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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  October 19, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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they listen to guys like bill maher, i don't listen to tacos, but that's just me and my standard. i'll bring you back on another day. thank you. the daily starts now. >> dana: with just 16 days to go until election day, both candidates going big on battlegrounds. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." the candidates making their way around key states with only a couple of weeks ago but already, millions of americans have cast their ballots as early voting is now underway at nearly 40 states. we have team fox coverage. bret baier standing by with analysis, peter doocy with the latest from the biden campaign and we begin with john roberts. >> good afternoon to you, the president will be in prescott, arizona, for a rally there.
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1 of 2 that he has gotten arizona, not a press call, but a campaign call that the president gave this morning said he thinks we will put the state away for him despite the fact that the real clear politics average shows joe biden leading by three points. something else interesting about that phone call that the president had, kind of a pep talk for campaign workers is that three weeks ago or so, maybe even more recently than that, the president thought that things were looking pretty bleak for him in terms of his ability to win. listen here. >> we are going to win. i wouldn't have said that three weeks ago. three weeks ago, two weeks ago. i don't know, i wouldn't have said it. was tougher for me. but we are leading in michigan in the early vote and that's unheard of. >> also in that same phone call, the president reacting to what dr. anthony fauci said on "60 minutes" last evening about the president and his approach to coronavirus and about the
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number of people who got sick from attending an event here at the white house. listen here. >> when i saw that on tv, i said oh, my goodness, nothing good can come out of that, that's going to be a problem and turned out to be a super-spreader eve event. >> on that phone call, the president said people are getting tired of coronavirus and tired of listening to the experts. listen here. >> people are tired of hearing dr. fauci and all these idiots, these people that have gotten it wrong. he said do not wear face masks a number of months ago. he said do not close it up to china. there's a bigger bomb if you fire them. but dr. fauci is a disaster. i listen to him, we have 500,000 deaths.
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>> no response yet from dr. fauci to that. the trump campaign in a call just a little while ago said it feels pretty good about where things are. the president said that he believes he's going to have a victory that will supersede the one that he had back in 2016, don't forget a lot of people were counting him out, i think some of the odds were 95% that hillary clinton was going to win it. is interesting to note is the degree to which in that phone call this morning the president seemed to think that things just may not go his way and feeling a lot differently about it now. >> dana: john roberts, thank you so much. let's check in with the biden campaign now live in wilmington, delaware. not a lot of activity there this week. >> not a whole lot. did catch a glimpse of joe biden a little while ago around lunchtime heading into a theater here in wilmington where he was
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taping an episode of 60 minutes, spent an hour inside and then departed. he's got no public events on the schedule for the next few days and he is expected to remain here in wilmington until thursday's debate in nashville, something kamala harris is talking about in her return to the campaign trail after laying low a few days when a staffer she flew with scott covid-19. >> there so much at stake. one in five floridians described that they couldn't pay rent in the month of september, and let's think about how we got here. i don't know if you saw that debate that we did a couple of weeks ago. didn't amazing job at that town hall, did you watch that? right? it was a true exercise in contrast. >> issued statements on his
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behalf about terms trip to arizona and trump's trip to michigan and to nevada, but they still have not released any sort of statement and explaining questions raised by files on the laptop reportedly belongs to hunter biden. joe biden was dismissive to a cbs reporter who asked were responsible for the story on friday night and yesterday, north carolina it never came up. in fact, the most memorable sound bite there was about ice cream. >> one vanilla, one chocolate, but i wanted to get black-and-white. >> biden did not respond to shouted questions while he was going into tape the interview this afternoon. the motorcade just drop them off at home in the campaign tells us they called a lift so they would not see him the rest of the day. >> dana: you cannot call a lid, you are not allowed to. we need you to badly out there. reporting on all of this. thank you so much, peter.
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let's bring in special report anchor bret baier who never put the lid on things. i wanted to ask you something about what john roberts just said reporting on this campaign call this morning and he said that two or three weeks ago, he would not have been as confident that he was going to win as he is now. what you think is a difference between data now. what would he have seen or maybe it's getting out there and getting a feel for the crowd? >> good afternoon, i think there's an enthusiasm that he sees in person, all the people that show up to these events, he sees along the lines on the car is waiting for him to show up. he may also see internal poles that with suburban women, donald trump, the president has taken a real hit and i don't think that's improved greatly, but he may have seen a shift in some of these battleground states that indicates it is tightening. you look at the average in the battleground states, it's actually tighter than it was back in 2016.
