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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 16, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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went above and beyond for her. >> she silently listen with deep attention as i slain my situation. giving me the freedom to let down my guard. when i finished judge barrett leaned forward and looked at me intently, laura, she said, with the same measured conviction that we've seen displayed throughout her entire nomination process. this is no longer your problem. it's my problem. >> laura: that was an amazing moment. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here. shannon. >> shannon: i mean really the best witness of the day. if you are not impressed by that woman's intellect and her passion, her devotion in her story, i don't know what you shannon: the best witness of the day. if you were not impressed by that woman's intellect, devotion and her story i don't know what you've been watching. >> i loved your coverage, you did such a great job throughout this entire hearing and all week, thank you for doing it.
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shannon: donald trump and democratic presidential candidate joe biden participating in dueling town halls instead of the debate they were scheduled to have posted by moderator who admits he lied, was suspended by c-span. new emails dropped allegedly trying hunter biden, joe biden didn't get a single question about hunter biden tonight. welcome to fox news at night. a busy news night. we but excellent team coverage for you. howard kurtz with analysis of the moderators and chief political anchor bret baer and more coming up. let's get the top moments from the townhall. >> this was interesting to watch in split screen. after you.
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>> there was a question the vice president has gotten a lot, did he answer it tonight? >> this -- it is hard to believe but the split screen of america trying to watch two townhall's at the same time was pretty tough. you realized what happened to the debate that was supposed to be tonight, the vice president was on his game. he was in the moment and had very detailed answers, but didn't get to the court packing answer. sort of got further, take a listen. >> don't voters have a right to know -- >> they do have a right to stand. >> you will come out with a clear position before election day? >> yes, depending on how they handle this. >> how they handle this is how they handle judge amy coney
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barrett process and if a rush that i don't know what he's watching but this vote is going to happen in committee and republicans said they would go to the floor. i don't know what would change but he did hint that he might be in favor of adding justices. >> there's going to be a window between the vote the last week of october and election day. we will see if it gives us more clarity, the president faced questions from voters tonight including those who want to know how he would handle race issues. >> reporter: the tone and tenor both townhall's was completely different. george stephanopoulos was much more laid-back, didn't press biden that much at all. savannah guthrie was rapidfire in an interview almost and there was a lot of tension, the president was confident and came off very well as far as how he looks, some of the answers raised some eyebrows. there was one question about violence and here's how he answered.
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>> what will you and your administration do to better prepare our law enforcement officers to work in collaboration with the communities they serve and protect the lives of innocent black and latinos from police brutality and injustice? >> we have senator tim scott from south carolina. he came up with the bill, a bill that was strong in terms of law enforcement and strong in terms of enforcing the proper thing and doing the proper thing by law enforcement and the democrats just wouldn't go for it. >> a lot of things at his fingertips. he was on his game. donald trump was a different setting outside in miami but what came off the townhall was a lot of pointed questions by savannah guthrie about a variety of different issues.
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shannon: they were mixing it up, the two of them, they felt they were in a debate. let's go to the biden townhall because he had to face questions about things he supported as well. >> reporter: it is interesting. goes back to the 1994 crime bill. he was asked specifically about that. take a listen. >> was it a mistake to support? >> yes it was but here's where the mistake came. the mistake came in terms of what the state stood locally. >> a follow-up on the crime bill, it funded 100,000 police. you often said the more cops mean less crime. do you still believe that? >> yes, if they are involved in community policing and not jump squad. >> i was a biden was very detailed when he went into policy, very substantive and some of those answers were very long to the questions. this issue, the crime bill is coming up in his own party and the split on his support for it.
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shannon: politicians sometimes involve as he has on many things including the hyde amendment and others, the president, don't know about you but always an energetic guy comes in very fired up and energetic. we know he likes getting out there, talking, mixing it up with people and gained a lot of energy for that and a lot of other folks want to get out and are done with these lockdowns. >> 100%. it is a big issue and a lot of states that are dealing with this and he mentions michigan and pennsylvania and north carolina, places he is going on the campaign trail and he was very energized, had this back and forth on lockdowns. take a listen. >> in michigan that governor has a lockdown where nobody but her husband can do anything, he can go voting and do whatever he wants but no one else can. >> got his point in about governor witmer's husband in michigan.
