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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 15, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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not the democratic governor of new york. >> tucker: one correction, hosting a show is not quite right. take a 42 minute break is the more know mike better way to describe it. we are out of time. sean hannity takes over. >> tucker: thank you, tucker. welcome to ossoff. the very frail, weak, cognitively's troubling managed to actually leave his basement bunker today. by the way, how nice that we have this all squared up here. is this all what i am seeing? [laughs] all right, there we go. it actually works. tucker's cohosting. anyway, it is called tv, it is live. the campaign in georgia's all-important senate runoff seat, but the most popular politician, apparently in the history of mankind, that guy, or so we are told. he held a rally today. one itsy-bitsy little teensy-weensy problem is the rally was in a mostly empty
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warehouse with a parking lot with a few cars and very few people. which is beyond humiliating. we are good now. anyway, it even makes me doubt, this so-called record-breaking vote total. will go over the numbers. millions more than obama and hillary. wow, no idea joe was so popular, did you? earlier, joe made some very unusual remarks about the unusual reappearance of the radical senate candidate raphael warnock. we will bring a very strange, bizarre latest comments from him and we will explain why the senate runoff is so critical to the trump agenda and the future of this country, and david perdue, the senator who is running for reelection will join us live in a minute. but first, let's turn our attention back to the mob, the media come over the course of the last few weeks, we did notice a sudden, dramatic change of heart among so-called journalists in the press, after spending four years hyperventilating every senate,
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every minute, every hour of every day, over foreign election interference, all of which has been proven to be false. the so-called journalists no longer seem to care. for example, look at this newly uncovered eric swalwell scandal, the congressman was reportedly dating a chinese spy who apparently slept with a number of politicians, and according to reports, while we now know she was working for the communist party of china, the same woman who funneled huge amounts of money, campaign donations from swalwell, well, she also placed an intern in his office. i wonder if the intern was to spy. anyway, swalwell sits on the ever so important house intel committee, and he knows secrets and nobody else is supposed to know. about china. was there any pillow talk? now, let me be very they are, i don't give a rip about his personal life. the real question is, is he compromised? by the way, while we are asking that question, i wonder if joe and hunter are compromised by china. did he reveal secrets?
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did she use his computer, perhaps when he was sleeping? the new york toilet paper times does not ask any of these questions. they have not cover the story at all, not one single report, nothing. pretty disgusting, but always predictable on their part. according to, as of yesterday, fake news cnn, msdnc, spent only five total minutes on the scandal. does that shock you? abc gave a whopping 2 minutes. that is because they have george, what's his name, oh, the clinton supporter, stephanopoulos. nbc, cbs, they completely avoided the topic altogether. i wonder if his name was trump come how they would react. the bias of omission does not end there. as you can imagine, big networks also have very little interest in covering the hunter biden scandal, as we know. look at media research. in the six days since zero experience hunter announced he was under criminal investigation over his tax affairs, the one they said no credible person has
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ever seen anything wrong with -- yeah, that one. the networks allotted a whopping 9 minutes and 35 seconds of airtime to the story, combined, over six days. i guess that is slightly better. they refused to cover the scandal before the election and told us that zero experience hunter, making millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars, was perfectly legit. and quid pro quo joe leveraging, bragging about it on tape, a billion of your dollars, demanding the firing, wow, of the ukrainian prosecutor, investigating his son, that was perfectly fine, too. remember, this is a federal criminal probe, it's involving money laundering. the biden family foreign corruption syndicate, and we call that international pay for play scheme surrounding what are sketchy foreign oligarchs, chinese nationals, and other shadowy figures. now, the media mob, they can't be bothered. turns out, foreign interference isn't exactly important to them. if they can't use it, of course,
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there is a political weapon against somebody with the last e trump, and as kayleigh mcenany pointed out, to this narcissistic bullies known as the white house press quarter, needless to say, they weren't exactly pleased at hearing truth about themselves. and how, well, horrible they do in terms of their job. but they think they're great, they have that in common. take a look. >> there was no coverage, however, of swalwell being the one implicated, but not russia, but china. in fact, "the new york times" website, as of this morning, had not one result for eric swalwell's ties to chinese spies, not one result. and when the swalwell story broke, asked how many minutes of coverage it got on abc, nbc, msnbc, and cbs? zero. interesting, pre-election and postelection coverage come too, on the hunter biden scandal, which was not covered at all by many outlets, really interesting turn of events, and good for
