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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 5, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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about hunter biden's dealings with ukraine. >> sean: sara carter, great investigative report. we will never be the media mob. a huge day. vindicated, acquitted. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is here. big day and they lost again and i'm not sick of winning. >> laura: first of all, congrats on your massive numbers last night. you blew away the competition across the board. it's actually a little embarrassing, okay? >> sean: let me tell you what not. it's not embarrassing winning. we fight hard for every viewer and they give us this on her every night. >> laura: and a wonderful tribute to rush limbaugh. we have known rush for many years. hannity, great show, as always, tonight. i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle." another busy washington tonight. president trump has always been the great revealer and throughout the hour we are going to show you who has been exposed
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with this impeachment acquittal and senator lindsey graham and governor mike huckabee are here with a message for romney and the rest of the frauds. plus matt gaetz saying nancy pelosi should face consequences for her childish behavior last night. they are here to tell us what those could be an raymond arroyo brings us the repugnant attacks as i just mentioned, rush limbaugh has been receiving from all quarters on the left. why nancy pelosi's anger revealed a greater truth and all that and more in seen and unseen, but first, eddie nancy and priggish mitt. that is the focus of tonight's angle. donald trump just capped off a phenomenal week for the presidency and the american people. the signing of the usmca, remarkable private sector jobs numbers, stock market that has shaken off even the coronavirus and the cherry on top, as sean
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just mentioned, his acquittal on both articles of impeachment earlier today. it's largely because of these continued successes that president trump has exposed the frauds on the left. they just can't take it anymore. and one in particular on the right. let's start with nancy pelosi. last night she showed the world who she really is, a woman left with little else but her own sour post-facial expression and a paper ripping stunt. she let her anger get the best of her and her white suit didn't make her look anymore angelic. it was the color of surrender. [applause] >> laura: she wasn't the only person acting out. utah junior senator reminded us of why he couldn't connect with most regular working class people. they don't like politicians who claim to be holier-than-thou when they are really just sticking a shave in your back.
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>> my premise before god to apply impartial justice required that i put my personal feelings and political biases aside. were i to ignore the evidence that has been presented, it would, i fear, expose my character to history's rebuke. >> laura: it has exposed it all right. he is the ultimate selfish, preening, self-centered politician. and he has good hair. and a sort of okay singing voi voice. ♪ america, america ♪ god shed his grace on the >> laura: it didn't work. he should try out for "the masked singer" when he loses reelection. he wanted desperately to be trump's secretary of state and then he cast this futile, pointless vote to convict him in order to show that he is a man of principle, unlike all these other republicans. it's called payback.
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but if he were up for reelection this year, the people of utah would have their own payback against him. because they were defrauded by romney, for when he had to choose he chose chuck schumer and kamala over common sense and conservatism. if you are one of romney's constituents in utah, you are out of luck. if you are a businessman in need of a regulation re-examined, don't bother calling his office. he has no power anymore. if he even attends the republican convention at all, he is going to get booed. many of his colleagues will freeze him out. if you will trust him again. and could you blame him? and let's not forget what the democrats and media said about him in 2012. >> insulting, a binder full of women. the bigger his irish setter is strapped to the roof of his car during a road trip. >> have you strap your car to
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>> expanding one of his homes by adding a car elevator. speak of the elite as him, that is what this is about. who can feel anything in common with mitt romney? >> laura: back them there were only a few of us on tv and radio that defended you and we did this because we thought you would be better for america. and the way you repay millions of people, the millions who did vote for you in 2012 is to throw in the very people who don't share our goals, who hate us and by the way, still hate you. does he not see what adam schiff and petosi and feinstein have done to california? and does he not know that if they got real power, they would do to salt lake city what they've done to san francisco? will he have the courage to have a real town hall to defend this boat? he couldn't even get simple facts right while debating oba obama. >> it was not a spontaneous
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demonstration. is that what you were saying? >> please proceed, governor. >> i want to make sure we get that for the record because it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror. >> get the transcript. >> he did in fact, sir. >> can you say that a little louder? >> he did call it an act of terror. >> romney couldn't even have a comeback to the coordinated response with obama. that told you all he needed to know. all of this is a good reminder. that kind of pylon for the sake of piling on him, but we have to learn from all of this. this entire impeachment debacle what a disaster the g.o.p. establishment was for america. think about it. mitt romney is the establishment. they were wrong on china, they were wrong on a rack, they were wrong on immigration, wrong on the housing bubble, wrong on the bailout, wrong on things like harriet myers and david souter. for the g.o.p. establishment it
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was always about what was good for them personally or their conscience or wall street, not what was good for the average american. for a few brief, shining moments in 2008 and 2012, some of us thought that romney had a solid core. boy, did he fool us. he was a massachusetts liberal in 1994 when he ran against ted kennedy for the senate. then he moved a bit to the right when he ran for governor. then he claimed he was a full-blown conservative when he first ran for president in 2008 and now, like all the other bitter never-trumpers, he would rather see the entire american economy go down the drain then give trump a victory. >> first, i do want to salute mitt romney. >> the verdict of history is going to be on mitt romney's sign. >> he seems to be reaching for the ghost of john mccain. >> he changed the course of history. >> that was a real act of courage. >> mitt romney gives me hope for the future.
