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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 17, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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let not your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham is up next.e happy presidents' day.he ♪ >> i am laura ingraham this is a special presidents' day addition. nancy pelosi says biden isn't done yet. house minority leader kevin mccarthy has a reaction. speaking of nancy, the man trying to unseat her is here later tonight to tell us about his confrontation. this was wild. with a san francisco radical. you have to see it to believe it. plus, 2020 dems open up a new attack on bloomberg. he is a racist now. why this is giving her 2016 flashbacks. also we have a big exclusive for you tonight, the three girls who filed a federal suit against transgender athletes competing with them. they are here live in washington.
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you don't want to miss their message. two of them for my old high school. but first, a party of snobs. that's the focus of tonight's angle.hi >> every now and then, a politician unintentionally reveals who we really is and what he really believes. >> i can teach anybody, even people in this room, to be a farmer. it's a process, you dig a hole, you put a seat on, you put dirt on top, up comes the corn. you could learn that. >> first, how much would you pay to see bloomberg try to dig ditches all day. i would pay a lot of money personally. what a snobby elitist that is. now farmers, as you might imagine, were not at all amused. they were lighting up twitter with polaris. i have to say, to be fair, there is context. context to explain these comments from bloomberg.
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now look at this headline in the milwaukee journal. "bloomberg appears to be insulting farmers, but there is more to the story" i have a question. do they ever get the same chance to expand our context? for us, there is never more to the story.ha they just jump to boycotts. nevertheless, this is what bloomberg did say. >> we have 300 years of the industrial society, you put the piece of metal, you turn the crank, direction of the arrow, and you could have a job. the economy is fundamentally different because it is built around replacing people withth technology. you have to have a lot more gray matter. >> lot more gray matter? oh, boy. sure come of course he is right about technology changing the type of work we do. that is not exactly a novel concept. but can you imagine if donald trump said anythingng
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approaching this? now the media were rushing into to provide context to bloomberg wod proclaim that trump was just insulting the intelligence of others. any time president trump's team tries to provide context after anything that people consider controversial like charlottesville or after his comments about the where the refugees come from, they are just ignored. but is not just the farmers that bloomberg has no respect for. remember that texas church shooting in late december? when an armed citizen saved countless lives by shooting the killer died. this was his take away. >> it is the job of law enforcement to have guns and to decide when to shoot. you just do not want the average citizen carrying a gun and a crowded place. >> yeah, they are too stupid to defend themselves or others for the use of a firearm that they carry. says a man who is around the
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clock at security and has had it for decades by the way. we all know what he thinks about overweight americans. you are all just too thick to be able to control your own drink size and your intake. >> at thboard of health on the serving size of sugary drinks. in a restaurant, 16 ounces is the maximum that they would be able to serve. in one cup. we are not taking away anybody's right to do things, we are simply forcing you to understand that you have to make the conscious decision to go fromm one cup to another cup. >> or senior toe understand! don't you think that there would probably be a lot of things that he would force us to understand? if are present? now how did bloomberg view people of faith? well, he sent that message a lot of clear when he was mayor of new york. at least on the tenth anniversary of september
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he included not a single faith leader in the list of speakers at that service. when he was called on it, this is what mayor snob said. >> there is this separation ofof church and state and our constitution. the constitution -- >> that doesn't mean that -- >> can you claim to be what do you want? your religion? my religion? her religion? >> laura: okay, priest, rabbi, minister. it pretty much covers it. he is dripping with condescension. and remember, on the respective front, women. when you think about the whole thing, women aren't really respected as women who can have different views and the democrat party. because if they are pro-life,te the entire party has driven pro-life women from their ranks. they have basically said as much. women who are pro-life are not welcome. and bloomberg is going to fit in just fine there. he is personally contributed
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$14 million to planned parenthood from 2014 to 2017. figures probably up by now. 5.8 million to women's vote. that since 2012. and he had lined the 2018 new york city convention.'s now remember, emily's list claims it's just for electing more women to congress. you look at their little website, that's what they say 50,000 women. but of course what they really mean as more pro-abortion women to congress. the party of inclusion is the opposite. it's more restrictive than it was 20 years ago in the democrat party. when you really think about this, and i thought of it a lot today, their big tent collapsed. that tent has been replaced by a safe space for leftist victims only. think about senator joe manchin of west virginia. he is basically a walking democratic stegosaurus. he is pro-gun, and he is
