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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 10, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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since that interview, one of the tiktok largest influencers has left of the app. what should we be watching out for next week? let us know your thoughts. that's all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here. ♪ >> shannon: it is a busy friday night. we begin with a fox news alert: the white house, roger stone is now a free man. we've got all the details on the president's decision to commute stone's sentence, and all of the late-breaking reaction come and get this, just minutes ago, there are reports that police have executed a search warrant possibly seizing rifles belonging to that st. louis couple who say they were defending their property when they said protesters trespassed and let them feeling threatened. the protesters
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what happened there exactly?we , and we have maternity attorney general eric smit standing by with reaction. casual counsel strives strikes again, this time against the largest hispanic food company in the u.s., goya. the ceo dared to praise the president. we will put that under the microscope. hello, welcome to a busy "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin with a story in the friday night spotlight beer to the president's decision to commute the sentence of roger stone. white house correspondent kevin corke is collecting all the details tonight. good evening, kevin. >> good evening, shannon. 67-year-old roger stone, a friend and confidant of the president, will not be spending next week in federal come custody. his sentence commuted tonight by the president, as you know, who said stone would have bet serious medical risk in prison thanks to covid-19. a statement by the white house said this: "roger stone has
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suffered greatly, he was treated very unfairly, as are many others in this case. roger stone is now a free man!" as you know, he was convicted back in november and sentenced to 40 months in prison, found guilty of lying and witness tampering. and congressional investigation. the presidents present on the opponent coming up this fall, joe biden saying this in a statement about the commutation, "president trump has once again abused his power, releasing this commutation on a friday night, hoping to yet again avoid scrutiny as he lays waste to the norms and the values that make our country a shining beacon to the rest of the world." that from joe biden. meanwhile, the president says he has instructed the treasury department to review the tax exempt status of u.s. schools, colleges, and universities, saying in a pair of tweets that too many universities and school systems are about radical left indoctrination, not education. he goes on to say, therefore, i am telling the treasury
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department to re-examine their tax-exempt status and funding, which will be taken away if this propaganda or act against publi. very interesting they are. the president also tweeting that our children must be educated. not indoctrinated. and, lastly, this is obviously something big for the weekend, that plan, make america great rally set, it's been postponed due to inclement weather, but the campaign says they will reschedule, not sure the exact date, but they say it will be soon. >> shannon: all right, we will be standing by. kevin corke, thank you very much. it appears roger stone is not officially out of legal jeopardy tonight, just days before he was set to report to jail. as the left called the presidents decision, as kevin report, further proof of his lawlessness. let's check out with our legal eagles, bradley ross and john yoo. welcome to you both.
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i want to read some reaction from the house intelligence chair congressman adam schiff. my the way, he's of the monks other things, roger stone repeatedly lied to his committee. commuting the sentence of roger stone, a crony who lied and instructe obstructed our investigation -- trump makes clear there are two systems of justice in america, one for his criminal friends and one for everyone else. john, your reaction? >> i think these accusations of president trump for acting flawlessly forget that the constitution is the highest form of law and the constitution does give the president and unlimited power to pardon people for federal crimes. here, the antifederalists attacked that provision in constitution saying that might allow a president to pardon exactly what has happened here, his friends or even people who might have conspired with him. nevertheless, the defenders of the contras to shands, the federalists that it was worth it to give the president that power so he can show mercy.