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>> laura: mitt, you made your stand, now you should resign. are you committed a fraud on the people of utah on the republican party, on the constitution, and have thoroughly embarrassed yourself. cantor was bounced out of office, they just weren't in sync with the priorities of most american republican voters and neither are you. utah does not need someone who doesn't get their phone calls returned. they need an actual, functioning senator and mike lee can't do everything. folks are supposed to enter politics to advance policies that improve the lives of everyday americans. that is what trump did and his policies are working. but romney apparently went into politics because of his dad or because he wanted everyone to think he was a good person. he never actually wins arguments or persuades anyone of anything. and at the end of the day, one man was trying to impress the elites in washington today and the guy in the oval office was
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not. all along he was just trying to make america greater and he has. romney, i hope, enjoys his brief moment in the sun while he is lauded by the very people who spent the last 20 years attacking him because in a few weeks, the phone will stop ringing. he will be lucky to get booked on chris cuomo's show. we won't ever forget. utah should never forget. and if i have to move there to run against him and four and a half years i will. i do like that park city skiing and the summer hiking. and that is "the angle." lindsey graham will join us in a few minutes, and romney's petulance. but first, old man's little last night, as newt gingrich called for her to be censured. in the constitutional scholar who voted for hillary clinton is
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calling on nancy pelosi to apologize and change or conduct or resign. joining me now, lee zeldin and matt gaetz. congressman gaetz, you actually want to take a pretty aggressive step here. what is? >> tomorrow i will be filing charges against nancy pelosi in the house ethics committee. she just grazed the house of representatives, she embarrassed our country and she destroyed official records. the law does not allow the speaker of the house to destroy the records of the house and the rules of the house do not permit some little temper tantrum just because you don't like what the president of the united states says. a lot of republicans are sick of the double standard here. when joe wilson made a comment, the democrats really brought the heat down on him when he said obama lied about illegals getting health care under obamacare. by the way, joe wilson was right. we ought to apply the same standards to the democrats that they want to apply to us and there will be an ethics investigation to nancy pelosi and we will start the ball rolling to have her censured in the first act begins tomorrow
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when congressman zeldin and i will join in a resolution and we will force a vote on a resolution. >> laura: you don't have a majority in the house. while it is not a formal record, it is a copy of the speech the president signed. i heard murmurs that this is cute but it's not really going to work, congressman. >> well, to matt's point about what happened to joe wilson, the house passed a resolution naming names. the double standard, the moral equivalency. we thought have been this time of year when they were making comments that were anti-semitic. different standards applied if she was a republican, she would've name names and they would've thrown her off committees. but it's different because she is a democrat. she should be censured. it was a disgrace, it was an embarrassment. from the inside out, nancy pelosi has been a poison. she is now poisoning house of representatives and congress and our country because they start
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off with her getting rolled by the far left, which is basically taken over the democratic party. >> laura: is she mad at herself? she may be. i didn't think she was a stupid person. when she did that little stunt last night with the ripping. >> she's not stupid but nancy pelosi has some real impulse control problems. she is the first speaker of the house of representatives to have her words taken down by the house of representatives because she was too personal in her attacks against the president, which were unfounded. that hadn't happened in over 50 years in the house of representatives. she was the first. but this latest attempt embarrassed in the house of representatives in front of the world. the world was watching the president. he gave an inspirational, fantastic speech. and for her to give a temper tantrum, we don't allow that and nancy pelosi is not above the rules of the house just because she's the speaker of the house. >> laura: i want to set the stage for people about what happened in the state of the union speech versus what was said afterwards by the democrats and i think putting some of the
