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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 28, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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the one and only, the man, the great dan bongino. he has interrupted his celebrations to come in and take it from here.te you do celebrate, you observe boxing day, don't you, dan?an be well done mike >> who doesn't celebrate boxing day? >> mark: come on, we need $60 million in this covid a bill for a boxing day promotion program. thank you, thank you dan, have a terrific show. >> dan: you got it, mark, hav a great night. welcome t to a special edition f "hannity." we will bring you the latest from the two critical senate runoffs in georgia plus we will show you how governors are satisfying god complex with a new round of idiotic failed lockdown's. and a full report on the last cancel culture and sanity straight ahead.
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but first, let's turn to hocapitol hill where the house narrowly approved a bill and we increase the amount of money many americans will receive in stimulus checks. what does this mean? if anything for you and your family joining us with morrisno chad pergram, chad. >> good evening, the house of representatives okay $2,000 in direct stimulus checks. this was something president trump demanded when resisting signing the covidil relief bill government funding bill the combination build there. only $600 in direct payments in that bill, but there was a lot of resistance from republicans on the house for tonight, listen. >> looking at this bill today we are in the parliament of afghanistan, iran or bolivia. do we think the way to improve the quality of life for americans is to print more money from the feds? >> the vote was 275-134 and only
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a few supported the president's plan. in a twist they backed the president tonight. that was always the issue in the negotiation. many republicans oppose direct payments, wisconsin ron johnson blocked bipartisan bill and bernie sanders $1200 in direct payments. the senate democratic leader chuck schumer will try to get the senate to consider the direct payments tomorrow, but you need 60 votes to clear a filibuster. likely thinl is spirit also tonight overrode president trump's veto of the defense bill and veto the bill over which to change the names the bassist named after confederates and mr. trump went to lawmakers to take on the bill of provision to terminate section 230 to give legalfi shields internet firms. the house vote on the override was 322-87, 109 republicans override the veto and the theme of these two votes tonight, republicans broke with the president. now the override vote, that goes to the senate tomorrow.
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they could vote as early as tomorrow but it will probably take a couple of days as late as new year's eve. the president trump has never had a veto overridden and only 111 veto over rights in u.s. history, back to you. >> dan: chadwick moore thanks a lot always great insight. let's turn to the state of georgia where president trump just announced a huge rally next monday january 4th. he will be campaigning with leffler and purdue of the all-important senate runoffs. now in a close race againstcr radical far left democrat raphael warnock but keep in mind he was once arrested for obstructing a child abuse investigation at ap church camp that he oversaw. meanwhile, purdue's opponent jon ossoff involved in a scandal of his own. according to reports, the democrat is very cozy with communist china party. he received compensation from the chinese state backed media
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outlet. as a free beacon and covered in 20 on twitter, he encouraged everyone to follow next day's news is a propaganda for the communist party. ksining is kayleigh mcenany, selcome to the show, thank you for joining us tonight. these are relations tonight about jon ossoff but we have known raphael warnock's history. i don't need to say but just listen to raphael warnock talk about raphael warnock. how do you gauge the state of the race right now? how do you feel that it backs up? do we have a decent shot in either/or both of the races? >> yes, we do. these candidates you cannot get worse than raphael warnock or jon ossoff. the things you listedua out shod be disqualifying but on top of everything you listed, a guy invited fidel castro to come and speak who praised marxism and
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anti-semitic and anti-american things and said you cannot serve god in the military and any one of those things, individually qualifying. in totality, if he should never be a candidate for the united states senate. jon ossoff 83% of his donations out of the state of georgia hiding donations from chinesen media runeo company.mi these are people compromised by china and we can't have another eric swalwell therefore we cannot have jon ossoff purdue and loeffler and only palatable choicebl for the american peopl. >> the thing i said about warnock, just listen to warnock himself. kaylee, it is all on video, fidel castro thing, socialism works so well for the democratsn in florida and the 2020 election where they got annihilated and lost double-digit percentage points down in miami-dade, florida, where they used to do much better. but this was on video.
