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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 7, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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absentee. and of course matters. we appreciate you coming on tonight and we hope our viewers will lookve up what you said in this house for themselves thank you. sean hannity will take over at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> sean: by the way, it was a urinal, earlier in the day, it was fixed. >> tucker: there was no leak! >> sean: reporting is all. welcome to "hannity," where they are election.of n kayleigh mcenany will join us and watching all of this and then pennsylvania, very closely. an update out of arizona as well, senator ted cruz, he's offered to argue that the pennsylvania case should get to the supreme court. in some developments where waiting for on that tonight. also, senator lindsey graham former speaker newt gingrich here but breaking tonight with senator cruz tremendous linstitutional knowledge and experience.
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the past, bringing cases before the u.s. supreme court, cases he won. he is now officially agreed to argue the legal challenge in the pennsylvania case. it we've been telling you all about it if and when that case reaches the highest court in the land. this is the suit if you remember, pennsylvania legislature passed at 77. well, the massively expanded mail-in voting. that was passed by state lademocrats and signed by the state democratic governor. problem is, it's in direct violation of the actual language in the pennsylvania constitution because the state constitution of pennsylvania features carefully documented restrictions surrounding mail-in voting. that can only be changed through constitutional amendments. that would take two years in a row, majority two-thirds in theg houses there. a referendum by the people. the statement senator cruz wrote, it needs resolution.
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i believe the supreme court of the united states they have the responsibilities to the american people to ensure within its powers that we are following the law and following the constitution. in other words, 74 million people that need and deserve answers that do not have any faith or confidence in the selection, nor should they. they deserve what is answers for ha broken, discarded, and disregarded election law as they deserve answers for the partisan observers. statutory language in each state allows them to view the vote count from start to finish, yet they were blocked in every state from doing their job. they deserve answers for the thousands of uncounted votes turning up. yep, even still weeks after the election, they deserve actions for the vote counting process that's even continuing to this day more than a month after the election. they deserve answers surrounding the voting machines that have been widely criticized by the media, liberal democrats, and
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conservatives across the country.on it all over security concerns and reliability.iz this weekend during a rally in georgia, this massive crowd turned out demanding action, breaking into one chant afterec another rightly so "fight for trump." watch. >> [chanting "fight for trump"] >> thank you, think you we're fighting. we're gonna fight >> sean: who supposed to believe they got 15 million more votes than barack obama and 15 more than hillary. the underperformed minorities in every major city, except georgia, milwaukee, philly, detroit, nevada. that's convenient.
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georgia's election, we know riddled with issues. we've got thousands of uncounted votes mysteriously turning up during the state recounts. massive amounts of mail-in votes took weeks to count. there's a lawsuit by the georgia democratic party, democratic senatorial campaign committee, congressional committees, the early part of this year. they were preparing that and then they had the consent decree that officially set up one or two unequal verification standards for signature, a very stringent standard. you needed voter i.d. and it was matched to your previous signature is in the state database. another for mail in ballots. no photo i.d., and as long as there's a signature on the application matches the ballots, they did not look at the state system that they had on record and on file. you can have two separate very demand verification systems. it requires no verification whatsoever, no voter i.d., no
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proof of who you are, and the signature on s the ballot doesnt need to match the signature on file that they have in the state. instead it only needs to b match the ballot request form which makes sense. the governor's are as, well, we need to fix this but they won't call the legislature back in the governor kemp, where are you? call the legislature back into session and fix it before the generator for the runoff. january 5th runoff. they've done nothing so far and sadly georgia's problems don't end there. look at your screen. last week, we showed you the alarming surveillance footage lace out of the ever controversial fulton county. in the video, you can see now in the video, you can see now partisan observers in the media, they were asked to leave the room. the vote counting room and then guess what, after being told about the vote counting stopped for the evening, well, they pull of course once observers vacate the premises and the media's
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gone, well, election workers the few allowed to stay behind, well, underneath the tables they got large containers that were hidden. containers the up, apparently filled with thousands and thousands of ballots which then counted by the workers that were allowed to remain in the room that pulled them out of the suitcases they conveniently had there. without partisan observers, without the media. media mob pretends this is some kind of debunked no, nothing spent abound by by anybody. mollie hemingway at "the federalist" writing team accurately putting out there's multiple affidavits with multiple people and we interviewed some last week on the show who swear under penalty of perjury that they were asked to leave the room even though counting apparently continued. we've got the videotape. get this, georgia's chief investigator confirming that the large containers under the table, yep, there were in fact filled with ballots. "she later said workers put thet ballots underneath the table because they thought that counting would stop for the evening."
