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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 17, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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kansas gave her an early christmas gift. they bought her a new van. the 24-year-old mother of two could hardly contain her excitement. i bet. congratulations. merry christmas. thanks everybody. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid, "the story" with martha maccallum starts now. hi, martha. >> martha: that's what christmas is all about. breaking tonight on "the story," we've got new exclusive communications that clue us into joe biden's role. never before seen text messages that show that in may 2017, hunter biden's partners made it sure that he was to be seen as a biden family entity. here they are. on may 11th, he writes, "you should "get joe involved.
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"he said don't mention joe being involved because they are paranoid. he responds "they should be paranoid." they also talk about joe biden's involvement. "to the chinese, it looks like a true family business if jim is involved" in other words. top businesses and universities. senator lindsey graham, a multi-headed monster for joe biden. he joins me now. senator graham, great to have you with us tonight. thank you for being here. what goes through your mind. what is your new reaction to these new emails that fox news has attained? >> two things. they are -- they are not russian disinformation. you have a business partner, hunter biden, basically explaining the relationship here. so, it's not something coming from russia. sadness, because i know joe and jill.
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he is going through a difficult time. we can't live in a country where for 32 and a half years ago after trump and the trump family and russia. we are not going to sweep this under the rug. my big fear is that the media could give a -- about this investigation and democrats would gladly sweep it under the rug if they could. they never brought him to the judiciary committee. i am convinced that the only avenue available is either special counsel or republican senate to get to the bottom of this. >> martha: so, that's the problem. i think americans watch a lot of this and they feel like there is no rule of law and it doesn't apply to everyone equally and that obviously it is the job of reporters and journalists across the country to dig in when these issues touch those close to somebody who is going to be president, it's absolutely the responsibility, especially one has to do with china and ukraine. these are issues that are very
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important in terms of national security. they have to be resolved. i want to get your reaction on what she said. >> there is a really significant evidence that it has been compromised by the chinese government, that there is a corruption in place. it is joe biden himself compromise? >> martha: what do you think? does it appear that may be he knew was going on with these businesses? he's known them a long time. >> yeah, i like him. i have a lot of respect for him. but i find it hard to believe that if you are in charge of overseeing corruption in the ukraine as vice president under the obama administration, you didn't know your own son was on the board when th, one of the mt corrupt gas companies in ukrain. all of this chatter about the family being involved, could you imagine if this were trump emails, if you had information of the trump family trying to impress the chinese?
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a joint venture with the chinese energy company? so, the american media is pathetic when it comes to investigating allegations against democrats. the rule of law in this country apparently is that if you or republican, you are assumed to be guilty. look at the way cavanagh was treated. the bottom line is i fear this is going to be swept under the rug. without some support, lack of special counsel, this will be swept under the rug and we will never know how to compromise coe biden administration is. >> martha: there are four investigations going on. it reminds me when you look back at the obama administration and all of the pieces that were written about the effort.
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the bride comes and the investigation into russia so that it when it die after the trump white house took over, right? and so, i'm wondering what efforts are being made now on the part of republicans to make sure that this investigation, as you say, doesn't get swept under the rug? are there real things happening to make sure that doesn't happen? >> i mean come on the television show. when i am trying to do is tell democrats you should care. you came to me and you asked me to support legislation to support him from being fired without cause to get to the bottom of all things. i agreed. i thought it was important that somebody outside of politics look at the accusations against president trump and his family when it came to russia. i feel very strongly that the evidence in the biden case is a mountain compared to what they had regarding trump and russia and the same democrats are completely ignoring this. they are wanting it to go away.