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this is a different electorate and we don't know what this is going to look like as far as the number of people showing up, but if it tracks, it would be in donald trump's position. >> dana: wherever the president is traveling or the candidates are traveling, that gives you a good indication of where they need to shore something was up and the president will be in arizona today. that's a critical state for president to keep in his column. >> obviously there's a bunch of battleground states but it really gets tough if president trump can't win north carolina primarily, but arizona as well. look what he's traveling now, that does tell you a lot. >> dana: i thought it was interesting that joe biden went back to michigan again, i think
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they are seeing that early vote come in as the president is out on his campaign call that the republicans are getting a lot of their voters out in the early vote so we are 15 days out, they are making their closing arguments, almost past the persuasion stage into the get out the vote stage hand there's the point that peter doocy just mention that joe biden hasn't responded to questions about the emails that were found on laptops purported to be hunter biden and now it doesn't seem like joe biden will be taking any questions before the debate this thursday, so how do you think this will play out? can they start this story today? >> it requires other news organizations to cover it and that really hasn't been picked up outside of a few. >> dana: the "cbs news" reporter was the one that asked him and got that kind of blow off from joe biden the other night. >> i don't know if cbs has done an in-depth look at the emails or the authenticity or the whole
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story, they may be asked the question. i haven't seen the piece that they've done about it, obviously the new york post is following up on it. i think in the debate, it likely won't be a question from the moderator and i'm sure that the president is going to bring it up has people are already saying that he will. all matters about how this all comes together. it can be authenticated, we have at least one email where the people on the email chain received it, they say may of 2017. you have the director of national intelligence saying it's not a russian disinformation campaign for operation, that's what he said on air this morning, so you have pieces of this puzzle, but still not a full puzzle. >> dana: and no good answers because no one is talking. we will see you tonight at 6:00 p.m. next, election deja vu. democrats concerned it could be 2015 all over again.
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>> dana: president trump in arizona this afternoon and set to speak very soon. the president won arizona four years ago but what are voters they are saying now? he is life in scottsdale -- he got the best assignment today. >> good to see you. depends whether they are focused on the economy or the virus. that seems to be the split and we spent a lot of times talking to voters because that is where the majority of the votes in arizona come from and what we found in the suburban town of gilbert located southeast of phoenix is that the president does seem to have a good chance of keeping arizona red if the focus of voters remains on economic issues. his challenges started to come in when the conversation turns
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to other topics like race or his administration's coronavirus response. >> i think that he's gotten a bum rap in the press. >> i've seen the way that democrats have run their states into the ground. i'm just not happy with what they've done. >> states that our president now is not doing his best job at taking responsibility for the things that he says that are very hurtful to not just black people, but to anybody who is against racism. >> when you look at the polls, joe biden is performing much better than the average democrat here in arizona still leading in the average in early voting is still underway here. much of it by mail which is something of an arizona tradition. in the 2018 midterms, 78% voted through the mail here and that was up to 88% in this year's primary so keep an eye on that. you mentioned president trump on his way to the state, two stops today, focused on turning out
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liberal voters. back to you. >> dana: thank you so much. election day is just a couple of weeks and a day away and joe biden's leads in the polls, same there are many democrats concerned about a repeat of 2016. you can see that in those headlines they are. let's bring in charlie hurt and robert wolf. full screen i want to pull up about the chances of president trump winning, what it was in 2016 and what it is today. of course we all know the end of that story, he did win. what is your sense of what democrats are thinking? are they as worried as some of these stories would lead us to believe? >> i think we are worried from the lessons learned that i think we are more cautiously confident that we were because the math has expanded similar to what connell has said. right now, up in the polls, looks good to take over the senate there, georgia in play, texas is in play, the difference is the math has truly expanded
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because everyone has concerns with covid and the slogging recovery and that plays well to vice president biden. >> dana: we know incumbents are very hard to beat, only happened twice since world war ii, usually given another four years on the president heading to arizona today to try to seal the deal. >> indeed, and i think there are remarkable similarities between this election this year and the election four years ago in terms of the polls and things like that, and everyone just assuming that there was no way that president trump could win four years ago. the big difference this year from four years ago is that democrats know this time that president trump can win because he won last time, so obviously the motivation to get out is that much higher. i would argue that no matter what you believe in terms of the polls and whether you trust them or not, republicans, trump
