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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 29, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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is the sworn enemy of line come, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. and also don't forget to dvr the show if you haven't set that up already. you want to want to miss an episode. head over to our social media pages. watch the rest of that tucker's speech. to have a great evening and, you are in for 60 minutes under the bd forensic eye of trey gowdy. take it away, trey. >> mark steyn, thank you. welcome to the special edition of "hannity." tonight, we are one week away from two senate races in georgia which will determine the direction of the country. and that is not hyperbole. that is a fact. control of the united states senate is literally on the ballot in georgia. and democrats seem to be getting nervous. democrats jon ossoff and raphael warnock are now reportedly expressing concerns about their dwindling campaign funds.
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and according to a report from nbc, minority leader chuck schumer has abandoned his fund-raising efforts because he is "optimistic" about their chances in georgia next week. and he doesn't want to ruin donor relationships. wait a second, you wasted hundreds of millions of dollars trying to knock off republican senators in november, and now you are worried about ruining donor relationships? meanwhile, stacey abrams is artie complaining about "a voter suppression." watch this. >> whe republicans do not know w to win without voter suppression is one of their tools. that is why we see true the vote down here in georgia. challenging 364,000 voters a days before the election because voter suppression is there votive. >> trey: democrats a right to be worried, but not above voter suppression. voter education may be. but not voter suppression.
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it has come to light, raphael warnock was once arrested for obstructing a police investigation. one victim is now telling "the washington free beacon" that came counselors tossed urine on him and forced them to sleep outside. thiwatch this. >> america, nobody can serve god and the military. you can't serve god an at the se time. >> no matter what happens, next month, more than a third of the nation that would go along with this is reason to be afraid. america needs to repent for its worship of whiteness. on full display. set the captives free, in other
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words, i came to dismantle the value system of the empire. but here's the problem. the religious folk who should be fighting with me, against the empire, are in cahoots with the empire. they are trying to steal money from the poor and give it to the rich through this terrible tax deal. speak at some jacked up theology coming from american politics. >> trey: you can say that again. we will have more on him in a moment, but before we get to our guest, breaking tonight, the trump campaign is taking its election challenge in wisconsin to the united states supreme court. jutting us with the reaction former white house chief chief of staff and georgia congressman doug collins. we are very lucky.
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the breaking news is about wisconsin and election lobbied we happen to have an up wisconsin law a expert with us. let's start with you, rice. what should the viewers take from this appeal to the u.s. supreme court? >> well, merry christmas and happy new year's to you, trey, and doug. what the trump campaign is doing that is they are making a claim on two fronts. first, and wisconsin, the state legislature is the only group of people that have a right to choose the manner in which electors are chosen. and without repeating, because i know the viewers have heard me talk about this case, the issue they are -- it was the clerks in wisconsin that chose to run the election contrary to state law. if they are not an early vote state. so unlike most of you watching, wisconsin does not actually allow early vote, but the clerk
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says they were going to recreate their own system of voting. going to allow people to vote in person absentee. it created all kinds of problems. in fact, the trump campaign came to a 4-3 decision in the supreme court in nad plus page opinion. which was narrowly lost. the second issue is it is a free-speech issue, because the narrow loss by the trump campaign was because of the supreme court saying that you lose on the basis of something called latches. i know you know what that means, but they are basically same trump campaign -- you should've brought all this election complaints early before the election. the problem with that, trey, was that would require every candidate in america, not just for this race but in future races, to bring every single problem they have with the election laws in the state of wisconsin to the court before running. so in other words, if you want to run for state senate or
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congress, you better prelitigate all of your problems before you actually run. and that's a free speech issue. so those are the two things that the trump campaign is bringing forward to the supreme court. >> trey: of course, if you did it that way the court would tell you the issue wasn't right. are you didn't have standing. >> right, you wouldn't have standing. you lose othe either way. 81 pages -- of course they're going to bring it to the supreme court. >> trey: nobody knows wisconsin like you do. and nobody knows georgia lake my former colleague, doug collins. what is the state of georgia one week out? >> it's tided we can say -- it's becoming crystal clear that -- i might not win well wisconsin law, but i do know bad theology. and i know raffia warrant.
