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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  December 17, 2020 1:00am-1:59am PST

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to feed the hungry. and i pray holocaust survivors will be given the basic needs that they so desperately pray for to survive. >> two fox news alert, north carolina police officer is dead and another is hurt after suspect opened fire near a mall. police state averaging awkward. the names of both officers and the suspect of not been released. the suspect was also killed during the incident, an investigation is ongoing. >> charlotte area mourns another line of duty death this week. tyler herndon shot to the friday while responding to a break-in. he was laid to rest on tuesday. to extreme weather. that the system pounding the northeast with heavy snow falling all night.
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looking live at brooklyn, new york as we learn two people in pennsylvania have died. travel turning treacherous in new jersey's emergency crews try to keep up with the first falling snow. >> homeowners in baltimore getting an early white christmas as those snow totals continued to pile up. in new york it is still coming down. janice dean is tracking the path of this massive winter storm. >> also on the ground in brooklyn, what's the latest where you are. >> 6 and a half inches of snow in brooklyn, new york, 60 million people in the path of this storm, the snow has been falling overnight into this morning. in brooklyn, so far in central park, manhattan 6 and a half inches of snow. that is more snow than new york city saw in all of last winter
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but these freezing temperatures and snowfall creating havoc on the roads. on the hudson parkway new york city, a 19 car pileup causing some six people to the injured four seriously last night as cars slid into one another but new york city first responders, nypd have been out there, the commissioner tweeting out this photo thinking the nypd for being away from their families. they cannot work from home during these situations is the wind except. in pennsylvania look at this video just outside pittsburgh a truck sliding into the back of an ems vehicle, just barely missing some folks, three four people almost got hit by the car. a dangerous situation out there. more than 55,000 people are without power, mostly in virginia.
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some other power outages in pennsylvania and new jersey and we are talking about a situation of hundreds of canceled flights. in boston and newark, jfk and laguardia but back here in brooklyn you can see the winds are swirling here and the snowfall is piling up. this will be the most snowfall new york city has seen since at least 2016 when we were live in central park when two feet of snow hit. >> the video you sent the truck seems like sliding, that is a scary video. people need to take their time. todd: with that, where are we right now when it comes to the storm? >> still getting snow north and west, that is where we will see the jackpot snow totals. i'm seeing two feet of snow in upstate new york, the snow is verifying especially the
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interior sections along the coast on long island where i live, mixing with fleet and freezing rain, so that will cut back on snow totals but we will see two feet or even 3 feet in parts of upstate new york and central pennsylvania so there is the radar. still dealing with this snow, mainly a snow event along the coast, rain and freezing rain mixture from coastal new jersey towards connecticut and long island. reporting snow in most of these locations and that will continue for the next several hours. with the blowing snow that will cause as it is conditions and be difficult to drive so people are urged to stay off the road. you can see just offshore winds of 50 miles per hour so that will cause problems especially if there is snow being born around, visibility will be next to nothing in some of these areas so winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings in effect for the next several hours and we will be dealing with this especially northwest of new york over the
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next few hours so hot snow totals yes, some of the snow totals will be cut back depending on where you live along the coast. i don't know if that is a good news bad news situation. a lot of kids have school off today for a snow day except new york city word bill diblasio said they will still have school. i have some feelings about that. >> reporter: he needs to get that market now, children, adults, everybody. >> no comment. >> a live look in sacramento where lawmakers, $900 billion kim jong un for belief deal includes another round of stimulus checks. the exact check amount unclear right now but is expected to be around $600, much-needed relief, 85 million americans struggling to pay household bills like food, rent.
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as a relief deal, over russian disinformation during the hearing on election irregularities. >> richardson live with the heated moment. >> reporter: the top republican and top democrat on the senate homeland security committee, two midwesterners get into a shouting match on election irregularities. ron johnson of wisconsin pushed this hearing, michigan craddick senator mc peters criticized it, pointing out the courts rejected these election fraud lawsuits was then a discussion on russian interference, charges from democrats but johnson pushed russian disinformation when investigating hunter biden. >> had nothing to do with this report. you lied repeatedly. you lied repeatedly. >> russian disinformation, was an outright lie and i told you to stop lying and you continue to do it. >> this is not about hearing your grievances. don't know what rapport you're running down.
