarely on the virus. >> police organizations will say that part of the reason that crime is up is because there has been a cut in funding to the nypd. what you say to that customer >> this predates any funding decisions. that's just the truth. the perfect storm, i mentioned, started in march and april when
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everything shut down and we saw the violence start in earnest may into june come into july. it's clearly because things came unglued. >> tucker: right. it must've been the pandemic pair that makes sense. quarantine. it forced everyone to stay home and that's why there are so many people on the street shooting each other and pushing strangers into oncoming subway cars. does that make sense to you? no, it doesn't make sense to anyone. but thankfully experts have emerged to explain why something so obviously untrue must in fact be true. "because of the stresses of the pandemic, they are everywhere" exclaimed asher to "the new york times" here you are seeing this everywhere. except we are not seeing this everywhere. that's not true. the coronavirus may be global, but rising crime rates are not global. police in canada for example reported that crime fell by 18% between march and october of last year.
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in the u.k., crime saw its biggest annual decrease in a decade. in sweden and russia, crime dropped too. even in mexico, which is in the middle of a drug war, there were fewer homicides in 2020 the end there were in 2019. so for normal countries, pretty much all countries, the pandemic meant more netflix, but less killing. not here. in the united states, the opposite happened. a lot of netflix, even more killings. you are seeing the data on your screen right now. it's from a nonprofit called the council on criminal justice and research from missouri. it says that the homicide rate, killings spiked in late may. well after the pandemic began. according to counsel in criminal justice, "homicides, aggravated assaults, gun assaults were significant libyan in in late may and june 2020. they jumped by 34% in the fall when compared to the previous summer and fall."
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so far this year, these trends have continued. murders are up it hundred% in portland, oregon. they are up 56% in minneapolis. they are up 27% in l.a. 22% in new york. they are up 40% in philadelphia. so you have to ask yourself because your life may depend on it, why is this country different from say sweden or russia or mexico? and you know the answer. it's not covid. it's that in our country, stupid malicious people took full control, the democratic party took full control of the countr. and their policies resulted in a huge number of killings. that's not speculation. they bragged about it. here they are bragging about their plan. >> the folks in law enforcement that share the goals of reimagining police here at speaker reimagining policing in the 21st century. >> rethinking and reimagining policing. >> community efforts to reimagining policing. >> we have to reimagine what
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policing is like. speaker reimagining a citizen-let approach. >> began to reimagine law enforcement. speaker reimagine public safety in this country. >> what can we do to reimagine public safety? >> we have to reimagine public safety. >> we must reimagine what public safety looks like. >> tucker: well they definitely reimagine public safety. they made the public much less safe. according to report, 20 major u.s. cities have slashed their police budget in the last year. they defunded the police. collectively, the cup more than $840 million from law enforcement. in atlanta, in a story that would love to read, one city councilman voted to strip $70 million from the police, a genius called antonio brown just had his car stolen in broad daylight by children. they have been defunded. must have been covid that did it. meanwhile, these 25 cities have pulled police out of public
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schools. how was i going to work? you know the answer. at universities, activists have pushed for the same. total abolition of the police. when they said we are going to defund the police, they meant it. at the university of chicago, dozens of students swarmed the home of a college. one of them, especially a lady called madeleine wright shouted this through a megaphone. "we are going to fight to abolish this system. not reform it." professors at the school joined her. one of them, a character called damon jones, who led seminars in the problem of over policing in the neighborhood around the university of chicago. that is where obama is from. the professor put dozens of post on twitter claiming that because the university of chicago's police stops more african-americans than white people in a predominantly black neighborhood, keep in mind, they are racist. what is interesting is that damien jones hasn't said anything about the police since january of this year. why january?
