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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 15, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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stacy, we could rule the whole world, god love you, you're doing an incredible job. >> god love you, that would maintain editorial candidates who now refused to concede. that's all the time we have tonight. the fox news at night team take it all from here. shannon. >> we shall. great to see you tonight. >> hunter biden finances are th subject of a federal investigation to congressman eric has been linked to chinese by, so why are so many in the mainstream media think these ar not real stories at least once that you shouldn't care to hear about. swalwell. brickey big-name backers are hitting the campaign trail in georgia on a nearly daily basis. weighing in on the races and, what do you think about the whole thereto. plus, pandemic lockdowns, growing tonight in new york cit
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indoor dining is outcome outdoo dining is about to get thrown out, and restaurant owners in the big apple are pushing back. welcome to fox news at night. i'm shannon bream in washington where we begin with the biden coverage controversy. white house correspondent shows us how the trump administration is calling out the media is som to continue to say there's nothing to say. >> nothing to see, move along. the press secretary at the whit house kayleigh mcenany took the press to task for its coverage or lack thereof of bot the hunter biden and the eric swalwell stories. there are some lawmakers on capitol hill that certainly fee like yes, this will be a bigger story moving down the line. some of them believe this has immediate national security implications. in fact, wyoming and 16 of her house colleague sent letter to speaker nancy pelosi today are demanding she remove
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representative swalwell on intelligence. that letter comes after reports that representative swalwell ha a connection and perhaps a relationship with a chinese communist party spy by the name of christine vang. so, if you are looking for reliable information about this story, you probably weren't wen to get much of it in the legacy media. look at the numbers, zero, three , two plus, three plus, you are basically out of luck. that says kayleigh mcenany speaks volumes. >> there was no coverage of swalwell being implicated with not russia, but china. in fact the new york times website as of this morning had not one result. to get this as facebook and twitter executives poured hundreds of thousands of dollar into joe biden's presidential campaign all while blocking the new york post exposé about hunter biden's overseas busines dealings just one example.
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facebook's vice president of public policy donated $99,000 t democrats and biden in the fina weeks of the race and twitter dozens of senior employees also donated almost exclusively to the democrats into the former vice president while obviously twitter is dealing with a numbe of problems, you may remember they actually shut down the new york post twitter page for a couple of weeks because of that story about hunter biden and that is the kind of thing that has not just the white house, but a number of americans sayin this is not fair that coverage is not equal. shannon? >> kevin quick reporting live for us tonight in dc. great to see you. >> youtube. >> the big four congressional leaders have been meeting face-to-face reportedly with treasury secretary on the phone for most of this afternoon and evening. in the last hour, republican leadership emerged from the
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meeting sounding optimistic. everybody wants to get to a final agreement as soon as possible. as the senate's top democrat says he thinks there is a genuine desire to get to a deal. meanwhile, as americans wait, here is what new york congresswoman had to say in an tweet. referencing and recent new york post priest about an emt who joined an erotic photo sharing site to make ends meet, this is from the congresswoman comic work is work, the federal government has done almost nothing to help people in month we must pass stimulus checks. small-business relief, hospital funding, et cetera. give the focus of shame they ar not marginalizing people the surviving a pandemic without help. fighting back tonight trying to survive as a winter storm that could shut down outdoor dining for an extended period bears down on the city in the wake of the cities decision to roll out another ban on indoor dining. correspondent alex hogan has th latest live from new york city
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tonight. good evening, alex parrott. >> good evening, shannon. indoor dining is officially off the table for the second day in a row now really leaving only outdoor dining and take out, an nearly half of the restaurants in new york city the past week said they are in danger of closing permanently. many of them joined together today. >> rallying in times square, hundreds banding together. >> the group is demanding rent and insurance relief ppp to grant state funding and indoor dining arguing that in the last two months, the industry only and counted for about one and a half percent of the state wide spread of covid 19. >> new york city will not recover unless our cities restaurants and our nightlife industry is at the core of the recovery. >> we need government funding. we need your help. we need to survive and we need to stay open prateek of the group marching from the crossroads of the world to the
