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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 24, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> all right. >> power to the people. >> you think it is props in any situation, this is one of the worst instances i have seen. we should pray for those kids and their parents too. that all the time we have tonight. shannon bream in the fox news at night team, take it from here. >> breaking news started with a fox news alert. bracing the influx of federal officers headed there with the goal of quelling the street violence plaguing the city right now. a massive protest, protesters facing off with police outside the democratic mayor's home. lori lightfoot reportedly planning to order the columbus
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statue to be taken down as soon as tonight after it was the scene of an ambush on police officers by rioters trying to turn down the iconic memorial. we will take you there live. with tough polling numbers and battleground states the president makes a pitch to suburban housewives focusing on education and getting kids back to school safely and repairing -- repeal a housing initiative that many conservatives argue would wipe out the suburbs as you now know them. the president projecting an image of calm reassurance, money for schools in the wake of coronavirus, safer communities in the wake of rioting but can he convince voters in a matter of weeks to give them another four years just 120 days to election day. the trump administration facing a defiant china tonight. the state department ordered the
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chinese consulate in houston, houston being a major hive of spy activity to clear out. chinese diplomats say they are not going anywhere. white house correspondent kevin cork has more on the president's latest pitch and big news on the gop convention. >> the president spelled out clearly today when he said it is truly important that american schoolchildren get back to the classroom this fall but he also acknowledges some states that have become recent covid-19 hotspots, that return could be delayed by a few weeks. >> schools have to open safely, they have to open. >> donald trump imploring schools across the country to throw open their doors to kids this fall. >> more than a dozen european countries as well as south korea, taiwan and many others have already reopened schools, cases have not risen. we can achieve the same goal if we unite together, follow the best medical practices and apply
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common sense. >> common sense like the latest cdc guidance which says rob: 9 death rates among school-age children are much lower than among adults, the agency also said that the in person school environment provides educational instruction, supports the development of social and emotional skills, create a safe environment for learning, addresses nutritional needs and facilitates physical activity. >> given these considerations we believe many school districts can now reopen safely provided they implement mitigation measures and health protocols to protect families, protect teachers and protect students. >> reporter: the spread of coronavirus is a consideration for students, teachers and parents but is the main reason behind the president's decision to scuttle the gop's upcoming convention plans. >> looked at my team and said the timing for this event is not
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right, just not right with what has happened recently. >> democrats pounced, was from tom perez. from the beginning of this pandemic democrats put the health and safety of the american people first. unlike trump we followed the science, and to doctor and public health experts and worked through plans to protect lives as the latest fox news survey shows the president trailing joe biden in the battleground states of pennsylvania and minnesota by double digits and in michigan by 9 percentage points. in the keystone state biden leads by 29 points, among suburban voters by 26 points and among women by 17 points. also in that poll we notice the president leads among rural voters by 17 points and among whites without college degrees by 10 points. we expect a major announcement on drug pricing. i will have the details tomorrow. back to you. new pictures from wuhan, china,
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the original epicenter of the virus. backup from under complete lockdown, back here the head of the chinese consulate in houston facing a friday deadline to get out and shutdown. the diplomatic facility until further notice, the trump administration's order to shutdown the consulate because it is allegedly a hub of espionage runs afoul of international agreements. jillian turner is tracking all this tonight. >> reporter: a major development in the dispute between washington and beijing after the trump administration served the chinese government with an eviction notice on tuesday giving them 72 hours to close to houston consulate but the consul general in houston says they have no intention of obeying that order and are still open for business. >> they are permitted to be
