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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  October 9, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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and a hunger for the truth. she was on weekends with me for a fox report and prime time on fox alicia conley. today is her final day at fox, and as she heads out on a new adventure, i wish her the best of luck and so much love. the daily briefing starts right now. >> judge perino: hello, everyone, this is "the daily briefing." >> judge perino: trump says he's ready to get back on the campaign trail just one week after going into the hospital with the coronavirus. hi, kevin. >> the trump campaign says, listen, they are not interested in taking part in any virtual debate. they want to get back throughout and talk to the american people. for that matter the president wants to get back out on the campaign trail as you mentioned. the commission is not budging.
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they still say they want a virtual debate. the white house says nuts to that let's do our own things, we'll have rallies and the biden camp will have town halls. so i guess instead of debates it will be rallies and town halls which is, by the way, just fine with the president. >> president trump: i don't think the debates mean that much and i'll tell you y. i've done well with debates. i've had 15. i think i've won every single poll. i won the poll on this one with him but i had to be rude because he was lying. he would get up and say a series of things and i had to interrupt and say he was lying. it was a very interesting thing. i would rather let him speak because he's gone. >> that's the president conducting his radio rally today with rush limbaugh. how confident is his doctor?
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here's what he said. >> the president in a conversation last night with sean hannity said, yeah, i would like to get back out there and rally my supporters. given the tough security requirements and other logistics monday might be the earliest the president can make his way back out there on the campaign trail. now, we do anticipate getting some sort of a medical update. usually they will issue one or the white house press secretary will get out and put one on twitter but as soon as we get that, that will give us a better indication as to the health and safety that the president has. at least from this vantage point it looks like he's raring to go. we'll figure out if that will be this weekend or monday. back to you. >> pete: thank you. and president trump fighting back after house speaker nancy pelosi announced a bill that
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focuses on whether a president is fit to serve although pelosi says it has nothing to do with president trump. live on capitol hill. chad did she say that with a straight face? >> this is a provision that nancy pelosi is talking about in the 25th amendment. the 25th amendment can call into question as to whether or not a president is fit to continue to serve. there is a mechanism inside the 25th amendment the way it stands that entails the vice president and a majority of the cabinet removing a president if they deem him unfit to serve. what nancy pelosi is trying to do here is create a congressional commission which would also have a say in the process. the bottom line is you would need two of the three to sideline the president. here's house speaker nancy pelosi. >> this is not about president trump. he'll face the judgment of the voters. but he shows a need for us to create a process for future presidents. >> on twitter president trump
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says pelosi wants to replace joe biden with kamala harrell because "sleepy joe is out of it. this raises questions as to whether the president is conceding the election with that tweet. the 25th amendment allows congress to write a bill in the decision-making process about the fitness of the president. >> section 4 of the 25th amendment is not activated unless the vice president goes along with the recommendation of either the cabinet or the commission created by congress. >> this isn't going anywhere any time soon because they would have to write a bill and it would have to be signed into law. the administration is back at the bargaining table talking virtually with house speaker nancy pelosi. pelosi talking about a potential $1.8 trillion covid relief bill, again, a higher number than what republicans have been willing to sign off on previously. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he doesn't know what can pass and he also
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doesn't know when something could pass. here's the other problem. the higher that number goes, the fewer republicans you'll have to support it. that will be an issue. will they really try to advance a bill mostly through the house and senate with democratic votes and then get the president to sign it? back to you. >> judge perino: it depends on how much the president wants it, i guess. first, i want to have you listen to mccarthy -- this is about the 25th amendment that the point of the amendment is not to institute for impeachment or otherwise undo the results of an election or political disputes. it's to address a situation when the president is beset by a profound disability such as a stroke. >> it seems like a political stunt. it's really not about trump. it's for the future. congress needs to play a role in this and ras kin gets the job. here's the thing. in the big picture, it is a way to continue with the chaos.