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those who covered what was the story all along, and not russia disinformation. >> accusing others of disinformation when you spread it every day? >> sean: bye-bye, see you, fake news acosta. few exceptions, the entire journalism "industry" works on behalf of the mccarty party, state run tv, and virtually no one has ever dared to ask joe biden about the criminal money laundering investigation into his son, and the biden fortin family syndicate corruption business. the crack pipe. yesterday, when peter doocy tried to get an answer, joe biden actually demanded he be congratulated. well, no one else shows up for his events, so why not? >> [indiscriminate question] >> appreciate it. >> sean: that is the treatment
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you expect to receive when you are a democrat. well, well wishes and pats on the back. during the campaign, the media mob let joe, the candidate protection program propped him up, didn't ask him a tough question, didn't bet him, accepted his lie on zero experience hunter, and did the beating up of donald trump every second, minute, hour of every day. could barely muster the energy -- [sighs] let me put my sunglasses, aviators on. protected his image. they concealed the biden, yep, foreign family syndicate business. they spiked a legitimate story by "the new york post" on hunter's laptop, you know, the one with the crack pipe pictures, and i am told worse. i got a pretty good briefing on that. it's going to get interesting. they ignored the very serious claims from hunter's former partner, tony bobulinski, ignored the johnson-grassley report, great detail of millions and millions of dollars in wire
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transfers for foreign nationals, all to the biden foreign family significant, and of course, on the flip side, they worked for four years to smear donald trump. they even used covid-19 and the pandemic to score cheap political points. they blamed him for each and every single death. the worst pandemic since 1917. blame trump. of course, they called him a racist when he exacted the xenophobic, as joe called it, travel ban against china, then bashed him for not doing it sooner. they were busy impeaching him. the even mocked president trump, accurately claiming the u.s. would in fact have a vaccine by the end of the year. they scoffed at it. joe biden told us on the campaign that there were not going to be any miracles, this punk. by the way, are you a junkie? take a look. >> we will have a vaccine by the end of this year. is not possible, in your view? >> oh, brian. you know, it is another day of
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potus in wonderland here. it is preposterous to make that statement. >> that is in herbaceous timeline, and many health experts are not sure is achievable. >> experts warning that kind of timeline may be overly ambitious, and some would argue it is perhaps dangerous. >> will beget a vaccine in this timetable, or will we just get a vaccine? >> a coronavirus vaccine trump says will come out this year, experts say he di would need a miracle to be right. >> you cannot talk yourself into a vaccine. the fastest a vaccine has been produced from start to finish is five years. >> sean: journalism. i said it in '07, is dead. they do not care about facts, they do not care about truth, they only care about democrats winning elections, and even if they have to cheat. that is it. that is the mission. fake news cnn, msdnc, abc, cbs, nbc, "the new york times," washington compost. that is eric campbell's paper
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come he has obsessed with us. the most infuriating part about it as they lie about their agenda. we are honest. we do straight news, investigative reporting, we give opinion, we do sports, we do culture. we are kind of like a full newspaper. they say they are news and news only. they give opinion every second of the day. well, from their high -- in their ivory tower, pretending to be fair arbiters of truth. they are not. in reality, lying brian williams to dan rather to fake jake, roswell rachel, the genius humpty dumpty, some of the least trustworthy people on the planet. i think they actually believe their own b.s. these are the same people telling us to sit down and just shut up. except those election results, don't question anything. they are now demanding that we unite behind joe, or else we are terrible americans. take a look. >> what i heard from joe biden was twofold. one, a bit of the same message that he had been communicating for several weeks, which is one of unity and trying to calm the
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passions of the election, but also a bit of impatience creeping in. you know, we are well over a month after the election. this effort by republicans to challenge the election has been garbage the entire time. they haven't come up with anything, and i think what joe biden was trying to say, now that the electors have voted, this garbage stinks so bad that there is no justification for any of these republicans to continue holding out. >> sean: we watched for years, the mob, the media, big tech, democrats, they never accepted the results of 2016. they lived in a fantasy world for years, full of delusions of russian collusion. ignoring hillary's dirty russian misinformation dossier. that is a spectacular bifurcation of their brains, if you ask me. now they want to call the fight for election integrity garbage and demand you get in line come off 75 million of you, right now. i don't think so.
