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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 11, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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a fun aunt. and i call that a funt. likely getting more air time. that is it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid, the "the story" hosted by martha maccallum as you have senator harris? >> i would say i did. we went back and forth on this last night. and i think harris was a solo picked throughout, but i thought susan rice had a good shot at it too. that is how we play the game, right, bret? good to see you. with that, i am martha maccallum in new york and this is the breaking story tonight. the ticket is set and it will be biden/hera and picked kamala harris committee attorney general, a match up in ways most imagined long ago. in fact, she was asked about on the campaign trail when she was still in the race. >> i think that joe biden would be a great running mate as
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vice president. he has proven he knows how to do the job. and there is certainly at a lot of candidates that would make a viable and interesting vice president. >> martha: back then biden's campaign was nearly left for dead. but all that changed in south carolina. with an assist from congressman jim clyburn and at that time harris rising star spread it out for the moment. and now, here we are with a ticket in place. the choice that makes it clear among other things the former vp was paying attention to this strong message and letter and warning yesterday. it was a letter from over 100 prominent black men including van jones, charlamagne tha god, demanding in fact that biden choose a black woman for his running mate. the letter scolding those who have labeled contenders who are ambitious or s them to show remorse for political digs on the debate stage. a clear note of support for
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harris to infect criticize both of them spirits let's get right to the reaction tonight. trump campaign senior advisor and former washington, d.c., democratic chairman. welcome to both of you. thank you very much for being here. scott come i want to get started with you because it was interesting to me that you noticed your name was not on that letter, not on that list. what did you think about that? did you think it was too heavy-handed and what did you think about the choice tonight? >> i think his choice was being made only by him. i would have had those communications with the campaign, but i would not have put them in writing because i don't think the letter made that much of a difference to joe biden. joe biden, he is an old man and he will make that call. let's face it, she was always the leading front runner once she dropped out of the race, if you will. there wasn't an open secret, but she really was the safest, solid, smart, competent choice to rally the base, even without that letter. many of my friends were on that
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letter. i'm not chastising them and i agree with them conceptually, but i would not have been as heavy-handed about it because she was the leading candidate anyway. >> martha: interesting. staying with you on that for a minute's thought. that is the problem, right, because it makes it look like he sort of got put into a corner. there was speculation he met the other day with gretchen whitmer and that letter was sort of little bit of it, you know be careful message that was sent to him in case he was thinking about going that way. >> that message is inherent given clyburn and what happened in south carolina, given that 90% plus of african-americans voters who will back the democratic nominee in his early decision to pick a female vice president on the ticket. and so i just don't think it was really necessary. it may look like that, but i think party insiders on the democratic side note differently. it was a bit of overkill and
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insurance, but i think biden had kamala harris on his mind before this letter. once he read the letter and after he read the letter. >> martha: it is interesting because katrina there is a historic nature and her parents are from india and from jamaica. but when these markers are laid down, going to pick a woman and it gets this pressure, i'm going to pick a black woman. it checks this identity box and in a way it takes away from the selection in some way but doesn't it? >> absolutely. but joe biden's pick is actually a red flag for the democrat party because this actually reinforces what the trump campaign has been saying for months now and that is the polls are wrong. if he was truly leading by ten points and have the black vote walked up he would not go to the debate choice. so joe biden picked kamala harris as a hail mary who supports crazy things like the green new deal and someone who
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wants to ban fracking and who publicly compared the gray -- grave law-enforcement to the kkk. joe biden didn't even remember kamala harris during the debate. he claims to have support of the only black woman in the united states senate. i think that too a record as an attorney general is absolutely abysmal by fighting to keep inmates locked up in overcrowded prisons to be used as cheap labor. the list goes on, martha. it takes away from the fact she is a woman or even a woman of color because infect himself in a corner. perhaps that's what she wanted. >> martha: president trump made a reference to checking boxes with who you pick and this got attention too. here he is talking about that on the radio. >> he wrote himself into, you know them a certain group of people. >> he said he had to pick a woman. >> he said that in some people would say that man or insulted by that. >> martha: what did you think about that, scott? >> i don't think that dog will