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a way to keep the president focused on something that's not going to help him in re-election. it's a way to keep the spotlight off joe biden. it's a way to keep the spotlight off of what many think was a loss in the vice presidential debate on wednesday. we're talking about nancy pelosi. we're not talking about what trump is doing to possibly maybe reverse the trend with the election if you believe the polls. >> judge perino: it means she's not accepting the president's willingness. he's gone back and forth and he could have done more a long time ago but apparently now he's for it. for a bigger number. mcconnell saying i don't know if i have the votes for that but you would think if pelosi really wanted a deal you would think she would say, all right, glad you're back. >> when he said look, we need more, he didn't say nancy or republicans need more. we need more. colorado, iowa, north carolina,
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i'm thinking about montana, maybe alaska and they are going to go back and they aren't going to look at their legislature and senator and say, you're a republican, you don't want it, excuse me, my store has gone up in flames. i have no money to repay the ppp loans. i have legitimate interest and you're telling me you can't get anything done. mitch mcconnell going back to kentucky, he's in a tough race. why does he feel comfortable going back with no aid? this pandemic leaves us no choice. maybe lindsey graham, they want to be able to say i did something for you. pooh pugh bring up all the senate races and i feel that vice presidential debate was very eye opening. if you're concerned about the republicans not keeping the senate and also if you think the biden maybe has a chance, and you want to have a stopgap those states that you just mentioned are really important. in north carolina, just in the last hour the democratic candidate cal cunningham is under an extramarital affair scandal. he was asked, do you have
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additional extramarital affairs to talk about and he refused to answer the question. he was asked it several times. that race now in north carolina looks like it could stay in the republican's hands. >> possibly. it doesn't help that senator tillis has to go on the sidelines. family man, obviously there is something more there. he's in trouble with the military, too. >> judge perino: he's running on character. >> that's the problem. whatever you want to say about president trump and living the highlight and it's a different era, not really. it depend on who you are. he never came in and say i have an idea, i've run for president, never made a mistake. he might have said that but nobody would have believed it. this is a different situation. that could close the gap. the other thing to keep in mind, no one ever went up to donald trump and say what do you stand for, when he was asked, do you want to build a wall? yes. what if he said maybe. what if he said possibly. what about a tax cup. elect me and find out.
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why is joe biden allowed to get away with packing the court, adding -- >> judge perino: he's not answering the questions. >> and for those republicans who aren't happy with donald trump, keep in mind, you're about to have the biggest change in our history if joe biden wins because we just saw a group come together on the left that wants to push joe biden way to the left. >> judge perino: it's so interesting s. you have the longest day and you stayed here. >> thank you. >> judge perino: new information is coming in about the plot to kidnap the governor. >> these arrests were no surprise to governor gretchen whitmer. we've learned that she was told about this alleged plot a couple of months ago and has been receiving regular updates on the investigation. this morning michigan's attorney general also said that at times the governor and her family were moved around by their security as law enforcement tracked these suspects. however, even after these arrests, this morning, whitmer
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said she's still facing threats and she continues to blame president trump. governor whitmer: since he first called me that woman from michigan we saw an increase in hateful language, in social media, and so there is ongoing rhetoric. even the president last night in his tweet storm won't stop attacking me, and i think that it's creating a very dangerous situation not just for me but for people in leadership roles who are trying to save lives all across this country. >> prosecutors say the suspects in custody have ties to an anti-government militia group and their goal was to instigate a civil war by targeting police officers at their homes, storming the state capitol building and taking politicians hostage. they have allegedly been training for that operation for the past few months and neighbors to one of the suspects said they have heard a lot of heavy gunfire from the group on the weekends.
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>> we made it real clear that he had an arsenal of guns in his home and he made it clear to governors, too. >> what do you think -- >> covid, shutdown. that's my guess. part of the reason why they got kicked out of the park and he couldn't work. >> we may learn more about the investigation over the next week as the suspects make their first appearances in court. dana? >> judge perino: thank you for the update. secretary of state mike pompeo. he'll join "the daily briefing" up next. when we started carvana, they told us
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>> judge perino: welcome back to "the daily briefing." joining me now is secretary of state mike pompeo. you're a west point grad and i know you know the constitution very well. earlier today speaker pelosi said she'll introduce a bill to
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have a commission to study the 25th amendment. do you think the 25th amendment needs studying? >> i don't. i felt a little bit of what she was doing looks to me like a political stunt. everyone knows exactly what the 25th amendment says. more importantly, i've been speaking to the president a lot lately. there is nobody to think about succession. he's doing just great. >> judge perino: he was talking about you a little bit yesterday as well. he was expressing some frustration about the hillary clinton emails that are not declassified yet or released yet. take a listen. >> president trump: they are in the state department but pompeo has been unable to get them out which is very sad actually. i'm not happy about him for that reason. i don't know. he's running the state department. forget about the fact they were classified. let's go. maybe mike pompeo finally finds them, okay? >> judge perino: just now on rush limbaugh, he had this to say. >> president trump: she deleted 33,000 emails.
