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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 18, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> what he went through. it hurts. it hurts really bad. >> the worst day in law enforcement in this give atlanta that has ever been. >> thursday june 18th, this is a fox news alert, protests in atlanta as a fired officer in the death of rayshard brooks is charged with murder, the city police department reporting a rise in officers calling out, squashing rumors of mass police walk outs. life report on the developing story as the deadline approaches for the officer to turn himself in. >> a bolton book bombshell, donald trump sounding off in an exclusive fox news interview after his former national security adviser claims the impeachment inquiry should have gone far beyond ukraine. the legal battle heats up.
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>> will they are won't they? looks like the mlb and its players may have finally reached an agreement for the 2020 season but when will they actually play ball? "fox and friends first" continues right now. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. todd: thank you for starting your day with us. let's get to a fox news alert, hundreds of protesters filling portland street outside what they believe to be mayor ted wheeler's home. >> some of them calling and occupy protest setting up an autonomous his own similar to seattle's chop because their demands were not met on cutting the police budget. we will stay on top of the situation for you, continuing to monitor it through the course of the morning.
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to another fox news alert protesters surrounding atlanta police charges as charges filed against the two officers involved in the death of rayshard brooks. jillian: more officers are calling out the normal. >> the two officers involved in the deadly shooting of rayshard brooks facing a slew of charges, garrett rolfe is facing 11 counts that include felony murder and if convicted could face life in prison or even the death penalty. devon brosnan who was first on the scene of the fateful 9 one one call was placed on administrative duty and charged with aggravated assault. attorneys for the two men fighting those charges overnight, and calling the dax decision to file charges a, quote, rush to misjudgment. newly released by the camera video shows the moment officer rolfe attempted to perform cpr on brooks, begging the father of four to stay alive.
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>> keep breathing, mister brooks, keep breathing for me. >> donald trump responding to the situation in atlanta in an exclusive fox news interview. >> i thought it was a terrible situation but you can't resist a police officer. if you have a disagreement you have to take it up after the fact. it was a very sad thing. i hope he gets a fair shake because police have not been treated fairly in our country, they have not been treated fairly. >> during a news conference brooks's widow was emotional saying the charges are not a reason for celebration. >> all i can do is think about what if my husband was still here. jillian: the atlanta police department -- offices walking
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off the job in response those charges, they said this is inaccurate. that and had received more call outs been normal. garrett rolfe and devon brosnan have until 6:00 pm tonight to turn themselves in. attorneys for both men say they are not guilty. rob: more protests breaking out in seattle, demonstrators seen blocking a highway, donald trump blasting washington state leaders for allowing occupies to create the autonomous stone also known as chop. >> the governor of the state of washington is weak and the mayor is weak and what they are doing is setting a precedent that has never been set before. it should never be allowed to fester like it is festering right now. it is disgraceful to our country. it is a disgrace. todd: several shop owners on edge saying they feel like sitting ducks. a different take on the
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situation by a chop organizer. >> every single day i show up i'm not here to peacefully protest. i'm here to disrupt until my demands are met. todd: look at this video surfacing of a fox affiliate reported being harassed after police precinct was abandoned earlier this month. >> can you guys not touch this please? >> the reporter says the hostility was like nothing she had ever experienced before. >> the republicans unveiling their police reform legislation, a bill spearheaded by senator tim scott. >> you support america you support restoring the confidence communities of color have in institutions of authority, we hear you. we are listening to your concerns. >> the bill would create enhanced database for restrictions on chokehold and create new commissions to study law enforcement and race, nancy pelosi slamming the legislation saying, quote, the senate
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proposal, reporting how transparency and accountability is inadequate. the so-called justice act is not action. the house judiciary committee approving the george floyd justice and policing act that would ban chokehold's, no knock warrant have legal standards to pursue charges for police misconduct. he broke the law, donald trump sounding off on his former national security adviser john bolton in a fox news exclusive interview. >> it comes as the doj ask the court for a temporary restraining order blocking bolton's new book. griff jenkins live in washington dc with excerpts from the tell all. >> juicy ones. it is not even out. it is already a top seller on amazon and accusations from the president who is blasting his former national security adviser. >> he was a washed up guy. i gave him a chance which he couldn't get senate confirmed so
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i gave him an on senate confirmed position but he broke the law. as much as it is going to be broken. it is highly classified information that he did not have approval. >> the president wasn't done venting taking to twitter writing wacko john bolton's exceedingly tedious book is made up of lies and fake stories, the new book the room where it happened contain several serious allegations among them suggesting impeachment hearings should have gone beyond ukraine to dealings with turkey and china, bolton says the president's deal with china to buy it for cultural products was all about reelection writing the president was, quote, pleading with xi to ensure he would win. he stressed the importance of farmers and increase chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat in the electoral outcome. also in the book bolton says the president was willing to intervene in investigations of chinese and turkish businesses, quote, to ineffective personal favors to dictators he liked