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pro-life. not going to be many more of him and he soon. imagine what aoc plus three says about mansion behind closed doors? get out of here.n. now at the core of all of this is not just snobbery, yachts a that, but it's a deep and unwavering contempt for traditional american ideal. because in this elitist view of sanctimonious snobs, the right to life and to liberty are reserved only for those who truly deserve to have them. you have to think the right way to have them. and bloomberg, he is kind of a miniature pony at trott he a well worn democrat path there. from hillary's deplorable's to obama's bitter cleaners, the left love to trash the common man will claiming to stand up for him. and their media allies? they are all too happy to echo
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the hatred. >> let's stop calling trump voters idiots and fools and call them what they are. drug addicts! anybody who enables, anybody who votes for or supports a racist is a racist. you are culpable white america, i'm sorry if you vote for trump. you are the bad guy. >> you got the idea. if you are woke, you are in luck. if not, you will be demeaned or driven out or just expunged. now many mike is singing from that same hymnal. and that's the angle. joining me now, kevin mccarthy. congressman, why do i get the sense that president bloomberg, should he be elected, wouldn't be caught dead at a nascar event like the one the president was out yesterday? we pray, obviously, horrible crash. we pray for the families involved in the accident.
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what about bloomberg and the is it fair or unfair? >> it's very fair. think for one moment he makes fun of farmers. most of our founding fathers were farmers. it's not just him, hilary called us deplorable's. joe biden said the coal miners need to reprogram. bernie sanders doesn't want anybody else to have money. they are all hypocrites. that's the sad part about it. they are all group think about that. mike said he wanted to tax the poor people because he thought they weren't smart enough to spend their money. >> laura: i think -- what's interesting about trump and he is very wealthy and successful. but he really -- he really connects with people. i know that seem so trite to say that way. he commits, he is really funny, he's really smart smart. and he respects him. and they know it's because they
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can tell a phony from a mile away.ll >> to the person serving you, to the person driving the car come a worker. he told me one time, and you can see it. if you ever go on a project with him where he is building a building, he is more in contact with those who are building it then who is buying it. that's the uniqueness about him. he would rather hang out with everyone who builds the building then whoever buys the building from him. >> that's what his kids always said about the construction projects.. >> he understands the value of america. what's unique is we revere this constitution, these new democrat socialist, it's unbelievable what they do. >> congressman, your friend nancy pelosi is telling her caucus to move on from impeachment. "the new york times" reported that she set health care, health care, health care and to scrubbing the a recent costar meeting. it they had to be laser focused on getting reelected. when you make a decision to win,
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you have to make every decision in favor of winning. they are also going to try to credit obama with trump's economic boom. >> they are such hypocrites. i think about it, when obama was in you not in a obama economy. trump created, now he wants to credit for it. here you have the speaker of the house who is having a civil war and her own congress because all they have done as investigations and impeachment. but not everybody got the message. remember what erica said, he talked about impeachment. even adam shipp has talked about impeachment because he never stopped talking about it. but they want to talk about the economy, it's going to well for them. now they want to talk about health care, remember back earlier this year? when we had three bills that would lower the price of prescription drugs that every republican and every democrat voted for in the committee? but before he got to the floor
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nancy pelosi change the bill so it would fail. >> would've been nice if the republicans could come up with the health care bill. a nice emerged from the last three years. >> more brightly, you will be very proud. in defense, the house we move something out. we got to the senate, we lost by one vote. we want the opportunity. we have the right to govern again, if they put a trust in us, it will be much different than you have seen before. at this america would be put first. d >> laura: speaker pelosi is still holding out hope for biden. she said, quite frankly with all respect in the world for iowa and new hampshire i am not counting at joe biden out. a much more represented of the country. it may snobbery there. >> very snobbery. elizabeth warren, joe biden, it's over. they have already lost. this is a race of bernie sanders -- and bernie sanders is the individual to get there. but now you have mike who is trying to buy the selection and chart bernie sanders one more
