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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 29, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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chemotherapy, their hospital staff cheering as he rang the bell dancing his way out of the hospital, way to go. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this special report. fair, balanced, and unafraid. the story guest hosted by my friend shannon bream starts right now. when that great to see you tonight, wonderful show. good evening, everybody. i'm shannon bream in for a martha maccallum. this is the story. in exactly one week, voters in georgia will decide the political fate of our country. they reelect just one of the republicans next week, the g.o.p. maintains senate control and will serve as a check on the biden administration which already will have control of the house, but if both democrats and when these races, which are separated by razor-thin margins tonight, the democrat party essentially takes control of washington. so the stakes could not be higher and with a voter turnout smashing records, a lot of attention will be paid to the voting process and a lawsuit now shaping it.
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>> we've invested in a significant operation here to make sure the vote is fair. we've got 4,000 poll watchers, we are in the courts right now. >> these lawsuits that the g.o.p. is filing to purge the roles, to remove drop boxes, these are an attack on black voters. this is voter suppression. >> shannon: democrats are praising a last-minute court decision reinstating more than 4,000 voters to the state role. the judge in the case happens to be the sister of stacy abrams, the former democratic gubernatorial candidate who is leading voter registration efforts across georgia. the governor of georgia, brian kemp, will join me right here later in the show but let's begin tonight with republican congresswoman from new york, she is in georgia tonight as a surrogate for the purdue campaigns. great to have you with us.
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so one of the key attorneys in a number of these election disputes and says this in a tweet. he says republicans try to disenfranchise over 300,000 georgia voters, this victory being judged throwing this out saying it means 4,000 voters in two counties are protected, will continue to monitor how other georgia counties respond to this expressiosuppression scheme. when i read about this, these were people who had signed off on change of address notification forms to the united states postal service, so they were taken off the roles and yet this judge says that was wrong and democrats are calling this an effort in g.o.p. voter suppression. what do you say? >> this is to ensure only legal voters cast their votes. mark elias is a far left radicals attorney who was one of the perpetrators of the russia hoax. he works for every far left socialist candidate in the country. what i believe and i when i think george's believe is we need to make sure only legal
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votes are cast, that we have ballot integrity and election security and when it comes to the judge in this case, this judge is the sister of stacy abrams who was running the voter registration process for the democrats in the state of georgia. this judge should recuse herself because of the conflict of interest. that's very clear to every american in every georgian tod today. >> shannon: one of the counties did file a motion asking her to recuse herself and she said no, she will continue on with the case and issues that ruling. here is what stacy abrams said about this whole issue of voter suppression. >> when we create access to vote for eligible citizens, more people participate and republicans do not know how to win without voter suppression is one of their tools. >> shannon: these pulled down they are razor-thin margins as we sat at the top of the show. a stacy abrams has said the g.o.p. can't win without voter suppression. how do you respond to her and that claim? >> we are going to win if our voters turn out and as long as
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democrats don't try to pursue people registered who shouldn't legally be registered in the state of georgia. is a fact that far left activists are registering themselves in georgia who don't even live in the state of georgia. i believe just like my district in upstate new york, i am elected to serve the people of new york's 21st district. georgians who legally live here should be determinant of who serves them in the senate. i support calling into question the fact that the judge in this case has a very clear conflict of interest and that is stacy abrams. >> shannon: let's talk about the modern voters there with these margins as tight as they are, you all need every vote and to try to win one or both of these seats they are. "the washington post" talks about this, they say georgia senate runoffs determine whether trump remains a poison and do not fit the image of the hat wearing trump backers. while they tend to be conservative on economic issues,
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their distaste for trump has left them without a clear political home. what is your argument the modern g.o.p. voters there in georgia? >> first of all, president trump has grown and earned of more votes than any republican candidate in history. going to help voter turnout and i think it's that they are strong political allies in support of president trump fighting on behalf of the american people in georgia so i think this is a big republican party and what's clear is these two democratic candidates are part of the radical far left. they want to defund the police, a government takeover of health care, those are not moderate positions, those are radical far left socialist physicians. >> shannon: let's talk about some new fnc polling at fox news. you are less likely to vote in the next presidential election because of what you've experienced this time around but we see trump voters 19% of them,
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republicans 16% of them. doing that on the fly but i think it's around 35% is my best guess. that's a big chunk of voters who say they will not vote the next time around in the presidential election. maybe because of what they see this time in the claims about things being unfair, not being transparent at the very least. so what are your worries there in georgia that some people may be so distasteful of the system at this point that they don't feel like it's worth it for them to show up and vote? >> every voter should know that we have made significant investment. they will be thousands of poll watchers. this is something that the rnc as well as the republican senate majority is really focused on as well as the georgia g.o.p. making sure we have ballot integrity to ensure every vote matters and make sure every republican voter turns out. we cannot hand over the control of the united states senate to chuck schumer. i see in new york how radical far left he has, he does not represent mainstream america.
