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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  December 31, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> julie: i'm sorry, that's all the time. we have to go. >> the problem is more complicated than that, but thank you. >> julie: happy new year. thank you for watching. stay safe, stay indoors, see you tomorrow. ♪ >> president trump making an early return to washington as lawmakers continue to fight for bigger stimulus checks. hello, i'm in for dana perino, a special new year's edition of daily briefing. ♪ backing president trump's push for $2,000 stimulus checks, but majority lito mitch mcconnell says there is no realistic path to passing it in the senate right now. all this just days before the crucial runoff in georgia to decide which party controls the senate. team ox coverage.
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david with the latest, but first, peter doocy, 50 miles northeast of atlanta. >> lee democratic candidates, we asked him, why he waited until after the democratic primary to amend a disclosure, to show a payment from a chinese length company to his business. he denied any wrongdoing and he denied that this was part of the broader issue. >> we saw the chinese government try to make it with us. young democratic lawmaker, eric swalwell, are you concerned, it's a well-known, young democrat, somebody linked to china or the chinese government could be trying to influence you? >> come on. you're serious reporter. do you really believe a tv channel, airing an investigati
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investigation, war crimes? you are implying that it is? >> the other democrat in this race is not campaigning today, but he's fund raising, emailing supporters. "here's the truth, we don't have the resources we need to engage the programs we know will be winning in five days." ." their playing defense. davidavid perdue and kelly leffr announced they deployed 8,000 people on tuesday. runoff day. they said in a joint statement, the most robust game and poll watching operation and state history and are fully prepared to make sure the integrity of next week's election will not be under a shadow of doubt. they are expected to campaign together less than an hour from right now. right here at a concert.
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>> peter doocy, thank you. meanwhile the stimulus fight continues on capitol hill. david spine with the latest. >> it's not just the stimulus, it's also whether or not senators will vote to override the president's veto of the national defense authorization act. that's the mechanism, the bill that funds the military. let's explain how those two are tied together. bernie sanders, independent senator for vermont says he wants to stall the vote on overriding the veto, until the senate meeting majority leader mitch mcconnell takes up a stand-alone vote on those $2,000 covid relief checks, direct payments to the american people. the same bill passed by the house on a monday. >> give us a vote! what is the problem? what is the problem with having the american people see how their senators vote on this
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issue of such enormous importance. >> five senators are in favor of a stand-alone vote on the $2,000 direct payments. mitch mcconnell, not one of them, he says he will only consider the $2,000 payment if democrats agree to some things on the president's wish list, this includes a bipartisan study looking at the integrity of the 2020 election. he wants democrats to repeal section 230 of the decency act which protects big tech companies that sensors speech online. president trump has had for years like twitter and facebook unfairly sensory republican perspectives. >> socialism for rich people. that is what speaker pelosi and senator sanders have sketched out. a terrible way to help those who need it. experts across the political spectrum agree.
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>> chuck schumer said listen, will vote on the repeal, will vote on the bipartisan commission looking at the integrity of the election. let's do those separately and not pair them together with the direct payment checks. things are at a standstill and the clock is taking because guess what, the senate is sworn in on sunday. >> that is right, thank you. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle backing president trump's push for bigger stimulus checks. >> when it came to bailing out wall street, that wasn't a problem. we had plenty of money when it came to shipping money overseas. now when working people need help, its heavens, we can't possibly do that. >> president trump has said, it's not enough. the same people who voted for a trillion tax break for the 1% of the largest corporations, they didn't have to worry about the deficit at that point. when it comes to working