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no, that's not what happen. we have the video. like always, president trump's fighting back and finding for every legal vote to be counted rightly so. guess what i'm not really up for media mob and democratic party lectures after their four years of lies, hysteria, hoaxy after hoax, conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. we've got the russia trump election 2016 hoax and then of course we'veer got the dirty dossier, then we got the premeditated fraud on the fisa court, then h we've got the ukrainian impeachment hoax and then ignoring the biden crime family and zero experience hunter getting millions from the countries and zero and of course. pro quote joe bragging about it on tape. the assassination of everybody who dared to support the president and him keeping his promise and him literally transforming the country in four years.
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we are long past trusting those people. that's why the president is now demanding accountability, transparency, for this election cycle and every election moving forward. he's right, take a look. >> i will say, were fighting hard for the state when you look at all the corruption and all the problems having to do with the selection. all i can do is campaign and then i wait for the numbers. but when the numbers come out of ceilings and other bags, you have to say what's going on. they're trying to convince us we lost, we didn't lose. they found a lot of ballots, to be nice about it, got rid of some too. 74 could have been higher. let me tell you, this election was rigged, and we can't let it happen to two of the greatest, most respected people in washington. we can't let it happen again. >> sean: tonight, make one thinge perfectly clear. president trump was in georgia fighting to count every single legal vote.
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also, 250 separate cases of voter fraud now under investigation in georgia. georgia, campaigning now of course ongoing, the last day to asgister in georgia for the upcoming january 5th runoff's for the senate. make no mistake, the upcoming runoff election is about so much more than just kelly loeffler or senator perdue. the balance of the senate is at stake here. this will impact every american and profound and deep ways. republicans lose in georgia, every game that the president has made, every historic achievement will be in serious jeopardy. the last four years of hard work down the tubes. people of georgia, we need you. we've got radical democrats, far left individuals who would love nothing more to repeal and replace every one of president trump's pro-growth policy with their own scary, socialist vision of america. this election is critical. georgia and the people of georgia even though they have
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every right to be disgusted and may not have all the answers, they need to go to the polls for the sake of the country. we need you. we have so much more coming up on the show today. first, joining now with more surrounding the legal battle out of pennsylvania, senator ted cruz. let me applaud you, you offered to step up. i said from the beginning that if you're looking at the constitutionality of what the state legislature in pennsylvania did, it directly contradicts the language in pennsylvania state constitution. now, that to me is a slam-dunk case the supreme court should take. you're now willing to argue that, by the way, let the recore know you have won cases in the supreme court. >> that's right, sean, good to be with you this evening. we are seeing it across the country, lawsuits that are challenging, voter fraud that are challenging irregularities in the election and init
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pennsylvania, this appeal to the supreme court raises very serious issues. it raises peer issues of law. i believe the supreme court should choose to take the case. i think they should hear the appeal. as you noted, the legal team reached out and asked if i would be willing to present the oral argument of the court tooky the case and i would be happy to. because particularly at a time when this country is so divided, when people are so angry, i think we need a sense of resolution and we need the supreme court to step in and ensure that we are following the constitution and following the law. right now, it is not healthy for democracy what we are seeing and in pennsylvania, the problem was made worse because the pennsylvania supreme court is a partisan democratic court to that issued multiple decisions just on the face contrary to law. that's not how elections areup supposed to work.