11:17 am
she should be in jail. i don't even care if they are very highly confidential emails. i don't care. >> judge perino: what is the state of the investigation of these emails? >> i served on the ben gaddzy committee which seems like a little bit of time ago. we've got the emails, we're getting them out. we'll get all of this information out so the american people can see them. you will remember there was classified information on a private server. it should never have been there. hillary clinton should never have done that. it unacceptable behavior. leader don't put that kind of information out. you can see whether it's russia, china, iran or the north koreans who want to get their hands on this kind of information. classified records need to stay in the right places. when clinton was here at the state department she did not do that. >> judge perino: the president has the authority to declassify anything he wants. could he declassify it and order it released if he wanted it to? >> absolutely.
11:18 am
we're going to get there. we're going to get this information out to the american people. >> judge perino: if he were to order that would there be concerns about maybe health and safety, sources, or methods that could be in these emails if there is classified information? >> i've been at this a long time with president trump for four years almost. i have never seen him do anything that would put any kind of asset or any kind of one of our officers in harm's way. he wouldn't do that we'll get the information out that needs to get out and we'll do it in a way that protects the intelligence source that is we need to protect. >> judge perino: last question on that, will that happen before the election? >> we'll do it as far as we can. i think there will be more to see before the election. >> judge perino: let me ask you about china. there was a light touch of that topic at the vice presidential debate this past week and i feel like the american people maybe deserve a little bit more on that topic since it's one that takes up a lot of your time. you recently met with a group that started in 2007, of our
11:19 am
allies to try to address how we'll deal with china. you recently met with them. i wonder, what is our position at this point in working with those allies especially in the middle of a global pandemic? >> two things, you're right, there was some discussion at the debate and the chinese communist party censored part of it. they censored the vice president's remarks. i think that speaks for itself about how our administration thinks about the threat that the chinese communist party poses. you're right. i traveled to japan earlier this week. i was there on tuesday. i met with three democracies, japan, india and australia. three big economies, all aimed at making sure we can build out a coalition, build partners around the world who understand the threat from the chinese communist party in the same way we do so we can protect jobs here at home. when we came into this office, the chinese communist party had stolen millions and millions of jobs from the american people. president trump said no more and we've begun to build out all of the edifice of the structure and
11:20 am
the allies and the coalition to push back. we aim to protect the american people from the threat that the chinese communist party poses. >> judge perino: china is not one to take all of this lying down, so what can you tell us about the efforts of this quad in trying to push back? >> stacking 60,000 soldiers against the indians in the north when the australia had the guts to ask for an investigation of the wuhan virus. we know a lot about the chinese party. they threatened them, bullied them. they will try to react but what the chinese communist party had become accustomed to for a long time was watching america bend the knee, turn the other cheek and appease them. that only encouraged their bad behavior. they understand we're serious about it. they know we're going to confront them and impose costs upon them. i'm confident this activity over time will change the nature of what the chinese communist party
11:21 am
tries to do to harm america. >> judge perino: one last question for you. an issue, of course, concerns a lot of people, but increaseingly so around the world and that is the issue of hunger and today the nobel prize was given to the world food program out of the u.n. i'm curious what you can say about the united states is doing to not only help here in america and provide relief to people but there is a hunger problem around the world and the united states has traditionally played a role. what about now during the pandemic? >> we continue to be the most generous nation in the history of the world. this is something that president trump and our team is very proud of. the leader of the organization, a fellow named david beasley. he's a former governor of south carolina, i'm going to talk to him in a couple of hours and congratulate him. this work, president trump has said, is very important to him. we want to make sure we contribute and do our part. under this administration, this world food program, it has delivered really good outcomes. the challenge of starvation and
11:22 am