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we don't have to speculate. it is out there for you to seek him a welcoming fidel castro. this guy is a murderer and you can see it on video. it is all out there. >> this is next level leftism. another aoc and perhaps worse if that is possible. on top of the outcome of thishi scandal at the church camp that he ran where this victim has spoken out and this horrible thing happened to him where he was doused with and walked outside of the camp doors. it is absolutely despicable. this individual should not be running for any sort of office and this is why it is so important, making no mistake about it, the consensus by stacey abrams is horrible. it is not an election with integrity when you look at president trump election, but the answer is more trump votersn showing up to embrace theset candidates, not fewer. >> the stakes are too high. we can't have these individuals
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anywhere near the levers of power. >> dan: can i get a candidate assessment from you. we all know there was fraud in the election. no question there was fraud. no sane person would say otherwise. the question is what level of fraud. so far i see three potential. pennsylvania just rewrote their election rules unconstitutionally. unprecedented levels of low rejection rates in election with all these mail-in ballots and you have also these odd numbers where people voted, unprecedented numbers for biden at the top of the ticket but nobody else beneath the ticket. where do we stand on the 2020 election and some evidence of malfeasance or misfeasance? >> sure, for ten months this president sounded the alarm mafebells about mass mail-in vo.
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this is not something that was happening behind the scenes. it happened in plain sight. you had democrat secretaries of state law mostly rewrite the laws and use a pandemic to create an electoral epidemic. mass voting. allowing blue counties to secure their ballots but not read counties.c. the four metros were joe biden outperform hillary clinton or philadelphia, milwaukee, atlanta and detroit. the four that he needed in four key states. this happened in plain sight. it's very difficult to undo on the back end and it's a real failure of our judiciary system to untangle this and allowed to happen. getan a quick comment from this. don't you find it odd having dealt with the media how liberal media is pushing for a quick concession. these are the same people who pushed the pp hoax and collusion hoax for four years and still haven't conceded the 2016 election. do you find it a little on, like i do?
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>> oh, yeah. they won pulitzers over their fake russia collusion hoax at "the new york times. it's odd that we can ask questions. they can peddle fake news, false stories, conspiracies and won pulitzers when it's all said and done. >> dan: it's pathetic. kayleigh, thanks a lot. we always appreciate your comments. this month millions of americans travel to florida in search of warm weather, beautiful beaches and most importantly freedoms like william wallace found. florida is open for business. meanwhile liberal governors and other states are increasing locked on measures and destroying small businesses. in an idiotic attempt to battle pandemic. they call it following the science. watch this. >> if we can go back now with everything we know we'd probably all make different decisions. following the science i think has served the state of michigan well and i'm grateful for the incredible experts we have. that was michigan governor gretchen whitmer.
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despite strict lockdown measures, her state is home to one of the highest covid death rates in the country. to the east, the state of new york has the second highest death rate is one "new york post" columnist weeded out "anyone tweeting that florida is not doing well is just hoping. it's not even debatable. anything can happen but right this minute both new york and california would trade with florida and everyone knows it." florida is wide open while california and new york are crippled with closures. i liveve here. it's true. despite this california is planning to extend its stay-at-home orders well after the holiday season. joining us now as a ranking member of the house judiciary committee, congressmanda jim jordan, 2016 trump campaign manager corey lewandowski and former trump campaign manager dave bossie. congressman, i'll go to you first.os the left is absolutely losing its mind after president trump's
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tweet suggesting that florida is performing decently. nobody's performing great. it's a pandemic, right? is this just evidence of how this hyperpartisan sick media culture, even a virus gets politicized? >> of course. it's that cancelrs culture mob. it's two days left. use the right word when you use the word freedom. think about u it. there are over 60 million americans whoho live in a state that has a stay at home order or curfew. in ohio you have to be in your home at 10:00. in pennsylvania when you're in your home you have to wear a mask. in vermont when you're in your home, you don't have to wear a mask things you're not allowed to have people over. government is telling you when you can leave your home, who you can have in your home and what you have to wear while you're there. if that isn't an assault on your freedom and we find out the states that are doing this have worse numbers than states that are actually opened up and allowing people to exercise their liberty, open their
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business and exercise freedom. that's the fundamental issue and i'm glad theat president is talking about it. we all need to be talking about it. >> dan: corey, i'll go to you next. i find it sad, tragic, really disturbing that california which is engaged in these ridiculous lockdowns right now, i was reading a number today that just totally blew my mind that when you look at hospitalizations per million, california is actually, has more hospitalizations per million people in texas and florida combined. and i live in florida!ll p florida, listen, it's relatively open for business. this people in restaurants. i saw daveat rubin tweeting. he was like him i was in this crazy place called a restaurant and people brought food out. it was bizarre. it was crazy pills with the media. >> you have to remember these government officials haven't cared about small business owners. they haven't cared what they have done to these people who build theirsm businesses over 20 t and 30 years. how many government employees, county employees, municipal