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adding it looks like obstruction of justice as a way of life but the author himself is speaking out. >> how would you describe trump's relationship with vladimir putin? >> vladimir putin thinks he can play like a fiddle. i think a boudin is smart, tough, he sees he's not faced with a serious adversary here. >> the book battle is on. the doj is fighting to block the release scheduled for next tuesday alleging the manuscript still contains classified information, disclosure would damage security they say. they are asking a court for hearing by tomorrow, simon and schuster says this is frivolous and politically motivated. we will see where it ends. rob: michelson is legal team in the doj blasting a retired federal judge after he urges the court not to drop charges.
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flynn's attorney slamming john gleason saying, quote, we iron he and duplicity of amicus accusations against the justice department now which is finally exposing the truth is stunning, adding it is a wrap-up smear. he was appointed by judge emmet sullivan who accused the doj of the quote gross abuse of prosecutorial power in his argument to the court last week. >> a new framework for a 60 game major-league baseball season this summer. players would reportedly get full prorated pay, word of the proposal came out after rob manfred met with the players union head. the framework calls for expanded playoffs. if the deal is approved play could begin on july 19th. we will see. >> i can't watch anymore hdtv. i literally cannot. time is 9 minutes after the
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hour. washington put it tech giants under the microscope amid numerous claims of censorship against conservatives. >> former doj official francie hegseth says major social media platforms are veering into the realm of publisher, she joins us live.
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>> 11 charges against officer rolfe. the first is felony murder. of the time mister brooks was shot he did not pose an immediate threat or serious injury to the officer. >> county district attorney announcing charges against the atlanta officers involved in the shooting of rayshard brooks. rob: garrett rolfe could face the death penalty. is that an overcharge. thanks for being here. let's pop up the charges against the officer involved in the shooting. your role, 11 counts including
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felony murder, what is your reaction to these charges. >> i'm sitting here in fulton county, my home county. i think it is shocking that paul howard, the district attorney, kind of embattled at the moment in a political election, paul howard brought felony murder charges in georgia telling murderers -- murder is the same as second-degree murder would be in minnesota which we saw in the case of the derek chauvin case. i don't think there is any way he could prove the level of intent necessary given the videotape i have seen. what paul howard has done is set of the battle which is an ongoing battle with a bigger front of the battle between paul howard and the atlanta police department. he hasn't even waited for the end of the investigation.
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>> you heard him say he did not pose an immediate threat of death or serious physical injury, a lot of conversation and differing opinions, talking about the taser, from one of the officers. the district attorney had to say on june 2nd. >> many of you know under georgia law a taser is considered a deadly weapon under georgia law. >> how much of a factor is it in this case? >> it will be a critical factor. in these cases what the officer saw and what the officer knew and what a reasonable officer would done under these
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circumstances. paul howard had never been in a fight for his life, mister brooks was violent with them, struck the multiple times, resisted arrest and was a fleeing felon who turned and pointed a potentially deadly weapon at an officer and you can see in the video the officer reaches to his gun belt to pull his gun instead of his taser after the officer falls over against the red car in the video. it is going to be, the officer has a reasonable defense for reasonable use of deadly force. it will be up to a jury. rob: it will all come down to the intent in every criminal case. i want your thoughts on something we learned about yesterday. silicon valley giants coming under fire, the doj senators like josh holly on legislation that exposes tech companies previously protected from
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lawsuits. the josh holly breakdown, gives americans the billy to sue big tech companies, something that hasn't been there, ending immunity under section 230 of the communications decency act updating terms of service making companies pay $5,000 plus legal fees if someone won their case. could ask of this bill and other things on these lines will chill free-speech? your thoughts? >> these are complicated issues, the tech companies have resisted any dissolution of their immunity for many years was the comedic asians decency act was passed in the 1990s long before google, facebook or twitter, these ubiquitous information sharing platforms, even existed so it is time congress looks at the laws and made changes, both
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parties have agreed changes need to be made and when you are talking about twitter and google and youtube acting in a political manner acting as a publisher and not just a platform which is what the communications decency act was supposed to protect, it makes sense to contemplate pooling their immunity especially when putting their thumb on the political scale and it looks like they made the diminishing political speech like in the case of this two california doctors on youtube who talked about coronavirus and their experience. those videos were pulled and that looks to be a political act. when companies are acting in that political way congress needs to look at whether they should be immune from being sued. jillian: thank you for your insight. rob: another coronavirus to this plan in the works.
