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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 9, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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time doing it barefoot. he climbed to the top of the building at 28 minutes and said he had to stop a few timed chalk his feet. >> katie: will not see you back here on monday, that is it for us. >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier. breaking tonight and we are following the storm track of hurricane delta as it closes in on the louisiana coast, we will have life team coverage first. president trump says he's feeling great and is eager to get back on the road following his bout with covid-19. his campaign says he will appear at a rally monday, he is also expected to show up at a white house event tomorrow -- he participated in what was billed as the largest virtual rally in history on the radio this afternoon with rush limbaugh. it came as house speaker nancy pelosi begins what could be a constitutional
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challenge to the president's authority. corresponded kevin corke reports tonight from the north lawn of the white house. >> looking forward to that rally on monday, the first chance for most americans to get a chance to see the president since his covid-19 diagnosis and not just that rally coming up on monday, there's that event at the white house tomorrow and with the election just a few days away, it's clear that he's eager to get back out on the campaign trail. for a president whose held rallies in airports and arenas and has been the subject of rallies on land and the sea, this is a first, a radio rally attended by millions of listeners on the rush limbaugh program. >> this is a mega rally. the conversation the president is awfully eager to get back out on the campaign trail. >> i'm free, i feel perfect, i'm not taking anything, i'm off any
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regiments that they gave me. >> his enthusiasm notwithstanding, the president's doctors had the final say on his availability -- they made it clear at least for now he's got the green light to hit the road, since returning home his physical exam has remained stable and devoid of any indications to suggest progression of illness. the president's health also the subject of two major stories unfolding tonight. on capitol hill, house speaker nancy pelosi through her support behind legislation that would establish a panel of experts to determine whether a president lacks the mental or physical capacity to carry out the job -- that move coming just days after the covid diagnosis. >> this is not about president trump. he will face the judgment of the voters, but he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents. >> the commission meanwhile continues to insist that the upcoming debates for october 15th be conducted virtually because they say they
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simply haven't been given enough information about the presiden president's recent diagnosis per the trump campaign has balked at the change promising a rally in the biden camp has planned a town hall event. that's his explanation to a tweet to former trump staffer turned critic anthony scaramucci asking whether to respond to the president. also tonight we have learned of the white house has upped its covid relief package offer to congressional democrats $1.8 trillion from treasury secretary steve mnuchin, you may remember house speaker nancy pelosi was looking for $2.2 trillion no word on her response to the latest bid by the white house. >> bret: more on that with the panel. as kevin just reported, the c-span host who was supposed to moderate the second presidential debate says his twitter account was hacked. the trump campaign is expressing skepticism today, corresponded
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which edson is digging into the tweet controversy raising more questions about impartiality. >> there is an investigation into this now, c-span's claims that his twitter account was hacked, he's scheduled to moderate the second presidential debate that was originally set for next week though not now appears to be canceled. the commission on presidential debates says "steve scully notified us that his twitter account was hacked. cpd reported the apparent hack to the fbi and twitter and we understand that federal authorities and twitter are looking into the issue. twitter declined to comment on the investigation, whether it had confirmed the hacked or if it's even looking into the incident. if u.s. officials have been wanting for months by attempts by foreign governments with sophisticated hacking operations that are attempting to interfere in this year's election. this is the third time at scully has claimed his twitter account was hacked -- journalist yeah sure unearthed a tweet from may 2012 where he apologizes and says his account was hacked, the following march, he says he was
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hacked again. those tweets are still up this afternoon, there is also still reported tweet from 2016 where he shares a "new york times" opinion piece titled "not trump, not ever." the president and his allies are using the episode to paint the debates as unfair, many others including the first debate moderator say scully is impartial. >> steve scully is an honorable man, a fair reporter, he says and of the commission says that he was hacked and until it's contradicted, i'm going to believe steve scully. he's got a very good reputation in this business and i find it hard to believe that he would be lying about this. >> 's account was deleted this afternoon. >> bret: thank you. joe biden is hosting campaign events in las vegas today but he is being dogged by and has yet to answer continued questions about what he will do when it comes to packing the supreme court if he's elected.