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>> sean: let me go -- i look at that case is probably the strongest in the constitution of america. i want to go to the case in wisconsin, the law is clear and it has court precedents with the wisconsin supreme court. that is, they don't allow early voting. i when they do, they were very -- there's a very strict application process. they identified and reince priebus has been on the show, saying well, they gave out hundreds of thousands of the early votes..ce that contradicts not only the law, but legal precedents. then you got the case in georgia with the dual verification standards and then you've got the nevada case which is fascinating where theyyot identifiededy people that are ot of state, tens of thousands, people that are not public address is nonexistent addresses. a lot of dead people that actually voted in nevada. now, i want to ask you hypothetically, if those cases have been talked to n me that
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there might be other states were a single state that would unite those for and make it one big supreme court case, i went to pick your constitutional mind on that possibility. >> if an individual state sue another state before the same court, the supreme court has the regional jurisdiction, it's a matter they can consider. at the challenge right now is the timing, were getting awfully close to the safe harbor landline. they will cast their ballots. then we've got the presidential inauguration coming up on january 20th. at times running out of the hourglass. the supreme court feels the urgency and that's the reason why justice alito set the deadline for pennsylvania's response to the lawsuit to be tomorrow. we will have a response and we could have a decision as early as tomorrow from the supreme court whether or not
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they will take the case. now, getting the supreme court to take the case is an easy. it typically you get about 8,000 appeals that the supreme court in the given year. take about 80 of them, about 1%. >> sean: it's a big change and has to be considered, right? >> i think the court should consider and i've called on the court to do it and it's the right thing to do. there will be justices who preferred to stay out of those who would prefer to protect their own credibility essentially to protect to their backs on. i think that's the wrong thing to do here.ct when you look at a country where 39% of americans right now believe this last election was rigged, that's a real problem for confidence in the integrity of our electoral system. i'm hopeful the supreme court will step forward to its responsibility and resolve this case and resolve other cases that's needed according to law and the s constitution. this is a country we respect the rule of law when we follow the constitution, not the momentary partisan swell of interest or
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passion you may see on the other side. >> sean: let me go back to my omargument though. if you look at the pennsylvania case and we've given the detail, violates the constitution, now going back to wisconsin they don't allowoo early voting and when they do they have stringent standards. a couple hundred thousand applications given out anyway. seems in violation of the law and case precedent. two verification signature systems in florida, they've got legal problems there as well. then you add the case in nevada in particular, the four cases i'm looking at closely legally. i see merit in all four. now combining them because he's got the safe harbor deadline tomorrow, is not a possibility? >> well, for some of the cases, the questions of facts. it's incumbent on the legal f teams that are trying the case is to put forward sufficient
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evidence, convince the trier of fact that there was voter fraud, there were voter irregularities to change the outcome. not an easy legal threshold but the task of many of the cases. the case in pennsylvania is a different case and it's not actually turning on disputed questions of fact. it's a pure issue of law. as you noted, the pennsylvania constitution has very explicit limits on voting and in most circumstances requires in person voting. the pennsylvaniaot legislature this spring passed a law that violates the express terms of the constitution that's been set up the stage for universal mail-in voting. there's been a long pattern of male and voting that's much more susceptible to fraud, much more susceptible to irresponsible partisans trying to steal votes. and in pennsylvania, the question that the u.s.
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supreme court has to consider is whether a state can change the rules in the middle of the process and do so in no way that that has the potential partisan advantage contrary to law. i think the answer to that should be known. >> sean: contrary to the constitution. it's actually -- what's interesting, everything you just said about mail-in voting and criticism, the increase on a fraud, yeah, that was said by the baker carter commission and interestingly, ted cruz, new york time agrees with you. thank you. if that doesn't happen. >> not many times you can say that. >> sean: not many times, whichu. is good for you. thank you, senator, i appreciate it. a update on the states and what's going on, kayleigh mcenany with us. you just heard from senator cruz in pennsylvania, talk about wisconsin, talk aboutte nevada, talk about georgia. i watch the legal side of the cases. can you update us and let's go around the countries and let's
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start in pennsylvania. >> sure, pennsylvania, the mike kelly lawsuit, the one senator ted cruz and i commendva him for all he's doing in the case. what's key in the case as this. when the intermediary judge, the commonwealth judge said i think you're going to win on the merits here because the votes laid out, it's very clear that we would win on the merits and mike kelly wood. the moment that happened, she said 48 hours from now, i want you to present your evidence. what happens and it calls an extra neri move the supreme court which is 5-2 democrats and don't show the evidence we have this doctrine and stopped it. if senator cruz is asking, vote in the supreme court and we know bush v gore, the justice said when there's a flagrant departure of what the legislature laid out, there is a federal question there. senator ted cruz is right and we will see what justice alito danse.