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certainly doesn't represent my district or mainstream georgia. so we need them to turn out to vote, early vote is now until thursday or in person on election day. every vote will matter in this race. >> shannon: what is the strategy coming down the final stretch? >> the strategy coming down the final stretch is turning out that early vote. we continue to work very hard. people are knocking on over $300,000 a day making millions of voter contacts, we need to make sure every single vote turns out, i know that senators are crisscrossing the state. and people are excited. people are turning out to vote. we just need to sprint to the finish line and have a win on january 5th. >> shannon: congresswoman elise to find it, thank much. we continue the story later in the hour, georgia governor brian kemp will be with us next on the treasury department announcing moments ago, americans could receive direct deposits into their bank accounts as early as tonight.
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>> shannon: and increase in direct payments in favor of a brand-new of bill, president trump's demands. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel reports from washington who is tracking it around the clock. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is offering a new legislation to address three of president trump's priorities. repeal of section 2:30 protection for big tech companies and studying the integrity and administration of the 2020 election and making recommendations to congress to improve the security, integrity, and administration of federal
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elections, top democrats are calling for a vote on those checks alone. >> leader mcconnell holds the key to unlocking this dilemma. the solution is a simple one, put both bills up. let the chips fall where they may. >> hinted at combining the three issues together into one package, he was vague about his timing and exact plans early on the senate floor. >> the president highlighted three additional issues of national significance that he would like to see congress tackle together. this week, the senate will begin a process to bring these three priorities into focus. >> the house vote on stimulus checks was 275-1:30 four. only 44 republicans out of nearly 200 in the house in support of the president's plan. many in the g.o.p. expressing concern about the price tag increasing the payments from 600
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to $2,000 will cost an estimated $463 billion, democrats insist it is necessary and intend to keep up the pressure. >> we know the new senate on sundays between wednesday and sunday, you're going to feel a lot of twisting and turning. >> it could be a long new year's holiday has both sides battle it out over how to handle these stimulus checks and it's not clear either proposal, the 2,000 checks alone or mcconnell's proposal will have enough votes to pass. treasury secretary steve may nguyen said $600 stimulus payments could start arriving by direct deposit as soon as tonight. >> shannon: that will be great news for americans who have had a tough year. mike emanuel, thank you. the u.k. virus strain thought to be even more contagious has now officially shown up in the u.s. dr. scott atlas on whether there is cause for alarm and stunning new figures out of china
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suggesting the number of people who contracted covid there is ten times more than the original estimate. dr. atlas next.