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i will say the president came off a couple of times smiling, laughing, had one woman who told him he was very handsome and had a great smile and behind him the visual was someone over his shoulder who was nodding at everything she agreed with that he said so it was visually a good thing for donald trump. joe biden did very well substantively. he was definitely on his game tonight. shannon: we are showing the video of the woman behind him. there are people on twitter thing with got to figure out who this woman is like they want to adopt her or something, the woman who said she loved his smile and introduced is somebody leaning biden. a very interesting night. thank you for breaking it down. okay. one social media giant in reaction to new york post's reporting a recent development
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in the hunter biden email story got its ceo into hot water on capitol hill. kevin cork has the latest, reaction to the townhall. >> reporter: almost as if the tech giants are spoiling for a fight the day after kayleigh mcenany's twitter account was blocked, the same happened today to the president's reelection campaign account sparking a fierce outcry from gop lawmakers who, like the president, our promising action. >> we all believe in freedom of the press. big tech got something that let them become big tech. >> reporter: putting twitter and facebook on notice, play fair or pap. >> coordination with the mainstream media. >> reporter: the president's comments coming the day after the tech monopoly permitted access to new york post story about emails concerning hunter biden and his father, the former
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vice president and influence peddling in the ukraine. fury at the social media giant's handling of the stories grew into a broad assault in the online industry's most cherished legal protections. >> they are censoring the press, jack dorsey is just behaving as joe biden's press secretary. >> networks refused to back down even locking the account of the president's reelection campaign after it posted a video related to the article. that was after senate judiciary committee submitted direct dorsey to appear before lawmakers next week to explain his company's actions. this is a want and interference plain and simple to the trump campaign in a statement, breathtaking level of political meddling and nothing short of an attempt to rig the election. democrats on capitol hill perhaps wary of the electorate's general views on censorship expressed caution over calls to illuminate social cars out for the internet giants in the wake
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of the controversy. >> the proposal to eliminate it without thought or care i think is a political move designed simply for political purposes going into this election and to intimidate tech companies. >> we will see about possible intimidation as we learn a lot more next week. late tonight, twitter announced some changes to its policies in the wake of the controversy. they say they will no longer remove, quote, packed content unless it is rightly shared by hackers or those acting in concert with them and they will label tweets to provide context instead of blocking links from being shared on twitter and there is no evidence the material allegedly belonging to hunter biden was necessarily hacked. the story continues to unfold. i will stay on top of it but for now back to you. shannon: a lot of unanswered questions, more in the coming days, thank you.
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an unusual night in an unprecedented year, the president and joe biden participating in two different townhall's in two cities, two moderating styles. george stephanopoulos, let's take a deeper dive with media analysts, host of fox's media buzz howard kurtz, great to see you tonight. >> in looking at savanna guthrie and george stephanopoulos she was the brawler and he was the bystander asking far fewer questions, deeper into the audience, guthrie came out guns blazing in the first 20 minutes with donald trump. she was i am a fan of aggressive interviews but she sounded at times, her tone, she was ngdebating the president, borded on dismissive. >> you don't know if you took a test the day of the debate, knowing what we know. shouldn't you have known better? shouldn't the white house know better than to hold an event like that, you are not like
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someone's crazy uncle. >> reporter: guthrie went from openly challenging the president's credibility on how he dealt with the virus personally to asking again to denounce white supremacists and at one point sarcastically said you are the big deal maker. i think she was under a lot of pressure from the left and some folks at nbc and msnbc who didn't openly criticize the fact that nbc was given the president of townhall. >> reporter: a lot of folks internally made their voices known externally that they were unhappy the network would consider hosting this. let's talk about your impressions of his townhall. >> george stephanopoulos on abc the moderator was more passive. the only time he followed up was when joe biden was evasive on court packing and wouldn't answer the question. most of the questions were from