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maybe that is president trump's explanation, people who have been unjustly treated or to break up conspiracies against the government. that aside, i don't know that this is the best use of the power as a matter of policy, but this is all within th the presidents constitutional authority, so it is hard to say it is flawless or threatens the rule of law because it is allowed by the constitution. >> shannon: okay. bradley, the white house press secretary 's official announcement said this. "roger stone has already suffered greatly. he was treated very unfairly, as were many others in this case. roger stone is not a free man!" has the president acted legally in your estimation, bradley? >> he has the constitutional authority, i agree with john on that, but this was a brazen, corrupt abuse of that pardon power. you got to give donald trump credit here, he has boldly gone where virtually no president has ever gone before. he is acting like a little mafia don. he has said this is my little foot shoulder, i don't care what my justice department said, i don't care what my jury said, that i don't care what the judges said, the sky covered up for me, this guy took
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the fall for me, and he didn't t me out, he didn't turn, so i'm going to reward my foot soldier at commute his sentence so he can go about his business despite the fact he committed white-collar felonies. donald trump does not care about the rule of law, he cares about protecting his own family and his friends. >> shannon: john, what about that? every president commute or pardon someone and there is controversy involved in some of the cases they do. they do it sometimes very carefully and on the way out the door. that wasn't the case here. roger stone was supposed to go to jail this coming week, have this not happened. so what do you make of this claim, that the president is going to pardon everybody or commute sentences for everybody who helped, as bradley says, his accusation is protect me against -- the mueller investigation didn't show collusion, and that we have the flynn case that continues, as well. >> i take your point, shannon. actually, when i first heard
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about the story, i assumed trump had pardon michael flynn because i think there's a much better case for pardoning flynn then pardoning stone, and i think there is almost no case, for example, for pardoning manafort, who i think was convicted of money laundering and tax evasion. i don't know if this is the best use of the pardon power. i do think president trump himself realizes that, because he didn't actually pardon stone, he commuted his sentence, which means stone is still a felon, he has still been convicted by a jury, just his sentence has been shortened. >> shannon: okay, thank you both for joining us on this late-breaking story, i wish you had time to talk about the flynn case, as well, that is far from over. bradley and john, we have to move on to other breaking news. earlier tonight, california governor gavin newsom releasing 8,000 prisoners by the end of august since the coronavirus outbreak at several facilities in the golden state. nationwide, john's hopkins university says thursday's covid-19 case count of more than 63,000 is a new record.
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correspondent jonathan very has the very latest on the pandemic. >> with 11,433 new cases, florida reported its second highest one-day increase. an 11-year-old with numerous underlying conditions is among the 93 newly confirmed deaths. despite the uptick in florida cases, governor ron desantis reiterated his commitment to reopen schools in august. >> the cost of not giving kids an option to be able to have in person instruction is enormous. >> even asked the governor echoed the american academy of pediatrics guidance from last week, the group seemingly changed tack and joined two teachers unions in issuing a cautionary statement. science should drive the decision unsafely reopening schools. public health agencies must make recommendations based on evidence, not politics. disney world is moving ahead with plans to reopen its magic kingdom and animal kingdom theme parks to the general public on saturday. annual pass holders got an early
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preview of the park, which now require everyone 2 and older to wear face masks. >> green circles where you can stand. >> citing increasing cases in michigan, governor gretchen whitmer signed an executive order requiring businesses to deny entry to people who refuse to wear face coverings and imposing a $500 fine for those who fail to mask up in public spaces and crowded outdoor settings. >> in the last six weeks, cases have more than doubled. >> today, the world health organization reported 12 million cases worldwide. the w.h.o. has updated its covid-19 guidance to include the possibility of the virus may remain infectio infectious frome periods of time and poorly vented indoor spaces, but more research is needed. the website now acknowledges, yes, infected people can transmit the virus, both when they have symptoms, and when they don't have symptoms. >> some officials are concerned
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asymptomatic young people are spreading the virus. today, south carolina governor henry mcmaster issued an executive order requiring bars and restaurants to stop serving alcohol at 11:00 p.m. that takes effect saturday. the idea behind the orders it will discourage young people from late-night gatherings. shannon? >> shannon: jonathan serrie, thank you very much. face mask, whether to wear them or not, turning into a divisive issue here across our country. and protests, like this one in nevada, people they are defying a mandate to wear masks. let's check in with correspondent alex hogan as she monitors ongoing protests in new york and across the country. good evening, alex. >> good evening, shannon. it is a smaller camp here at occupying city hall as there are drapes in to mike's brain covering people, many homeless who have been here in the weeks since this began, but some activists remain steadfast in their goal, the movement, as their calling, for the nypd to be defunded, reallocating
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money to resources for minority communities. much of the camp emptied out, but the group here is still supported by loyal teams of caterers and charities. new york is just one occupy movement around the country. today in st. louis, missouri, police cleared out a city hall encampment, and in seattle, little remains of c.h.o.p., the capitol hill organized protest, which police broke up last week. calls for police reform still echo around the country. in utah, governor gary herbert declaring a state of emergency over civil unrest after 300 people rallied outside the district attorney's office insight like city, protesting his decision to clear two officers involved in a shooting. police fired 34 times at bernardo palacios carbajal in may. protesters calling this nothing short of police brutality. >> they shot him two or three times, and he passed away, it would have been one thing. maybe they were scared. by 34 times, that's insane, and anyone who thinks that is justified is crazy.