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the same media that hounded us all for two and a half years never asked me a question about hunter biden. did hunter biden's business dealings and his attempts to do business with the communist chinese party through their associates, has a compromise joe biden's ability to effectively -- i want to know the answer to that and i guarantee that if the republican party were in the same shoes as the democratic party, they would be all over us. the guy in delaware that is looking at the tax problems, maybe you pick him. but it is different than not paying your taxes. how deep was it. what did he know regarding ukraine and china? >> martha: yeah, with regard to what will happen with the people investigating this afterwards, here is what he said
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about how he sees the president-elect's relationship with this investigation. watch. >> joe biden will not interfere. it is not in his dna. he believes in the rule of law and i guarantee it will be done in the proper way and i feel very confident about that. >> >> martha: is there a move to remove these individuals? >> the democrats won't lift a finger. remember when they found 17 major violations regarding the cross fire hurricane but they were rebuked? the democrats never lifted a finger to even look at it or talk about it. and i like him. he's a good guy. what makes you think it would change here regarding hunter biden? they showed absolutely no interest in this investigation. they want to move on and they accuse us of pushing russia
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propaganda. this laptop, if you believe this is a rush up propaganda effort or just forward of the laptop is probably -- 's emails and the laptop credibly -- regarding hunter biden and his entire family. and if there is some reason not to believe them to be accurate, i want to know. somebody outside of politics should look at this just like they looked at trump. to give biden a pass after what happened with the trump family to set a scenario in this country. it is not about what you did. it's about the party you are in. >> martha: exactly. with regard to the laptop, it just seems, it seems to go live, and sense of emails weren't yours. you unit at the top of mountain. you would be saying, that is so ridiculous. that's not my laptop. is there any legal reason why we wouldn't have heard that defense loud and clear already?
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>> just put yourself in the situation. what if your laptop got seized by the fbi and they are accusing you of trying to cook up deals with the chinese and talking about deals in the ukraine and you didn't do it. won't you say something? listen, i have no joy about this. hunter biden has problems. there is no doubt about it. but when you see is a very long period of time of chinese companies trying to make millions of dollars. look what he did. he made millions of dollars through the ukraine, one of the most corrupt companies in ukraine. while, these emails assess that there is a real effort for three of the potential business partners that joe biden. now, whether that is true or not, i don't know. but i don't trust getting the answer until somebody looks. i'm not willing to sweep it under the rug. as much as i like joe and jill, as much as i hate this, we are not going to sweep this under
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the rug. >> martha: and one of the questions that i have that you don't find in these emails, and i hope eventually we will, what were they being paid to do exactly? what was the $10 million going to be for? and how much of it was chinese money? what exactly was this partnership? these are the things they do need to be answered. and if these answers are on the up and up, well, he was no longer in the white house and he was going to have an office and all of that, you would want to get it right out there, right senator? >> yeah, i think if trump fall short and biden becomes president on january 20th, this is a cloud over his presidency. there is no way to go forward without having some but he look this and giving rational explanations. nothing would please me more if the truth comes out to be that joe biden didn't have anything to do with this. but you are not going to find
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the answer until you have somebody look at examine the problem. so if you think the biden administration believes this will suddenly go away, you are wrong. this is about political flypaper. it's going to stick, and stick, and stick. he called on joe biden to do a news conference. i am calling on somebody outside of politics to look at these emails and to find out how deep was a business relationship between hunter biden and china and how many family members were involved and what did joe biden do if anything. i just don't trust the idea that we shouldn't look. it's not propaganda here. this is real. >> martha: we are going to talk to phil at "the new york post" who is on the team that found the story. it is being investigated by journals organization. thank you very much, senator. of you. think former house oversight chairman. he is also a fox news
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contributor. great to see you. thank you for being here. i want to turn your attention to the congressman eric swalwell situation. there is a lot of pressure coming from republican lawmakers of the house intel committee to push him off of that committee because of his relationship with this alleged chinese spy. can they do that and what kind of wheels need to turn? what do you think should be in motion with regard to this? >> no, they cannot do that. the only person who put him on the committee is nancy pelosi. she picked the members of the intelligence committee. so, there are 230 democrats and you mean to tell me she cannot find a single one that didn't date a chinese spy. there is no one else that she could pick other than eric swalwell? i think what got the house intel republicans frustrated is that we listens to him for years. he berated jared kushner for
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meeting with them, not dating one, meeting with one. and then he berates devon newman with a phone call and then he calls the president and agent of russia. meanwhile, for four years, the guy is not smart enough to know he is being played by a chinese spy. and that is the best nancy pelosi could do a lot of hundred 30 members, the best you could come up with is a former city councilman in california who is not smart enough to know when a woman is expressing interest in you? >> martha: let me ask you this. he claims that he has answered the question, right? he went on cnn and did an interview. asked some questions as well. he has not come clean on that.