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new york office of governor andrew cuomo with mounting crie for relief, the governor said the state would be sweeping shutdowns as cases increase. he called the courage trajector of the virus unsustainable. within the last week, only 23 percent we're available, new york city mayor. >> as they dropped onto quickly approaching storm could mean another blow to the restaurant industry parrott. >> we could see this is going t be a serious storm and people need to take it seriously. get the need to remove tears, heaters, all outside curbside dining date city must close by to p.m. on wednesday. >> new york city will say winds of up to 50 miles an hour, and good expect anywhere between eight and 14 inches of snow, so these restaurants will need to dismantle some of these structures that they built, the will need to keep the area clea as much of the city grinds to a
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halt because of the storm. >> we know, so many folks there spent a lot of money with this outdoor space as their only means of survival. for now, it is a 1-2 punch. we will track it. >> seemingly arbitrary lockdown not supported by hard data, and the governor's personal misstep and not practicing what he's been preaching. a group in california is now pushing to recall gavin newsom and they're already more than halfway they say towards the signature requirements. details tonight from our west coast newsroom in la. good evening, jeff. >> good evening, shannon. let's been a tough year is only appearing to get more difficult as california governor gavin newsom p tees faced criticism and protest regarding bands on indoor and outdoor biden dining parade now he could see a recall . that is gaining momentum and supporters are not only signing the petition, but releasing a holiday parody to get the
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message out. >> supporters that were covered calling governor newsom saying this all comes down to his own misstep saying he is his own worst enemy. they say his decisions have not only hurt the fifth largest economy in the world, but they are also calling him a hypocrit for last month he was photographed eating out at the restaurant called french laundr per eight he was with a large group of people who were not within his immediate family and wasn't wearing a mask, and his dining set up appeared to be partially indoors it turned out to be a birthday party for a lobbyist. this was all while the governor was discouraging people from meeting with friends and tellin folks to always wear a mask for it. >> every single person out ther in california should be outrage by that bird were being held hostage in our own homes and he's out at you know multimillion dollar lobbyists and then goes ahead and tells
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people to have private dinners and wineries in northern california bright it's an outrage what we are all stuck a home. >> during his recent trip to lo angeles they asked governor newsom about the recall efforts and this is how he responded. >> the opportunity to end the closures presents itself in new today, as soon as we extinguish the virus, as soon as the virus is eliminated, as soon as the pandemic is behind us, the stat will recover more resilient and more vibrant than ever. >> in order to get the recall o the ballot, one and a half million signatures are needed b mid-march and so far the group behind the effort to claims the have collected more than half. shannon? >> the call out west for us, thank so much. in one form or another governments around the globe have been limiting their citizens individual liberties for months, some of them extrem all in the matter of combating the coronavirus, but now the long-term mtech of the on
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democracy is raising serious concerns. nothing less than the future of your freedom is now at stake. >> teargas rains down in tijuan in december. clashes after a 25 -year-old ma was killed by police who said h violated an overnight covid curfew. much of europe had gone back into lockdown in november sparking a new wave of protest. frustrations boiled over in paris as thousands tried to fle the city of lights new restrictions led to protests al over the country. at first, praised for its response, europe then went through its own crisis over the handling of covid 19. police raided the homes and offices of francis health minister its public health director and former prime minister. the french government response was very much in question. and as scuffle and arrest broke out in london, prominent left-wing politicians called ou the government.
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>> i am going to let people kno about the coronavirus. >> the u.s. has had its share o lockdown tension, they just experienced a terrible peak in deaths and at least overall in the grisly category still ranks 13th per capita in the world th marginality rate is one of the lowest at 1.8. >> right now, covid 19 is with us. gigabit freedom health says onc the pandemic is gone, some restrictions may remain. >> 64 percent of the experts that we surveyed said that they think the impact is going to last for it. >> the cdc highly recommends participation in contact tracin the process of identifying and if need be isolating people who come into contact with the infected. smart phones are one way to do it. >> we look at 65 different countries and 64 of them had created smart phone apps it was a lots of information about how you can create at that rate.