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just an unknown candidate who is too many ties to the chinese communist party and the liberal left. what we see down here it's becoming clear. the station is clear. it georgia matters to the entire country, not just here. or we are going to get to radical liberals were not connected through it or any values that we can see across our state. but this is a big-time election. it's got to be carried out. where is seeing turn out heavy i'm encouraging everybody to get out and vote. you cannot let the multiple things going on keep you away from the polls. you have to get out and vote. if you are a trumped voter in georgia, you have an obligation. >> trey: you mention theology, congressman. i almost thought an addition to being a great lawyer, you were a preacher back in the day too, weren't you? >> oh, yeah.
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for me, to look at my scripture and to have someone like raphael warnock told me that he is a pro-choice pastor, i'm not sure which scripture we are reading, but we were knitted in our mother's womb by god himself. spew and had another bible like you and rice do, but i'm pretty sure that there is -- i do know that the leader, but house divit itself cannot stand. our republicans going to be able to come together in the next week and quit fighting with each of the question marks because they have to, trey. what doug said is 100% true. we have a referendum, and if republicans and/or candidates, and they are, they're going to make this a referendum on those two choices. very clearly. the two choices facing america.
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the supreme court. on what trumpeted on isis, on taxes, on government health car. what doug said was pretty remarkable. this is not like george's choosing between what we perceive to be what a georgia democrat would look like. they are the aoc radical democrats. that is not what george is about. so that's the first thing. the second thing is this is going to be a full-blown ufc fight on the ground. this is a mechanical game. this is where both parties -- i used to say all the time, when i was cheering -- if you give me within a field goal, we will win the game. this is what this race is coming down to you. it's a field goal. and whatever party has the better ground game, the better turnout operation will win this race. it's going to be very detailed. and it's going to be tough.
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>> i'm also a little bit of stacey abrams on her claims of voter suppression's. now, the g.o.p. wins because we have better ideas. conservatives have better ideas. making claims about suppression here in georgia and people not being allowed to vote -- let me just go back and remind her that over the past three or four cycles in georgia since we've implemented some of the conditions she claims are wrong of voter i.d. and things like that, the actual minority populations have actually increased by double digits in participation. we had our largest turnout in our election. a degree of other issues in our elections but i will be working on the future concerning how we do absentee ballots and how we do verification and how to do that though. how can you litigated in election before it actually happens? we have to make clear that our elections are verifiable and can be contested. but we need to do that another way. i'm tired of stacey abrams
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saying that georgia has voter suppression when sometimes she doesn't talk about democrat counties. this is got to be changed. stacey abrams is a pied piper of suppression when she is actually leaving the suppression by telling every buddy it's bad. >> trey: has she conceded the race yet? i know it's been a couple of years. democrats like to talk about concessions. has she conceded that she lost the race yet, reset still being litigated? >> i think it still being litigated. i think she didn't want to step down from her daily duties. >> trey: well, you guys are experts and you are respected. thank you for your insight on the breaking news. i can think of it -- we are really, really lucky to have you. so thank you both, merry christmas. now let's turn our attention to the race between david perdue
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and democrat jon ossoff. he is now facing questions over his close ties to china. not only did ossoff take money from chinese state run media company, but he also encouraged his twitter followers to follow a well-known chinese account. after an atlanta rapper, who had lined one of their campaigns events. was caught on twitter making light of rape. joining us now, senator. thanks for joining us. >what is the state of your race? we are a week out, what is the state of your race? >> we are winning this thing, trey. i've been around the state the last several weeks like nobody is ever done here. the longest ground game on the