4:14 pm
what other questions do you believe that he should answer if as he said that the fbi asks him all the questions. they said he did nothing wrong. that is what he claimed. >> well, unfortunately i know him. this is the second guy who ran for president. he is not known for his self-awareness. what did you all have? you went to a sitting member of the property should not be having. what did they tell him? and i don't think that swalwell has denied having a relationship. he said it was classified. all you've got to say is i didn't sleep with her. that's all you got to say. i wasn't dating her. i didn't sleep with her. but to say welcome i can't say because that's classified, not on the intel committee.
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i wanted even go through the four years. i mean, she placed an intern in his office. helped him get elected to congress. how often were you are around here? what kinds of questions was she asking you? and my last question to you, eric, is out of the other members including a lot from california, are you really the best we could come up with to be on the committee with access to the most sensitive information of any committee in congress? that's the best we can come up with? he's a guy who dated a chinese spy. >> martha: if the fbi questioned him and went through all this, do not trust them to have made it a larger issue or have gone to nancy pelosi and saying i got compromise. this got turned into a bad situation. they have a relationship. if they had made that recommendation and what they did tell to nancy pelosi, because this has all been dealt with, does that need to be a matter of
4:16 pm
the public? >> yeah, i would love for her to be asked. what did the fbi tell you? when did they tell you that? did you really put him on the house intel committee investigating president trump or having contact with russia when you knew that he had a relationship with a chinese spy? i mean, martha, i don't keep up with the news as well as you do, but i don't think she has been asked those questions and i haven't heard him answer. it is not the fbi's job to pick her members of the intel committee. that's not the bureau's job. i want to know what they said in that defensive briefing. you want to know if i trust the fbi. i use to but i saw the defensive briefing they gave donald trump and it wasn't much. i want to know what they said to eric swalwell. >> martha: they thought that some of his people -- it would be good if they treated
4:17 pm
everybody the same way. thank you very much. good to see you. thanks for being here. 1 of 50 national security officials join forces to say that the whole hunter biden story is likely a smack of russian it disinformation. he was not among those to sign on. he is here tonight on battling u.s. intelligence and also the battling u.s. intelligence over the china threat in our elections. we are going to talk to him about that as well. and th than "the new york post" joins us after that. >> to me, it is this classic textbook soviet russian trigger, as it were. ♪
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♪ >> martha: not too long ago, more than 50 community intelligence officials signed a letter that its contents were likely part of a russian disinformation's dolomite campaign. former cia director, michael
4:23 pm
morale. they said if we are right, this is russia trying to influence how americans vote in this election and we were believe sty that americans need to be aware of this. he brought that story out into the public. but first, former national security advisor under president trump, general h.r. mcmaster, also "the fight to defend the free world." good to have you on tonight. a few things i want to get to with you. the more we learn about this, we see the emails. we know that the doj has 4 investigations underway. what do you say to your colleagues who were so quick to jump on the russia disinformation bandwagon? >> hey martha, it's great to be with you. i think this is really a great
4:24 pm
example of why we can't get dragged into partisan politics in a way that would compromise our perspective as professionals. and this is why, you know, this is why russia and china have a field day. we are so pitted against each other that it gets done might give them lots of space to operate. we have a rule of law. we have due process of law. let these investigations go and have confidence in our system and strengthen our system so we can be better insulated and protected from this kind of disinformation and propaganda and espionage. >> martha: so are you saying that those individuals did that because they wanted to -- impact the election which was just a few weeks away? >> these are a lot of professional people who have respect. i would just caution anyone who is going to sign a group letter that is going to be used for partisan political purposes that you are getting drug into partisan politics and that happens at a price. >> martha: you know, this is a quote from michael mccaul, who
4:25 pm
is the former ambassador to russia. and he wrote an editorial about the transition from trump to biden. and it was called trump america first policy leaves them with problems. he says that biden could reverse some if he moves quickly. it renew our health organization initiative. biden arguably will be the most qualified president in u.s. history. we all remember this. secretary gates. he said that joe biden has never made a correct call in foreign policy. what you think about what he had to say there? >> after covid, we are going to see each other at the coffee machine again. so of course, we have to be able to disagree with each other and i disagree with him. i think if we try to turn the clock back to 2016, it would be