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>> a fourth stimulus plan on the horizon, the white house announcing a dramatic next round under consideration? >> we will help small businesses, bring our economy through, the president has made very clear, we've got to have progrowth policies in the next round. we will put families first in the american people first and also bring forward the kind of
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policies that will catalyze the growth. >> reporter: the effort comes as the report indicates 25,000 stores closed permanently this year. our next guest has tips for business owners trying to survive the pandemic, the chair of the business and finance program at kings college in manhattan joins us live, good to see you. let's take a look at what is likely to be in the fourth stimulus plan including payroll tax cuts, aid to. states, unemployment benefits, liability protection, does this happen, do you like it? >> doesn't happen? it probably does happen, both parties are motivated get something done. do i like it? i like parts of it. i like things like the payroll tax cut that makes hiring cheaper. i love the liability protection for businesses, so many businesses are worried as they welcome employees back or customers back they might face frivolous lawsuits that could really disrupt their business of those pieces i like. i'm leery of things like
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extending unemployment benefits, those policies have tended to keep people at home when it has been good for them to get back on the job. hard to recover when people are getting paid more to stay home then coming back to work so if i could craft this thing i would take some of those pieces, leave others out but that's not how things work in dc, you'll see a mix of both. >> anything you would add that you don't see right now? >> give businesses the ability to immediately expend capital expenditures. i haven't seen that in the latest proposal but that's a big spur to get businesses to invest in new plans, expand their operations and dispense that immediately instead of over time. that would be a big spur to getting businesses back in the us and to expand at a time they are a little weary about that. >> we talked about the big picture in washington but let's talk about the big picture for business owners, a lot of people
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struggling, unsure of what they can do to help themselves, you have some tips. what do we begin with? >> big picture is the small picture. it starts finding allies in your community, a lot of businesses need to think about how to help each other, businesses i've seen thriving the most have cross pollinated with each other making sure their customers know if you are waiting, looking for something my neighbor down the road are offering you can use. you have to be not afraid to go to local businesses you're right next door to and say how can we work together to get customers out so both of us can benefit? jillian: what's the biggest struggle you've heard from business owners that they are having right now? >> the biggest problem is they are constrained, sometimes they
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can only operate at 25% or 50% capacity and are trying to think creatively how they can get around that. what seems to be the answer for a lot of businesses is to be able to operate outside. that often requires approval from local governments so if you've got allies in your local business community go to your city council together and say we've got to be able to operate on sidewalks and parking lots, it's the only way we can get enough customers in the door so to speak. you got to let us do that. city council need tax revenue. if you're coming to them with a unified voice they are more likely to give you permission to do things they wouldn't have given you permission to do even a year ago. shannon: in your community you've got to be in it together right now. >> you've got to be unafraid to ask people for help. it and is tough but creativity is key and it starts by asking for the things you need. >> time is 26 minutes after the hour, republicans and democrats not seeing eye to eye on police reform.
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been klein says tim scott's justice act offers real solutions for everyone. he explains next. >> republicans and democrats talking about republicans and democrats, what about me is what they are saying, we missed the moment, we missed it five years ago. we don't have to miss it now. ] whoo. i'm gonna grow big and strong. yes, you are. i'm gonna get this place all clean. i'll give you a hand. and i'm gonna put lisa on crutches! wait, what? said she's gonna need crutches. she fell pretty hard. you might want to clean that up, girl. excuse us. when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you built with customizable coverage. -and i'm gonna -- -eh, eh, eh. -donny, no. -oh.