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>> reporter: hunter biden has acknowledged federal authorities are investigating him. his father, president-elect joe biden says his son should be in the clear. >> i am confident. >> reporter: senators argue over the last two presidential elections there is more voting ahead this season. runoff election in georgia early next month, two senate seats, if democrats sweep they will control the senate next year. mike pence hosts a defend the majority rally. back to you. todd: that was quite an exchange, thank you. carley: the intelligence community said foreign intelligence will be delayed telling fox news a report was set to be released tomorrow but senior intel analysts are at odds with china sought to influence the election.
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senior intel official sounding off saying, quote, all that radcliffe wants's for the intelligence to be reflected accurately and honestly with regard to china and everything else. former deputy national security adviser kt mcfarland says if there's a delay there is probably a good reason why. we don't have that clip but i will tell you this. in october radcliffe and the fbi director christopher ray warned russia and iran were trying to influence the 2020 election. >> reporter: a man charged with plotting 9/11 style terrorist attack. authorities say abella spent a year training how to fly a plane in the philippines taking orders from in our shabab commander, he researched ways to enter the us and how to hijack the plane. abdulla has been in custody since last year, was extradited to the us, he pleaded not guilty. he could face 20 years to life
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behind bars if convicted. >> alexandria ocasio cortez takes a direct shot at her party's leadership. >> are you ready to say pelosi and schumer need to go? >> i think so. we need new leadership in the democratic party absolutely but how do we ensure that when we shift we don't move further to the right? >> her attack follows a disappointing election for house democrats. aoc believed nancy pelosi and chuck schumer fail that grooming the next generation of lawmakers. it is 9 minutes after the are, the fda said to review modern's vaccine potentially paving the way for a second vaccine to be distributed nationwide. how much could this help get back to normal? dr. janette nesheiwat is here to answer that next. todd: one senator, one of 100 bringing the holiday spirit to a divided washington. stick around for that as "fox
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>> welcome back. fda advisory panel will review modern's covid-19 vaccine today. >> healthcare workers in alaska suffer emergency reactions to pfizer's vaccine. the us said that a record for covid-19 death. >> 6 million doses of modern's vaccine have been set aside, if it is approved for emergencies authorization which is expected to happen by the end of the week. alex azar set for next week there's 2 million doses of pfizer's vaccine that could be used as the fda says there are
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extra doses, fda is advising it is acceptable to use every dose obtainable. the amount of vaccines remaining in the multidose file, depending on the type of needles. pharmacists said this closer to 6 or 7 doses which would expand the us apply to 40% as the us is negotiating to give and give even more doses of its vaccine. mike pence and his wife are expected to get their vaccines friday. joe biden is expected to get his next week. this is an effort to build vaccine confidence among americans. local media say two more healthcare workers had allergic reactions to vaccines, one has recovered and the other monitored in the hospital. anthony fauci releasing agree morning about christmas telling americans, quote, this cannot be business as usual because we are in a very difficult situation and we are going to make it worse if we don't do something
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about it, this is the us set another death record with 3500 reported wednesday. todd: let's bring in dr. janette nesheiwat. 20 million doses expected to ship by the end of this year which, look at your calendar, only two weeks away. even of moderna vaccine is approved how much faster will we get to hurt immunity? >> this definitely will give us a kickstart to where we need to be. we need 70 percent-80% of the community of americans to be immunized either by vaccination or to have natural immunity by getting the vaccine out in the public. we need 70-80% to get hurt immunity and that is what we expect to see maybe a year from
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now, christmas next year. we don't social distance or masks if we can achieve the 70-80% of hurt immunity. we have a small degree of hurt immunity right now because of all the cases we have already had it all the infections we are he had but vaccinations will definitely kickstart that. we have pfizer, moderna which needs emergencies approval hopefully today and astrazeneca around the corner and johnson & johnson, glaxosmithkline, several vaccines will help us get to where we need to be sooner rather than later. i'm looking forward to that. >> news out of alaska, yesterday was reported there was one healthcare worker reporting an allergic reaction to pfizer's vaccine, local reports say a second healthcare worker and we could go ahead and pull up their systems on screen for folks at home you are watching in the first healthcare worker on tuesday reported shortness of
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breath, elevated heart rate, the second healthcare worker on wednesday reported i of fetus, lightheadedness and scratchy throat. what do you say about these reactions we are hearing about? >>, reactions which it can happen and it is expected. anaphylaxis, when you have a reaction where your throat closes down, can't breathe or have shortness of breath, or hives or rash this is called anaphylaxis where you need an epipen and many americans have allergies to various things, just sometimes more severe. some people have allergies to seafood, lobster, shellfish, fruit, pineapple and sometimes your doctor will prescribe to you an epipen but this is common and we expect this to happen with new medications or vaccines was less then 2% of the population suffer from severe anaphylactic reaction and the good thing is it is treatable.