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republican side. we are winning o on the grounded making 125 stop bus to her right now. i think we are up to 86 fro 86. tomorrow night we were actually get to our 100th bus stop up in north georgia. so we know it is at stake. we are the last line of defense here, trey. and most people in georgia are beginning to realize that. were optimistic they will have a big turn on out in the next two days including election day. but what is at stake here, trey, it's very draconian. we've never had a race like this. we know the eyes of the state are on kelly loeffler and me, holding the line here against the leftist socialist agenda that the democrats seem to be bent on. have to go back to the presidential election to see what they are committed to. chuck schumer will get the authority if he gets these two seats in the senate to do what they have been talking about. and that is defund the police,
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open our borders, illegal immigrants given the right to vote, socialize, medicine, cutter military lake like biden and obama did their administration. we want the green new deal and they want to undo all the things we've done the last four years that created the greatest economic turnaround after the eight years of the lowest economic output in u.s. history that the democrats gave us an obama and biden's term. so the people of georgia are beginning to realize this is the last line of defense and we won't get another shot at this. if they get this majority, they will make changes that preclude us the opportunity to come back and change is back soon. >> trey: seminar, there is hyperbole, and our line of work from time to time, but the reality is, and it's not hyperbolic at all, the control of the united states senate is on the ballot in a week in georgia. it comes down to one state, whether schumer or mcconnell with the majority leader -- you
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are on important committees who cherish those committees. folks who are like-minded with you, whose vision for the future is the same as yours, what can they do today and what can they do in the week leading up to november if they want to see you return to the u.s. senate? >> tray, every generation has a moment of truth. my dad was in world war ii and korea. every generation has a moment. the eyes of america, and i think the eyes of every future generation, are on us right now here in georgia. and our responsibilities to not let them down. if you believe in the ethos that created america that has served us so well over the last 230 years of economic opportunity for everybody -- look, this turnaround help six milling people put themselves of pover poverty. individual liberty and freedom. with the democrats want is a central government that controls the individual. they believe the central government is more important
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than the individual. we republicans believe individual choices what we have been about in america for 230 years. it's a people to get out. what can i do to help? well, vote. most people are now voting. but they need to close the loop and get every single vote. call their friends, call their associates, call their church members. call people they don't like. but get this boat out. this is our last line of defense, and we want to get another opportunity. to be like the rest of us. kelly loeffler and i are leaving it all in the field beard were not going to wake up on january 6th and wish we had done one more thing, because we are doing it all right now. i think the people of georgia know that. they are going to step up and we are going to see a record runoff turnout in january for. >> trey: senator, there's a political component to the job. but once you get elected, there is a service to the job. what about your service as the united states senator should voters who are trying to make up their minds in georgia -- what part of your service would you
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like to highlight for them? >> but that's a tough question, trey. as an outsider, i never ran for office until he ran for the senate. it felt like the country was headed in the wrong direction. i felt like i can make a difference. i believe we have. but the most gratifying thing may have just happened today as a matter fact. we see people all over the state -- and we're going to small towns all over the state -- and unlike my opponent to his hanging around atlanta, we are going all over the state. over 125 stops. and just today, i had six people individually, six men, step up to me quietly after the event was over. and these events will have anywhere from 50 to almost 4,000 people last week with a vodka. this man called me before i got back on the bus. you know, six things this happened. i'm a vietnam veteran and i never got anybody to help me with my problems until your staff helped me this year, lester, whatever. six people made those comments to me today.