undernourished people around the world is something you know about, you saw it when you served in the administration. it's something we need to keep working at. i'm proud of the role that america played as part of this world food program to lead to the outcome that you saw. >> judge perino: please congratulate the governor from us here at "the daily briefing" and fox news as well. secretary pompeo, thank you. >> thank you, dana. >> judge perino: next, joe biden and kamala harris. and you're technically a genius... and it appears you're quite the investor. i like to trade. well, td ameritrade has pros ready if you need help, say talking through a new strategy... ... just in case things, you know, get a little rocky? i'm sorry on the upside i think that's waterproof. maybe not... ♪
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>> judge perino: my next guess says there was a socialist in the shadows during the presidential debate and he's a hunting the democratic ticket. the plexiglass at wednesday's vice presidential debate made for some strange reflections, quint hard enough and you might have seen the ghostly image of the third silent participant bernie sanders. kimberly joins us now, she's a fox news contributor and a terrific writer. that was a great way to put it. i was thinking about what am i going to say in this special coverage after this and i kept thinking, kamala harris did not even try to pander to the left really and i wondered what that was all about. >> well, dana, i was writing, debates don't always produce clear contributors but they sometimes have very -- produce
11:27 am
very clear victories, on discreet issues and this was really mike pence's victory of the night, was exposing how far the left has taken over the party and who is really running things because remember, when biden won, he rolled over for a number of bernie sanders' policies in order to keep the peace. and -- but he doesn't want to talk about it now because it's a no win situation. if you brag about those quite radical policies you threaten to scare mainstream americans. but if you disavow them, you potentially turn off the progressives who you need to come show up for you to vote, so they haven't talked about it. mike pence laid it all out there on energy, on taxes, on the supreme court, on foreign policy, and that's a real pickle for the biden campaign. >> judge perino: let me mention something about energy. i picked up on this. when we first met years ago we were talking energy policy, there is an exchange about fracking, and kamala harris says very clearly, joe bide listen
11:28 am
not ban fracking, that's a fact. while she was talking, congresswoman alexander ocasio-cortez tweeted this, fracking is bad actually. i thought, oh, this is pretty interesting. they are basically signaling we're watching biden-harris campaign. >> yeah, this is exactly the problem illustrated, that i just mentioned. you have during the primaries all of the candidates on the democratic side including joe biden, including kamala harris saying we're going to get rid of fracking. we're going to get rid of it. they have somewhat modulated that view saying we're only going to get rid of it on federal lands and they are doing that because if you're joe biden and you're trying to pick up the blue collar worker in pennsylvania you can't be anti-fracking but when you come out and say that it doesn't satisfy the progressive left. they want complete end of this so where do you go? you try to thread the needle but the more that the attention is on this, i think the harder it
11:29 am
becomes for the campaign to thread that needle. >> judge perino: maybe one last thing i would mention is that bernie sanders, he's reminding everybody, kim, if they win back the senate he'll be the chair of the subcommittee on health and healthcare and we know what he wants. medicare for all, and all that comes with that. kim, great to see you, thank you. wonderful column. >> thank you. >> judge perino: a county that could decide who wins the white house, you won't see it anywhere else and follow us on instagram at "the daily briefing." we bring you the biggest headlines that we're tracking. check the banner to stay up to date. ♪ it's a dark, lonely place. this is art inspired by real stories of people living with bipolar depression. emptiness. a hopeless struggle. the lows of bipolar depression can disrupt your life and be hard to manage. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms,
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>> judge perino: closing in on louisiana, expected to make landfall tonight along the southwest coast which is still recovering from hurricane laura that was just six weeks ago. forecasters say delta could bring mainly flooding and a
11:34 am
life-threatening storm surge. i feel like we keep going back to you in lake charles. >> dana, deja vu all over again but more importantly for the people who live here experiencing this and going through this. i want to show you this. when you drive around lake charles, dana, you just have piles and piles of debris like this left over from laura six weeks ago. up in the distance there you see that blue tarp. we've watched that gradually start peeling back. so many buildings here have tarps on them because they have lost their roofs. emergency officials are very, very concerned that as delta now makes landfall tonight, that it's going to blow all of this debris around, it's going to rip all of these tarps off, and it's basically going to wipe the slate clean and everyone will go back to the beginning here. category 2 storm, just got downgraded from a cat 3 to a cat two as it gets closer to land.