4:26 pm
disastrous. i think there are some very important shifts in our foreign policy since that time. the most important among them is the shift from really accommodating the chinese communist party and managing our decline relative to them to a competitive approach to china. great, we could sign back up. but they aren't going to solve the problem of carbon emissions and global warming. i think it's really important that when we look at our foreign policy, it has to be for a purpose. it has to be better or aimed at something higher than a better atmosphere at cocktail parties with our european allies. >> martha: it kind of feels like we are going back that direction. >> we have to make progress in reforming the world hearth organization, not just signing back up. martha, there is no prize for membership in these organizations. >> martha: no, there isn't. we have to be clear i'd obviously about russia and china. do not go back to cooperation
4:27 pm
and engagement. hit no reset buttons with russia or china. do believe that tony from the state department or the national security advisor or general austin, who is nominated to be the secretary of defense, do you think they agree with you on that? >> well, i hope they do. of course everybody is capable of learning, right? i think we are at a point where the competition that we are in come both with vladimir putin wo want to drag us down so he is the last man standing or with the chinese communist party who wants to displace us and advance its authoritarian model at our expense. okay, that is inescapable now, martha. and so we have to recognize the need to compete and stop the self-delusion. strategic narcissism to find a relation to us and -- are adversaries, our rivals, they have a say in the future
4:28 pm
course of events. >> martha: yet, before i let you go, your thoughts on what we are learning about these bots who have tapped into our nuclear facilities as well as our energy. >> this puts a premium on stepping up our cyber defenses every day. we have to think about our data. also in our private companies as well as gold and we have to build fort knox around them. our adversaries are determined. this is a competition that goes on every day and s so you need a layer of defense but you also need a good offense. a lot of the changes that have been made with cyber security, infrastructure security agency, it's a big step forward. and i think what our nsa has done in terms of recognizing the need to combine good offense, good defense, we are in better shape i think they and we have been in. but this is a constant, a
4:29 pm
constant competition and we have to get better every day. there will be new vulnerabilities. >> martha: we just had a pandemic and now we have warfare which looks egregious. good to see you tonight. >> you too, martha. >> martha: you bet. great to have you with us tonight. i want to go back to the senator biden story and the new emails that have been coming out. does all of this vindicate your coverage and was there ever a moment when you doubted that you should go with the story when you basically had all of the forces against you? twitter, facebook, and everybody else? >> thanks for having me, martha. so basically, i've always been on the opinion side. i was not involved in the reporting or editing of the story. what i can say is that all along, they have made the right
4:30 pm
call. and so, no. just the reaction of the biden campaign all along telling me that we were on to something in a very strong way. as you said earlier in the segment, the easiest thing that hunter or joe biden could do was to deny the option of the laptop. they didn't dispute that. they haven't disputed it up to this day. and so that tells me that this was no russian disinformation. after the election, after we were banned off twitter for several days in a row, now it's out there and it seems like it's in controversially the serious story. but it has moved on. we want what you think as you look at it from an editor about the future of coverage of the biden administration? what do you think it's going to look like? we now know that twitter has
4:31 pm
executive owners who are going to be working at the white house. what is the future of that? >> well, look at how they covered the election. i can't have any faith in how most of my colleagues, their thl cover the biden administration now that he is going to be the most powerful man in the world. they did everything possible to play defense. the stupid, frankly stupid letter. i have to say that in blunt terms. i am used to talking about mike morel. how do you have faith in these guys? very serious national security professionals. no, they are political actors. >> martha: "the story" deep dive coming up. georgia's democratic senate candidate passed comments about america and racism. >> i will not be --
4:32 pm
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♪ >> let me be clear, i need them in the united states senate. >> martha: so, president-elect joe biden trying to flip the senate. early voting surges. one of the democratic candidates is getting some attention for these comments from a new baptist in 2017. >> like the insurance companies,
4:37 pm