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families, the mom and dad who are struggling to put food on their table, oh, my god. >> let's bring in steve moore, economic advisor to president trump. thank you for being here today. the majority leader said he's not going to support these $2,000 checks unless they are targeted in addition to this wish list. he's up against republicans, including the president when it comes to the checks. what can we actually accomplish right now? >> let me first go on record and say it's absurd that with the $2,000 checks, we have an economy, the unemployment numbers that were good, jobs are coming back, we have five or six blue states with democratic governors with high unemployment, but the economy this quarter, 10%, according to the federal reserve. this is not an economy that's flat on its back, it's making a
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comeback, notwithstanding the problems we are seeing. i think that senator mcconnell has made a very reasonable demand here saying, why don't we have some liability shield for employer so they can hire workers back without the threat of being sued? why would democrat subject to a bipartisan commission to look at voter fraud? are they afraid about what they might come up with? i think mcconnell is correct with putting demands here and we will see if they take it. >> do you think the president would support the checks without the two additional items on his wish list barrister mark >> i can't speak on what he would do, but i think it's important to realize, we've spent, senator sanders, the idea that we should worry about this debt. we have spent now, $2.5 trillion. $2.5 trillion, more money we
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collect and income taxes, this would add another $500 billion, plus biden is saying he wants one or 2 trillion. the problem here is that we are spending money like it's m&ms. we are passing these costs onto our children and grandchildren and it's not a way to stimulate the economy. count me as one who thinks the payments, by the way, that would be $10,000 for a family with four kids, three kids. some of that money might go to families who make over $250,000 according to the wall street journal. >> do you know who disagrees with you, lindsey graham. >> families, if they got $8,000, it would help our economy. they need the $8,000. the vaccine is on the way. until then, our economy, to my
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fiscal conservative friends, i understand your argument, but the facts on the ground throughout the country would require us to do more than 600. >> your fiscal conservative, what you have to say? >> the best way to help the economy, i would say to all the senators, the best way to stimulate the economy, get jobs back, california, new york destroying restaurants, small businesses, retailers. there is no reason so many of these places are shut down. california, you can't even eat outside. those are the things that are damaging the economy. the ultimate stimulus, the vaccine, it's rolling out and by the end of january we will have millions and millions. i'm pleased about that.
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>> happy new year. thank you for being here. >> thank you. lindsey graham's warning to republicans to get the job done in georgia. ♪ ♪ for every trip you've been dreaming of, expedia has millions of flexible booking options. because the best trip is wherever we go together. ♪
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♪ >> just five days ago before the crucial runoff election, which party controls the senate, even if democrats win the majority, president trump's tax cuts could be here tuesday. hillary vaughn has more. >> hi, without a democratic controlled congress to undo president trump's tax cuts, he's in a tricky spot and that means a lot is that state in georgia for all taxpayers. the democratic candidates,
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rafael, they talk on the trail, making it clear if they get in office, they want more money to pay for biden's agenda. >> when they congress passed a $2 trillion tax giveaway to the richest of the rich, i began to say, to the elected officials, a budget is not just a physical document, it's a moral document. >> have you noticed there is always money for tax giveaways, but when he talked about making college affordable for young black people, the country has no resources suddenly. >> he does have a few options though to make americans and u.s. businesses to pay more, even if they don't win the two seats in georgia, he could let cut some of the provisions expire off the books. if they don't act at the end of next year, business as will not be able to write out the cost of research and development and for families at the end of 2025, the
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tax credit ends where families and cuts to the tax rate. one thing he can do, if you can get congress to rewrite tax law, he can get his treasury to reinterpret it so that businesses pay more in taxes. >> hillary vaughn. thank you. >> senator lindsey graham ornate republicans to get out and vote in georgia. >> if you want to save america, if you want to supreme the court at nine and not 13, you want to deny that, when georgia. if we lose everything goes by the wayside. >> let's bring in our panel. thank you for being here. i'll begin with you, senator graham is obviously looking at the future of the country through a prism of that is georgia runoff. know your thoughts?