11:35 am
landfall is expected tonight along the southwest louisiana coast. >> we actually stayed through laura, and my wife and i said we'll never stay for another hurricane again so i booked rooms on tuesday in houston. >> time is running out for people to get out. evacuees have been sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. heading inland to try and get out of the path. if there is one silver lining here it's that delta is moving very fast. it's not lingering around like hurricane sally did, for instance, so once it makes landfall, it's expected to move through the area quickly. it's also expected to lose a lot of its steam once it hits land. dana? >> judge perino: thank you. joe biden hitting the campaign trail today. he's in las vegas holding two events in nevada. it's a state that president trump loss in the 2016 but just barely. peter is there with more.
11:36 am
i say nevada and i never say that, i'm from colorado and i say nevada as it should be said. >> nevada. the one thing you can say on tv and people send you a million emails about. you've got to get it right. it's nevada. joe biden is in nevada. we expect to see his motorcade here at a community center. i think i hear sirens now so we might see the former vice president here in just a minute. he did something unusual for the covid-19 campaign trail today. before he left arizona, it was a behind closed doors photo line, and he was in arizona overnight. that's where he and kamala harris really pushed people to vote now. >> your voice is your vote. they are setting up the argument that these votes aren't going to
11:37 am
matter. >> biden and harris remain unwilling to take a position on expanding the supreme court and filling new seats with liberals but the rnc is now circulating a year old quote from kamala harris campaigning in new hampshire, may 15, 2019, where she says exactly what she thinks of court packing. she said then i'm open to this conversation about extending the number of people in the united states supreme court, about increasing the number of people in the united states supreme court. biden campaign held a drive through mobilization event last night where people could show up at a spot and roll down their windows and a volunteer handed them a biden-harris yard sign and tonight in nevada they are going to host a drive through, i should say a drive in rally where people can go and see biden while still staying in their cars' air conditioning. >> judge perino: you need air conditioning in nevada. nevada. got it. thanks, peter. forget battleground states this election could come down to just
11:38 am
a few counties including a county in pennsylvania and that's where we sent our reporter. >> in 2016 the state of pennsylvania swung red for the first time since 1988, but voters in this county swung red. harder than any other. >> so forget covid. you're going with the president no matter what? >> yes, i'm going with the president no matter what. >> as a leader he's doing a good job. >> lifelong democrat david full is a swing voter and if trump wins pennsylvania on november 3, it will be because former obama supporters like himself. >> if biden wins it will most likely be because of suburban women, like kelly --. >> so to you biden represents a return to normalcy? >> yes, definitely. things have been anything but normal for the last four years. >> they both live in luzerne
11:39 am
county, pennsylvania, the spinningest swing county in the state. luzerne went for obama twice and then swung wildly towards president trump with a 20-point victory for trump. >> it is the reason why he won the state. luzerne county. it's just that simple. >> if trump is going to win a second term many believe his path will be through the railroads and mountaintops as well as through wilkes-barre. a professor of political science at king's college says luzerne has become essential trump country. this is old coal country. heavily catholic. a lot of whites without college degrees. >> he spoke directly to the people of this county. >> trump's 2016 immigration message also struck a chord here. >> president trump: we're going to build a wall. who is going to pay for the
11:40 am
wall? >> largely luzerne's chain migration decreased the dominican population in the town of hazelton. >> talking about stopping a lot of illegal immigrants who are coming into the country, and there was always fear in this area of illegals coming in. >> the question is, will those messages resonate in 2020? both david and kelly agree this election will be less about issues and more a referendum on trump's personality. >> i like his personality because he's what we need right now. >> a lot of it is because things have just gotten so nasty. you can't even have a conversation with anybody on the other side anymore without it e devolving personal attack. >> attacks both sides hope will stop once the election is settled. that's it from here. dana, back to you. >> judge perino: great reporting as always. thank you. nearly 50,000 voters in an important ohio county getting
11:41 am
wrong absentee ballots. we'll have breaking details next. i'm susan and i'm 52
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>> good afternoon, what's next for the president's debate schedule, his health and alley? a remaining three weeks to campaign. hurricane delta is coming onshore. 50,000 ballots need a redo in critical battleground states. chris wallace is here on what to expect or not on covid relief. 15 minutes away. on bill hemmer reports. >> judge perino: nearly 50,000 voters in one ohio county getting the wrong absentee ballots according to elections officials who are promising to mail out collected ballots within three days. let's bring in our panel.
