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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 9, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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he could not have a toy gun. they apologized sending him a brand-new nerf gun. so, there you go. home delivery. thanks, everybody. this has been "special report." "special report" hosted by martha maccallum starts now. hey martha. >> martha: he never had any problem bringing gifts to my house. good evening, everybody. i martha maccallum in new york and this is "the story. we've got to go very big stories. both of them are related to china. hunter biden is indeed under investigation by the doj in delaware. the son of the incoming president is now set to be investigated by his -- senator john kennedy standing by on that. also murdoch ready to way in. what are the facts on the story?
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swalwell and an accused chinese spy. the young woman identified as fang fang as she was known in the united states, specifically, what did nancy pelosi know about this investigation? it all happened under her roof as speaker of the house. here is what we do know. she entered the united states as a college student back in 2011. she spent 4 years getting close to several united states officials. she had affairs with at least two of them in an effort to get united states intelligence. >> i was shocked. over 6 years ago i was told about this individual and then i offered to help and i did help and i was thanked by the fbi for my help and that person is no longer in the country. i was a little surprised to read about my cooperation in that story because the story says that there was never a suspicion
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of wrongdoing on my part. >> martha: now, the house minority leader, kevin mccarthy wants him off the house intel committee and wants the matter to be investigated to be sure that the congressman was never compromised in any way. watch this. >> this is only the tip of the iceberg because remember what we are hearing. these are chinese spies that go down to the level of a mayor. they court and help a city congressman become a congressm congressman. why is he still on the intel committee? why is he still a member of congress? did adam schiff know as chairman of that committee that he had this problem? >> martha: so, strong charges there from kevin mccarthy. eric swalwell who claims very wildly and often, now says that he feels like a victim of weaponized politics. an interesting charge to say the least given his role in the collusion investigation where
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evidence was an afterthought to charges. >> at the same time the story was being leaked out was the time i was working on impeachment on the house intelligence. if this is a country where people who criticize the president are going to have law enforcement information weaponized against them, that is not a country that any of us want to live in. >> martha: i think a lot of people are going to see some irony there. tonight, a former intelligence officials told -- he has not commented on whether he was ever romantically involved with this woman. we have invited him here and promised that he will have an opportunity to tell his full side of the story and clear up the facts. here he is back on this program in march of 2019. >> do you still believe that the president is a russian agent? >> i think he acts on russia's
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behalf and he puts russia's interests ahead too often of american's interest. >> martha: senator, good to see you tonight. thank you for being with us. what was your reaction to this story? >> well, first of all, a tremendous irony, right? and i think that this is an example. he is now claiming that he wants to be treated fairly. he as a member of the intelligence committee was going around telling people the president was an agent of a foreign government and obviously when people hear that from someone who was on the intelligence committee, they think he must know something. he must know something the rest of us don't know. in fact, that has become a habit from a lot of people. while, there are things that we don't know that we can't tell you. a lot of that was going on. it was very unfair on the president. i think i hindsight we see tha
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is -- there are legitimate questions. i'm not accusing anyone of anything. the broader question here is there are a lot of legitimate questions. just as a member of congress at his constituents. i'm not saying that he doesn't have good answers. i don't know. but there is a tremendous amount of irony. >> martha: yeah, and as i said, we would be absolutely happy and open to hearing all of the side of the story. the other thing that really strikes me is the defensive briefing that he was given as soon as they figured out that she was trying to get information out of him, they went right to him and let him know. and president trump was not afforded that information. he was basically treated as a target during the course of the investigation of his campaign. why is the treatment so different? >> because at different time.