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>> shannon: california quickly emerging as the covid-19 epicenter in america. the hospitals they are now treating more patients than at any time since the start of the pandemic. deaths in los angeles totaled 600% since early november and now officials are answering the surge of extended lockdown orders for much of the state. dr. scott atlas in here in just minutes on that and the u.k. strain that has popped up in colorado but first, anita vogel in los angeles. >> not much holiday cheer for most of california anytime soon with the states stay at home
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orders now being extended into the new year. the latest round of strict lockdowns were supposed to expire yesterday by california governor gavin newsom had hinted he would extend them. this past weekend, the golden state hit the grim milestone of more than 2 million confirmed covid cases and more than 24,000 deaths across the state. for lockdowns to be lifted, a region within the state has to have icu capacity projections above or equal to 15% but take a look at these numbers, northern california opacity projections are reported to be 27.9%. the greater sacramento region close to 20%, the bay area under 15, but southern california in the san joaquin valley standing at 0% capacity in the icu, state health officials say that's why the stay at home orders are needed but many residents argue they've had enough.
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>> we essentially are projecting that the icu capacity is not improving in southern california and san joaquin valley and that demand will continue to exceed capacity. >> it's been a frustrating year for sure, the ups and downs come all the regulations been really hard. >> they are breaking the people who own these small businesses. >> and there is this sad note, l.a. county officials saying 148 people died here on christmas eve and over the weekend, hospitals were so inundated they resorted to putting patients in conference rooms and gift shops. nearly all hospitals in l.a. county were forced to divert ambulances as they were simply no room. also in los angeles county, estimates show one in every 95 people is likely positive for the virus. but the death toll here is still lower, about half that of
4:22 pm
new york city. back to you. >> shannon: thank you for joining me now, dr. scott atlas, institution senior fellow and former special advisor to the president, good to see you, doctor. how do we explain california? it's had some of the toughest lockdowns and restrictions and they are having incredible numbers, right now, what's working and what's not working? >> we know it's not working and that is the lockdowns. anybody who thinks that they have something we should be doing is denying this two plus two equals four. we look at the policies that have been used and those are the policies that have been used. you don't like the result, then you must say the policies were wrong and those policies were lockdowns, restrictions on businesses, foreclosures, mask mandates, all of these things have been done for months and they do not work. i think anyone who thinks that that's not true is either not
4:23 pm
looking at the data or is lying. when you compare that to states that the very few states that didn't do that for instance, florida. florida is doing better than the states with severe lockdowns in terms of new cases per day, new deaths per day, and florida did better than the average state in the united states per capita even though florida is one of the highest, may be the second highest population of seniors, the ones who are going to die so we have to look at the facts and i'm afraid that we are living in a world where no matter what happens, people's minds are made up. there's an old saying, my mind's made up, don't confuse me with the facts. we have to start looking at the data instead of just saying it's about the science. >> shannon: there is plenty out there and a lot of it are peer reviewed studies there for people to read for themselves to continue to get informed about what we've learned along the way. brand-new fox news poll says people asked in june and asked
4:24 pm
now, 50% of americans now say they think it's not under control at all, and that is an increase of 17 percentage points since june. this comes amid news that a new strain is here in the u.s. so how worried should they be about that strain and where we are overall? >> as far as i know, there is no evidence at this new strain which of course is expected, viruses do mutate, new strains arise, we don't keep throwing out everything we knew about science has a first year medical student. we know the strains arise, there is no evidence to my knowledge that this strain causes more sickness or is more dangerous or causes more deaths, so once in a while, we actually should start focusing on what's important. this frenzy over the new strain reminds me of something else. reminds me of a frenzy over multiple system inflammatory disease in children that was the
4:25 pm
first frenzy and then we realized that's a very rare and then we realized the frenzy about myocardial mri findings that was asymptomatic, that was a frenzy and now that disappeared and replaced when this frenzy. people are hysterical. what's important is if there is a new strain, is it going to somehow invade the typical immunologic protection that is given by the people who have the other virus or by the vaccine, is this new strain more dangerous causing more severe illness are more deaths and to my knowledge, none of that is true. so i hate to say it, and is not you, the media keeps hyping up all of these things as if now the world is coming to an end over and over and over again and at some point, we have to start thinking rationally. this is a disease that 99.997% of people under 20 survive,
4:26 pm
99.98% of people 20 to 50, 99.5% of people, 50 to 70 and over 70, 95% of people survive. when is that going to be recognized? i just don't know the answer to the question. >> shannon: right. and there's plenty of data out there, people can inform themselves and read it. this is a crazy outlandish stuff being taken down by social media groups who tend to like to do some of their own editing. these are peer-reviewed and scientifically backed studies that people can read and inform themselves. we know it's dangerous and some people will lose their lives but there's a lot more to this story. thank you for that. new action from president trump to give parents the power of school choice. controversial, but he's doing it next. >> i think the money should follow the student and that's something that we want to do.