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>> i think anytime we have to fire a weapon is one to many, but the paul says that under certain circumstances, if the observable facts are such, and that threat is articulable, and factually supported, then the officers can stop that threat, and that is exactly what they did. >> with rallies continuing, politicians are meeting those calls for justice. in connecticut, a new bill would create civilian review boards for police discrepancies and mandatory mental health screenings. in massachusetts, a new bill would require officers to step in when witnessing misconduct within the ranks. and in minneapolis, where the death of george floyd took place today, the mayor jacob frey announcing the commission of a new task force to guide the city in the future of the police department. >> shannon: alex cogan at the incumbent in new york. thank you for keeping us updated. and breaking tonight, reports that st. louis police have served a search want on mark and
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patricia mccloskey. this is a picture of the wind. the couple who confronted protesters they say were trespassing on private property, we are told weapons were seized, but federal prosecutors said they were looking into "use of force" against those exercising their first amendment right. let's dig into the details with missouri attorney general eric schmitt. mr. attorney general, good to have you tonight. >> good to be here. >> shannon: i know this is being handled by a local prosecutor, not something you would be involved with, but what is your take on what we're seeing tonight? the local warrant being executed by st. louis police and signed by judge? >> obviously, this is all breaking right now, but under missouri law, under the castle doctrine, the individual has expensive authority to protect their own lives, their home, and their property, and i think the
8:14 pm
story here to watch is the local prosecutor, kim gardner. kim gardner has an abysmal record in prosecuting violent crime, has recently released and been complicit in the release of thousands and dozens of mates who have been charged with violent crimes. and has a record of making politically motivated decisions not based on the law, so this is certainly something to watch. >> shannon: okay, so, here is a statement she put out shortly after this happened. she said peaceful protesters were met by guns and a violent assault. we will not tolerate the use of force against those exercising their first amendment right and will use the full power of missouri law to hold people accountable. can you give us an idea what kind of charges that prosecutor kim gardner may have in mind against this couple, with respect to being out there with those weapons? >> you know, i don't really know what's in the mind of kim gardner. she made that statement, but obviously, one important factor here is this was a private street.
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this was not a public street. these individuals were on their way to the mayor's house, actually, which had has been vandalized several times. this was on a private street, and you listen to the mccloskey's, they felt threatened, that they were going to be attacked, and that was made known to them. they made known to the protesters on the people who came by that this was a private street and they said they were going to murder them and come into their house, and so, as i said, the castle doctrine in missouri is pretty expensive and it allows you to defend your life, obviously your family's life, your home, but also your property. this was on private property. it's hard to get into the mind of kim gardner, as i said, she has a sketchy track record in making politically-based decisions. and i would also point out, shannon, that this very same day, there is been calls to change the name of st. louis, which is ridiculous. and there were peaceful folks praying at the base of that statue who were assaulted, and those folks haven't been charged
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with anything, so again, cream gardner's track record is certainly some suspect. >> shannon: we want to put up what we have been sent, photos we are told, of the warrant. with hard to read it probably from the screen, but it is going after both of the guns that the mccloskey's had that night. and also pictures of what appear to be men seizing the rifle. we will continue to try to get details about what exactly was taken from the home, the mccloskey's looked to be cooperating and this was executed like any search warrant. but quickly, let me ask you -- we're almost out of time, but i want to make sure we mention, the feds have gotten involved in some of the cities they say are really struggling, including kansas city, to help with the crime to spiking. can you tell us anything about that? >> yeah, operation legend is going to be launched, is named after a 4-year-old who was killed in his apartment, the youngest victim of violence in kansas city. you see a 30% increase in murders in kansas city, a spike
8:17 pm
in st. louis, verizon carjackings in both st. louis and kansas city, and of course,f defunding the police, which is obviously irresponsible, so we are seeing a surge of violent crime in st. louis and kansas city. those federal agents on law enforcement will be working with the u.s. attorney there. we have a partner with the u.s. attorney, so deputized as assistant u.s. attorney's and assisting in our capacity. this is an all hands on deck moment to really tackle violent crime, people deserve that. we lost too many kids, too many mothers have lost their children, too many children have lost their parents, something has to be done and we need to work together on that. >> shannon: sounds like you are doing that they're in missouri. missouri attorney general eric schmitt, thank you for making time. good to see you tonight. >> you too. >> shannon: okay, we are monitoring tropical storm fay tonight as it moves up the atlantic coast. faye made laugh out tonight in the jersey shore, unleashing high winds and heavy rain, the
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six name system will be 2020 season, and the number of storms this early breaks the record by nearly two weeks. cancel culture strikes again, and even minorities business leaders are not safe if they break. our panel on deck next. ♪ or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. you try to stay ahead of the but scrubbing still takes time. now there's powerwash dish spray it's the faster way to clean as you go just spray, wipe and rinse it cleans grease five times faster dawn powerwash. spray, wipe, rinse. they're going to be paying for this for a long time. they will, but with accident forgiveness allstate won't raise your rates just because of an accident, even if it's your fault. cut! sonny. was that good? line! the desert never lies. isn't that what i said?