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periods. there were people who were there to observe him to see how he reacted. they used the defensive briefing for investigative purposes. we know that now. we didn't know that then. obviously that is a practice that i hope the fbi has protected. the broader issue of the chinese espionage issue is a huge issue. this is exactly what they do. they do recruit cuomos. they try to get close to local leaders. they play the long game and this is a prototype of exactly the kind of efforts they try to carry out. they get to know you when you are a city councilman in hopes that one day you might be a member of the cabinet and in a position to help them. at a minimum because you have a pro-china view of things, pro-china narrative in your head, but also potentially because you have compromisin tee
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compromising information on you. it's very troubling. >> martha: probably not and that remains a lingering question about compromise. and that was the big question that all of these people had about the trump campaign. are they compromise? those same questions need to be answered. he is talking about the big question as you suggest, senator. >> we have now reached the point where the fbi is opening a new china-related counterintelligence case about every 10 hours. of the nearly 5,000 active fbi counterintelligence cases currently underway across the country, almost half are all related to china. >> that is essentially what you were bringing up in terms of the scope of this, which brings me to my next question. there is suggestion that a former mayor of south bend,
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indiana, pete buttigieg, is on the short-list to potentially becoming the ambassador for china. this is one of the most important diplomatic relationships that are on that list of countries that you deal with. and you know, one of the other famous ambassadors of china was president george h.w. bush, who by that point had been shut do n and earned a metal. he had been a member of congress. he had been an ambassador for the united nations. it is pete buttigieg qualified for that role? >> no, he's not. no disrespect towards the mayor of the city, but frankly, he just doesn't have the breath and depth of experience interacting with china. he worked at mckinsey, the consulting group that has china-related issues and some of the initiatives they have supported.
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i just personally believe that you are dealing with the second largest economy in the world. it is the second most powerful military in the world and a competitor of the united states. the country of whom the relationship we have will define the rest of the 21st century. i think it's important that we send someone to that post that has some depth of understanding about all of the issues related to that country and our relationship with them. again, with all due respect, i just don't think that's what gets you ready for it. >> martha: yeah, senator, thank you. always good to have you here. good to see you tonight, sir. former white house press secretary and fox news contributor. she traveled to china and north korea with the president as his press secretary. sarah, good to have you here tonight. first things first. what is your reaction to the eric swalwell story? he was obviously a very outspoken critic of what he saw as a deep and tangled web of russia collusion within the trump campaign.
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he talked about it all the time. >> well, it sounds like he should have been paying a lot closer attention to his own foreign dealings than attacking the president so much about russia. it was outrageous and irresponsible the way that he conducted himself in the attacks that he made against president trump. but knowing what we know now, it is even more absurd and ridiculous that he was so willing to do that when he had his own situation. and i certainly think it deserves to be tapped into and looked into deeper. i commend kevin mccarthy for his leadership on pushing back and asking if we look whether or not he should even be on and continue looking into this, particularly within his own association. >> martha: lance, a republican congressman from texas about chinese nationals should not be allowed to intern in the united states congress. they are a great threat. we cannot allow them to
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infiltrate our legislators. i will be introducing a bill to ban the shortly. >> i would weigh in on anything like that. but i do think we have to really aggressively lean on the intel community and whether or not this is something we can do a lot more on. look, one thing is extremely clear. the united states or china will lead in the 21st century. they are our number one national security threats and our biggest economic competitor. president trump was right to hold a hard line against them. he was the first politician in decades to stand up, stop appeasing china, and say enough is enough. joe biden has proved he is weak on that and now we find out information that he started your show with that hunter biden is being investigated in his dealings with china by the justice department, which i think also proves to be very problematic. >> martha: yeah, i mean,
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obviously it's the china link that is the most concerning and that whole story and we now know that that investigation has been going on for some time. it was covert during the election and now it's overt, which means that hunter biden is clearly aware of that investigation. with regard to your travels and your work on those trips to china, to north korea, which are obviously very linked and your thoughts on the person who should be the ambassador for china, john during the trump administration, former governor of utah, who had a lot of international experience as well, what about pete buttigieg in that role? >> i'm more qualified, infinitely more qualified than mayor pete. he has had no interactions that i am aware of at a high level with chinese officials were shown or demonstrated a great depth of knowledge. i think the president was right to put people in those roles that had a large understanding of relationships and understood what they were going into.