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this patient, these patients to have the reaction are now in a category where they cannot get a second dose but at least they get 52% protection from the first dose. look at the risks versus benefits, for most people if you don't have a mild reaction it is still recommended to get the vaccine. is requested also not to get the vaccine if you are allergic and if the ingredients in the vaccine, things like lipids, the m rna itself, glycol, polyethylene in the vaccine. >> got to talk to your doctor about what you are allergic to. let me get pfizer at statement, quote, we don't yet have all the details of the report from alaska about a potential serious allergic reaction but are working with local health authorities to assess and closely monitor all reports about serious allergic reactions following vaccination. and important point you verify, got to talk to your doctor. as always we appreciate it. time is 18 after the air.
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georgia sheriff rallying in the state runoff elections while slamming democrat candidates for their anti-police rhetoric. >> police power showing up in a kind of gangster and the mentality. >> there also has to be funding for those departments on the line. >> reporter: joe chapman will explain why he is speaking out against the democrats next. it's moving day. and while her friends
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there is more recognition broadly across the country right now how serious a problem police brutality, racial profiling and police and prosecution, sentencing and incarceration. >> police power, showing up in a kind of gangster and sentimentality. >> you have to pull individual
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officers and individual department accountable and there has to be funding for those departments on the line. >> georgia law enforcement reacting to anti-cop comments like those from democratic senate candidates john ossoff and rafael worn is about half making it is harder to serve and protect which is why the republican candidates are wrapping up endorsements from the state's share of including joe chapman who joins me live with more on what is at stake. it is around the corner. thanks for being here. so here is the thing. both candidates have said, talking about ossoff and wornoff but you heard them say in the past, kind of said the opposite so you're not really buying what they are arguing right now. >> they are writing a trojan horse right now. after this election if they are successful they will go back to their old ways.
1:24 am
jillian: your endorsing center david perdue for reelection, sheriff's all across the state of georgia are also backing purdue and kelly leffler. tell me why you support them? >> because of their willingness to work with law enforcement, they are pro-law enforcement, they are not against us, they are there to help us. i had a talk with senator leffler and purdue on issues concerning law enforcement. i've never spoken a word to ossoff or wornoff. >> what makes your job harder if you have representatives who are not supporting law enforcement. >> absolutely without a doubt there is no question. if you don't have the backing of the system, you are at a dead end.
1:25 am
one fortunate thing for us in walton county, we are a very conservative county, people support law enforcement and public safety where my neighbors to the west of me in atlanta and other jurisdictions losing a lot of officers. which is our game. shannon: to people in your community understand what is at stake in these elections? >> i hope they do. i will make every effort to see that they do understand what is at stake. >> let's pull up the democrats, justice platform and we will start with rafael wornknock, increasing accountability. and on the platform, ending race with policing, prosecution and sentencing and reversing the militarization of local police forces. what would that do to you? >> i have been part of that, the
1:26 am
obama biden administration, equipment we use that was taken away from us, said it was militarization of law enforcement. that is nothing new from the democrats so i fully expect that to happen again the first of the year. >> your message to the voters? >> go out and vote for senator leffler and senator perdue. if you want your community safe, if you want your family safe, what your schools safe vote for the people that support us. shannon: thank you for sharing your message, appreciate it. have a good day. >> 26 after the hour. a café owner could face jail time for defining covid-19 restrictions in his state. that owner here to share why he refused to close his business and we are tracking that major winter storm causing chaos.
1:27 am
janice dean here with how much snow you should expect.