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>> i would like the money to follow the student in this way you can make your own choice. the school is closed, why are we paying of the school is closed, why are we paying the school? i'd rather give it to the student, the parents and you do your own thing and to me, makes a lot of sense. >> shannon: it is an issue president trump has sought to champion giving parents the power of choice in their children's education. now when a newly signed executive order, the president is doing just that. through emergency scholarships for low income families without access to in person learning, the money can be used for tuition and homeschooling and other education expenses. the order reads in part more than 50% of all public school students in the united states began school remotely this fall. these children including those with special needs are being underserved due to the public education system's failure to
4:32 pm
provide in person learning options. marc thiessen joins me now, institute scholar and fox news contributor. always great to see you. no surprise if you watch this debate over the years about the backlash immediately from the left, the president of the american federation of teachers says this, why is it only for private schools and the light is a g.o.p. only want to help parents who send kids to private school? why not help with this community grant for all parents and what am i missing here? >> what you're missing is the teachers unions are all about protecting the interests of grown-ups and not kids. the president is absolutely right to be doing this, it is unconscionable that we trapped kids in failing public schools under ordinary circumstances but it is an outrage that we are trapping them in failing public schools that don't want to open when they were a private schools that are doing in person learning and would welcome them.
4:33 pm
they were able. keep in mind, the reason we closed schools in the spring was because we didn't know much about the virus and usually viruses go after the youngest members of society first. what we learned quickly as children are least vulnerable to covid-19 so we are not shutting down schools to protect children. we are shutting down schools to protect the interest of the teachers union and that's the same reason why they are imposing a school choice. they would rather that poor disabled minority kids suffer irreparable learning losses than allow in an emergency and experiment in allowing the some of these kids to go to school, they are so opposed to school choice that they care more about protecting their interest in stopping at the negative about letting kids learn. when mack over at the school superintendents association, the advocacy director says it is super we are talking about the executive order, this will
4:34 pm
obviously not go into effect and she said biden would be able to reverse the order once he takes office january 20th. he does, what message does that send to american parents? >> it sends a message that he doesn't care about kids. i don't know that he will reverse it that quickly because joe biden is not quite as far left as the rest of the party. in he is more of a moderate so let him prove it with this but this should be in the law. keep in mind, this is a covid bill that just passed that republicans try to include emergency school choice measures in the bill and the democrats refused. why? because the teachers unions would not allow it. so we are literally in a situation where all the science shows there is more damage done to children by being out of school then would be by being in school. the minority kids are suffering the worst damage, kids with disabilities, suffering learning losses from which they will
4:35 pm
never recover, a lot of these kids get free lunch or low price lunches and schools that they are now not getting, there is child abuse that is not reported, the damage that is being done to these kids is irreparable. the teachers unions are supposed to be about teachers who care about kids, but they don't care about kids, they care about themselves and who are these teachers that don't want to teach, by the way? the grocery clerks showed up, the sanitation workers, the truckers, everybody else showed up because they are essential. i thought teachers were essential workers and why did they not consider themselves to be essential. they want to teach, that's fine i'm a bit don't force the kids to go to these online schools that are teaching them. >> shannon: there are schools as you mentioned, plenty of schools fighting in the courts to try to stay open during this time. i know some in the area where i live in the d.c. area that are open and they have options for at home but most of the parents are overflowing inundating them with applications because they
4:36 pm
want to in person learning for their kids turning away hundreds of people who were trying to exercise that option. as you said, disadvantaged students even if they could get in, for some of them is just not a financial realities we will see what happens with this executive order from president trump and is certainly pushing that conversation now on school choice as we continue to have it. marc thiessen, thank you. next up, a story exclusive with georgia governor brian kemp on the plans to make sure that voters in his state can trust the outcome of those all-important senate runoffs. he's live next. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression.