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comments side-by-side is instructive. check it out. >> your husband is back from deployment, and we couldn't keep him waiting any longer. >> it was a disgusting performance. absolutely disgusting. >> you will be heading to the school of your choice. [applause] >> don't tell me what you've done for the black community because you haven't done anything for the black communi community. >> rush limbaugh is a violent racist. >> laura: aside from the fact that aoc can't pronounce the word very lent, this is where they came down. every moment of sacrificial concern was cast aside as a stunt in reality tv. >> it was so beautiful. those moments are celebrating americans who did great things and they want to take the president out so badly they were
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sitting on their hands. i set over on the democratic side, which i've never done before for the state of the union address, and the grounds, the way they are pointing at each other. every time kyrsten sinema stood up, they were ostracizing her. >> laura: i'm surprised she voted the way she did today. that was a big mistake, that aside for her. >> and i got to congress barack obama was president, i never thought about boycotting, never thought about impeaching him. i was there, when i agreed, i stood up, he was my president even though i didn't vote for him. >> laura: it looks like your democratic colleagues have zero plans to stop investigating the president. watch. >> use it it is likely that your committee will subpoena john bolton beer that's what you're saying. >> has the speaker signed off on it? >> when did this happen? >> i don't know. >> jerry nadler just looks like a beaten man in that clip, but the democrats are a one-trick pony now in washington.
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they offer america only impeachment investigations because they haven't been able to come together for an immigration plan, infrastructure plan, anything that would impact the lives of the people of this great country. >> laura: if she can't sit there and act like a decent human being during a state of the union speech, how is she going to march her white pantsuit self into the oval office and talk infrastructure customer ask because she to relinquish the gavel. >> laura: you got to retire. if you can't even contort yourself to the state of the union, retire. who knows! you guys are safe for right now. congressman, thank you for being here. we're going to be following the censure push and all of this. thank you for updating us on all of this and the democratic party's and dire straits as congressman gaetz just said trump has been acquitted. he's overseeing this unbelievable economy. we are going to look back on this and tell our kids yes, it's true. there was a time we had 3.4%
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unemployment. in the approval rating? sky high. couple that with the stark reality that the democrats' top 20 contenders are a socialist, a mayor of south bend, indiana. okay. it's an old hand sounding the alarm. >> we don't win the elections because we talk about stuff that is not relevant. we have great experience in 2018, and the day after we started all this goofy stuff. we are talking about people voting from jail cells. all right? we're talking about not having aborted. i'm 75 years old, why am i here doing this? because i'm scared scared to death. >> laura: i liked when he had the garbage can over his head. here to weigh in as dan bongino, fox news contributor, host of the dan bongino podcast. and chris hahn, former chuck schumer eight and most of the aggressive progressive podcast. this is a tough one but can you think of anything at this point that is really going two thumbs up for the democrats?
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>> no, but i will say, listen, this impeachment was a huge success. for the g.o.p., let's think about this, rationally, let's try to do that. i saw some liberal members of the audience, they might have a tough time. trumps approval rating is at an all-time high from gallup. absolute estimation of the biting campaign, who cannot seem to escape this whole ukraine scandal focused on his son hunter and then we have the fact that the media, which we all know is in love with the democrat party, has now been preoccupied for 80 days, close to three months now. with everything but the issues, the democrats are supposed to be running on for president. so no, nothing is going right for the democrats. impeachment was a huge success for the g.o.p. the numbers don't lie. >> laura: all right, republicans are up eight points in favorability in gallup since december.