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employees or state employee's have been laid off? the answer is none. government continuesha to grow. these governors have failed their states. they failed the people who put them in office and what they've done is they've destroyed the economy for tens of millions of people in perpetuity. new york is not going to recover anytime soon. we are seen because of the high city becausew york of closures and the ineptitude of both the governor and the mayor of new york city is thend people who can get out of the city are doing that. permanent damage on those communities for a long time and most people are going to move. >> dan: i have a friend who owns a private airport and he says the private airport, he goes, you have no idea how many people, he goes, there are people flying down privately. escape from new york. >> people with money i'm going to reject california, reject new york. your average person in
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california right r now is findig petitions to recall their incompetent governor. enough is enough. the american people are fed up. remember 15 days to flatten the curve? [laughs] we are going on a year where they are destroying the american way of life. they are destroying schools, sports, destroying our churches. it doesn't matter. there's no place off-limits to the government overreach. that's what's so dangerous. remember dr. fauci used to say don't wear a mask. it doesn't matter. masksay don't do anything. of course we have mask mandates in state after state after state across this country. the american people are very smart and they know how to take care of themselves and their families and they don't mean the government to do it for them. we have a long way to go here and we are in a dangerous spot with socialism on the rise.
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that's going to be honest with you that's why these two georgia senate seats matter so much next month. >> dan: yeah, no, that's true. congressman, what worries me about this on a serious note. i feel like the scientific method and the search for facts are just dead. you have a hypothesis and you test it. the hypothesis was that lockdowns would stop the spread the data is not there to support it and yet we continue to bankrupt people in states that people like you represent. it's kind of sick. >> it sure is. let america work again. make america free again. that's what we should be focused on. i failed to accept this premise that somehow government cares more about a small business owners and employees. government somehow cares more about a small business owners customers than the small business owner. it's ridiculous. we need to make america free again and focus on that and talk about that and i think thee we american people are starting to push back. >> dan: yeah and i've seen some of the videos.
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there is a video of a business owner. he used his truck and blocked in a health inspector. he was like listen, if i can't work, you can't work. the video went viral. it was all over the place. listen, this is a government by the people, for the people. it was supposed to be. how long can this possibly go on before people collectively say listen, i've had enough? i've got to feed my family. >> we have seen gym owners with $1.2 million in fines in new jersey. they couldn't operate their business even the there was no science that covid was being spread in the facility. people in the furthest reaches of our country in the western part, in washington state, swing their governor for money saying let us run our businesses. governor whitmer has destroyed michigan's economy right now in the states that have remained opened are doing better than ever. their tourismne industry, restaurants, their tax base is improving every day. they've donene what's necessaryo take the precautions to curb
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this covid virus that's impacting our country, but we have toke have personal responsibility and that's what's missing here with some of these overzealous, overreaching governors. >> dan: quick final answer. i've got about 30 seconds. do you see political change coming? people are clearly getting fed up. sadly it's democrats leading the away with lockdowns. >> the only good thing i can see is a long-termrm rejection of bg government. that's going to be the one thing that you and i've been fighting for a long time. high taxes and big government and the overreach. this is a perfect example for the american people. if they can shut you down, they can do anything to you. if they can shut your schools, determine who gets a vaccine and who doesn't, this is what big government is and this is what we've been warning about as conservative for decades. >> dan: yeah. i wish you weren't right but you are. congressman jordan, corey, dave, thanks. straight ahead, this next story is really unbelievable. just when you thought the left couldn't takee cancel culture ay
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further, leo terrell, larry elder will be here to comment on it.
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>> dan: the media's dangerous obsession wi >> dan: the media's dangerous obsession with cancel culture is hitting new levels of delusion. tonight is "the new york times"
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are under fire for running a piece titled "a racial slur, a viral video, and a reckoning." it details how white high school student in virginia named mimi groves was forced to withdraw from the university of tennessei after her black classmate released a video of her using a racial slur in a 3-second clip on social media where she said "i can drive," using the n-word. after getting her learner's permit she said that. now her classmate held onto the video for years which isrs bizae and released it once she take to college, telling the times he had no regrets and wanted to teach her a lesson. t rather than use a story to highlight the dangers of weaponized cancel culture, the times glorified this sad saga and celebrated the so-called cancellation. the piece drew scorn from those on the right and left for its lack ofth news value in celebration of revenge narratives. for example independent journalist michael tracy tweeted "it'sen so depraved.