11:46 am
good to have you both. matt, this is always a concern. even in years where there is not a pandemic. >> yeah, as we know, state of ohio has pretty good laws. the big problem with mail-in voting this whole idea of ballot harvesting. some states have allowed to it occur. some states are saying it's illegal. this is the idea that a third party could pick up a ballot, even a ballot that's not filled out, and although it would be illegal for them to fill it out you're creating the chances of more voter fraud so i'm glad that this county found the error. we've seen other such errors around the country with the mail system being stressed unlike it has ever before. the uspf showed its own audit that it loses 5% of mails. your best way to vote is to actually turn your ballot in. >> judge perino: ballot harvesting is not the concern with this 50,000 ballots. the possible thing is the disqualification of ballots and
11:47 am
a lot of democrats are deciding to vote by mail-in or absentee. >> from what i understand terror was on a down ballot race. it will have nothing to do with the presidential election or congressional election. let's hope that the ohio both of elections take care of this an i think they will. it seems like they are doing everything they can to contact those voters and get them fresh ballots that are corrected, and accept the ballots from people, in the races that were not impacted by the mistake. i think they are on top of it in ohio. just as i think most states are across this country with absentee mail-in ballots and the president request whine and mania about it all he wants but he's why you trying to find an excuse for when he loses in november. >> judge perino: chris is that why the president is talking about you today? you're driving him crazy but we love having you on. matt -- >> i guess i'm living -- i've come here and people keep bringing this up. >> judge perino: let me just get -- we keep talking about
11:48 am
court packing. biden-harris, i just find it strange that they can't definitively answer the question. they are expecting voters to go to the polls and make really important decisions about their future. what do you think about them not answering? >> yeah, it just shows you -- >> look. >> judge perino: let me go to matt first. >> the fact is, it's better for candidates if they actually tell people what they are going to do. donald trump really broke the mold on the supreme court because so many republican voters felt like they were hoodwinked on republican presidents saying they would pick constitutionalists and then only batting about half with the picks that they made. donald trump said i'll give the names to you ahead of time. it was smart. because the democrats have been able to find all the stuff they want on these folks. for joe biden not to give us his list, number one, and number two, not to give an answer on court packing, you know, dana, i
11:49 am
have five children. when i ask them if they are going to do something and i can't tell you, dad, i know what the answer means. it means joe bide shouldn't be able to say, no i'm not going to do it, if he truly intends not to do it. he knows that the base of his party wants him to do it. if he gets the senate, look for them to pack the most left wing jurors you can imagine on that court. >> judge perino: chris what about that? wouldn't it help biden if he believes he does want to do it, wouldn't it help him to say so? >> we don't know if amy barrett is going to go be put on the supreme court. we don't know if that's actually going to happen and if that doesn't happen there is no blood on the supreme court then, because they stole one and we got to block one as well. so let's wait and see what happens but the american people don't care. in the fox news poll only 25% of americans really care about the supreme court, and as for court packing, the fox news poll was pretty interesting on that. it was 39 for court packing and
11:50 am
41 against and that's changed from being 37-for and 51 against in april. the fox news poll. joe biden -- hold on a minute, sir, i'm talking, the president of the united states, he's the first person who has ever had to give a list out and the reason why is because conservatives didn't trust him. they still don't trust him. >> judge perino: the list helped him and when he became the president of the united states. unfortunately i've got to run. matt and chris. >> he needed it. >> judge perino: goodbye. next, state of the senate and the race you probably didn't expect to be so close. i searched applied for a personal loan. i paid off my credit cards and felt a weight come off my shoulders. thank you sofi for a great experience and for helping me get my money right. ♪ and sweetie can coloryou just be... gentle with the pens. okey. okey. i know. gentle..gentle new projects means new project managers.