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democrats are down three points. that is when impeachment started, in september. the president is at record approval numbers. 62%, i believe, are happy with the economy. they believe economy is going in a much better direction than it was a year ago. as a democrat who wants her party to win about something here ain't working with the strategy. yes, no, maybe? >> i think the strategy has to be to take him head on. the man is willing to say anything, day anything, go as low as he needs to go to get reelected and i think the democrats need to meet that head on and i have not seen an ability or willingness within the party to do that. maybe that will change between now and november but i think that is what james carville was getting out yesterday when he made that rant. i saw that rent in real time and i agree with a lot of what he said. i don't think that anybody wins by playing to the far fringes of their base, although donald trump may have disproved that in 2016. so we will see what is going to
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happen between now and then. a 3% drop in approval rating is a rounding error, so i'm not too concerned about that. we know there will be multiple media cycles between now and the election and we do know that a lot of the things trump was impeached for have been proven true and more evidence comes out every day. you can't stop everything -- >> laura: you got to stop while you're behind on impeachment. this has been an unmitigated disaster for the democrats. they followed aoc plus three down this rathole of incrimination and now they are stuck down there and they can't get out because if they do they will take off all the energy in their base and if they don't, then they will be stuck down there with the ski cap wearing millennials who are playing "minecraft" in the basement. i don't know what these people are doing but they are not living in the real world. >> are you eating thd brownies before the show? they weren't willing to take on
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president trump and trump is the one taking the low road? >> laura: pelosi twleve:on trump. >> they just impeached the president. after they impeached him they actually gave a speech, her words, not mine, where she said after the impeachment, i'm not messing up the timeline here, she said we really need to get to the facts and the truth. you just impeached the president! what are you talking about? i'm sorry, your theory that you refuse to take him on, they took him on and they keep getting there asses kicks, that is what keeps happening here and i'm sorry, laura is right. they keep catering to the french base on the far left and they're going to lose. >> you know what, i think -- >> laura: let me play this free because it dovetails into what you were saying earlier about maybe taking a different approach. howard today on "the view" is frustrated and she has an idea of how to turn things around. check it out. >> she is playing hardball like he does.
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when they go low, we go lower. that is the only thing that works with these criminals and fascists who are running the country right now. sorry, but that is what works. >> laura: michelle obama, married to the most recent two term democrat said when they go low, we go high, but watch the instagram feed of aoc last night. there's not a lot of going high there. a lot of going well with bad mispronunciation of common wor words. >> you know, sometimes you've got to get in the muck with your opponent in this is a president he's going to be in the mud, throwing mud. nothing seems to affect them, nobody wants to take him head on. i think eric holder was right. when they go low, we kick them. i think it's time for more of that in politics from the left because the president is a fighter. he is a street fighter and he doesn't back down from a fight. and it's time for us to start fighting back. that is what's going to happen. i think --
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>> laura: we are out of time, that is my problem. you've got results to debate. you've got no results on the other side. okay, thanks so much for your coming up, lindsey graham takes us inside the boat to acquit this president. mike huckabee also next.
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>> laura: this just in, we are hearing straight from des moines 48 hours after the iowa caucus has wrapped, it looks like we have some big news. the 2020 democrats still do not know who won thee the iowa caucuses. the iowa democratic party just released another batch of results to bring the total up to, drumroll please, 92% reported. they do better in small pacific island counting votes than they do in iowa. former south bend mayor pete buttigieg still hold onto a slim
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lead over poor old bernie sanders. never can get a break bernie. we will keep you updated should a call happen in this hour. this is unbelievable. 48 hours later. also, it was never really a doubt, senna acquitted president trump on both of the pathetic count handed over by the house. abuse of power and obstruction of congress. some on the left, let's call it a case of really, really bad denial. speak of the president is equated and that is the way it's going to stay but it is unresolved, both politically and factually. >> this is not a victory. he was impeached and he is wrong. >> it is no vindication, it is not a real acquittal. >> the verdict of this kangaroo court will be meaningless. speak of the stain will always be on his presidency. >> laura: chuck schumer calling the senate a kangaroo court. ripping up papers in the house and then he got the kangaroo court in the senate.
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nice job. try to me now, lindsey graham, chairman of the senate judiciary committee. senator, this is not a true acquittal, they are saying. >> all i can say is that senator schumer and nancy pelosi are no longer in charge of this. why did she tear up the speech, and nancy pelosi customer who was her audience? it was the squad. she's lost control of the house, senator schumer is going to get primary by aoc. the people we used to work with, they've lost their mind when it comes to trump. the president was acquitted, this was a ridiculous accusation against the presidency itself and our colleagues voted for a kid conviction. i think you put the presidency at risk. i don't question your motives but i sure question your judgment. >> laura: you think mitt romney is representing his people? 70% of people in his state in favor his action. >> he voted not guilty on the process argument, obstruction of congress.