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as a wisconsin chief justice said, this was a devastating take on a powerful dissent, 4-30, close decision, a significant -- wisconsin supreme court -- significant portion of the public does not believe the presidential election was fairly conducted. once again, four justices on this court, the wisconsin supreme court, cannot be bothered with addressing what the statutes require to assure that absentee ballots are lawfully cast. the chief justice continued -- the chief justice, four members of this court, through the cloak over numerous problems that will be repeated again and again until this court has the courage to correct them. another dissenting supreme court justice in wisconsin. "that the state's ruling against the trump campaign is "doomed to create chaos, uncertainty, undermine confidence, spohn
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needless litigation. this is not the rule of law, it is the rule of judicial activism through inaction. that doesn't happen a lot among supreme court justices, just to let you know. clearly, it is up to week, the american people, to demand accountability and transparency in our election so we can have confidence in the results and the media mob is not looking out before we, the people. here with more, armor white house chief of staff reince priebus, white house contributor joe concha. before we get to the media, joe, reince, from the day you explain the wisconsin case, based on the law and constitution, and i guess i have affirmation from the chief justice and two other justices, that this was a solid, legal, constitutional case. the beat down a fellow justices, for the unprecedented. >> it was a remarkable decision, sean, and thank you for having me on, about this case, because it is one of the cases that i
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think should be highlighted mo more. showing that clerks in wisconsin cannot and should not be able to create their own system of voting that is contrary to state law. this is a very simple issue, and you saw that the supreme court ruled 4-3 -- we were one vote away in the supreme court of wisconsin from remaking and actually remaking and reconfiguring and fixing the case in wisconsin, that we have been talking about. ruled that the drop boxes, these three judges said the drop boxes were illegal. they said it was illegal for clerks to be filling out information on absentee ballots. people ought to turn in absentee ballot applications, and the one justice, which was remarkable, was the justice, in fact, that the president helped elect in april of 2019, when the president tweeted in his favor so many times -- double digits
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behind in the race, and lo and behold, he turned his back on the president, but he ruled that the campaign should have brought the lawsuit sooner, but that is ridiculous, because that would mean that campaigns and candidates would have to bring and prelitigate all the things that they didn't like about the election laws prior to the election in order to survive a recount. well, the justices, the three justices said that was ridiculous. >> sean: you know, when you combine the wisconsin case, again, 4-3 decision and a brutal dissent of the three, with the pennsylvania case. the pennsylvania case was about, you know, the rule 70, whatever they call it, where they literally bypassed the state's constitution. this is not complicated law. you don't need to go to harvard law school to figure out, oh, okay, they didn't follow the law. or the state legislators, you know, weren't in charge of making the election rules.