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>> sean: reince priebus laid out the good legal side with the president and wisconsin. >> that's exactly right. at the wisconsin case, the two most legally sound cases out there because wisconsin too, there's constitution very clearly lays out how absentee voting should be because they believe it susceptible to fraud. he needs to be highly regulated but instead you have individual saying i'm indefinitely confined because of fear at covid. i've no idea check, nothing come out thrown out the window, mass influx of mailing ballots with no i.d. check. legally sound, but one note here, sean, moving onto nevada for a second. a trend we are seeing is do not let them see the evidence. tonight when i've learned in nevada, we've appealed at the supreme court. we have a judge, justice on the supreme court who had to recuse herself or an affiliation with h one of the joeco biden electors. you have the attack dog leftist
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lawyers we don't want evidence submitted and dismiss it out of hand. we do not want to look at the evidence, be quiet,, go home, nothing to see here and that's what we are seeing in courts across the country.g >> sean: the state of georgia, we know about this h consent agreement. for the life of me and i think the crowd involved also is veryi clear, fight for president trump. the government has the authority to call the legislature back into session. in light of the senate runoff seats coming up on january 5th, less than one month away. voting, in person voting starts next week. >> you are exactly right. let me tell you something they're trying to do and confuse the viewers here. governor kemp is saying i'm not calling a legislative session to overturn, but that's not what's being asked of him. we're saying call a legislative
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session to allow for signature matches and in the selection and the next one. they are trying to concede and deceive voters by conflating the two but be clear, call eight legislative session to fix signature match. it's a specific demand and one they're trying to confuse voters. >> sean: one standard for mail in and one standard for in person voting should be the same standard. photo i.d., signature verification, same we need to maintain the chain of the ballots in terms of accountability. you can't have drop boxes that are monitored. that's insane too. kayleigh, not fair. >> governor kemp, no different than stacey abrams. governor kemp is stacey abrams. >> sean: i got to go. chain of custom. when we come back, "hannity"
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investigation. we've got the details the mob won't give you. lindsey graham next as we continue. [ whispering ]
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what's this? oh, are we kicking karly out? we live with at&t. it was a lapse in judgment. at&t, we called this house meeting
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because you advertise gig-speed internet, but we can't sign up for that here. yeah, but i'm just like warming up to those speeds. you've lived here two years. the personal attacks aren't helping, karly. don't you have like a hot pilates class to get to or something? [ muffled scream ] stop living with at&t. xfinity can deliver gig to the most homes. ♪ ♪ >> sean: coming up tonight, an exclusive interview with the staten island bar owner who's
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been arrested for defying cuomo's covid restrictions and we have an update on the case from earlier today. democrats tonight making it as clear as that of her that if -- take control of the senate they would unleash what would be the single most destructive political force on you, the american people they have ever seen. don't believe me, listen to them in their own words, they mean it. >> we change georgia and then change america. >> changes come to georgia, change is coming to america. >> my hope is that in early january, democrats will pick up two more seats in the georgia runoffs. that will make our life a lot easier. >> make sure we don't have a republican senate majority that we win the races in georgia, that we secure a democratic senate majority so that we don't have to negotiate in that way. >> sean: barbara, a the people of georgia you remember less than two years ago, people like
10:29 pm
alec baldwin, melissa milano, all these hollywood liberals, all talking about talking about boycotting your states. yeah, all this money for ossoff and warnock coming from san francisco, d.c., every liberal elitist that hates georgians to begin with. this far left extremism while, the candidate rafael warnock on full display refused to directly renounce boxes and socialism because he's publicly advocated many times over the years and by the way, would not give a straight answer on george demand* joe biden in court straight answer on george joe biden in court packing. haven't thought about it, i won't believe it and i would give him all the time he needed to give an answer. take a look.
10:30 pm
>> reverend, your writings and your teachings, you praise marxism and the raise of income. can you hear now for all georgians renounce socialism and marxism? >> listen, i believe in our free enterprise system and my dad was a small business owner. >> these are more lies for radical liberal, someone who invited fidel castro into his own church, that celebrated anti-american, anti-semite jeremiah wright. he said police officers or gangsters and thugs and refused to apologize for it. he said you can't serve god in the military. >> do you support expanding the supreme court's? >> are not focused on it. i think that too often, the politics in washington has been about there politicians. >> sean: he didn't aske if you're focused on it, do you support packing the courts and i don't believe him when he said i don't have an answer. senator loeffler is right. rafael warnock, we've done the media mob jobs again.