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again, donald trump was the first person in decades to stand up and fight back and hold a hard line against china. we have to make sure that that continues. donald trump has been right in that. we are at a great crossroads in how we deal with china and it needs to be very, very aggressive in making sure that america continues to be the leader in this coming century. >> martha: we know that pete buttigieg is very intelligent. he has worked in afghanistan. he speaks several languages. but from what we could find, one of them is not mandarin. so that is not one of the reasons that he would be considered. which is politically, sarah, he did well in iowa. there is sort of an obligation to give him some prominent spot, it appears. talk about the pressures of that, how all of that gets figured out in the beginning of the administration. >> look, i think president trump is still fighting and using
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every legal process available to him. i think he should keep that fight up. i think we will see how all of those things unfold and make sure that any fraud that exists, make sure that they route that out and get to the bottom of everything, every legal vote is counted. and when that process is fully completed, i think we can lean into those decisions. certainly, i think he has a right to have whoever he wants in place at the correct time and we will see what happens. but i don't think that he is qualified if it comes to that, to be the ambassador to china. >> martha: sarah huckabee sanders. good to see you, sarah. thank you. >> you bet. thanks, martha. >> martha: as we were just talking about tonight, we are getting brand-new information coming in this evening. we have more on the story. he is now under investigation and in fact has been for some time for his business dealings in china and other countries. it looks like the justice
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department will be taken up th that. also murdoch and fowler. running hhs in the coming months of the covid-19 process. >> the secretary and health, i nominate javier b. excuse me. ♪ ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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♪ >> we are talking about a major party nominee for president of the united states of america with the election around the corner and every single solitary response from this organization needs to be investigating the veracity of these allegations in
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these emails. >> martha: do remember that back in october? that was senator john kennedy asking the media are to do its job and look into the hunter biden story. we did. most of them did not. but tonight we are learning that the federal government was on it. they were taking action. hunter is under federal investigation for money laundering and tax violations that look into and make inquiries about his business dealings in china and in other countries while his father was the vice president under barack obama. so all of this is going to be investigated now by what will be most likely for all intensive percept on my purposes januar january 20th. kennedy will join me in just a moment. corresponded, rich edson from washington tonight. hi, rich. >> good evening, martha and biden is under investigation. he says the u.s. attorney office in delaware informed his lawyers yesterday that they are looking
4:21 pm
into his tax affairs. in a statement, hunter biden says "i take this matter very seriously but i am confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that i handled my affairs legally and appropriately including with the benefit of professional tax advisors." his father's presidential team says "presidentiapresident-elecs externally proud of his son who has fought through challenges and the vicious personal attacks of recent months only to emerge stronger." the u.s. attorney 's office in delaware stays that he refuses to comment. he told fox news that investigation into hunter began in 2018. he reports a source saying the investigation was predicated in part by a suspicious activity report from transactions in china and other foreign nations. she also reports the two sources familiar with the investigation say this inquiry regards looking into the laptop that was
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connected to hunter biden. fox news first reported in october that they subpoenaed a laptop and hard drive connected to hunter biden with a money laundering investigation conducted in 2019. he spent months criticizing hunter biden as he pursued international business ventures while his father was vice president. hunter biden served on the board of the ukrainian energy company and sought a joint business venture in china. the investigation into hunter could very likely be ongoing when his father is president of the united states. the president-elect has previously said that the justice department wouldn't remain independenwould remainindepende. >> martha: thank you, rich. senator of louisiana. senator, good to have you with us. thank you for being here. i think it is worth mentioning that this investigation began before attorney general barr was in place and continued all through that period and continues now. what are your ideas now on the fact that we are just learning
4:23 pm
about it? >> well, perhaps, martha, we now know what the fbi has been doing with mr. hunter biden's laptop, which it has had for a year. look, just because you are accused of something doesn't mean you did it. but this is serious. i would describe it as brave and in part because of the allegations, if you will, they are money laundering and tax fraud. but also because the biden campaign disclosed it. i think if this were much ado about nothing, they wanted have felt the need to say something. and i think at this juncture, both biden's are going to have to offer a full disclosure to
4:24 pm
the american people. this case is always troubled me, not because of alleged money laundering or any of that. i don't know about that. i don't know what the facts are. but we do know this. president obama put vice president biden in charge of the foreign affairs of two whole countries. china and ukraine. and that's a fact. it's also a fact that in both cases, his son, hunter biden walked away with tens of millions of dollars of contracts from connected people in those two countries. and they are at the very least, there was an appearance that america's foreign policy could be bought. and that has always bothered me as much as anything else.