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they impeached the president for daring to go to court, they impeached the president with 78 days, he never got a call a witness, never got a cross examine anybody. you couldn't get a parking ticket based on the process they used. here's abuse of power, they're going to remove the president of the united states because he suspended military aid to the ukraine for a short period of time to leverage an investigation that never occurred. they got the money and there was no investigation, and they were going to impeach the president based on that, that is ridiculous. >> laura: "the federalist" reported that a top romney advisor served on the board of burisma with hunter biden. he joined burisma's board of directors while hunter was also serving on the board. cute little coincidence, don't you think? >> i'm not going to say that that boat is sinking. >> laura: isn't that swampy? >> all i can say is we are going to look at hunter biden. we are not going to live in a world where you take a wrecking
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ball to the trump family and you can't ask hunter biden, by the way, the foreign relations committee will, i hope, they should. jim risch, if you listen, you need to ask john kerry's chief of staff, what did you do about the email when you were told there was a conflict of interest? i'm going to call everybody who signed the fisa warrant, i hope rachel byrd will tell us who the whistle-blower is and was the whistle-blower working with political operatives on schiff's staff customer and i don't know, we will look. if hand republican had done this they would be looking at us. >> laura: how about the ig? >> i want to know who was the whistle-blower, what was their motivation, did they have a political bias, were they working with people who wanted to take trump down early on his presidency. >> laura: are you going to call the whistle-blower customer >> i hope so. >> laura: just explained that to our viewers, why can't you call it the judiciary? >> there are committees, i have jurisdiction of the department of justice and the fbi and we will call everybody who signed the fisa warrant. how did the state department
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ignore hunter biden's conflict of interest and think about it, when joe biden was talking to the parliament of the ukraine, you need to end sweetheart deals. don't you think they were laughing at him customer asked me when what is happening in new hampshire on monday? the democrats rolling into this whole primary process after the debacle in the buying and now what? >> i didn't do very well in new hampshire so i'm not the guy to ask but south carolina, joe biden will win the south carolina primary. 70% of the voters will be african-american. he is well respected. a socialist will not win a south carolina primary. mayor pete pulled off her pretty stunning thing in iowa. you're going to have three different winners in the first three primaries. impeachment is behind us, the president is stronger today than before impeachment, the american people see this is what it was. amended up by people who can't accept that he won. the going to call bolton, they are going to try to do something
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between now and the election because they know they can't beat him. the reason she tore the speech up is because they hate the speech. but here's the good news, you can tear the speech up at the result of the speech speak for themselves. >> laura: it is so great to see you. i know we don't like to keep you up late but thank you for coming in. we really appreciate it. as i mentioned in my ankle, romney's vote to convict the president only underscores, in my mind, the disconnect for our mitt romney, whatever his motivations and the constituency is there to represent a new top your good people. he said he wrestled with his conscience for weeks over what to do but he announced his decision with the media blitz, which demeaned the people who actually voted for him. of course this is the same man who in 2016 argued on national tv that trump was unfit for offense. he was a fraud, a phony. peer member that speech? but he asked trump a few months later to be secretary of state. former arkansas governor, fox news contribute it, didn't you run against romney?
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2008, 2012, i forgot all these contests at this point. >> it was 2008 and i'm happy to say that i beat romney. i came in second to mccain. but i could've told you some things about romney and the manner in which he operates. this is very disgusting to me, what he did. i think the most disgusting part, he didn't just say he felt the president was guilty. what he said is that alan dershowitz, jay sekulow, jonathan turley, every single republican colleague, they were all wrong and he and adam schiff and nancy pelosi and jerry nadler were all great. i mean, that is a pretty big jump to stand over on that side of the room with those folks that we've been watching just destroy the constitution and shred due process and say, i think, mitch mcconnell, even people like mike lee, lindsey graham who you just had on, they are all wrong, i'm smarter than they are. and yes, he groveled towards
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president trump wanting to be secretary of state and got passed over and that was right after he went out and trashed president trump. this is just disgusting. i'm very, very sad for the people of utah. they deserve better. they had a great statesman and it's sad that now they replaced someone like hatch with what we saw in mitt romney today. >> laura: i think senator graham is right. i don't want to turn this entire thing, it's really not about romney. it's instructive, though, to remember these moments, where people were, where they voted, why they say they voted the way they voted. i think we have to remember this and learn lessons from it and speaking of that, here is how one msnbc contributor described ronnie's vote convict president trump. >> swearing an oath before god for mitt romney is like locking his superpower. there's no one in that chain member who was going to take that oath more seriously and moe
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personally. >> laura: even the "l.a. times" had some column speculating it was a mormon prophecy. i was reading that, there's all sorts of speculation, governor. >> i would guess there are a lot of people in the senate who were praying about their bow. he wasn't the only one. i think some of them came to a different conclusion. i wouldn't blame god for that, i would blame people not playing attention very well to what happened in the house and how we even got to the impeachment. i want to say, and this isn't just a kiss that moment but your opening monologue tonight was one of the best i've ever heard and i thought you drilled down brilliantly on setting up this whole nonsense and what it's really down to tear the country up and i appreciate it and hope people saw it and i hope they will catch it if they didn't online because it was great. >> laura: governor, you were a people have to remember, it was you first. a few people, pat buchanan, you, myself on the radio, not sure i can pat myself on the back, and
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trump. rick santorum on all these blue-collar issues. on immigration, trade, to china and you were there at the beginning and romney kind of stumbled into it and try to pretend he was a blue-collar guy who was kind of, it didn't connect. where is he? i like thurston and i probably shouldn't compare him to thurston right now but you were a leader in this and without you, i don't know if we would have trump today so thank you for everything you have done for the country and we appreciate it. up ahead, aoc can't hansh limbaugh getting the presidential medal of freedom and nancy pelosi turns off voters. it is seen and unseen. you do not want to miss raymond arroyo tonight. next.