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and later in the afternoon, jennifer hazy runs are constituent in a in augusta, she worked for the prior senator hei just want to thank her. but this is also what is so gratifying. to go into a job like this where you represent 11 million people in georgia. i don't know if these were republicans or democrats. i presume because they were at our event, most were republicans, but i've had democrats tell me that recently. so that is part of the job nobody talks about. but that's where you make a difference for the people in georgia. not the only reason you should want to be in this job. my opponent has wanted to be a career politician since he was in high school. he ran for the house and lost. he's running now. i think is losing. and his name of being called the incinerator, because he knows that a printer can political cash, is well-founded. over wanted $2 million he is raised. most of it from outside the state of georgia. but i'm gratified by the fact that some people in georgia are grateful for what they've been
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able to do for them. >> trey: senator, you are on a number of committees including the budget committee. and if people like contrast, what happens week from today will determine whether bernie sanders or lindsey graham shares the budget committee and having just done a christmas gift exchange with lindsay, i can tell you how cheap he is. i think people would prefer lindsey graham over bernie sanders. thank you, good luck to you, merry christmas, and happy new year to you and your family. straight ahead, lindsey graham and what is happening in washington this weekend what he thinks about the all important runoff races in georgia. and later, legendary football coach lou holtz on why sports are so important, even in the midst of this pandemic. stay with us. ♪ ♪ sanctuary music (kids laughing) (dog barking)
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♪ >> trey: earlier today mitch mcconnell blocked efforts by senate democrats when they tried to bring the hospital to the senate floor. that house bill boosted direct payments to $2,000 for certain americans in need. and while majority leader mcconnell says he will bring the president's request for more aid, president trump had strong words for republicans in the upper chamber earlier today. president tweeted and i quote, unless republicans have a death wish, and it is also the right thing to deal, must approved $2,000 payments. a $600 is not enough. also get rid of section 2:30, don't let big tech steal our country and don't let the democrats steal the presidential election brett putz with the president thinks. one u.s. senator were known for his written support of the militaries vowing not to override the president's veto of the nda without substantial
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reforms to section 230. that section of the act allows big tech to escape liability for what happens on their media platforms. joining me now to explain more, senator lindsey graham from the great state of south carolina. merry christmas and happy new year. how are you? >> thank you, i hope yo your wie enjoy that new lawn mower you got it. very big t of you to do that. >> trey: i'm doing great. [laughs] there are a couple of things i want to ask you. you served 25 years in the military. i went to your retirement ceremony from the air force. is there a better vehicle for wanting to reform 230 than the end nda, or is this strategically what tested be done?
6:26 pm
>> number one, i will not override the president's veto. i've spent about 30 years in the air force and there is a provision in the defense bill that basically locks down spectrum, takes it and gives it to the military. what does that mean? if you want to win the 5g race come if you want high-speed internet to be developed by america and not china. if you want to compete in that space, we need to free up spectrums of the private sector can develop 5g. this bill locks a lot of it down. in my view, unfairly. if you want to survive this is a conservative, you better deal with big tech could do but i deal with them now. they have the ability to censor what you say, what i say it to take our tweets, shut us out of the conversation. and if we don't deal with section 230 now, then shame on us. so i'm with the president. the best vehicle to deal with section 230 is the one in front of you.
6:27 pm
and at that is the defense bill. if you can conservative, you need to get behind the president and his desire to bring in big tech before we lose the movemen. >> trey: is there any way to deal with 2:30 while also dealing with the $2,000 direct payments? if the senate takes that outcome is that a potential vehicle or am i just a house member that doesn't understand the senate? >> well, you understand it very well, trey. christmas day the president went, he went again as usual. but he wants to do a couple things. a $2,000 payment to people making under $75,000 is $400 billion to the dead. but we live in an unusual time. it's expensive, it's not the most efficient way to get aid to people that are separate, but six of the dollars is not enough. i support that.
6:28 pm
he wants to repeal section 230 to keep big tech from running the country and censoring conservatives. i support both of those. i think are going to get a vote in the senate different control the senate. if we lose georgia, we are never going to get a vote on section 230. they will send another bill over that will make this bill look cheap. but it will send another stimulus package. it will have every wish list for liberals and appeared it will be two or three times bigger than what we have before us. so if you want to control spending, make sure that the republicans win the senate. if you want to secure the supreme court, make sure they control the senate. if you don't want illegal immigrants to get free health care and go to open borders, make sure republicans control the senate. we cannot run the government from the senate, but we sure can control socialism if you have control with the senate. that's why everybody needs to get out and vote in georgia. >> trey: you know, senator,