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>> i think senator graham is correct to view the election that way. it's consequential. it determines the control of congress as a whole and whether in fact joe biden will pursue a left agenda or one that requires him to cooperate with republicans and thinking about not just the future, the tax cuts, the future of the federal judiciary the appointments that joe biden makes to his cabinet as well as to his sub cabinet level. this is a consequential election. it's not just about georgia or two people coming from georgia, it's about the fate of public policy. it's a consequential election and i hope voters see it that way. >> what do you think? the future of the country? >> we are in total agreement. the stakes could not be higher, but i'm encouraged, the numbers
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we are seeing, 2.5 million georgians, half the number we saw through the general election. we are seeing strong turnout numbers and places like cobb county, and strongholds, they know with the states. they already voted on that stimulus package. for americans and georgians. they know what is at stake and i think democrats are bullish about our chances. >> on the fight right now within the party, front and center in georgia, the president is attacking the governors, the governors are trying to fight back. how do you think that's playing with voters and is not going to make a difference? it can be confusing. >> it can be confusing and i think it's a complicated issue. republicans are on different sides. some are in favor like the
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president with increasing the stimulus checks and others have concerns. regardless of the situation, jojo voters will look beyond this and they will look at the broader issue. republicans have been on the ground since the day after the election. they've been working hard, knowing there would be to runoff elections. you've every single likely voter contact to ten times or more. you have a thousand staffers on the ground for the committee. there are things republicans are doing really to make sure that georgia voters understand, regardless of the issues, the specific fight over stimulus checks, what is at stake between a republican-controlled senate and a democratic-controlled senate come election next tuesday? >> democrats have their own problems. biden is in a tug-of-war with the left wing and that continues. nancy pelosi is seeing the same
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thing. georgia voters, if they are watching this play out, nervous. rallying the troops, in atlanta, kamala harris, the vice president-elect, because of those. on the ground they want to be there, there is a huge emphasis on african-american turnout, savannah, atlanta, it will be interesting to see how it will play out. >> gentlemen, thank you both. happy 20 want to both of you. >> happy new year. >> andrew cuomo thinks land for allowing thousands of fans at a football game. plus, dozens of people terrorize a family at a busy interstate. ♪
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♪ >> andrew cuomo facing accusations of hypocrisy when it comes to covid. announcing thousands of buffalo bills fans will be allowed in the stadium next month to cheer on their team in the playoffs. all fans have to test negative
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for covid-19 and to our masks, the governor says he will be there too. this comes as restaurant owners are getting crushed by indoor dining. let's bring in lawrence jones. thank you for being here. before we get started, let's take a listen to the governor. >> are you smart and safe with reopening? that's the challenge in 2021. a football playoff game is obviously outdoors which is a much better situation. in the stadium is a controlled venue. >> 6,700 fans are going to be allowed to attend, plus staff, folks to make this. your thoughts? >> it's going to kill the state and i mean literally. people are dying, depression, businesses are suffering. the restaurants are still
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closed, despite contact tracing shown that 1.3% was a threat and he worked. meanwhile, we know the majority of people gathering at home. what happens, when people can't go out, they can't have a meal with their loved ones, family members, festivities are outside, they congregate. and so, it seems to me, the only reason why he's letting this happen, he wants to go. i'll be honest, they have more power. they're well-connected. that is the theme of this pandemic. we are all in this together, we are not! people are well-connected, powerful, playing by different rules. >> on that note, those involved and helped organize this, the
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state of new york, felty department of health, they all got together to make sure this could happen. i know there are small businesses, they would love th that. >> they won't return these businesses. i mean, walking down the street every day, seeing one of your favorite restaurants, not be able to survive this. every single day is new. they are not well-connected. they don't have what this nfl -- my thing is, it's equally apply to all sectors in new york and were not seeing that. >> i completely understand. before i let you go, in new york city, you know, crime is on the rise, one more example, 25 bikers who attacked this bmw with a man and his
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mother, they had just from dropping off donations at a nonprofit. the nypd, helping getting identification, it's frighteni frightening! >> it's disgusting and as you know, i've been reporting on the violence and crime in the country, but specifically in new york city. you get rid of the anticrime, you show folks and cops, their bad, this is going to happen. the shootings have been going up for months now. the mayor and city council have done absolutely nothing. we've seen what is happening across the city. again, they took a politically correct position. meanwhile, the people and these communities, people are suffering. this is what is half the better
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21. thank you. happy new year. >> the new highly contagious coronavirus train first found in the u.k., now found in a second state here in the u.s. we will talk to the governor. (ringing)
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can you tell me the story again? every family has their own unique story. give your family the chance to discover theirs this holiday season, with ancestry. >> welcome back to a special edition of "the daily briefing." the fbi handing over the national bombing site proposal to authorities, that comes with questions about how they handled a warning from an ex-girlfriend. in wisconsin hospital fire an employee, said they intentionally remove dozens of vaccines from a freezer. more than 500 doses. talk about a fumble, wisconsin quarterback rand for 2 touchdowns and through another as they won yesterday. shorthanded in the locker room.