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supporter's should be running this time as if they are ten points behind because that motivation on the democratic side i really do think they will stop at nothing to try to get him out. >> dana: i would like to think you're not going to win and then surprise people at the ballot box. i wanted to ask you about this, i know that you paid a lot of attention to economics and also supportive of joe biden. "the wall street journal" today did a deep dive into the economic plans and set a new study on his tax and energy proposals predict $6500 less in median household income by 2030. what do you make on that? i'm sure you disagree with it, but let's hear why. >> a few things. that was done by kevin hassett, was the chair for president trump so of course, he thinks that president trump has a better economic policy. it is not actually what's
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happened. we still have north of 10 million people unemployed since covid, and i think more importantly, last week's jobless claims number was actually higher than all of the gains made in september, so the truth is we have the left saying one thing, the right saying another thing, my view is trickle down economics has not worked, and i think it's time for a change. >> dana: so do you think the republicans have done enough to make the economic case? >> i think president trump did an awful lot to make the economic case because even now after six to eight months into this pandemic, voters still very much trust president trump on the economy more than anybody else. the trick is, president trump has to make a connection between the plans, the mask mandates, the shutdowns that a biden presidency would bring them a
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compare that to president trump's record on the economy going forward. >> dana: all right, 15 days away. great to have you, no doubt we will see you again before the big day, thank you. a big tech is feeling the heat over their handling of hunter biden's story. story. howie kurtz ways and next. save $3000 a year every year. with their va streamline refi, there is no income verification no appraisal, no out of pocket costs and no va paperwork for you. you can start the process right over the phone. refi now and cut $3000 a year off your mortgage payments. loans can close in as little as 30 days.
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>> dana: twitter facing backlash after blocking stories on hunter biden's emails. jacqui heinrich has more for us. >> jack dorsey now backtracking and saying that blocking of urls is wrong, but that hasn't really helped a lot because twitter has had a before and there are instances where twitter employees have literally shown anti-trump hatred. one twitter manager tweeting in january of 2017 trump should "die in a fire" and other examples using expletives and calling the president names as well. in a statement, chief hr officer told fox business impart our employees are professionals and we require them to bring objectivity to their work regardless of their personal views. why does it all matter? according to a pew research report from 2018, two-thirds of
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u.s. adults get news on social media sites. one in five get their news there pretty often, facebook, google, and twitter controlling the information for a huge number of americans in this country. also, the rnc is calling the filing settling election complaint over twitter's actio actions. mark meadows weighed in on this. >> this is not about hunter biden, it's about joe biden, and the way that the media has treated this, one standard for donald trump, one standard for joe biden, and the way that twitter is trying to make sure that planning for a hearing on friday. >> dana: going to be quite a
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week on that issue. thank you. let's bring in howie kurtz. something jonathan turley wrote present the sharing of a scandal and the media refuses to cover it. did a scandal ever occur? after all, an allegation as a scandal only if it is damaging. no coverage, no damage, no scandal. we are a few days into the story, where do you see things today? >> first of all, it's a huge fiasco for facebook and twitter. it's really damage their reputation, especially twitter given the censorship that kept escalating the warfare by locking the trump campaign account, and then changing the position, changing our policy and then took two full days to allow the sharing and the irony
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here, the fact that both of these tech giants had tried to suppress them. >> dana: one of the things we talked about was bret baier, this question of other media if you think about "the new york times" report on trump tax returns, that got a lot of attention. that material i imagine was illegal to give it to "the new york times." what do you make of the differences here? obviously, it's not apples to apples, but it is fruit to fru fruit. >> i noted that neither cnn or msnbc had covered the hunter biden story at all on the first 24 hours and it's a murky story, suggestions by u.s. intelligence of russian information and it's hard to decipher everything, still unanswered questions and mark zuckerberg's facebook didn't go as far as limited distribution it does underscore
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the pattern always seems to go when it comes to these giant silicon valley companies against the president, against conservatives, against republicans, no instance of i know of or anyone associated with a biden campaign penalized for something. >> dana: let's look ahead to friday if they do have this hearing, how do you think that will go? >> i think the executives will get beat up pretty well, rightly so in the thing is, this is not just a right left issue. it's president trump of course who initiated that executive order to review the legal immunities companies have because they originally said they can say whatever they want and now they can't, but what are the standards? democrats also as you know her kind of fed up with these companies, elizabeth warren ran for president on a platform of breaking up facebook so right now, these companies have no friends or very few friends on either side and we will see that. >> dana: i don't think they're even friends with each other. that's how i see it. >> they are rivals.