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they were making them up as they go along, like having two systems of signature verification in georgia. that's three states, legally, constitutionally, when i saw, that there was wide open opportunity, if the law was going to be followed in the constitution followed, as well. joe, you cannot discount, though, you know, i make the case, you tell me where i'm wrong, that the media, for four years, has hated this guy and never accepted the results of 2016, and i find their lectures, at times, both humorous, and at other times, a little, like, infuriating. and i'm like, i'm not going to get lectured by these people. i don't even respect them. >> all of the american people want, sean, and you are not wrong, is consistency. so, if you are saying that president trump is destroying democracy now, with the same indignation and self-righteousness and stark that we are seeing, then you have to do the same when say, a hillary clinton, says
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president trump is illegitimate, and she said that on several occasions publicly come over and former president carter said the same thing publicly, or when stacey abrams doesn't concede her race in georgia, says an election was stolen from her, and instead of becoming ostracized, she becomes a media darling. so again, there is no consistency. therefore, the soapbox lectures from people who are paying attention, anyway, simply do not resonate. let me get to joe biden, because you played a lot of that before, as far as the way he treats the press. first, in the speech, he attacks the president, then the press. in the same joe biden that that he was going to heal the country and unify the country. again, after almost every public appearance, he does not take questions. only twice has he taken questions on hunter biden, same reporter, peter doocy of this network, yelling the questions because he is never called upon, and the two answers we get from joe biden savon hunter biden is "i'm proud of my son" and "i'm -
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and we're seeing it during the transition now. this will be the least transparent, lease accessible, most packaged, most controlled president of the modern era, and the reason he has not taken questions on this and avoids the press in general even though they are overwhelmingly friendly, safer peter doocy, is because he has been taught that he can get away with it. if i had joe biden in front of me, and i'm sure maybe you would ask this question, as well, it would be my first question because i want to know, did you meet with tony bobulinski, hunter biden's business associate, the beverly hills hilton in 2017 to discuss the chinese business deals? why isn't that question asked? joe biden cannot run for it frot forever. >> sean: reince, the media haven't quite figured out, they'll have the first 100 days and maybe the virtual whatever, we will see what happens, but then they've got to come and you know, you imagine a joe biden presidency, he's going to stay in hiding.
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i don't think he is capable of doing a hell lot of a more, to be very blunt. he certainly does not look like he has a lot of stamina to me. and how much of the media, interesting, perhaps ironically, they are going to miss donald trump. because they -- he is so great, that joe. joe is great. we love his socialism. joe is raising our taxes, yea. you know, joe is giving us trillions in the green new deal, yay. what are they going to talk about. they are going to miss him so much they can't even stand it, within three months. >> they are not just went to miss him, they are going to miss the money -- >> sean: [laughs] they better have locked in their contracts. >> all kinds of things about trump. i saw mrc did a study, over a thousand minutes of evening noons before the campaign, 92% was negative about trump. 66% positive on biden. they are going to miss him, but they are going to miss the money.
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>> sean: i didn't even think of that. hope they signed long-term deals. joe, your thoughts? >> [laughs] well, reince is exactly right. we saw a book deal after book deal for those in the white house press corps, and now, suddenly, they won't have anybody to write about -- >> sean: you are right, he dumped he was a massive -- i think he made, like, 40,000 on nielsen, that is a record low. go ahead. >> i'm not sure who you are referring to there, but the point is, yeah, something we are going to see going forward read donald trump will still be worked into every conversation, regardless. if joe biden, something that happens during his presidency, it will be because he inherited it. if the situation where something goes well, it's becaue joe biden wise and experienced leadership. he's going to have it both ways is the narrative. >> sean: mr. potato head and phil griffin are glad they are getting the hell out of the door quickly. thank you both. all right, tomorrow, the
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chairman of the homeland security committee, senator ron johnson will hold a major hearing on election irregularities. what can we expect from that request my kayleigh mcenany is back with us. ron johnson, man, he digs in, he did a good job with hunter and joe, the media, it's really their job, and then they ignore his work, we already have chronicled what happened here. that is why 83% of people in a gallup poll, republicans say, no, too many irregularities, we do not believe these results. >> yeah, that's right. everything you chronicled on this program, sean, much of it will be her tomorrow before the senate at 10:00 a.m. eastern time before the senate homeland security committee. you're going to hear from the nevada attorney, who i believe you had on this very program. he's going to talk about the 130,000 ballots that should not have been counted, the ones you went through, the 44,000. people who voted twice.