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4:41 pm
take place just one week from today. in after recounts of presidential results, efforts against election fraud and attacks against the governor, the focus now shifts to january 5th and making sure similar doubts are raised after election day. joining me now exclusively, georgia governor brian kemp, great to have you with us. >> good evening, great being with you. >> shannon: we know in some states like texas, there were a lot of pre-election challenges where they got a number of things handled before folks ever went to the ballot box or as they were sending in their mail-in ballots and absentee ballots, those kinds of things. what about in georgia, where there any pre-election challenges, do you see this trouble coming and can you assure voters that -- there was going to be transparency, they will be able to see and know their vote counts for something january 5th? >> certainly believe they will be transparency in the runoff election, a lot of people that have volunteered. we've encouraged folks to do
4:42 pm
that, the party is engaged. with the focus we've had in georgia, that's absolutely going to be the case but the fact of the matter is, we've had over 2 million people that have already voted in this election during the early voting period, so my message to people is the same one the president had when he was here the other day as people need to get out and vote for david perdue and kelly loeffler to stop socialism, stop handing the keys to pelosi, schumer, bernie, aoc, and the others and literally the redwall here in georgia so we have to have high turnout and i believe people will do that. >> shannon: what's your reaction to the federal judge objecting to voters taken off the rolls filing paperwork with the u.s. postal service somewhere out of state and can't be purged or blocked essentially from voting. your reaction? >> she ruled in some cases on our election in 2018, so that's
4:43 pm
par for the course. i haven't had time to see that lawsuit result for the ruling that she had today. we've been dealing with temporary hospital facilities this afternoon when people started texting me that so i haven't been able to review that, but i will just wait for the reserve until i know more. >> shannon: one of the signature match challenges going through the audits was wrapped up again today but the president tweeting a short time ago, that has been the county that a lot of concerns have been centered in georgia saying when will we be allowed to do signature verification in fulton county, georgia. the process is going very slowly. pennsylvania just found 205,000 more votes and they had voters, therefore we will win pennsylvania. the president has had plenty of criticisms from you in feeling is that you assisting with determining whether they were illegal votes cast in georgia and whether the ultimate outcome
4:44 pm
may be changed so how do you respond to the call now for an audit in fulton county? >> first of all, let me set the record straight for people that don't understand how the system works in georgia. per the constitution, the election administrative duties fall on the secretary of state. i obviously know that because i was secretary of state at one time. so i don't have the ability to call for a signature audit or to order an audit. i have called for the signature audit over a month ago, i did that repeatedly, publicly urging the secretary of state to do that. i thought that would help give assurances to the voters in our state and make sure that process was working and then it worked the way it was supposed to on november 3rd, that was completed today, but offered the assistance of the georgia bureau investigation that are the most professional law enforcement people i believe in the country, a strong group, the leader i've known a long time, i told him to follow the truth and the facts wherever they may go. i'll let the results of that
4:45 pm
audit speak for themselves today but there wasn't much there. why the secretary didn't call for the audit in fulton versus c.o.b. or somewhere else, you would have to ask him about that but i've supported the audit, i personally felt like it should've been done sooner than it was but i'm glad they did it and i hope that what came out today will give people confidence in the process because they've got to get out and vote and quit being distracted by all these things. we literally have to save the country and when these two senate races and that's what i've continue to encourage people to do was devote for for david perdue and kelly loeffler. >> shannon: i'll put that on my list of what to ask them for follow-up questions regarding fulton county and other spots. the president has not been shy. when he's unhappy with someone, he has made a very publicly clear that he has had some disagreements with you about how this whole thing has gone down. we know you have conversations, he went to one of the
4:46 pm
white house christmas party is and what is a relationship like right now and how do you all understand each other in your role with respect to the selection? >> as i said, my role in the election is not very much. that administrative duty lies with the secretary of state's office and the counties that run the elections in our state, that's just the way the process is. but i appreciate everything the president has done for this state. have been talking about operation warp speed a lot the last few days, we vaccinated our first nursing home employee yesterday, praised operation work speed on the president. we are experiencing a medical miracle right now and quite honestly, i don't think he's got enough credit for that read literally, people are jubilant to be able to administer and receive the vaccine in these health care facilities, hospitals, we are looking forward to getting it out sooner rather than later to a first responders, teachers, the broader public so we are very excited about that, a lot of other things, we showed off