4:25 pm
i think this issue of disclosure, rather is going to raise the issue again of how and why many major news organizations and social media platforms tried to tap down "the new york post" story about the laptop and the things on it. >> martha: you make a great point. twitter and facebook tried to block the story. they said that it was in story. it clearly is a story for exactly the reasons that you state and that's why we looked into it extensively at the time and we continue to cover it. it's about the president, the future president of the united states' son and it is now going to be a doj investigation under him. this is not about a family member who is not related to geopolitical events. in this case, there is a very good reason to take a good look at it and as you say, innocent until proven guilty. but it's obviously a story,
4:26 pm
obviously something we need to dig into. i want to ask you about something else because we are getting very close to these vaccines rolling out. today, 3,000 americans died of a record, terrible record that we recognize. joe biden is selecting javier to be the head of hhs. he will stop in at a time when this issue is' going to be in crisis mode. what are your thoughts on his selections? he ran as america's grandfather who was going to amend our differences. i think mr. becerra is not a centrists choice. you have to be pretty -- to see that he is controversial. he doesn't have a background in
4:27 pm
health care, number one. number two, he supports single payer government-run health insurance, which means 190 million americans if he could implement it will lose their on-the-job employer-provided health insurance. but also, and especially his position on abortion. you know, it is, it's one thing to believe, as many americans do, that a woman's right to choose to have an abortion. but it's quite another to encourage abortion, to be an abortion an abortion enthusiast. >> martha: how do you back that statement up, senator? how has he done that? >> well, those charges will be made and i want to make it very clear that i'm not saying i agree with him, but if you look at his record, he voted and opposed the bill when he was in the house of representatives to prohibit someone from getting an abortion because they didn't like the sex of their child.
4:28 pm
that is called sex-selected abortion. he pressured catholic hospitals to perform abortions. he pressured pro-life pregnancy crisis centers to actually advertise abortions. now, i'm going to listen to his confirmation hearings and i am going to have an open mind. but as i say, you would have to be pretty and simpl -- not to see that the allegation is going to be not just that he supports a woman's right to choose, that he is an abortion enthusiast. and i will say a final point. look, religion is at the center of many american's lives and that for many of them involves abortion. and i worry the charge will be made anyway, that mr. becerra
4:29 pm
will try to enforce his own point of view on people who's religious beliefs tell them to believe otherwise. >> martha: senator kennedy, thank you. very good to have you tonight, sir. let's bring in joy murdock, contributing editor, and richard fowler. they are all fox news contributor speared welcome to all of you. good to have you here tonight. so, let's start there and go back and then i want to talk to all about hunter biden. let me start with you. joe biden and xavier becerra differ on a lot of things. they differ on medicare for all, which is clearly a proponent of peers i would have to be passed through conference, congress. we played him botching his last name. we did it do that to make fun or say he messed up. i think a lot of presidents, when you are dealing with all of the staff members and new people. but this has been around for a
4:30 pm
long time. it raises the question, how well does he understand? how well does he know this person? how well does he understand javie'sbetween a seven? >> the fact that he couldn't pronounce his name certainly raises that question. it obviously gives his opponent something to discuss rather than what he is trying to present. i agree, this is not a moderate choice. this is the choice that is going tnotgoing to unify the country. a lot of people are religious and that's why they feel the way they do about abortion. i'm not a religious person but i do believe that a woman has an abortion, it is a child, it is a human being that has been killed. and frankly, if you are a crisis pregnancy center, it is not appropriate for the government to tell you that you need to advertise abortion anymore than i would expect the democratic national committee to be --
4:31 pm
there is a real first amendment problem. it's not the kind of choice that brings americans together. it splits americans apart. >> martha: so, all of the things that we just discussed are the reasons that he has been elected. there are a lot of people that are in favor of the policies that he stands for. but with regard to bringing people together, there were a lot of people out there across the country that said all, things will just calm down if joe biden is elected. it won't be as chaotic. is that what is reflected in a pick like this? >> i don't think you can look at the speed 26 thing in a vacuum. there are teams of individuals that will handle this issue. so, the third part of the covid-19, joined by dr. fauci, by dr. munoz, and these individuals will lead the effort
4:32 pm
on how we tackle covid-19 and how we deal with a broken health care system. the reason why the health care system is broken is because we know. we know that they cannot handle 1% of the american population being sick. 1% of the american population, it is completely overran. so you are going to need to reimagine how we can. you need somebody who understands how capitalism works. one thing that xavier becerra understands is how capitol hill works. he understands how to get bills passed. he knows how to work through the courts. and so he provides a valuable asset to the team on how they will be dealing with covid-19, thhow you build a better health care system that works for all americans. the seams with medical professionals, letting loose epidemiologists, that includes legislatures. he is just part of a broader theme. >> martha: for exactly that reason i think it's really important that people know where he stands on the issues and they
4:33 pm