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that's when the 30-year-old phd student at the university of chicago was murdered in a killing spree on chicago's southside along with two other people killed for being there. and at that point, it's possible that even ones like damon jones realized there is a reason the university of chicago has one of the largest private police forces outside. why? because the neighborhood around the school is a very dangerous place. that's not the fault of the police. that's the reason they have police. and that could be true for the entire city of chicago, which is dangerous and becoming more so by the day. now why is that happening? it's happened because people with a political agenda have taken over law enforcement. chicago for example, the blm activist declare that looting, stealing was a form of reparations. watch. >> they get upset when people start looting. people in the city are struggling through a pandemic. so i don't care that somebody
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decides to loot a macy's because that make sure that that person eats. that make sure that person has closed. that make sure that that person can make some money because the city obviously doesn't care about them. not only that, that's reparations. the one she's got to steal from gucci to eat. stealing is reparations. now that's insane and only a very sick society would listen to someone like that. someone like that would be dismissed automatically in a healthy society. but in this case, not a single democratic politician pushed back. so guess what happened. in the city of san francisco for example, walgreens has closed 17 different stores. why? because prosecutors in san francisco and many other places throughout the state of california, for example, but not just there, no longer charge shoplifters. so people steal whatever they want. there is so much theft on such a scale that the stores cannot afford to stay open. they are not closing as a
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political statement. they are closing because they can't afford to have the merchandise stolen. this is not the country you were born in. here's what it looks like. >> the walgreens in san francisco will close its doors for good november 11th. customers say the store is known for being a notoriously easy place to shoplift. >> i heard that walgreens is real easy to steal from. >> why is that? >> and neighbors agree shoplifting has been an ongoing problem at this location and may be a major factor in why it will soon be closed. customers say the shelves are bare. the company not even bothering to restock. >> tucker: so to be clear, it's not that americans have become more prone to steal. it's that stealing is now allowed. when you allow something, you get more of it. so this is the result of intentional policies designed to give us more stealing, designed
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to give us more murder, more rape, more pushing strangers in front of subway cars. it's happening because the people in charge allowed it to happen. it's happening everywhere. particularly new york. several candidates for mayor of new york, people trying to replace mayra bill de blasio said that anyone who opposes stealing is criminalizing poverty. they are normal people. it goes without saying. out of touch liberals. they are the only ones who can afford that. actress, cynthia nixon certainly fits that description. she expressed outrage the other day that the cvs in her neighborhood was trying to prevent thieves from running off with the entire inventory. people stealing basic necessities out of desperation is to prosecute them. so you've got to wonder, what would happen if you showed up at cynthia nixon's house tonight and tried to help yourself to some "basic necessities? would cynthia nixon understand
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your theft as a profound form of social protest? would she applaud it? or would she tell her bodyguards to shoot you and thank them profusely when they did? you would be dead in seconds. she doesn't mean a word of what she says. none of them meet a word of what they say about crime. they are just trying to feel like good people in a world that confuses destruction for virtue. these people need help. they should be nowhere near power. unfortunately at the moment, they run the democratic party and all of us are seeing the results of that. she lost her husband in october 2016. he was a police sergeant murdered in california. she is working to make los angeles a safe city again. it's an uphill battle. we are happy to have her join us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: so your city is maybe the country's clearest example of how policies come of bad policies cause crime.