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>> dana: thank you, really appreciate it. one of the most hotly contested races in the country could decide which party controls the senate. so what are voters in south carolina saying? you won't find anywhere else. veterans who refi now can save three thousand dollars a year. with newday's va streamline refi, there's no income verification, no appraisal and no out of pocket costs. one call can save you $3000 a year. $3000! that's a big deal.
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>> dana: it's the bottom of the hour. time for some top headlines. just 15 days to go until election day and president trump is set to speak at a campaign stop in arizona just moments from now. ahead of the final presidential debate. a critic who says of the kremlin poisoned him speaking out about how it happens. recovering in berlin. investigators they are and doctors found a russian military nerve agent in his system and described being on a flight from siberia to moscow when the poison hit him. >> i said to the flight attendant and i shocked him with
11:34 am
my statement that i was poisoned and i'm going to die and i immediately laid down under his feet. >> you have said you think that mr. cutin is responsible. >> i don't think, i'm sure that he's responsible. >> seattle police. stop, dude. >> dana: seattle police released a video of a man throwing a lit torch into a police suv while an officer was inside of it. happened on thursday. they fired shots but didn't hit anybody and police arrested the suspect nearby. and those are today's headlines. the race for the white house isn't the only big story line this year, there's also the senate and one of the most closely watched races is also one of the most surprising. in south carolina, lindsey graham is in the fight of his life and the result could decide which party controls the senate. douglas kennedy took a trip to the state.
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>> lindsey graham is facing some huge money. he's also facing some voter animosity, and it's not just from his enemies. >> you've supported lindsey graham in every federal election he's had in south carolina. >> i have. not only financially to the best of my ability, but also show wow socially. >> called senator lindsey graham a friend and even has a photo signed by him in his office but this year, he is voting for graham's opponent, former chair of the state's democratic party, jamie harrison. >> to you, lindsay has changed. >> no question about it. not just a trite political expression. he is not the same efficient and good government senator he's always been. >> a surprising sentiment being expressed by some across the state. graham has been consistently tied with his democratic opponent in recent polls.
11:36 am
it's shocking for a senate seat that hasn't been occupied by a democrat since strom thurmond was one in 1964. >> voters on the streets of charleston say there's a reason for that. >> this is south carolina. why isn't lindsey graham doing better in the polls here? >> lindsay has become untrustworthy. >> i think people are a bit frustrated with lindsay. >> has betrayed the faith in the trust of the american people. >> another reason is certainly money. the campaign just raked in a record-setting amount, the biggest quarterly take for a senate candidate in u.s. history. and is spending that nuclear war chest on ads highlighting his taped flip-flops. >> race baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. >> that's a lot of money against you. >> it is a lot of money.