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correspondent peter doocy is in las vegas tonight. >> today, joe biden was greeted by a masked mariotti band. >> if i win, you're getting an invitation to washington. on the second day of a west coast swing, the democratic nominee tailored his pitch to latinos. >> one in three latino businesses have closed and the deep racial injustice is that trump continues to fan the flames -- it's just wrong. >> he's helping people here are still thinking about him next week. >> early voting right here, right at this spot. come back next weekend, bring your family and bring five friends. >> for weeks, biden and harris have avoided answering questions about expanding the supreme court and filling new seats with liberals. >> should democrats try to pack the court next year? >> you'll know my opinion on court packing when the election is over.
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>> he gave a nonanswer. >> harris' answer has been located in a 2019 flip circulated by the rnc. >> i'm open to the conversation about expanding the number of people on the united states supreme court. >> that's lightly not something biden will be asked about in a town hall debate in miami next week. >> is the second debate totally dead? >> his answer through the mask and at a distance appeared to be "i think so, it was much easier to hear him joke about wrangling of political opponents. >> i got a couple people i would like you to -- i need to take you to washington with me. are you ready to do that? >> just a few minutes ago we found out that second debate is totally dead, "the wall street journal"'s report and the commission straight up canceled the octobet means we might see a lot more events like what you see behind us, the tale end of a democratic
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drive through joe biden exited the stage, where he saw 200 cars full of people -- today's attendees can do something that they could never do with a show 20 minutes away, honk a horn -- >> bret: we have reached out to both the biden and trump campaign's and offered to host town halls on fox news, we are awaiting responses. we should also continue to mention our request for one-on-one interviews with former vice president biden, senator harris and president trump continue week by week on special report. secretary of state mike pompeo says he is working as fast as he can to release emails from former secretary of state hillary clinton's use of a private server. president trump has been critical of pompeo over that delay. >> classified information on a private server that should've never been there, it was
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unacceptable behavior. i certainly think there will be more to see before the election. >> bret: president trump has criticized attorney general william barr for not announcing prosecutions related to the ongoing investigation into the origins of the 2016 probe of then candidate trump's alleged ties to russia. we are learning new information tonight about the alleged insurrection plot in michigan that featured a plan to kidnap democratic governor gretchen whitmer. here's correspondent gary tenn tenney. >> ongoing rhetoric and i think it's a very dangerous situation. >> mission and governor gretchen whitmer says the threat against her hasn't stopped after the arrest of 13 suspects accused of trying to instigate a civil war with plans to storm the state capitol building and target police officers in their homes and kidnap governor whitmer. >> these are the types of things you hear from groups like isis, this is not a militia, it is a domestic terror organization. we need to call it out. >> today she doubled down on
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blaming president trump and his administration saying they encourage this kind of plot. >> anyone who gives a safe harbor to or encouragement to is complicit and that's precisely what he did on the national stage in the middle of a presidential debate when he said standby. >> she's complaining but it was our justice department that arrested the people she was complaining about. it was my justice department that arrested them and instead she does her political act and she keeps her state closed. >> the criminal complaint filed by federal prosecutors makes no reference to or mention of president trump, the republican party, or the democratic party. what's clear is the suspects behind the failed plot to overthrow michigan's government have ties to an antigovernment militia group. >> we've been chasing these people around for the last 25 years. >> former assistant director at the fbi says these kinds of antigovernment groups have been around for decades. >> these are people that lived
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by their own rules and they are all about antigovernment. >> tonight, delaware governor john carney is under fire after confirming reports last year he pardoned one of the ringleaders of the failed kidnapping plot, 44-year-old barry croft. >> bret: thanks. two isis militants named the beatles for the british accents are pleading not guilty to terrorism charges, they are requesting a jury trial. a federal grand jury issued an eight count indictment earlier this week accusing them of leading a brutal hostagetaking scheme that resulted in the deaths of western hostages. as mentioned at the top of the show, hurricane belt is making landfall right now on the louisiana gulf coast. it has been downgraded to a category to trim storm but is still packing fierce winds and is heading for the same area that suffered damage from hurricane laura in late august.