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hunt. first of all, she is not to the far left at all. she was a former prosecutor, got high remarks for that. secondly, any man offended at diversity or the fact she has a history making nominee because we have never had an african-american or even an asian-american of asian descent, let alone jamaican descent beyond the ticket. this is a diverse country. that is smart politics given the basis. i will be honest with you, black voters have never voted the majority since 1986 for democratic nominee for president. and so the cultural difference but more important those voting patterns for people of color come up black and brown people, or super important to the democratic party because they are not voting for the g.o.p. because the g.o.p. doesn't realy offer them anything to vote for. i mean you talk about biden but what about the intentionality of donald trump? he tweets out or retweets is
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supporter that says "white power." so this is a solid choice. but will energize biden's campaign as well. i think she will be a solid choice as we get closer to november. >> martha: historic moment, but it think it is nice when they unfold on their own and don't appear to be in any way sort of something that someone was nudged into for any particular reason only because you want to select the person you think is the most qualified and the most perfect person for that job. katrina, i want to give you a chance to respond. >> you are not saying she's not qualified are you? >> martha: no, but not just all about that but anything else. katrina do you want to respond to scott? >> wouldn't it be nice to focus on qualifications instead of identity politics? we went through this and 2,016th because everyone was to vote for hillary clinton and that did not work out either. the intentionality, we can talk about the actual fact. joe biden has spent half a
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century in public office decimating the black community. we can talk about the crime bill. he offered it. he absolutely was the author. he bragged about being the author of the crime bill and actually let dominic bragged about walking people up for everything but jaywalking, joe biden's own words. so we at the trump campaign happy to talk about the left intentions and unicorns and rainbows, but there is a very serious issue in america today. president trump has been waiting on the issue and joe biden failed where barack obama and joe biden failed. joe biden is picking up that mantle and leading the way. our president has put out many policies to help black america whether the economy and police reform. let's not forget about that. this is the issue of the day. president trump was leading on this issue back october 2019. we are happy to have that discussion. >> he has a lot of negative narrative which is why his numbers are where they are. >> martha: guys, we have to leave it there.
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but i appreciate what the debate will look like and we hope there will be four debates because we would actually like to have one sooner rather than later. we hope the biden campaign will step up and say they will participate in that. katrina, scott holden, always a pleasure, thank you, sir. we continued the pick with her dr. marc thiessen who would join me later in the hour but first, black lives matter activists with the looting of businesses in chicago calling it tantamount to reparations. look at that sign. >> make sure that the president can make some kind of money because the city obviously doesn't care about them. not only that, but reparations. that is reparations. >> martha: she was talking about looting and saying it is reparations and you can take what you want if needed. we will talk to the small businesses who say lawlessness is taking away their likelihoods. we will also be joined by journalist charlie who has studied and these areas closelyg
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>> martha: chicago cleans up the glass and they board up the windows, one of the leaders of black lives matter and the city says that the riots in the looting are all justified. she and others took to the streets with signs reading "our futures have been looted. loot back" to show support for those arrested during the violence, 13 police officers injured on sunday. >> i don't care if somebody decides to loot a gucci or macy's or nike because that makes sure that that person eats. that person will have clothes. that make sure that person can make some kind of money because
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the city obviously doesn't care about them. not only that, that is reparations. that is reparations. anything they want to take, take it because these businesses have insurance. they will get their money back. my people aren't getting anything. >> martha: wow! residents are now afraid to simply walk outside. >> i have lived here for 20 years, and it's getting scary because you can't walk out now. used to go out early in the morning to run. i don't do that any longer. and i used to walk at night, and i have stopped doing that. >> martha: that is what is happening in america cities. and the same thing right now in san francisco, the same thing about walking around their own communities. joining me charlie, a journalist and author of "the blank show" the country is collapsing and charlie spent time talking to people in the cities of america. charlie, when you listen to that
4:16 pm
young woman with black lives matter saying she is fine with people breaking windows and stealing stuff such as gucci's and macy's because after all, they have insurance and you don't have what you need. and you need to eat and unique clothes. so go right ahead. what goes through your mind? >> it doesn't work. like they tried that in los angeles and it does not solve the long-term problems, my young friend who tried it in detroit. you know what happens? companies move and insurance rates go up. and then the stuff left for you to get cost an arm and a leg. that is not the answer. i'm just so sad for the country. where is the leadership to understand what is really happening? yeah, it is really sore in the urban communities and the black communities, but do you know my young friend in chicago that school money was captured to build a skyscraper hotel for
4:17 pm