understand what he they are going to get. that is exactly what that whole process is about pure lisa, i want to turn you to the question of hunter biden and the research of the story. what is your reaction to what we now know tonight? >> well, i think it's certainly a black guy for the mainstream media. you pointed out, martha, you can't, covered it. fox covered it. most in the media did not. it's a blackeye for the media. that did have a profound impact on the election. media research did a study of 1750 biden supporters in 7 swing states and found that 45% had no idea about the hunter-biden scandal and 9.4% would have abandoned biden for trump had they had known, which would have changed the outcome of the election, which i have a lot of questions about. point being is that it was ignored and it was intentionally ignored because most of the media knew that it would impact the electorate against
4:34 pm
joe biden. and that to me is actually even a bigger scandal than any of these revelations about hunter biden. >> martha: that is ongoing. we don't know what the outcome is going to be. what do you think? >> i think a number of things are interesting about this. one is the timing. even though the story is coming out now, people may think it's all a revenge plot by trump against biden. this started in 2018. biden wasn't running for president at the time. somebody backed two years ago or so started looking at this. i also remember during the impeachment years, it came out that people were talking about the ukrainian, they actually went to his office and talked to staff and said we believe that hunter biden's activities in ukraine are distraction and interfering with american diplomacy in ukraine. so this is something that isn't just popping up now. it has been a problem. people thought it was a problem. it actually predates the vice president biden's presidential candidate c. >> martha: great point.
4:35 pm
we know that the obama administration have problems as well. do stand behind this investigation and you believe there are good reasons to learn more? >> yeah, i think we will see how it pans out. i think it's very important that he has not picked an attorney general. when you have somebody like mayor garland who is on the district court of appeals, a person who you know is going to come in with a clear mind, who will not be persuaded by politics and will actually look at this and what the laws are, and knowing that the president-elect has said that the justice department has the role of an independent arbor tour but this will play its course out. if it rolls in that hunter biden is found guilty, then so be it. they will be independent and do his job without interference from the white house. i think it will be no difference whether it's his son or a regular citizen. >> martha: i want to get more thoughts on you. go ahead, lisa.
4:36 pm
>> it also raises questions about joe biden. what did he know about his son's business dealings? how involved was he? >> well, there are sources that indicate -- >> richard, i'm not finished. let me talk. richard, you have already spoken twice. did it impact his decision-making as vice president and moving forward? we know that he met with an official less than a year before he got the top prosecutor investigating him fired. and on the issue of china, the business partner of hunter biden had said that he met with joe biden about a possible business venture with china and all of this comes on the heels of the revelations that you have been covering on your show tonight about china's involvement in infiltrating top circles of the united states government. so come all of this should be concerning for americans at home and we should want to get to the bottom of all a bit. >> martha: it will be an interesting reflection on how much attention the story gets all across media. >> it will be.
4:37 pm
let's see if they cover it now. they didn't cover it back then. another interesting aspect. this is a tax investigation. very often the way that people get in trouble is not for their underlying crimes but the notion that they didn't pay their taxes. we will see if he paid taxes on $3.5 million that he got from a former first lady of moscow. that sounds like russian collusion. he could be in very big trouble not just for getting the money but for not paying his taxes on it. >> martha: already stressful. thank you. good to see you all tonight. so, more on this investigation coming up with jonathan turley. he will now be investigated by the justice department after january 20th. we will talk about that. chicago teachers union suggesting that sexism and race racism and misogyny are what are feeling the push to get students
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we may be able to help. ♪ >> a safer place to be for the children would be in school. >> you don't have to close schools. >> the health interest in kids of k-12 is to have them in face-to-face learning. >> martha: it's pretty much unanimous. the nation's top health experts agree that schools are safe to reopen. chicago teachers union is disputing this and they are digging in their heels on a plan that was set in motion for the kids to begin going back in january. the union twitter account tweeted and then deleted "the push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism, and misogyny." but a flood of evidence in a new study shows that sadly it is
4:43 pm
black and latino students who are suffering the most from not being in their classrooms every day. "students of color could be 6-12 months behind compared with 4-8 months for white students while all students are suffering, those who came into the pandemic with opportunities are on track to exit with the greatest learning loss. it has been called a generational learning loss that would devastate an entire generation over time. joining me now, associate editor back on the show tonight. so, what kept this tweet into motion is that the chicago school system was laying out a plan. they said that on january 11th, kindergartners would go back and kids with moderate to special education needs would go back after january 11th and k-8 would return to their hybrid model on february the 1st and basically they filed an injunction, the teachers union saying that they
4:44 pm
thought this was arbitrary and they were manipulating the statistics to justify their decision. they really don't want to go back, robbie. >> yet, teachers unions everywhere have pulled out all the stops to prevent schools from reopening. in my own city of d.c., i believe they dumped fake body bags in front of the district officials headquarters. terrible. it's not surprising. in left-wing activism, it has become very common. here, what is so interesting is the effects of keeping schools closed are so obviously sexist and racist. you talked about the harm to underprivileged disproportionately minority students. it's also true that according to studies 800,000 women have had to drop out of the workforce to take care of their skid down my kids while they are not at school. you can't say that the people who want schools to reopen are racist.