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>> we are back with a fox news alert breaking overnight in north carolina police officer shot and killed, another hurt after a suspect (or his home. >> it happened in concorde 30 minutes from charlotte. the names of both officers and suspect have not been released. the suspect was also killed and investigation is ongoing. turning to extreme weather, heavy snow blanketing the northeast with some areas expecting more than a foot of snow. >> lauren johnson joins us with the latest. how is it looking? >> it is cold outside. welcome back to philly. this is main street, pretty slushy out here at this point. not many cars have been driving through this area but the
1:31 am
streets are pretty much okay, snow is falling, a little loud on your windshield. it is a mixture. jared, my photographer and i made the trip from center city so a 20 minute drive. i've not given in the snow much today. my first foray into that, took 40 minutes to double the commute. the roads are pretty slick in philadelphia and it is the tricky notice of global pileups so this is a side street, this road is not been traveled much so that gets tricky and you start to slide and slip on the roads. these cars over here are going to have to get out at some point today or maybe they are working at home, they will wait for the snow to melt. it is still falling at this hour. not really too bad and if you look around, it is like a winter wonderland, postcard material, but it took it from inside but we are braving the elements outside.
1:32 am
shannon: a couple years ago when i was working in philly as one of the stations we were driving up one of those hills, huge tools, adorable town, picturesque but our news van started sliding backwards on the hill in the snow. don't attempt those hills, stay where you are. >> i know exactly what you are talking about, this is where we are staying for now. >> i feel so left out. what i know about philly as they have the liberty bell and i am done. >> we have janice dean. we need to know what is going on with this storm and was we can expect for the rest of the day. >> janice: did somebody say cheesesteaks?
1:33 am
anytime of the day, 4:00 am, 5:00 am is cheesesteaks time. listen, let's look at it. it is cold enough for the snow but along the coast we are getting that rain sleet freezing rain missed so on long island for example where i live especially central and eastern long island we are getting almost all rain event and that will cut back on snow totals especially in the new york city area, that is the one thing we were afraid of, snow forecasting is one of the hardest things we do is meteorologist but let's look at it around the new york city area. all snow in central park, laguardia, jfk and newark but still a couple hours to get through, you see dry spots so i don't think we will verify some of those foot totals in and around new york city however upstate, northwest of new york city we are certainly getting
1:34 am
jackpot snowfall totals and this will be with us for the next couple of hours and by this afternoon most of it will be out-of-the-way but i will tell you any snow on the ground is going to potentially be blown around and cause poor visibility, winds at 40, 50 miles per hour just offshore so that will cause almost blessed like conditions and that will be dangerous of people are urged to stay off the roads, stay home and we will keep you up to date. cheesesteak, anybody? >> a kentucky café owner could spend two months in jail, in jail for refusing to close his indoor dining room after he was commonly charged with going against state borders. richard hey ho joins me now with his attorney chris weeks. let's go to you first, the charges you are facing, two count of operating a restaurant without a license in two counties, you are facing 60 days in jail, $1,000 in fines. why are you risking so much? >> could you repeat the question? >> why are you risking so much?
1:35 am
>> we came along, we have our entire life savings invested into this business and the lives of many employees, 35 of them so to go along and continue our business and keep going and are for choice to customers that come in to our dining room and sit in our dining room, we have inspected this week and we scored 98% on the facility and the next day to say you've got to move those people out of your dining room and put them outside in an inspected environment to continue your business that is where we can't continue to go down here. they are arbitrary rules. there are bigger allowances made for strip joints and casinos and other places like that and i have to push my customers
1:36 am
outside. that is as far as we are willing to go. >> this is retaliation from democratic governor andy bashir, why? >> mister hale was a plaintiff in a lawsuit we filed challenging the governor's orders and not a month or 2 after the decision was rendered along comes the health inspector at the behest of the governor, they filed criminal charges, at the direction of the governor. it looks like retaliation, smells like retaliation, probably is retaliation. >> are you scared what could happen to you? >> we believe in what we are doing and believe we are doing the right thing and we believe we will have our day and be able to speak to that, to the citizens of grant county and boone county and allow them to make that decision. todd: from a legal perspective how confident are you that you will win in court? >> these are counties that do
1:37 am
not support the governor, counties donald from carried by substantial margins and that is where the state has to pull their jury for him. i like our chances. >> how have your employees responded to you fighting for them? >> fantastic. they have been so supportive, they have worked, they have volunteered extra time, it is overwhelming the support we have received from customers and as far away as international emails and phone calls from others, the employees have been fantastic and so has the community. >> please keep us posted how this goes, appreciate your time this morning and certainly wish you and your employees happy holidays. over to you. >> rhode island governor under fire after she photographed mask as well as at a wine bar friday night just days after sending a
1:38 am
tweet telling people to, quote, stay home except for he central activities. the offices she did nothing wrong but residents are calling the move hypocritical, started pointing one day after the photo was taken because the health department head tested positive for covid-19. meanwhile in the reports as the luxury restaurant where gavin newsom was caught ignoring his covid-19 was received millions in ppp loans, data from the small business administration shows the french laundry in napa valley received $2.4 million in relief, 17 times more than the average restaurant received in that area, restaurants have not commented. the seattle councilwoman facing backlash after calling police report a crime she is trying to legalize. she supports defunding the police but that did not stop her from calling the police after a rock was thrown through her window. is proposing legislation that dismisses misdemeanor charges if the suspect suffers mental illness or addiction.