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the 44,000 who were not connected to an address. also here from the wisconsin attorney who argued the case before the wisconsin supreme court that reince just outlined. it will be very eye-opening for those who are tuning in each and every night here because you ha. tomorrow is the big day. >> sean: as we look at that, i understand the pennsylvania case moving forward. i'm still venting, but i'm looking at the dominion problem in michigan, is there anything to that? and i understand arizona now is going to have a look-see. a little late in the process for my liking, the forensic analysis of the machines. i was saying to do that almost from the beginning. anything that you see without? >> well, it just shows the machines had a very high error rate, so what the forensic experts found is that when you have a 60% error rate, what that meant is the ballots should have went to adjudication, and that is where they needed the safeguards, signature matching, the address verification, and when he goes to that point of
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adjudication, it's there where the safeguards are so necessary. that's what that shows, and it's why we need -- in georgia, for instance, today joe biden during his speech went pretty much unnoticed by most, but he literally said, stacey abrams, if i had ten of you, we could rule the world. what an interesting statement to make. stacey abrams, of course, the person who weakened signature match so the machine had an error rate and it went to adjudication, there was not a safe guard there. apparently they could rule the world with stacey abrams by his side, eliminating the safeguards. >> sean: all right, kayleigh mcenany. you're going to love this. don't tune out, because we are going to show, i mean, it was packed. so many people showed up for joe biden in georgia today. actually, that's not true. we will show you how bad it was. and republican lawmakers demanding pelosi remove the compromised congressman swalwell from the intel committee. why isn't she doing it? ric grenell, matt gaetz our next, and you will see the huge
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biden crowd. like, 15 people, straight ahead. ♪
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♪ >> sean: new calls tonight to remove disgraced congressman eric swalwell from the house intel committee, especially as the democratic lawmaker still refuses to answer any direct questions about the nature and the extent of that relationship with what turned out to be a chinese intelligence operative named christine fang, who we know helped fund raise for his 2014 campaign, and placed an intern right in his office. just today, house republicans sent a letter to pelosi demanding she removed swalwell from the house intel committee, slamming the california congressman for withholding information for five years from the committee about being
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targeted by chinese espionage. and i remember, the whole story is kind of rich with irony because swalwell come along with, you know, adam schiff, the corrupt, congenital liar, was the biggest russia hoax there in trump-russia truther in washington. there is a slight trip down memory lane to refresh your, well, brainstem spirit >> the question has shifted from whether the president is working with the russians to what evidence exists that the president is not working with the russians. >> you believe the president, right now, has been an agent of the russians? >> yes, i think there is more evidence -- yes, i think all of the arrows point in that direction. i've not seen a single piece of evidence that he is not. i think he acts on russia's behalf and puts russia's interests ahead too often ahead of america's interest. over the past two years from our country has seen just an influx of russians into our political bloodstream, and that is something that did not exist until donald trump came on the scene. >> sean: all of that was a
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lie, but let's play the same game. what evidence exists that you are not compromised, congressman, by china? democrats, the media mob, they continue to suppress that story, just like hunter and joe, because along with the biggest institutional forces in the country, they seem to just exist to protect all things radical democratic socialist, especially quid pro quo joe, and yes, the ever richer, the zero experience hunter, the guy with the crack pipe, now implicated in a full-blown foreign corruption scandal stemming from the, yes, the biden foreign family corruption syndicate. nefarious dealings overseas. the story was hidden from the public and censored by big tech, plagued by lies about being russian disinformation, which itself was a lie, ironically. and it's why house republicans tonight are now calling for an emergency hearing to investigate twitter and facebook's censorship, something they never did with the russia-from collusion my, of
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"the new york post" reporting of the, yep, the biden foreign family corruption syndicate, and of course, hunter's laptop. my sources tell me there is a lot more on there. a real lot more. here with the reaction, republican congressman matt gaetz, and former acting director of national intelligence, we just ran out of time and i am going to hone in on it and it is simple. you said, oh, the other politicians that she slept with, that is just the tip of the iceberg. i can't let that go unanswered. >> look, my point, sean, is that the tip of the iceberg is members of congress, governors, local officials being leveraged by the chinese, this has been going on for years. and eric swalwell has been part of the distraction campaign for many years. he has tried to downplay the variouvery serious problems we e