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the audience. george did ask some good questions but mostly about policy rather than challenging by maps character or credibility. >> how can you contain the pandemic without crushing the economy? >> reporter: stephanopoulos gave biden's my answers asking what will it say about america if you lose, biden would say i'm not a very good candidate. it was good morning america, afternoon tea versus the today show on steroids. shannon: unless i missed it and we got this transcript, i am trying to bounce between the two, there was not a single question i don't think about the hunter biden - he was not asked directly about that in this event tonight. >> reporter: you would think because that is dominated the news and i know there are questions about the new york post story and social media
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suppression of it that there would be one question and see how the former vice president handles it but that did not happen. i think nbc made a big mistake by scheduling its townhall at the same time as the already scheduled abc townhall that forced people, divided programming for a divided country, people watch one or the other. shannon: i will say people remember a few months back savanna guthrie did ask the former vice president about this directly and he did get very defensive with her. she did ask the question a long time ago but now that this is a headline again -- howard kurtz, thank you for staying up late with us, we appreciate it. more now on the fight over the social media giants, jillian turner looking at section 280. >> reporter: all 3 branches of the government laser in on what is known as section 230,
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legislative provision enacted before most of today's internet platforms even existed. >> section 230 of the communications decency act has long been used by social media giants as a shield to protect them against lawsuits over alleged censorship. >> they got total protection, they don't get sued, they don't get anything. we will take away their section 230 unless they shape up. >> reporter: democratic member of the federal communications commission is also frustrated tweeting the fcc has no business being the president's each police. the republican chairman announcing he is launching a review in light of bipartisan criticism from capitol hill, the white house and the supreme court about an overly broad interpretation to section 230. to protect companies from
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liability should a third-party uphold libelous or defamatory content. internet company takes down third-party content and good faith it is protected. in a ruling issued this week justice clarence thomas wrote that by adopting the current practices of extra immunity and statutes where it does not belong courts relied on policy to grant sweeping protection to internet platforms. >> judge amy coney barrett said this in response to a question about whether courts have broadly interpreted section 230's protections. >> without respect to section 230 the danger of the court doing that to subvert the will of the people, you represent the people. >> reporter: the next step is hearing from the social media giant themselves and whether they think rolling back section 230 protections will be to post less content from third-party providers like the new york post. shannon: hunter biden's alleged laptop during the impeachment hearings, did they bury it. house republicans are demanding answers. when we started our business
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>> presidential confident rudy giuliani insisting the whirlwind was obtained legally. there plenty of questions about the origins of this information and new developments in that story plus covid-19 scare for the vp nominee and townhall, jackie and rick reporting on the biden campaign live from philly. >> good evening. as joe biden takes questions during a townhall replacing the canceled second debate questions are going unanswered about purported emails from his son. >> exposure above emails from
12:22 am
minneapolis purportedly raising questions about joe biden's business deals with china and whether joe biden was involved. the newest email also obtained by making manual discussed a feel that would be, quote, interesting for me and my family, the post got the emails from donald trump's personal lawyer really giuliani who says he got it legally. >> documents i have signed by hunter biden says up to 90 days, the hard drive is abandoned, becomes the property of the merchant. >> the merchant of legally blind computer repairman says a man calling himself hunter biden dropped off the laptop in april of 2019 but he told me he didn't give it straight to giuliani, he used a third-party to first contact the fbi and later politicians including giuliani. he would not say who the intermediary was but said they were politically skilled. >> they are better at this political press thing than i am.
12:23 am
>> political scientist? >> he acknowledged donald trump's impeachment was a factor in seeking the front's help. neither hunter biden or his father confirmed or denied the validity of the email but joe pushed back on misinformation during a fundraiser. biden hasn't stopped campaigning even after the charter company official on two tested positive for covid-19 boots the campaign says he never got within 50 feet of the former vp but kamala harris did after she flew with two members of her team who tested positive for the virus. last night she praised the protocol. >> do you feel safe campaigning during covid-19? >> we've been very safe. >> reporter: harris is off the campaign trail until monday as a precaution. she tested negative today, so did joe biden. >> reporter: jackie i work on the road with the biden campaign, thank you.