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so this has been very common in democracies and dictatorships a well. critics of the trump administration have compared it unfavorably with other countries . >> we really have had a terribl tragedy and our country, simply not an understanding of what to do. when built lockdown took place. >> professor jeffrey sachs co-authored that claim the 210,000 deaths in the u.s. were avoidable part. >> our governments at the federal, and state and city level did not use that period t build up the contact tracing an the testing capacities and the abilities for people to safely isolate so that they weren't infecting loved ones. >> the columbia researchers praised south korea with one of the quickest and most robust
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intervention strategies. the strategies included threatening lawsuits and prosecution against churchgoers and protesters using surveillance camera footage and smart phone location data and credit card purchase data to monitor the whereabouts of citizens who may have contracte the virus. >> how variously they have controlled covid 19 are small countries, smaller than the united states, with much more centralized government. >> a central government that acted quickly by imprisoning th founder and charging leaders of the french church after the leaders and spread coronavirus early in the pandemic. the church member called it unfair persecution and said members were suffering economically and psychologicall and the church was just an easy target for blame. >> i just think there are right
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that people have and there are responsibilities that people have. >> while the u.s. ambassador fo religious freedom didn't want t wade into the ongoing litigatio he told us that he is worried for religious minorities around the world. >> we are ceiling really some scapegoating of religious minorities in countries where people are unduly blaming them for this. >> they continue to draw plenty of headliners with joe biden campaigning for the democratic candidates there today and vice president pentz expected to mak his third trip to the peach state to stump for republicans on thursday. let's discuss the latest developments as republican senator from louisiana, john kennedy. welcome back, senator. >> take a look at the averages of the polling and both of thes races, the too are within a percentage point. i know you may had down there a well what do republicans need t do to convince georgia voters t
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turn out for them and especiall with the record of them were told that male and basque ballo request as well. >> i think the race is close. i'm not sure i believe the polls . i'm not saying they're not right , but i am saying that in are last election, the pollster made those late-night psychic hotlines look respectable. my sense is it is very close. and i think every time that, harry, john, and julie today understands what this race is about, it's about sending to good people from georgia to the united states senate, but it's also about the senate majority. i think that mister warnock and mister are part of the new democratic party now that that is they are entitled to their opinion and party affiliation, but it's no secret that the democratic party has taken a hard left and kept driving.
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i think that the too will fit right in with their colleagues in washington, d.c. on the democratic side of the aisle. and the good people of georgia have got to have some hard questions. they've got to ask themselves d they really want in a soul crushing job killing neo- socialist agenda. do they really want to be governed by people who want to defund the police? i know many of my democratic colleagues now denied deny that but they hosted it repeatedly the people of georgia has to as themselves if they really want to be governed by people who ar obsessed with race and gender and sexuality.
8:17 pm
we are human beings with souls, we are individuals. we are more than our race or ou agenda or our sexuality. many of my many people in washington now believe they can look at you, look at your race, look at your gender, and they will know everything they need to know about you. i just don't believe that. and finally, the people of georgia, they have got to ask themselves if they really do want to be governed by people who don't respect their ideas, and who think they are better than them. and that is the attitude of the managerial elite in washington, dc which is dominated by democrats. they do, they think they are smarter and more virtuous then the american people, the most
8:18 pm
americans, they really don't care about working americans unless they are part of some specific minority that they com with the democrats deemed worthy . that is what's at issue in this race. >> there are allegations that there are people who voted double in georgia that they're not being investigated. leader clear politics investigated and said that fraudulent votes weren't canceled out. the rnc has filed lawsuit so there will be better control of votes as they are handled, quickly, can you tell me are there confident that there will be clarity and transparency in georgia? >> i sure hope so. i think both sides, but i know our side, we're doing everythin we can to make sure there is.
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look, trying to be as objective as i can, there was fraud in th last election. was there enough fraud to overturn the election? that is for our courts to decid and america when we disagree with an election, and it's the right of any of us to do that, we don't riot, we don't stage a coup, we go to court and let ou judiciary decide and we are in the process of that. i don't want to have this election in georgia called into question because of election irregularities, but the fact remains in this to me is a fact there is nothing inherently wrong with mail in ballots, i encourage people who want to vote by mail to do so, but ther is also undeniable that so much more can go wrong with a male i ballot than a vote cast in person, and that is just a fact.
8:20 pm
>> s, and people in the she wan transparency so each one of us can have confidence that our vote counts. in that transparency is beneficial to everyone. >> yes. >> we're all watching very closely. senator, thank you for being back with us. >> new yorkers, staring at another lockdown twist the science about the restrictions. we have some stats, and joins u next. as a barber, nothing's gonna beat my shave.