11:37 am
>> the graham campaign communications director says he expects things to turn around when voters seek judiciary chairman of ground pushing amy barrett through the senate to the supreme court. >> this is still south carolina and most people here like a conservative court. >> yes, absolutely. the things you hear most on the ground amongst south carolinians is how happy they are at senator graham success as chairman of the judiciary committee. >> savage remains unimpressed recalling when graham was against voting on supreme court nominees in an election year. >> hold the tape. all i can see is lindsey graham changing 180 degrees his position from four years ago. >> so how do you respond to these on the taped flip-flops about trump and the supreme court? >> i don't see them as flip-flops just like kamala harris said nasty things, so did senator graham. >> he says he did change his
11:38 am
position on the supreme court, but he says it was after what he called the unfair treatment of brett kavanaugh. that is their reasoning, and that is it from here, back to you. >> dana: thank you so much come appreciate it. president trump making some comments. let's listen in. >> i don't want to comment on that. the republicans will come along. >> why did you criticize dr. fauci? >> i think dr. fauci is a very nice man, but we let him do what he wants to do, he gets a lot of television, he loves being on television and we let him do it. sometimes he says things that are little bit off and they get built up, but he's a nice guy. i like him, but he's had a lot of bad calls. he said don't wear a mask and don't ban china. i don't hold that against him. i did, i wouldn't have him. i think he's a nice guy. i don't want to.
11:39 am
i don't want to hurt him. he's been there for 350 years, i don't want to hurt him. he used to say don't wear a mask so people on both sides have it, but i'm okay. i like it. i think it's good. a lot of people like it. this gentleman has done an incredible job in arizona that has taken a very tough stand, but he is let his economy grow and frankly if they would have done that in michigan and various other places shutting it down for everybody except for her husband. they had a spike and he let the spike play, and they were careful and now your state is really in great shape. >> said there will be a lawsuit filed on section 2:30 on the tech companies? >> who said that? >> mark meadows that as soon as today there could be a lawsuit
11:40 am
filed. >> they've been given great protection land when they take down people like charlie kirk, a terrific person, and i just heard that he was taken down and how could you take down charlie kirk? he is mainstream conservative, but solid as a rock. he represents a point of view, and he is putting up something from "the new york post" which is a respected newspaper. i'll tell you what, the biggest winner in this whole thing is a newspaper called "the new york post," the oldest paper in our country. what they have done, i'm very proud of them. >> are you filing a lawsuit or the campaign is? >> we will be very soon. you don't understand. i understand well. you don't understand and you never have understood. >> going to be a repeat of 2016?
11:41 am
>> i think we will do better than 2016. we are way ahead of where we were in 2016 and i've done things and nobody's ever done. we built the greatest economy in the world and building it rapidly again. you look at arizona on the job they've done, every one of these republican run states are doing phenomenally. the democrat run states are not, but they're not going to affect our numbers very much. i think it will open up on november 4th. and by the way, the fact that kristin welker is a radical left democrat or whatever she is. then ask why are you defending her? why did she delete her account? would you please have her put her account back? and it's not going to affect -- it's not going to affect me. i'm going to be there. but i told you about the last one, and i was right, and i told
11:42 am
you about savannah guthrie, and i was right, and i'm telling you about kristin welker. she put all of her statements back on. she deleted her entire account. should the moderator be able to turn off mike's? >> i have no idea. i'm doing this. what am i doing to prepare? i'm doing this. i've done very well in the debate and you do what you do. you just do what you do. the last debate, i had 211, usually have 211 at least, and i did well on the last debate ended well with savannah guthrie based on reports. but you go around, we do interviews, i call this debate prep. this is actually tougher than a debate if you want to know. >> would you do a test before the debate, a covid test. would you authorize your doctors
11:43 am
to tell us when. >> i would have no problem with it. not only have my free positive or what you would call it? i'm totally free, right. i'm immune, they say. they say if you've had it, you are immune. the question is are you immune for four months or for the rest of your life, that's the only thing we don't know. is that very important to you? you are so intense. it so important to you, why is it so important to you? >> we want to know how long how long. >> why? >> we want to know if you follow the rules. >> why is it so important to you? the dedication. my doctors have already given it. my doctors have given more information that has been given on any human being in the history of the world. >> your campaign strategy seems to be to call biden a criminal, why is that? >> he is a criminal.