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>> back with a fox news alert, hundreds of protesters filling portland street with mayor ted wheeler's home, some are calling it and occupy protest. >> they want to set up an autonomous zones. to seattle's chop because they did not get the police budget by as much as they wanted. jillian: republicans unveil sweeping police reform bill hoping to bridge the gap between law enforcement and communities of color.
2:31 am
>> the answer which question do you support, i support america. if you support america you support restoring the confidence communities of color have in institutions of authority. we hear you. we are listening to your concerns. >> democrat to announce their own bill earlier say it doesn't go far enough so can they all come together to find a solution. joining us to weigh in his been klein. thank you for being here. let's go through what a similar and different starting with what is similar, what the gop and that reform bills would, cut federal funding for department that do not been chokehold, boost funding for police body cameras and incentivize agencies to report use of force incidents that caused death or serious injury but here's where they diverge, gop police reform would not end qualified immunity and outright ban chokehold.
2:32 am
is there any middle ground on qualified immunity and chokehold? >> there is. the american people want an agreement, they want republicans and democrats to put partisan politics aside and come to a solution that works for americans. they have seen the doors floyd incident, they want solutions to restore confidence in law enforcement, we had amendments that were summarily rejected, democrats chose to move forward in a partisan manner. we are hopeful that tim scott bill which has been introduced in the house will provide that unity so we can come together with a solution that works. jillian: let's hear from democrats and what they say about this. >> what is clear is the senate republican proposal on policing does not rise to the moment. >> i'm concerned that his bill definitely next parts of hours but without motive. >> what senator scott is
2:33 am
offering is a sham. jillian: i'm curious what you had to said if there's anything else you would like to see? anything you want to add. >> they are starting from a partisan position, entrenched on their own bill, they want to pass it and keep democrats together, they are not reaching out to republicans. we do want to restrict no knock warrant and we will study this part of the bill, ban the use of chokehold except when the officer has to before is used against him but we also have other things we want to talk about. i want to study and change police union contract so they are not able to have things like destruction of discipline records in police contracts the bad apples are thrown out and can't get rehired. a lot of these conversations are going forward and we should get bipartisan agreement by the end
2:34 am
of the day that reasonable the tim scott bill. todd: you talked about qualified immunity and you think you can get a, union and qualified immunity go hand-in-hand. audio these police unions while also getting enough teeth in there, i don't want to say these the democrats would lead to a solution both parties can agree on? >> the democrats want to lower the standard of the burden of proof for certain charges against police officers, something we are not considering in the tim scott bill, qualified immunity is something that actually would put our officers in a position where they would have to hesitate potentially before engaging with a criminal as to whether this would result in them getting sued. another factor they shouldn't
2:35 am
have to consider when keeping us safe. qualified immunity is something we can talk about, reaching a consensus was their version is not the way we are going to go. jillian: we will be watching to see how this plays out, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. todd: you know what i haven't done in months? toss to our good friends, the great janice dean as to what the weather will look like. that felt good. >> i share the frustration. i got my hair cut and highlighted. i feel like a brand-new person, what do you think? jillian: you look fantastic. we hope the weather looks fantastic as you. todd: that was the most disturbing growl, i will never do that again. >> janice: you can introduce me any time.
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listen. it is a beautiful day across the northeast. we had a spectacular run of the great weather. today is no exception. the temperatures in the 60s which i will mention across the mid-atlantic has been unsettled with upper-level lows, that will start to weaken and move northward but we will see some wet weather across portions of the mid-atlantic at ohio valley in florida, some showers and thunderstorms today and the next couple days as we see tropical moisture move-in. the past 24 hours across the northern wanes -- planes, we could see stronger storms and potential for large hail and damaging winds, were not going to be a big severe weather outbreak but keep in mind, some thunderstorms in your area and lightning. forecast precipitation as we head into sunday against potential for heavy rain pockets over florida and the mid-atlantic and the forecast will feel like summertime for much of the central us, the
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northwest still dealing with cooler temperatures but things will settle down in terms of systems moving in from the pacific in summer, first day of summer arrives saturday. much of the country will enjoy a good weekend. father's day too. nice to see you. it is 37 minutes after the are. and a great offers his solution to those calling to defund the police. rob: herschel walker's message to those against law enforcement. luckily, we are right around the corner with safer ways to shop so you can enjoy the moments you do make. like making sure you have pool toys the whole family can try out. ♪ and never running out of sunscreen before playing in the yard. and if you do spend the day indoors, always have enough snacks.