nobody wants to go there. nobody wants to cover it because we wonder what it will cost. but we, the land of the free and the incarceration capital of the world, in this land where we warehouse 25% of the world's prisoners although we are only 5% of the world we have to ask ourselves what does it cost? not to face up to it, not to confront it, not to deal with it. racism is a pre-existing condition. >> martha: writer and producer of the documentary what killed michael brown. great to have you on the program. thank you for being here tonight. we'll go through your mind as you listen to him a few years
4:38 pm
ago? >> well, frankly, is the same sort of, there is cultural formula for power that is if you can establish black victimization, black suffering, then in a society that now feels guilty over america's past, then you have power. and he is looking for this power in black victimization, in white racism, whites as evil and racist. blacks as victims. now it is america's mission to redeem it. so, in a sense he is offering whites redemption if they will just vote for him. this was the formula, i think
4:39 pm
that had a good deal to do with the election of barack obama. it was an opportunity for white america to document their innocence of racism. i voted for a black man for president. i won't say that's the entire reason he was elected, but it contributed certainly to that. while this gentleman won, i think he is using the same cultural formula for power. by victimization as a way to manipulate, to squeeze reward from white guilt. and so, there is this symbiosis. whites can sort of give something to blacks and reclaim their innocence. blacks can then in that sense gain something that they want, which in this case -- >> martha: you wrote a book about this. "cultural trade-off." there have been a slew of books reinforcing this cultural idea in america that the country was born out of racism.
4:40 pm
and you saw the 1619 project and all of that. now you've got a competitive version of that which we talked about here as well. but we watched the debate between these two cocandidates, senator kelly loeffler. and in that she quoted a number of the things that he had said on the pulpit. but here, it is in his own words. and i want to play this for the audience so they can hear him in his own words. and you can let us know what you think about this on the other side. >> not god bless america. god -- america. >> police power showing up in a kind of gangster and thug mentality. you can wear the colors of the state and behave like a thug. america, nobody can tell god i'm the military.
4:41 pm
america, choose he this day whom you will serve. because of the evils and the excesses of the empire. and i came to dismantle the value system of the empire. >> martha: obviously reverend wright was at the top of that and then reacting to it. but that is a list of comments and perspectives from the reverend. everybody who wants to go to his church does so willingly. he is now running for the united states senate. what do you make of those comments? >> well, if you look at the essence of all of those comments, it's that we as black people are victims. of racist america. we are victims. people like this have given black america and identity that
4:42 pm
is grounded in victimization. i call it a victim focused mentality. when you think of yourself as a victim, you become impotent. others are in charge of your fate. and so, they pay. they don't understand this, but they pay. people like governor right and so forth. they pay a terrible price. they give away agency over our faith. they put our faith into other people's hands and say that whites are the guilt. they've got to fix us up. they ought to give us things that will transform us, reparations, war on poverty. all sorts of things they should give us because we are helpless victims. they reinforce the eight idea of black inferiority. they say that's the truth and that's the responsibility of whites who want to be free of the charge of racism. they then have to take over responsibility for us and give us that. it's a sad sick symbiotic bond
4:43 pm
that gets us nowhere. the more the government gives us, the worse we do. every so socioeconomic measure. >> martha: we did hear a little bit of a shift coming from some people during the course of the presidential election on the way that they view all of this and what is truly empowering for black americans and other groups in this country as well. we will see what happens to that in the coming years. but we hear from reverend. you have been outspoken on it for decades and we thank you. good to have you with us. thank you, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> martha: joining me now, national press secretary. good to see you tonight. good to have you back on this program. with regard to what is going on in georgia, we had karl rove here last night and he was talking about some of the
4:44 pm
regularities that people talked about in georgia last time around. i want to play a little bit "what he said about republicans in georgia who were trying to counteract that now. >> we know exactly where every one of those ballots were cast. where somebody voted twice. once by male and one by person. we know exactly where they are and those precincts are going to get special attention. if the aclu or the agency attempt to pull a fast one, we will be there with republican poll watchers and lawyers to make sure it doesn't happen. >> martha: so everyone just wants a fair election and they want to know that there's no shenanigans and that it's one ballot you get. not two. and this is going to be fair. i think everybody can accept the outcome of it knowing that it was watched very closely and that no one was playing around with it. what is your take on georgia?