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♪ >> shannon: so-called cancel culture strikes again. the head of a primarily hispanic food company is facing serious blowback for his decision to praise the president. correspondent leland vittert is tracking the story for us tonight. good evening, leland. >> good evening, shannon. cancel culture extending to the most basic products of america life. goya foods, the largest hispanic on food business, subject to boycotts led by hispanics. using the hashtag on twitter.
8:23 pm
of the ceos crime, you might ask? well, see for yourself. >> we pray for our leadership, our president, and we pray for our country, that we will continue to prosper. >> bob unanue came to give away money from his multigenerational company. but he praise the president. >> we are blessed of the same time to have a leader like president trump, who is a builder. >> and the boycott was on. former presidential candidate julian castro saying bob unanue is praising a president who maliciously attacks latinos for political gain. american a shame, model chrissy teigen wrote, don't care how big good
8:24 pm
the beans taste, though. bye-bye. the official twitter account responded, gioia continues to work for the prosperity of our country. they give 2 million pounds of food across the nation to food banks for families impacted by covid-19. bob unanue says there is a double standard, saying no one cared when you answer the call for michelle obama to help with her healthy meals program. >> i'm not apologizing for saying -- especially if you are called by the president of the united states, you're going to say "no, i'm sorry, i'm busy?" i didn't say that to the obama's and i didn't say that to president trump. >> president trump for his part is standing by the embattled ceo, tweeting tonight "i love goya." it's often said no good deed goes unpunished, and termite proof that that goes to donating millions of dollars in food to those in need. >> shannon: all right, leland, thank you for running that for us. we appreciate that. we will talk about that case and
8:25 pm
also come in the wake of a letter from black west point alumni, on how to make the camp is more, west point has launched an internal review. to discuss that, johnny joey jones and heather mcdonald using dealing with her own cancel culture. great happy with us. >> you too. >> shannon: its been described a couple of different ways. this is at the american conservative said. their headline is wokeness comes to west point. if i were a russian or chinese siam officer i could think of no better way to destroy u.s. military cohesion and to encourage the officer corps to immerse themselves in critical theory and agreements. joey, what do you make of that letter? >> well, i think this is a wake-up call for all of us. these are groups of individuals that go to a service academy and for two years are essentially locked down, so while they are there for four years, they should be indoctrinated and things like fundamentals of
8:26 pm
leadership, water, how to take an 18-year-old and turn it into a war fighter without losing that person's humanity. instead, they are indoctrinated by social media. they were probably indoctrinated by the high school teachers before they got to west point. when we talk about cancel culture, that is one thing that is a serious issue, but now we are talking about the impact that being connected at an early age to other people's ideas can have on even our military leaders. and if west point becomes the next place where the tail wags the dog, we not only lost all cultural war, we might have lost the next war that we have to fight, because these are distractions. by all means, west point should be a place of equality and fairness and learning, but it should not be a place for the black lives matter manifesto, and that is exactly what this letter plans out for west point, and apparently west point wants to take this seriously. >> shannon: well, "the washington post" spelled it out differently. they say several cadets in the class of 2020 said they were called the n-word, according to this letter side by recent
8:27 pm
graduates, by not rooting out racism that saturates its history, the officers said, west point failed to produce leaders of character. heather, this sounds like it has some legitimate concerns. >> i'm not certain about that, shannon. i would like to know the context. these cadets are hazing each other all the time, and there's just a fact of the matter that there is no institutional racism in the military or at west poi west point. you are likely to get promoted at an accelerated rate if you are a person of color. the military is absolutely determined to bring as many people of color into its higher ranks as possible, so i agree with mr. jones, this is a vision that is determined by an ideology rather than the facts. west point is like every mainstream institution today, which is trying as hard as it possibly can to hire and promote as many underrepresented minorities as possible. we have to start beating back