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there on a diplomatic status with the host nation, it is not okay to use your diplomats to engage in espionage. it is not okay to steal intellectual property or engage in that. >> pompeo won't speculate on what action the us will take of china doesn't make up the houston consulate tomorrow but is leading the charge against china on multiple other fronts reportedly telling multiple british lawmakers during a meeting with the un human rights council in london there is intelligence showing china want to doctor ted ross in his director of the who and paid to get him there. conservative mp ian duncan smith confirmed pompeo said china intervened in the director general election in may of 2017 to assure he won. >> if there is one thing that really matters to us in which
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should matter to the international community it is saving lives and who will not be distracted by these comments. >> the coronavirus broke out in wuhan, china and subsequently spread to nearly every country on earth, affecting tens of millions of people and killing over 630,000. >> they should have stopped it, they could have stopped it, they didn't. the entire world has gotten infected. >> missing british lawmakers claim pompeo got very specific and said british citizens had died as direct result of china's deal to get ted ross the job. pompeo says he's trying to build a new path forward with china, one based on strategic understanding of the communist party's true intentions but meanwhile that deadline for them to close the consulate in houston is now just a few hours away. breaking news tonight at
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chicago. in the wake of an ambush of police officers at the columbus statue in grant park there's more news tonight. britney is on the scene in grant park to tell us more. good evening. >> reporter: we are hearing multiple reports that chicago mary lori lightfoot will remove the christopher columbus statue in grant park tonight. right now the statue is blocked off. will step out of the way so you can take a look, the scene is pretty quiet, a few chicago police officers as a peaceful protest of 500 people are walking in logan square, headed to the mayor's house, police have that area blocked off and can't get any further but taking it into grant park, protesters clash with chicago police, attempting to pair down the christopher columbus statue we have reached out to the mayor's office for confirmation in the
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italian-american society for reaction, but waiting to go back for confirmation. shannon: we will check back with you as the situation continues. as the number of coronavirus cases passes for million, facilities in states where covid-19 is spiking the most are strategizing to keep up. >> it is like a domino, you have to be careful about your bids. every day we go for this patient or that patient. >> this week california became the state's highest number of covid-19 cases in the country and that is where trace gallagher reports from our west
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coast newsroom tonight. >> with a mantra that is coronavirus does not outweigh the economic turmoil the california push to push out governor gavin newsom is gaining momentum. the movement is officially called recallgavin 2020, goal together 2.1 million signatures by november 17th to 4 is a special recall election. even someone time newsom supporters are signing on. >> i voted for gavin newsom and things have just gotten so bad in california, the level of lockdown i am certain has heard and will continue to hurt way more people than the virus. >> maybe it's fitting the anti-newsom wave is originating in surf city, usa, huntington beach, the orange county enclave that is also the california symbol of mass resistance
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whereas coronavirus infections rise people probably go mask 3. huntington beach's mayor believes masks are, quote, critical in keeping people healthy and helping businesses operate safely in the limited capacity they are able to but the mayor also acknowledges people across california are uncomfortable with the use of face coverings, 20 miles up the coast from huntington in manhattan beach, masks are mandatory, they also mandatory 2000 miles across the country in miami, florida and in the nation's capital. >> if you are waiting for a bus you must have on a mask. if you are ordering food at a restaurant you must have on a mask. if you're sitting in a cubicle in openoffice you must have on a mask. >> reporter: there is also now a statewide mask mandate in ohio and california now has 421,000 confirmed cases of covid-19 surpassing new york revise number in the country. california has just over 8000
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deaths, new york has four times that number, nationwide there are 4 million confirmed cases, 145,000 people in the us have died. shannon: doctor deborah birx warning a big cities and aggressive action is needed to manage potential covid-19 spikes. the list includes nashville, tennessee where honky-tonk and crowded bars along with the's broadway are believed to be driving a surge there. marsha blackburn, welcome back. >> good to be with you, thank you. shannon: tennessee having the largest single day of hospitalizations, we put applicable graphics that show what is happening with the cases according to johns hopkins.