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time. i say this democrat conventionel should have paper review because it's going to be the most interesting fight you cannt nevr see. >> laura: sanders had this to say about the democrats establishment. watch.nt >> the democratic establishment is getting nervous. and they should get nervous. and i hear the establishment say oh, bernie, can't win the election. take a look at this crowd today. and tell me we can't win the election. >> is he right? should they be getting nervous? >> they should be getting nervous. a member what happened four years ago, the head of the dnc had to resign the night before the convention. they are doing the exact same thing now. they only talk of why they want to bring hilary back is to teach bloomberg how to cheat bernie sanders one more time out of being the nominee. >> we are going to raise money, but we are also can i go there and talk about water, one of the most critical things in california. show a contrast of what contras --
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>> laura: i still remember when california was a republican state. but i still like it, but it's "la-la land." >> these democrat policies have made homelessness main issue. l >> congressman, great to see you tonight. 2020 democrats desperate effort to stop the rise of michael bloomberg. they are pushing a new line of attack. he is racist, you see. >> $60 billion can buy you a lot of advertising. but it can erase your record. his position on issues related to the african-american community to the way he talked about obama about obama. >> michael bloomberg -- that is unconstitutional. i will say i am on your show right now answering these tough questions.
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where is he is he? >> we will not defeat donald trump with a candidate pursued advocated for it, and enacted, racist policies like stop and frisk. >> now, this didn't stop trump from winning in 2016. so bloomberg now? >> the left because everything they don't like racist these days. as it as potent a label as it once was now directed to bloomberg? >> thank you very much for having me. let me be very clear, i am a civil rights attorney. i fight against racism and i, unlike donald trump, i accept michael bloomberg's apology and it will not be -- by the way, balance. w
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donald trump supported stop and frisk, mike bloomberg apologized for it. i want to say this, also laura, mike bloomberg has surrounded himself with minorities. i hope candace can answer one simple question. is there a single black person in the west wing of the white house? i've been trying to do some research but i can't find justst one. there is no condoleezza rice, donald trump does not have blacks in the west wing. >> laura: if he had a number of african-americans staffers who fought like candace i would wonder if he would be bringing this up. >> but there's none.e.n- >> laura: my point is it doesn't matter. >> okay. >> laura: if they are conservative, they don't really count. i get what you're saying, but candace chime in here. and is not just that comment, bloomberg has also made other comments that it will play in the segment as well. i will read them in that segment. about latinos, not being able tn properly acquit themselves in the workplace and so forth.
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i guess they can apologize for all of it. >> my personal opinion is that he is absolutely done. bloomberg is done. only because he decided to run as a democrat. unfortunately, the one thing you are not allowed to do is talkk about the truth if you arere deciding. t i love that when laura opened up the show, you talked about the fact that there was a contacts there. they love to talk -- it's the same thing barack obama was saying in 2008. >> what are you talking about? >> hold on, leo. >> so rude. it's the same thing they were saying barack obama and 2008 and about how it harms black americans and latino americans because they don't grow but the father in the home. but because bloomberg said thisc under the democratic party, he has done. the good racist, the best races on the left is bernie sanders because he pretends to be their friend. he lies to black americans face
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when he knows he is going to be the one like lyndon bainesfr johnson two-point know who isen going to enact policies that are going to harm it black america for the next 100 years.. >> lauren, lauren, did he talk about lyndon baines johnson and the civil rights act? she lost me. but you are asking about bloomberg. bloomberg, i would campaign for bloomberg because he is apologizing. black people want to defeat donald trump. that's very clear. and i would be out here it -- >> laura: okay. so, when you are admits to the campaign if you apologize for something you said, you know, i'm saying 5 minutes ago is just a manner of speech. but it wasn't like it was 20 years ago or something, it was something he said just a few years before. i am quoting another comment which will play now. this is from pbs's news hour back 11. bloomberg, let's watch. >> there is this an enormous
11:19 pm
cohort of black and latino males aged 16-25 that don't have jobs, don't have any prospects, don't know how to find jobs. don't know what their skill sets are.e don't know how to behave in the workplace. >> so, leo, those aren't factual assertions he is making, if you apologize what is he exactly apologizing for? that he is wrong research? i'm not sure what he would? apologize for, how would he do that actually? >> mike bloomberg as stating that he has gone on an apology tour towards black americans, and they have acceptedn it. i honestly believe that he has a perspective that is raw. that he acknowledged his opiniop is wrong. i don't know why you are laughing candace. no woman on the democratic sidek can win. >> gerard smith just did it.