12:24 am
from the alleged emails themselves how they made their way to rudy giuliani and the new york post, the big tech and the lengths censorship angle so let's cash this out with the cochair even bearman. and author of the new book defendant in chief john you. welcome, good to see you all. >> good evening. >> there is a letter from a number gop house members to christopher ray saying what they are most concerned about is allegations the fbi took possession of this alleged hunter biden laptop in december of 2019, they want to know if that is true, why didn't they share it with the president's team during the impeachment trial, will they get answers? will any of us get answers about that? >> i hope we get answers but we are waiting for a lot of answers on all kinds of documents that
12:25 am
have been demanded by various committees on capitol hill, we get this very slow, one email, a lot of senators like ron johnson of wisconsin very upset they've been calling for these documents, waiting little use for them. this laptop could be the same situation, should be more forthcoming about this. the fbi took laptops in the hillary email situation from her state department colleagues and destroyed them, destroyed the laptops, destroying evidence in a case like that sounds like obstruction of evidence. just because the fbi has certain documents doesn't mean it will see the light of day. >> we don't know if they did but hopefully we will get some information from the director about whether they had possession of this. politico said the biden campaign said there wasn't the meeting with the burisma ukrainian
12:26 am
gentleman on his official -- that there's been some kind of interaction. the doj reporter, if you read the statement hunter biden's lawyer has not denied the veracity of the single alleged email, she says nobody in the biden sphere is saying these aren't emails from hunter. >> they don't need to. another passes the basic sniff test, would never be brought to a grand jury, everything is absent in terms of the way the facts work, three macs were repaired for $85, $85, more than $85 for a single one. why did this guy who is legally blind present this to so many people as supposedly evidence? apple has built-in security features on the operating system. if you bring in a mac for a you are not reading people's email. why would he have a video of
12:27 am
himself using drugs from many years ago which he has admitted his own drug abuse history, nothing about this makes any sense. furthermore when you look at the metadata that was released it is ridiculous. if you have a background in infotech, nothing about this works, the story is meaningless, why even deny it? shannon: what would you say? you are a sharp legal mind. would you tell hunter these are all phony and i didn't write them? >> you would want to investigate this. i see why it was turned over to the fbi because you know whether their valor gave evidence of any kind of hurt by ukrainians to bribe the soliciting vice president of the united states to try to influence policy, that is a potential crime and so you would want to know, "cavuto" investigation into what these laptops meant and whether they
12:28 am
actually were verifiable data. the other thing, if i were advising the biden campaign i don't really see that ever happening even in the next 3 weeks but if i were advising the biden campaign why not come right out right away and say we didn't generate these, they are not true? the best thing is to tell the truth right away and not even appear to be covering anything up. shannon: twitter announced -- >> got to wonder, though. shannon: go ahead. >> these emails were fabricated, the photos of hunter biden were fabricated, someone who looks like hunter biden pretending to be hunter biden in all these photos, were those fake as well, were that cgi? >> those photos did not necessarily come off of this laptop. that's the problem here. none of this is logical. anyone who knows about information technology, purely illogical. shannon: this guy told our
12:29 am
reporters that he was afraid, didn't want this information, he wanted to get rid of it. is getting probed a lot more, hopefully we will get some clarity on this. we have a lot more to talk to you about. dianne feinstein facing calls to step down from her leadership position, calls coming from the left and waiting for you think she should be stripped of all her power next.
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your blood pressure numbers could change your life. talk with your doctor about creating a plan that works better for you. start taking the right steps at frank: now i'm trying to get better. stronger than ever! >> shannon: the progressive group focused on the federal courts is calling a lot dianne feinstein to step down or be >> progressive group focused on the federal court:the judiciary committee ranking member dianne feinstein to step down or be taken down from her leadership position. the director saying, quote, she has undercut democrats position at every step of this process, from undermining calls for filibuster and court reform to
12:34 am
thinking republicans for the most egregious partisan power grab in the modern history of the supreme court. let's get reaction with where we are in this confirmation process with article 3 president who has been supporting the barrett nomination mike davis. i want to play a little something dianne feinstein had to say as they were wrapping up the public portion. >> i want to thank you. this is one of the best set of hearings i have participated in and i want to thank you for your fairness and the opportunity of going back and forth. >> reporter: the left not happy and they ended up hugging which made them even more angry. they say she's out of touch, too will do this, doesn't know how to play hardball, time to go. >> she is 87 years old, had a primary challenge in her last election.