11:44 am
he got caught, and you know who is a criminal here? you're criminal for not reporting it. you are a criminal reporting it. let me sell you something, joe biden is a criminal and he's been a criminal for a long time, and you're a criminal and the media for not reporting it. good luck, everybody. have a good time. >> dana: all right, listening to president trump just landed in arizona, they are with governor ducey and senator mcsally, in a tough race there. want to bring in karl rove. you were listening to that with me and the president said a couple of things, doing better in 2020 than he did in 2016 referring specifically to arizona but maybe the race overall. also said that joe biden is a criminal and has been a for a long time and that the reporters are criminal for not reporting that. he did not seem like he was in a great mood, i have to say. >> you wonder why he keeps doing this with the press because they know how to get under his skin and they don't talk about the issues that he wants to talk about. they talk about the issues they
11:45 am
want to talk about so maybe he's better off giving them a message from the podium and not making himself so readily available. it's amazing how available he is particularly when compared to his opponent who is very rarely engaging but i can't remember the last time he engaged in this kind of back-and-forth with reporters. responding to one or two shouted questions as he exits a diner or an ice cream stand, but the president seems to be inclined to do this each and every day. >> he runs the airwaves all day long, runs the table on that. the other thing is earlier this morning in a campaign call, sort of a boosting call for everyone working on the campaign and as you know, those are important all hours of the day. one of the things that came out of it as he said dr. fauci and all the other doctors there were a bunch of any it's so on the
11:46 am
tarmac, said he is a nice man but made a lot of bad calls. so this feud continues. >> not helpful. this is not with the president wants to have coming down to the last 14 days but he has the strength in the polls on the economy and particularly on the question of who would be better to reignite, restart the economy in the aftermath of coronavirus and he has plenty of possibilities to contrast himself with joe biden and he's in arizona today, a fiscally conservative state. it's a joe biden wants to raise your taxes, i cut your taxes. when he goes to florida, talking about what he's done on sensible environmental policies protecting the florida peninsula, could go to pennsylvania and talk about fracking, lots of good issues for him to talk about and contrast points with joe biden and his victory is going to depend upon that. this is a referendum on the president's performance, than biden has the upper hand if it is a contrast between two men of
11:47 am
deeply different viewpoints, then president trump has the upper hand. >> dana: so this debate coming up, do you think he will be able to draw that contrast? >> that will be the big test, and we are not in a normal campaign. one of the reasons that things are different is that we haven't had the six or seven months that we would normally have had between the time that joe biden basically won the democratic nomination after south carolina and today. we would normally have had in months of activity where these two men jostle at each other, but we haven't had that. the president has dominated the media as biden has been content to hang out in wilmington so the debates could both the first debate and this debate could play a bigger role than we normally see played by these meetings of the candidates. >> dana: before the president took some questions, we had a package that we ran about the south carolina senate race and we were talking about lindsey graham in a fight with jamie harrison, but
11:48 am
"the new york times" poll that came out showed graham at 46 and jamie harris and a 40 if but jamie harrison has raised a ton of money but given this, i was wondering, do you think that jamie harrison might be the beto o'rourke of 2020? >> could be. and in politics, it is and who's got the biggest pile of money. go ask president hillary clinton who outspent donald trump in 2016. we have seen the political landscape littered over the decades with people who spent more money than their opponent and lost. the question is efficiency. yes, jamie harrison had $15 million plus in the third quarter, but the question is does lindsey graham with 30 some odd million dollars or a high 20s i guess it was, does he have sufficient money to counter because at some point, you can get to too many ads and you are buying more sort of bouncing and not really digging through. so the question is i think both men have sufficient funds. the question is going to be who's going to get a better get
11:49 am
out the vote operation and a better message. >> dana: do you think trump should travel to south carolina to give a boost to lindsay? >> i frankly think "the new york times" poll is probably right. lindsay has been on the attack pointing out that mr. harrison has been a lobbyist and emphasizing his role in bringing back conservative judges and standing up for the interests of south carolina and i think at the end of the day in a state that donald trump will easily carry, lindsay is probably going to be there howbeit not with as big a margin as he's been used you in his previous races. >> dana: always good to have you, thank you so much. next, a standoff over stimulus relief. nancy pelosi says the clock is ticking at the white house. trey gowdy reacts. ewday, veterans can shortcut the refinance process and save $250 a month. $3000 dollars a year.
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with the va streamline refi at newday, there's no appraisal, no income verification, and no out of pocket costs. one call can save you $3000 a year.