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the prosecutor is refusing to prosecute has made the city far more chaotic, far more dangerous. what do you all who live there try to do about this? >> well, he has really turned the justice system upside down in los angeles county. and he is really for the criminals. he is not for the victims at all. in fact, george is saying that he is a progressive. it's quite the opposite. he is trying to unwind three major reforms. and those are the three strikes law. that was in effect back in 1996 as a result of the murder of -- by richard allen. i can't remember his last name at this point. but anyways, he went and took her from her bedroom, raped her
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and murdered her. that individual was an extremely violent felon and so he had to be held accountable. the other is the gang enhancement as well as the gun enhancements. i mean, who show sympathy to these individuals? these are repeat violent offenders that george is trying to let out in the streets of l.a. >> tucker: so, you and many residents in l.a. like you are trying to recall george. there is no reason that a single lunatic backed by anti-american people should just destroy our second-largest city. you are trying to recall him here where are you in that effort? >> absolutely. yesterday, we kicked off the recall effort and the county register office finally approved. so we are now starting to collect signatures. we need a total of 590,000
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signatures by october 27th and i feel very positive that we will get those. as a result of that, we should have a special election take place in early 2022. >> tucker: i don't think citibank is the cinching and $20 million. are any businesses or bluntly rich people supporting your effort? >> honestly, this is the grassroots effort by victims of crime. and there are many of us. in fact, there are more victims than there are murderers. for every murderer, every crime that occurs, they leave a trail of victims behind. so yes, at this point we are trying to get that recall effort going. we are urging folks to go to the recall website and print up
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those sheets and have as many people as possible sign them. >> tucker: i really hope powerful people come to your aid. people in charge should be helping you and i hope they will. good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> tucker: so lots of people at risk from getting very sick or dying from covid have happily taken the coronavirus vaccine and that makes sense. but there are tens of billions, maybe 100 million americans who face another question. if you have been infected with the coronavirus already and you've recovered and you have natural antibodies, do you need to take the coronavirus vaccine? and if so, why? if you do that, could you be harmed? no one has bothered to investigate that question until now for some reason. but we have an answer. trace gallagher has that story. hey trace. figure hey tucker. the argument becomes very compelling that the vaccination
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focus should not be on those who have already had covid. for example, a study from melbourne, australia, shows that people already infected will make antibodies for most of their lives. the study found two he thinks. one, that so-called memory control the blood looking for reinfection and two, bone marrow plasma cells produce antibodies for decades. studies from israel and the u.k. have similar findings. meanwhile, talk about missing the forest of the trees. there has been almost zero response to a rather astonishing revelation made by the head of our key health agency. here is the exchange. may 11th, capitol hill under questioning by senator richard burkes, 47 seconds and well worth it. watch. >> what percentage of the employees in your institute, your center, or your agency of your employees has been vaccinated?
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>> you know, i'm not 100% sure, senator, but i think it's probably a little more than half, probably around 62%. >> i can't tell you the exact number, but it's probably in the same range. some people vaccinated at our facility and others outside of the facility. >> we are encouraging our employees to get vaccinated. we've been doing town hall and education seminars. as you understand, the federal government is not requiring it. so we do not know. >> she doesn't know here are those in charge of propagating and dispersing the vaccine can't even get their own people to buy in. and tucker, you of course will address all of this on your tucker carlson tonight special tomorrow night on "the left's war on science. >> tucker: trace gallagher, thank you so much. it's kind of an amazing story.
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right around half of the employees at an age have been vaccinated? why aren't the other have taken it? it's a sincere question. why? and since they haven't, why are we requiring college students, all of them to take the vaccine? young people many of whom recovered from covid? what's the answer? hopefully we find one. so we have an answer to one question. who is taking over rush limbaugh's time slot on the radio? that has just been announced. the man filling his slot will join us after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: rush limbaugh passed away in february after 30 years of completely dominating talk radio, of course. and since then, some have wondered who will be replacing him. today we learned the answer. clay travis, the founder of out kick and buck sexton, who often appears on the show will take over the three hour time slot. the program, which is set to begin on june 21st will be called the clay travis and buck sexton show. it is expected to air all over the country from noon-3:00 p.m. eastern. and we will be listening. in the meantime, clay travis joins us and we are happy to have him.
5:24 pm
congratulations, clay. amazing news. are you nervous customer >> i'm not nervous, tucker. first of all, thank for having me. you do incredible work. i don't think you could be nervous about stepping in. we are not replacements for rush limbaugh. because nobody replaces a legend. but what you can do is continue to bite. you know this because you do it every night. there is so much insanity going on in this country right now. and i've done sports for the last 6 years, tucker. and it is slowly on sports radio. slowly just spiraled more and more into the cataclysmic lee ridiculous. i'm excited to pick up the sword and be able to swing back every single day that all the ignoramuses and the nincompoops and actually be able to stand up for i think a huge number of people out there who worry every time they get on twitter or facebook or instagram and what
5:25 pm
to share their opinion and then think, is it worth it? am i going to end up losing my job over this? i think you do and i think certainly we will speak for a lot of people who don't feel like they can speak. >> tucker: amen. i envy you having three hours. you get to about 3% of the insanity. we get to about 1%. too much. i just want to throw a story right up and see how you respond. get your thoughts on this advice that we read in it begins this way. this is the advice column. my husband won't take off his mask, even for sex. we are both vaccinated now. when will this stop? he does not change his mask very often and it's smelly and slow to hold the >> far too many. if the woman had any sense at all, she would leave her husband.