8:28 pm
the supply, shannon, that there is systemic racism in this country, because that is simply not the case. but as long as that remains the dominant narrative, the wins, and is undoing meritocratic standards in every single institution we've got. >> shannon: okay, heather, i know you like to deal in data and take apart arguments and look at statistics and numbers. you did that with respect to some research regarding police interaction based on race with people that are suspects. the people who were behind the initial study said they are standing behind this study but don't like the way they used -- that you used it, and they are saying they don't want to study out there being misused. so i want you both to get a comment in quickly on that. heather, to you first, and then to joey. >> i'm trying to decide what i take out next. i didn't know i had this much power. ordinarily, scientists would be thrilled if their work enters public debate. now, however, this is
8:29 pm
unprecedented, shannon, for scientist to say "my work is still valid, the methodology is valid, the results are valid, i don't like its taken in a volatile moment," i merely quoted them verbatim. they say verbatim, "there is no evidence of antiblack disparity and the likelihood of getting shot by the police." this is data they themselves have found again and again, and in an earlier study, i'm reluctant to mention it because i don't want that want to be retracted, but the fact of the matter is there finding -- and if we now get to the point where objective scientific findings are retracted because they don't meet the dominant narrative, society has no possibility to advance towards the truth. >> shannon: all right. joey, a quick final word to you. >> yeah, these are scientists afraid of the distinction
8:30 pm
between causation and correlation. the sale of ice cream and the frequency of shark bites go up, but they are not exactly connected. anecdotally, we might want to think we ought they are. we should never be afraid to diagnose into these facts and learn something. if that's what they are doing, just because it doesn't support a narrative, we might actually make our society more fair, equal, and safe by letting the facts take us to the conclusion. >> shannon: yeah, and people say they want facts, especially on difficult topics like this. joey and heather come have a great weekend. thank you both. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: okay, what have we learned about coronavirus testing, where it stands in america tonight. "fox news @ night" investigates up next. ♪ versus the other guys. ♪ clearly, velveeta melts creamier. c'mon pizza's here. whoa! is that shaq?
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8:35 pm
are learning about the virus. here is correspondent doug mckelway. >> scaling up testing over night always challenging. you can't go from having x test to 2x test. >> covid-19 testing company tasked with addressing the surges in california, arizona. test being manufactured at the d.c. lab require patients to cough into their elbow three times, causing long microparticles to mix with saliva. the patient's mouth is swabbed, and the test comes back in three days with 90% accuracy. the surge is occurring with confusion and mixed messaging. >> we see early indications of a percent of positive testing flattening in arizona and florida and texas. governors in each of those states have taken strong steps to flatten the curve. >> that wednesday, and from the vice president came as a reports surfaced of long lines and
8:36 pm
arizona and anecdotal reports of texas bed shortages. once or saying "i could not find a single hospital bed, i see you or otherwise, in the entire greater houston area." the number of tests per day is up to 640,000 on average but new infections top 50,000 per day. president trump has repeatedly offered this explanation for the surge. >> we have so many cases. that is because we test so many people. >> one ceo says treatment is getting better, but there's no evidence the virus has mutated into a milder form. >> unfortunately, it's likely in a few weeks we will see that uptick in deaths. >> rather than repeated complete shutdowns, dr. fauci dr. fauci is urging a middle way. >> we need to get states farther in their opening process. >> in canada, health officials are urging prime minister trudeau to accept casualties, writing "aiming to prevent every case is no longer
8:37 pm