11:20 pm
>> to answer your question laura, blocks believe michael bloomberg as being sincere in his apology central park five, things of the sort -- >> it's completely wrong, but listen to the airways look at the polls. mike bloomberg is completely done with black america. his ploy is to go the route of superdelegate. their candidate is bernie sanders, that's the candidate that mike bloomberg is going to have to try to rip it from. that's the truth, and i'm sorryo you don't like it. >> all right, candace and leo. we will see if michael bloomberg can spend the money in the way that influences african-americans. s we will see. i don't know. i've never seen anything quite like this. >> you like his chances laura. >> laura: i don't know, it's hard to do. all right, candace and leo like so much. i just want to announce that the
11:21 pm
nascar driver, ryan newman, who was involved in that horrific crash at the daytona 500 just hours ago, he is in stablen condition. unbelievable. amazing news as the crash itself was just beyond brutal. many expected the worst given the damage to his car. notably, the roll cage kept the driver safe. great news and we will bring you more updates as we get them tonight. and also tonight, we expose the quiet campaign to turn our countries criminal prosecutors into criminal enablers. courtesy of george soros. plus, an ingram angle exclusive. the three women who are trying to stop transgender athletes to competing with women. they are here tonight. stay there. ♪ competing with women. they a
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>> there has been this recent development where george soros has been coming in largely in democratic primaries where theyn are not going to be much voter turnout. and putting in a lot of money to elect people who are not very supportive of law enforcement.t. and don't feel the office as bringing to trial and prosecuting criminals. but pursuing other social agendas. >> laura: attorney general bill barr is passing the insidious multimillion dollar campaign led by george now this is not only damaging to the rule of law, it is a massive threat to public safety. now why? because soros is funding das. decriminalizing crime. theft, john hughes, other quality-of-life crimes. you see it playing out a lot in
11:27 pm
places like san francisco and new york, l.a., et cetera. trying to make the end tire country look like the west coast. it is rapidly deteriorating. do you want that in your locale, and your town, your city? is also happening just miles from where i am sitting here. soros has propelled his candidates to victory and three wealthy d.c. suburbs. joining me now is nicoleca whitman, former commonwealth attorney who was defeated by soros backed candidate back in 2017. nicole, i think what many out there do not understand is that these local politicians affect the things closest to homes for folks. just the basic quality of life on the streets. you can walk to the grocery store without getting accosted or step and something you don't want to?
11:28 pm
or someone coming into your house and parking for a while and thinking they are going to jail and they don't. >> what they don't understand is that these are our quality-of-life issues. if your community isn't safe, if your children aren't safe walking to school it is not a good place for people to live. it affects property value. it affects why people would want to live in the places that theyo want to live. if they can't be safe, they don't want to live there. >> you told me -- your opponent spent $1.5 million t in a commonwealth attorney's race? i said there's no way that could be true. >> the average raise in northern virginia -- the candidates have to raise between 25 and $35,000r and that's historically what they've been doing. $1.5 million. most of it came in about the last three weeks of the campaign. >> laura: they saw you were leading, i know that's what happened. soros has been at this for years.'s
11:29 pm
back in 2016, soros is quietly overhauling the u.s. justice system. as an avenue for criminal justice reform. soros is providing the cash to make it happen. nicole, why were folks -- the same thing happened in local school board elections. that's how they manage to get the curriculum to be extremely radical on american history, hol it's all imperialism now. now they are doing it on a broad scale. why do people miss those things? >> i think people missed it because in reality a lot off people aren't paying attention to these local races. they are looking at -- these are all fears for election. at they are looking at presidential elections, not paying attention to the smaller, local type elections. also, george soros doesn't come in as george soros. liberal, ultraleft does come a billionaire. he comes in as a safety justice back. so he has his candidates who he promotes saying all the right things.