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in the meantime this is what they are saying about how this is playing out. in reality downtown nashville, broadway has seen nights like this for weeks even after the mask mandate forces shutdown. but as husband the situation for weeks now what is taking action on the non-socially distant grounds that disregard mask orders. what is going on in nashville? >> reporter: one of the things we are is mayor cooper has a coronavirus task force and what i'm hearing from elected officials and healthcare officials is their very inconsistent and ineffective in trying to work with the community and slow the spread, to have the mask mandate in place and as you point out the hotspot in tennessee is national and when you look at the
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breakdown of what is happening, the demographic group, 21-30-year-olds, that is the group where you have the largest number of cases. shannon: the political headlines is just what you missed them in china refuses to commit to closing the houston consulate. you've been very critical of them and talking about the idea of untangling us from china. the news says this, she's going to blast the nba should memphis business interests escape the notice given the company sued the trump administration in 2019 in a dispute over trade rules mandating they inspect every package shipped from the country. where are you on china? is a consistent position? >> absolutely it is a consistent position and what we do about
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china, that is the question people ask. china took our jobs. people have been frustrated with china for decades was look what they've done to the music, entertainment and publishing industry, the auto manufacturing industry hearings, people want to get something done about this. the nba has been very inconsistent. we were pleased to learn they close the training facility, that is step in the right direction but they are in a relationship with ali baba, with other entities, all this is part of the chinese communist party and nba answer for the place to shift, a lot of these business relationships with china.
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shannon: we also have to have conversations about potential slave labor if we are going to be consistent about those kinds of things. always good to have you, stay safe there in tennessee. >> thank you. >> portland's mayor bulled and badgered to resign, when he went to join the protesters. ken cuccinelli, acting deputy secretary joins us live as federal agents are facing an internal investigation over their use of force, he is live next. we're always here to help with fast response and great service and it doesn't stop there we're also here to help look ahead that's why we're helping members catch up by spreading any missed usaa insurance payments over the next twelve months so you can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most and that's just one of the many ways we're here to help the military community find out more at to help the military community there are so many toothpastes out there, which one should i use? try crest pro/active defense.
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learn more at >> we don't need federal troops. we don't need unnamed secret federal agents running around the streets of chicago. >> the use of storm troopers under the guise of law and order is a tactic that is not appropriate to our country in any way.
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>> we cannot have secret police abducting people and putting them in unmarked vehicles. >> from oregon to chicago to washington. here's what we are finding out. a lot of democratic leaders are in big up their rhetoric when it comes to federal agents. portland mayor ted wheeler said he was teargas by age and says he decided to join protesters. >> we are asking them, demanding that they leave. . >> it is official that the doj and homeland security watchdogs are looking into the actions of federal officers in dc and portland. let's talk about with ken
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cuccinelli, welcome back to fox news at night. you've heard some of the characterizations there, secret police, storm troopers, unmarked vehicles, this is what congressman bobby rush had to say about what is happening on the street and what the president's goal is. >> trump wants to instigate a race war. the ku klux klan and the president, reelect me. that is what he's trying to do. >> these are some serious allegations coming from sitting democrats and elected leaders. how the response? >> i have a great deal of faith in the wisdom of the american people to see through trash like this. can you imagine if somebody like me used a nazi illusion like storm troopers the way nancy
12:23 am
pelosi so blithely do? the sky would come falling down. these are law enforcement officers that work for her federal government and have been operating within their legal authority on a constitutional basis to preserve peace and protect the federal courthouse, a seat of justice in portland and more recently in chicago, the congressman and the mayor who was saying no trump, no federal officials, turned 180 degrees because we are doing it cooperatively as donald trump has always offered to do. repeated it again today. is concerned is to lower the carnage and bring safety to these communities and the
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political point the allegation congressman rush made is exactly the opposite. chicago didn't vote for donald trump, they didn't vote for donald trump but he wants piece there any way. he wants peace there because they are americans who deserve it. it is that simple. shannon: there are other members of congress, sitting democrats, maxine waters, who say this is what we are seeing in the streets, something of a trial run for what the president plans to do if he doesn't want to leave peacefully. the host on another network says the same thing. >> we are looking at a trial run for a kind of genuine attempt, through intimidation and potentially through force to try to steal this election.
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shannon: it is an election year, people get very heated but there are people who feel this president is very authoritarian in nature. why are we so far apart on this about what is needed in our cities and what can be helpful there and what shouldn't be there? if we weren't in an election year, the states and localities would be working together with the feds. what do you make of it? >> they will do anything to make sure this president doesn't get reelected but donald trump is tough when it comes to achieving peace in our communities but this is the same president who is the first president in decades to achieve criminal justice reform. he is working on both sides of this problem and the only one in years who has occupied the presidency who has been successful at both of those.