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hmm. [ laughing ] that works. >> what's going to happen to a lot of us that aren't going to be able to stay focused. what's going to happen to all the restaurants that are going to close and a couple of weeks? >> what i can't understand is
8:25 pm
the stuff of science in one direction why are we going in the completely opposite direction. >> it is not fair, we are not the problem. we are not. we deserve to work, we deserve our indoor dining to be open. >> new york city mayor feeling the heat on angry restaurant owners and employees tonight with the second indoor dining band hitting small businesses particularly hard and another full city shut down possibly looming is the mayor agrees to set an example and ride the subway in an attempt to encourage new yorkers to use mass transit. good to see you, brian. >> great to see you, shannon. >> you are right there in the middle of this, you talk to irene who is the owner of a famous deli there, here is what she told you. i want to get your reaction. that tells me that i should not listen to this leader anymore because i am in compliance, i
8:26 pm
have done everything he's asked us to do. >> brian, that is the story we hear again and again. they said i spent all this mone to come into compliance and eve the after that their struggling to shut me down. >> from frustrated because a mayor and a governor completely out of touch. they don't understand what it's like turning to keep the small business going. there are staggering stats that happened in april saying we're going to shut everything down, but i needed to go home and it' going to be about three weeks. here some ppp money i think you'll be okay. people said him going to rally, this is the same city that was hit arguably the worst on 9/11, so we know how to do it. we knuckle down, all of a sudde things start opening up very slowly. then they start coming up again. and then you have a situation where look at these stats commi new york restaurants have now lost one employee value in sales
8:27 pm
, 250,000 jobs are gone. in that diner in particular that's been around for years, that woman's husband died four years ago that was her sole income so she wants to work for a living, they do their homewor there and then they go home. now when their starting to get the to sustain them, then they get word from a guy who decides behind a microphone in between meeting with celebrities on zoo calls for fundraisers, and selling his book governor cuomo i think i'm going to shut new york city restaurants down. outs of all the cases in new york that came from under 2 percent of all cases have come from. over 70 percent of these cases have come from homes. i don't want to get into your lifestyle but if they tell you can't go out and go to the club and you can't go to the bars indicate go to restaurants,
8:28 pm
you're going to go home and you're going to do the same thing you were going to do ther or you're probably not going to wear a mask like that manager, the host, and the waiter would have made you do. >> listen, as long as i don't have to cook at home because that's not good for anybody. as long as i get take out everybody will have a chance of survival at my house. mask used far less common, so they're telling everybody to stay home 56 percent of u.s. adults say they usually wear a mask indoors with family and friends outside from outside their household. while 89 percent say they do still in public settings. you talk about the stats saying how many cases chase back to restaurants. people if they believe there is science indebted to back them u and there are willing to make the sacrifices with them are much more likely to do that great when they hear that data and it doesn't square with anything they can understand that involves destroying them economically, how do you get them to participate i'm hearing from business owners i'm going
8:29 pm
to stay open and let them come after maybe it. >> the numbers, i know some sor nurses are watching right now and healthcare workers that say you don't know what it's like i the icu, i say i do know what it's like. we see it all the time. it doesn't mean you have to destroy businesses while you tr to keep people alive. help is on the way, help is here . listen to this, 87 percent of restaurant owners are unable to pay their full rent this month. 34 percent unable to pay any rent at all. the landlords are not bad people , they take loans from the banks come at the banks are not bad people, they lend to the landlords, even if you tell someone don't pay this month, what is the landlord telling th bank and what does the politician do, getting direct deposited into their account they are staying in their place rent free. they have their families and they have their domestic staff, they have their suvs, and they go from place to place wherever they want.
8:30 pm
they don't do that in los angeles they say what is that like how can i help her they sent the health inspectors and to shut you down there and not in a great situation, but i kno on long island i knew a new yor city, these governors are sending these health inspectors out and basically looking for things that these restaurants are not doing when 99 percent o them just want the right to earn , work 70 hours a week and if you worked in a restaurant, they become family, the host, the dishwashers, the cooks in the waitstaff. now you're telling them all, sorry, i have no work or i can only do a fraction of those jobs , you've got to go home so they write checks out of those accounts to sustain people just like the gyms did in the politician set back and collect emmy awards in this case or write books in our case, it is
8:31 pm
sinful, it's unacceptable incident keeping people alive. >> and people have to find a balance, they have to keep an obligation to keep people as safe as possible. there are more targeted precise ways to do that without also causing the despair that comes from economic. >> you have to go to bed, we'll see you in the morning. >> thanks, shannon. >> is the mainstream media putting by ignoring stories about hunter biden and congressman eric slovo. our panel will debate that next. well played. (vo) add some thrill to your wish list.