11:30 pm
a saying i am for victims, -- >> laura: i'm going to protect you and your family. >> i am going to help drug addicts. it has nothing to do with community safety. once you see him come in to office you see what happens. people using drugs on the streets in front of police departments and to the police can't do anything about it. it is a revolving door. people are arrested for violent crimes, a repeat offense, and they are laughing. they are laughing as they walk out the door because the police can't do anything. >> laura: crouching in pots. about san francisco, l.a. that's the reality. george soros isn't the only one undermining the rule of law. new york city is doing it to themselves.
11:31 pm
last week, a man named charles berry, check this out. thanked nyc dems for giving him a get out of jail free card after he was arrested for the 139th time. bail reform, its lit. it's the democrats, the democrats know me and the republicans fear me.e you can't touch me, i can't be stopped, he said. he might be happy, but new yorkers should be livid with democrats because we are pushing the law to and cash bail which took effect on january 1st. it joining me now, new york cite councilman joe borelli. joe, it's really bad when the criminals know whom to thanked for this law. he is one of the few people being truthful. >> as you mention since
11:32 pm
january 1st, we have seen a parade of people chuckling their way out of police stations. people have been accused of a slots, drug trafficking, car thieves, you name it. we are now letting most people go. and it is, as mr. barry turned it out, 100% the responsibility of the far left progressive democrats that run new york city and new york state. >> this is bill de blasio unbending last week on the radio show that some of this has been a disaster. watch. >> overall, the number of so-called index crimes was the highest for january since the month you took office in 2014. what else is contributing it other than whatever the bill reform might be? >> there are other contributing factors. this is the single biggest thing in the equation and be sonics ordinary jump.
11:33 pm
>> laura: it was shocking that he actually said, for a lot of people who don't live in new york city, that's it. whoops. >> he has been somewhat consistent and listening to the nypd on this issue. and he is right. the contributing factor why we have seen a spike and index crime since january 1st. there are people who a year ago we would've called them bona fide progressives, people that got elected district a attorney around the state toto have now set guys, this is absolute bonkers. we cannot keep the public safe. a new jersey enacted their version of bail reform. they have at least allowed judges to keep discussion based on a personable reasonable threat to public safety. we did not do that and new york state. although, if you listen to the democrats they lied for a year and said it was just like new jersey. we were all just stirring the >> laura: getting rid of cash bail, that sound like a good thing. people don't know it is actually horrifically for the average
11:34 pm
american in the cities. especially low income people who aren't surrounded by a myriad of various security officers. i want to put up this graphic, this tells the story.un since 2019 in new york 34% increase in robbery, 8.5% and assaults, 70% grand larceny auto, 10% grand larceny. but robbery, up 34%. at this is after a decade of crime going down. violent crime going down and other crime going down. >> there is no doubt about it, since the mayoralty of rudy giuliani new york city has been transformed. bellagio feels on the fence because he is powerless. given the fact that the state took away this jurisdiction from judges. i'm not surprised those crimes you put up, because depending on
11:35 pm
the degree if they were misdemeanor crimes as people would be let's write out. and we have seen his time and time again. people were charged with bank robbery, five and six times. mr. barry, the first person you put up on the screen, he was arrested 139 times. 139 times. it's absurd. >> laura: of course, new york has to go back to common sense. politics, common sense, policing. it's just common sense. not even political at this point. this is just pragmatism. joe, thank you for being there and speaking out. e new york city councilman joell borelli. really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> laura: it's three female high school athletes filed a blockbuster complaint to stop biological males from competingu against them in athletics. i sit down exclusively with the three girls in their attorney next. finding dental insurance plans can be confusing,
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want to know how much they can save you? call healthmarkets. they make finding insurance fast and easy because they know you have better things to do. your insurance marketplace, healthmarkets. call healthmarkets now. call the number on your screen call this number now. >> connecticut as one of many states that in the name of inclusiveness allow biological males to compete in women's sports leaks. what is it detrimental to female athletes? you probably know how i pick about this. having been a female athlete especially in high school. that's what these girls are arguing. according to their complaints, this reality is discrimination against girls that directly violates the requirements of title ix.