10:25 pm
a particular racial epithet. and then turn around and crusade for the instruction of people's lives." as oblivious 14-year-olds. unfortunately these types of tactics have become all too common for the mob and the media and it's getting worse by the day. because the weaponization of identity politics is actually morphing into outright censorship. for example, just look at this new piece in "the wall street journal." laying out the new so-calledhi disrupt text movement to purge schools of classic books by homer, f. scott fitzgerald, and even dr. seuss. that's not all. in san francisco, there's an ongoing debate over the push to change the names of dozens of public schools and renouncing names like washington and lincoln. let me be clear. the left is engaged in an all-out effort to censor, suppress, and destroy any and all materials that undercut their destructive forest fire of
10:26 pm
identity politics agenda. remember none of this is about logic. it's always been about power and a desire to destroy the principles that made this nation great. freedom of speech, free enterprise. a meritocracy which they can't compete in and that's why they do this. joining me now very action, civil rights attorney leo terrell along with salem radio host larry elder and civil rights attorney darrell parks. larry, this is getting pathetic. the danger zone we crossed a long time ago. i was talking on my podcast earlier today. they hate meritocracy. they think they are new educatee aristocrats, these leftists because they are basement dwelling marshmallow roasting in their mom's basement and they can't a do anything in a meritocracy and therefore they can't get power like normal
10:27 pm
people by attaining it through hard work, this is what they doe they seek power by destroying others. am i crazy or am i on to something? >> you're not crazy. what's crazy is where it does this end? we could cancel almost anybody. jfk once referred to countries in africa. as a boot the republic and you recall donald trump was a leisurely called racist. are we going to cancel jfk? rfk authorized wiretaps for martin luther king at the behest j. edgar. should we cancel rfk? martin luther king had a column in ebony magazine and a guy right since i've got a problem, which i do and mlk said pray it away and seek therapy. should rfk, jfk and mlk be canceled? by this logic, they ought to be. >> dan: yeah. i'm dan, not brian. not nearly as good-looking as brian kilmeade that thank you
10:28 pm
for the shout out. >> sorry about that. >> dan: leo, you as a former man of the left yourself, there's no logic in this. i don't understand. are we really going to go to a set of principles where apologies are no longer relevant but they are no longer relevant for anyone who's not a liberal? larryan brought up a few great examples. you have the virginia governor. couldn't decide if he was in blackface or a ku klux klan hood. jimmy kimmel and blackface. joe biden campaigning with aveni ku klux klan member. they can apologize. what are the rules? >> that's the thing. they get to pick and choose who they want to cancel. and let me make sure - -- dan, your point was well taken. they are trying to destroy the american valley system. they want us to cancel the people who gave us the declaration of independence, the constitution, the bill of rights. they want to cancel washington, jefferson and lincoln, the
10:29 pm
emancipation proclamation. they want to destroy what makes this country great. they want to destroy why people are the envy of this country, the leadership that made this country great. this is why it's so important to protect the current american value system. dan coming could you imagine if they take control of the senate, they would have the entire government and they would start canceling all parts of what makes this country great. they are a threat to the value system of america. we have to stop them or they will take over and trying to rewrite our history. >> dan: darrell, i wanted you on this show because i seriously want the leftist perspective because this makes no sense to me at all. i don't get this. the article in "the wall street journal," they. are trying to cancel the scarlet letter. don't you find that a little odd, a book about pernicious groupthink, they are trying to cancel it using pernicious groupthink? does that ever occurred to
10:30 pm
?eople on the left when you talk to them? >> first of all, thanks for having me onto made and i agree that we shouldn't be destroying literature when literature is so important. we all know the way you learned literatures by starting the history of literature so without question we should not be getting rid of literature. let me go back something. it's not an attempt to destroy america. what we are finding out is that we are learning more information about individual people. >> you want to get rid of george washington and abe lincoln? don't call yourself a civil rights attorney trying to get rid of people who made this country great? >> dan: what i don't understand. i don't understand. i'm just asking you for logic. logic, reason, a set of rules. is the left's goal by canceling washington and lincoln and grant and lee and everybody else that the best way to eliminate ourve history is to expose it?