12:35 am
a liberal challenger from the left two years ago and cleaned that person's clock. she will be in the senate for at least another four years until she's 91 years old. i doubt senator feinstein carries. she's very secure, the senate is very much a creature of seniority and i think there is a 0% chance democrats will be able to toss around as the top democrat on the senate judiciary committee, whether as the chairman of the when the senate back next year or the ranking members of the republicans keep the senate. shannon: they thought she was too most of the nomination repeatedly commentator on her family and how well behaved they were and didn't how she managed
12:36 am
all of this, i saw people on the left tweeting stop being so nice and let's get down to it. she's the ranking democrat on this committee and about that hug slates is this, that is a photo of the 87-year-old leader of the democrats, arguably the senate's most important committee hugging the man responsible for this travesty of a hearing who again has refused to get tested for covid-19. lindsey graham, a mask was hug was apparently in order. you did such a good job at the hearing after all. are we passed the point where either side to recognize you can meet in the middle sometimes which i can understand people worried about the health risks potentially here but is bipartisanship and civility gone? both sides can get heated at nasty during things like a supreme court seat. >> the left is just being insane. i worked for chairman chuck grassley, the chairman and the ranking member get along, that doesn't mean they were selling out on the principles, just means you're the adults in the room at as the adults in the room they can get along and be civil to each other. remember what brian fallon and
12:37 am
chuck schumer and the others did last time with brett kavanaugh, turned it into a circus and accuse brett kavanaugh of serial gained rape and didn't turn out well with senate democrats, they lost four incumbents by their voters. i think senator feinstein is taking the smarter approach. shannon: i talked to a gop senator who is nervous because things are going so smoothly on a tight timeline to get her confirmed before election day. he's worried it will wait a few days and drop a few things because their won't be time to address it, get it done before election day. how are you feeling? >> they will come up with something, they did was just his comments -- thomas and brett kavanaugh. they will come up with something that will be bogus like it was, she will be confirmed by the end of the month and beyond the supreme court before the end of this month. shannon: we will check back with you as the timeline goes on,
12:38 am
great to have you back. nbc news asking the president to denounce white supremacy. the panel back for around 2 next. if you have medicare, listen up.
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call the number on your screen or go to call now. >> i denounce white supremacy. i denounce white supremacy for years. you didn't ask joe biden if he denounces antifa. i watched him on the same basic show and he was asking questions like biden was a child. are you listening? what is your next question. >> tonight was supposed to be the night of the second debate, the fourth to head between the president and former vice president but instead the two candidates were more than 1000 miles apart participating in two very different town halls. we are rejoined by murdoch and john you.
12:43 am
the president again asked to denounce white supremacy. >> i think he did. how many more times does he have to? i wish he had explained how his policies have benefited all minorities. we reached historic levels of unemployment for blacks, hispanics, asians, he has a positive case to layout. not only does he reject white supremacy but his policies have been good for all minority groups and that is starting point. let's have wealth built, unemployment and talk about what to do next. jillian: in response to a woman we saw earlier in the show. and african american woman who asked about being fearful having her solo students are people interact with police, he used that opportunity to talk about senator tim scott's bill, democrats would not support,
12:44 am
talking about criminal justice reform bill, record funding for hbc yous, he laid out a slew of achievements, he has done things that are in the books for the minority community. >> very small steps. any step is appreciated but i couldn't disagree more vehemently, the president repeatedly during the 2016 campaign denied, who is david duke supporting me, very fine people on both sides. very clearly -- every single time - that day, absolutely. extreme shots, they love to donald trump that day. shannon: you know that i love you but we are going to be factual about this. you can google it and we played it on air. a number of times the president
12:45 am
since 2016 was asked, he said over and over i'd announce white supremacy. is an saying it for years. >> and other times he doesn't know what he's talking about. the proud boys, we know who the proud boys are. stand back and stand by, he said. shannon: you are assuming he was lying so let's move on from there but let's keep things factual anything about good people on both sides, the folder quote says i'm not talking about the neo-nazis and those people, keep things in context. now we find the ice cube is in trouble, working with the trump administration. i'm not endorsing these candidates. i've not picked anyone but he says he tweets out the powers that be canceled my interview. i have been banned from cnn for a few months, surprised they even asked. seems they can't handle the truth. he reached out to both campaigns, get back to you after the election but did have some
12:46 am