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♪ that crystal trophy shattering, the head coach, "we wanted everybody to have a piece of that trophy." for more and other stories download the fox news app, scan the code or go to days after colorado reported the first u.s. case of the new coronavirus strain in the u.k., california says it's found it there as well. live in santa monica, california. >> officials here in l.a. county say they've reached a terrible milestone, more than 10,000 people have died here in l.a. county and we are learning, 25,000 statewide, the third state to hit that mark. on top of all of this, this new,
11:35 am
more contagious strain of coronavirus. southern california, san diego county, dr. jose they found in it and a man who is 30 years old, that leaves them to believe it's on an isolated case and there are probably more people with this variant. dr. anthony fauci said the development is not out of the ordinary. >> i'm not surprised you have a case and more cases in california and likely we will be seeing reports from other states, colorado and others. californians should feel this is something that is expected. >> first responders and
11:36 am
hospitals, but specifically southern california are bracing for possibly another wave as the holiday season wraps up. they don't have any more icu beds and people and ambulances, sometimes they're being turned away. they help people listen. >> let's hope so. thank you. meantime, doctors in colorado investigating what could be the second case of the new covid-19 strain. joining us now, thank you so much for being here. what can you tell us about this second person, do we have any more information on how these people required it? >> thank you and congrats on holding down the desk, i'm so grateful, it's a colorado and who is replacing other colorado. >> thank you.
11:37 am
>> the second case which has not been identified, somebody in the same exposure. you have two come us we have not found nonconnected incidences, but colorado scientists, the first to identify united kingdom variance here. it doesn't mean it's not an out the stomach stomach to mike and other states, their data shows . >> from what we are hearing from the doctors, the vaccine is out there, it's not going to be interrupted. let's take a listen to what the attorney general said this morning. >> you should take any worry you have and understand that the vaccine looks like it will work, but a variance means it's more critical we follow those beige
11:38 am
boobasicpublic health measures. wash your hands. >> this new variance, does it affect the way the state will mitigate this problem? >> the virus is incredibly contagious. we are seeing that, it's spreading so fast. coloradans and other members are so good with wearing masks, socializing outside, that is how we been able to make progress. we've seen a reduction, but still a very high problem and i encourage everyone, they might be contagious with the virus. they might not even know it. >> the covid-19, the color coding, showing where we are and right now we understand, much of
11:39 am
colorado, when it comes to businesses and restaurants, they will begin to open on monday, that is the hope. my family owns a small restaurant here in colorado, so i've seen this pain up close. will that changed with the new variant? >> yeah, so restaurants have been open throughout this entire period and the ski areas, they pioneered a five star, counties can audit their restaurants for covid safety protocols, many had been open. this provides a way where restaurants can at least have some indoor dining capacity, consumer might take them a longer time. this is important, the biggest risk factor, going out to eat,
11:40 am
it's no bigger than eating at home when that is who you eat with. you meet with your own househo household, if you're mixing between households, people from a different household, people will be with three or four. >> right. as we celebrate the new year, you and i become a colorado is the best place to be. thank you for being here. >> happy new year. >> casey anthony, the woman accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter appears to be having a visit. wait till you hear what it is. plus, it's time to say goodbye to 2020. ♪
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>> florida woman acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter is watching her business, she planned to open a friday investigation firm. they joined me now with more. you can't make it up. >> remember casey anthony? once known as america's most hated mother. apparently she wants to see what it's like on the other side of the investigation. public records state december 14th, a file under her name, research and if you years after she opened and closed a photography business. back in 2008 she was accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter in orlando. that trial was filled with sordid details including allegations of child abuse and neglect, but the government came up short. 2011 acquitted her of first-degree murder, but she was convicted of lying to authorities. she then moved to
11:46 am
west palm beach where she began living with and working for pat mckenna, a private investigator defense team, helping him with internet and social media, and the work she did with client spirit telling the associated press, "if they're guilty or innocent, it doesn't matter, they deserve to have their day in court. she is now 34 years old, a private i venture, by the way, kaylee anthony would have turned 15. >> claudia, thank you. new year's eve already looks a lot different this year. americans are getting ready to rein in 2021 and apparently they are ready for it. a record number of americans say 2020 was a bad year. 67% say it was a rough year compared to 23% who said it was a good one. tyrus, we have a number of hours
11:47 am
left in 2020. i know we should let it top itself. >> i agree completely. let's sleep, the year 2020, let it lie still. nobody do not think say nothing, leave it alone. >> i couldn't agree more. here's a "new york post" cover, good riddance 2020. i feel like, i'm just hoping 2021 isn't like the competitive sibling who wants to outdo the older one because that would be really bad. it wasn't all bad, right? we got to spend more time together, not all bad. >> yeah, i mean, every year is going to have the peaks and valleys, taking a divided country, it wasn't the best timing for everything, but there