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chief meteorologist shows us where the storm is going, where it's headed -- we begin with steve harrigan in lafayette, louisiana, tonight, good eveni evening. >> the rain is here, the wind is on the way -- 35,000 people in louisiana have lost power even before landfall. weeks after being hit by hurricane laura, southwest louisiana is now being pummeled by hurricane delta. >> i'm just ready for it to be over. >> get ready, hope for the best. hunker down, that's all you can do. >> more than 10,000 people are still in hotels from the last storm. debris still lines the roads, blue tarps cover the roofs and traffic on the main escape route out slowed to a crawl. >> this has me concerned. for some reason i have a feeling of doom.
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>> remote areas like cameron parish, more than 100 people plan to writ to a ride out the m despite the fact that roads will be flooded making rescue impossible. >> we can't say that we know what this storm is going to do, we know it's going to exacerbate what's already a bad situation. >> more than 300 workers from duke energy are responded to power outages, they are trained and first responders are trained to save people and collapsed structures and people trapped by water. national guard is being mobilized including more than 100 high water vehicles along with watercraft and helicopters. over the past two days we've seen a lot of people, some elderly, other people with pets -- mothers with small children just trying to get out of here to safety. it could be a rough 48 hours, back to you. >> bret: steve harrigan live in lafayette. let's find out where delta is
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heading. >> getting very close to the louisiana coastline, 10-15 miles away from where hurricane laura did. one good piece of news is the water temperature light along the coast have really cooled significantly over the last couple of weeks. you have these water temperatures that you see into the 70s, it's not really enough to be able to sustain a significant storm. that's why we see some of the weakening earlier today with a category three storm now down to category 2 and weakening quickly here. you can see that on the satellite representation, not nearly as organized as it was. all of these things are good news for folks in louisiana, doesn't mean that the energy goes away and a time, we're still going to see that storm surge and the moisture but i think the worst of the wind is probably not as bad -- certainly like we saw earlier in the day today. this is the tenth storm this hurricane season making landfall in the continental u.s., the
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fifth hurricane, other five are tropical storms, incredibly active 2020 hurricane hurricane season is almost done. nothing that we are watching right now, and we are also heading for the end of hurricane season which is good. winds into the 40-50 mile-per-hour range, that storm should be here in a couple of hours and we are having a rainy night and windy night ahead for the folks in louisiana. >> bret: 2020 stinks so far. up next, the controversy and legal fallout over a film on netflix -- first, here's what some of our affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 32 in chicago, attorneys for a 17-year-old accused of killing two protesters days after jacob blake was shot by police in kenosha, wisconsin, fight extradition from his home state of illinois. kyle rittenhouse appeared on streaming video and were a face mask during a brief court
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hearing today. fox five in new york with the death of hall of fame pitcher whitey ford, he had the best winning percentage of any picture in the 20th century. he was on six world series winners with the yankees -- whitey ford was 91. this is a live look at tampa from fox 13, one of the big stories tonight a gaping hole continues to expand, that opened up on monday -- the latest estimate is that it is 38 feet across, 70 feet deep. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report, we'll be right back. election... (fisherman vo) how do i register to vote? hmm!.. hmm!.. hmm!.. (woman on porch vo) can we vote by mail here? (grandma vo) you'll be safe, right?