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he demonstrated, he talks tough because he is tough but he cares about american people and every community in this country and that is why he is advancing federal officers and looking for partners whether political allies or not. mayor lightfoot is surely not a trump political ally but he's willing to extend the olive branch in support of federal resources to help bring peace. you can hardly say he is doing the terrorizing when they have a funeral for a young man who was shot and killed and at that funeral another 15 people get shot. how they can blame that on the federal government instead of their failed local policies and failure to protect their communities at the same time donald trump is willing to offer them more support to bring peace to that community is beyond me. shannon: after what happened in lafayette park outside the white house and portland with federal agents we note dhs and doj are launching internal investigations into that and we will await results as people are looking for that.
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ken cuccinelli, keep us updated. thank you. one senior administr official trying to set up donald trump, that is next.
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>> shannon: a newly declassified document shows the fbi may have used an agent to sign the crossfire hurricane in august 2016 when the president was still candidate donald trump shannon: a newly declassified document shows the fbi may have used in agents assigned to crossfire hurricane in august 2016 when the president was still candidate donald trump to monitor rather than inform him and in a defensive briefing that included trump advisor chris christie and national security adviser michael flynn, the agent was assigned to the operation tasked with investigating whether trump was compromised by russia or other foreign entities, and a cover
12:32 am
story for collecting information on an unsuspecting candidate and his advisers. such tactics were criticized by michael horowitz in his report so bombshell allegations concerning the evidence in the case of the things people facing felony charges for publicly -- publicly brandishing their weapons as protesters tracked onto their private property and threatened them and suppressing accusations from a portland city commissioner regarding the nightly chaos you've been witnessing a. alex hogan around for that tonight. >> reporter: nearly two months of protests around the nation and in portland, oregon, one city councilwoman, councilwoman, not only expressing her concern over the violence but also noting who she thinks may really be behind it. after another night of protests,
12:33 am
joann hardesty, comments police are sending in saboteurs to create havoc and justify their presence. today she apologized saying emotion got the best of her but added she doesn't want officers there unless 9 one one is called. >> are they exacerbating federal police in portland police? yes. they are exacerbating the tension. i don't want to see them coming out initially ready for a fight and that is exactly what it looks like when they show up in right gear. >> her initial statement was called ridiculous saying, quote, politicians bent on power perpetuating misinformation and untruths are as guilty of using their privilege as the rioters. according to city officials people since 144 fires from the end of may to mid july. a suspect of accused of throwing
12:34 am
up molotov cocktail appeared in court wednesday. and seems new development in the case of a couple films pointing guns at protesters marching past their homes. motional -- local station 5 finding evidence when crime workers took apart the handgun that was reportedly capable of firing, reassembled it to make it work. missouri law requires prosecutors to prove a weapon is, quote, readily capable of lethal use for someone to face charges of unlawful use of a weapon which mccloskey was charged with on monday. we did reach out to the st. louis circuit attorney's office and they had no comment. they've not responded to us about these new documents that were released but we reached out to the family and they said they were not coming. shannon: from seattle's autonomous zone to two month for and protests to prosecutors not
12:35 am
pursuing criminal cases, all of that testing the skill and patience of law enforcement officers while they are on the front lines. let's d bait law and order in our country with leslie marshall and author of the new book defend her in chief, donald trump's fight for presidential power. welcome to both of you. let's start in st. louis with this mccloskey couple. a local station says the firearm was tested, it didn't work right so they sent it and had it reassembled and then it did fire and then it was considered lethal and that is part of the charges. kst cases in missouri police and prosecutors must prove a weapon is readily capable of lethal use when used in the type of crime the mccloskeys have been charged. is that something prosecutors would normally do with a piece of evidence like this?