4:47 pm
today 80 day supply of ppe that are temporary hospital facility that we are staying, that is a direct result of having a resource to the cares act and i certainly appreciate the president signing the bill the other day that gives us flexibility going into the new year, that really is going to help all the nation's governors, so i've supported this president going into the reelect work as hard as anybody i in the state d in the country to help him. i've supported the legal efforts they're doing but also at the end of the day, i have to follow the laws in the constitution of the state and that's what i've been doing and what i continue to do. >> shannon: i suspect you all agree on much more than you disagree on and i will leave it to you to work out this relationship and see if you were golfing together in 2021. thanks for your time. also here tonight, contributing editor of national review online and fox news contributor, great to have you with us. let's talk about those early
4:48 pm
voting, the governor mentioned these are some stunning numbers already. we are at 2.337 million already who have voted in georgia, one week out. what do you say to the voters who have not yet made a decisi decision? >> great to talk to you. puts what the governor said, people need to get out and support david perdue and kelly loeffler, they are the only thing standing between keeping our country the way that it's been which we love so much and which we are so proud versus having chuck schumer domain as majority leader working with nancy pelosi in implementing the far left agenda, everything from adding d.c. and puerto rico estates, packing the supreme court, green new deal, medicare for all, and lots of other stuff about which we haven't heard a word yet. i do wish that governor kemp would be more energetic about bringing in a special session of the georgia state legislator which is run by republicans to clean up some of the mess that we saw on november 3rd such as having these drop off boxes with
4:49 pm
people putting in balance unsupervised on unguarded sidewalks, who knows where they're coming in from where my you've got we need to have a much stronger reminder to people that if you are an election observer coming of the right to look at ballots and not be locked out, kicked out, intimidated, harassed, have racial epithets screamed at you, maybe would have been a good idea to increase the penalties for that sort of thing and remind people they have every right to see what's happening and be part of that process. i really wish that governor kemp had shown more leadership in broadening the special session legislature to make those things happen. >> shannon: that raises a broader question around the country because a number of states are controlled by either republican state legislature or governor's and so many things that were changed during this year, signatures, witnesses, boxes, curbside, so many things that were changed in the pandemic, do you think those republican legislatures and republican governors will have
4:50 pm
the fortitude to do what you're saying to scale back some of the changes that were made. what about voter i.d. taken out there for a conversation on let people explain why there for or against it, do you think they will see some of that activity before another major election? >> i wish we had seen september and october so it would have given us a much cleaner election, rife with fraud coast-to-coast, widespread and it was decisive. just look at georgia, approximately 10,000 people were dead who voted and about 66,000 people who voted were under the age of 18, that's seven times by it and suppose an margin of victory of about 11,000, just under 12,000 votes so that sort of thing for future elections would be very good, no reason we can't have voter i.d. when i go to the airport and get on a plane, they ask for my i.d., they don't say you're black, you can get on the plane, it's okay on the argument that makes is that somehow black people are incapable of getting
4:51 pm
our hands are i.d. cards even though we have i.d. cards to drive cars, go to the library, cash checks, et cetera. so this is disgusting and a very racist argument the left uses. i would get rid of those drop off boxes which are not supervised, the vote rule should be cleaned so that that people are not on the vote roles, if you want an absentee ballot, have to tell us that you were sick, elderly, infirm, and then request a ballot and get one but this idea of blasting out ballots coming out of a firehose as we saw happen in nevada and other states is just a recipe for voter fraud and at least if nothing else the appearance of voter fraud if not the reality of vote fraud i fear there is a reality of voter fraud. >> shannon: you mention those numbers in georgia, there is a case pending still in georgia. we will talk to one of those attorneys tonight and he lays out those numbers about people who they say were ineligible to vote who actually cast ballots
4:52 pm
in georgia. they cannot get a judge assigned down there who can hear the case that we will dig into that and in the meantime, great to see you at seven. president trump newly-crowned most admired man in america. the take on why the title is more significant than you might think is next.