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he has a long history of radicalism, he has a long history of dangerous rhetoric. 2011 and in a sermon, he said. nobody can serve god and the military. he mentioned in the debate the other night, but that's not what he said. god in the military is when he said. he also said yep, he started to come up police have a gangster and thug mentality. he said it. even supported ending cash bails the far left extremism doesn't stop there because we're learning more about the troubling record of senator perdue opponent jon ossoff. who is facing david perdue but aside from endorsing the unhinged agenda and way to the left of bolshevik burning. ocasio-cortez earlier this year, he quietly disclosed ties to approach a chinese media company. oh, got payments from the highly controversial back network. see what's going on?
10:32 pm
yep, rafael warnock, jon ossoff, clearly ready, willing, able to team up with chuck schumer, thee force of radical socialism, and literally destroy everything that donald trump has accomplished the last four years. he probably investigated his family into perpetuity. would mean a packed and politicized u.s. supreme court and abolish the legislative filibuster. expect d.c. and puerto rico to have four new democratic senators. they hope and pray fertility of majority of democrats. if they support open borders and will become the united sanctuary states of america. we will find free health care for anybody in the country illegally. yup, that includes defining the police embracing lawlessness and ending cash bail, soft on china.
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soft on iran, tough on the ally israel policies. rolling back energy independence, abolishing private health insurance, kamala harris supports that, much more. about the way, if you're in georgia, please for the sake of the country, take this seriously and vote. and we need as many checks and balances in place ass possible. vote to preserve the president's progress and hard work the last four years and stand in the way of the far left power. grab. that's why newt gingrich is tonight that i georgia republics must turn out more votes than "stacey abrams could steal." the trafalgar poll factored in the cheating factor of 3.7%. wow, never thought i'd see that part of a poll factored in.. former speaker joins us now, mr. speaker, how are you? did you see a poll where they had to factor in cheating? >> that's a new one. probably accurate. how to factor in about one point, but in georgia right now,
10:34 pm
the intelligence come on the drive, stacey abrams brought to try to steal the state. 3.7 may be about right. i'm with you. i feel every conservative in georgia to go vote as early as possible. to make sure that kelly loeffler and david perdue win. i thought by the way kelly did a remarkably good job of taking on warnock. at the baptist preacher, given speeches for a living his entire life, but he sort of passive. i think he was sort of trapped because as you pointed out, he's really radical. he's pretty hard to do so in 20 or 25 years of radicalism in a debate. he did on very nice job of sticking to it and pointing out again and again this is the most radical candidate ever nominated by the party.
10:35 pm
i think that this is going to be an extraordinarily important election and i think every republican vote. my model is simple. we have to win by a bigger margin than stacey abrams can steal. that's flat out the reality we are dealing with. >> sean: if you watched the crowd, i mean, it was loud, it was clear. fight for trump. one of the ways they can do it, the governor says, yeah, we need real signature verification and okay, we will fix it. but you have the ability to call into session the legislature. steadfastly refuses and now it's angering republicans which we can't have them angry.we you know, going into the runoff election knowing the importance of the outcome here. to the president by the way, the president's family too. his agenda and four years of hard work.nt
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>> loud, everybody understand that governor -- i urge every georgian too call your state legislature and demand that they go back into session. i think governor kemp would be very well served to vote a special session to deal with some of the more outrageous things going on and those who insist that they have a genuine, honest recount looking carefully at the signatures. the real problem is auditing the signatures. the agreement that they agree to, stacey abrams, it's a disaster of what you want an accurate count. as you know, from the recent video where they're trying to w explain away, they have the security camera watching for democrats after they sense of the republican observers home. they open up the suitcases, pulled them out and open up the suitcases. we've got no idea to what degree they were stealing votes. but it's very strange how big the margin was for joe biden
10:37 pm
under the suitcases. when you look at that particular video, you've got to say to yourself, there is something really wrong with what happened in georgia. i think the georgia legislature should step in. insist both on the recount but also change the rules before we get to the vote in january 5th. to go back in, knowing how sick the current system is and then use the same six system is something just profoundly wrong and a huge lack of leadership for letting it happen. >> sean: mr. speaker, thank you. i hope they paid attention. i know georgians, i have a lot of faith in the people of georgia. i share their frustration tonight too. up joining us now, senator lindsey graham
10:38 pm
continuing his call to preserve election s integrity. just like i've been saying it's past time for the governor to call the special session of the georgia legislature to fix the obvious problem with a two-tiered signature verification system. there's got to be one standard for mail-in ballots and you can't have a much stricter standard for in person voting. that what exists now. of where's the sense of urgency and fairness, the commitment to anensuring free, fair elections that have integrity and everybody has confidence in the result? like all the states that got it right? senator lindsey graham with us. you've been saying,as we better get it right or else. >> what newt said. and insanity doing the same thing and expecting a different result. president trump can't screwed over.