12:36 am
>> now, it is not. they said the gun was a prop and was inoperable. it raises questions why the prosecutors are going after the mccloskeys when they should be going after the people who were threatening them. this is especially so in a state where the governor - the attorney general is trying to stop the prosecution. there is the castle doctrine, there's always the phrase this home is your castle. under missouri law like in many states, someone tries to enter your house you are allowed to use force to keep them out. the mccloskeys have a good defense under the castle doctrine. >> kim gardner, her actions toward the mccloskeys are outrageous, even worse the circuit attorney's office has admitted there is a backlog of cases and dozens of homicides that have not been prosecuted, she has accelerated this case. that will give critics fuel to say these prosecutors are not
12:37 am
going after serious crimes but pr stunts like this. >> they will have their critics but they can walk and chew gum at the same time and have more than one case going and more than one arrest or indictment at the same time. they do have the castle why in the state of missouri but you have two guns there, one in the gentleman's hand and one of the woman's hand, only one was an alleged proper. two, you have to prove somebody was breaking in or trying to break into their home or that protesters intended to do them harm. the second amendment gives the right to bear arms but brandishing those arms at another individual, legal experts say the second amendment doesn't cover that. i think both sides have an uphill battle because there are some areas that are very gray and difficult to prove. shannon: i want to ask about the
12:38 am
fbi document, a source says fbi agent used the 2016 briefing on election interference as a cover to question the trump team, the source said the briefing was used as a cover for any remarks by trump or others about the russian federation and there are all kinds of interesting links, peter stzrok and others who will raise eyeballs on this. it was meant to be a defensive briefing for candidate trump. what do you make of the latest revelation? >> my former colleagues in the justice department crossed a red line here. you are not supposed to use these powers to stop terrorists to track down foreign spies, turn them internally and use them to spy on a presidential campaign of a major political party. that was the whole reason the
12:39 am
watergate reforms were and acted, the rules of the briefings. i think people will recognize it is the same tactic used against michael flynn where the fbi pretended to be doing something like business as normal but used its trick or trap donald trump, later michael flynn by overhearing something, by not reading them their rights. it is a disturbing exercise of the power by fbi headquarters, not the real agents in the field. it shows how far the justice department was willing to do to get their man, donald trump at the expense of rules designed to protect the civil liberties of all americans. shannon: a quick final word to you. >> at this point, particular intention is an allegation and it raises an eyebrow. on my side of the arm it raises an eyebrow because of the timing of this, the president not doing well in the polls and an election in november and in addition the inspector general,
12:40 am
horowitz, touched upon this meeting and we didn't see a specific red flag come to light, another reason i'm a little perplexed. shannon: we all await the durham report. a few months. thank you both. the brand-new cdc guidelines on reopening schools, what could it mean to your kids come fall. it's about getting more than health insurance and a partner who listens and acts. humana calls it human care. it's talking to a doctor from your couch, or helping you find a cheaper prescription before you ask. it's helping you fix the rugs so you don't fall, and keeping you social, online or off. it's getting to know you, so you can be your healthiest. that's our superpower. that's human care. from humana.
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>> we cannot indefinitely stop 50 million american children i'm going to school, harming the mental, physical, and emotional development. reopening our schools is also >> we cannot indefinitely stop 50 million american children going to school harming their mental, physical and emotional development. reopening our schools is also critical to ensuring parents can go to work and provide for their families. the council of economic advisors estimates 5.6 million parents will be unable to return to work if schools do not reopen this year. it is a tremendous problem.
12:45 am
>> reporter: the president looking to build momentum for safety until reopening schools this fall. 9 of the 15 largest school districts in the country are planning on a fall semester. we will talk about pros and cons with arlington parents for education founding member chris myers and board certified medical doctor and fox news contributor doctor jeanette. so i know a number of schools in our area in the dc virginia maryland area are making big decisions. we talked about this tonight with our team and we have a member a team who said we gave our input, 60% of you said you want to come back and decided now. are you confident they are transparent and you know what is going on with these decisions regarding your children? >> the reason i'm getting involved is i'm a frustrated dad
12:46 am
watching plans unfold and they just have a lack of vision and lack of accounting for costs that will be imposed on our communities, it's not just a day care center for kids but psychological, economic and educational cost will be imposed by these plans. shannon: it was very interesting, the times over at the uk, one of their government task force members, an epidemiologist says there is no reported case for teacher catching the coronavirus from a pupil anywhere in the world. i was surprised by that but that sounds like a good piece of the puzzle moving forward. >> under the age of 10 the transmission rate has been shown low between students and teachers and that is reassuring.