emmanuel's contributors? meanwhile the kids in your school is kids to a kindergarten class. it has nothing to do with gucci and if you say armed robbery, looting, breaking and entering is a way to feed yourself, then you are next. don't bother calling the police because you will get eaten up here are the dumbest thing i ever heard. >> martha: speaking of the police come a lot of us watched as cheap carmen best in seattle at the end of her rope essentially and she resigned today. she stood up to mayor jenny durkan who said it would be a summer of love in seattle and stood next to her police chief, carmen best while she said "i can't do this anymore. you will take away all the money. you will take away the support i need for my officers, and i'm done." watch this. >> i'm done. can't do it. you know, the council gave us
4:18 pm
$1.6 million to make sure that we hire the best and the brightest and the most diverse and brought them on. in less than a year later, we will turn them all away. it feels very inclusive and honestly, i have my convictions. i cannot do that. >> martha: i have my convictions says chief best and she was lot of by attorney general william barr for doing a superior job. so seattle loses that woman at that leader, charlie. >> and there you go. okay, who will do it? keep asking. look, like you defined the police and good people don't want to do it, straight up, you will get mexican confederal ladies. you will have people working for cartels that are taking bribes and you get nothing. i agree and understand what the problems in america are, but this isn't the way to do it. look, forget gucci for a minutes. that rolling riot went down to
4:19 pm
some strip malls and took out mom and pops. martin luther king was a figurehead. a black lives matter, where is it? is that even a thing or a slogan? because martin luther king condemned rioting and called it destructive, and he called it nihilistic. he did say rioting is the language of the unheard. get some knowledge about where the money really is because i am armed and loaded too and i don't want this. nobody wants this. we are at a moment where we can get somewhere. >> martha: jesse jackson said what happened in chicago is embarrassing and humiliating, but this young woman doesn't care what jesse jackson thinks. that is not what it's all about anymore. charlie, thank you. thank you for being here. >> okay. >> martha: my next guest are actually two people that charlie just referred to because they owned their own business. they have owned their own business for 30 years. mayor chicago's north side and it was rent overnight. for the second time in three
4:20 pm
months. they lost more than $25,000 worth of merchandise and all the cash that was in the cash register. ken and carrie are the owners of this fashion boutique. thank you very much for being here tonight. i know that you were hoping that post covid you would be able to get things started again and reopened again. and that was not to be, right? >> it was not to be on the heels of being closed for two and half months, two days before we were supposed to reopen, you know a wave of looters happened. yeah, well, then we were back up and open. two days later, unfortunately, it happened again and this time much worse. >> martha: i'm curious, what do you think when you hear that young woman say, take what you need. take clothing if you need clothing. these places have insurance. this is reparation. you know, you need to do what
4:21 pm
you need to do so still the clothing. >> i agree with what the previous caller said. lawlessness is not the answer. >> it is not going to better us as a society, people stealing from people because it forces us into a militant state, and we are not equipped, you know, we are business owners. we are not equipped to defend our stores. so it can't happen that way. and as a society, we can't go down that path where we are all either defending ourselves or stealing from each other. it is just not the way we can survive. >> martha: are you determined to open your store again? what would you say to mayor lightfoot about what kind of protection you need to function as a business in your neighborhood? >> well, i can say we need to do a lot more than we are doing. we don't feel safe after the george floyd riots a couple of months ago.
4:22 pm
and we were smashed and i got looted. i had to go down there and if in my store with a cell phone in my hand because the police were not there. and i know that they are trying to do their best. but i understand they are told not to engage and stop these thieves unless they were his personal harm being threatened or done to individuals. so there has been no increased police presence that i have noticed. and that needs to happen. and i don't know on the prosecution side, i heard that they are not prosecuting them that way they should appear at if that's true, that is ridiculous. people are creating crimes and smashing in our windows and taking our property that we worked extremely hard for over 30 plus years. >> martha: i'm sorry. i'm sorry for what you have been going through can and carrie.
4:23 pm
sad to say we have the same boarded windows in new york and you wonder what is happening to america's cities when the leadership doesn't protect people from lawlessness. it seems like a pretty basic function of the leadership to protect people from lawlessness in their communities regardless of the issues that people might want to protest totally a separate thing. ken and carrie, thank you very much and we wish you the best. i hope you can come back in a month until his things are looking up and that things are better. thanks, guys, good to see you tonight. all right, let's switch gears here. as you know, the pandemic change the dynamic between the united states and china. now it appears there is no going back. health and human services secretary alex azar is angered by -- he angered china i should say because he sat down with the president of taiwan and a sign of unity. communist china did not like that. they sent two fighter jets overhead has a clear message to
4:24 pm
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♪ >> i had a very good relationship with president xi and i would even say better than good. we had a great relationship. he is a great gentleman, but my relationship is no longer very good with him because of what they did with the china virus. >> martha: so the tensions between the united states and china escalate. the secretary of human health and services sit down with taiwan's president. this was the highest level meeting between our two countries in decades. china considers taiwan to be a sovereign part of china and firmly opposes any official interactions between the united states and taiwan.