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♪ >> laura: it's time for seen and unseen where we expose the big cultural stories of the day. one of the biggest was the presidential medal of freedom given to rush limbaugh during the state of the union. but from the left there were yells of protest. >> talking about putting someone on the same level as rosa parks. rush limbaugh is a racist. >> i'm sorry, i thought that the middle of owner -- speak of freedom. >> freedom, was supposed to go to people who actually did stuff. >> you have the president
7:42 pm
bestowing this award that rosa parks has won. >> democrats and a lot of people, independents, african-americans, he's just seen as someone who is the face of racism. >> laura: this is quite something. >> are you going to introduce make? >> laura: everyone knows you are here. raymond arroyo, fox news contributor. >> let me make two quick points. first, the idea that the presidential medal of freedom is reserved for those who cure cancer or civil rights leaders is absurd. obama gave the metal to ellen, so it is entirely appropriate to give it to rush limbaugh, but it is curious that some are trying to suggest that giving the metal to rush is racist. jennifer rubin wrote a piece entitled what's next, giving the presidential medal of freedom to david duke customer xp when she is disgusting. she is disgusting, i don't even -- no one knows who she is.
7:43 pm
this is the level of hatred, this is hatred towards trump. and it goes from trump -- >> let's talk about why. this is the critiqued issuer, racism, because last night at the state of the union, the president awarded a scholarship to little shania davis, little african-american girl from pennsylvania. and then that super bowl ad featured alice marie johnson who benefited from trump's criminal justice reform. >> i am free to start over. this is the greatest day of my life. my heart is just bursting with gratitude. i want to thank president donald j. trump. >> this is upsetting because donald trump has grafted black america into america first. we see from the polls, african-americans are reacting and they are saying, wait a minute, carne popped up, then criminal justice
7:44 pm
reform. as democrat see the numbers move, that is why everything he does -- >> laura: everyone is racist, everyone attached to him is racist. that is all they have because they have no argument. clarence thomas married him, rush limbaugh, but he doesn't count either. >> we have some news on the nancy pelosi front of you last night the speaker acted out spectacularly after the state of the union. she seemed to be coming out of her skin throughout the skimpier she was contorting, adjusting her mouth. if you look very closely at this video, we are going to put it up, while the president is speaking, the prayerful solemn pelosi is preparing the pages of those state of the union, that copy, she starts to rip it in little pieces. look at her. she's ripping the edges i guess to prepare for her big finish. what approves this was totally premeditated. i guess people who try to tear a phone book, they can do it all in one fell swoop he or she kind of teased it a little bit.
7:45 pm
>> laura: i heard people in the air saying, this could've been a spur of the moment thing. i don't know how anyone knowing the point and clap back. trump should've done this to her. >> totally premeditated and this tantrum is not totally unexpected. i'm half italian. when you cross an italian woman of a certain age, stuff happens. >> [bleep] [car screeching] [bleep] >> laura: [laughs] >> as an italian, i identify with this reaction and let me tell you, nancy pelosi, i know she is miffed by the president be her own impeachment, on mueller, on usmca, the state of the union. now that she has gotten us off
7:46 pm
her chest i hope, like other good italian ladies, she will now get a bowl of pasta, have a piece meeting with them and the president i hope, get a taster if you're going to go to that -- >> laura: don't drink the chianti, you don't know what's going in that. maybe now there will be something, the italians, the italian is the thing i love the most about pelosi. thank you so much. the fbi director was on capitol hill today for the first time since the ig eviscerated his agency's actions in the rush are pro. why isn't anyone covering this insane abuse of power customer congressman doug collins was in the room. he fills us in next.