interactions with the trump campaign and now has canceled. >> extraordinary. he is a big celebrity. it is a news story that he's working with the trump campaign and the white house, you think it would be interesting for cnn to bring him in and have him talk to the audience about why he is doing so and ask challenging questions but don't bring them on air because the laughing cnn wants to do is give any indication to their viewers the white house is dealing with ice cube and trump is anything but a racist was they would rather cover up the whole story than get an exclusive to talk about this which is poor journalism. i agree with what john you said that donald trump has an excellent case about his outreach and accomplishments vis-à-vis black americans and use the opportunity to talk about the fact that joe biden is hostile to school choice, hostile to charter schools, if
12:47 am
he gets elected the dc voucher program will be killed, hundreds if not thousands of mainly black kids enjoying the opportunity to go to private schools will have to go back to the dc public school system, one of the worst in the country, very bad for black kids and joe biden should be ashamed of himself or his hostility. >> the unemployment -- you are ignoring the unemployment that has occurred during covid-19, he hasn't had a plan to help americans, the black communities of the worst unemployment during the covid-19 great recession worse than world war ii. >> the lowest in american history. shannon: i don't know that anybody - >> which was already happening, nice trajectory. shannon: millions of jobs coming
12:48 am
back, people very much struggling. we have a lot of work to be done and that is another reason they need to get their act together on capitol hill and help people who are struggling. i hear from people, small businesses are barely holding on, they need another lifeline to stay open. will they come up with targeted relief? and without projects on either side of this thing for folks who need it? that is something all 3 of them do. >> yes. >> yes. shannon: a moment of agreement. we always love having you on. come back. as the airline industry reveals from the pandemic a new study will tell you the truth how safe you are flying. what you need to know after this break.
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>> shannon: coronavirus cases store in france, we are getting word p >> we are getting word the police of rated homes and offices of the country itself richter, health minister and former prime minister after 90 complaints from medical professionals about how the government handled the pandemic including allegations of involuntary homicide and endangering lives. shortages of equipment have led to unnecessary life-and-death
12:53 am
decisions. >> translator: we had enough of choosing one sick person over another. this is unacceptable. it is against ethics of the republic. >> reporter: better pandemic news, for airline passengers and potentially good news for airlines that have taken such a huge financial hit amid the pandemic. >> reporter: the usd permit of defense conducted a landmark study that found the risk of exposure to covid-19 on commercial airlines is virtually nonexistent even if the seats are fool, as long as passengers are wearing masks. the study found when seated and wearing a mask on average only 0.003% of infected air particles made their way to another
12:54 am
passenger's breathing zone even when everything on the plane is occupied. it is the most comprehensive study on aircraft airflow ever done finding that 99.99% of infected particles were filtered out of commercial airplane cabins within 6 minutes thanks to on border filtration systems that have high air exchange rates and downward ventilation design. a robotic -- placed inside 77 and 767 commercial airplanes. the mannequin was retrofitted with an integrated aerosol generator which released 180 million particles per test, equivalent to thousands of costs. 42 bio defense sensors representing passengers were place to track particles as they travel throughout the airplane cabin. more than 300 tents -- tests were conducted in flight and on the ground over six months. the findings are encouraging but the study has not yet been peer-reviewed and there are caveats. >> every study has its
12:55 am
limitations, the impact of someone turning their heads to the person next to them, there are certain things you can't study in this context. >> surgical masks were used, the authors of the study stress it is vital that passengers continue to wear masks on airplanes because it stops the spread of larger droplets when people talk or cough. shannon: some good news before we say good night, sarah frei surprised with a virtual homecoming in the hospital. her friends didn't want her to feel left out, a car accident caused by a drunk driver left her paralyzed from the waist down and both her legs amputated. one of her nurses wanted to make it nice, even came in on her day off to paint her nails and get ready for a photo up with her date and a few friends. we are told sarah has release from the hospital and hundreds of friends and strangers she
12:56 am
never met line the streets into her neighborhood. we wish her all the best. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. i am shannon bream. you won't see these folks, at the post office
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>> do you have any remaining symptoms from covid-19? >> if a vaccine were approved between now and the end of the year when you take it? >> yes and i would encourage people to take it. i will not stand for court packing. >> you came out with a clear position before election day. >> you didn't ask joe biden whether he denounces antifa. >> what do you say to young black voters?


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