sustainable. we need to accept covid-19 will be with us for some time." shannon? >> shannon: doug, thank you very much. the president raising new doubts about moving forward on phase two of the china trade deal as the coronavirus whistle-blower from china risks everything to step forward. you are not going to believe her claims. that's next. first, coronavirus around. new york city mayor bill de blasio canceling all large events requiring a city permit through september, with the exception of black lives matter's protests. the mayor sang the marches have a pass because "this is a historic moment of change." the town in colorado threatening people t who violate its face mk mandate with up to a year in jail. everyone over the age of 6 has to wear a mask outside and inside retail and commercial businesses. a convenience store chain asking for exact change from its customer amid a nationwide coin shortage. those who don't have exact
8:38 pm
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>> i feel very despondent but i already know this will happen because i know they corruption among and in our national organization like the w.h.o., to china. >> shannon: new allegations tonight from chinese virologist, accusing beijing of a massive coronavirus cover up. she is speaking out now from an undisclosed location in the u.s. after fleeing hong kong because she says "she knows how she they treat whistle-blowers." general, good to have you back. >> good to be back, shannon. >> shannon: okay, so she's made a number of allegations that china knew earlier about coronavirus, the danger from
8:43 pm
coronavirus, she had research that may have helped save lives. she says she was shut down, left the country, and the chinese embassy said to fox news we have never heard of this woman, the chinese government has reacted swiftly to the covid-19 outbreak, and fax tell all. your reaction to make to the claims she is making? >> it's not surprising. i've been saying for months the chinese communist party purposely executed the pandemic. on january 7th, xi jinping himself was in charge of what was going on in wuhan. he allowed 5 million people to travel out of wuhan, many to international destinations. at the same time, they were turning from a net exporter of masks and net importer -- they sought to take advantage, quite frankly, of the pandemic and pressure the w.h.o. to lie about human to human transmission. >> shannon: senator marsha blackburn tweets this out, "chinese researchers tell us their research was ignored by experts in the field and the
8:44 pm
chinese communist party willingly delayed action. now we must ensure that china does not get away with this. general, how do we do that? in practical terms, what does that mean? >> well, what i've been saying for a long time, and certainly what has been going on in terms of both the tariffs and other sanctions against chinese communist officials, and really pressure against the chinese communist party, we need to get them out of our system. they have infiltrated nearly every aspect of our society, whether it be academia, politics, corporate america, or wall street, they are nearly in everywhere, and we really have seen the results of that with the coronavirus, and the aftermath. 40% of the social media posts around coronavirus were coming from bots. that is state-centered influenced activity meant to disparage, really create fear within our population. >> shannon: all right, let's
8:45 pm
move on to the issue of the trade deal and talking about phase two and whether or not that is going to happen. ask who has had mine today said "trump is no longer consideringl with china, why it matters. the presidents comments put the first phase of the trade deal into limbo." it is up at us tonight, general? >> i sit in the very beginning when the chinese communist party tore up the 50 pages that ambassador lighthizer negotiated for the trade deal, they had no interest in a trade deal. they've tried to kick us along and get as much as they can. now they are trying to put pressure on the administration to ensure they have a new president that will do what they want. they want to control what we do here in the united states. >> shannon: so, for them, is it all getting past the november election to see who they deal with moving forward? >> it absolutely is, they want
8:46 pm
to see president biden. they want to go back to the way it was and take advantage of the united states. they want to lead us of our prosperity and wealth. >> shannon: all right, we will see. it looks like we are on rocky ground. a strained relationship at this point as are other allies in the region looking to us and feeling unsure. general, thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> shannon: a nevada church filing an emergency request with the supreme court, arguing they shouldn't be closed down if casinos are open. how would you rule? well, "night court"'s next and you are the jerry. ♪ i should get a quote. do it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ if you have a garden you know, weeds are low down little scoundrels. draw the line with roundup.