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♪ >> laura: i knew this would happen, that the impeachment
7:51 pm
frenzy would bury some extremely important news and it did today almost until we got our hands on it. fbi director chris ray was on capitol hill. why? to answer for the bureau's abuse of the fisa process to spy on the trump campaign. joining me now, one of the lawmakers who grilled the fbi had, congressman doug collins. are you at all convinced of the fbi is doing enough to make sure what happened before doesn't happen again? >> i think we started to scratch the surface but even today, though, i believe he is put into a very bad situation but the problem is he only took the recommendations and hasn't really went further. in his credit they have removed the senior leadership. all those were in the cross fire were gone but those that were below him as he talked about many times, they really weren't going any further about that so i think there's a lot more to be done and especially the carter page fisa, i asked him repeatedly, he just wouldn't answer the questions. he would say, but the did admito
7:52 pm
look at it but they didn't done anything with it. >> laura: when an american citizen is final, his life is turned upside down, he is called a russian spy, probably can't get a job, his job was ruined, carter page, not even talking with the president, i'm talking about carter page. there's no accountability, some people lose their jobs, big deal. they will go on to some consulting gig for some security people. >> this is why it was sort of buried today and when you look at it, this is why people really don't trust the government anymore. when you look at the issues -- and remember, let's look at history here. pfizer came about because of unregulated spying in the ' 60s and '70s coming up from the ministrations of kennedy, and nixon, and johnson. now they are abusing that system as well. >> laura: this doesn't surprise us but jerry nadler tried to turn today's judiciary committee hearing into another
7:53 pm
impeachment fishing expedition. >> recent reporting suggest that the president plans to seek payback. the president, the attorney general, or any other administration official asked the fbi to open an investigation into joe biden, hunter biden, john bolton or any member of congress. >> no one has asked me to open an investigation based on anything other than the facts of the law and proper predication. >> laura: to jerry nadler seemed disappointed when he heard that answer? >> it kicked incompletely and it was just evident today he was digging desperately into things. as the president looking into people? we had a rerun today, repeat and history, he wanted to go back and talk about the brett kavanaugh confirmation hearings. >> laura: jerry nadler dead? >> yes, he said, was the fbi, and when they went and redid that weeklong investigation, whether any impediments put in, anything that was not done --
7:54 pm
did the white house to anything request make the next impeachment, the white house impeded the brett kavanaugh investigation. these are how desperate these folks are. an oversight hearing when we have fisa abuse, everything we can do to restore trust and the fbi and we went back to brett kavanaugh. that is how bad we are at right now. >> laura: his wife is suffering from cancer but we pray for her. unlike what the democrats are doing for rush limbaugh. he witnessed at this last night, the conversations on television afterwards and online, just one line description of the nastiness towards the president. >> the nastiness has reverberated, the vitriol, the hatred of this president summed up in those actions last night. that is all you need to see to know why this democratic majority is destined to come a minority and reelect this president. >> laura: we've got to beat them, got to beat them and take the house back. thank you, we asked and you answered, the latest edition of
7:55 pm
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♪ >> we need you on set right now >> fox nation is the new entertainment service with the good folks over at fox news. start your free trial today. >> laura: it's time for "ingraham's inbox." our top email comes from ohio. "in my 70 years i have never witnessed such a disgraceful, rude group of democrats. nancy pelosi's facial distortions and glowing hatred of president trump legal citizens, they are pathetic and
8:00 pm
hopefully voters will make them pay." i want you to send me your thoughts, comments, even video questions. "the ingraham angle" at that's all the time we have tonight. what a week. shannon bream and "fox news at night" have all the new details and i take it from here. >> shannon: i hardly need to know -- know to do with as our parade we can go to bed on time tonight! >> laura: it's so early! >> shannon: we begin this fox news alert. president trumps impeachment trial is over. the president acquitted on both charges. the democrats depressed. senator mitt romney ranks and voted to convict, the wall street editorial board with president trumps his reelection. senator mike lee is here live to weigh in. impeachment is over, but top republicans are still interested in hunter biden's business dealings.


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