4:29 pm
so in an answer to this meeting china sent fighter jets over the fight of that meeting to send a very clear message. joining me now secretary alex azar fresh off of his historic trip. he still there in fact, heading back shortly. secretary azar thank you for being here. clearly, china with your visit was a provocative move. what do you say to them? >> well secretary pompeo said yesterday the chinese communist party have to be feeling pretty weak and insecure if the visit to the health secretary to meet with other health colleagues in the middle of a pandemic to an area like taiwan has been a model of transparency and openness in democratic values throughout this somehow to send fighter jets. they went but in understanding they do not recognize that taiwan is a separate country. and you are meeting with them, the president and not just the
4:30 pm
health and services secretary. this was the highest level meeting and decades from the united states to taiwan. so what was the message. and also the president sends a strong support for taiwan and china says that your visit endangered peace. >> well, my visit is completely consistent with the u.s. has long-standing one china policy and completely consistent with the precedent of senior level engagement between the united states and representatives of taiwan. with the communist party of china should be more focused on is getting more transparent, more open and more collaborative on covid-19. when they brought this upon us by concealing so much about this virus and its origins as well as the nature of the disease and preventing international observers throughout. as i said in the speech yesterday and taiwan, if this virus had emerged in taiwan or the united states and open
4:31 pm
democratic transparent public health system, we could have stopped in its tracks. >> martha: everybody wishes the best and we will see what happens. the language that you just used in that response that the united states continues to uphold the one china policy is obviously the phrase that china is looking to hear. that is the policy that they insist upon from everybody that does business with china essentially. and yet, we know taiwan is concerned that china might make even aggressive military moves against the country that you are in right now. we have also seen that national security policy in hong kong and how that is playing out. people are getting arrested and pulling out of newspaper offices. why do we still have a one china policy given what you said about china's behavior with this vir virus? >> i will focus on health issues. one of the things that we have seen is when president xi was elected here as part of a vibrant, democratic process in
4:32 pm
taiwan four years ago, first elected, the chinese communist party went to a health organization and said taiwan can no longer participate in observer status which it had been for years. they pulled the w.h.o., they pulled taiwan and kicked taiwan out. the trump administration and i and secretary pompeo have been fighting to get taiwan back in so that taiwan can contribute with they are excellent public health system that they have got to commit transparent information they can provide appear they are one of only two entities in taiwan the state department and the cdc have a level one, the lowest level travel advisory. they done such a great job dealing with covid-19 unlike china. >> martha: i mean, the reason why china doesn't want them represented in the w.h.o. for one of many things is because they don't consider them a country. so it seems those two things are at odds to say we have one china policy but to also say you want
4:33 pm
taiwan has a separate entity to be part of all of these international organizations because we respect their democracy in the way have handled this. >> i think they would be embarrassed by the effectiveness of the public health system he here. taiwan has participated in an observer status for four years but then the communist party decided that was no longer acceptable and believed in soft to exclude. back in 2018, this is how bad it is, in 2018, there was an ebola outbreak in the west republic of the congo. the w.h.o. asked for emergency contributions. china has not provided any. taiwan offered $1 million and what did the communist party do? they bullied and require the w.h.o. to reject $1 million donation. no text from taiwan to help the democratic republic of the congo from the ebola outbreak. that is how thuggish they have been. >> martha: yeah, and i think
4:34 pm
that speaks to the big picture and the president has acknowledged that relationship has changed. i know you were heading back soon. i hope when you get back, you would join us again because we want to talk about the vaccine as well with the works that will roll out in december. and so we will talk about that next time. secretary, thank you very much, secretary azar, glad to have you with us tonight. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: now to this topic is maybe not as important but pretty important to a lot of people in the country. the prospective college football might be slowly slipping away. and remaining optimistic, however after two conferences will postpone the start of the season. and college football hall of famer, herschel walker disagrees with. he says america needs to cheer and the players need to play. he is next. ♪ >> we can watch colleges play football. we want to get football and colleges. these are young, strong people.