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♪ >> bret: the world health organization reports a record one day increase in global coronavirus cases thursday, it says that total rose by almost 339,024 hours, led by a surge of infections in europe. the u.s. reported 56,000 new cases yesterday, the largest in nearly two months, 28 states showing increases, 20 holding
3:21 pm
steady, two states are reporting declines. a top u.s. health officials says the government expects to have access to more than 1 million doses of regeneron pharmaceutical and eli lilly's antibody treatments for covid-19 this year, the plan is to distribute the drug at no charge to patients and to states based on need, the dow gained 161 today, the s&p 500 finished 30, the nasdaq jumped 159. the dow had its best week since early august picking up about three and a quarter percentage points, the s&p 500 gain almost four, the nasdaq was up four and a half. tonight we look at the fallout from a movie that has drawn growth condemnation and critical praise over its subject matter. now it's drawing criminal charges against the streaming service where it being shown. correspondent anita vogel explains tonight from los angeles. >> it's a movie that sparked controversy and conversation around the world.
3:22 pm
now netflix is facing criminal charges over the french film cuties. >> this movie sexualize is 11-year-old girls, it has them in very suggestive sexual roles. >> texas senator ted cruz and other republican lawmakers called out netflix for releasing the movie which focuses on the story of an 11-year-old senegalese immigrant who joins a dance group. the state of texas filed a lawsuit and a grand jury there indicted the media giant saying it depicts the lewd exhibition of the genitals or area of a clothes or partially clothed child and has no serious, literary, artistic, political, or scientific value. netflix apologize for inappropriate artwork for the promotional poster before it was released but it was defending the content of the film saying
3:23 pm
in a statement "cuties is a social commentary against the sexualization of young children, this charge is without merit and we stand by the film." attorney brian claypool who specializes in civil rights and child sexual abuse cases it says of the biggest challenges prosecutors face is people have to pay or subscribe to netflix in order to watch the film. he says prosecutors must prove the sole purpose of the movie is for sexual interest. >> if netflix loses, this could be perceived as government intervention, censorship, and that could very well define what type of material platforms can post both through television and any form of social media. >> netflix did see some cancellations after releasing cuties, the film's director writer said people are missing the point, she says it's a
3:24 pm
critique of the hyper sexualization of younger girls. charges entered in arraignment date have yet to be set. >> bret: up next, why one of the most powerful republicans in the senate is fighting hard to hold onto his job. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. and mine's unlisted.. try boost® high protein... -with 20 grams of protein for muscle health- -versus only 16 grams in ensure® high protein. and now enjoy boost® high protein in new café mocha flavor.
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>> bret: one of the most
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surprising senate races is in south carolina where longtime republican incumbent lindsey graham is trying to hold off democrat jamie harrison. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel takes a look tonight. >> south carolina senator lindsey graham is in the fight of his political life, he's about to lead the confirmation process for judge amy coney barrett, a recent survey suggests it's a dead heat with both graham and democrat jamie harrison with 40% support. harrison has a money edge and is receiving national attention. >> he cares more about his political relevance and power in washington than doing the job that the people of south carolina sent him to do. >> the debate schedule is now off after the two sides could not reach an agreement over covid testing, harrison demanded graham be tested while graham declined a saying he will take medical direction for a doctor. if he is trying to link harrison to hillary clinton and house speaker nancy pelosi hoping that won't play well in south carolina.
3:29 pm
>> this is a big election between me and mr. harrison, capitalism versus socialism, conservative judges versus liberal judges. >> experts say graham leading the confirmation process plays well with republican base so harrison isn't directly attacking that, he's saying graham isn't a man of his word on the issue of confirming a supreme court nominee in an election year. as for graham's close relationship with president trump, one south carolina analyst says there could be coattails but it's not going to be easy. >> a very capable and well-funded democratic opponent. the harrison campaign has been very professionally run. >> typically the fight is during the republican primary but not this cycle and a graham loss would go a long way toward democrats pushed to be in the majority and be a huge prize for the progressive left.
3:30 pm
>> bret: thanks. about 50,000 voters in franklin county ohio have reportedly received inaccurate absentee ballots. election officials there say replacement ballots will be mailed out within 72 hours. a federal judge has denied a motion to extend voter registration in florida even though a computer meltdown might have invented thousands of potential voters from taking part in november's presidential election. the florida election officials say 50,000 people registered during extra time tuesday but that 20,000 more could have signed up to vote if the system had not crashed. ♪ in tonight's focus on faith, the president's supreme court nominee amy coney barrett has taken fire from democrats over her catholicism and how it might influence her rulings. religion correspondent lauren green has their story from new york.