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there is hyperbole from time to time in politics. but quite literally, quite literally control of the united states senate. it hangs in the balance. >> literally. > trey: they spent hundred million dollars in south carolina all for the right to lose to you. see you know what it's like. a lot of money pumped into a race, and you won by ten points regardless. what you think have needs to happen in the next week? >> number one, two great candidates. david perdue is a businessman. he's never been in politics until he ran for the senate. he's done business all over the world. he understands the world economy and he's great. kelly loeffler is just a role model for every woman in america. she is a very successful businesswoman. mediate them as individuals -- but we need to stop stacking the court. all your adult life, you are a great lawyer, trey, but if we
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lose the united states senate and they got the house, they've got the presidency may be if we fall short. if biden becomes present in the united states, that we lose control of the senate. america fundamentally changes. the court goes from nine to 13 to dilute our conservative majority. illegal immigrants will get free health care. there will be around on the border. our taxes will go up. so never in history of the country in my lifetime has a single state, georgia, had so much to say regarding the future of america. we've got great candidates. the question is, do we want it more than they do? they have out raised them almost to have one on the internet. i never thought i heard myself say this. go to david, go to kelly give money. we are being outraised almost 2-1 in terms of the candidate. this will help where you can. >> trey: senator, you live about as close to george as he can get. and still be in the state of
6:31 pm
i know democrats from georgia. they are little to the left of where we are, but nowhere near where they are. are those the democrats that georgia is wanting to take the senate with? i mean, they are awfully progressive for the state of georgia, are they? >> if you want to ruin bernie sanders' 2021 and aoc and the squad, elect the republicans forepublicans. aoc party. let me ask you this question -- all of those who are watching, has anybody at your church ever thought it was a good idea to invite fidel castro to come speak? what kind of church that invites fidel castro to come to speak? what kind of senator from georgia that does business with
6:32 pm
china -- the people of georgia -- you want your united states senator to have deep business ties to china? or do you want your senator to stand up to china? do you want your senators to embrace free enterprise, or do you want one of your senators to have been in a church that thought it was a good idea to invite fidel castro. i doubt if any church over thought dole knocked on my every thought hey, what it we invite fidel castro to come talk to us? these people are nuts. we've got to win. spewing speaking of winning, if republicans win you are the chairman of the budget committee. if democrats win, bernie sanders is the chairman of the budget committee. having spent a lot of time with you and having done the recent christmas gift exchange with you, there's not a cheaper person on the face of the earth then lindsey graham. so if you are a fiscal conservative come up go vote in georgia. happy new year to you.
6:33 pm
i'll see you soon. >> thank you. >> trey: when we come back, we will try to figure out why the left in the mainstream media care so little about china. the democrats and the d.c. media were obsessed with russia. some of them are actually is still obsessed with russia. but they never seem to want to talk about china. not even when a democrat congressman is dating a chinese spy. lucky for us, we found three folks who are willing to talk about china. we will be right back. ♪ e year smiling at aspen dental where new starts happen, every day. get exceptional care every step, unparalleled safety at evervisit, and flexible payment options for every budget. now, during the everyday smiles event new patients get a full exam & set of x-rays with no obligation. no insurance? no worries, it's free. plus, now all patients can get 20% off their treatment plan. find every reason to smile. every day at aspen dental. call 1-800-aspendental or book today at
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♪ >> trey: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." last week stance on china's once again on full display. new satellite images obtained by buzzfeed show forced slave labor
6:38 pm
camps for muslims. hopefully, if i live long enough, the mainstream media started to ask democrats on their tepid position on china. david perdue singled out eric swalwell, hunter biden, and his opponent, jon ossoff. senator purdue condones china is courting an democrats. "laptop stuff" and a tweet attacking president trump. actually, if he reads "the washington post," i'm surprised he even knows. if only emai with russia had emd hunter. joining us now, gordon chang. congressman lee zeldin. and fox news legal analyst, gregg jarrett. welcome to all three of you.
6:39 pm
>> thank you, trey. >> they could. >> trey: congressman, let me start with you. according to my math around 230 democrats in the house. surely too good. nancy pelosi can find one who has not dated a chinese spy to put on the house intelligence committee, can she? >> absolutely. and this is where you see a double standard at play. i remember about two years ago there was a house republican who made a comment about white supremacy and house resolution. naming names, singularly and unequivocally forcefully condemning white supremacy. that member was removed from his committees including the small business committee. so the house of replicants, as far as consistency goes, there's no doubt how they would be handling this if this happened with the house republicans. not just a democrat making the call, house republicans would remove that member from the house intelligence committee.