5:26 pm
if you are masking up at this point, why do you want to be with such an emasculated loser and be betrothed to him for the rest of your life? i would lose my mind if i was a woman. having said that, maybe i should put on four masks just to be safe so that i don't in any way managed to impinge on anyone. i mean, this is just, it has moved beyond the theater of the absurd to just a level of mindlessness. the party of science is now embracing fundamentally antiscience beliefs with no, no, no legitimate basis in reality, tucker. it's mindless insanity. >> tucker: i wonder once you have admitted that you wear a mask, a surgical mask, a soiled surgical mask in the intimate moments with your wife, there is no going back from that. you basically just told the world i'm crazy. you don't even realize you are
5:27 pm
crazy. can people like that recover? >> no, i don't think people can recover. and that's the thing. you've seen people, as all of the mask mandates have thankfully finally come falling down, you thought there would be a great mass of people running out into the streets to have a great deal of fun. i think what you are seeing as this has become the security blanket of many left wingers. it gives them an identity. it is a security bucket for their life. it's absolutely ridiculous and absurd. >> tucker: clay, congratulations to you and buck. we will be listening. what a cool opportunity. i know you're going to kill it. the call thanks, by the way to ed hartman and also to julie talbot, who made this happen. phenomenal people. i cannot wait to do them justice on the show. >> tucker: amen. thank you. so for months we've asked why our parents sitting by and
5:28 pm
allowing their kids to be propagandized and destroyed with racist propaganda? and the answer comes from the state of maine. one father spoke up and said, no. i'm not for this. he was banned from attending his daughter's graduation. he joins us after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: a lot of americans are unemployed right now, but not patrice colors. she's got the best job he could have with the full backing of america. she is one of the founders of black lives matter. but today, she announced that she was resigning. why? she's got so much good stuff in the future. all equity-based of course. so her resignation comes less than a month after a report, there was one out there that black lives matter had been funneling money to a company.
5:34 pm
what a surprise. we had no idea. she used blm money to buy millions of dollars worth of houses. she bought at least four. is anyone shocked by this? should it be. way back in 2015, she boasted on camera that "we are trained marxists. what we didn't know is how good the training was. pretty effective. on may 15th of this year, police in maine told a father called sean that he was not allowed to go to his daughter's graduation ceremony. why? he had been banned by the school district from all school events. why was he banned? because he fought back against what the school was teaching. racist propaganda. the equity agenda. we have seen this across the country. it is evil and very few parents have said anything. but sean did. there have been reports but the school may have reversed its
5:35 pm
decision. he is here to give us an update. it fights this nonsense. sean, thanks so much for coming on. >> thank you very much. >> tucker: has the school reversed its decision? can you go customers to go as far as i know, i can't go to the concert on tuesday night. there was some word salad that the superintendent sent me that said if i met some conditions, he might let me go to the graduation. to go to your own daughter's graduation. >> yeah, and i have twin daughters. right now it's still up in the air. i pushed back on that because frankly i don't think there should be an issue with me going to graduation. i don't know if he wants me to stand on one leg and rub my belly the whole time. i don't know what the conditions are. >> tucker: what is interest income and good for you. what's interesting is that the stuff happens all of the country. you live in southern maine. even in southern maine, this is happening. you are one of the rare parents who has pushed back. you have gotten a lot of positive attention.