3:31 pm
>> a devout catholic, pro-life and associated with the conservative religious group, a tight-knit community believing in traditional gender roles. the media has been intensely focused on the connection. >> they want to focus in on this and to say is clearly a group with deeply held christian convictions, therefore this will invariably skew her decision-making process and she is unfit to. >> the scrutiny is continuous from her 2017 confirmation hearing as an appellate judge in which senator dianne feinstein asserted -- speak of the dogma lives loudly within you. >> the focus on her faith prompted senator mitch mcconnell issuing a press release saying the ongoing attacks by senate democrats and the media on judge barrett's faith are a disgrace, they demean the confirmation process, disrespect the constitution, and insult millions of american believers. some say the greatest concern are whether her religious beliefs but roe v. wade in
3:32 pm
jeopardy, 1973 decision that legalized abortion. senator richard blumenthal of connecticut who sits on the judicial committee told "the guardian" newspaper he had no plans to ask barrett about her religious beliefs but that the arguments against her are so powerful and persuasive on the merits that we should focus on them. the constitution's article six states there should be no religious test to hold public office. >> that clause was designed originally to stop litmus tests that would say a roman catholic or an atheist or a jewish person could serve in a particular office but i think the american people deserve to know and have the right to know the ways in which any public servant will balance their political, religious, philosophical commitment. >> barrett said she would rule according to law, not personal conviction. the confirmation hearings begin monday morning. >> bret: we'll have full coverage. next up, the panel on the president's radio rally with rush limbaugh and the reported
3:33 pm
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♪ >> the other one is from c-span and he's a never trumper and i think somebody said he worked for biden at one point, these are the people i get. that's okay, i've had some bad ones over the years and i've got an unblemished record in the debating world. >> i don't know about the question of whether he tweeted something out, i do know and you probably picked up on it that he was hacked. if there is apparently something now on television and the radio saying he talked to scare mucci that she was hacked. it didn't happen. >> bret: talking about steve scully from c-span, they put out a statement saying last night
3:38 pm
the political editor appeared on his timeline communicating with anthony scaramucci, he believes his account has been hacked. the commission on presidential debates stated publicly it wasn't sent by steve scully himself. we are getting news this debate is canceled, not even virtual -- it's just off. the hope is the debate in nashville will stay on. it let's bring in our panel, opinion letter for "the washington post," republican strategist lisa boothe and bill mcgurn, columnist for "the wall street journal." lisa, your thoughts on this as we get news that this is done. >> i think first and foremost, the commission on presidential debates are potentially doing reputational harm to themselves by claiming this was hacking. if you look at the exchange with anthony scaramucci, it looks like this was a part of a broader conversation. i think they need to be honest
3:39 pm
with the public about that but i think there's questions of why steve scully given the fact that he interned her joe biden, given the fact that he's a staffer for ted kennedy, given the fact that he's previously tweeted out trump never in 2016, all raise questions about his impartiality. mack and why he was chosen as a debate moderator. i think at a time where there are a lot of people in the country that viewed the media negatively that have mistrust in the media, rightfully so -- this was an unwise choice. also perhaps unwise response as well. >> bret: seems like all kinds of factors going into this decision, politically how to set play at this point in the race? >> that's a hard one -- in some ways you could see this as a benefit for trump because of his performance in the first debate
3:40 pm
was so bad. on the other hand, he needs another shot at biden to somehow remedy the damage of the first one and restore his standing in the polls. watching joe biden and his team deal with this information and this news, you get the impression that they are throwing up their hands and figuring look, we are ahead. we seem to be increasing our lead, we don't need to fight for more debates. we can live with doing away with this one. you would think the president would not want to appear like he is shrinking from this fight but i think on balance, i think that's kind of the way it looks. >> bret: he's obviously doing a lot of interviews the president is for long periods of time, obviously friendly territory with rush limbaugh but almost two hours, answering all kinds of questions -- your thoughts on this. >> it's not either or, any time