6:40 pm
but this is a very similar double standard to it we few years ago. making anti-semitic remarks, in that case you don't see that the resolution forcefully condemning anti-semitism on the member it removed. it's a different rule when it is a house democrat being accused of something versus a house republican. >> trey: mr. chang, what should americans know about china and why should americans be concerned about what china has planned for the u.s. over the next decades? >> china doesn't nearly could meet wit don't not compete, they want to throw the u.s. government and too wanting to throw the international system. their challenge is far more malicious than we think. we have to remember that this challenge is fundamental. it goes to predatory trade
6:41 pm
practices, stealing u.s. intellectual property, deliberately spreading the disease, the coronavirus, to america. this is unrestricted warfare with the intent to overthrow our government. >> trey: greg, the media is a hopelessly infatuated with russia. but i can tell you with first-hand experience, it's possible to have three adversaries at the same time. i will pull for dallas, which means i don't like the new york giants come i don't like philadelphia eagles, and i don't like the washington football teams. so i've got three adversaries all at the same time. why can't the media focus on russia and china? why not jus just russia? >> because they have abandoned all semblance of objectivity and neutrality. they are now advocates and protectors of joe biden and then the democratic party. their treatment of "the new york times" refuses to even mention the story about eric swalwell. who was such an easy mark for the chinese.
6:42 pm
he fell for the old honey trap routine by the chinese spy. there is her picture. help to get him elected to congress and who planted and in turn spy and his office. and who knows how much information the chinese gathered while he sat on the intelligence committee. he should be kicked off that committee. but he's not the lone ranger, trey. the chinese had a spy as a chauffeur for the better part of 20 years for dianne feinstein. and of course, hunter biden. he was the easiest bark of all. a, because he's grady don't not greedy. and b, because he already had a paddling set of schemes involving russia, ukraine, romania, and of course the chinese, buying him off with $5 million and promiscuous his promises. but the media won't report this because it will hurt joe biden, and they are now is a valid
6:43 pm
protectors. spewing i did a little bit of research this afternoon. there are democrat members who have intelligence backgrounds, military backgrounds, prosecutorial backgrounds like yourself. why would nancy pelosi put up with the embarrassment that eric swalwell has caused when she has got other more qualified, viable choices. what is her fascination with us whilswalwell? >> she totally closes ranks when it is an infraction done by her own. she is free to say anything when she's going after the opposite party, but not holding her own tto the same standards. second, it's a member of her state's delegation. a fellow member of the california democratic congressional allegation. three come as you look at the house intelligence committee which last became the impeachment committee, bad
6:44 pm
behavior was qualified people for promotion. if people are saying how did adam schiff become the chair of the house intelligence committee when he's constantly lying to the american public? well, adam schiff is the chairman of the house intelligence committee specifically for his ability to lie to the american public. and the other thing too, is what is the most important vote for the speaker of the house? it's the vote to be the speaker, it's coming up this upcoming sunday. nancy pelosi is struggling to put votes together. for her, she would rather just survive her speakers vote on sunday rather than ruffle any feathers by making moves like that internally within her comforts. that list goes on, but those are for highlights. >> trey: gordon and greg, let me ask you this. this year has been the toughest year possible for many of our fellow americans. what is the proper response for our country? legislatively and otherwise, for a country that withheld
6:45 pm
information and allow this virus to escape its borders and didn't alert the world. gordon we will start with you and then split the time with greg. what is the proper u.s. response, legislatively and otherwise? >> the proper response is to cut all links with the communist regime. that means no trade, no investment, no technology sharing, we close the four remaining consults in the u.s. we cut back the embassy staff in washington to just the ambassador. also, we expel the current ambassador because he tried to recruit a scientist in connecticut along with someone from the new york consulate. so he doesn't belong in the united states. now, i know this sounds drastic, but china uses every point of contact with swalwell, hunter biden, who will never, to undermine a government. did we have not been able to figure out how to deal with this with mild measures. we have to do something, because we are not going to have a country unless we do something
6:46 pm