10:39 pm
the audit is finding out one way or another. if you don't audit the signatures in the presidential race, i've no confidence in the outcome. people in georgia cangn do thisf they want to. here's what i think, if you're not fighting for trump now when he needs you the most as a republican leader in georgia, people are not going to fight for you when you ask him to get reelected. there is a civil war brewing in georgia, for no good reason. they asked the legislature to come back in an order and audits of the signatures in the presidential race to see if the system works. it's not unreasonable to change the law of while you can so stacey abrams can steal another election. what's unreasonable is to sit on your and do nothing when you've got the chance to save the country. >> sean: okay, so, this is a
10:40 pm
no-brainer to me, lindsay. if go to your legal mind here for a second. i mean, this isn't that complicated or hard. you've got to petition the georgia senators but that's meaningless.s. frankly, the secretary of state interested in yelling at you or other republicans and they do. people of georgia were right. tn they're like i agree with the people. you know, for example, is kelly loeffler, senator perdue, demanding what they we are demanding? they need to be.e >> here's the point, they should be and i believe they are. number one, we've got to win back the senate. when he says he really hadn't thought about whether or not he will pack the court, he's lying. he's gotten $66 million. >> sean: he wasn't going to answer truthfully. >> they're giving the money. you should start a clock, ask how many days it's been when he was asked a simple question. see how long it takes. i will give money so they can
10:41 pm
counteract the liberal money but the bottom line, the governor of georgia can call the legislative session into being tomorrow to go ahead and hundreds of signatures so we have confidence in the presidential outcome, may be worked. i don't know without the audit. change had the vote while you can. i just can't get over it. i love georgia, i'm a neighbor to georgia my family came from georgia, were not asking you to do anything wrong. we are asking you to call for an audit of signatures that are definitely in question and change your laws before it's too late in the senate runoffwe that will determine the quality of life in america. please act while you can. >> sean: all right, senator, thank you. we appreciate it. you don't want to miss this one. you know the owner of the staten island pub? he was arrested again this weekend defying covid-19 restrictions and they are claiming that he had an officer with his vehicle, an unmarked
10:42 pm
car. we've got the actual video and let you decide and hear his side of the story. unbelievable, all the government shutdowns are coming right back into effect. straight'v ahead. ♪ with the new freestyle libre 2 system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose with a painless, one-second scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low. and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s. ♪
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♪ >> sean: all right, over the weekend, the co-owner of the staten island bar, max public house, arrested for refusing to abide they saved by new york's draconian coronavirus restrictions. everybody at this point knows about mask and social distancing. some people have an appetite, more risk than others, still freedomnd in the country. according to danny's attorneys, the arrest occurred following the chase from several deputies. by the way, not in uniform. one jumps on the hood of the cas is you can see in the video. you can see they're trying to stop and not drive, get the guy off the car. he claims that deputies dressed in dark clothing, never identify themselves, claim he was running for his life. it kind of looks like he jumpedh on it as he was trying to go away. these are the reports that the
10:49 pm
deputy you see in the video broke both his legs. this video provided to us by his attorneys you can see police pulling him from his car. we reached out to the sheriff's office asking about the deputies injuries and they would not comment saying the matter was under criminal investigation. here with the latest, max public house co-owner and danny is with us with his attorney lewis with us. thank you both. i am looking at this as a former busboy, cooker, bartender, i'm looking at your business and your a getting killed. every restaurant owner i know is getting killed to open their door to either pay their rent or their mortgage come up with the lights on, stock the bar, hire the people. these restrictions i mean, do people really understand yourr hearts, life and soul involved in this, sir? >> everything -- we put
10:50 pm
everything into it like all small business owners and that's the whole reason why we started all this is to bring attention to it. to say we need assistance, we have to open in a safe way. but what they've been doing to us was an acceptable, raking this on for as long as they have in continuing to do it. >> sean: i will get to the incident we have on the videotape but let's be clear here. i don't think any american is ignorant to what the risks of covid-19 are. we learned about social distancing and masks and is it fair to say we know the rules if we want to abide by them? >> absolutely. in march when they did the shutdowns, none of us were sure what was going on, but as you said, at this point we are all adults and we understand what the risk is and what's going on. >> sean: your loyal customersat want to go to your bar? i'm sure somewhere a mask i mean, they are choosing to go there at this point.