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>> martha: the big story today the pac-10, peck 12 i should say and pac-10 officially postponing full sports there are those conferences announcing they may be able to play in the spring. the fans holding out hope the other three conferences, three billion-dollar power five, the acc, sec and the big 12 will play this fall. we certainly hope so heisman trophy winner and nfl player herschel walker, thank you so much for coming on the program tonight. what do you think about all of this? >> well, you know, i'm sad because kids need to play. kids need to play and this is such a controlled environment that they have to be in. you have to be with some of the best doctors, kids are tested what my twice a week?
4:40 pm
if they are not playing, the kids at home and an environment where they can get sick. but now, you have a university with world-class doctors that test and you are in a controlled environment. kids need to play. these are kids that right now, they don't seem to care about what's going on at the country. they don't kid about schools and they don't seem to care about this but kids need to be playing college football right now. >> martha: trevor lawrence the qb did that same point and said everybody was safer in the program and at school here you have the accs medical advisor duke infectious disease and we can mitigate it down. can we have two teams that meet on the field? i would say yes. one other point, since the nba player, the first nba player tested positive and ended the nba season last march. we look this up and people should let me know if we are wrong but we could not find one
4:41 pm
athlete who tested positive who was hospitalized, herschel, not one so far since march. >> well, that is what i'm talking about. you have like at schools, you have great, great doctors. they are testing kids all the time. they were taking care of these kids. what are you going to do? you are going to send them home? what are you going to do? destroy these kids and mope around campus and get depressed? they are losing their livelihoods right now. you know, kids, think about a senior. this is his chance to get to the next level. and i think you can call it politics because you look at the places that decided not to play and these are the areas that decided not to play. >> martha: you think it is political? >> we have come to this. it is sad that we have come to this right here and that's what hurts. >> martha: it sure does. let's hope they come up with a
4:42 pm
solution. herschel walker, always a pleasure, thank you very much, sir, good to see you tonight. >> thank you. >> martha: coming up we talked to murdoch and joe biden selection of kamala harris as vp does nothing to erase years of antiblack slurs, friendships, and policies. his take coming up next. ♪ >> if you have a problem, figuring whether you are for me or trump, then you ain't black. ♪ and it's bigger than pizza because for every shaq-a-roni sold, $1 is donated to the papa john's foundation for building community.
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♪ >> she was extraordinarily nasty to judge kavanaugh then now justice kavanaugh. she was nasty to a level that was just a horrible thing the way she was, the way she treated now justice kavanaugh. and i won't forget that soon. >> martha: that was a little while ago. that was the first response that we heard from president trump. reacting to joe biden's presidential pick of kamala harris and his treatment, her treatment of them supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. >> did you watch the doctor's testimony? >> i did not. >> thank you. >> i plan to, but i did not.
4:47 pm
i was preparing. >> martha: senior editor for the national review and mark teasing from american enterprise institute, both fox news contributor, thank you very much for being here. big news today, everybody has been waiting for this choice. and when a candidate makes this choice, they do wit generally in a way that they hope will bring some people into the campaign. some enthusiasm for some people that may be on the fence. do you think that the pick of kamala harris does that for joe biden who in your home today you called the archie bunker of the left? >> exactly right. i think she has a little bit of excitement. she is young. i guess that is a good thing. what people try to do when they pick a running mate, in terms of the electoral college, she comes to california. and nominated a bicycle is the running mate, the bicycle will
4:48 pm
win back in california. she doesn't add anything and that since smarter to pick someone from a swing state, i suppose. the other thing is she seems to come a little bit of a brace as the president mentioned it. i don't know if she can warm things up and be more charming. but that will bode better for her campaign and joe biden's prospects as well. >> martha: one of the things to battle mark, the states that president trump won in 2016 with pennsylvania, north carolina, arizona, some of these places where the selection will be decided. does kamala harris hope to move the needle for joe biden in that regard? >> i don't think she does. i don't think she has much impact on those states. i think quite frankly, this will be particularly because of the pandemic more of a bay selection than 2016 was. she is obviously targeted at the base. the reason to have a black woman on the ticket is to energize,
4:49 pm
bring back the obama coalition that didn't come out for hillary clinton. and the problem that joe biden has right now is that he is doing worse with african-americans than hillary clinton was. he is behind her nationally and when it comes to younger black voters, 18-29, he's only got 68% support, 17 points behind hillary clinton in 2016. so the question is does kamala harris help him win over african-american voters and not just support but enthusiasm? her record in the primary doesn't seem to indicate that it does. she never connected with african-american voters. she was never able to build that support. so i don't know that she will deliver for him the main thing she has been put on the ticket to do. >> martha: let's go back and watch this moment from the debate on june 27th, 2019 that became quite confrontational between these two watch this. >> to hear you talk about the