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todd: the founder of netflix looking to thank teachers with iran private getaway. >> foxbusiness joins us with details on this luxury retreat.
2:41 am
ed: the ceo of netflix has a new job, philanthropist. according to public records just uncovered reed hastings, the billionaire who founded netflix along with his wife is quietly building mysterious 21 hanker -- take a look through retreat, he is personally financing a new foundation that will operate a training ground for american public stages, no stranger to education reform, he's been working towards more testing, expansion of charter schools and tougher accountability for teachers. is not commented on the report but plans to donate $120 million to historically black colleges and universities saying it's an investment in the future of the country. the united negro fund, beneficiaries of that $20 million grant. todd: remember the old commercial where's the beef? no longer at subway, nor if you
2:42 am
ask where's the rotisserie chicken. >> he will get a big now, popular sandwiches. the rest beach sandwich in the rotisserie sandwich, customer is not happy about it, her boyfriend who looks at subway, you heard that - we haven't confirmed this officially but several other employees went on twitter and said it is off the menu. people get upset about their food. todd: heroic actions caught on camera, save the child's life.
2:43 am
>> the deputy starts petting the child's back until he begins breathing. the boy swallowed a coin, was taken to the hospital. his condition is unclear. 43 after the hour, trump supporters and also lining up for the president's rally saturday. former chairman of the oklahoma republican party says they are keeping america safe amid the pandemic. todd: let's check in with steve doocy for what is coming up on "fox and friends". on thursday, "fox and friends," a busy day on capitol hill in washington dc and the white house press secretary kaylee mcinerney joins us live. calling out google after the tech giants accused of censoring two conservative websites. senator josh holly unveiling a bill suing big tech companies
2:44 am
over political censorship concerns. pastor darrell scott says the president is leading on police reform and explains, the political aisle can finally come together. doctor mark siegel will explain. the police officer caught on an autobody, fallen on the sidelines. that inspiring bit, we've got a busy 3 hours kicks off 15 minutes from now. todd and jillian will be back in a couple minutes. just toss it in the dryer to bounce out wrinkles. we dried these shorts with bounce wrinkle guard, and a pair without. the bounce wrinkle guard shorts have fewer wrinkles and static, and more softness.
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>> the protests, the protesters and anarchists, all of the people marching on various locations the past couple weeks, this is all you hear about, oklahoma. >> this city, come to the highlights the we handled it the right way. don't care if you are republican, democrat or independent, that is a tremendous honor. rob: donald trump gearing up to rally the state in his first public campaign event since the start of the birx pandemic, joining me is former chair of the oklahoma republican party, pam pollard. there is pam. very exciting pieces oklahoma
2:49 am
ready for saturday? >> we are absolutely ready. todd: let's go over safety precautions sent out by the trump campaign, they include facemasks, temperature checks and hand sanitizer. is that enough? >> individual responsibility, a little more social distancing, those that don't feel comfortable we asked them to stay home. we asked them to stay home. personal responsibility and common sense on top of cdc guidelines and we think we will have a good day. rob: joe biden disagrees with donald from holding a rally. shock of all shocks. listen to what he had to say. >> getting back to his campaign
2:50 am
rallies. he will put people at risk as everyone has pointed out in violation of cdc guidelines. as long as the people showing up sign a waiver promising that they will not hold the campaign liable. rob: your reaction to mister biden? >> we are in stage iii for over 20 days. we've been through stage i, stage ii and stage iii for 45 days. a slight uptick in positive cases but not a major increase, extremely slight increase in hospitalization. it is something everybody take seriously but i hear more in joe biden's voice that he can't fill a shoebox and donald trump gets million people to come.