10:51 pm
now, i advise going don't go aroundre to grandma or grandpa f you're exposed don't go around mom and dad, that's my humble advice. what do i know, i'm not a doctor. i would advise them to take care of other people i would not want to get somebody sick. now, they are choosing to go to your bar knowing what the risks are. it is that a fair statement in a free society? >> absolutely. >> sean: writes, okay, happen to be a freedom guy myself. inform people, encourage them to do the right thing.nono okay, the the question is the cops were undercover and they were in a unmarked car. >> that's absolutely true, dressed him was completely in black and black skull caps on and came out from between two cars at 12:29 at night, 25 yards away from danny behind him. yelled hey, and started charging towards him.
10:52 pm
that was the impetus of him running to his car as you can see on the tape. >>us sean: it reminds me, you know what's wrongnn with the erc garner case, where the arresting a guy over a loose cigarette? how stupid is that with limited police resources. okay, i'm sure they will say they did identify themselves, i don't know if we have audio and backs you up. but the bottom line, the way i saw you pulling away you're trying to say get out of the way. you go and slow to start so obviously, you're scared here too, am i wrong in myy interpretation of that? >> i was scared of the entire time. i was scared the entire time, from the ordeal that happened, i was running for my life because that's exactly what i thought was happening. at no point did i think that those were sheriffs. >> sean: you have no idea who those guys are chasing. i love consummately police supporter.
10:53 pm
>> so do we. these were police and black close that in the police complaints, the police complaint it says they did not identify themselves theyha just yelled. >> and no point did they identify themselves as sheriffs or law enforcement or show any type -- >> sean: i don't know if i should reveal this, danny, but i know cops that are telling yous privately, whispering in their ear they don't want to do it to you. they are being forced to, have you heard that from cops? >> i'm just going to say no comment on that. >> i'm going to answer that question. we've heard from many, sean. >> sean: they don't -- they don't want to arrest a guy for selling loose cigarettes when you've got guys selling heroin and fentanyl down the block. now we've got a billion dollars in cuts.yo i just want to say, i really
10:54 pm
sympathize for you having grown up in the restaurant business. my dad was a waiter and i was a dishwasher, i did all the jobs and i was a bartender. you know, i kind of admire your customer base, they want to support local businesses. we've got to do better than this we could if we cared to. these politicians don't care. i'm really sorry that you're going through all this to be very honest with you. >> sean, i just want to say one thing. i want to say real quick that at no time there was nobody that wrote too late. it was an absolute outright lie by the sheriff's department. the officer you see running and then video did not break his legs, he was not hardly injured at all. >> sean: they wouldn't give us an answer. thank you for clarifying that. we will continue, straight ahead. ♪ an answer. thank you for c c c c c
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>> sean: that's all the time we have left. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham. a cop friend of mine just wrote me about a bar island on staten island -- he said that's not the cops, that is conrad de blasio's guys. he said tell your audience it's true, it's not us. >> laura: all i can say is you can't take away all of our freedom but expected to go smoothly. it's not going to work out. i mean, you can try to manage human behavior before the holidays, people can be smart and wash their hands, where their masks, but people are on the edge. they are on the edge. >> sean: everybody knows now. i would urge people to do one thing. protect grandma and grandpa and mom and dad and watch "hannity" and "ingrham."


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