4:53 pm
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(dog barking) ♪ sanctuary music it's the final days of the wish list sales event sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. >> shannon: president trump now owns the title of most admired man in america. biden comes in at third with 6% of the vote followed by dr. anthony fauci with a 1% lead over pope francis. joining me now, the hill media opinion columnist and fox news contributor. i've got to tell you, when i saw this this morning, i was like heads are exploding all over the world right now and i don't mean just on one side of the ledger.
4:57 pm
my thought was a left will be curious and think this is ridiculous and demand a recount possibly, but there are those in the republican party who want to see the president gone who are not fans of his who also have to be perplexed that they are not getting their way either. i'm thinking we can project. >> that's interesting that was your take away. i had a different take away on the first starts with joe biden only got 6% over all of the vote and he finished third. this is the guy that apparently had 81 million votes, 12 million more than barack obama you can argue with a much more electric candidate. won 49 states in 1984 and joe biden gets a one-third the vote of president trump. but also, kamala harris, the first female vice president gets a little more than half the vote of michelle obama hasn't been
4:58 pm
the first lady for more than four years of hear you have this historic candidate and she doesn't even finish first so bottom line is you had three politicians and dr. anthony fauci topping the pope and then lebron james tying the dalai lama, a big hitter, surprised that happen, but overall, let me make this point because it is important. all levity aside, the doctor should've won. he is the true hero. he is the person that should be most admired, he is a doctor that december 30th, almost exactly a year ago tried to warn the world about coronavirus and treats patients with it but the chinese government says you're not allowed to talk about this anymore and he eventually contracts it and dies in february that he is my most admired because if he doesn't start to blow the whistle on this when he did, who knows how long the chinese would've stalled on this and who knows how many more would have died across the world and in this country as a result. >> shannon: you're absolutely right. he stepped out and took a lot of
4:59 pm
chances and try to save a lot of other lives and probably did in the process. gallup looks at postelection approval ratings, also at the top of that list, 87% approval among republicans, what does it say to you quickly about his future as a president and the party. >> that tells me that president trump is running in 2024 and he will start running probably on inauguration day in 2021. that's all i've got. >> shannon: i think you were probably right about that and on the issue of the dalai lama, i will spare you my "caddyshack" references and impressions, but i think that might be where that's going. is great to see you always, happy new year and all the best for 2021. got to be better than this year. i'm willing it. >> can't come soon enough. >> shannon: amen. that is the story of tuesday, december 29th, 2020 but as always, the story continues. i will see you again, there has
5:00 pm
not yet been a judge assigned to this case. we will se see you at 11. >> tucker>> good evening and weo "tucker carlson tonight." i am mark steyn in for tucker but he will be here later as you have never seen him and you won't want to miss that. one week away from the georgia senate runoff that will determine whether -- let's let chuck schumer spell it out. >> lee takes georgia and we take the world. >> now we take georgia, and we change america. >> mark: and he means it. democrats do. when they win, they use their power to the fl.


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