6:32 pm
had with chinese spies and leverage and he has tried to play the game of look over there and really tried to create something that is not there with russia. look, russia is a problem. china is a crisis. we keep saying this. and the fact of the matter is that for too long, eric swalwell has been taking -- what we've got to get to the bottom of this. our intel committees have got to start kicking him off and they need to do a classified briefing on exactly what the intel committee knows about not just eric swalwell, but the rest of members of congress and other politicians who are being leveraged by the chinese. >> sean: i mean, it's kind of scary on all fronts. matt gaetz, okay, what evidence now exists that in fact eric swalwell, your friend and do your colleague that pushed the
6:33 pm
russia conspiracy truth a hoax is not compromised by china? >> well, if democrats didn't have double standards, they would probably have no standards at all. remember, this is the party that impeached donald trump for a perfect call and yet they are unwilling to take any action against a colleague for at the minimum a rather imperfect relationship with a chinese intelligence analyst. but he is right. this is the tip of the iceberg. australia recently had a report of 2 million names link to ccp members and a shocking member of those members had actually worked their way into western consulates in shanghai for the united states. great britain, australia. and it shows that this is an effort by the chinese that has been undertaken by more than a decade. remember, he was not targeted when he was a member of congress. he was targeted when he was a city council member. that tells us a lot more about
6:34 pm
china than it does about congressman eric swalwell and how determined they are to compromise the leaders that should be acting in the interest of our country. >> sean: he gets an intern up someone on the office of the house intel committee. then you've got the bidens and knowing and listening to your admonition, russia is a hostile regime. so are the iranians. so is china. china is the biggest security threat of all. you would know more than me. and all of this is happening. are the bidens compromised? is it likely that all of their correspondence, maybe even hunter's laptop information, which i hear is -- they have all of that? or am i just living in a bubble? >> well, one thing that i can say is that it is not true that the hunter laptop is some sort of russian disinformation campaign, which again was part
6:35 pm
of eric swalwell and others look over here strategy. pretending like something was bigger than what it was. again, i just want to repeat, russia is a problem. no one is trying to say that russia is not a problem. but china is a crisis. and i believe, sean, that if the gang of eight, which are the leaders in congress, to watch over intel, if they are not going to have a classified briefing, then we need to start having members of congress step up, go around the gang of 8 and ask for this classified briefing. no more excuses that what eric was dealing with was classified information so he can't talk about it. the intelligence community knows exactly what the problem is we are having a crisis when it comes to the infiltration of chinese spies in academia and our political circles. >> sean: you know, matt, i don't if you really have to go too far to look at zero experience hunter. we don't see any evidence of experience in private equity.
6:36 pm
billion five bank, $100,000 shopping spree chinese national. you've got this one spies sleeping with a bunch of politicians. and you've got eric swalwell seen russians everywhere and not get an answer to the question what was the nature of your relationship? i'm not looking for the details. i just want to know if you are compromise. and i really want to know if joe and hunter are compromised. >> well, a common theme there is that the fake news and their allies in silicon valley don't want you to get the accurate information. that is why they have had a little blackout on the story. i am glad we are getting the truth right here on "hannity." they won by the way, matt's new book is out. it's in bookstores everywhere, thank you. when we come back, joe biden. you are going to love this video. campaigning in georgia today. the guy that got more votes they have a of any politician of mankind except for the phony ones. anyway, look at this crowd.
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it's a whopping huge massive disaster. he was in georgia, senator of purdue responds next. ♪ ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. fighting cancer doesn't start here. not in tubes or bags. not in scans or scribbles. fighting cancer doesn't even start in a lab. the truth is, fighting cancer starts with you.
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♪ who won more tonight out of georgia. the runoffs, the extreme candidates doubling down on the far left fantasies. their fantasy will become a reality if they are not reelected. the country is calling out to our friends in georgia. we need you. he is wrapping up his open borders plan saying at a recent event that federal agents should be used to ensure that illegal immigrants are being paid fair wages about enforcing the law, immigration law on the books.