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♪ >> shannon: time now for a night court. we have two case is for you tonight. a nevada church going straight to the u.s. supreme court tonight arguing that states democratic governor steve missed the act is applying one standard another for houses of worship when it comes to covid-19 restrictions. let's bring in tonight's legal eagles. we have a treat for you, civil rights attorney robert pattillo and criminal defense attorney rob bianchi. good to have you both with us. >> good to be back, shannon. >> shannon: let's start here. "the new york times" talking
8:51 pm
about this, july 8th. they say -- this is our exhibit a -- churches were eager to open and now they are a source of coronavirus cases. they have been linked to nearly 40 churches and religious events across the u.s. since the beginning of the pandemic, many erupting over the last month, when americans resumed their activities. why should churches get to resume service as usual? >> bars are a problem and casinos are a problem, but they are only allowed 50 people in a 200 person church, but the other places like movie theaters, bowling alleys, casinos, restaurants, bars, gyms, arcades, water parks and swimming pools are allowed up to 50% capacity. this church that pursuing has up to 200 people. they are only allowed 50 people there. this is a first amendment constitutional right and they have the right to assemble and express their religion, and there has to be a rational relationship before the government can take those rights
8:52 pm
away. i don't think the government is able to defend that under these circumstances. the churches should be allowed to worship with the same rules that a casino can operate under. >> shannon: okay, that takes us exhibit b. an emergency filing with the supreme court said this, "the free exercise clause protects the exercise of religion. no constitutional provision protects the right to gamble at casinos, eat at restaurants, or frolic at indoor amusement parks." robert, i think we would all agree that is not outlined in the first amendment. >> yes, that is not outlined in the first amendment, but i can't understand why we are still having this argument this many months into this pandemic. there are over 130,000 people dead, we've had multiple pastors, reverence, and clears clergy members and i have covid-19 the last several months, so it is completely irresponsible to force people packed back into the church, because remember a
8:53 pm
church is not a building, it is whatever god is assembled, it doesn't matter if it is over skype, zoom, or a conference call. the only reason to pull these people into the actual building is because you want more money in the collection plate. i don't think -- >> shannon: o. >> because you want them in the building. >> shannon: i don't think we can say that is the only reason pastors want them to come back. as a congregate, i want to go back, too come and i have been able to do tidings through texting and online. >> the eucharist, as well. >> shannon: that is true. by the way, one of the churches -- i've attended one church service in person, and they said you can bring your own if you would like to bring your own elements for that. quickly, i want to get to this. okay, quick. >> i would love to be at ebenezer baptist church with the rest of my congregation, but i understand the associated risks. >> shannon: okay. >> but then why everywhere else?
8:54 pm
sorry. >> shannon: that's okay, i want to hit on the second case very quickly because there was a ton of looting when protest erupted in new york and manhattan particularly. one business owner who is suing, this is what his attorney said, exhibit c. >> basically, the city and state government owes a duty to the individual storefronts to protect them. the lackeys that are politically appointed in the nypd probably were told to stand down and basically, it's a travesty. >> shannon: we are told this could turn into a class action that could be in the hundreds of millions of dollars range. let me get a comment from both of you. bob and then robert. >> the word "probably" is the problem with the lawsuit. the nypd is always the whipping person when there is an issue. there were 350 police officers injured, some seriously injured, as they try to intervene in those riots. to suggest that the cop didn't do what they were supposed to do
8:55 pm
and blame the government is importunate, in my mind, and i say this lawsuit goes nowhere. >> shannon: okay, let me get to exhibit d, and then robert, you can respond to this. "the new york post" "cuomo blames rikers island release," he says the release from rikers island during -- a steady flow of antipolice brutality protest have fed into a spike in violent crime, governor andrew cuomo said on wednesday. robert, he is going to point to a lot of other things for this decision. >> that's a ridiculous argument. something like 98% of people released from rikers have not re-offended during that time. the government has a responsibility to protect new yorkers. the fact they advocated that responsibility cannot be blamed on any external forces. i think lawsuit they gather more information showing police were told to stand down, i think you end up --
8:56 pm
>> shannon: we got to leave it there. robert and bob, thank you both for being with us. for you at home are at the jury. hashtag #nightcourt. most watched, most trusted, med most grateful you spend your friday evening with us. good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ guys! guys! safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. it is, that's safe drivers save 40%. - he's right there. - it's him! safe drivers do save 40%. click or call for a quote today. safe drivers do save 40%. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. (vo) at whether on the track,that exhor the everyday drive.ty, today, that philosophy extends to how we connect with you. we call it, audi at your door. whether a remote test drive, shopping, trade-in, or even service pickup,
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