3:41 pm
i think candidates can have access to rush limbaugh's huge audience, i think he ought to take it. i think that he would benefit by having a debate but i think he also has legitimate complaints. we have an editorial today in the journal saying we should get rid of the commission on presidential debates and the moderators, let the parties control -- let them negotiate themselves. i think it's absurd to have a commission amounts who is going to go when and under what format rather than the parties negotiate themselves and come to some agreement. i think the president drawing attention to that, has some legitimate complaints and he's probably calculated that he's better off going off on his own. he's proving as disruptive as he was in 2016 by not agreeing to the conventions that other people agreed to. >> bret: the commission says -- they were formed more
3:42 pm
than 30 years ago because the parties could get together, they could never agree but your point is taken. let's talk about congressional negotiations and the white house negotiations on possible additional stimulus, take a listen. >> the president with no notice to congress completely -- i think there will during some own people made his tweet saying talks are over because i want the focus strictly to be on confirming my supreme court nominee. he started to come back little by little and bow a bigger package so we'll and see what they have to offer today. >> i would like to see a bigger stimulus package frankly then either the democrats and republicans are offering, i'm going the exact opposite now. >> bret: now it's at $1.8 trillion, the democrats were at 2.2, there are other things in that bill. the president did stop
3:43 pm
negotiations -- where is this politically? >> we'll see, there are a lot of political tensions, the president would probably like to see a deal get done more so than democrats because they can make the argument that he has denied the american people particularly given the fact that he has tweeted out he's the one stepping away. i think republicans need to dig in on what nancy pelosi has been saying this week regarding the coronavirus and also invoking the 25th amendment and putting that bill forward. you have nancy pelosi saying president trump has somehow altered because of the therapeutics he received to fight the coronavirus -- what does that do to the american people? it draws into question the efficacy of therapeutics that have been saving lives in the country and if you look at since march alone have been largely responsible for a 90 plus reduction in mortality. you have democrats who are acting recklessly in undermining american confidence in those therapeutics which is the same
3:44 pm
thing that kamala harris has been doing on the vaccine as well. i think that gives president trump and republicans an opening on coronavirus to go after democrats on that very issue. >> bret: not only that but you're essentially negotiating with somebody that says you're hopped up on steroids. this is not going to get done in 25 days. >> i hate to say it, but sometimes his negotiating position makes me think he might be not thinking all that clearly because just in this tape you just played he said i want something bigger than either the republicans or the democrats. if he's serious about that, he needs something even bigger than the 3 trillion plus bill nancy pelosi put through the house back in may. that hasn't been close to the position that steve mnuchin has been talking about when he's been dealing with pelosi up until now.
3:45 pm
he has really scrambled these talks to no apparent purpose over the last week and i think we have seen, this is rattling a lot of republicans, especially house republican candidates in the country trying to run on something constructive about the situation and he is leaving the table coming back to the table. >> bret: quickly, it is the republicans in the senate and the house that are saying we can't go any higher than were going. >> the 25th amendment commission is a joke, it would never be signed by president trump. i understand why politicians want to have it -- i think donald trump would be better emphasizing the difference
3:46 pm
between the two campaigns. he belongs to the party, leads the party that is in favor of getting the economy back up and running and joe biden is the guy who said that his scientific advisor told him to shut it all down. i think that's what people have to be voting on. >> bret: cap next, a quick friday lightning round -- keep it here.