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>> early voting now underway in
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florida. it is a state that many consider a must-win for president trump and voters in florida join a long line of others who have cast their ballots nationwide. more than 29 million and counting. mort live in miami. hey, phil. >> hey, just last week in south florida, former vice president, democratic candidate. clearly, both campaigns do feel the big battleground state of florida, 29 electoral college votes come are absolutely crucial to obtaining the white house. this is a live look at today's first day of early voting. these are people casting their ballots. there are two big rules. you've got to be wearing a face mask and social distancing is applied, except, of course, when you are next to each other at your polling stations. this was a good day for the beginning of early voting.
11:55 am
there were long lines between 7:00 a.m. this morning before people went off to work up in jacksonville. they also saw some decent lines earlier this morning. a lot of people enduring the wa. they want to get their voting earlier. it was raining this morning here people took out their umbrellas. they stood in line and they cast their ballots. a lot of people have already voted by mail. more than 25% of the florida expected electorate come about two and a half million people. but 11,000 have already been rejected because the signatures did not perfectly match those that the supervisors of elections had. so, you've got to wrap it up. be sure to do it right if you are going to do it. >> martha: right. you don't want your signature to become the new hanging -- house speaker, nancy pelosi,
11:56 am
well, she's calling on president trump to agree to a coronavirus stimulus package within 48 hours. hshe says that if the white houe doesn't get it done by then, there won't be enough time by election day to get it done mike through the process. i just want to put this up. missed payments in september brought folks. 6 million households missed rent. 26 million individuals missed student loans. i mentioned last week on "the five," i'm actually frightened for what is happening in the economy and our fellow citizens. what you think the chances are that these two sides can come together and do the right thing and get this done? >> not good. i think that they are not going to be significant enough to bridge this chasm. i don't understand this part of the story. i don't understand why the president called off negotiations a couple weeks ago. i don't know why nancy pelosi thinks that our country's problems are going to dissipate
11:57 am
in 48 hours. to put an artificial time limit on people's pain and suffering, the senate, my friends in the senate tell me that they are not going to vote for what pelosi admonition are working on right now. they have their own bills that they are want to work on this week and they think they're better strategy is pass it on the senate. put pressure. you got people who may pass it in the house. but what she is working on right now is dead. so, why are they doing it? >> martha: but wait, so, is that possible though, mcconnell, on the senate side says that they are going to put bill around -- she says that's mean, i feel lis stealing a little bit of the public pressure. it's a little bit unacceptable to not do something. i realize the republicans don't want to do that. but to me, it feels like if you
11:58 am
and i sat down, we could cut the steel right now. >> well, we could. and i think you put your finger on it. a lot of this is election hearing. but if that is what it is, then at least be smart about it. if they come to some agreement and it passes, then it puts pressure on the republicans in the senate. we are already under pressure in the senate. we've got cory. so, why not pass it out of the senate and then put pressure on those house democrats who are in trump districts? that is much smarter politically. and something is better than what they have right now. the argument as always we need the bigger package. right now, we ain't got
11:59 am
i didn't hear the words debt or deficit. i think a lot of that is some of it is deeply-health conviction. i will be fair. but most of it is 2024. >> martha: yeah, welcome we've got to get through the next 15 days before we talk about 2024. but as soon as that is over, we are going to talk about it. trey gowdy, thank you so much. >> yes, man >> martha: if you don't want to deal with a bunch of strangers, now is your chance. people have the option of renting out an entire theater for just $99. you are allowed to have up to 20 people and you get your choice of either new or classic movies, which i think sounds like a great steel. i don't know about you,
12:00 pm
bill hemmer, but would you take that deal? $99. >> bill: you could do that and bring the whole neighborhood >> martha: yeah, we should try to help them out. have a great show, bill. >> bill: we will see you in two hours at five? >> martha: yeah. >> bill: cool, dana. let's keep rolling come everybody. i'm bill hemmer. just over two weeks until election day. any moment now, the president holds a campaign rally before heading to tucson for another rally later tonight. the president is slamming joe biden sending 100 alleged emails. he called them "criminal enterprise. he called the reporting a smear campaign. as of today, get this, more than 27 million americans have already cast their ballots. we will


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