10:31 pm
expose it for its sins? does this make any sense? >> not at all. i think there has to be a certain degree of transparencyll about these people. who sayss who we get rid of? but there's nothing wrong with studying what roles do people really play in american history? what did they do in their everydayeier lives? >> we know about them. don't talk in lawyer talk. we know the good and bad of washington andnd lincoln. don't come on this program and try to spread the left-wing rhetoric! come on. >> transparency is not rhetoric. >> dan: what i don't understand, darrell what you said is the conservative viewpoint. study both sides of complex human beings and make your own judgments. larry, what darrell said is not in anyway epidemic of the ideology on the left which is if you made one mistake in your whole life and you're not a liberal, you're out of here. forget it. history be.
10:32 pm
>> that's right, zero tolerance. i will give you another one, when jfk got elected, he invited sammy davis jr. to perform in his inaugural but thenen disinvited him. no one talks about it, are we going to cancel jfk?av for his racist act of this inviting sammy davis jr. because he married a white woman? give me a break. >> dan: hold on. how stupid and illogical. leftism and liberalism is a forest fire. only for stupid people. stupid people love liberalism. you have raphael warnock running for senate in georgia. they are on type celebrating fidel castro, a socialist, system of socialism targeting minorities throughout human history. the body count throughout history for socialism is ouunprecedented.
10:33 pm
people don't get that it's illogical and tragically stupidr >> he praises fidel castro, salutes fidel castro. tells white people to repent for their whiteness. and darrell, you are sitting here apologizing for leftists, you know that they're wrong for you want to get canceled. it's embarrassing to have the left try to cannibalize the right and then allow their own people to get away with racist rhetoric. it makes no sense. and you wear that brand as a civil rights attorney. somehow something needs to be totally distorted. >> dan: darrell. i will let you s respond. go ahead, larry. >> you brought up raphael warnock. the guys a preacher. how bad could he be? >> so what! >> he doesn't get a pass. >> dan: holdw on! darrell! he's a preacher who is pro-abortion. where is that in the bible!
10:34 pm
did i miss that passage? is it like thomas, where did i miss that? come on. so you're a preacher you're absolved of any wrongdoing ever? >> hold on. he should be judged by the totality of his life. that's what you said. are you going to judge him by one statement? a life of preaching the gospel. >> dan: timeout because i've got to run but darrell one last thing and i've got bolt. i am judging him by the totality of work and it sucks. he doesn't like the cops. he is like the military and he's a pro-abortion guy claiming to be a preacher. that is the totality. i've got to i've got to run. listen, at least capitalists earn their money. larry, leo, darrell, thank you very much. appreciate your time. also tonight, denying democrats and their allies in the media mob are trying desperately to distract you from the burgeoning biden family foreign corruption scandal and they are desperate to distract you from the growing
10:35 pm
body of evidence that the biden family sold access to the vice presidency to america's adversaries. instead they continue to claim to the russia hoax again and again, endless collusion delusions about president trump and putin. listen to congress when maxine waters over the weekend. >> here's what i know about russia and putin. they have in fact compromised this president and this president will not condemn them, will not criticize them, and even when he knows it's a threat, whether it's to our election system or our energy systems. he's not going to do anything to disagree with them because he's a compromised president. >> dan: of course the democrats russia hysteria is soaked in irony because one of the biggest russia hoaxters in washington,ec eric swalwell, continues to be embroiled in a
10:36 pm
massive chinese spy scandal and stillin refuses to answer direct questions about the exact nature of his relationship with his chinese intelligence operative, christine fang. ask yourself, why is it that the same media that spewed endless hysteria about all things trip in russia is completely unbothered by the biden families cozy ties to china? because the media is the arm of the democrat party and would rather focus on fake news narratives than actual facts that are bad for the democrats. also tonight still more questions than answers following former attorney general bill barr's comments that the cia "stayed in its lane while probing election interference despite massive evidence ofrm corruption via john brennan and others." to spy on the trumpup team. put a sized intelligence, abuse their power. joining the action, gregg jarrett and republican
10:37 pm
congressman devin nunes and andy biggs. congressmen, thank you for joining us. congressman nunes. i will go to you first. this comment by bill barr i found a little disturbing. i don't know what barr knows. full obvious disclosure. or john durham, special investigator. to suggest that the cia stayed in its lane and the spygate scandal, the evidence, some of the public evidence doesn't support that. we had john brennan say on numerous media outlets thatic he had not seen this dossier full of these ridiculous allegations until december.d yet in august ofse 2016, before december, he briefed harry reid and the senate, something you're familiar with come about elements of the dossier. the stories can't be true at the same time and do suggest some improper conduct. am i missing something about this? no one knows more about it than you.gege >> what i'd like to say about this is that the fbi is clearly
10:38 pm
the ones that did the most wrong here. at some point the cia did get involved but we don't know who. we did a criminal referral, made a criminal referral to the justice department. manipulating intelligence for political purposes. perhaps this is not a crime. perhaps it needs to be a crime the future but i think we need to let durham do his work. hopefully the biden administration won't try to can durham. it's critical we get to the bottom of it because we spent four years listening to the russia hoax nonsense when the whole time it was the was the bidens with the problem. getting $3.5 million from mosc moscow. most americans don't know this yet we're going to have to do what we can to get it out of the american people. >> dan: gregg, is it possible that there is to g be some procedural out for elements of the cia, notably brennan at the top where they sayay something o the effective i was just doing my job.