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>> i would want to make sure someone met that low bar but additionally i would want to make sure they have the temperament, i want to make sure they have respect for precedent. >> of the judicial appointment process has become far too political. a perfect example of that is members of the senate announcing their opposition to president trump's nominees before the nominees names were known. that's not what senators are supposed to do. >> bret: maine senator susan collins, i asked each of the panelists to pick a senate race they are following. this is in maine, the incumbent susan collins is trailing sarah gideon but recent polls, this is an average of polls say it's getting pretty tight. >> the drama in may and is is
3:51 pm
there still room in american politics for a true middle-of-the-road which is what susan collins has been throughout her career -- or unfavorable rating is now 49 in a state where she has always won reelection very easily. i think she may be in trouble. this is one if the republicans lose that, their chances of controlling the senate are dim. >> bret: you chose north carolina, take a listen. >> the truth doesn't matter. cal cunningham said that, he's founded an entire campaign on it and now we know that these affairs were going on with the wife of a combat veteran while he's in the midst of this campaign. it's a hypocrisy that north carolina voters will reject. >> bret: senator thom tillis, the polls have cunningham up but the latest polls didn't start coming out with this affair that
3:52 pm
cunningham is having a hard time dealing with. >> and he had a press conference today refusing to answer questions if there were additional women which the implication would be there might and why this matters is what senator thom tillis is saying, he has ran as a candidate of honor and integrity, this directly undercuts the narrative he has presented about himself and calls into question his authenticity. i think that's worth matters and you see groups like the senate leadership fund with attack ads against him. >> bret: let's go to bill's pick which is michigan -- take a listen. >> as you know, it's a battleground state, essential to the presidential race and we have a very real shot to take the majority in the senate but we have to hold my seat. >> bret: that's incumbent gary peters up by roughly five points in th the real clear politics average. >> john james republican
3:53 pm
candidate, very attractive individual. he would be the first black senator from michigan, he's a west pointer, the race -- he's behind, this is an uphill struggle and there's still lots of undecideds, this is one to watch. >> bret: i wanted to focus on the senate races and i wanted to give that time so we don't have time for winners and losers so i'm the loser on timing out of this panel. thank you very much. and we'll see you next week. when we come back, notable court -- yes, you are all winners. ? it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. choose coricidin hbp. the brand with a heart. for powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure. verizon knows how to build unlimited right.
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3:58 pm
thwarting governor whitmer, lisa chose calvin to therapeutics, and bill chose mike pence for a great debate. there you go. i got the winners and carried. tonight it is friday and that means "notable quotables." >> you recognize me, your favorite president. this was a blessing from god that i caught it. i'm a perfect physical specimen and i'm young. >> he certainly looks good. >> knock us down seven times and we will stand up eight. >> a lot of folks looking like me who are tired of the comments and the derogatory remarks made because of our political philosophy. >> this was not a peaceful transition of power, they went after a candidate to trump. >> i want to see the beautiful young ladies, dance when their four years old or two older two. >> please vote. >> raccoons matter. >> get! >> the only responsible response with the past less insulatio le.
3:59 pm
>> they have no place in the great state of michigan. >> the american people have witnessed what is the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country. >> they like to know if joe biden will pack the supreme court if you don't get your way in the nomination. >> i want the record reflecting that she never answer the question. it's become mr. vice president, i'm speaking, i'm speaking. ♪ bret: this weekend on fox news sunday, chris wallace will speak with two members of the senate judiciary committee ahead of the start of confirmation hearings for judge amy coney barrett. talking with ben and democrat chris coons. it will have complete coverage on monday for the start of those hearings. thanks for inviting us into your home, that's it for "special report." fair, balanced, and still unafraid.
4:00 pm
"the story" hosted by martha maccallum with a few extra seconds on a friday starting right now. hey, martha. >> martha: thank you, we look forward to seeing you monday morning as hearings kick off. in the meantime, hello, everybody. a good evening to you i martha maccallum and this is a "the story." next week, virtual presidential debates is now completely virtual and not going to happen at all. not wasting his time on a remote debates and his campaign is here to respond and talk about the way forward for them in moments. the debate season is in turmoil. will there be more presidential face-offs as both candidates scramble to reach voters with 25 days to go, folks? millions of people have already voted and what could end up to be a complicated election. even today, you had 50,000 absentee ballots that had to be reprinted in franklin county


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