4:45 pm
it's exactly the reverse. >> martha: you really just have to ask the question, why are they so adverse to getting back to the classroom when you've had several studies in the journal of american medical association, they are all saying that they have had very minimal transmission. now, if there is a teacher who has a very clear medical problem, there is no doubt in my mind that there could be some sort of compromise worked out to work from home. one of the things that has been brought up by randy is all, we just don't have the money. the money is not in place to prepare these schools. $800 billion of the original, of the original karas act still hasn't been spent, robbie. what is at the root of this? >> money is not an issue. public schools, especially in large districts get so much money. per-pupil funding for new york students is north of $20,000. can you imagine if instead of
4:46 pm
the public education system spending that money you just gave $20,000 per kid to every family? you could get your kid and like 4 neighbors kids together and you could hire a tutor and pay them a six-figure salary and that would probably be better for all of these kids then zoom learning which we know is such a farce. it's not working. everyone agrees and virtually everyone agrees you can go back to class safely and they won't let it happen. >> martha: a lot of families would love to have that $20,000 to make the school choice they want to make. they could probably get a good school for ten or $11,000. a lot of catholic schools are around that range. that kind of affordability would give parents a lot of freedom with the money they would love to have. great piece. thank you. so coming up, an exclusive interview with eric schmidt, who is joined in a handful of other state attorney general's in an effort to challenge the
4:47 pm
battleground election results. and then jonathan turley on the federal criminal investigation and hunter biden's suspicious transactions next. ♪ may your holidays glow bright and all your dreams take flight. visit your local mercedes-benz dealer today for exceptional lease and financing offers at the mercedes-benz winter event. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip.
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♪ >> martha: late today, president trump asked the supreme court to ask don might allow him to join the texas lawt seeking to stop joe biden's elen win. they filed a brief supporting the texas election challenge. telling fox what his state wants to block four other swing states, georgia, michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin. watch this. >> these elections in other states where state law was not
4:52 pm
followed as required, these are national elections. and so, if they are fraudulent activities, it affects our state. it affects every state. >> martha: joining me now is the attorney general, eric schmidt, who says that his state is in the fight. general, thank you very much. good to have you here tonight. >> it's good to be with you. >> martha: so, obviously, the polls show that there are enormous numbers of people across the country who feel the way you do, that there was something wrong with this election. the laws that were changed in a lot of states prior to the election, their belief is that it was done unconstitutionally. is that what you feel is the strongest argument here? explain to everybody we think. >> yeah, and i think today as you mentioned, missouri along
4:53 pm
with 16 other states joined the fight for election integrity. this is really what is i don mie it is about. it is important that every legal vote is counted in every illegal vote is not counted. if we don't do that, if we aggregate that responsibility, we disenfranchise millions of voters, including voters in missouri, including voters in texas and other places. and so, the constitution is very clear, the electors clause specifically to state legislatures. nobody else. just the legislature. so, essentially the claim here is that the laws were very clear in these states. i will use pennsylvania as an example. pennsylvania says we are going to expand mail-in voting. but all ballots are counted on election day. the supreme court says well, we don't actually believe that. we are going to comp them three days after. even if they aren't postmarked, we will assume.