5:36 pm
how specifically what you did as an inspiration. >> yeah, we got a white supremacist letter essentially last june 2nd. when i read that, i felt assaulted. this wasn't how i grew up. frankly, i didn't want the school teaching this kind of information to my kids. >> tucker: yeah. >> and so i pushed back to the superintendent and said very politely, look, as minneapolis is burning to the ground, you could have talked up of the first amendment peaceful protest. quite likely, i live in the safest town in maine and our police department is top-notch. and he missed all of that. kind of sad, sorry, you took it that way. he then doubled down about a couple of days later with a you are not woke enough to understand what i'm talking about letter. he basically divided the entire community just like our nation is right now. >> tucker: they are always passive-aggressive. so then what did you do? >> yeah, so i went to the school board meetings. i asked them to make some changes on the things that i had found. they basically said no. from there, they tried to cancel me. and once that occurred, i took
5:37 pm
the flight to them. i really held them accountable. i used my first amendment rights and really tried to push the envelope to help them understand that as a parent, i just didn't want that in my community that i lived in for over 20 years. >> tucker: yeah, and you are from the state. a lot of school board members i notice are not actually from maine. they kind of showed up from liberal environments and then try to spread their poison in your state. typical absolutely. >> tucker: so you named one of the school board members. >> yeah, so she is one of the more radical folks on the school board. she is committed to her radicalism. i took a picture of her when she was not standing for the pledge of allegiance to honor our troops. before i left the room, put that on social media. half the town lost their mind. they come to believe that i took a picture of the government official on elected official, and then sent that out to the world. from there, i made a small political sign and i brought that to a meeting, which he
5:38 pm
kicked me out of. and then i put that sign right beside the road where i live on across the street eliminated 24 hours a day. and frankly, the leftists lost her mind. >> tucker: this is someone who was trying to hurt your children, tacked them on the basis of something that can control, their skin color. you called us to public attention and you are the bad guy. >> it's funny because half the town thought i was a hero and half a child thought it was something else. but the folks that really thought that i was doing the right thing said to me, look, sean, i support you 100%. but i can't say anything because i don't want to lose my job. i've got a business in town. we are third-generation residents. it is essentially the cancel culture in that town is so venomous that everybody kind of got canceled out. frankly, i was just, i just kept counter punching. they would punch and i would punch back. i would push back harder and we were just kind of work through it. the sign process. so this was one of the signs here recently and just a little secret.
5:39 pm
leftists lose their mind over signs. they are triggered by signs. and frankly, this had a lot of play and it was interesting. >> tucker: amazing. sean, thank you. i just think it's inspiring that someone wouldn't want their kids to be destroyed. they come from privately funded spies who work for political campaigns and corporations. barry meyer, one of the only couple reporting on this, he joins us next to tell us what he found. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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it's beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. - or the beast. but it will help you and your family stay safe - the beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. has failed. the beast, john cox, will open schools, get our economy roaring. learn about california's nicest, smartest beast at ♪ ♪ >> tucker: the russia collusion story we spent three
5:45 pm
years living through and covering the hoax, in fact, the greatest fraud ever perpetrated in american politics. how did it start? in part it was something called the steele dossier that was put together by a british spy called christopher steele. who is christopher steele customer no one had ever heard of christopher steele. and yet, everyone believed him immediately. >> the allegations in the christopher steele dossier, and you went to the timeline very well, are stunning. they are actually substantial portions of what was in the steele dossier. it was a raw intelligence document. >> based on our own reporting and word from numerous official sources, in fact, it is far from bogus. >> i think we are actually going to have to stop calling it the infamous dossier. >> tucker: based on our reporting. liars. now they have been exposed as liars. the hole story has been memorable. barry meyer has written a new
5:46 pm
book that examines the dossier and the broad relationships between journalists in the intelligence community. the book is called "boot." the rise of private spies. he joins us now. thanks for coming on. in the next short. period of time, tell us the connection between these intelligence communities locally in american journalists. how broad is that? how big is it? >> well, it's very big, talker. thanks very much for having me on to start with. journalists get information from all kinds of places. they get it from traditional intelligence agencies like the cia. they get it from law enforcement agencies like the fbi. what i really focus on in the book is this booming growing role of private intelligence firms or private spies, as i call them.