4:45 pm
>> look, the american people deserve a free and fair election. they deserve to know that they can have confidence in what has occurred, that the system has integrity. and what we have seen with these irregularities, with the anomalies, with the legalities, with the fraud, they don't have that right now, nor should they. this is rigged from the outset. and they were caught. and now, with this mountain of evidence still pouring in every single day, people are quite concerned about what they saw. that's why the president of the united states is fighting so hard to make sure the presidential election can be certified with some type of legitimacy. but also, that's why so many people in georgia are focused on the senate race. because they know what's at stake. we cannot allow this country to dissolve into socialism. and that's exactly what joe biden is promising. it's what they are promising to do. and believe these people when they tell you they want to change the country. chuck schumer said it best. you give us georgia, we will
4:46 pm
change america. he said you give us georgia, we will protect america. president donald trump agrees with that. the one we have a poll that shows that 19% of trump voters say they will not vote in the next election because they are so upset about what happened. how does the president feel about that? >> he's angry. he is obviously frustrated about what has occurred because we've seen the video now. we know people have voted twice in a lot of these instances. we know that they actually got mail and ballots and got them to the mailboxes. so we have now seen this video evidence. we now know what the american people are so frustrated about because the democrats have tried to cover this up for decades and they got caught doing it. >> martha: what i am saying to you is that a lot of those voters say they don't want to
4:47 pm
vote again. should they go out and vote? >> it does not mean give them to call more senate seats. they know what's at stake. the american people understand. that is why you see better numbers for republicans in the senate race the and you saw before because the american people understand, georgians no they can't be the tipping point that takes people down the road to socialism. donald trump said repeatedly that this country is a force for good, is a force for freedom all across this globe. we can talk that way because we believe it. joe biden and the democrats can't talk that way because they don't believe it. they think we are the cause of the world's problems and that's just a lie and i think the people of georgia are going to prove the spirits but when i am about to get caught off. it's good to see you. thank you very much.
4:48 pm
president-elect talking about his son, hunter. we are going to bring that she want the other side of this break and then the immaculate deception. 35 stage report that he put together outside detailing these irregularities in the battleground state. he sai says it, we are going too explain what he found in those s coming up next. ♪ when heartburn hits fight back fast... ...with tums chewy bites... beat heartburn fast tums chewy bites to use your vision benefits before the year's up. this is us making sure you don't. use 'em before you lose 'em, backed by our 100-day guarantee!! visionworks. see the difference.
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♪ >> martha: so we have just received a new sound from president-elect biden addressing the allegations against his son hunter in an interview that will air tonight on "the late show with stephen colbert." watch. >> we have great confidence in our son. i am not concerned about any
4:53 pm
accusations made against him. it's used to get to me. i think it's kind of foul play, but look, it is what it is, and he is a grown man. he is the smartest man i know, i mean, from a pure intellectual capacity. and as long as he is good, we are good. >> martha: we will see if there is more questions about whether or not he would step in on any investigations because there are at least three currently going on in the department of justice. also breaking tonight, lawmakers are racing against the clock to reach an agreement on a roughly 900 billion covid relief bill that includes another round of direct payments to many americans. but when will they come? chad pergram in washington tonight. >> good evening, marcia. the covid package is not done. the great days or go to a general outline for $900 billion coronavirus relief bill.