10:39 pm
i have this foreign dirt and i passed it to the fbi and he gives them a legal procedural out. you can answer part two. is it possible also that the fbi will see more arrests? haven't seen anything on the leak of the flynn audio, a known felony. if you could hit those, i'd appreciate it. a. >> it's not an out for the cia to say i'm just doing my job, as devin nunes pointed out correctly. john brennan was the instigator of the russia hoax. he was spreading the collusion lie through harry reid to the media. heheon was helping to spread thy fabricated dossier. he was knee-deep in framing donald trump or something he didn't do. he perpetuated and instigated the russia hoax and then when it all came crashing down when the mueller report came out he said gee, i guess my information was wrong. he's either the most ignorant or most malevolent cia director ever.
10:40 pm
it's laughable for maxine waters to say she did that it's up to joe biden to stand up to russia and china. joe biden is most compromised president in my lifetime ever to take office by virtue of his son who was influence peddling and selling access to his father. lord knows how much information the chinese and the russians had and can hold over the head of joe biden, exerting undue influence. it's called good old-fashioned black male. >> dan: congressman biggs on this biden story. what i find most disturbing is the media angle. we have information in front of us right now with one of the business partners to this deal interviewed r on this network, tony bobulinski. no ones disputes he was a business partner. nobody disputes the authenticity of the emailsno and text suggesting that there was a
10:41 pm
kickback to joe biden when he was the vice president of the united states and afterwards when he left office to the chinese communists. there is a media story here. this is media malfeasance. >> we can't be surprised by that. they went after trump mercilessly without any evidence and now that they have evidence everything from a laptop with a hard drive to tony bobulinski's testimony to seeing hunter biden pop off the plane in china and the next thing you know a billion-dollar deal comes back his way. these things are overt. they are right out in front of them. it's as plain as the swalwell issue. they are suppressing things from the american people because it suits them as a propaganda arm of the leftist democrat party and that's really why i'm not surprised. we have got to elevate data and you have done aom good job.
10:42 pm
we have to keep fighting this battle because there is compromise their with a big guy, joe biden himself. >> dan: congressman nunes, i will wrap with you. some of the same playersrs involved in the ukraine impeachment hoax and the spygate hoax, they were some of the same names. if you do any homework on it, i always say room are the names. they were the same names. this was a four year effort to get rid of donald trump that moved seamlessly from spying to the impeachment hoax afterwards. >> i would alsoin point out folw the names. also follow the names of the first reporters who were talking to clinton campaign people in 2016. a lot of these truthers as i call them that went out there peddling the dossier. they are going to be in a new potential biden administration. a lot of people have been named
10:43 pm
to the biden transition team and they are going to serve in hisee new administration. you can't make this up. >> dan: yeah, it's sad. it's like a soviet union style propped up media. it's really grotesque. i appreciate you coming on. thanks a lot. coming up on this "hannity" special, will have an update on the shocking christmas day bombing in nashville and get reaction from johnny joey jones. stay with us. love that land o' t premium sliced meats have no by-products. (his voice) "baloney!" (automated voice) has joined the call. (voice from phone) hey, baloney here. i thought this was a no by-products call? land o' frost premium. fresh look. same great taste. type 2but how canan have a big imit be prevented?e. well, the first step is knowing if you something called prediabetes. take the 1-minute risk test today at
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♪ >> dan: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." breaking snide, new disturbing details emerging about christmas day bomber anthony quinn warner. according to reports he told his neighbor before the attack of the world was "never going to forget him." here with the latest on the attack in the investigation is mike tobin. mike. >> dan, the neighbor that you were talking about says before christmas the man identified as the bomber, anthony warner, hinted that he was about to do something. >> he smiled and he said yes. i'm going to be famous.