11:41 pm
because schools are permitting males to compete as girls and women, girls and women are losing competitive opportunities. the message is give up, you can't win. joining me now exclusively, i'm so happy to see, the women behind this lawsuit. all right selena, i am going to start with you. not just because you are a senior where i went to school. what was the final straw that sparked this legal action? >> that continued unfairness in our sports. >> you were a top, top runner. what happened to you that made you feel like you are being treated unfairly? >> i lost on countless opportunities. >> laura: did you actually lose competition to mail,
11:42 pm
biological male athletes? >> countless times. >> laura: we probably could count, but we will say it's a lot. alana, same with you. what are the damages? this is all about diversity and inclusiveness and inclusiveness? >> i have lucked out on getting meets and i got a bronze model when i should've gotten a silver medal. >> laura: it's hard to stand up. you are the lawyer representing everybody here in the panel. it's really hard to stand up for what is obvious and right. most people know what's right here. >> you are exactly right. courage against courage. it's been an incredibly courageous act to say this is not fair. we want to restore a level playing field our sports. >> laura: in this video, you will be able to see it, chelsea is competing against a trans athlete friday night and yle
11:43 pm
winning. the video shows the last moments of the race. just watch. >> laura: wow. chelsea, congrats. excellent school. tell me about that race. did that make you feel like maybe you didn't have to file this lawsuit because you want after all russian mark or is it just kind of a one off. >> not at all. despite my victory, i have still lost a four state championships of this issue. and i have lost countless other opportunities. there is still so many girls that have been displaced because of this. and so this is absolutely necessary. >> laura: did you ever think that this is something you'd be up against? i know from sports, it's a lot of work. especially in track. it is a grueling, track, cruel, it's a grueling and torrential sports.
11:44 pm
it's a lot of training. did you ever think that this is what you have to be competing against as well? >> i never thought that i would have to compete against a transgender athlete. i never thought that my sport would be unfair.r. i it's really upsetting what we are going through. >> laura: we have some of the trans-athletes who do compete against you all at defending themselves. let's watch. >> i love track because of the community within track. >> i love jack because i feel like i am a part of a second family. it's like another bond that you experience. we wouldn't have run on any other team. everybody else? >> how do you think we feel chris might we go through this every day. >> laura: thoughts on that. >> this isn't about the athletes, it's about the current connecticut policy. and that it needs to be changed. >> laura: they say it is about
11:45 pm
them. they say we are women and we want to run as women. although, i do have to put up the physical advantage. let's get to reality hear it, because i like to deal in reality, there are physical advantages that men have are over women. more skeletal muscle mass, greater bone density. upper body strength is in no doubt stronger. it's just the way it is. you guys brought into this to kind of defend yourselves and i'm thinking this is just, again, we talked about this earlier in another topic and nothing to do with you. it just common sense. do you feel a common sense in these kind of things is just out the window? >> i definitely think that the current policy is very unfair and that needs to be something done to restore fairness. >> laura: what's the reaction of your classmates status? what are they say to you? >> a lot of my classmates have been very supportive of me.ou they understand what i'm doing it, they understand why we have decided to stand up.