6:42 pm
meanwhile, raphael is continuing to align himself with the most extreme far left members of congress. participating in a fund-raiser that included far left activists. a history of anti-semitic remarks. earlier today, barely there biden limped all the way down to atlanta to try to drum up support. look at this crowd. that is him speaking. wow. it's huge. you know, i guess all of the peach state socialists showed up. there is only one problem. hardly anyone showed up. frankly, it's downright embarrassing. this is the guy that got 15 million more votes than hillary and 15 more than obama. i had no idea he was that popular. parking lot drew just a few cars. no enthusiasm. no energy. barely any people and we are supposed to believe he is the most popular democrat of all time. yep, more popular than obama and hillary.
6:43 pm
maybe he's actually not. a lot of issues facing georgia, but also the country. and by the way, that is in the latest ad. take a look. >> i don't know how the heck you state in such great shape, man. i reached up and grabbed his arm. it's as big as my thigh. [laughter] >> [laughs] >> sean: not that funny. do you know what biden didn't tell you? more on his radical past. the nation of islam. also comparing israeli prime minister to george walla wallace. any of chuck schumer's far left agendas, the green new deal, open borders, yeah, everything is free and taxes, taxes, and more taxes. packing the court and ending the filibuster. joining us now, first we are going to show his latest campaign. we have david purdue showing us what's at stake in his latest election.
6:44 pm
>> we don't have to negotiate. >> no negotiation. think about that. they get total control. we get police. defunded. illegal immigrants, voting. your private health insurance taken away. is that really what you want? >> sean: is that really what you want? georgia senator, david purdue. i was shocked nobody showed up. he is supposed to be the most popular political figure of all-time. >> sean, this is the second time joe biden has come down to georgia and not attracted a crowd. he came once before and he came down this time. i mean look, we are on a 125 town tour of the state of georgia around small towns. we have had bigger crowds than every single one of these stops. and i mean small towns than he had today. but we want him to keep coming down because he quietly told the
6:45 pm
democrats on defunding the police. they are denying that they want to defund the police. here we've got to go candidates running against kelly loeffler. they both want to defund the police. one of them is caught on video. the other one says that they are gangsters and thugs. so these are two liberal democrats that we are running against. it will be nothing but rubber-stamps for chuck schumer as he initiates his socialist agenda on america. >> sean: i could tell trump supporter's, i could tell them what is at stake. four years of hard work is at stake. it will never stop, the never ending harassment of the president and his family. one of the other issues you see as key? january 5th is not exactly in everyone's calendar. >> no, it's not and we have the holiday season upon us.
6:46 pm
this is unusual. it is very clear. you just have to listen to what chuck schumer says. you just heard a clip about aoc not wanting to compromise and negotiate. what chuck schumer will do is change the voting rule to what he cahe can do whatever he want. they will have the majority and they will have to go states, four democratic seats. they will stack the court. it will absolutely try to change the electoral college. and this is what i see coming. defund the police is only the start of it. they want illegal immigrants to vote. stacy just said that a couple weeks ago. they want us to cut our military again, which is what obama did and what clinton did. but i really think the people in georgia have awakened to this fraud, this absolute hypocrisy of the democrats are trying to perpetrate. because they won't defend any of these policies are in the democratic platform. we are seeing this all over the state, sean. we have gone around the state and people are outraged. what we need to do is make sure they get out and vote.
6:47 pm
if they want to help us, go to produce that this is a fight for a lifetime. where the last line of defense here in georgia. >> sean: all right senator, i cannot, i mean, for the people in georgia, your country needs you. this race, his reelection, kelly loeffler's reelection is critical. thank you both for being with us. we appreciate it. by the way, rafael, you want to come on, john, you want to come on. we welcome you on the show. it went viral after confronting public health perspectives about the draconian locked on researches. we have faith in the owner of that restaurant next. ♪ too! too! so really, how are you? oh well, look! that's what we're both taking right now, fanapt. you know it's really been helping me manage my schizophrenia. i used to hear these terrible voices. loser! you're such a failure. you're so embarrassing. i used to feel like everyone was staring at me.