10:50 pm
nashville and the world is never going to forget me. >> metro nashville police revealing body cam video. subsequent video shows streets littered with debris and panic people who did not get out of the blast area and time. at least 41 businesses were damaged by the explosion. dam. >> dan: mike, thanks a lot. here with more on how law-enforcement's investigating the heartless christmas day attack, fox news contributor joey jones. joey, i appreciate you coming on and i want to acknowledge the heroism of everything you guys jodo. my prior line of worked i worked with explosive specialists like you and i found it incredible that their motto was "find or function."
10:51 pm
find an explosive or function it while you're there. the bravery is incredible. >> thank you. when we support secret service, it's a fine or function mission. that's all there is left to do. our motto unofficially is initial success or total failure. i guess the loss of my legs show that there is a little gray area there. >> dan: you're a hero. i have enormous respect for you. i was watching a specialist flick on light switches once as a young secret service agent and i said what are you doing and he said i you got to find it or function it. that's pretty brave. i wanted to have you on. as you know unfortunately social media after tragedies like this, there's a lot of experts with air quotes. you are an actual expert. walk us through how this works. after one of these devices tragicallyyo goes off, can they reconstructed? find out what the explosive was and trace it back to a
10:52 pm
point - of origin to hopefully prevent these things in the future? >> yeah, there's a lot of men and women out there that have more experience with domestic bombs like this that i ever will but you do a post blast analysis. you understand this. you start at the center of the explosion and work your way out on you follow the blast radius and the fragmentation radius. he will send shrapnel further than the blast and you look for parts, pieces, components, anything with the serial number. the idea that they charge and disintegrate everything is completely untrue. if there was any type of sophisticated components used, i guarantee they've already found phpieces of them and they startd to put this puzzle back together. they have yearsed of experience and past cases to work on but a lot of it is kind of common sense. he looked for pieces and parts and if you can find one electronic component and understand begin for structure, look at the purchase history, clue and
10:53 pm
as far as the type of explosive, there's a few theories. perhaps it was something like black powder or pyrotechnic or perhaps it was an explosive like ammonium nitrate. because there isn't of blast crater and there is more structural damage that we saw. it was what we call a hot explosion. the fireball was fast. >> i know that you've said that you've worked these overseas. there is some difference between what they do overseas and here but sadly some of this stuff is commercially available paired with troubled s people, you can find this. some of the stuff you can go toe the internet and figure out how to build these things. it's troubling, if yout have someone disturbed enough to do this. >> you can go into a high school technology class and they have project boards and what you're learning to do is create complex or simple circuits that turn the light bulb on or sound an alarm.
10:54 pm
unfortunately that technology, simple as it is can be applied to setting up a bond. -- bomb. there are components prior to create but the bulk explosives in the initiation born are pretty easy. all we rely on is the amazing work of our federal and state and local law enforcement to prevent these things from happening and respond when they do and we sought work in amazing police work. >> dan: thanks a lot, joey. we really appreciated. thanks for your heroism. you have my respect always. more of this "hannity" special after the break.
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♪ ♪ >> dan: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." unfortunately, that is all the time we have this evening.
11:00 pm
thanks a lot for watching. for more on debunking the liberal agenda, tune in to my podcast. the dan bongino show. tammy bruce in for laura ingraham tonight. the captain's chair tonight. >> tammy: everybody in the world listens to your podcast and there's room for a few more. >> dan: thank you. welcome, thank you so much, sir, have a great and hi, tammy bruce in for laura ingle from new york city tonight. as dr. fauci on herd immunity, frustrated business owners across the country are fighting back against covid restrictions we will talk with one salon owner who is now taking her fight with the oregon governor directly to court. then we will go to georgia where socialism is on t the ballot. senatorth david perdue was here. just over a week away from the crucial


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