11:46 pm
>> laura: avan? >> yes, i have gotten a lot of support. >> i have gotten my fair share of support, but i've also gotten my fair share of hate. i try not to dwell on it. >> laura: what they do is hard to be at the top of that game, and to be the biological male in any sport as a biological male. all of you are incredible athletes. but it's just tough to do what they are doing in today's environment. >> they are high school girls, they should be able to focus on their love of running. it should be able to focus on the countless hours they are spending training. and did not have to be hoisted into the center of this controversy. so it's really unfair that the adults in the room, the cia, the public high schools in connecticut weren't willing to address this issue and ensure that girls like chelsea, lana, and selena can compare a fair level. we want to let me tell you, if
11:47 pm
this rule was in place i probably wouldn't have had the athletic career that i had.le m and i was very fortunate to have that. we have great schools in connecticut. but this is insane. i wish you all the best. you are all going to do great. great in college running, and life. your great courage and i want to salute you tonight for being here.t. thank you so much. and coming up, nancy pelosi hasn a 2020 challenger at the left doesn't like it. john dennis is here next to see his viral moment facing down some radical activists. don't go away. next to see his viral moment facing down his viral moment facing down some radical - [announcer] the following is an urgent appeal from the international fellowship of christians and jews. - right now in the former soviet union, there are thousands of jewish holocaust survivors trapped in relentless poverty. there's no heat, no electricity, no running water. they're cold, hungry, and sick, and they're suffering and dying needlessly.
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>> i'm going to leap you up. >> why are you so angry?
11:52 pm
why are you angry? you probably just agree with me. but i disagree with you. so what? >> because you are racist. because you don't know anything about me. i go to public housing projects. i have lived here for 30 years. i'm not sure how you lived here. i have my family here. you can't force people out. >> laura: that's how radical liberals treated republicans try to clean up the streets. that is john dennis, the chairman of the g.o.p. running against house speaker and nancy pelosi. >> john, it's good to see you tonight. shouldn't the police be arrested neck i? >> they've been very good about it and i will let them do their
11:53 pm
jobs. as they go i mean, john, you're standing there and you have your point of view. he has his. that's fine, that's america. >> laura: but this is something much different. much different from in decades past where people had spirited disagreements. and people burn the flags, and the 60s and 70s and call the cops pegs and that was horrible. but the things where they are brazen about saying i want you dead.s this individual has to be identified and prosecuted if possible. >> he has been identified. as i mentioned, i am working with the police. when i went up to talk to him there was chaos going on. but he was the alpha male. he was threatening every guy could find in the crowd. i went up to diffuse the situation. he got very aggressive and he said i want you dead which i thought was a nice icebreaker.
11:54 pm
>> laura: i love how he said you are a racist. and he said i can tell by looking at you. isn't that the definition of racism? the finger is always pointed back at them. but they accuse you of is what they really are. he is the racist because he looked at a white guy with gray hair who you guess is as republican and says you must be racist. so he is a racist. >> absolutely. i want to jump ahead if you don't mind, this stuff is been going on forever. i've been watching these videos of them attacking people for years. and for years i've been saying the same thing that you said in your tweet when you put that ous there the other day. where is nancy pelosi and all this? the people on the left, and this is largely left driven violence, where is nancy pelosi question where is chuck schumer? where is bernie sanders? where is aoc? >> laura: we are going to have
11:55 pm
you for a longer segment, but we are going to be tracking which politicians condemn this and which politicians stand in silence.ic thank you for being out there we really appreciate you. we will be following this closely. up next, a new feature on the ingram angle, "the duck of the day."? ♪ rock music >> man: so i'm not taking any chances when something happens to it. so when my windshield cracked... my friend recommended safelite autoglass. >> tech: hi, i'm adrian. >> man: thanks for coming. >> tech: oh, no problem. >> tech: check it out. >> man: yeah. they came right to me, with expert service where i needed it. that's service i can trust... no matter what i'm hauling. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> we have a brand-new segment for you tonight called "the duck of the day." michael bloomberg's campaign manager kim o'brien, watch. >> the story leaked that clinton may be his vp. was that a distraction from
12:00 am
"the washington post" story? >> if we have the privilege to pick a running mate, there is a lot of wonderful candidates out there. we are focused right now on winning this primary and taking this battle to the donald trump's doorstep. >> that ridiculous story was not meant to distract, come on! mike. >> >> glad i'm not duck of the day. scales from knowing national poll could reveal whether michael bloomberg will make the stage for the next debate shaking of the democratic field in disarray. we will get exclusive reaction to bloomberg's comments about heartland farmers.


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