11:48 am
was a moment of challenge, we see the best that come out of americans and i think we saw a lot of that this year. people want above and beyond. really positive about the roughness that goes hand-in-hand with 2020. a much better relationship now. i got to spend more time at ho home. i got a chance to work on some of my own stuff. i finished it. the silver lining is there, it's in every year, you pick and choose. let's just hope that 2021 isn't, it skips a decade or two in between a bad year or something. >> i'm all for that. "the new york post" said," "goodbye 2020, the year where so
11:49 am
much and so many were so wrong. thank you to experts and leaders, it was the year of wrong. it assured us that facts, science, data were telling us stuff that was horrifically catastrophically wrong. the campaign was dead after he somehow managed to feel it in new hampshire. wrong. he destroyed imminent epic landslide, a 17-point drop in wisconsin. defunding the police, sensible to shootings, wrong." the list goes on and on. >> yeah, if we had a report card for following the facts as they go, every one of us would give unsatisfactory. it was a tough year. there were some things people got wrong and you can't be an expert. you have to learn as you go. in general, the scientists, the
11:50 am
front-line workers have done a nice job. all the misinformation. let's not be so quick to keep everyone the when they're down. >> i like it. happy new year to you. >> smiled. >> thank you. next, we will head to times square were cops are warning people to watch the ball drop, stay away. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ for every trip you've been dreaming of, expedia has millions of flexible booking options. because the best trip is wherever we go together. ♪
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>> all right. about the race generally. president trump talked about broad in georgia in november. what impact would that have on the run-off here next week? >> our message to voters is you have to get out and vote. the president's message has been for that, get out and vote for kelly loeffler and david purdue. we're the fire wall to stopping socialism in american. we're in the courts, making sure this is fair. we have to trust our elections here in georgia, that georgians have to vote. if we vote, we can win.
11:57 am
if we don't vote, we can lose america. that's what is at stake here. >> is there any concern based on what you've seen and heard from the reports of early voting and mail voting about fraud so far in the run-off? >> well, look, we have poll watchers. we have to take every issue seriously. we're not waiting until january 5 to address that. we're in the courts. we have poll watchers. we made the investment in legal resources and we're spanning out across the state to make sure this is trusted. georgians have to know that only legal votes will be counted and we're going to hold those accountable that try to meddle in our elections. >> political events we've noticed in our travels in this state specifically, here and on the democratic side, drawing a lot of crowds. something we're not used to in 2020. what sense do you get is the biggest issue for people motivating to come here right now to vote for you? >> well, the future of the country is on the line.
11:58 am
chuck schumer said it, now we take georgia and then we change america. that has motivated georgians to get out. as i crisscross the state, georgians are seeing what is at stake. it's high taxes to bring to georgians. they want to do fund the police, they want lockdowns. georgians want to get back to their normal lives. our economy has been open since late april. we're getting back to work. we need to hold the line against these socialist ideas. we're not going to stand for that here in georgia. >> each senate seat is available. the way the democrats are trying to package it, it's like you and senator purdue are a package deal. how closely are you and senator purdue coordinating? are you texting, e-mailing about what to do, what is going on? >> our campaigns have combined to form a 1,000 person state-wide operation with 40,000 volunteers and 8,000 poll watchers.
11:59 am
we're working hard every day to get out across georgia, work with georgia voters, make sure that they know what is at stake. they know, they're turning out. they know if we don't vote, we could lose the country. the country is counting on georgia to hold the line here. they don't want socialism, the green new deal. they want to port our military, veterans, get our small businesses back open. that's what we're fighting for. >> my last question, what is the difference or how is it different running without president trump on the ballot this time compared to a couple weeks ago when he was there at the top? >> look, we're still fighting for president trump. he's been fighting for us. he's coming back to georgia monday night in dalton. we'll have a great crowd there. he's message is get out and vote. today is the last day in georgia to vote. many polling places are open until 6:00 or 7:00. georgians can get their early vote down in person. tuesday everything is on the
12:00 pm
line. president trump knows that. that's why he's coming to georgia and continuing to fight for him. >> senator kelly loeffler, happy new year. back to you. >> peter doocy in gainesville, georgia. thanks, peter. thanks for joining us. i'm alicia acuna. molly line is next. >> molly: hi. i'm molly line. incredible information out of the state of georgia. we had that incredible interview with peter doocy who has been doing incredible work on the ground in georgia. we want to go to peter right now. he's been doing such incredible work. do we have peter? peter, can you hear me? >> i'm here. we are in the center -- >> -- that interview you just conducted. >> she launched back at jon ossoff's


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