4:50 pm
reputations of two united states senators who built their reputation and career on the segregation of race in this country. you know, there was a little girl in california who was part of the second class to integrate republic schools, and she was bused to school every day. and that little girl was me. >> to erase my position across the board of my did not praise racist. i did agree -- my time is up. >> martha: memorable moment, but that is the kind of issue that you write about in this column for him. >> look, i think republicans will do a good job of making that a more famous than it is but you go back to the 1970s, 1977 saying this about segregation i'm quoting puritan list we do something about this my children are going broke and the jungle. tensions built so how you would explode at some point. he has a whole history of
4:51 pm
cooperation of people like robert byrd, former exalted cyclops and the kkk. and supportive of antidesegregation amendment regarding bus with robert byrd that passed and went into law. but you come back in the year 2020 and where he's vulnerable, biden is vulnerable and kamala harris as well a lot of black parents want to send their kids to charter schools. joe biden is terrible at school choice. i'm not a fan of charter schools. i don't want money to go to for-profit charter schools. he's against any kind of vouchers wants to defund d.c. voucher program. he is very vulnerable in that and something g.o.p. president trump should be well known to voters. >> martha: especially in this moment so many public schools not opening and parents want more than ever to be able to make a choice and send their kids back to school in september, an issue that people of all backgrounds would like to see more of. marc thiessen, deroy murdock, good to see you both. >> great to see you, thank you. >> martha: thank you. this week marks the 75th
4:52 pm
anniversary of v-j day, the surrender of japan after the hard-fought battle is and the world war ii hero that was the first to hit the beaches during the bloodied battle of iwo jima next. ha! these drops probably won't touch me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what is that? xiidra, noooo! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda approved treatment specifically for the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. one drop in each eye, twice a day. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation.
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>> martha: this week we are honoring the heroes who led the united states to victory over japan 75 years ago. february 19, 1945, this corporal. the bloody fight, he worked with the navajo code talkers to ensure vital combat information was shared with his fellow marines. 70 years later he returned to the islands of japan at the age of 92 reuniting with surviving members of this troop. here he is in a documentary that
4:57 pm
was produced by his grandson. >> experiences in the war changed my life more than i realize in the beginning. i recovered, got married, had a family successfully and overall, the overall picture is a very pleasant. >> martha: john was laid to rest among our nation's heroes in arlington cemetery. he passed away in late november. his grandson joins me. thank you for being with us. i know your relationship with your grandfather was very special, what was it like today at arlington cemetery? >> the whole ceremony was amazing. the actual burial and all that was all for coping in morning.
4:58 pm
worrying about my grandfather. but today i felt was really about the celebration of life and all of his accomplishments. just being in the americas cemetery. honoring him like that, it meant the world. it was amazing. >> martha: it was a remarkable day and we all honor him as a hero for what he fought for at iwo jima. talk to me quickly if you can about writing about doing this documentary, why did you want so much for everyone to know his story? >> i mean this as junior year project in high school actually anand i started my sophomore yer because ever since middle school i was going on these world war ii reunions with the iwo jima association of america with my grandfather and my father. growing up, i knew so much about his culture and his history. i felt it was important. i learned more about it through
4:59 pm
the organization and really felt like i needed to use my skills to bring that story to light. >> martha: what do you want everyone to know about him? >> my grandfather was a great man. i loved john. he was kind. he was funny. he was sharper than a tack. he knew what he had for breakfast 20 years ago. he was amazing. he could go on with war stories for hours and hours. he was just very entertaining and very lighthearted and an amazing man. >> martha: you know what, i am sure he was incredibly proud of you and i give your dad and your grandfather so much credit for instilling the history in you and the desire in you to remember these men and that means a lot to all of us. i want to thank you, talon lauriello, for being here. i hope everybody checks out your documentary on john lauriello on youtube. thank you. you can read about my uncle
5:00 pm
harry gray who also fought at iwo jima in my book "unknown valor." it honors the heroes of iwo jima and those hard won battles in the pacific like john lauriello. thank you, everybody. see you tomorrow. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." big news in the political world. hours ago job took grove joe biden's handlers announced they selected senator kamala harris of california to run as joe biden's vice president. we didn't see it coming. just last night on the show we told you susan rice will likely to get the job. rice is a hardened partisan but she's not stupid. more to the point, rice's sincere beliefs whether you like them or not. kamala harris is the opposite of that. harris may be the single most transactional human being in america. there are time-share salesmen you would trust more


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