12:47 am
these are the safety measures we need to take, make sure there is low prevalence of the disease in the community, have a health safety action plan in place which includes teachers wearing their masks, physical distancing, spacing out this, limiting the size of the group in schools, commonsense preventative measures that can reduce transmissions so that is a good finding but we have to keep in mind for the older children, those teenagers there's a higher risk of transmission but for those who are younger, elementary and middle school, that tells us we can open safely if we have a well-organized strategic plan to keep teachers safe and keep the students safe. it is not just about education but routine instruction for a child who might have anxiety or a hot meal for a child who might be living in poverty your child
12:48 am
who might be suffering at home. we need to look at these factors and what is in the best interests of our children. shannon: the ap find only 8% of people think kids should go back to school. we want to put this up. 8% said send them back as usual but major adjustments, 68% of people said there should be a way for kids to go back to school with modifications or no modifications at all. what is your sense among parents about how they are feeling about the ability for schools to do this safely? >> parents feel confident if you look at what we were asked to do in arlington which is make a decision about a distance-learning plan. we pushed up the hybrid plans hoping they would keep it but
12:49 am
generally a lot of parents, 75% of parents will be opting into the hybrid version of the plan which is putting kids back in schools and you have temperament safety measures to do it so parents generally feel comfortable about this that there is a challenge with the teachers, there's a lot of pushback but i have teachers i talk to every day that want to get back in the classroom and want to teach kids because they know the importance that in person teaching plays in their lives and specifically just looking at the way people are talking about teachers there's a tendency for people to want to attack them. i don't share that tendency. you need to inspire them. help them understand if we are going to create conditions that they are going to be safe and we really need them to be a part of the solution to one of the biggest problems we've seen in a generation. >> a clinical part of getting this whole thing done. keep us updated on your efforts, thank you to both of you. breaking news, we are going to take you back on the ground in chicago with things you need to know next.
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert, the president of the chic shannon: the president of the chicago fraternal order of police is on the scene at the columbus statute couldn't park. we said mary -- mayor larry lightfoot will bring it down as
12:54 am
early as tonight. the chicago fraternal order of police president joins us by phone, you and the mayor have clashed quite a bit in recent weeks. we are told there is a huge crowd outside her house not happy that she's going to allow some kind of cooperation with the feds in chicago. what is the situation tonight? >> the statute -- it is kind of quiet. the plan was to bring a crane in and take it done at 11:00, clearly it was supposed to be done in secret like mayor daley did, pretty said she has resorted to those tactics but the cast got out of the bag she has rethought and the assumption it is not going to occur tonight but the mayor did, i'm told by sources on the site and police working a, she is under police protection because the crowd was so large.
12:55 am
i find it rather ironic these are the people who voted her into office. >> last friday we were covering a number of your officers who appeared to be ambushed at the columbus statute. 18 of them wound up in the hospital has protesters tried to take it down that. how are your men and women doing on the front lines, physically, emotionally and otherwise? >> reporter: 52 officers were injured when they tried to take down this statue. his vision and eyesight in one eye still in jeopardy but the morale in the police department is pretty low. the mayor said 5 days before the protest that the statue would stay up. 52 officers got hurt defend it from getting it taken down and then she says she's going to take it down anyway.
12:56 am
more of the same from mayor lightfoot. shannon: it is difficult challenging time, we will keep an i on the statue. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. i am shannon bream. with fast response and great service and it doesn't stop there we're also here to help look ahead that's why we're helping members catch up by spreading any missed usaa insurance payments over the next twelve months so you can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most and that's just one of the many ways we're here to help the military community find out more at tonight, try pure zzzs all night.he military community unlike other sleep aids, our extended release melatonin helps you sleep longer. and longer. zzzquil pure zzzs all night. fall asleep. stay asleep.
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>> friday july 2, '04, this is a fox news alert, overnight protests erupted in chicago, hundreds gathering outside the mayor's house demanding the speedy fund police is another night of unrest sweeps the nation. >> the white house and the tactical team to seattle into spinning weekend rides to cities across the country brace for chaos. >> i wouldn't be there if it weren't for those two. they did a good job. iran against what they did and i won. the white house because of them. >> donald from swinging back at joe


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