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return of the jedi, baby yoda back with a vengeance. >> the breakout star but disney star wars show the mandatory and coming from a galaxy far far away to replace angels on christmas trees drop the land this holiday season. this after the toys were not available last christmas, disney keeping the character secret, i have not been part of this. seems everybody loves it. we are going with her star. 39 after the hour. bipartisan biden? what is david using extremely which to describe republicans, that story next. >> mission impossible meltdown. george clooney weighing in on tom cruise's tirade about following covid-19 guidelines. >> i don't ever want to see it again ever! and if you don't do it you are fired! history
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>> fox news alert breaking right now french president emmanuel macron has tested positive for covid-19 according to french presidency officials who say he was displaying early symptoms. kind is reporting he's going to isolate. he will continue working remotely. we will bring you the latest as soon as we get it. jillian: president like joe biden promises to bring the country together when he gets the white house but one of his incoming staffers has choice words for republicans. >> carley shimkus is here with social media reaction, something says unity quite like this. >> and o'malley dillon who served as biden's campaign manager sat down for an interview and talked about how biden wants to reach across the aisle and work with republicans. listen how she phrased that. in the primary people would not biden like you think you can work with republicans, i'm not saying they are not a bunch of
1:44 am
bad words. mitch mcconnell is terrible, she went on to say she thinks they can break down the targeted -- negativity in politics which i would say not off to a great start there. a lot of reaction in this interview as a whole, new york times maggie haberman praising and abusing putting aside everything else it is rare to hear woman speaking unapologetically and unselfconsciously about life, having kids, and intense job, the kind of thing men are not often asked to think twice about but women are always expected to do. republican senator marsha blackburn has a different take. >> the left will say if you are not going to submit to the agenda we have for women been you are not somebody we want to hear about than the media does this, diminish and demean women that are conservative that are pro-life, profamily, pro-religion and pro-business in your opinion does not count. >> glamour magazine article, not
1:45 am
a publication with interviews from republicans but i will also say probably the first time someone has said let's reach across the aisle while cursing the other side out. >> tom cruise had some choice words for his crew over coronavirus guidelines. >> i don't ever want to see it again. ever! and if you don't do it you are fired. if i said again you are gone. we are not shutting this movie down! >> that is weak audio tom cruise yelling at crewmembers during mission impossible vii the filming of it for not social distancing. was he right, was he wrong? another hollywood heavy hitter has come to his defense, george clooney saying he didn't overreact because it is a problem if the production goes down a lot of people lose their jobs, people have to understand that. it has to be responsible for just not my style to take everybody to task that way.
1:46 am
i think he is pretty spot. tom cruise lost his cool but the point he's trying to make is people get coronavirus people lose their jobs so you got to take it seriously. >> we take it to fund town here. not every day you get a concert by a senator. >> if you want to get into the holiday spirit in a bipartisan way, republican senator lamar alexander playing the piano while senator tim kane, democrat plays the harmonica playing christmas carols, take a look. there you have it. not something you see every day like you said. senator alexander is set to retire so he will probably have more time on his hands as he continues to play the piano.