5:47 pm
this industry has exploded in the past decade. and their connections with journalists have exploded along with it. >> tucker: i mean, if you are reporting on a story, one of your concerns is being used by the people feeding you the information for some purpose you are not aware of. it seems like this arrangement is particularly vulnerable to that. >> it should be your first and foremost concern as a journalist. you know, at the time where i spent most of my career, i did health and safety reporting. i was the reporter that first broke the story about oxycontin and its illegal marketing. when drug companies were making claims, a reporter would scrutinize them. unfortunately, in the case of the dossier and other situations, we have reporters who aren't giving these claims to the same level of scrutiny and as a result, the same kind of metastasize on its own.
5:48 pm
>> tucker: yeah, buzzfeed just printed it without vetting any of it. why do you think that is? what has changed, that intel services private or government can just feed information and see it in print? >> you know, i think it's a result of several factors. there has been a tremendous growth within the media. there has been a fracturing of it. there are extremes on either end politically of the media arc. and so, there is a great appetite for spoofs. everyone wants to claim that something is new. we have some intelligence. we have something fresh that no one else has. and as a result, this becomes a petri dish for these private intelligence firms to feed information. >> tucker: the reporting that you are doing on this, we should have been reading about for the past year. this seems really important and i hope that we talk again. barry meyer come appreciate it
5:49 pm
and congratulations on the book. >> i greatly appreciate it, tucker. thanks. >> tucker: thank you. so a whistle-blower from within facebook just exposed internal documents that show how the company sensors comments about the coronavirus vaccine. he has been suspended from facebook. he joins us next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: earlier james did
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5:54 pm
this country another public service obtained documents from a whistleblower at facebook and facebook flag comments that show any concern about the coronavirus vaccine. >> they call it vaccine hesitancy and assign a score to
5:55 pm
these comments. [muffled audio]. [inaudible]. >> tucker: according to those documents, here's one example of what facebook considers a tier 1 vaccine hesitancy comment: in the vaccines are so useful why do we need to wear a mask and use social distancing. the whistleblower who exposed this has been fired and joins us now. any comments about the vaccines at all are not allowed by vaccine. >> that's true. anything questioning the vaccine, everyone should get the vaccine and it is good and you won't have bad side-effects. anything outside of that realm
5:56 pm
is considered vaccine hesitancy. >> tucker: is there any motive? why would they want to ban people from asking honest questions or reporting real side-effects? >> i think they are afraid of what people might conclude if they see that other people are having negative side-effects. they think it will drive up vaccine hesitancy among the population and that's something they have to combat. honestly i think that is not something that -- my moral compass says that's not the right thing to do. the users at facebook are not aware this is going on. if you are using facebook and they are censoring the content of your comments, that's immoral. >> tucker: it is immoral.
5:57 pm
you were willing to lose your job and you have or will for coming forward. is that why you came forward? >> yeah. i believe any consequences put on me by facebook as a result of this leak and these documents, those consequences don't weigh much when it comes to having to live with myself e. i had the opportunity to show the public what is going on behind-the-scenes i could not live with myself. >> tucker: you have been treated as a hero? >> among the close company i have for now yes. facebook told me to stop my work one day and called me into a meeting with my supervisor and
5:58 pm
they said they would have a meeting at a later date and they cancelled. >> tucker: i hope you are rewarded for what you did. >> thank you. >> tucker: appreciate it. our friend foster freeze died at 81 at arizona. he was described as a conservative mega-donor. you can tell a lot about somebody by where he gets his money. a lot of rich people build a new wing on an art gallery and put
5:59 pm
their name on it. foster gave to individuals and above all to people who needed it. he was far more likely to write a check to the bus boy than to harvard. got no recognition for that. waiters don't issue press releases when you leave a 1,000% tip. foster did not care. he loved people. rest in peace. that's about it for us tonight. tomorrow we will investigate the war on science that is in full flower tonight to our detriment. and tune in every night 8 p.m. for the show that is the sworn enemy of of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. have the best night with the ones you love. the happiness is right next to you. just recognize it.
6:00 pm
see you tomorrow. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." breaking news. tonight dr. doom and gloom flip dr. fauci is watching his credibility collapse. the media still don't want you asking tough questions with the origins of the coronavirus, but it's now apparently racist. we will explain straight ahead. the


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