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>> dana: one of the closest senate races in the country is one of the missurprising because the incumbent is south carolina republican lindsey graham. mike emanuel went to check out this story for us. mike, i mean, a lot of people -- it's like me saying could this
11:55 am
be real? >> yeah, pretty stunning stuff, the south carolina race has turned out to be closer than anybody expected. a recent survey said it's neck and neck with lindsey graham and jamie harrison, both with 48% support that is getting harrison national attention. >> lindsey graham has gone washington d.c. he cares more about his political relevance in washington than south carolina. it's about political opportunityism. lindsey is only in it for himself. >> graham is trying to link harrison to nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. graham says he realizes he has a target on his back. >> where the hell is this money coming from? what is it about south carolina that attracted almost $100 million into jamie harrison's coffers? they hate me. this is not about mr. harrison. this is about liberals hating my
11:56 am
guts because i stood up for kavanaugh when they tried to destroy his life. this is about me helping donald trump. >> graham and harrison were due to square off in another debate tonight but they have been bickering over graham getting a covid december. now sounds like they're going to do separate interviews instead. mike? >> dana: bruce, you follow this closely. which party runs the senate in the next four years or two years is really important. where do you see the state of the senate races right now? >> well, it's good to be back with you, dana. we knew it would be a hard year for republicans. this is the class of 2014 after all who succeeded and came to office in many respects in barack obama's sixth year when republicans rode a wave. they're feeling the weight of the top of the ticket right now. ticket splitting didn't happen at all in 2016.
11:57 am
it's happening less and less frequently. you take a look at states like iowa and north carolina and arizona where the top of the ticket is hurting strong republicans. might put maine there, too. alabama, hurting the democrats. top of the ticket will help republicans in places like alas alaska, montana. it comes down to iowa and north carolina where as goes the presidency may go control of the senate. >> dana: the republicans are feeling better about north carolina. they're not out of the woods yet. let's talk about the money. lindsey graham just brought this up. you have democrats outspending republicans in key senate races in all of these states. the ones that you mentioned. alaska, alabama, colorado, georgia. i could go on. a ton of money. $327 million for democrats and $200 for republicans. will that make a difference? >> money makes a difference in
11:58 am
every campaign just about. it alone can't win the race but dems are up two to one in alaska in ad dollars spent. 2.7 to 1 against lindsey graham. they're up 33% more dollars in arizona, iowa, montana, north carolina and marginally up in maine and colorado. makes a difference. getting out your message and being seen. it reflects a few things. the dems really built an impressive grass roots technological tool in something called eck blue. that's how they took the house in 2018. their money machine, which is technologically aided is impressive. you can't discount the impact of donald trump. donald trump is the greatest thing for democratic fund-raising. whether the super low progressives or moderates, they don't like the president and putting their money where their mouth is. >> dana: and i know you can't
11:59 am
predict, but when beto o'rourke raised money from across the country and that was going to be the race to watch. everyone thought beto o'rourke would turn that state blue because he was going to beat ted cruz. he was about five points short of that. how likely is that this year in a place like south carolina? >> boy, it's a great analogy, dana. i think that's what we're seeing. i think jamie harrison is the beto o'rourke of the 2020 cycle. it means a couple of things. first of all as noted in your opening, they had to pour $10 million of republican support to save lindsey graham. $10 million that can't help the folks in the really tough states like colorado or maine. that helps the democrats, number 1. number 2, lindsey graham has pissed a lot of people off the same way that ted cruz has done. he's the ted cruz of this cycle. but ted worked hard in texas to make sure he didn't lose.
12:00 pm
some of the rescue here is i don't know that senator graham worked as hard. he didn't think he would have the same race. >> dana: thanks, bruce. lots to think about over the weekend. thanks everyone for joining us. i'm dana perino. i'll see you on "the five" on friday. >> bill: you're going to live in my head all weekend, dana. >> dana: i'll try to be quiet. >> bill: right on. thanks, dana. have a great time. a good friday afternoon, everyone. you almost made it. i'm bill hemmer. good day to you. our reporting begins in the great american west where joe biden is making a push for nevada. he's campaigning in las vegas. wrapping up a speech a moment ago. president trump lost that race two points four years ago. his team thinks it's possible again this time around. up employment is above 15% there due to covid. the clock is ticking on a recovery. the president says he's recovering from covid. he spoke directly to his base in a


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