1:47 am
todd: job i is confident his son did nothing wrong in overseas business deals but hunter biden's digital paper trail keeps growing. >> (the latest email that shed light on his dealings with china next. every year, we set out to do one thing:
1:48 am
help the world believe in holiday magic. and this year was harder than ever. and yet, somehow, you all found a way to pull it off. it's not about the toys or the ornaments but about coming together. santa, santa, you're on mute! just wanted to say thanks. thanks for believing.
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y senator lindsey graham calling a special counsel to investigate hunter biden's business dealings in ukraine and china. todd: the us attorney's office investigating his taxes but joe biden says he's confident hunter has not committed a crime. jonathan sponsors that abide investigation makes joe biden's pick for attorney general
1:51 am
complicated. one of the names being flooded with that is new york governor andrew cuomo. with that can state filing a lawsuit against google over alleged deal with facebook to rig the online ad market. jillian: the coalition accusing the search giant of stifling competition and abusing its monopoly to do so. a spokesman slamming ken paxton leading the charge saying the lawsuit is, quote, meritless adding, quote, we will defend ourselves from these baseless claims in court. paxton will join "fox and friends" this morning to react in the 7:00 hour. las vegas is not happy with 2020 so they are blowing it up. ♪ >> reporter: the covid-19 pandemic, thousands who dream of
1:52 am
experiencing a vegas new year's announces recipients convention authority announcing plans to imploded 2020 sign when the clock strikes 0 on the year. it will be streamed live for your viewing pleasure at home if you so wish to play in the new year that way. >> sort of feel that summarizes the tone and feel of this here. >> know idea how i will feel at this point. let's get there. coming up in the next hour, support for small businesses. >> some may want to shut you down. we want to pull you up. >> florida governor -- we got your back. >> breaks
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1:55 am
>> let's get straight to a fox news alert breaking overnight in north carolina police officer shot and killed, another hurt after a suspect opened fire in a new york mall. inhabiting concorde 30 minutes from charlotte leaving both
1:56 am
offices and suspect of not been released. the suspect also killed and an investigation is ongoing. >> it comes as the charlotte area more into another line of duty death. mcauley police officer was shot and killed while responding to a burglary. he was laid to rest earlier this week. extreme weather. the deadly winter storm pounding the northeast right now. danger on the roads. look at that these people narrowly escaped being hit by a truck in pennsylvania. two people have died because of the storm. travel in new jersey is officials warn of icy roads. >> in baltimore snow totals piling up as emergency crews try to keep up and here in the big apple new york city, the snow comes down for hours, you're looking live at times square. senior meteorologist janice dean tracking one of the biggest nor'easter as we've seen in a while. >> let's go to brian live in brooklyn. what if you got?
1:57 am
>> reporter: 6 inches in brooklyn, central park was reporting 6 and half inches. the snow coming down, snowplows clearing off the roads. i did see a homeless person on the side of the road. we called 311 and they came to check on the person. that is very important during this time, temperatures are 28 degrees, snow is coming down the next few hours, the roads extremely treacherous. henry hudson parkway last night, 19 car pileup, 6 people hurt, four seriously, no one died in that accident but if you look at this video and i know you showed this earlier, there was a minor accident in pennsylvania when a car, suddenly a truck slid into the back of that ems paramedic vehicle narrowly missing those two ems personnel but power
1:58 am
outages, 60 thousands without power, 16 million affected by the storm. most people without power are in virginia. >> a quarter-inch buildup of ice on the trees and the rain is still falling, the air is getting cooler so you have more of a buildup, the trees can't handle that and tend to snap or break. >> the wind gusts 20, 30 miles an hour. >> let's go to janice, you heard brian say 6 inches of snow in that area of brooklyn but due to that mix we've seen in some areas snow totals may be a little less. >> that is correct. even around the new york city area, for example greenwich, new york, greenwich village area 7
1:59 am
inches and if you go to central park they are reporting four inches so it depends on where you are and on long island a lot of eastern long island has been rain, freezing rain event. that is why are say when we forecast nor'easter's it is difficult to tell exactly where the low is going to sedimentary/snow, new york is notorious for being right on that fine line of the rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow. that is kind of an excuse for your local forecasters. all of us wants to get it right but it is so difficult to pinpoint who will get the biggest snowfall totals but i will tell you in binghamton new york they surpassed two feet of snow so some areas are getting a whole bunch of snow, other areas not as much as expected. we want everyone to be nice to


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