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or buy online and choose contactless curbside pickup. the season of spoiling is here. petsmart. >> as former wise secretary sai biases often found in stories the conch does not cover. we found he was infiltrated by an alleged chinese pie, interesting pre-election and
8:36 pm
postelection coverage on the hunter biden scandal which was not covered at all by many outlets and in the lead up to the election. >> white house press secretary' before taking it to the liberal media to task today for an apparent lack of interest in joining a light on the federal probe of the finances of the president-elect sun and recent past connection to a suspected chinese vibrate so blitzed that merit of her flocks to contributor fowler and doctorat author charlie kerr, welcome back to you both. >> good to see you, shannon. >> okay, so since most of the media do not want to as joe biden questions about this, our own peter ducey has continued t try to end this is how that went .
8:37 pm
>> congratulations, appreciate it. >> so, charlie, apparently it's the media's job to congratulate the president-elect, but not to ask questions. >> there is a lot of questions that are still not yet answered. i'm very good friends with donald trump jr. freight i saw firsthand what the media did to him because he took one meeting in trump tower that resulted in nothing and it resulted in him having 20 plus hours of testimony in front of the senat intelligence committee, million of dollars in legal fees and hi name slandered in the media almost daily for a year and a half. he was not someone that was par of the intelligence committee, and he definitely had his thorough examination. where is that when it comes to hunter biden? we have now thanks to tony's reason to believe that he was involved in the business dealings of hunter biden
8:38 pm
internationally, if joe biden becomes president of the united states on january 20th, this is a national security threat, one that every american deserves answers for the chinese communist party has been bragging about have they been purchasing, blackmailing and extorting u.s. politicians. we saw that with eric swalwell brickey we've heard from tony before the election, but just a reminder of how the media was treating the hunter biden story before election day. >> we do know that this is a classic example of the right-wing media machine talkin about the guidance of little bi about hunter biden come up most of those charges are unverified. >> it's a baseless conspiracy theories about joe biden and hi son perky as you know perfectly well, i'm a journalist into reporter and i follow the facts and there have never been any issue in terms of corruption. >> richard, it turns out now that what we were being told
8:39 pm
prior to the election about questions about the potential federal investigation is true. i don't see a lot of apology or backtracking now. >> there are two different stories here, but let's start with this, charlie continues to say that joe biden is somehow criminally reason to believe, there is no reason to believe there is no evidence, there is no credible information, there is no media source. so this is just conjecture, and i would argument over the duration for it here's what we do know, we know that hunter biden is being investigated for tax evasion by the justice department, that investigation will go through. there's been no indication from that he plans to get in the way of that or the president-elect of getting in the way of that i stopping this investigation if you look at ages list of who he wants to pick if you pick someone by lake merritt garland to be the attorney general, of course the investigation will continue because joe biden believes in the rule of law and he always has for all 47 years
8:40 pm
he spent in washington. >> if only we had e-mails that showed 10 percent for the big man, if only there was someone that was recruited to run the biden family internationally. [inaudible] >> let me just say barrett gate is called evidence. >> it is his word out there. he said that extensively he sai that extensively with tucker carlson he gave dates, that we have not yet heard of it reputed , we have been here the e-mails reputed. we wait and maybe that will com from the biden camp as we move forward in these investigations continue. richard in charlie, thank you both. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> thank you.