2:51 am
todd: do you think biden says i need to hit the campaign trail little more instead of hanging out in my basement? >> the more joe biden is out there the more people see the difference between him and donald trump and we are convinced comparable two they will vote for donald trump for president. todd: last question, why not hold it outside. 1 million people want to get tickets. to me it looks like it would accommodate a lot more of the trump supporters and all a a lot of the concerns from those worried about health. why not hold it outside? >> i would think they took into account security even -- you will have people coming in, you still have to hold contact. ventilation systems in the building, other than that you will be sitting as close to your neighbor as you will inside the center. that is why we are offering
2:52 am
everyone a mask, hand sanitizer, whatever they need to feel comfortable with, we have a great day on saturday. todd: it will be loud. thank you for your time. over to you. jillian: it is 8 minutes until the top of the our. colin kaepernick getting support from an unlikely source. >> they are not going to lose gains because of wanting to be politically correct. jillian: donald from still doesn't like the kneeling but is not against colin kaepernick's potential nfl return. the west coast team giving the controversial qb a close look, we will tell you about it.
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. .
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jillian: colin kaepernick could be signed to a team by next season. season. president trump throwing his support behind a second chance. >> if he has the ability, if somebody would take him. you are not going to lose games because of wanting to be politically correct. if they had somebody who is going to win games, they will sign him doesn't matter who they are. rob: we sign carley shimkus from sirius fm 115. she will deliver what social media is saying because she always delivers. >> if he has the ability, somebody would take him. those words coming from president trump who has drastically changed his tune on colin kaepernick. the president previously said
2:57 am
that team owners should fire any players to takes a knee during the national anthem. roger goodell recently encouraged teams to sign kaepernick as well. and the los angeles chargers have expressed some interest. head coach anthony lingsd saying it would be crazy to not have him on your work out list. a talent of that caliber under the circumstances we are in right now, i think most teams would explore that chargers have not scheduled a workout with kaepernick yet. lynn left open the opportunity of something happening in the future. robert said at least give the man a shot. corey expressing some skepticism regarding lynn saying so why did he have him work out the last few years? this twitter user said either sign him or don't. don't speculate for publicity. others say he already had a chance to work out with the nfl and it went totally sideways, guys.
2:58 am
jillian: interesting. rob: as somebody who had the heck of an nfl career herschel walker defund send countries without. >> former running back taking to twitter this proposition saying i have an idea for people who don't want any police. i would love to meet with american airlines, delta and southwest and make a deal to fly them to countries that don't have police. i want them to be happy. lisa chiming in saying i will help them pack. dave writes i honestly don't think anyone wants no police. we want reformation. but a big offer, a creative offer coming in from herschel walker. jillian: twitter starts rolling out audio tweets? what's this about? >> this is pretty good news with folks with a whole lot to say. twitter is going to be rolling out audio tweets. so no longer characters. you can now use your voice. the company says sometimes 280 characters aren't enough and some conversational nuances are lost in translation.
2:59 am
woe hope voice tweeting will create a more human experience for listeners and story tellers alike. i know what everyone is thinking right now. i wonder if there will be certain land mines for political leaders who like to tweet a lot who have this new audio tweet feature. one twitter user says they will be ranting a whole lot using this new feature. and then another twitter user says i will stick to the twitter fingers whatever that means. and this person says what we really want is an edit button. audio tweet select about 140 seconds not to twitter's original character count. guys, back to you. jillian: i have thoughts on this. we don't have time, sadly. >> tweet about it later. todd: if you are so desperate for audio, the latest episode of fox top five the podcast has dropped. abby hornacek, todd piro, that's me is on there we talk about our favorite family traditions we had a lot of fun doing it. find it on the fox news website.
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or look my might twitter and facebook account it's my name. my mom enjoyed so will you. jillian: if your mom enjoyed soily. have a good day, everybody. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ brian: right to a fox news alert. here we go. overnight it's not last night's video it's last night. using laser pointers on the apartment building where the mayor lives. hundreds filling the streets outside his home. they are upset that he only cut $115 million out of the police budget. it turns out that wasn't enough for them. many calling for the creation of awms there. gone so well in seattle. ainsley: protesters taking to the streets in seattle. one group stopping traffic and blocking a freeway and then to atlanta where demonstrators surrounded the police headquarters as charges are filed against


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