4:54 pm
details matter. one thing they're still trying to resolve is the stimulus checks for many americans. >> is it not an emergency that working people are having to line up for food? literally lineup for food in this country, in this day and age, because they don't have enough money to go purchase nutrition for their own children. >> the check should total around $700, but direct payments are not a democrat or republican issue. >> we are going to print up money and give it to people who haven't lost their job. what could be dumber as an idea, to print out money we don't have or borrow it from foreign countries, or borrow it from whoever we have to borrow it from, and give it to people who are still working? it's a really bad idea. >> congress often finds itself slammed against christmas, lawmakers also have to craft a stop stopgap spending bill to aa government shutdown tomorrow night. even if they settle everything, it likely takes a couple days to finalize the covid bill and make
4:55 pm
sure they have the votes to pass it. martha? >> martha: thank you, chad pergram on the hill. white house advisor peter navarro put together a report in his personal capacity revealing what he says our voting irregularities that must be fixed for the future. and that he says show a pattern of coordination between the swing states, that is the part that is the most intriguing about this report. peter navarro joins me now. peter, good to see you. you suggest in this report that because you see similar things that happened in arizona -- i'm looking at the screen -- arizona, georgia, michigan, nevada, pennsylvania, and wisconsin, that that suggests there was a coordination between these swing states to do all these things? can you prove that? >> the democrat party, what i did is put on my harvard researcher had and got expertise in economics and the law, looked at thousands of documents, testimony and the like, and what i gleaned was this coordinated strategy to effectively stuff
4:56 pm
the ballot box with mail in and absentee ballots, coupled with the times of destruction of trunk ballots. what i found interestingly is there is no silver bullet, but this was death by a thousand cuts in six dimensions, fraud, ballot mishandling, you had the vote machine irregularities, statistical anomalies, process problems. if you look at the report carefully, anybody who reads that report will have more questions than answers that they've gotten so far. the other thing, martha, that really jumps out at you is the slim biden victory margins, alleged victory margins, are dwarfed by the amount of illegal ballots in question. what i think we need to do tomorrow is appoint a special prosecutor to look at this issue. i think the georgia race needs to be postponed until february because that place is a cesspool of activity.
4:57 pm
they run the table on all of these dimensions of irregularities. so we need to do those things, and i think we ought to think about seasoning the voting machines in places like arizona, where there really are big questions about these machines. i think -- here's what is important -- >> martha: but peter, got to jump in. the problem is a lot of things you just named have been tried and i think about 50 cases that were shot down, freezing voting machines from all of that. i think that, obviously, there is a lot of americans, in fact, 62% of republicans believe it is very likely the democrats stole the election. as you are arguing. 28% of independents believe that in 17% of democrats. i mean, the unsettled nature of the reaction of the selection is very real. but how do you, you know, special prosecutor, you know, the supreme court turned it do down. >> the president has the
4:58 pm
authority to appoint a special prosecutor tomorrow. >> martha: is he going to do that? >> i think we need to do that. look, here is the thing, martha appeared with joe biden won this election fair and square i will be the first to congratulate him on support him in any way that i can. i think every american would do that. but if you read this report carefully, it's granular. no one can ever say again that there is no evidence of irregularities and fraud. there is a mountain of evidence, and we need -- i think what happened is somehow we went astray with a lot of our institutions, including the media, the courts, and everyone in between, thinking that they hate donald trump so much that somehow the ends justify the means, and i think we are at a really historic moment what we have to really evaluate. it is the greatest democracy in world history, can't have a fair election in the eyes of the its own people in the world, all hoe is lost, really.
4:59 pm
let's look at this. please, read the report. it's got an abundance of evidence in it, and then make a judgment. >> martha: you are right, those numbers i just read her heart breaking at americans have to have confidence in the election, and what we are seeing is they don't. so, we will go through the report. we've got some of it that we put up on the screen tonight. thank you. do you believe the president is going to hire a get special prosecutor, yes or no? >> [laughs] i would say it is up to him, let's see what happens -- >> martha: all right. >> need to do something before inauguration day -- tucker got two to go. peter navarro. the christmas spirit alive and well in congress. c which faces you recognize there. ♪
5:00 pm
>> martha: fabulous. everybody clapping for lamar alexander. beautiful panel. that is "the story" of december 17th, 2020. "the story" continues. we thank you for being here tonight, we will be back tomorrow. good night, everybody. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the coronavirus vaccine is finally here. it's arriving in small bottles, but with a glitzy entrance. it has been accompanied by the kind of corporate image campaign you typically associate with higher end products. like the new iphone, that is what it is like. suddenly the covid vaccine is on the morning shows, touted on celebrity twitter accounts, and the news about it is uniformly glowing. this stuff is just great. a lot of famous people say so. just the other day, the guy who played gandalf in the


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