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- [narrator] as many of the nation's most trusted hospitals, we all know this. the science has not changed. masks slow the spread of covid-19. every one of our healthcare professionals is asking you to do one very simple thing. let's keep it up. let's mask up. (solemn orchestral music ends)
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♪ >> sean: one southern california restaurant
6:52 pm
owner, he is fighting back against draconian lockdown. this video going viral as he fights for the survival of his employees and his business. watch this. >> i follow the rules. i continue to follow the rules. you tell me i have to close my business? >> you are not following the rules. however long that takes, i have to close my business? >> sean: joining us now with an exclusive interview, the restaurant owner of this now viral video. i am sorry you are going through this. tell us how it all happened. >> so, what happened was on friday evening, i spoke to the health department that afternoon. i said hey, listen, i want to put my tables outside as a protest but i am still going to serve everything to go.
6:53 pm
whatever they do is what they do. i am not in a position to tell people what to do. and he was okay with that because i'm allowed to protest. and instead of sticking by his word, he sent two health inspectors came that evening and they are like listen, you need to shut down and closed on this restaurant. here is a closure notice. so i said, listen, if i put these tables inside, can i skip the whole process? i am following the rules. i am abiding by the rules. can we just call it quits and i can go about my business? no, sorry, here is a closure notice. you've got to close. i said, that's not possible. i have rent to play. i have employees to pay. i ended up staying open. that same health supervisor called me on monday morning and we had a conversation which actually recorded and i said, listen come you didn't stick to your word last time. and he said, no, i will stick to my word this time. if you send me an email and you tell me that you are going to comply with all rules and regulations, which i told him i had been over the weekend
6:54 pm
already, he said that he would lift the closure, the closure off of my restaurant. so i said all right, i am recording you right now. make sure you that you stick to your word. he said i will stick to my word. two hours later, i get an email from him saying actually we found out that your restaurant was open, so i am taking that back and the restaurant needs to close immediately. right when that was all happening, sorry, go ahead? >> sean: no, keep going. i want to hear your story. >> are right when all of that was happening, a guy named jorge ventura, who has his twitter page was interviewing up the same time while i got frustrated. just dumb i just as we were ending the interview that is the video that went viral. basically i went in and started to talk into them. they were like you need to close the restaurant. i'm like why? i'm complying. i am not breaking the rules. why are you poking at me? i have already complied to what you guys want. i've got my hands tied.
6:55 pm
if i put tables outside, i have a citation and i need to close. if i put my tables inside, same thing. why can't you just let me go about my business? i was able to protest for my short three hours, which you guys agreed upon, so let me be now. anyway, it went viral from the there. so that's the story and that is what happened. they did not keep their word. >> sean: and then you have your governor sitting this close to the next person eating dinner. great visual. i wish you and your business the best. i wish the best for your employees. people need to hear how hard this is on people like yourself to what it all on the line for your customers. unbelievable. more "hannity" after this. ♪ the left says christ was radical, but christ is the creator, god in human flesh, and he's the only one who can give you peace, and he wants to give you that peace, eternal peace. will you come to him? - [woman] are you looking for peace that can withstand any hardship that life can bring?
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7:00 pm
corrupt, we don't like him and we don't censor. we will invite you both break let not your heart be troubled, why? because she is there, she is waiting, she is ready she has a great show. laura ingraham parrott. >> i can't wait to see how warnock and on together. they're actually going to be in the same panel. if they want to come on, i want to give them equal time parrott. >> you know they're not going t come on. they would never come on with you. why would they? they're not going to come on in debate you because they're not strategic thinkers. they want mail in voting and th stupid is not going to rescue their companion parrott. >> they always say i'm a harmless little fuzzball spirit gave they're not going to come on with you, they're not going to come on with me, none of tha bird. >> i'm reaching out across


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