effective about this american political system almost every american institution. >> trey: we've got about 30 seconds, greg, what would you do? >> sanctions as an alternative to cutting off china completely. the other aspect is you have to stop american businesses from reaping billions and billions of dollars, disney, the nba, bill gates, microsoft has been doing business with the chinese communist government for the better part of two decades. michael bloomberg raised billions of dollars for chinese start-ups. do they not recognize the unconscionable egregious human rights abuses there or are they simply so greedy they don't ca care? put pressure on american businesses and businessmen doing business in china. >> trey: all three of you, happy new year. coming up next on the special edition of "hannity," we will get an update on the christmas state bombing in nashville, tennessee, and then i will go one-on-one with
6:47 pm
legendary football coach, lou holtz. stay with us. ♪
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♪ >> trey: welcome back to the "hannity" special. new details continue to emerge about the alleged nashville bomber. according to reports, warner spoke about hating police decades ago. joining us now with the latest on the ground in nashville is mike tobin. mike. >> high there hi, there, trey. a girlfriend of warner reported to police that he was making bombs in the vehicle. police visited his property, but did not search his vehicle. we d do not have independent information on that. they've been able to turn over
6:52 pm
half the blasts site to city crews. crews from the department of public works have been going through among other things. cleaning up and checking the structural integrity of the buildings. the rv in which the bomb was planted was blown to bits. investigators with the atf, fbi, and tennessee to permit of highways, went there all the rubble and were able to piece together enough parts of that vehicle to produce an intact vehicle identification number. that led to the name of anthony warner. he had been giving things away before the blast. in that car, investigators found a hat, dna material from those items, those much to dna found on the blast site. still escaping as a motive. the fbi has dispatched trying to figure out that every evasive question of why this happened. trey, back to you.
6:53 pm
>> trey: mike, thank you. no earlier this month, president trump award at presidential medal of freedom to famed college football coach, lou holtz. the president recognized not only has contributions to college football, but his dedication to helping others. joining us now is the legend himself, coach lou holtz. merry christmas and happy new year, how are you? >> i'm all right. it was great to be with you. certainly enjoying the show tonight. >> trey: well, they could. i enjoyed watching that ceremony. and i don't want us to get sad, but i'm going to be honest with you, i really wish your beautiful wife beth -- and i'm sure in the way she was watching -- but i wish he could have been there with you. because i know you feel like she earned that award every bit as much if not more than you did. >> i can't say enough positive things about her. trey, she's gone to happen. i have no chance. but receiving the metal was a
6:54 pm
great honor. nobody would've been more appreciative. i was very proud to receive it. i think president trump is done some of the great things and for the democrats and everybody else fighting him along the way. but the metal created does not define my life. that's by my friends and my family. as i've often said, life is not the number of breaths you take on much the number of breathtaking moments you experience. up something i will cherish forever. >> trey: coach, this is present such a difficult year for our fellow americans, but sports has a unique way of creating a bright spot. it is appropriate that we are playing sports in the midst of this? do you feel that i do that it is kind of a bright spot in this otherwise dreary year that we have had? >> this is really been a difficult year.
6:55 pm
but particularly in college football. there've been hundreds of games canceled, thousands of players. but i do know of any plan -- there's no doubt it's a very dreadful disease. i managed to overcome it. particularly for young people, you have to move on. but college football today -- it's not really college football -- it's tailgating, the fans, the cheerleaders, the excitement. everything that goes with it. but when you look at this stage they did one smart thing. david said this year won't cou count. he's taken half this year will be a plus. there's a lot of pluses. >> trey: coach come i want to thank you for everything you've done for college football, coach brad god bless you and happy new year. more of the "hannity" special after the break. ♪
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♪ >> trey: welcome back to the
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special edition of "hannity." unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. my new book doesn't hurt to ask, it will help you make your case and the new year. check it out. thank you for joining us tonight. raymond arroyo is in for laura ingraham where he has an exclusive interview with the famous actor, mel gibson. >> merry christmas to you. great show. i'm raymond arroyo here for laura ingraham. this is a special edition of the "the ingraham angle." you will want to stay for the entire hour tonight. as the electoral college results are set to be certified by congress. congressman and former acting attorney general matt whitaker breaks down all of the real options. and every getting the truth about covid? doctors william grace and marc siegel explain what we are getting wrong about the asymptomatic spread and these covid passports thought could be


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