8:41 pm
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pay less when you drive less. you've never been in better hands. allstate. click or call for a quote today. >> another busy newsnight in california the new los angeles county district attorney making waves, he wants incarcerated violent prisoners to stay behin bars, good news for the supreme court for west coast churches started fighting to stay open and a movement underway to recall the governor bright it's like a golden state lightning round tonight, we won't get anywhere near all of it. welcome the centers for america and former deputy's assistant attorney general. welcome back to you both. >> thanks, shannon. >> let's start with the new som recall, from the petition, lous endorse for nationals and arcti over that of our own citizens, people in the state suffer the highest taxes in the nation in the lewis quality of life is a result, it goes on from there. they say they're halfway to the
8:46 pm
signatures of 1.5 million i think you need. >> that's right, i am a supporter at this at this point in time. when the signature petition started, we did not have all th excesses of covid, we didn't have the comforter partying it up at the french laundry and saying that what the rest of california's children are not, so i think with having passed away and we have another three months to go to get the other 700 or 800,000 signatures, we are well underway and i think will be able to pull it off. >> i want to skip to her neck story with you, this has to dea with appeasing the san francisc chronicle, abraham lincoln was hero and is now a bad guy in some san francisco education circles. they said lincoln is one of dozens of historical figures according to school district renaming committee is stained with racism and oppression or human rights violation they do not deserve to have their name on a school building. lincoln, like the president before him most after did not
8:47 pm
show true policy rhetoric that black lives ever mattered to them outside of human capital and casualties willfully. they want to take his name off school potentially. >> it's a sad sad commentary, but it shows why the state is s mismanaged. you have a city that's reeling, people are leaving, people are dying of covid, restaurants are closing, businesses can't operate, schools are closed, crime rates are going up, and people in the city are worried about whether abraham lincoln's name should be taken off a school. abraham lincoln the great emancipator possibly after george washington the president the greatest presidents in american history with if anybod is singularly responsible for freeing the slaves in making sure all black labs matter, it' him, and people want to take hi name off a school in san francisco? it's almost like the people in san francisco who wrote for people like this to be in government deserve the terrible
8:48 pm
government were getting. to get we will watch and see what the schools decides, i wan to get you to weigh in on this order to release inmates in orange county bear their sherif there doesn't want to comply. he was on earlier and say these are not low-lying offenders the are in for serious offenses lik murder and attempted murder violence the public should be i a panic and they should be of concern about the release. this is amid concerns of covid 19, quick comment from you? >> absolutely come, the sheriff is absolutely right, what he's doing is he is appealing the court order. what we found in earlier phases is that people that were released because of prison overcrowding issues have gone o to commit crimes at triple the rate of average, so if we take murderers or attempted murderer and other felons or suspected felons, and release them into the population, you can imagine what that will be. with the sheriff is saying i would like the judge to go through this list and tell me
8:49 pm
who he thinks it is safe to release. >> click final word. a sympathize with those sheriff i think their right about the policy you don't want, but you can't go about defying the courts under the rule of law in california no matter how badly these laws are run and written, so he should appeal all the way to the california supreme court but if he loses he will have to let those prisoners out even though he has a good case that they may harm public safety rather than increase it. >> thank you both. >> thanks, shannon parrott. >> over-the-counter covid test and possible news about a secon vaccine that could roll out in days. that is next. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia.
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>> another critical step forwar in the fight against coronaviru today, the fda issuing an emergency use authorization for the first over-the-counter at-home diagnostic test for covid 19. medical contributor has more on that, and the first front-line workers getting vaccinated. >> hi, shannon, an historic day yesterday some are calling it vide with the new covid 19 vaccine, rolling, in cold storage fees or trucks to over 140 destinations. included in these destinations
8:54 pm
was my own medical center which bought one of the first major battles in the war against covi parrott. >> you know that patient unfortunately died. now imagine, coming to day when there is new hope. there is hope because finally, we can see that something can help protect against this particular virus. it is a day when we can transform things parrott. >> the first patient at nyu was here eastern, nurse manager of the medical icu. she said it was an honor to receive it parrott. >> i felt confident going in an really excited. >> is there any resistance amon the to the covid vaccine? >> i think there is, as you said , it's fear, it's fear of the unknown and hopefully once people come up more people star to take it, then those are afraid will also join them. >> it and administer the shop and took a careful history,
8:55 pm
careful to be sure that tara ha no severe allergies when he's had lung transplant, he was als at the front of the line to receive the vaccine in an effor to protect his vulnerable immun compromised patients from covid that he might pass to them unwittingly. >> we have to get this vaccine. there is no way forward for it it's for our patients, from our coworkers, from our families an this is the moment that we really have to do this to take care of them. >> at the same time the fda is moving on the other vaccine thi week is also just approve base the home antigen test for covid where were used while bureau knows and get your results back in less than 20 minutes. into brave new world with the new vaccines and self testing.
8:56 pm
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