4:54 pm
>> martha: let me just jump in on pennsylvania because the supreme court chose not to hear that case and it seems, you know, based on the logic that you are putting forward, and on the principle that going forward we want to make sure that all of the constitutions have been adhered to, why do they shoot it down customer why didn't they hear it if it was such a good case? >> well, this is a little different theory. this is under the constitutionality of the electors clause, another example cited here is in milwaukee for example. they ignore the law and allowed voters in those democratic counties. they weren't supposed to be able to do that. in wayne county in michigan. they forgot about it and ignored the signature requirement. what we know is, look, this is a bipartisan issue. the issue from 20 years ago said mail-in ballots create the most opportunity for fraud if you
4:55 pm
don't have safeguards like counting them on election day and having signature requirements. all of those were part of the law in those states. they were simply ignored. so the claim is that it violates the electors clause. it is unconstitutional. >> martha: you can look on any channel and they are just going to throw cold water on this. it's over. it's done. you know, get over it, move on. what you say to them? >> look, it's about this election, martha. it's also about the integrity of our election process moving forward. if you have people who are not the state legislature unelected folks or other elected folks who can change the rules of the game. >> martha: but didn't they do it legally? they voted on it and there were cases that were agreed to by the courts and all of these states. i think they had 75 cases across the country that were brought by the democratic party. >> well, that is the point. the state legislature put forth the rules. these local counties ignored the law and that disenfranchised
4:56 pm
voters across the country. that is why you see 17 states weighing in. we are standing up for the voters in our state. >> martha: concerned about the future and about the fight and about the constitutionality of it. thank you very much. good to see you, eric schmidt. >> good to be with you. >> martha: also on the breaking news tonight on the investigation into hunter biden. jonathan, good evening. great to see you. >> good evening. >> what is your take on this? you can watch anywhere on cable news. they say it's ridiculous. it's over. it's too late. i know you feel that the runway is very short. but when you do hear about this complex between state legislature, which is supposed to have governance over how elections are run in each state being overridden by courts that are largely elected in these states, it does feel like it raises constitutional questions. >> these are not frivolous concerns. and certainly they are important going forward. we do know that there were
4:57 pm
illegal orders given. we do know that there were votes not counted. but this is unlikely to succeed because of the release that is being sought. this is sometimes called a hail mary filing. it doesn't quite capture it. this is not aaron rodgers throwing a touchdown from midfield. this is aaron rodgers throwing a touchdown from midfield in dallas for a score in wisconsin. i mean, this is a feat that would be very difficult to achieve. it hasn't been achieved in the past. and part of the problem is this super shock, that they are asking for relief that would effectively negate the certification of millions of votes. and that has not succeeded. and you were right to note about the pennsylvania case. there was not a single dissenting vote. you are going to need 5 justices. you could lose chief justice
4:58 pm
roberts but you got to bring along all five of the other conservative justices. >> martha: yeah, and they don't want to overturn the certification of the vote. there are still some questions out there about the existing decision that was made and overrode by the state legislature and may be down the road some of those will be dealt with by then. it is an open question as i understand it. hunter biden, what do you think about all this tonight? >> well, this is an extraordinary development. you know, back in october, saturtheywere asking him to inve hunter biden. you know, many of us have been following the story for a very long time. there has been a blackout in the media. they just refused to really press joe biden on it. what we do know is that there is an investigation going forward and it is not that much of a surprise because the laptop was subpoenaed. they are only going to do that
4:59 pm
for recreational purposes. and on the laptop were some really disturbing emails. and as a lawyer, you look at it and there was an informality, a fluidity to these business deals that were being discussed. millions of dollars involving hunter biden, his uncle and references to joe biden. there were gifts like a diamond that came from china. all of these things tend to worry you as an attorney, because there is so much of this in play. and it is easy to violate laws including tax laws. the other thing, they have a tax investigation. that ultimately looks at all of these transactions come all of this money and whether you pay taxes on what you received. >> martha: yeah, we have no idea if hunter biden is guilty in this case but the investigation is ongoing and as you say, it came down to the taxes in the end. we will see where this case ends. jonathan turley, great to see you.
5:00 pm
that's "historic." we thank you very much for being here tonight. "the story" will continue tomorrow night. we hope you join us then at 7: 7:00. ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. it is official. you are no longer allowed to mention voter fraud in public. if you don't believe


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